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[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username, Bad keyword in answer: CreateProcess error=206, The filename or extension is too long by brianfo on stackoverflow.com
third time's the charm?
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username, Bad keyword in answer: Limit on file name length in bash by brianfo on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
11:12 AM
@ProgramFOX Blacklisted user.
Low Quality A (TPA'd by ProgramFOX): This code are Not Working ....., by Vish, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
Morning Tavern. Just remembered one thing, maybe someone here know.
What is the actual origin of the "S" shaped dragon related to the burinate meme?
@SPArchaeologist Morning!
11:19 AM
@Sam abusive for sure
@SPArchaeologist I have no idea.
Really? Are you going to pay me then? — rene 1 min ago
I thought all the bits are there based on his own unclear question :(
@rene Should have asked how much budget they have and lay out the deadline directly.
Low Quality A (TPA'd by ProgramFOX): WHAT CAUSES POTATOES TO SMELL WITHOUT ROTTING?, by ruth, on chemistry.stackexchange.com.
No, it's not StackBot
11:22 AM
not Good quality @TomerKlein — test50527 22 hours ago
It's just someone copying the guidance that pops up when a new user posts an answer and putting it in the answer box
People do that
... because human factor
humans suck literally since the day they are born
In all seriousness, what @Unihedro said
11:25 AM
IKR :-(
@JanDvorak Congrats for reaching the sense of enlightenment. Now upload your mind to the internet, it'd benefit the whole world.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username, Bad keyword in answer: Powershell - Delete directory regardless of 260 char limit by brianfo on stackoverflow.com
possible spam seed superuser.com/q/878523/172747
@bummi lol at edit just done on that question
A: Deleted files are 'restored' when doing an update with TortoiseSVN

rabolfazlI don't agree that it's not a svn problem! When you delete a file it means you are going to delete it but it's very likely that you want to commit these deletions later. When you update you "update"! Why should it do other things? Why should it cancel any of your local modifications?

11:31 AM
Next one.
Makes you wonder what brianfo actually stands for
brian, f*** o**?
@Unihedro yeah, it took me a while before I mentally wanted to answer that question and ignore the rudeness of the OP... judge the post not the OP is hard now and then...
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating words in body: function triggered by "manage_users_custom_column" filter not working by Keith on wordpress.stackexchange.com
@rene I'm surprised at your tolerance :P
11:33 AM
@PeterJ second account on SO exists
@BoltClock'saUnicorn @bjb568
@BoltClock'saUnicorn I wonder how long it'll take for the account operator to change the username that they are generating each time.
I'll automate a search for the answer body instead.
just search for the tool name
@Unihedro maybe I'm not a bad guy after all....
BTW they have been active on other sites yesterday too (LPT)
@BoltClock'saUnicorn: there are two custom flags in the queue from me for those accounts; both still active but the accounts have been nuked.
@bummi yep
@JanDvorak all clear!
11:36 AM
@bummi, can't view it now on SU user has been deleted. Not sure if you caught what I meant but someone did a retag-only edit on the spam to change the only tag to "health"
@MartijnPieters btw congrats on breaking the # flag mark
@MartijnPieters rofl
They don't always use the same flavor text
@PeterJ I did see it :/
11:37 AM
@BoltClock'saUnicorn ?
@MartijnPieters Your helpful flags count
@Sam thanks anyway, was just trying to determine if "Trogdor the Burinator" was born on Stack or what. (notice: I am not speaking of Trogdor per se, I am referencing the Burinator title)
@BoltClock'saUnicorn but I haven't gotten to 2048 yet!
Q: I made us some Trogdor graphics!

iglvzxWe seem to have a tradition of using the Homestar Runner character 'Trogdor the Burninator' to request tag deletion. I thought we could use crisper images, so I made my own. >:)

@MartijnPieters fact is, I don't get if the original character was already called "The Burinator". Searched a little for more references but no luck.
11:41 AM
my name is Jeff Atwood and I approve of this message. — Jeff Atwood ♦ Feb 7 '12 at 22:40
If a page is advertised on Google, does it mean it doesn't suck completely?
@JanDvorak How would it work that way? Google sucks
@JanDvorak it just means someone payed enough to have a page advertised.
I thought the name was changing anyway
Q: Change the name of "Burninate"

William JockuschI don't like the word. It looks too much like "Urinate". I wish that didn't appear on my screen on many of my visits to SO. Can we come up with a different name for this?

