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@mdhar9e Oh yay! Another kitteh kat! :D
2:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT IS THE PASSWD IN THE ADMINISTATION BLOCK by Neal on askubuntu.com
2:42 PM
chat borked?
@Dronehinge You underestimated the lurkers from den?
how so? i deny those false claims
well...the way you wrote hello, it just showed off that you didn't consider lurker from den while writing that message :P
@Bart Done. [Code inoming] before 16 hours !!! please someone tell OP, we're not github, we don't want t host the code that takes more than 16 hours to get uploaded. :P
2:52 PM
Q: Was it OK that this edit got approved?

Sourav GhoshToday I came across this suggested edit which got approved. First of all, I agree that the corrections made was right, but somehow I'm not feeling happy with the edit getting approved. Keeping apart the very low quality of the question itself, I do not see how that edit made the post any more r...

@SouravGhosh [braces for code impact]
@PraxisAshelin in T minus (how many days, months or years?) :P
6-8 weeks
@Bart yes, yes, right. :-)
2:57 PM
I think the are properly documenting code for better understanding
Documenting code? Who does that? Programming is an art. An expression of self. If people understand it you have not done your job.
Hiya @TinyGiant
you didn't even let us start the train...
I miss good old days of trainy tavern
@DroidDev for 16 hours?
2:59 PM
We apologize for the interruption of service. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow morning @DroidDev.
@Bart I just told that to my co-worker. Maybe I should stop following you :/
@DroidDev that may be wise.
I had a colleague who programmed like that. "What's that?" "A void pointer" "Sure, but what does it contain?" "Ehm ... an array of float probably?" "Which mean what exactly?" "That's arbitrary. A vector of some sort" .... "okay ...."
No documentation. No appropriate variable naming. Rarely and clear types.
@PraxisAshelin well...your code is never documented enough
Isn't it fun to maintain the code afterwards?
@TinyGiant welcome to my hell. Luckily that's in the past.
3:04 PM
Yeah, I've had to clean up some ugly messes before
sometimes is better not to use other people's code
sometimes, its better not to code at all
When will computers be able to turn our thoughts into code?
as soon as earth gets pollution free
3:16 PM
Well... all the pollutants come from the earth... sooo, never?
there you have the answer then :P
though, I just wonder smaller goals, like when will SE be spam free
I really become sad when people tells me that I'm wrong based on what incompetents want to believe is right... I come to understand how Copernicus must feel when everyone told him that he was wrong
actually, most genius of human history
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: OCR COMPILING HELP WANTED by kunal bhan on stackoverflow.com
> Could some one help me compile it and make it look that I've made it?
3:32 PM
Are questions deleted if they get a certain amount of downvotes within a short period of time?
@TinyGiant it got deleted now
Hmmm. so 9 then?
I brought it to -9, it was still there
so must be -10
@TinyGiant Not really, but under certain circumstances the system will auto-delete questions after N days.
3:37 PM
maybe just got delvoted tho
but there is no system that says "10 downvotes in 5 minutes -> auto-delete!"
or removed by mod, there was a 79k user replying
@PraxisAshelin probably that, yes
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: What would the effects be on Earth if Jupiter was turned into a star? by mate boy on astronomy.stackexchange.com
3:43 PM
@SmokeDetector yeah, maybe that's something we should discuss meta.stackoverflow.com/q/297849/792066
@SmokeDetector someone seeing Stargate, I see
So say a room owner is abusing the kick feature. Has this ever happened, and what has been done about it?
"abusing the kick feature"? You leave the room behind and pretend it never existed
Can someone kick @Aaron for me? :P
Some rooms are associated with tags. I have my gold badge in a particular tag. I'd like to be promoted to owner/mod status of the room, to better influence the moderation of the room.
3:59 PM
You'd have to request that status from the current room owners. Or perhaps a willing employee/CM? But if that will end up in a tussle between you an another room owner, it may be unlikely. And as with any abuse, flag what you can, or use the "contact us" option at the bottom of the site.
Today's xkcd comic (Team Effort):
what's a CM?
community manager
@SmokeDetector tpu-
4:09 PM
Is that "good boy?"
ok, commands...
@AaronHall is it about this?
that's relevant.
