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10:00 AM
The new ninja mod of SO has handled most of my flags this week, I am keeping him busy :D
Is a minor padding error like this (on Drupal only, it seems) worth a bug report on MSE ?
Ninja mod? I haven't seen any ninja mod?
@JasonC I feel stupid asking, but what is "juice your vegetables"?
@JonasCz doesn't happen with me. what browser/os?
Firefox, linux.
10:01 AM
(Chrome , Windows 7 Professional x64)
Maybe it only shows if youre not logged in, ie. the "hot meta posts" arent showing ?
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: Brain enhancing drugs by Amber Koontz on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
I get it in chrome too.
10:03 AM
@JonasCz ah:
@InfiniteRecursion I don't see anything there.
@Bart Change your glasses
that's on Drupal SE, doesn't exist on SO. May be a bug with the old site designs.
@InfiniteRecursion NEVER
The question, is it worth a bug report ?
10:04 AM
@JonasCz are all SE sites scheduled to be moved to the new design yet? If not, then it's worth a bug report.
If so, can't see the need to fix it if the design's going to change soon.
@Bart It's right there..
@JonasCz ... ninja ... invisible ... joke ... #imakelamejokes
@JonasCz It's Bart. He trolls the Tavern.
I don't troll. I lifehack.
Your skill in SharePoint Taming has increased by 0.1. You are now one step closer to madness.
What a lame SharePoint.
I never wanted a SharePoint like you.
SharePoint, will you please work?
@bummi Of course
10:18 AM
@Mooseman Of course
Q: The padding is bad in the "blog" sidebar on Drupal, only when logged out

JonasCzThe title pretty much explains it, but the padding of the "blog" sidebar on Drupal.SE is incorrect when not logged in: I have not seen this on any other site.

[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: What Expect to result? by Wiltonjuriya on drupal.stackexchange.com
@JonasCz Drupal has bigger problems than the padding :P
Most of us are Drupal regulars..we visit the site every day
Yes, It needs a proper spam filter. If Smokey can find it, surely SE devs can implement something similar..
10:25 AM
@SmokeDetector tpu, start seeing the astonishing modification of your body
@InfiniteRecursion Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@bummi Smokey didn't get that one ?
@JonasCz we will see ...
10:28 AM
blacklist candidate diabacordoesitwork.com just in case
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: per many Alpha ZXT Reviews, this one very problems by izongyzouia on askubuntu.com
@JonasCz cv'd for pertaining to a specific site :p
@Unihedron That's not nice :-(
22 hours ago, by SouravGhosh
worthy of ? http://stackoverflow.com/q/30435716/2173917
@InfiniteRecursion yes, is it modified enogh to be reopened?
10:30 AM
@JonasCz well it is closeworthy
I linked it for context, I have no opinions related to closing or reopening it...
@InfiniteRecursion I'm also not much knowledgable in those tags to propose a judgement, asking for comment from the experienced ones. :-)
I Don't want to create an account on Drupal just to post a minor bug report.. Although I could flag spam then. If it does get closed, i'll delete and repost.
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/q/4226162/1699210 second time I see copyleaks mentioned :/
10:36 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: For the real squat and the and the by yasim chucha on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@SouravGhosh Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector gone
@SmokeDetector ignore- question was relevant to mocked emails
All your responses to Smokey have been queued for peer-review.
@InfiniteRecursion Done and done
10:55 AM
@Mooseman Thanks :D
ok, time for another connect4 match
@InfiniteRecursion Now may I RO? ;)
pretty please
adds cherry on top
first the cardboard oculus rift wannabe.
now, the 16*GoPro Hula-Hop
11:17 AM
@Mooseman :D
@InfiniteRecursion You know I gotta ask ;)
@SPArchaeologist Duck tape and 16 go-pro's? I got this.
@Mooseman Yes. You have a diamond on a troll site, you don't need RO in this troll room :D
@InfiniteRecursion speaking of troll sites... I saw that discussion with Shog about creating a disclaimer banner on health se.
shouldn't that be applied on LE first?
@SPArchaeologist There was a similar discussion on LH Meta during private Beta, let me find it..
11:24 AM
> Warning: the content of this site may cause severe injury and should not be taken seriously. Always ask your parent first when using radioactive substances to kill the rats in your house or LN2 to cool of your beverages.
A: How medical is too medical?

