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12:00 AM
@hichris123 ok
let me check the conclusions
12:32 AM
hehe dv'd a diamond
Do you really think kids are going to use anything that requires parental confirmation? This also goes against child rights and equality. — bjb568 45 secs ago
I know AJ from pets.se
Greg Bray on February 26, 2015

The Site Reliability Engineering team at Stack Exchange is excited to announce our latest addition – Jason Harvey!

Jason hails from Alaska and although he cannot see Russia from his house, he is officially our most Northwestern US Employee beating Geoff Dalgas by over 1500 miles. He will be working remotely except when we decide to fly him to the mainland to help move some servers or sample the excellent work of the NYC Stack Exchange Chefs.

Jason brings a wealth of knowledge to our team from his previous roles working at reddit and Rackspace, and he has already been extremely helpful in our ong …

This is confusing. Are SE employees still numbered, or is it just the SRE unit?
Also, "SF associate" sounds like they are employed by a separate entity, rather than SE.
@bjb568 Uh... wut? "child rights and equality"?
12:35 AM
oh right women are more important carry on
@FamousBlueRaincoat they stopped numbering a long time ago. He's just the 9th SRE
I think we can all agree children are not equal in abilities + rights.
I think you have a bias towards certain age ranges.
to split hairs a little, I'd say equal in rights, but not liberties
12:37 AM
Well, there's a lot of things in which the "age of majority" is 18. So...
@BenCollins For the most part, yeah.
Right to vote, for example.
@FamousBlueRaincoat depends what on
Yeah, I do agree that discrimination built into the law is a problem.
@hichris123 right. the way rights are implemented for people we categorize as "not able to make adult judgements" is a little different, but they're the same basic rights
12:40 AM
why when I google "J. Musser" does my lifehacks account come up before my GL account?
so weird...
So many J. Mussers in the world.
Jason Harvey is not even on Server Fault... or at least not under his name. But the blog had no profile link.
^^ Never seen this before. It appeared after I posted an answer
Q: What is the new "Answer similar questions" feature for?

davidismI and a few others in chat are noticing that we get the following message after answering a question: Thanks for contributing! Have more to say? Answer similar questions Clicking the button for that post took me to this search page listing "similar" questions to answer. I guess that's ne...

@FamousBlueRaincoat this is a new feature they're trying out
the thinking is "user is in answering mode, so let's use their momentum and keep them going"
12:45 AM
@BenCollins Not good - the list of 'similar questions' featured nothing even remotely similar!
smbc-comics.com/?id=2305 summarizes what I think of this feature.
well, it depends on what you mean by "similar". By definition, there is something about those questions that is similar to the ones you answered. It just might not be what you think of as relevant :-)
A: Energy efficient application development

Nick HodgesWow, the possibilities are endless here: General Ideas: Compile much less frequently. Compiling is CPU intensive, and CPU's are watt hogs Stop running those crazy unit tests all the time. Heck, shut down that Continuous Integration server! Come on, you really only need to build every coupl...