@Bart Moderators can assign and unassign room ownership; it doesn't have to go to employees.
4:21 PM
I'd rather an employee did it.
I'm on the road, going to interlochen.
@AaronHall Rooms are not associated with tags. Anyone, including you, can create a room called JavaScript, or Android, etc.
Hmm, I might have to try Atom... Sublime has remained relatively stagnant recently, which is okay, except there are improvements to be made.
Will try to finish DD answers…
@AaronHall Jon Clements ♦ and Martijn Pieters ♦ are both owners of that room. I would talk to them about it.
4:24 PM
@hichris123 It's pretty good.
@bjb568 Since I assume you use it, did they improve the 2MB limit and the 1.5s initial load time?
Well, the US Supreme Court just handed down the same-sex decision.... huge...
I haven't used it for a few months, but VS Code (which uses the Electron shell) is pretty decent
@KevinBrown IDK, my cyclomatic complexity isn't OVER 9000!
But it loads fast.
4:30 PM
If the cylcomatic complexity is under 9000, you're doing it wrong.
What if it's equal to 9000?
Passes filter
> I dont get why people always say violence doesnt work. It clearly does, like all the time. Its just not preferred.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in answer: Limit username to specific characters (A-Z and 0-9) by Mateo on wordpress.stackexchange.com
^ hah. A regex expression matched a regex.
4:37 PM
That's not an email.
That's... pretty funny.
sd ignore-
Although, it isn't really an answer, more of a comment
So back to my original question, kick abuse... has any room owner ever pulled a "respect my authoritah" and had that addressed?
4:42 PM
As far as I've read so far, you were kicked for spamming, I don't think that would be considered abuse.
And multiple users shared the sentiment that it was spam.
I was interacting with a room owner.
kevin was quoting Holy Grail back to me.
interactions are not spam.
And if by "multiple users" you mean the two owners who have targeted me, you didn't exactly take a poll of the entire room.
Meh, it does look like an overreaction.
I'm just reading transcripts
Not much you can do about it tho, the kick is over.
right, I don't want them acting like this. It's rather mean spirited.
4:47 PM
@TinyGiant why do I feel a Dragon Ball reference here?
Like I said before, bring it up with Martijn Pieters and Jon Clements, they are moderators and owners of the room
@Braiam I've never watched it
Who moderates the moderators? I've already discussed with Jon. If @MartijnPieters can help, great.
If you can't get the moderators to see your side, then it's time to pick a new room
That's the second time on a different day.
The first time, one of them cut a five star comment from another room owner.
@1999 I know they can. But I'm not sure they will interfere with a chat room
4:51 PM
I don't know the culture there, that could be perfectly acceptable for that chatroom. The only thing you should do, is bring it up with a moderator. If that doesn't work then move on.
@TinyGiant but, duty calls you know!?
I typed up, but didn't yet send, an email to a community manager. I have gold badge in the room topic and a 8 gold badges in the moderation category. I'm in the top 2% of 200+ rep users. For other professional qualifications, see my LinkedIn profile and the insane amount of work I do with the NYC Python group holding office hours in person. I think I'm qualified to be an owner.
Your... qualifications don't really matter... it's... a chat room.
And just because it has the name python doesnt mean it has anything to do with the python tag.
This is about the Python room? Why not ping Martijn perhaps?
Or just ask him in the room itself?
4:57 PM
@Bart I've said that three times already
I've pinged him here.
Okay, so wait and see
Also, I'm amazed @Bart isn't a room owner of the Tavern yet. His qualifications far surpass any mortal's. ;)
If any word has to be in quotes there, it's "qualifications".
he was using airy quotes ;)
4:59 PM
Your "qualifications" "qualify" you to be a room "owner".
Now you're talking
Some of you seem to be assuming that I can just make my own "Python" room. I question that assumption.
no, actually we are making jabs at 'why are you wanting to be in a hostile room anyways?'
most of us aren't hostile.
we are having a great time until someone shows up and starts threatening the members of the room.
well, I personally don't go where I'm not appreciated
5:02 PM
We love you Braiam!!
Then I complain about the threatening, and they kick me.
It's a problem.
@Bart awww....
And the room feels the same?
gets teary
Don't get teary. That fogs up glasses.