@SPArchaeologist The character is called Trogdor the Burninator. The name is used in the first Homestar Runner cartoon that introduces it.
11:44 AM
Low Quality A?: shit i dont care like yeah so i dont care, by tasnia, on cooking.stackexchange.com.
Off or naa? ^
.. why not both?
@MartijnPieters thanks
> Burninate describes very well what we do - equivalent to razing to the ground and sowing with salt
@SPArchaeologist See knowyourmeme.com/memes/trogdor as well.
11:51 AM
Nearby, there were also no injuries when a multi-vortex tornado hit one of those spinning teacup rides.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: how to retain the animated position in opengl es 2.0 by Arun AC on gamedev.stackexchange.com
@bummi tp hate speech
inappropriate for respectful discourse, that's for sure.
12:21 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Pligg sidebar categories to jquery categories by Brian on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username, Bad keyword in answer: Powershell - Delete directory regardless of 260 char limit by brianfo on stackoverflow.com
@SmokeDetector gone
^ more LPT spam
@Pham gone
12:40 PM
I think you are right. I am a retard :D — dave 9 secs ago
Poor dave.
12:57 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO ACCESS THE PHONE VIA ADB ;BROKEN SCREEN by ashish on android.stackexchange.com
the "1 1 1 1 1 1" at the end
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Ah, luscious brown.
pecan pie?
@ShadowWizard I hate you. I just had lunch. Now I'm hungry again.
@J.Steen so have a cupcake, always works ;)
Also, there are ways to make you lose your appetite.... :D
I will have to wait until Friday.
That's when we have our company-regulated coffee-break with cupcakes.
Not even joking.
why don't the bots get them :/ stackoverflow.com/search?q=%22long+path+tool%22
@bummi why should they?
1:08 PM
@ShadowWizard Because it's in Smokey's regex.
Could it be due to grace edits?
@ProgramFOX 7069
@ProgramFOX lol, regex is evil
1:09 PM
You want to use perl?
@ShadowWizard Fight evil with evil.
@J.Steen, sounds like that company sucks. I'll be thinking of you when I have my company-regulated beer-break.
@J.Steen pearl is better. but actually I prefer more code that I can read and understand and easily change than one line I need to work really hard to dechiper and later change.
@PeterJ Just the assignment I'm at. My actual company has two beer fridges, always stocked, open whenever.
@ShadowWizard Sure. Though such code is sometimes not as efficient as a single statement that's evaluated once. (I don't like regex either ;)
@J.Steen, I see, that sounds like a much more acceptable workspace. Mission critical equipment always needs a backup.
1:12 PM
@PeterJ Hell yes. Though we only have one pinball machine.
@J.Steen unless it need to parse thousands of strings per second, efficiency is really not a factor :)
@ShadowWizard Like the new questions feed on the entirety of the stack exchange network? ;)
@J.Steen ahaha, 1:0
@ShadowWizard We're getting there;-)
Especially if you consider all the spam. Grumble.
I'd rather be eating cupcakes.
Maybe I should bake this evening.
1:15 PM
Deffo spam.
@SmokeDetector tp
@ProgramFOX Registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Prince was the first user I blacklisted manually...
Awww. =)
1:17 PM
Soon: The account formerly named Prince
Nostalgic spam!
@JanDvorak 11 days and still rolling, looks like the mods there don't really care.
SO or MSE spammers life span is measured in minutes :)
They're DBAs. Everything happens in 6-8 weeks. >.>
(I have plenty of love for DBAs, I had a mancrush on one when he solved my recursive index scan lookup problem)
And, yes, I just used the word "mancrush".
Either that or they forgot to commit the transaction.
Going to Google "mancrush"
1:26 PM
Go on. Can't be worse than what I googled yesterday.
Homosociality. LOL
@J.Steen Is that a dare?
So, @J.Steen you announce yourself as Homosocial? :D
I'm so homosocial I get banned at heterosocial dinner parties.
1:28 PM
Or, as the urban saying goes, "bros before..."
"sh.st" - really?!
(I'm not actually)
@J.Steen not what? not getting banned? ;)
@ShadowWizard They should migrate to Italy
1:30 PM
@Pham gone
Time to learn how to attach files to emails using C#. I know, I'll post an unresearched question on Stack Overflow.
@J.Steen and watch your rep drop :D
I wonder if someone should suggest sh.st for a block or whatever it's called? Can't see a legimitate reason it should ever be used when it's pay per click.
...and "long path tool".
BoltClock mentioned only devs can do that kind of blocking.
Q: Ban URL shortening services

