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8:00 PM
We're live!
nomination period begins

just now
@Mooseman Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Election starts in 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 41 seconds.
8:00 PM
@mmyers nice timing ;)
@AstroCB Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Election starts in 6 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes and 28 seconds.
> Would you like to nominate yourself as a candidate in this election?
No thanks
still no nominees :(
8:03 PM
Heh. It'd be hilarious if SE disabled the paste functionality on the input form.
haha, yes it would.
everything goes silent What happened? "SO disabled the paste option."
I'm currently outsourcing some of my original nomination statement to another (still on-topic) meta question. :)
This limit is difficult to meet...
Look how full the Tavern has become.
8:04 PM
Usually, the earliest nominations are the least viable. Just saying.
Don't forget the RPG Election just started too.
@pizza Because all the best candidates are busy doing important things, no doubt
@AstroCB Quick! Everyone run over to the election chat room!
No one's pulled the trigger yet? Or am I looking in the wrong place ("0 candidates")?
8:07 PM
That place is filling up quickly.
@AstroCB Caching <grin>
oh! we have our first sucker nominee!
> I have on Stack Overflow for 789 consecutive days out of 834.
The "consecutive days" card.
I do enjoy the new Candidate Score feature
@AstroCB Clearly that's the mark of a good decision maker.
8:09 PM
> moderation badges: 4/8
> Visiting the site for consecutive days doesn't necessarily mean you would make a good moderator, why do you think you'd be a good moderator on SO? – bluefeet♦
Reply: "FRiST!"
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Injecting "&" in url by Mico on security.stackexchange.com
Newlines count against the character limit...
And because of Markdown, every actual newline is 2 newlines -> 2 extra characters.
@AstroCB As a CR+LF, or just a CR?
Never mind...
And there's @Unihedro ....
Ouch, my fingers.
I typed all that on my phone off the fly.
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, 26 secs ago, by Unihedro
@Ffisegydd Even if I don't win, I'll still do my best to help :)
8:17 PM
> @tbodt, Queues in Stack Overflow is a difficult task, I don't frequent them all too often that I indeed admit.
That is not a good thing for a moderator candidate to say...
@SmokeDetector tpu
@AstroCB Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Mooseman Yay :) I'll vote for you
8:20 PM
@michaelpri Thanks :)
Q: It's time to reach community consensus on what to do with highly-upvoted but off-topic posts

Alexis KingThe issue of what the hell to do with old, highly-upvoted questions with very useful answers is something that is brought up time and time again. Recently, I've felt it coming to something of a head, and with it, opening up a discussion of a larger topic, the idea of "off-topic" questions that ca...

