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12:01 AM
Hahah :P
@waffles believe me, so do I. So do I. And I'll get there. But I don't use Firefox. But we'll see. I might get bored enough while I'm unemployed to open Firefox. (;
@rchern ... try out this prism stuff ... its trivial to get started ... and you don't need to install anything ...
My thing though is that I'd prefer just one StackExchange Chat icon that has a tab for chat.MSO, a tab for chat.SO, and a tab for chat.SE
yeah you could do that with a the js/css extensions
make html tabs ...
12:08 AM
You people and your single tab per chat :p
Absolutely something I'd like to see, and totally willing to work on getting it done, just haven't had time as of yet.
looking through review.... I love this question so much
Q: How to send 100.000 emails weekly ??

xRobotOn my blog, I have 100.000 subscribers and I want to send them an update email weekly. How can I do that with PHP ?

By the time you're done, I can only imagine Marc and balpha's reaction... "What has she done to our poor, innocent chat?!" ;)
My response:
> @waffles made me! /blame @waffles
Not that I'd ever throw someone under the bus or anything.
12:11 AM
I take blame easily ... Jeff trained me well
100,000 emails a week isnt that much... $350/month at sendgrid
@RebeccaChernoff Sure, sure. ;)
> 175 right, 0 wrong, 0 ignored, 0 exceptions
12:14 AM
Now to complete and verify the updates to the most important part. :P
@waffles This tempts me to suggest that the WOB take into account weighting and that you get blame with a factor of 2 compared to everyone else. (;
WOB must remain fair ... otherwise the world may collapse
This is true.
12:32 AM
Hmm, I suppose it's time to start thinking about dinner...what to have, what to have...
Hehe. We're having pizza, but the person who went to pick it up hasn't returned.
I may send a search party soon. (;
Yes, missing food is a serious issue :p
Should've been back like 15 minutes ago!
\o/ nom nom time!
Hooray! Enjoy. And actually, pizza isn't a bad idea...but I'll save myself the step of getting lost by having it delivered. ;)
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 19 mins ago, by Coding Kitten
> "Beware of bugs in the above code; I have only proved it correct, not tried it." - Donald E. Knuth
12:40 AM
@waffles Did someone mention a special Christmas version of chat?
cheers from sicily!
@radp The tip of the boot, eh?
nice reskin there
@radp It's much much better when you see it in person because of all the blinking
no, it's the stone :P
12:43 AM
It hurts my eyes.
I like Snowify though.
<3 enough jquery blink
@YiJiang just hoping you can make my Christmas wish come true meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/73159/…
tell me you snuck a fhc somewhere in there
@waffles Looks interesting enough that'll I'll want to take a look
12:46 AM
@waffles -1. do html5 notifications instead :)
@radp Erm... HTML5 is for websites. When did any part of HTML allow you to do desktop notifications?
Oh, and to allay the fears of @RebeccaChernoff and @TimStone, I think I can bundle THE userscript in there - should be simple enough :P
google it.
wjy would a website need html5 sockets?
or html5 workers
@radp ... that is pretty cool
@radp Hmmm... I'd never know... that is pretty interesting
only things I have seen this in use are a gcal lab, chrome for a cause and ardaxi's twitification extension
12:54 AM
@radp We can write a simple userscript so that chat also uses this
The API is simple enough
1:24 AM
O_O Apparently Prism can be found in the main Ubuntu repos...
1:48 AM
Mmm...that was greasy, fattening deliciousness.
Oh no, I lost my consecutive days on UI because I somehow got logged out and never noticed. Tragedy. :P
Hmm, apparently I also lost it on SF the other day. That one is a little more disappointing..
Still going strong on Gaming!
Which is the only site that matters anyway ;)
2:05 AM
2:22 AM
3:02 AM
I have to begin spelling Hello wrong so that when Rchern goes to search for it, it doesn't show up
@waffles, have you installed a Prism Bundle?
yerp ... its running this chat window now ...
I did it via the command line
I have a bundle for chat with the js, but prism won't actually run it.
Didn't seem to do the .webapp association.
and if i do prism -webapp <path> it just opens the blank gui as if I ran just prism
yeah ... manually ... run prism -webapp [filename]
ahh ... issue with your ini then
try a simpler one
name=Meta Chat
(my icon is called icon.png)
I think the systray option may play up sometimes
3:17 AM
and I've webapp.ico
try without iconic and trayicon
Blech. No. ):
what about the exact one I used (I cut and pasted it above)
oo this is interesting
21 mins ago, by Rebecca Chernoff
3:29 AM
@waffles: Could you please join me here: chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/325 ? Thanks.