Shog9This is a non-issue and y'all are wasting your time by talking about it. What, you're gonna have multiple meta discussions and a big poll in order to swat a mosquito-question? That's just silly. Wait until you get a question about alternative cancer treatments. Or someone asking how to set a s...

When it gets too medical, the banner will be slapped on the site
LE suggested to look at an eclipse thru a piece of glass blackened with a lighter smoke.
Was minimum allowed user age 13?
that site is too open to trolling
@SPArchaeologist look at an eclipse thru bjb glasses
Everything else is a lie.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: baseline and your baseline pushups LS by Dnaha Uoper on drupal.stackexchange.com
11:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion no, thanks, I prefer Bart ones.
@SPArchaeologist NOOOOOOO
@InfiniteRecursion clear lens. If I have to go blind for following a very smart advice, at least let me make the best of it.
why use some inadequate eye protection when you can use no protection at all?
I would also try to look at the eclipse thru a magnifying glass... just to be sure there isn't some small detail I miss.
11:42 AM
love spam that isn't even readable.
I should start collecting that.
@SilentKiller a ping done on an user who has been missing from more than 15 days doesn't have any effect.
@SPArchaeologist so basically we both are missing now days. :P
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title: Rapid Repair Eye Serum Exfoliating by Elaine meri on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector gone
@SilentKiller Simply I asked myself if I really needed to make others change ways just because I was around, and answered me that it was probably simpler to change area.
@SilentKiller so, basically - if you need me now your better bet is to leave a mess in the cube.
@SPArchaeologist i can send you mess of pings ;)
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: I could solve it they were asking by Martha McCarthy on drupal.stackexchange.com
@JasonC :O
@Unihedron how did you make that superbold font?
12:05 PM
@SPArchaeologist What?
@Unihedron bold room name
@InfiniteRecursion 𝗨𝗻𝗶𝗰𝗼𝗱𝗲
12:17 PM
SharePoint list view filters operators are.... LOCALIZED???
I just lost 20' searching because I was using a [Me] filter on a German-language site collection and thus I have to use [Ich]???
Localizing... formula... operators....
12:33 PM
@Unihedron thanks. Was hoping to use that to make last connect4 move more visible but it doesn't look as good as I hoped
@DarkAshelin That question reminds me of youtube.com/watch?v=3vqwLd1idbg
12:49 PM
@SPArchaeologist "SharePoint now includes some great features from Microsoft Excel"
Spam: blog.stackoverflow.com/2015/05/…. The last comment
@JonasCz so...
@JonasCz how to proceed with this on the blog?
@JonasCz Challenge: Hold your breath until you flag that as spam.
I'm going to die if I hold my breath that long;; helllp meee ';[]%6"89"(01 hellhttp im dying.
12:58 PM
<3 HellTTP :-D
hell http?
@JanDvorak Lol
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TOPOLOGY DATA ANALYSIS by soliman on mathoverflow.net
Actually, fail. The link is broken..
And you probably needed facial cream after holding your breath that long...
The link is broken, so I can't buy it :-(
@JasonC Actually, the "p" key on my keyboard is broken, so I always have to copy and paste it from somewhere, and in this case, I copied from a url, but my touchpad does not like my fingers, so this is the result..
1:07 PM
@JonasCz Do you need hellhttp choosing a new keyboard?
My keyboard costs $40 to replace :-(
It's a laptop
use an external one
I'm too lazy get it out each time..
But okay, you convinced me, ill go get it, one minuite !
It sounds like a good question for life hacks, you can probably fix it with chewing gum, paperclips and other household items
My laptop currently has; external keyboard, internal keyboard (broken, unused), external mouse, touchpad (mostly unused), touchscreen (mostly unused), internal screen, external monitor
oh and the hinge is broken so I dare not touch it
1:10 PM
External keyboard awesome !
flagging abusive anyways
:3508999 You p'd all over my screen. Thanks.
Okay, sorry. Really.
Lol did Jan really just successfully intimidate you into removing that?
1:13 PM
How can I use this to my advantage, let's see...
@JonasCz Flagging as abusive. Unless you mail me bacon.
What's your postal address ? Mail me $10 first, and i'll mail you the bacon.
Flagged as spam, unless you send it to me for free.
@JonasCz just askin', do you accept bitcoin? :P
1:15 PM
@SouravGhosh Not (yet).
Compromise: You send me 50000 imaginary internet unicorn points, and I'll mail you the bacon, how about that ? :-)
@SPArchaeologist ... how?
Ahh yes, why don't you print that out and eat it ? That would be the best bacon ever..
@JonasCz it is already printed.
$1e6 idea: 3d printer with edible ink
1:21 PM
the truth:
I'm only this (' ') much from placing a Let Me Google That For You link here. This question is off-topic for Stack Overflow as it is too broad/asks us to find a library or SDK. — cybermonkey 28 secs ago
@SPArchaeologist from the page: Disclaimer for idiots: Don't eat it..
@cybermonkey also.... this...
@SPArchaeologist oh.
Would be better with My Little Unicorn..
I've got a feeling that no one is ever going to look at it:
Q: The padding is bad in the "blog" sidebar, only when not logged in

