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8:00 PM
@AstroCB Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Election voting begins in 3 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 46 seconds.
@AstroCB That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
Refresh your engines.
8:00 PM
We don't get realtime updates?! :(
@Andy Yes, the system is the problem.
Obviously I would delete my answers after getting into primaries.
like.. what?!
8:02 PM
or maybe edit the salvageable ones.
@bjb568 that just bad behavior IMO
Looks at Shree
Downvotes to -1
@bluefeet Why? They're terrible. I mean, you can disassociate them if you want.
@bjb568 you shouldn't be posting crappy content in the first place
8:03 PM
The system's fault.
That's where I'm point my paw.
Dude stop giving people stuff to quote against you next election.
something about voting, right?
@bluefeet I'm ok if you disassociate all my recent answers.
@bjb568 mods can't disassociate.
@bjb568 mods don't have that ability
all you're doing is creating work for the CMs
8:04 PM
On the other hand, keeping crappy posts from your past shows your improvement over time
enjoy pissing off Shog because you were trying to game the system
@bluefeet really? huh, will fix that with DD
@bluefeet Rep is made to be gamed.
"gamification", anyone?
Why do people hate me so much? :'(
You're clearly missing the point @bjb568 and all you're doing is proving that you are not ready to be a mod
I think it's best for a candidates sanity to wait at least ten minutes before looking at the scores. ;)
8:06 PM
Maybe I should just quit SO.
@JeremyBanks setInterval("F5", 1000)
Maybe take a few days to decompress.
I try to help the community by moderating, all I get is a bunch of angry chat users who abuse their privilege and hold a grudge for over a year.
you need to give that tired argument up
Can I start flagging him for libel?
8:07 PM
if you have beef with one member, talk to them.
The site is a forum. There are over 100 thousand questions with closevotes.
They don't get closed.
They almost never get deleted.
@Mooseman If your avatar were Bullwinkle I bet you'd be positive
@bjb568 I see a huge list of deleted questions in just the last hour
Mooseman is really not doing well.
@mmyers my cats name is bullwinkle. I'll give you two guesses on my other cats name.
8:08 PM
@bjb568 And only 2 undeleted in the last 10
@Andy compare with the tide of crap coming in.
@mmyers Voting based on avatar? That might not be a bad idea...
The depressing part of trying to answer questions: The tag pages. More than half of the questions should be closed.
@AstroCB wait that's not how everyone votes?
And they come in so fast.
@mmyers no
8:09 PM
5 mins ago, by Jeremy Banks
Dude stop giving people stuff to quote against you next election.
I knew I was doing something wrong
@bjb568 If you run next year, you're going to get chewed out by so many people.
Now I have to remember to quote that next year when it happens.
I won't.
@AstroCB it'll still be the js rooms fault.
All our fault.
8:10 PM
!!vote by avatar or vote by potential moderator qualities
@AstroCB Neither
Ohhh I didn't know Cap was here
@Undo so, we're keeping !! ??
I have no problem changing it
Not sure
Right now I'm trying to figure out how to make a thing, I can think about it in a few
8:11 PM
@SterlingArcher because of the domain issue some commands might not work? also all of her previous learned commands are not copied over (probably for the best)
so.. no ... table.. flip? :(
sadly no
@bjb568 I left you two comments about this in various places, but... Your biggest enemy is yourself. Empathy - not the fake kind, but the sort where you actually try to figure out where folks are coming from - would vastly benefit your moderation. You're good at identifying problems, bad at finding solutions that sit well with others.
@bjb568 481 new answers in the last hour. 44 deleted posts in the same time period.
8:14 PM
@Undo \o/
wasn't aware there was a scheduled launch today
@Shog9 @bjb This is exactly what I was trying to tell you at the beginning of this election.
@Undo ohhh!!!
@Andy How many of those are great fits for the site and are original genuine problems that benefit the community and everybody on Google? 1%? Less?
@Undo tell 'em to put on ice - we have an election to watch, dammit
It's over.
It's pretty obvious who has at least the top 2 spots.
8:16 PM
@bjb568 none of them. They're sand. The pearls develop later.
@bjb568 primaries are misleading. Everyone has unlimited votes.
@Shog9 Sand? Or repurposed bovine waste?
Don't be rude
Some of those candidates are amazing quality
@bjb568 don't knock bovine waste. Doesn't smell pretty, but grows some damn good tomatoes.
8:17 PM
make it go away, the OPs suffer.
You're digging yourself a hole. Right now, right now if you stop and go take a walk, you have a shot at getting a diamond or two on the network. That's my advice, I was in a position pretty near to yours at one point.
hello :)
@Undo you were once a cat?
who was your surgeon?!
8:18 PM
like, I can't even tell.
feral cat / loud-mouth kid, same difference
Also, I must mention another reason for my dislike of SE is its awful front end. Both design and code.
Can I have a criticism counter?
@hichris123 would you like it to "click" or "beep"
8:19 PM
@SmokeDetector fp translated & looks okay
@hichris123 Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
I can't right now.
@rlemon Click please. :P
8:20 PM
:we so excited:
I really enjoy seeing these rocket launches
@hichris123 jsfiddle.net/c2a27j2p you're welcome
@bjb568 is that a counter for the number of times you've complained during this election period?
Ain'it great?
Anvil clouds brah
8:24 PM
At least add a good Windows font to the mix, @bjb.