(Plus a built-in answer from me. :) )
Welp, stackoverflow.com/election/6#post-29479047, pretty weak now that I had to trim it down to 1200 characters. One of the things I need to work on before the next election is proving myself. The original was a bit intense.
Good luck all.
Oh hey stuff is happening
> too long by 2 characters
Use a couple of ligatures and call it good
8:34 PM
I think George is out to get me, lol.
> too long by 1 character
@JasonC Totes.
> 0 characters left
@GeorgeStocker Shakes fist. Is this because I put "Edit:" in too many posts? I knew it.
8:37 PM
1585 questions now... — Nemo 1 min ago
wot? Looks like almost 5k here.
I did a poor job condensing my post to bullet points. I'll have to work on that for next year.
All in all, I'm interested to see how the moderator election turns out. Good luck to everyone.
Anybody know how much candidate-score-breakdown is cached?
Wow – my candidate score is low.
And once you become a moderator, you'll see how apt the 'janitor' metaphor really is.
8:38 PM
My candidate score will increment in 3 hours.
I can't respond to anymore comments, it's 4am and my sanity is drying up quick. :p
@AstroCB 20 of the 40 possible points are from reputation
@mmyers That would explain it.
And it's linear. Totally unfair.
@Unihedro At least you're getting comments. I think my lack of is indicative of what I was talking about earlier.
8:40 PM
Well, I'm going to get kicked out when the reputation bottleneck comes in anyway, so good luck to everyone else!
Who's this @grgarside guy here?
Well, at least he's a mac user.
@AstroCB :/
8:49 PM
alright, time to run through the candidates list
Does it really make sense to give relevance to the Sheriff badge in a moderator election?
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 14 secs ago, by AstroCB
@bjb568 He has a point. I mean, just last night, you were effectively hacked by the Tavern.
@AstroCB pixelmator is bettah (or at least considering price)
[ SmokeDetector ] Nested quote blocks in answer: COMRESET failed and slow boot times by user193243 on askubuntu.com
8:55 PM
@bjb568 Agreed, but "Photoshop" is the usual verb used there.
"to create" or "to make" also work
@bjb568 Hi :)
uh… hi to you too!
psst: he talks!
someone posted his nomination as a comment....
There's so much more I want to add to that nomination post.
Like the fact that I have 1234 flags right now and I didn't plan that at all.
Let me find something snarky to comment on your nomination
So you can elaborate in the comments
@rene Ooh, fun.
Yay, Jon Clements runs again!
(compare my comments in election 5 and 6)
Jon is fine candidate
9:06 PM
> How far are you from the top reviewers position in the other queue...
@AstroCB there you go
What other queue?
i edited, queues
That just made my day :)
9:12 PM
@ɥʇǝS :D
Eww, jQuery. :P — user98085 Mar 14 '14 at 1:39
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 3 mins ago, by Unihedro
Madara, Jon (Clements) and Martijn are my three favorite candidates. I would consider it perfectly fair if I lose to them. :)
@MartijnPieters Oh you're fine. Maybe I should have tacked another smiley onto my reply ;P
@ɥʇǝS Thanks for the encouragement; it was a deciding factor to actually run.
Yay @MartijnPieters!
9:19 PM
well, I already know exactly who my top two votes are going to
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Alexis King
Well, I think it's very clear I'm not going to be winning in this election. But that's okay—the people running this year are fantastic.
the results are set already
@Unihedro I pretty much agree.
I'm so close to that last editing badge: 44/50 posts answered and edited within 24 hours.
9:22 PM
Looking at all the candiates I stick to my role in leaving comments
@AstroCB It's hard since it requires answering.
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 20 secs ago, by Alexis King
Congratulations to Martijin, Meagar, and Jon Clements as new mods? :)
^ Pretty much.
There. I did it. Can people go look at it to make sure I'm not calling myself an idiot somewhere?
I want to see the Second Rikudo in too.
@MartijnPieters Wow! I'm glad :)
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 27 secs ago, by davidism
There should be more than 3 spots available. There are some great candidates here and we need more moderation in general.
^ Star that; we need more mods.
It's like those commercials with the abused animals.
9:24 PM
I heard that if it gets 20 stars, they'll add another slot.
It's unfortunate that all three will be replacements. I was hoping for four spots
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: Linked Account in Clash of Clans by user107613 on gaming.stackexchange.com
"The mods are overworked, un der paid, and broken beyond repair."
@SmokeDetector tup
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Doorknob Blacklisted user.
9:29 PM
@Undo Looks great
A: Answer to duplicate question no longer relevant once merged

UndoThis was completely my fault, I should have seen that. A community manager has unmerged it. Thanks for reporting it! And I'll be a whole lot more careful in the future. Much like Santa, checking lists twice.