and also, keep in mind that what they're measuring is how many repeat answers occur as a result of the prompting, not how impressed users are with how similar the questions appear to be in the list
@InfiniteRecursion Congratulations!
12:50 AM
yeah, Kevin's answer on that one is the thing to read, not my ramblings
in The Junk Drawer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 55 secs ago, by PythonMaster
@Mooseman why am I the "hero" of Stack Overflow as mentioned in your profile (you know, the comment with 31 stars?)
Laughed almost til I cried
don't know why that tickled me so much
@HoboSapiens Right now it's a really basic search based on tag. (Score >= 0, unanswered, and no more than 4 hours old.) If all goes well, we'll invest more in improving the algorithm. If people don't use it, we'll probably abandon the experiment.
@BenCollins Well, the question I answered was about reading .ICO files. The so-called 'similar' questions feature Doxygen, Bluetooth and multi-threading. There were two that referred to writing files, so that's similar, I guess.
@JonEricson Based on my extensive sample (of 1) I won't be hurrying to press the button again.
^missed Jons comment there. Tag based, there you go.
and they're gone.
1:02 AM
I self-deleted because to someone reading who wasn't here in realtime they wouldn't make much sense ;-)
but that's what chat's for :P
@BenCollins I'll blame the OP then. His use of tags was a bit, ermm, haphazard, shall we say.
1:13 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: Python - Parallel uploads to S3 bucket by fifaodell on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@FamousBlueRaincoat Blacklisted user.
Not detected because of code block (likely accidental).
Suggested domain to blacklist: hellofifa.com
1:15 AM
fifa15online.com as well? There were two different domains involved.
I think that one trips the blacklist already, will check... nope, it does not. Yes.
@Undo/@hichris123 ^^^
@FamousBlueRaincoat So add both?
That would make sense.
I'd think that fifa would trigger both of them, unless domains aren't checked?
1:18 AM
@KevinBrown But fifa would generate tons of fp.
Even Fifa 15 is a legitimate thing to discuss (a game).
Ah, true.
1:26 AM
@HoboSapiens Probably worth editing if you have a moment.
1:38 AM
I think Lifehacks should get into the Guinness book of world records, for being the SE site in beta for the longest time without appointed moderators.
<-- deleted LH account, not that anyone will miss me.
Now you won't be able to flag all teh things spam
True. I'm also ignoring LH in my own spam catcher. Sorry, you're on your own.
you hate it that much?
first LH user to cast more than 1k votes lifehacks.stackexchange.com/users?tab=Voters&filter=all
I can't shake the feeling that Lifehacks is stunningly unsuited for the SE format.
1:53 AM
talk to Robert.
> It doesn’t fit our "normal" rules, and it tests the limits of what we can do (in a good way). -- Robert Cartaino
(in a good way)
I understand that building site after site for each CMS, CRM, IDE, or TLA has to get boring.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: How should "Home sweet home" be punctuated? by Tylin on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector VLQ answer
2:01 AM
@FamousBlueRaincoat you can delete your comment on that. I've deleted and suggested edit to the answer
*deleted mine
Deleted. I also suggested an edit to the question there. Harvesting rep.
heh, I know the guy who edited the question irl
@Frank I agree; still, I'd rather not have things that I know are wrong to be searchable, etc
I wonder why someone viewed my ELU meta profile.
@FamousBlueRaincoat Had you voted for my mod nom. on LH?
@Frank Yes, I think so.
2:10 AM
ok, just noticed it went down one :P
@rene I initially was going to write something, but then realized the OP has an agenda, into which I'm not going to invest my time.
Not sure why my average question score is over 2 points higher than my average answer scor, on GL
That's new.
2 hours ago, by Hobo Sapiens
user image
2:18 AM
It's now easy to spot the [few] taverners who actually answer questions on SO. :)
oh wait
I used to. Now I only occasionally do. The lower and lower quality really is discouraging.
@Doorknob lead by example.
Dec 6 '14 at 17:40, by Behaviour
Answering questions is so 2011.
2:19 AM
(Also, I've been participating more on other sites the past two years or so.)
Post loads and loads of super high quality posts
@Frank Yeah yeah yeah, in theory that works out fine.
In a perfect world, that's exactly what I'd do.
But, in practice... meh.
too lazy
I do it on GL
Answering is really the only reliable way to gain rep.
Q: What is the new "Answer similar questions" feature for?

davidismI and a few others in chat are noticing that we get the following message after answering a question: Thanks for contributing! Have more to say? Answer similar questions Clicking the button for that post took me to this search page listing "similar" questions to answer. I guess that's ne...

@AstroCB esp with many low quality answers
2:22 AM
Jon skeet gets rep from questions...
I once saw a new question of his, and I could just sit there and watch the number go up
Wow, @Doorknob, you must've joined SE when you were 11 :/
yeah, high-rep users tend to get "earned credibility" votes. there's a better term for that, but it's an observed phenomenon
@Frank That statement is only true for mere mortals.
@Frank 12, actually.
> We're running a test around that feature, to see if providing a simple search for "similar questions" helps people find another question to answer.