 The Pod Bay

General discussion for space.stackexchange.com. Check our sche...
Wait, you guys don't have helvetica?
^ for discussion about the launch, it's easier when everything's in one place
@bjb568 Not on Windows, nope.
Wait... am I thinking Neue?
@bjb568 I am in Helvetica ... does that count?
8:26 PM
no, it renders in Times New Roman.
That's horrible
Fix it for chrome!
@bjb568 It's a Windows problem, IIRC Helvetica is proprietary.
Helvetica is in fact proprietary
Roboto is the best font anyways.
8:30 PM
get out
@rlemon I'd agree with you there.
Launch scrubbed. :(
What does that Tavern is all about that some Candidates mentions their activity in here?
Because mods dwell here
@falsarella the Tavern is all about serious business.
@falsarella It's kinda the meta-room for the whole network, so being active here says something, however small, about how much you know/care about the system
8:32 PM
So this is the tavern. How is a pint of beer ordered here?
@falsarella They're relying on the misconception that people think anything productive ever happens here.
@MareInfinitus Brown.
A: The Many Memes of Meta

animusonMeme: Brown Originator: jadarnel27, in chat (more) Cultural Height: TBD Background: Brown. It's the answer to everything. Because brown. Usage: Brown.

If someone opened a physical SE tavern where I could actually order a pint of beer I would go there every day
8:34 PM
I see
I would not want to be in a physical bar with some people from the SE chats xD
Thanks for sincere explanations
Seeing their text is hard enough
@SterlingArcher I know, but don't tell @hichris123. He would get upset.
8:35 PM
I mean, people say marginally smaller amounts of dumb stuff in person
@Dustin we have never met, have we?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PROOF OF BEAL'S CONJECTURE by Nikos Mantzakouras on math.stackexchange.com
And then man was introduced to alcohol
8:37 PM
Not sure, I've been around for like... 4 years?
@SmokeDetector spam?
Grrr, what's beeping?
@hichris123 just crappy ...
I have an incognito Smokey window somewhere, couldn't figure out where the dings were coming from :P
8:38 PM
Never been here before, groovy
Meh @hichris123. Nuked it should be. Spam ...
@Undo not sure if "incognito Smokey" or "incognito window"
all of the above, I guess. Spam, off-topic, VLQ... not offensive though.
@hichris123 we could edit it to include that one ...
Is @Bart tired or something? His messages are always ending with "..." ...
8:41 PM
They don't ...
I love that word
Such a pointless word
See, I finished your message for you, @Bart.
actually it's more of a triple point word
I love how we finish each other's sentences @hichris123.
8:43 PM
oooh, time to vote on everybody for primaries
start off with upvoting animuson...
Vote Second Rikudo :O
I'm voting bluefeet
I'll start off by upvoting the obvious choices (Martijn, Second Rikudo, Jon Clements, meagar)
8:45 PM
nobody wants that bird on squad
Let's start a @Shog9 for moderator write-in campaign.
even evolution hates that bird
cough @bluefeet cough ^^^
Well, she's surely going to kill you now
8:48 PM
oh man oh god oh jeez what do i do
@Bart yes she will
Woodhouse'll know
wait.. she?
oh hey there's an RPG election going on too. Pretty sure I can guess the outcome of that one.
@bluefeet sorry, had no idea you were a woman. My bad!
@bluefeet murder-high-five
8:49 PM
Hey now. There will be no celebrating murders in this room.
@SterlingArcher you know what they say about assumptions...
Assumptions killed the cat i know
I'm stalking your twitter
it's not very interesting
So now we know how birds twitter
Don't you lie to me like that
the Celtic tattoo is pretty awesome
8:52 PM
@SterlingArcher ha thanks. Last session is tomorrow night
My most exciting tweet:
its taking up space lol
A: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Questionnaire

bjb568bjb568's answers Technically I'm still a candidate… Just disqualified because of rep. So… A question is asked and receives some very good answers. The asker then flags this question and asks for it to be deleted because having it up will cause them trouble at work or school. Do you delete th...