in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 31 secs ago, by Alexis King
@davidism I'm still upset that I didn't get that question on my survey. :(
@AlexisKing I didn't either :P
@Doorknob woo, we can be butthurt together
!comp time in Italy
9:39 PM
11:39:11 pm CEST | Monday, April 6, 2015
Red for emphasis.
@bjb568 Oh.
lol, '>= 20k' is kinda an understatement
@AstroCB Same with meagar and Jon Clements.
9:51 PM
Well, I'm going for meagar, Martijn, and one other TBD.
We had a good run, @JasonC, but the power of the shoe-ins was too strong this year.
Next year, we should just conglomerate our forces into a single sock to end all socks.
@AlexisKing Registered answer as false positive.
@AlexisKing Tavoltron: Defender of the Metaverse
Form flags and closevotes! Form reviews and suggested edits! I'll form the downvotes!
Maybe in 5 years...
(If the site is alive.)
Maybe doomsayers could be right...
10:01 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@Undo Blacklisted user.
10:19 PM
@SmokeDetector gone
So... there were campaign plans, I go offline for a couple hours, and come back to concession speeches.
@pizza Once we saw our candidate scores in comparison to everyone else's...
Ok, I'm going to nominate myself now.
reads first
@bjb568 You've waited until the proper moment, and the time has come.
Hmm...I find it interesting that they floor reputation scores instead of rounding.
> Your beliefs sound great, sadly they are in sharp contrast with the existing moderator community :) – ddriver
I never found that to be true, except for a few reasonable variations here and there.
What a strange comment.
@AstroCB Hey I've got a 36, it could be worse.
@JasonC You'd be fine if there weren't so many 40/40s.
> Jawa reviewed this 2 mins ago: Approve
danipralea reviewed this 11 mins ago: Approve
@AstroCB Screw the arbitrary number, I'd be fine if there weren't so many great candidates.
@JasonC Well, that.
I need everybody but me and two other people to totally suck for the next month. Just temporarily.
10:30 PM
> Hello, I'm Michael and I love Stack Overflow.
I think 35+ is electable... or to put it differently, does not say "un-electable". One does not really have to catch them all.
I was hoping the election chat would be more consistently active.
<-- is not electable
aw drat you changed it
What about delectable? Nom nom nom
Ask Ubuntu got design update.
10:33 PM
How writingy should it be? Like "I am privileged to be a member of such a constructive and education community like Stack Overflow and have learned a great deal about programming, moderation, and writing in my interactions on this site. I would like to return the favor by serving as a moderator for this community, to represent users' best interests and help keep this community strong and brilliant. Over the time I have spent on Stack Overflow, I have built up the knowledge and skills that would make me a good canidate" or
You're... not gonna win on the second one
@pizza I'd vote for Undo no problem. He's only 30/40.
I like how only your short version got hidden behind (show more text)
It's a tad sad that there are a few candidates whom I've never heard of who barely participate in moderation at all yet have rep way higher than me and are going to end up shoving me and other lower-rep-but-more-active-with-moderation candidates out simply because of that.
That bottleneck really should be based on candidate score at the very least.
Pure rep is not a good idea.
@Undo aww
10:34 PM
Election started!
But should I include any of the second one, like in the last paragraph? And the campaign poster?
I'm a little late. :P
uh… yah.
@JasonC I didn't say "not worth voting for", but "not electable".
Where were you @hichris123?
We already chose the three and they've been serving for like a month
10:34 PM
oh no.
@Undo Not here.
The top bar of AU is now less stupidly broken.
It actually looks okay.
@bjb568 I don't know. I condensed to bullet points and regret it. If I had a time machine and a transporter I'd go steal meagar's.
10:36 PM
The char limit is awful.
It's better than when there wasn't a char limit
There were some real masterpieces written back in the day that no one was ever going to read
So they just voted based on rep like they do now
Although, I probably shouldn't go blaming the weakness of my nomination on the fact that I used bullet lists and 1200 chars. It's unexpectedly depressing to see all the other better candidates.
@JasonC yeah, looking around at all the people that are better than you and thinking, "I knew I wasn't gonna win, but... I didn't think I was going to lose"
That's about the stage I'm in
Yeah, lol. When I said "at minimum I can learn what to improve, so it works out," I totally forgot about the fact that I'd end up comparing myself to everybody else.
But nomination speech isn't supposed to be the main piece of writing. There is the questionnaire too, with ~30,000 char limit.
10:38 PM
@Undo Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Election starts in 6 days, 21 hours, 21 minutes and 50 seconds.
@pizza No but it's an indicator. If you can draw in tons of positive comments and support in a 1200 char blurb, that's impressive.
@Undo Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 6 days, 21 hours, 19 minutes and 33 seconds.
There, that's better
10:40 PM
The only diamond that commented on mine was George laughing at the irony of "high SNR" when nobody seemed to know what "SNR" meant, lol.
signal-noise ratio
Yeah, I know.
Haha, sigh.
@pizza If you don't get kicked out because of rep.
@JasonC I was going to comment until I realized you weren't Jason S.
@mmyers Lol.
10:42 PM
Looks like I missed out on the fun...
@hichris123 nominations are still open. points at link
yeah but pizza.
Agh, I've lost the link, where's the questionnaire?
@bjb568 nowhere
Q: 2015 Moderator Election Q&A - Question Collection