@Zypher Hmm?
Q: Is there a complete prism bundle for chat?

wafflesI just discovered prism: http://prism.mozillalabs.com/ It allows you to convert web apps into desktop applications. You define a bundle, and then can launch your webapp as though it were a desktop application. There are a bunch of advantages here (as related to chat): Chat gets its own i...

Ah, the prism stuff, gotcha.
i really should be doing something ... productive right now ... like getting christmas gifts ... but i really have had no motivation all day
@waffles, is it something weird in the way I'm loading it maybe? dl.dropbox.com/u/3480259/ChatMSO.webapp Bear in mind I haven't tested that a bit, heh.
3:36 AM
@Zypher Yeah...my brain is moving along at a snail's pace at the moment for some reason.
i think it was all caused by madden not showing up at the office today
Ok, I tried loading the gmail one I found an example on, and that doesn't seem to do anything either. So I'm definitely doing something wrong. Hopefully it'll work for @waffles.
@RebeccaChernoff Did you remember the obligatory fist shake?
1 message moved to Bad Joke Room
today counts as a friday you can double fist
3:41 AM
I see @RebeccaChernoff is "oy" gets starred so much ... for this I have a solution!
@RebeccaChernoff can you try uri=http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/ as opposed to chat.meta.stackoverflow.com ?
@Zypher And what's that? :P
@TimStone Something tells me I'm not sure I want to know.
3:44 AM
simple, pick a day and star everything she says ... get it out of our systems
wait a sec signing out and creating a new one with the script ...
@Zypher I think you underestimate the systems of the people who star her oys. :P
I underestimate nothing
if the first one doesn't work then we'll just have to do it again
Actually I dunno if the one I put in the dropbox had your version in it or mine haha.
@Zypher, this sounds...not a good idea.
how do I test this user script is working?
3:45 AM
Minor details. :P
@waffles the userscript or the webapp.js I put in there?
Did it just show you a tray notification?
since I alerted you?
@waffles testing
oops ... one sec
I missed it
just a sec
c'mon man, keep up!
3:48 AM
@RebeccaChernoff since when have a good ideas happened in this room?
@Zypher Any idea that I've suggested?
@RebeccaChernoff Beat me to it ;)
@waffles, dropbox updated with http://
just a sec ... debugging
If it's js that's the issue I can debug that separately if needed.
4:12 AM
I've been playing around with Prism too. Erm... do you guys have any idea how to set it up?
The instructions I saw said to get the standalone installer.
Though I can't run bundles it seems. >_<
@RebeccaChernoff The instructions also said that the Prism executable would automatically associate itself with .webapp files... which it does not
But I sent my bundle to @waffles, not sure if it worked though. ): Hopefully it does which in that case I think the request is done. Heh.
Yeah, I noticed that too. (;
Command line prism.exe -webapp SOChat.webapp is what I'm using
Very painful... grrr
that'll only work if you've got it extracted already. First time you need to use the path.
4:16 AM
@RebeccaChernoff To make my life easy, I've stuck the .webapp file into the same directory as prism.exe :P
oh, right.
I was reading that as just saying SOChat.
Also, if you need to rerun the same app you need the id, not the .webapp file
Well, I can't get mine to run the first time
@RebeccaChernoff Neither would mine...
I think I might want to create a batch file that automatically packages up the two files into a zip then renames them before running prism.exe.
2 files? No icon?
4:19 AM
@RebeccaChernoff No icons yet. Sigh...
Hmm, I'll pop in to their irc channel and see if I can get anywhere.
Can you send me your package instead?
The documentation sucks, by the way.
I think I have an idea
yeah @rchern ... document does not work ... you need to do window.top.document
you actually get a little debugging console if the js parses properly
@waffles Erm... do you have a package that actually installs okay? Mine just pops up a blank window with two errors in the error console
4:23 AM
yerp one sec
You got it to load though waffles?
make sure you run (prism) b4 ... load it via prism.exe
Ah, damn I forgot to change that. ):
@waffles Yeah...I dunno how. ):
Did you make those changes and does it work? I'll kinda be a little bit shocked if it does. q:
Also, since you have document and window access, does it mean we can access jQuery as well as chat's own variables?
wouldn't be surprised
4:24 AM
@YiJiang, huh? most of the chat stuff is scoped.