somebody down voted it.
Dang how do you people have so much rep
Can't current mods candidate themselves for re-election?
@falsarella Mod terms don't expire, so it isn't necessary. That's why we're only electing three moderators.
8:58 PM
@bjb568 you are not actually looking to be a moderator now or ever, are you? Otherwise you'd better stop digging your own grave.
31 people downvoted martijn's nomination, 30 people are in the primary phase
@Doorknob … What's wrong with posting my answers? I am a candidate. — bjb568 18 secs ago
@bjb You're just trolling at this point.
@mmyers Thanks, I got it now
Y'all're welcome for me spending this week at my personal expense just to get ridiculed.
9:02 PM
So, the primary phase is just to filter the top candidates for the real election phase?
@falsarella Yes – the top ten advance to the real election.
@bjb568 I think you honestly need to just take a step back and look at how you've handled some of this.
@bjb568 honestly what did you expect to happen?
@bjb568 you think you have it bad? Talk to H2CO3
@AstroCB Great. Haven't found that info, thank you
9:05 PM
@bjb568 You are going to wind up affecting your chances of getting elected next year
@SmokeDetector fp
@Doorknob Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@bjb568 If you really want to be a moderator, you should realize that it's not going to happen this year, and think about how you can do better in the ~12 months you've been given to prepare
@meagar I think he gets it now
9:07 PM
Is there a way to order the candidates per vote count? (AKA see partial result)
I prefer the word "blatantly"
@bjb568 Then why did you nominate yourself?
walks in, reads the star wall, looks at the discussion, walks back out
@falsarella No. Vote based on your own opinion, not based on how others are voting.
9:08 PM
@Doorknob Lol do you think I nominated myself because I thought I would win
@bjb568 "BLINDINGLY"... Oh, that's why the cat on your avatar uses dark glasses?
@AlexisKing That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
9:08 PM
@TheWobbuffet Information on interacting with me can be found at this page
@TheWobbuffet I'm SmokeDetector, a bot that detects spam and low-quality posts on the network and posts alerts to chat. A command list is available here.
@Doorknob current tense, not past
"!!/help" now has become ambiguous with the bots!
@bjb568 So do you no longer want to be a moderator?
9:09 PM
lol moerator
@Doorknob Oh, no, I already voted. I was just wondering if I could see the partial results. But it makes sense to be like this...
@SterlingArcher what? No idea what you're talking about
@bjb568 That doesn't answer my question.
@SterlingArcher yeah, what are you talking about?
9:10 PM
I seen't it
Hmm, let's see if this works
@Doorknob Registered; need 1 more to execute
@Doorknob chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/3301976/history I think he was talking about that ;)
All I could think was Moe Sizlak
@Bart umm, uhhhhh... that's a fake page! Nobody click that! It gives you a virus!
9:11 PM
@Doorknob is this spartan thing a trojan virus? it doesn't say "internet explorer"
Q: Is my canonical dup for Vanilla JS DOM Manipulation ok?

bjb568How can I manipulate the DOM without a library like jQuery? My question wasn't particularly well-recieved. There are 3 pending votes to close as a duplicate of What do people mean by "DOM Manipulation" and how would I do that? which I don't think is really related. Is my question ok for this si...

who downvotes a discussion post?
what does that even mean?
@TheWobbuffet Spartans are anti-Trojan
@bjb568 Lots of people.
@bjb568 "no, it's not ok"
9:13 PM
^ that. However much I dislike it.
That's why meta doesn't work for educating people with questions about specific questions.
Q: Proposal for canonical question: "How do I use a debugger to debug my C++ code?"

sashoalmLet's create a new canonical, community-wiki style question. The title could be "How do I use a debugger to debug my own C++ code?" Here is an example question that I would like to mark as duplicate to it: Where´s my error? Recursive Prime Factorization. This is the 3rd such question I saw in th...

Not that SOA would, of course.
@mmyers being classified as a type of virus
@bjb568 Hrm? How do you figure that?
9:14 PM
@bjb568 people downvote posts they disagree with; that's the point of meta
Downvotes don't mean "your question is bad and you should feel bad," especially not on meta.
@Doorknob there's a meta thread on being hispitable and nice somewhere
just go find it
Well, see you later!
@Doorknob I know that.
See you
9:15 PM
@bjb568 So what's wrong with meta for "educating people with questions about specific questions"?
falsarella left the room
Q: Should [waffles] be burninated?