Time Traveling Bobby Related: Ban LMGTFY links | Shall we spam-flag lmgtfy-links? | URL Shorteners cleanup Ban URL shorting services from being used in questions/answers. I have three major reasons to request this: It's abused to hide LMGTFY-Links (interestingly, this behavior ranges from the 20 rep Newcomer t...

> To me, this is the same as trying to ban curse words -- it's a fundamentally broken and bad idea
(Jeff Atwood)
1:33 PM
Like correct pluralization... >.>
Yeah guess so, with domains being so cheap no doubt many probably have hundreds of aliases
@ShadowWizard Oh. Now I also need to ask a question on what third party library SO recommends to use for emailing.
@J.Steen lol... good way to test the question ban mechanism ;)
@ShadowWizard I've already got a downvoted question. Should be easy!
@J.Steen oh, you got too many upvotes already. No worry, there is special suspension reason "posting low quality posts" :D
1:38 PM
@ShadowWizard Awesome. I'll go for that.
whistles to @Bolt
Holy crap, that worked.
1:39 PM
acts startled
Ah! I found an overengineered library to use for my emailing.
It uses Razor markup.
...I admit, I like it.
Offensive A (92.5%): Small communities are small. Therefore everybody knows everyone. People ..., by Zerotime, on communitybuilding.stackexchange.com.
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by ItachiUchiha
@Pham fp
1:46 PM
What's offensive is Itachi's persistent use of code formatting for emphasis. ;)
@Sam ^ It reported that here due to a "why" command.
@Pham why
@JanDvorak Term found: (?i)downvote you (Ignored: 50%. Score: 10.2. Auto: True)
Mentioning downvoting, marked as offensive. Humour.
wait no, it was posted here even before the "why" command
1:47 PM
@ProgramFOX Auto:true
Good effort, wrong way to do it: stackoverflow.com/questions/28542886/…
Why is that an auto term?
!!help auto
>>help auto
@ProgramFOX To add an automatic term, use ">>auto-b-(a/qt/qb)-(lq/spam/off/name)(-p) {regex-term}". Use "-p" if the change should persist past the bot's restart.
1:50 PM
Serial downvoting spree
Someone's angry today
Someone's always angry.
Q: Why don't meta sites use common tag wikis for common tags?

MoosemanSome tags such as discussion and retag-request have, or should have, the same wiki across MSE and all per-site metas. I propose that tags can be whitelisted here on MSE to have their wikis copied to all per-site metas. This could be done either By SE employees. e.g., Mr. Shog. or Via voting; s...