JonasCzThe title pretty much explains it, but the padding of the "blog" sidebar is incorrect when not logged in: There is too much space on the left of the text. Can this be fixed ?

1:26 PM
@JonasCz It happens when logged in.
@cybermonkey Oh, just realized, editing..
@cybermonkey That's a lot of unused space on that page..
@SmokeDetector gone
I want to hunt down whoever UP'd this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/30530709/…
@JonasCz mumble... 4DE has the Twily plush up for preorder. You may want that one?
1:34 PM
A: There is too much padding in the "blog" sidebar

cybermonkeyConfirmed on Chrome with Windows 7 Professional x64. Seems to be related to the div.bulleten-iten-type CSS rule: Indeed, editing the width from 25px to 15px (shaving off 10px), fixes it: bulletin-item-type { width: 15%; }

@cybermonkey voted for close.
oh dear:
Q: User deleted helpful answers because of `Down for non-existent maintenance.`?

πάντα ῥεῖI have this kind of canonical Q&A Why does reading a struct record fields from std::istream fail, and how can I fix it? under my aegis. Well, a user posted two IMHO useful answers there, but deleted them leaving a reason in the deleted questions: Should I respect the user's will to delete the...

@cybermonkey Not quite.. The space goes to the other side of the text when I do that.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: recommended that you go get one muscle? by GregoryOrtiz on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
1:38 PM
Okay. Maybe I'ts suposed to wrap like that, still seem like too much space on the right.
@JonasCz Chrome ignores width on the content:
dammit drupal, stop dictating my diet
@JonasCz updated answer
@SmokeDetector tpu-
:3509235 gone'd
@SmokeDetector gone
is it support phone number party week on SE or something?
1:43 PM
Spam like that is pretty normal.
I have to go get some work done now, bye !
I need to stop looking at lifehacks before I start getting upset again about how incredibly bad people seem to be at solving problems.
I'm getting sucked in again.
@SmokeDetector delete
@JasonC You need a lifehack that will prevent you from being sucked in.
"The answer has the OP using a piece of carboard to hold in the nail. Cardboard is being used in a weird way..." MIND BLOWN
"Baby wipes. Used for a keyboard. Therefore, lifehack." BOOM
1:49 PM
Aw it says it in their profile already.
got a new mousemat, it's huge
Or is the rest just tiny?
@Bart the description said 890mmx445mm
@cybermonkey where is it on the photo?
@JanDvorak the big black thing.
1:53 PM
@cybermonkey That's not a mouse mat, that's more of a ... desk diaper
the box was huge, too
@TimPost desk-mat, more than a mouse mat :)
that's not a box, that's a pillow
How old should a desk typically be before you start potty training it?
when it starts leaking=
2:02 PM
@cybermonkey I must commend you on your choice of mouse and keyboard, however.
@cybermonkey Got to get me one of those.
Give me some tea. This project is emanating some sort of sleep radiation wave.
... tea ...
goes to get coffee ... as one should
@Bart tea. Actual tea, not "almost but not quite completely unlike tea"
@SPArchaeologist bigger version: i1.ytimg.com/vi/ERlU3rb6i8E/0.jpg
2:11 PM
used the small one on purpose, it is from Wikipedia.
@SPArchaeologist I'll accept it
The first thing that came to mind after seeing this is spinach soup.
@Louis probably the small image. Matcha doesn't look like a spinach soup, trust me.
2:31 PM
@GnomeSlice where is the "Contains picture of ponies" option between the other nonsenses?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, blacklisted website: Alpha ZXT Brain Training Is Essential by chaybran6 on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu-
Thank you SourceTree for having a global gitignore. So handy ... grrr
@Undo Dundundun ... I mean, done done done