5:07 PM
When flags come from the C++ room, I go over there and get on to them because I lurk there from time to time. They mock me. I leave. But I have a moderating influence by doing that. I'm a good influence and a credit to this site.
It seems you're taking chat rooms far too serious.
@AaronHall: sorry Aaron, I am not going to be of help here.
The room owners have repeatedly tried to explain to you what is going on.
and what I see from you is a continues stream of low-level passive aggressiveness about this, and that people got fed up about it.
It is a chat room, not a town hall meeting or democratically elected and governed council.
Ok, so can I make my own Python chat room?
In the end, you have to respect the culture there. You don't have to participate in it if you don't like that culture.
5:11 PM
Q: Can the relevant site's logos be changed for a few days to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

TimStack Exchange just tweeted this image: #LoveWins #LoveOverflows Please can this be made the logo for a couple of days? I'm thinking Stack Overflow and the localised ones. I've made a SVG format - here it is. And here is a toned down one for Meta.

@AaronHall sure
@SmokeDetector ignore-
You are free to create your own chat room within the boundaries of the Stack Exchange terms of service.
And no one is going to come along and close it because it competes with your room?
The room you created earlier was not such a room.
No, noone is going to close it just because you claim the same subject matter.
5:13 PM
Great, then as a moderator you can give me back that ability.
I have to run now, to catch a train.
what would you suggest as a name for the chat room, so that it does not confuse people trying to join?
grmbl, chat room extension didn't load.
Arron's Python Room?
ok, I'll go with something that doesn't confuse.
since Martijn left, would some mod grant me the ability to create a room?
5:15 PM
chat.stackoverflow.com button at the bottom
@Bart From what I understand, the privilege was revoked because of a previous failed attempt
Ah, I missed that
I lost that ability for whatever reason.
but I understand a mod can grant it.
I don't think there is any other mods in the room right now, besides shog
@Shog9 please do the honors.
5:18 PM
OMG he poked Shog ... well, nice knowing you.
why should I trust you not to create rooms full of badness?
^ directed to both bart and shog.
A ha each ... I'll take it
5:20 PM
oooooooooOoOOooOOoooooo.... I want one.
Ohh shog's reaction...
serious question, actually
The reason that restriction is put in place is so you don't follow up a series of kicks by creating your own room and harassing the room owners from there.
So, if I lift it, and you abuse it, you WILL end up suspended.
Fair warning...
Thanks, Shog.
Not what I meant to do
So, again, NOT a rhetorical question. I do actually expect an answer.
5:29 PM
@Shog9 Oh, I see your question. I'll cite myself before: "I have gold badge in the room topic and a 8 gold badges in the moderation category. I'm in the top 2% of 200+ rep users. For other professional qualifications, see my LinkedIn profile and the insane amount of work I do with the NYC Python group holding office hours in person. I think I'm qualified to be an owner."
You can trust me, because my personal reputation is at stake.
you were qualified, for sure
Are you gonna use your powers to help folks, or are you gonna dig yourself a hole that I have to fill in later?
Help? Yes. I'm very helpful.
Hole diggers give me blisters and splinters.
Apparently shog doesn't like filling holes.
5:33 PM
@AaronHall I'm sure you are. And you're gonna create rooms for only helpful purposes, yes?
Yes, Shog9, only for helpful purposes will I create rooms.
@AaronHall so, not that ^
No, not that.
a'ight, I have your word.
And I have a moderator who is itching to make sure it is kept.
Go forth and be helpful!
5:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Recovering data from factory-reset iPad by Datarecovery.com MK on apple.stackexchange.com
@Shog9 I'm curious, but reluctant to ask how this would even happen: "creating your own room and harassing the room owners from there" (yes.. I know how curiosity + the cat ended)
seems pretty obvious to me...
Through pings?
probably just naming them would be enough
Yep. Ok.
5:38 PM
If you create a room, you're RO of your own room. Meaning only you and the mods can moderate it. There are... multiple avenues by which this can be abused.
@LynnCrumbling what are the privileges that all RO have?
@Braiam Not sure; I'd have to create one to find out.
Eh, I don't need any more details. c# beckons.
