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2:00 PM
@FOX9000 Sugarcube
No associated word found for Sugarcube.
>>continue Sugarcube Pinkie
@SPArchaeologist Pinkie
@ProgramFOX Wondering... could you give us some stats about the bot links?
wanted to know which % of the user made links are pony related ones that I added.
2:03 PM
1 min ago, by FOX 9000
@SPArchaeologist Pinkie
just in case
1 min ago, by FOX 9000
@SPArchaeologist Pinkie
@DroidDev Waiting time: 5 seconds.
@FOX9000 Priyanka
2:04 PM
No associated word found for Priyanka.
self notice: to avoid Dro replies based on colours, use full names instead of nicknames
@DroidDev movie
@Mooseman adult
@Mooseman love
@DroidDev requite
2:09 PM
@DroidDev flowers
@Mooseman luce
@Mooseman sex
@DroidDev florist
@DroidDev carnations
@Mooseman tulip
2:09 PM
@Mooseman incarnations
@DroidDev niobe
>>time 1985
@DroidDev Waiting time cannot be greater than 10 minutes (= 600 seconds).
@DroidDev cow
>>time 599
2:10 PM
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@Mooseman endue
@Mooseman holy
@DroidDev rock
@Mooseman throw
2:26 PM
@DroidDev unbuckle
oh! you were waiting
@SPArchaeologist Second that.
@DroidDev hmm... not a fan of them
@DroidDev @SPArchaeologist watch avatar- the last airbender
its good
also APPA is cute :3
more than ponies :P
@berserk I've seen the movie
and I don't know who is APPA
U mean that blue fellas movie?
blue fellas?
2:33 PM
blue people
lol, no
Are you referring to James Cameron's Avatar?
how was it?
wow the graphics looks awesome
its good
so, you were talking about cartoons?
2:36 PM
the series is good
there was no flying bison in movie?
bison or buffallo
or mix breed
@berserk point is that actually... those ponies could be considered shōnen
@berserk there is one
@berserk very disappointing compared to the anime
@DroidDev thats appa
Movie rating is too low.
@berserk not to crash your hopes, but that is the one they told me to avoid
2:39 PM
4.3 at imdb
@DarkAshelin I was wondering same.
probably because it doesn't really follow the cartoon
same goes for DragonBall Movie.
@berserk I guess if you haven't seen the anime, some ppl may find it good. But otherwhise it's just really... a bad movie. It's missing all of the humor from the anime (Sokka is just doing nothing, really) and it covers only the first season until north pole. Even then it still leaves out of a lot of details
I saw the anime.
Its great.
I don't really remember how the graphics in the movie were so can't comment on that
@berserk Korra too?
2:40 PM
@berserk no. That one didn't just not follow the anime. It also goes against common sense and is bad in every way, including screenplay.
@DarkAshelin not Korra.
Gonna watch.
@DarkAshelin well...they didn't bring out next parts because first's reviews weren't much good
@SPArchaeologist lol
@berserk before you start, I'll tell you this
do not expect it to be like Airbender
consider this to be a completely different anime
just happens to be set in the same world
a lot of people were also very disappointed by Korra because it's not as good as Airbender. but if you just watch it without high expectations it's still enjoyable.
But it will include bending right?
2:43 PM
yes ofc
set in the same world
but it has a completely different feel
70 years later
the story, characters, etc
humor is also different
I want them to make a sequel of Avatar, after war ends.
so just consider it as a new anime, so you don't end up being disappointed by how different it is
I mean there are couple of mysteries left.
2:44 PM
@berserk yeah I agree. But there are comic books about that
@DarkAshelin thanks for that advice.
remembers me the whole Powerpuff Girls to Powerpuff Girls Z change
@DarkAshelin Manga?
available on darkhorse
no, comics
@SPArchaeologist wth is powerpuff girls Z? O.o
@DarkAshelin hmm
2:45 PM
it has things like the Gaang looking for Zuko's mother
But comincs are not fun anymore :/ (to me atleast)
@DarkAshelin Aang
@berserk ever seen the powerpuff girls? strange American parody of superhero and magic girls series?