It is uncertain whether that feature will stick around at the moment. Currently approximately 50% of Stack Overflow answerers will see it.
@Doorknob illegal
2:23 AM
> I'm thirteen years old (yes I was twelve when I signed up, but I had my parents make my account on my behalf and did not post any personal information, which I believe is legal :-P)
you have awesome parents.
Kids these days. I had a programming job when I was your age. I had to slog through hundreds of lines of VB.NET code every morning on the job for thirteen cents an hour! Thirteen Canadian cents! While it was raining! (This entire comment is actually true BTW) Anyways, yes, that sounds like something for Programmers. Not that I really know what belongs on Programmers. — minitech Jan 17 '14 at 19:01
I do. I remember the first day I randomly decided to buy some big Java book: "Hey can I get this book?" "Ummm... okay!"
2:26 AM
Hey, it's not a bad first language.
And I didn't know any better at the time :P
@AndrewT. Is #7 in 2015 reputation league on Android Enthusiasts. Congrats!
notices how nobody is commenting on my youngness, feels good about previous behavior of keeping age sekrit
@FamousBlueRaincoat Looks like #7 to me.
#6 from 0.
@bjb568 You know I'm not good with numbers.
2:29 AM
@bjb568 cause you're a 95 yr. old cat...
@bjb568 I originally set my age to the maximum on Stack Overflow, but I changed it to my real age when ThiefMaster (rightfully) objected when I ran for SO mod.
Thanks, even though recently I can't find any questions that I can answer again :P
@Doorknob I don't reveal my age. >_>
@Frank You're a tree; you must be something like 200-300 years old. Quite reasonable how you don't want to go announcing that to the world.
Also… kinda… fat.
2:32 AM
Y'all would probably lose your suppers that you were chatting with someone from a home...
not that bad
Good thing I eat hot pockets on couch watching youtube.
@bjb568 lol no. You've "leaked" your age, your school, everything about you so many times...
@AndrewT. But at least you have 2000 rep now and can review NAAs...
@hichris123 My age?
@bjb568 Yes dear cat, please read what I wrote. ;)
2:34 AM
Y'all actually read what I leak!
Why are y'all saying "y'all" so much?
It's a word, y'all
Y'all: Cause, all y'all, y'all is great.
2:35 AM
I leaked my age too
in Shadow's Den, Feb 19 at 18:24, by Frank
@berserk Less than 50, but I won't say exactly
I blame Shog for the revived "y'all"
I been saying y'all since before he hatched
All y'all'll learn to like the plural you eventually.
Y'all'd've not been exposed to the word if it hadn't been for Shog.
Yes, that's 3 apostrophes.
@bjb568 yous?
2:36 AM
y'all better stop using y'all
@Doorknob I used to live in TX, so...
@Frank grrrrr
2:37 AM
@AndrewT. y'all shut up
@FamousBlueRaincoat I do live in Texas. People here say it all the time. I haven't really picked up on it yet though.
Y'all's've'd used y'all too many times before it dies.
^ unclear what you are talking
(You all)'s have had used "you all" too many times before it dies.
@bjb568 How does the possessive fit in?
2:39 AM
^^had is necessary
your... have?
It doesn't need to make grammatical sense…
@Jan ^^
bjb, while I had "had," had "had had;" "had had" had had a positive reaction from @Frank.
2:40 AM
take it from a juvenile delinquent kitten.
@Doorknob nice
@hichris123 I see someone's looking at the [ethics] tag...
@KevinBrown What makes you think that? ;P
2:42 AM
That tag is a mess, most of the question can (and should) be closed
The must haves for this job are interesting. I particularly like that you must have Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. I wonder why they don't provide that to the developers
Y'all'd'ven't been on the internet if it weren't free and awesome.
^ That one actually makes sense
@bjb568 'would have not' ?!
2:45 AM
What's the policy on old questions which were recreated at The Workplace/Programmers? stackoverflow.com/q/1004609/359284
(As far as the close reason)
@KevinBrown it's a on topic/good question if asked today?
@Braiam Assuming that it's not on topic, but doesn't fit any of the standard close reasons (like that one)
Actually, "opinion" would work for that one
and Braiam saves the day, again
2:49 AM
braiam can't see cause he forgot to take off his shades when he walked into the tavern.
actually, walking into a tavern is a good indicator of impaired vision...
actually, using my shades saves the day... do you know what happens if I take off my shades?
we all puke and look away?
> I think everything works but the array prints out funny. Also is this even correct Object Oriented programming. This thing says my post is mostly code and I need more details so this is more details.
2:51 AM
> What in the world how much more details do I need. stackoverflow.com/questions/28756695/…
@Frank no, yeah, maybe
@SmokeDetector fp
@FamousBlueRaincoat Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
2:52 AM
std::string out = "This is gonna be a long string just to fill up the memory used by this fucking pthread\n";
^ that was what SD got triggered on
@Braiam lel
Shouldn't it ignore offensive words in code blocks?
@Doorknob nope
@Doorknob eh.
2:53 AM
@hichris123 But it's closed already :)
@Doorknob Uncertain. Some tps were caught like that too.
Alright then
1 min ago, by hichris123
Even spam sometimes contains code block formatting.
This is what happens when I try to answer questions, @FamousBlueRaincoat.
2:56 AM
@Frank yeah
oh, specimen doesn't mean member of species
Q: Menu Element after adding Andorid xml file menu empty