Working with Prism so far is akin to... banging my head onto my table. Repeatedly.
Just as is the userscript stuff. And also the stuff I added to this.
(are you able to download?)
Apparently :o
@waffles Page not found
@Yi are you running b4?
see link ^^^
@waffles Yes
prism 1.0b4 en-us, to be exact
ok ... just a sec dropping the zip elsewhere
Part of me wants to go to sleep. The other part doesn't... Ahh, decisions...
4:27 AM
chat.zip downloads for me.
Did for me too.
@waffles Got that, thanks
Not that I'm trying out this prism silliness or anything, I'm just nosy ;)
does it run ... and chuck a bunch of nonsense on the top window?
4:29 AM
It works, although the crap I see are appended to after the footer
checks the js file
@waffles, I updated the dropbox link with window.top.document. Any other changes you need in that?
ahhh progress ... @RebeccaChernoff still trying to figure out how to insert stuff on load of subsequent pages ...
the first page is easy ... load fires
I thought my include property might do that |:
Or at least, take care of it.
@waffles Use the startup function I think
And yeah, I'm running the b04 and still can't seem to install crap. >_<
Dom isn't available in startup.
4:32 AM
yeah ... load runs ... but not on the second page load as far as I can see
Does the notification work for the first page?
Though we'd need to notify you (;
@waffles Actually, I think those functions only occur when the application is ran. You'll need window.onload if you want something to run on every page load I think
On a separate note, I just found out that I can access jQuery through window.$ :P
Hmm... no window.onload doesn't work either. Weird...
The biggest problem is that chat in Prism opens up all links in a new window, which is hugely annoying
Have to correct that behavior somehow...
4:42 AM
That's what include/exclude is for.
this seems to work from console ... window.platform.showNotification("Here is a new message","hello world!");
@RebeccaChernoff Hmmm? But can you do exclude=*?
And yeah, we're breaking the app concept by having it be multiple pages, but again, I thought using include in the ini would be ok.
Hang on, let me try...
@waffles and an optional 3rd arg for a favicon.
4:43 AM
So it seems like my code should be ok I just can't run bundles, oy.
I just tried exclude=* and include=chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/*
Exclude works, but include doesn't cause the pages to open up in the same tab. Annoying.
exclude=* ??
I'm not sure I see the reasoning there.
the killer is ... how do you load the js into the subsequent page?
@RebeccaChernoff All external links now opens up in the proper Firefox browser instead of a new Prism window
Which is expected behavior, really
4:48 AM
uris that should be opened in the web app, rather than in the default browser. An asterisk is used to match any string. Separate multiple uris with commas: *google.com, *yahoo.com
What I said. (;
(and I wouldn't really expect any include to work if you exclude *)
I was just thinking that we could open up other parts of the chat interface like login and all rooms in iframes when I remembered that SO breaks frames... grrr
@RebeccaChernoff It does, actually. Fun, right?
You just said it didn't.
@RebeccaChernoff Did I? Where?
5 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
Exclude works, but include doesn't cause the pages to open up in the same tab. Annoying.
@RebeccaChernoff That's normal chat behavior - any links from this page's interface opens up in a new tab, but since Prism doesn't have tabs, it's a new window instead
What exclude does is that any excluded site's URL opens up in Firefox proper, instead of Prism
4:53 AM
Well since I can't get Prism to even work I wouldn't know. ):
@RebeccaChernoff So what's the problem?
The same one you were having I thought.
@RebeccaChernoff Apparently not. Using @waffles's package I got it to work
I just giggled at "@waffles's package". I think it's bedtime.
Erm did you mention what the difference was?
If you did I didn't see it.
4:57 AM
@RebeccaChernoff The difference between his and mine? Mine didn't have an icon, and it was also using Unix line breaks instead of Windows ones. Not sure if either of those would cause it to break
Yours had Unix line breaks?
I have an icon and I'm on Windows. Heh.
@RebeccaChernoff I wrote it in Linux, then moved over back to Windows 7 before resuming this work
In retrospect that might have been the problem
Hang on, let me see if I can successfully login and talk using the Prism app
It works :P Yay! Hurray!
Why wouldn't it?
@RebeccaChernoff Not sure. But for some reason it never occurred to me to actually log in and talk :P
Not really sure I see how all this prism stuff is worth it. In Chrome you just right-click and click Create Application Shortcut (:
rather, the tools menu, not right-click, sorry.