@berserk no man, the Gaang!
@SPArchaeologist yea i saw that a lot in childhood
@DarkAshelin Huh? His name is Aang.
I just recently started the comics and they're nothing compared to the animation ofc, but it has the same humor and is in line with the story
2:46 PM
Who is Gaang?
@berserk Sokka came up with the name: The Aang Gang => The Gaang
@DarkAshelin Ah LOL
Brought back memories of the anime.
The humour is good :D
@berserk well.... the Japanese saw that too... and they where pretty fond of it....
@SPArchaeologist Just saw the image on google.
this was born
No words.:|
@DarkAshelin Song that Zuko's uncle used to sing?
@SPArchaeologist lol I saw that
@berserk this scene tries not to cry
The song itself making me cry. :'(
yea that made me cry when I saw in anime. Though I didn't cried actually, just wet eyes.
anyway about the comics:
I found a link to download them all for free, if you want it
I'd have to look it up tonight though
2:51 PM
What in the world is she doing with them?
Forgot her name.
thunder girl
zuko's sister
yes please :D
2:52 PM
I just want to see the further story.
well yeah that's the further story, but only in comic book form
(I know, I want anime too)
@berserk It was only after berserk downloaded the full file that he discovered @DarkAshelin was just a SPArchaeologist sock.
@SPArchaeologist but by then, it was too late... and his entire system was overrun by horse porn
And so... now he add a full mlp season to watch
oh wow, that was surprisingly in sync
(was just a wild guess on my side)
2:55 PM
@DarkAshelin not in contents.
No associated word found for Aang.
no worries, I'm a fan too
@DarkAshelin horse porn....
depends on the definition of "fan"
2:56 PM
seems legit for @Spa :P
@SPArchaeologist needs to be about 20% cooler?
@DarkAshelin Do you have any stuffed APPA toy? :3
@berserk tell me where I can buy one and I will
or a Momo toy
@DarkAshelin I will just say for one that I would close in a crypt many of the "fans" that made some of the parody that runs around the web.
@SPArchaeologist pony.mov?
2:58 PM
@SPArchaeologist No, I cannot; the only info there's stored in the links file, are the links itself.
@DarkAshelin would Kyubey suffice?
@SPArchaeologist dunno that but looks cute
@DarkAshelin not the one that I had in mind. And let's any reference to that end here please.
@berserk "Image not found"
2:59 PM
@SPArchaeologist :(
@ProgramFOX :O
@ProgramFOX ^
imgur is blocked at work, can't see
3:02 PM
anything with imgur in the url I guess
@berserk Just gives an empty page here; but the Imgur works.
so that includes stack.imgur :'(
Is this working?
> Hmm, now what are you doing here? This is no place for you to play. Perhaps you should return to Distant Horizon and choose your destination from there.
@berserk I want the 4de Fluttershy one.
3:03 PM
Not even close to appa in cuteness.
doesn't seem the 4de one but still a little bigger than the one I have
@SPArchaeologist 4de = ?
lol size of some stuff in ponies XD
4 Dimension ... and the E i don't remember. Is a company that makes plushies
3:06 PM
and they are famous for begin the only ones licensed that actually resemble the show
@DroidDev stuffed toy
since Hasbro official products are all but show accurate
which is expected since they are making doll, not action figures or such.
@SPArchaeologist huh, odd?
What about sex dolls? :P
3:10 PM
@DarkAshelin as I said, not at all. Hasbro is a toy producer, not an anime/cartoon TV
@SPArchaeologist but they are supposed to be show accurate, no?
@DarkAshelin nope. They made the show to promote the toys, not the opposite.
MLP:FiM should be the 4 series made by Hasbro. The ones before where drawn more like the actual toys
That is probably why FIM became famous and the ones before where ignored.
different plot, different humour, different artistic directions and ton of nerd subculture references.