KamiliaAfter adding Android xml File -> ressource type : menu , i don't know why the list is empty and even if I click on add thank you

Uh... ???
3:00 AM
They're building a menu using some GUI constructing thing, and "Android xml file" is supposed to be an item there
"I don't need 10 REP to post images, I'm smart"codeMagic 7 hours ago
> yes you do, and no you're not
BoltClock's edit summary :D


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
One shudder makes you join the room.
works too
@hichris123 yoh
3:22 AM
3:36 AM
how to differentiate "downvote" and "delete vote"? "dv" vs "delv"?
"dv" and "delv" both mean "delete vote" for me
But that question's not deletevotable, so it defaults to "downvote"
There is "nuke" for close and delete, which I think Zephyr understands.
3:57 AM
dv is downvote, delv is deletevote.
dv sounds like deletevote to me
well it aint
@FamousBlueRaincoat Zephyr understands both dv and delv to be delete vote requests.
you are correct in its interpretation of nuke
Thanks for clarifying.
4:13 AM
@FamousBlueRaincoat Shouldn't you change your chat profile to "Helpful Critical Raincoat"?
@ɥʇǝS It's there independently of my nicks, to save others the trouble of using gender-neutral pronouns and such. Changing the third word would defeat the purpose.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How to improve muscle growth? by simamixeya on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu right on schedule
@FamousBlueRaincoat Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
4:19 AM
I nominate "brief one question survey" by Vizu for the worst banner ad that SE ever ran.
Really annoying in-your-face button.
I second the nomination.
Do we have a third?
@FamousBlueRaincoat best reason to earn 200 rep, you mean
4:24 AM
best reason to use adblock, you mean
On Drupal? I won't earn rep on CMS sites out of sheer principle.
Oh, like I thot I wouldn't be a parent this early…
@SmokeDetector ignore, edit suggested
@FamousBlueRaincoat Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
4:28 AM
@bjb568 Um... That's a big responsibility, you know... Were you or she not careful?
I mean emergence of purple line, of course.
works now
I tried reloading 3 times before, same err.
Maybe related to mysterious 503 on SO that lasted 30 seconds?
Well obviously the problem is that you're using Safari! I'm sure I've told you this before..
going to bed
am tired
reverse bell schedule tomorrow
donut party in morning
bio teacher is nice
talking to myself
Hi self! How are you?
ain't no party like a donut party, 'cause a donut party is a hole lotta fun
...i think I'll be going to bed now too
4:44 AM
Shog is in a punny mood today. No pun intended.
derp, I was absent 2 days to a study hall I don't have, says powerskewl
hmm, to sleep or stay here watching a cat talk to himself?
Or is there even a choice?
There is no choice, there is just continuity. You live a life that flows, that is continuous, but almost uncontious. Identity is not a fundamental shift.
In other news I'm tired
found phone in dirty laundry
@bjb568 Bruce Lee?
na, just made stuff up
with help of autocompleting keyboard
Before you try to extract meaning from it, note that there is none.
5:07 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Weight Loss Smith called friend home by Leslie Tara on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@FamousBlueRaincoat Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: Honestly answering these questions? by Hippler on askubuntu.com
@ɥʇǝS Spam on AU ^
5:25 AM
@FamousBlueRaincoat ... no response. It's a corpse.
5:35 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: How to submit 2 forms in one page with a single submit button by []() on stackoverflow.com
5:49 AM
Q: Why is [filepicker] sponsored?