5:05 AM
@RebeccaChernoff Well, if I could package this thing up nicely and actually get native desktop notifications working it could be quite interesting
5:15 AM
Are you using the one I packaged?
I'm skeptical you'll get it running on subsequent pages to be honest. Goes against the concept?
@RebeccaChernoff Possibly; in that case we could just pull in new pages using ajax. Sucks that iframe doesn't work
Hmmm... chat is still using version 1.4.2
...that sounds excessive.
@RebeccaChernoff Shouldn't be too hard. And AFAIK Prism scripts have the same level of access as add-ons, which could be very interesting
Filesystem and clipboards can be accessed, for instance
You're not talking about making a script though. You're talking about totally redesigning chat.
Hang on, chat.meta.stackoverflow.com doesn't appear to have the frame busting script
That's... odd
5:26 AM
I tried:
var observerService = Cc["@mozilla.org/observer-service;1"].getService(Ci.nsIObserverService);
observerService.addObserver(observer, "chrome-document-global-created", false);
but can not get my observer to get that message yet
tricky business
The userscript will support desktop notifications for Chrome users before I go to bed. (:
yeah ... this prism stuff feels awfully rough
5:49 AM
now for the amazing "does it work on the first try" test
@RebeccaChernoff Hello rchern!
hehe, my permissioning request didn't work. but it did try to notify me.
OH! A return value of 0 means you do have permission. 0 shouldn't be the true return >_<
@RebeccaChernoff Does it work now?
You were too early. But I doubt it. console is printing "requesting permission" but then I don't see the prompt and the console then doesn't say "permission granted". ):
@RebeccaChernoff Can haz request permizzion?
5:57 AM
Well at least that time it recognized it didn't have permission to do the notification and didn't try.
I wonder if it is has to be the actual user clicking on something that requests permission rather than me just calling requestPermissions lol.
@RebeccaChernoff Don't think so - I mean, having the app notify you every time you click on a button is pretty useless as a notification
Erm, you just have to request permission once. Then it knows you've granted it permission.
That's how the api is.
there's a function to request permissions, a function to check permissions, and a function to create the notification.
@RebeccaChernoff I know, but in the example I saw, it's just a simple if-else to get permission if there isn't, and post message if there is
If I call requestPermissions from the console nothing happens either.
ok, now notify me please?
@RebeccaChernoff ?
6:07 AM
Not perfect, but at least something showed up.
Is there not a favicon.ico in chat.meta.stackoverflow.com? Might be why the icon isn't showing there. And I suppose that answers whether or not the notifications are text or html...
But yeah, it does seem to be that an actual mouse click requesting the permission is necessary.
@RebeccaChernoff http://sstatic.net/stackoverflowmeta/img/favicon.ico?v=acf3126f147b
Although the last query string is probably unnecessary
I know where it can be found, but I was referring to the fact that I linked it to chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/favicon.ico
which goes to mso instead of stackoverflowmeta on sstatic
@RebeccaChernoff Hmmm... doesn't IE blow up if it can't find the favicon at that address?
6:12 AM
and results in a 404
I also need to make sure this doesn't break for you silly Firefox people.
And I need to figure out how to make the notifications age away...surely that is doable.
@RebeccaChernoff :|
ooooh there's a separate call for html notifications \o/
...that loads an html page?
@RebeccaChernoff Evil plan no. 1: Post gigantic Wikipedia oneboxes repeatedly so that half of @RebeccaChernoff's page is filled with them
Need to do it like balpharc do for the star listing.
a) Age each notification away after x seconds. x=2? x=5?
b) Keep notifications visible until chat gets focus again and then dismiss all visible notifications
6:28 AM
So, how're your coding adventures going? :P
@TimStone Read poll. Answer poll. (;
The answer is neither, and both :P
Naturally. (;
I don't think there's a good answer to that problem, honestly. I guess the first one has slightly less potential to be annoying.
And you should do it for 3.5 seconds ;)
6:31 AM
What? For once, I was being serious. :P
Alright, well, I said the script would support them, I didn't say it'd support it well. Off to bed for now. Will definitely be fleshing it out a bit more though.
@TimStone Before you get too excited, it's Chrome-only at the moment
Well, I'm running chat in Chrome and it's always open on my right screen, so I guess it's a non-issue from many perspectives, heh.