The WobbuffetI don't get the point of waffles. Nearly all posts with that tag are humorous and unnecessary or necessary, constructive, but waffles have nothing to do with them. Also, from their tag wiki: Waffles are supreme. That is all.

you know why this is downvoted? because people disagree with it, not because it's bad or whatever you were thinking
If anything it's technically good lol
You monster
> If you didn't know this yet, SE's servers run on waffles. Tons of them, every day, are swallowed up via the disk drives into the servers, where they are converted into webpages like this very one. Waffles are vital to this website.
9:17 PM
> i promise* i won't bite (* unless you are pizza) -- Rock The Kasra at 1:00 PM - 13 Apr 2015 via Twitter
@pizza chomp
Kasra? Isn't he the one who is working on chat for the mobile apps?
@pizza Victim blaming: the pizza was asking for it. It was wearing pepperoni.
@Doorknob A strong "go away" signal is sent.
9:18 PM
@bjb568 a strong "stop worrying about meta votes" is sent
@bjb568 No, not at all.
You're taking downvotes too personally.
Votes on meta don't even mean anything anymore.
There's no rep on meta for a reason.
@bluefeet now I understand why you never loved me back
9:18 PM
Life is so clear now
no rep on per-site metas
Your feet are still funny though
@SterlingArcher what? why?
Because I hate on your feet so much lol
9:30 PM
@AlexisKing What about the Convention badge?
@ConspicuousCompiler Well, okay, besides that, but once you have it, it's not going to go away.
And bjb already has Convention.
@bjb568 Sounds like the guy copyrighted "uplifting, bright and happy visual themes." Explains a lot.
Current standings:
1. Martijn Pieters
2. meagar
3. Jon Clements
4. Second Rikudo
5. Matt
6. deceze
7. Undo
8. Jason C
9. Raghav Sood
10. Paresh Mayani
11. Ed Cottrell
12. slugster
13. Jeremy Banks
14. Andy
15. Qantas 94 Heavy
16. Thomas Owens
17. vcsjones
18. Sergey K.
19. Moshe
20. hichris123
21. rekire
22. codeMagic
23. Michael Irigoyen
24. AstroCB
25. Unihedro
26. Shree
27. Amit Joki
28. Idan Adar
29. Hemang
30. Mooseman
:cheers for Rikudo:
9:43 PM
Look at that question SmokeDetector brought up... I thought it was just random crap pasted in but apparently it's actually an attempt to communicate?? Can anyone figure out what the poor guy is saying?
If Second Rikudo gets elected, I'll quit SO.
@bjb568 have you even had a conversation with the guy?
@bjb568 Demand the best: First Rikudo or bust!
@SterlingArcher … What do you think the answer to that is?
... how am I supposed to keep track of who you know and don't know?
Is it so hard to answer a simple question
9:47 PM
Aside: it's pretty tasteless to get all dour about any candidate winning an election. For better or worse, on SE you have to trust your peers - they're the ones making it all work; elections are a tiny, tiny part of that.
I don't trust him.
And that won't change.
I hate all of you, but I trust that you're doing your best and somehow we're all gonna make it work.
9:48 PM
I don't feel like explaining it.
Don't tell me, it involves him being a JS room owner
If you don't feel like explaining why you said something, do us all a favor and don't say it. It makes you look pedantic
Especially when it has to do with another person
@SterlingArcher no, he just really, really hates naruto.
Oh that's what his avatar is about?
I don't anime lol
9:51 PM
@SterlingArcher Why? I say what I like.
@SterlingArcher I guess; I had to google the name.
Oh hi, he appears suddenly.
Hi @SecondRikudo
@bjb568 I have Shoglike powers to sense when I'm being talked about
Even without being pinged.
It's rather frightening sometimes
9:53 PM
Man, I gotta leave to go teach right when it gets exciting in here. Later taters.
So suspcious
@Dustin there'll still be drama when you get back. We'll keep it warm for you.
@shog9 thanks bro
@Shog9 How about the popcorn, hmm?
9:54 PM
no, that'll be gone
bring more
I can make the best popcorn <3
my mom taught me how to do it with coconut oil so it's semi-healthy
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 9 mins ago, by AstroCB
If anyone wants a quick score breakdown: http://jsfiddle.net/AstroCB/5frgy9nx/
@AstroCB write it in Python and I'll put it in Smokey
@bjb568 If you don't like me, that's fine, don't vote for me. If you wish to quit SO, that's also fine, no one is stopping you. I don't, however, intend to feed trolls and defend my position against those who don't even bother pointing out the flaws in it.
@Undo I was planning on copy-pasting it to xkcdBot so that I don't have to translate it to another language...
9:57 PM
@AstroCB I never used http://whateverorigin.org/; has it been around for a while? Wonder about the chances of it not disappearing next week.
drop the mic drop the mic drop the mic
@AstroCB that'd work too :)

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