AstroCBThe filepicker.io tag is sponsored, so it has an icon next to it: However, filepicker, the tag summary of which specifically states Questions about the use of file pickers in general. Not to be confused with [filepicker.io]; use that tag for questions related to that service. has the ic...

[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: BI-DIRECTIONAL AC-AC CUK CONVERTER by John on electronics.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: I quickly site side packer yeah have by Lydia James on drupal.stackexchange.com
@AstroCB s/[discussion]/[support]/
@Braiam Wasn't sure of the tags there.
I'm pretty sure that shouldn't happen.
[ SmokeDetector ] Blacklisted website: I'm still ready to make my m by brandy fogle on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector Spam.
6:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: QGIS AND ARCMAP COMPATIBILITY IN IMAGE GEOREFERENCING by mashaka on gis.stackexchange.com
6:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: Is stackexchange.com down ? by Jayantha on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector ignore, and it's not down for me
@bummi gone
6:45 AM
All spam gone \o/
All spam gone \o/
7:03 AM
!!/alive? coffe?
[ SmokeDetector ] Question: Is SmokeDetector down ? by Andrew T. on chat.meta.stackexchange.com
Drupal, Meta gone
any way to close or at least to protect this one? askubuntu.com/q/7273/184892
8:03 AM
Isn't this a link only answer? stackoverflow.com/a/28747178/993547
I might be biased since I answered too...
@PatrickHofman even the first sentence only could be seen as (poor) answer
@bummi Agreed. If the question is: "does it have it?" You could answer "Yes", which is answering the question...
Still very poor though
Q: Does this dress change color?

JP JanetBuzzfeed, and other social media, are buzzing about this image: Some people see the colours on this dress as black and blue, while others (myself included) only see it as gold and white. Some claim that it changes colors while looking at it. Is this true? How is it that different people have su...

Even it's discussed in my office...
@PatrickHofman Kind of agree. The only meat of that post is the last link. The rest doesn't really add the value related to the issue.
8:20 AM
@AndrewT. Thanks. That is how I see it too.
@AndrewT.: Taking my chances flagging it...
@hichris123 Thanks :)
@bummi want you gone
8:55 AM
spam android.stackexchange.com/a/101033/44325 the link goes to youth job :/
I detest sympathy upvoters. That question has zero future use whatsoever.
Well. Except to tell one person the difference between members and local variables and how they're initialized.
@J.Steen Indeed. Could be deleted.
Detest is a strong word. Rather, I don't agree with their sentiment.
9:32 AM
@FamousBlueRaincoat hmm, OK. I won't touch it then...
9:54 AM
spam android.stackexchange.com/a/101035/44325 (unregistered user, the only answer, unrelated to question)

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