Grace NoteIn connection with the moderator elections, we will be holding a Q&A with the candidates. This will be an opportunity for members of the community to pose questions to the candidates on the topic of moderation. Participation is completely voluntary. Here's how it'll work: During the nominati...

There isn't one for nominees to answer yet
10:43 PM
Oh, that's why I've lost it.
When does it get created?
Now my ultra-competitive streak is kicking in. I'm going to have to rock the review queues this year.
@bjb568 later
@hichris123 If you go for it, you'll be added to the list of people who will get kicked out when it hits 30+.
@AstroCB I almost got kicked out last year so I don't especially care. :P
But pizza first.
well "first"...
10:45 PM
I'll probably be kicked out too, the way it's going
How much can a nomination post be edited within the rules of etiquette?
People to be kicked out after 30 candidates (in order):
1. Me
2. @bjb568
3. @hichris123
4. @Unihedro
5. @Undo
6. @AlexisKing
7. @Mooseman
Not @bjb568! D:
@JasonC All you want during the nomination phase
Or that's how I see it, at least
10:48 PM
Lol, are we all way more depressed than we were this morning or am I just projecting?
Tends to be depressing seeing how terrible you actually are compared to other people
> During the nomination phase, (so, until Monday, April 13th at 20:00:00Z UTC, or 4:00 pm EDT on the same day, give or take time to arrive for closure), this question will be open to collect potential questions
First, collection of questions. Then answering. Answering begins simultaneously with the primaries.
Which is somewhat suboptimal.
10:55 PM
The deadline for question collection should be set sooner.
Hey do you guys think this is better than my current post?
xkcdBot has been terminated.
I am privileged to be a member of a such a helpful and educational community as Stack Overflow and I've learned a great deal about programming as well as moderation and writing thru my interactions on this site. I would like to return the favor by serving as a moderator for this community.

I've always believed strongly that lower quartile quality is much more important than quantity, or net usefulness. I've tried to close questions that truly don't belong on a site for *professionals and enthusiasts* and have cast over five thousand votes to put questions where they belong. I am also very
98 chars.
What should I cut?
What is "lower quartile quality"?
11:05 PM
The median quality of the lower-half-quality questions.
@bjb568 *through
no that's more chars anyway
But I mean, what does "I've always believed strongly that lower quartile quality is much more important than quantity, or net usefulness" mean? That you'd like to improve the low quality, remove it, or showcase it?
@bjb568 Maybe if you write the whole thing in txt spk, it'll be short enough.
@JasonC It's code for "I like to delete crap".
Should I just remove my first paragraph?
11:07 PM
I'd remove that sentence then. In the grand scheme of your post, I think that one can go because the next sentence also expresses that you like to delete crap.
bam, posted.
xkcdBot initialized.
xkcdBot has been terminated.
aww, out of stars here
> @JasonC - diversity rules, but my point was more like peer pressure. Do a bunch of power obsessed/abusing mods want someone with higher aspirations? Funny thing, you could have gone with "I am gonna be a major A/B hole" but then they wouldn't want you because you are unacceptably honest :D – ddriver
@hichris Your post is so short…
11:13 PM
I seem to be accidentally associating myself with this, like, SO rebel faction.
Which is actually really fascinating.
Hey how does this read, trying to rearrange my bullet lists:

I am 33. I’m a freelance programmer in NYC. As a freelancer, I set my own schedule. I can fully commit. I value teaching others how to help themselves – doing so creates better programmers, which creates a better future.