@TimStone Right. I'm still jabbing Prism with a rather large stick, so hopefully this works out reasonably well
6:36 AM
Good luck with that. Prior to you guys messing with it, I heard it was a bit of a pain, which is why I opted to go play games instead. :P
Here's my idea for what the Prism app would look like:
1) Everything in one window - so external links will open up in your default browser, while chat links to stuff like conversations and transcripts will pop up in iframe instead
2) Notifications. Duh. With configurable options, methinks
Cool stuff
The problem is that Prism is extremely slow in terms of development, and the current release is severely lacking in features
Just look at how long the development wishlist is: wiki.mozilla.org/Prism#Wishlist
Oh, wow. Yeah, that's a bit lengthy, heh. I wonder why development is so slow..
@TimStone Really don't know why. This thing is that that close to been useful
6:52 AM
@YiJiang I kind of went "Eh" when I first heard about the project, but honestly, they should totally have invested effort into this Mozilla Lab project instead of that Persona crap they added to Firefox. At least this could be useful for something. :P
7:04 AM
Merry Christmas, my fellow countrymen (if any of them are here)
the rest of you will have to wait for tomorrow
Hahah, a preemptive Merry Christmas to you as well ;)
it will be christmas in 4 hours here!
Well, here it is already. Yay for Germany not caring that the rest of the world celebrates on the 25th!
Cheaters! ;)
okay, we're not all all alone
> In Argentina, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Quebec, Romania, Uruguay, and Sweden, Christmas presents are opened mostly on the evening of the 24th, – this is also the tradition among the British Royal Family, due to their mainly German ancestry [12] – while in Italy, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, English Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, this occurs mostly on the morning of Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve is the eve of Christmas Day, a widely celebrated holiday commemorating the Nativity of Jesus. It is a culturally significant celebration for most of the Western world and is widely observed as a full or partial holiday in anticipation of Christmas. In Western culture, Christmas Eve is mostly celebrated on December 24. However, the Coptic, Serbian, Russian, Macedonian, and Georgian Orthodox Churches, as well as the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem, use the Julian calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian calendar, so Christmas Eve for the adherents of thos...
7:31 AM
8:18 AM
We've made some pretty big changes to the CSS of the graduated SE 2.0 sites, so if you notice any new CSS bugs, please let me know. Thanks!
2 hours later…
10:04 AM
@balpha Well, it would be a lot easier if you actually tell us what actually changed :P
hopefully nothing :)
we use dotlesscss.org now, so I did quite some converting
to make the CSS a little more maintainable
that conversion is supposed to leave everything as is
but sometimes, you know, bugs happen :)
Ah, so backend changes
2 hours later…
12:00 PM
oy you there , merry christmas
12:43 PM
Merry Christmas as well
12:57 PM
You'll see a different image here depending on what browser you use
I don't use FF on this computer
but looks nice
1:22 PM
Hrm, MySQL supports paired in clauses...
WHERE (foo, bar) IN ((foo1, bar1), (foo2, bar2), ...)
learn something new every day...
WHERE (foo, bar) IN (SELECT foo, bar FROM ...)
it's useful
That one I know...
but I didn't know you could specify the value-pairs explicitly
(And I couldn't find this in the docs, weird...)
it's part of the grammar
expr => boolean_primary => predicate => bit_expr => simple_expr => (expr, expr, ...)
While that's useful for building a grammar parser, it's rediculously hard to understand for humans...
humans need not apply, RDBMS usage requires a CS degree
Applications for a free Google ChromeOS CR-48 notebook are reopened: google.com/chromeos/pilot-program.html
1:37 PM
Dam, I need to come up with a 140-char "Why I would be a good pilot person"
Wow, commenting is still going strong...
A: Quickest Way to Read First Line from File

ircmaxellWell, you could do: $f = fopen($file); $line = fgets($f); fclose($f); (It's not one line, but if you made it one line you'd either be screwed for error checking, or be leaving resources open longer than you need them, so I'd say keep the multiple lines)... Edit: For a one liner (I know it's s...

1:55 PM
wtf local fox news
"What is up with the bathrooms? The locks don't work on our bathrooms. Sometimes I have to use the lady's room." "This is not a good conversation, let's move on"
5 kb/s mobile broadband
kill me now
@radp "broad"?
@balpha Ubuntu calls it that
God bless Opera Turbo.
Also: I had the same thing for 10 days during my camping vacation in August. You get used to it :)
1:59 PM
Between caching and compressing it's saving me considerable time.
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