2:40 PM
@GnomeSlice new close menu on arqade, uh?
@Undo Flagged all of 'em and used auto comments.
@cybermonkey I run the same thing, but I'm flagging from Blaze and it's far too much work to actually open the page.
hm, someone replied to one of my comments:
@cybermonkey I think this was a good-faith action by this user. They are trying to make a comment and incorrectly chose to put it in an answer location, but I don't think at all that the intention is to either ask a new question nor try to get answer upvotes. They may honestly just not have realized this can and should be placed as a comment. In terms of content, it's relevant and helpful for this question. — Mr. F 1 min ago
2:50 PM
Err, seems like someone misunderstands the purpose of comments here. Having said that, I don't see the purpose of you bringing rep into the discussion.
@cybermonkey that remembers me why I don't leave comments
@Qantas94Heavy It's an auto-comment.
I understand that, I was referring to the person that replied to your auto-comment.
Yeah, Mr. F needs to learn the rules a little more, he's already been requested to continue discussion here and they have not done so.
Just get the answer nuked and move on
2:54 PM
Nothing you've written suggests that I need to learn the rules more. I'm frankly puzzled you could say that in regards to what I wrote. I suggests you did not read what I wrote.
@Mr.F Questions are not to be asked as answers, end of. If you think they can, you need to learn the rules more.
The answer was clearly meant to be a comment, which is certainly something worth downvoting. But this was clearly a new user to the site and I felt that the autospammy comment you made was quite rude to that user, since it did not at all address the issue of comment-as-answer.
It was not a question!
Did you read the users answer? They merely provided addition configuration details to corroborate what the OP said in the OP's question.
@Mr.F Comment never said it was a new question
@Mr.F drop it. Doesn't matter what it was, it shouldn't have been an answer.
Yes, but the user shouldn't get blasted by an irrelevant message like that.
2:56 PM
> Welcome to Stack Overflow! If you have a NEW question, please ask it by clicking the Ask Question button. If you have sufficient reputation, you may upvote the question. Alternatively, "star" it as a favorite and you will be notified of any new answers. – cybermonkey 12 mins ago
The issue is not at all about whether it was OK to downvote or remove that answer (it definitely was OK to do that and I never took a different position than that)
the issue is that it was a comment mistakenly placed as an answer, yet the user got blasted for a bunch of other unrelated reasons
@Mr.F I'm not the one who sets these:
that's bound to be pretty confusing and discouraging to new people
now as I've asked you twice, drop it.
@cybermonkey: what you post is your responsibility, I don't think using an auto-comment is really an excuse.
2:57 PM
Why should I drop a legitimate issue?
you asked me to come here to chat about it
now you're saying I can't chat about it
@Mr.F Because the post has been removed.
but the issue remainds
You've absolutely got a point
@Mr.F yes, but there was no need to bash me like that.
Not too many fights break out in our tavern...
2:59 PM
> The plugin I'm using is called 'auto' and is available from Stack Apps, and is designed especially for this sort of thing.
I don't see how I am doing any bashing. I'm pointing out that you bashed someone for irrelevant reasons, and if you're going to bash a new person, at least make sure it's for relevant reasons that that new person can relate to their mistaken action
You must be a similar breed to those who review LQPs with irrelevant comments for the sake of leaving a comment

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