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in title: How can i add info@mywebsite.com to mywebsite.com by alishaukat on programmers.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Email in title: How can i add info@mywebsite.com to mywebsite.com by alishaukat on webmasters.stackexchange.com
Nice, what do?
Wow, Chrome makes it way too easy to hang the browser with poor loops...
@hichris123 Wait, am I eligible? cc @TimPost
5:53 PM
Firefox normally stops the script if it's wasting too much time
@Braiam So does IE... :p
So does chrome, it just takes a while
Epic. 70 up votes in 5 min. — nicael 1 min ago
That's crazy :D
@Mooseman Probably.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Strange .WAV file? by Nimrod Sadeh on stackoverflow.com
5:55 PM
@hichris123 I hope so! waits patiently for a reply from Mr. @TimPost
@Mooseman Tim isn't in charge of swag anymore...
Anyone voting to close this as "This question does not appear to be about Stack Overflow" - umm, we're talking about changing the logo. Wait, does Stack Overflow have a logo? — Tim Post ♦ 14 secs ago
says Jay.
While we indeed do not care whether someone's different in any way from whatever community, it's still not correct to speak for everyone that they might like gay movement to promote themselves via Stack Overflow. Hanging this logo over SO will potentially mean "we all are gay here" and many will add an S to the "gay" word. This can hurt many. Please don't. — Vesper 2 mins ago
Well ... I guess we're all gay then ...
I think it more says "We support your right to be whoever you want to be"
6:15 PM
the problem is that people can interpret it however they want, even if you explicitly say what you mean
It's so colorful
inb4 "what on earth happened to the logo? It makes me think of skittles and now I'm hungry!"
6:38 PM
I hope they leave it like that forever, If you have an issue with rainbows... you're doing it wrong.
6:49 PM
@TinyGiant rainbows killed my mom
@bart Must be hard for you seeing them all the time.
@Matt One day I'll get them. But they're fast
7:02 PM
Just noticed GitHub has a rainbow logo
Updated /about/team stats: SE has 84 employees with "Careers Sales" title; plus 12 "Team Lead, Careers Sales". 40% of the staff in Sales. Wonder how this compares to.. well, I don't know what organization to use for comparison.
With all these developments I do fear for @InfiniteRecursion though ... I mean
That's too funny
And that answer....
So is there any list of best practices for room owners hidden somewhere?
use common sense
Don't be Braiam.
7:23 PM
@hichris123 exactly!
Please note that's "Use common sense". Not "Ask Common Sense".
Someone forgot your in there...
Your Common Sense is unsuspended, right?
Think so
7:25 PM
@rene My Common Sense was never suspended. Dunno about Yours.
Don't be offensive, and don't allow others to be offensive
I'm thinking of Douglas Adam's ruler of the Universe.
And migrate bot spam
@hichris123 When I was waiting for My Common Sense to be installed, they run out of stock..
7:27 PM
And let's be honest here. Dutch common sense is not of the kind they are used to.
@rene you mean that you ran out of space
> I am not arguing with you mostly because from now on I am following that great advise of Mark Twain.

> If you think your question is really worth the trouble, you can write me at col.shrapnel@gmail.com
I guess there is Dutch sense. But that is a personally thingy
^^ new "about me" of YCS
7:29 PM
sorry @1999 I have an habit of posting message in between...
@rene " But that is a personally thingy" <--- wat?
No problem. Good to see YCS back to answering ways on SO. So far, 8 answers, 5 accepted.
Also, has a new project phpdelusions.net
I somehow think of it as a relative of bjbdelusions.net
So when answers consist of "try this" + code, it's not an answer and should be a comment, correct?
7:34 PM
@TinyGiant Not in my book. It's a bad answer, possibly deserving a downvote and a comment pointing out the need for explanation.
@TinyGiant I might have meant individual but I'm not sure. I had a beer. Anyway, better not try to understand what I'm saying...
What's the best pro-forma comment for "needs explanation"?
@rene I think you meant personality, but am unsure
@TinyGiant Nah, that would mean I have personality which I'm not certain of...
@TinyGiant here is one
7:38 PM
@rene I can confirm. You have no personality.