^yes, @berserk. She is far above.
How abt this? :P
Low graphics = more cuteness :P
@SPArchaeologist me? I don't really follow with some things u say ^^'
looks like appachu tho :P
3:24 PM
@DarkAshelin ? what you mean? the picture was for Berserk and his belief that the Falcor is better than Fluttershy
eew what is this thing?
@SPArchaeologist ah well I can't see any of the pics here, that's probably why
@DarkAshelin LOL now I understood what you meant there XD
@berserk the dragon from the never ending story. Also know as the one that inspired your Avatar plush.
@SPArchaeologist looks ugly as fak when googling that
3:27 PM
@SPArchaeologist nowhere near appa :P
@berserk Fluttershy > Totoro >>> Appa
hell no..
appa is so cute :3
when he licks people, cuteness is over 9000!
I remember one scene when appa was eating a cabbage (just put into mouth and abt to start chew)
Then momo came and asked him for cabbage as there was no other left.(in monkey language)
And he just opened his mouth and gave him.
49 mins ago, by berserk
@DarkAshelin Aang
@berserk fiction
3:37 PM
@Mooseman star wars
@DarkAshelin movie
@ProgramFOX Hugh Jackman
@DarkAshelin names
@Mooseman formality
@berserk you know Vegeta American voice right?
well... try and search "Vegeta voice MLP"
actually... probably "breezies cuteness level over nine thousand" on google images would produce even better results.
Will go for now.
see you people
Until next time
3:47 PM
@DarkAshelin sancho
4:00 PM
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>>time 567
@Mooseman Waiting time set to 567 seconds.
>>time 567.89
4:02 PM
@Mooseman Command contains invalid characters.
No decimal? :o
no, what would be the purpose?
To set the waiting time to 3.14159 seconds
2 hours later…
5:48 PM
@Mooseman well, more than 10 make it too cluttered - considered adding "paging" but... :D
@ShadowWizard lol
>>time 20
@ProgramFOX Waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@FOX9000 man
@ProgramFOX slew
5:50 PM
@FOX9000 slaw
@SPArchaeologist 6-8 years so you're safe ;)
@Mooseman cabbage
@FOX9000 head
@Mooseman astro
@FOX9000 dog
5:51 PM
@Mooseman bloodhound
@FOX9000 tracker
@SPArchaeologist I second that, @Pro - maybe upload the current raw file somewhere, like I did once with the raw WAG data?
@Mooseman breed
@ShadowWizard yeah, I probably could
but it's in Python pickle format, so it's not easy to understand
anyway I got to go now, cya!
@ProgramFOX I count on @SPA to decode it ;)
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
@FOX9000 seed
@ShadowWizard Waiting time: 20 seconds.
@ShadowWizard grains
>>time 5
@ShadowWizard Waiting time set to 5 seconds.
@FOX9000 brains
@ShadowWizard racking
7:17 PM
@FOX9000 up
@Mooseman prop
7:40 PM
@FOX9000 stage
@DarkAshelin door
8:32 PM
@FOX9000 locked
@ShadowWizard pincers
@FOX9000 tool
@ShadowWizard implement
@FOX9000 publish
@ShadowWizard supplement
8:40 PM
@FOX9000 storage
@ShadowWizard cupboard
@FOX9000 trophy
@ShadowWizard fame
@FOX9000 reputation
@ShadowWizard unsullied
8:49 PM
@FOX9000 Daenerys (Targaryen)
No associated word found for Daenerys.
>>continue Daenerys Stormborn
@ShadowWizard Stormborn
>>addlinkexplanation Daenerys Stormborn i.stack.imgur.com/r9PYQ.jpg
@ShadowWizard Explanation added.
8:52 PM
No associated word found for Stormbringer.
>>continue Stormbringer sword
@ShadowWizard sword
@FOX9000 hilt
@ShadowWizard parry
8:53 PM
@FOX9000 evade
@ShadowWizard squadron
@FOX9000 cauldron
@ShadowWizard steaming
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