A community moderator should be accessible, open to criticism, and fair, accomplish big picture goals without alienating individuals in the process, and represent the community at all times. I believe in moderators as an extension of the community. I value low noise, individuals’ parts in a larger whole, and tra
Still crap?
@bjb568 I added a little more, but I think that's good enough. :P
Where's your campaign poster?
@JasonC Why include the age?
No reason, it was just an instinctual introduction. Do you think it has a negative effect?
I don't like it.
11:17 PM
I guess it doesn't matter; therefore noise.
Looks like A/S/L introduction.
33/M/NYC press 6969 in tavern if u wanna chat, send pics
How about this:
A community moderator should be accessible, open to criticism, and fair, accomplish big picture goals without alienating individuals in the process, and represent the community at all times. I believe in moderators as an extension of the community. I value low noise, individuals' parts in a larger whole, and transparency.

I believe in firm but *flexible* moderation: Communities grow organically, I will uphold evolving values. The community organically makes the correct decisions in matters that it has the power to make decisions on, and a moderator only exists to do the rest. I'm patient w
@JasonC It's m33 NYC
or is it 33m? Can't remember.
@JasonC Yeah fine.
> How do you feel about NetworkOnMainThread exceptions? – Carl Anderson 1 hour ago
Welp, done. I'm going to torture myself over bulleted list vs paragraphs the rest of the day. Maybe I'll just make a script to toggle between the two every 30 minutes.
11:23 PM
Paragraphs are related sentences. Not just bullet list in condensed format. you need more cohesion.
blacklist candidate backupdepositbox.com
@bjb568 Do you think so? I tried to rearrange a bit.
I guess it is a little weird.
do more
11:27 PM
xkcdBot initialized.
@JasonC When I nominated myself, I got a couple off-site emails congratulating me for standing up to the current cohort of evil moderators.
There are lots of users who don't like the establishment and are looking for a champion. ;)
I didn't have the heart to reply and tell them that they misunderstood, and I was 90% in agreement with the current moderators.
There are 20 candidates already and it hasn't even been morning everywhere in the Eastern Hemisphere yet...
11:32 PM
I'm scared. I haven't gotten any comments yet. (neither has hichris)
@AstroCB We had about 14 this time last year.
@JeremyBanks Yeah I'm kind of in the same boat.
@JeremyBanks "We need a leader – a leader to bind us together and to fight [in background: to fight] against the tyranny of the oppressive community moderators who step on us day and night, closing and deleting to their heart's content. Now who's with me?! [loud cheering]"
Well, I went back to the bulleted list, slightly rearranged to include at least some real goals. stackoverflow.com/election/6#post-29479047 I'm just going to stick with this and see what happens. I can't stress over this all day. I'm going to get blown away by these other guys anyways so it's kind of moot.
xkcdBot has been terminated.
11:37 PM
This gets more and more competitive every year. Kudos to anyone with the guts to step into that spotlight and subject themselves to the fruit-flinging mob.
@bjb568 +1 imaginary vote for not using jQuery.
@Unihedro spam + spam = 2 spam
@Doorknob Yay for the 2015 Stack Overflow Moderator Election! Primaries begin in 6 days, 20 hours, 12 minutes and 53 seconds.
11:47 PM
in Stack Overflow 2015 Moderator Election Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Avinash Raj
i want to search in my own answers and display a particular answer where the answer contains the text ^(.+?)\1+$. Which search query did i need to use?
@ɥʇǝS you... can?
i tried user:3297613 "^(.+?)\1+$" but it won't work.
Smokey's being temperamental about this room.
@AvinashRaj You're looking for posts where the same content is repeated twice?
no, only the post which contains the text ^(.+?)\1+$
11:55 PM
Ah, the literal text.

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