Except I would change the first sentence to "may solve the problem"; as written it asserts too much. "While this may solve the problem, it's difficult to see why. Please consider editing your answer to include an explanation of what you have written, and why it solves the problem."
I did just that
@Bart Thanks! No more worries about that...
Worst part is that it's from a 12k user.
7:44 PM
Thanks for highlighting the fact that I have no eyes
lens rolls?
flip up shades ... final offer
I'll take it.
So 1960...
Then the 12k user adds a couple comments in the code. That's not an explanation....
And they still haven't addressed the OP's comment, that it doesn't work...
@nicael Do you not like rainboez?
Plus, no close reason given
div#hlogo a {
    background-image: url("http://cdn.sstatic.net/stackoverflow/img/sprites.png?v=c4222387135a"),none ;
@AlexisKing I think you should check the logo. ;)
^ Put that in Stylebot or something similar if you're looking to go back to the not-super-saturated logo
@TinyGiant nah, he's just grumpy that they actually put the logo up before he could hack it in
8:10 PM
8:21 PM
For the record, I just recounted, it's actually 9 moderation gold badges...
8:35 PM
Just bought some headphones from sweetwater, they're pretty good. Audiotechnica ATH-M50x
Better than Beats?
Didn't beats recently start catching on fire?
Beats sucks.
Yes, we know.
They don't even try to be flat.
8:38 PM
$130 for headphones? That's... quite pricey.
What? I paid $180… (with tax)
woah woah what in the unholy name of the great prophet zarquon happened to SO's logo?!
That's... way pricey.
Sorry, beats speakers catch on fire theguardian.com/technology/2015/jun/03/…
Q: Can Stack Overflow and Meta's logos be changed temporarily to the "#LoveOverflows" logo?

TimStack Exchange just tweeted this image following the Supreme Court of America ruling in favor of gay marriage: #LoveWins #LoveOverflows Please can this be made the logo for a couple of days? I'm thinking Stack Overflow. LoveOverflow chat room for the more... off topic discussions on a loos...

8:40 PM
Here's amazon
Full disclaimer: I accidentally rebooted several secondary Colorado web tier machines last week. And by several I mean all. And by Colorado I mean New York. And by secondary I mean primary. — Nick Craver ♦ 1 hour ago
shakes head at price
@hichris123 ah, I see.
@bjb568 I have the same headphones, they're worth it (although I only paid $120 I think).
@hichris123 You get what you pay for… (except beats)
8:43 PM
I like Tom.
@Doorknob International Skittles appreciation day.
@bjb568 I doubt there's much of a difference, but... to each their own.
He's a good speaker.
Upgrade ur earz
You see what I did there?
8:44 PM
But to be fair, I'm actually using them to compose and mix…
And I'm sure that'll give you ROI.
9:01 PM
Wow, didn't think that one would get 4 stars.
a cool kitten for a chance of pace
9:39 PM
Full disclaimer: I accidentally rebooted several secondary Colorado web tier machines last week. And by several I mean all. And by Colorado I mean New York. And by secondary I mean primary. — Nick Craver ♦ 2 hours ago
Instant classic.
@1999 already been posted...
9:58 PM
How do you make nice tables with markdown again?
Oh right, just code formatting.
> which could be answered reasonably well if anyone was sufficiently bored or interested
interesting order
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Why does it says undefined in menu on mobile? by Wobba Fam on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHY STATIC VARIABLE ,METHOD AND CLASS IS CREATED? by edward on stackoverflow.com
@hichris123 Code formatting + Senseful's app
I don't see much difference between the content of "Should be Improved" and /questions
10:08 PM
Could just as well add a tab "should be improved" to the interface, with identical functionality to /questions somewhat different filtering, based on the questions' score and history.
Seriously, if the interface is becoming a mess of knobs and switches anyway, this can't hurt.
everyone is missing the "don't show posts currently on /review"
Yeah, that was a part of an earlier interface draft. They culled many options from there, including filtering by rep.
10:40 PM
Someone has serious problemz nuking teh spammerz. cc @Moo
(That's LH)
I just removed the offensive part of that, I think.
Oh, SO is celebrating unicorn awareness day! :D
Downside of having : I have no idea how many questions are in a tag
10:55 PM
already reported
I figured it probably was

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