Question is. After mandating the use of two third party libraries and an entire rendering engine just to send emails, am I worth a beer?
@J.Steen no. only a cupcake.
... a beer cupcake?
2:07 PM
review first and make your own opinion, but this fairly old Area 51 post seems like spam to me: discuss.area51.stackexchange.com/questions/19759/…
@SmokeDetector tpu
@bummi Blacklisted user and registered question as true positive: added title to the Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Pham gone
@SmokeDetector gone
It's too cold out.
My car broke part of its coolant loop in protest.
@LynnCrumbling east coast?
2:10 PM
Apparently 14yr old plastic doesn't like going from 0F to 190F in 15 minutes.
@ShadowWizard Yeah :-/
@LynnCrumbling I wouldn't either
@JanDvorak So.. now I get to figure out a way to get home...
@LynnCrumbling teleport?
public transport?
2:12 PM
@JanDvorak I wish. I'd gladly accept this option.
@ShadowWizard I'd accept this option too.
if they can send "quantum information " three meters away, they can also send humans..... at some point :D
@ShadowWizard Wait.. so some day ... Tron may be real?
@LynnCrumbling more like:
> Star Trek-style “beaming up” would become a reality in the future
@ShadowWizard Three meters? Just walk there.
@PeterJ spammy, though OP doesn't appear to be spammer
2:16 PM
@ShadowWizard So it's not being converted to data... just moved.
@LynnCrumbling yup. They still didn't start thinking how to encode humans to data as far as I know.
(this should be the easy part :))
@LynnCrumbling Be careful... if it's something like Angier's Real Transported Man, I'd hesitate.
@Shadow, you could be right. But meh would be good enough for Judge Judy so good enough for me.
@FamousBlueRaincoat Is that the one where Tesla's machine creates dups?
@LynnCrumbling Yes, that one.
2:25 PM
@FamousBlueRaincoat Great movie.
Today I wrote up a self-answered question (stackoverflow.com/questions/28538445/…) and I noticed this before - the community does not seem to be so happy about them. I know I only have 2 downvotes in total but I saw it before on other questions. Why is that?
Perhaps someone thought the answer and/or question sucked?
@JanDvorak: Wow - I never thought about that. Thats brilliant
I'm guessing "lack of research effort" applies.
In fact, it might also be a "bit" unclear and/or broad
2:35 PM
How does that apply to a self-answered question
Self-answered questions aren't exempt from any sort of quality control or rule. The community votes as the community wills. I'm merely theorising on reasons for downvotes, as they're anonymous.
Perhaps show why the question is so important to have asked?
And since I'm theorising, I'm also not touching the question in any other way, let alone voting on it.
Also, the answer is code-only = low-quality
@juergend your question reads as a give me teh codez question.
2:37 PM
This is a common problem with self-answered questions. The question is usually lacking because it's written as a reaction to the answer, not vice versa.
... and then he gives himself teh codez
yeah @JanDvorak
I see. So I better write up some wrong code and show what I tried and then post the correct solution. ;)
Nope. That would be cv-plz typo
(and not useful)
@juergend, could also be some aren't aware of this metric system that you speak of
2:41 PM
@PeterJ: I have a link in that question to a wiki of that system
Nah, but you could have added that you looked at the Convert class and/or Math class but that those don't provide such methods at all
Then your answer could have started with Waiting for a better solution I implemented those methods myself
ok. thanks
2:47 PM
Ugh, I'm hating this new SO design more and more.
What now?
@Unihedro That is called progress...
Progress? You're kidding. I've never seen as bluntly distracting font style and contrasting block quotes ever.
And so much blue.
Is pass essentially just assert True?
The only thing I've really noticed was the smaller font
which I don't mind, actually.
Whenever I put bold text in a code block, I die a little bit from looking at the thing.
2:51 PM
I noticed the massive font in all the editors...
@Unihedro No
@Unihedro then don't use code-blocks...oh wait...
is that that magical language Java?
Java sucks.
2:55 PM
JavaScript sucks more
@PeterJ no
@PeterJ PHP sucks even more.
C# rules!
^^ Don't kid with me
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, Dec 9 '14 at 17:04, by gunr2171
There are two types of programming languages: ones that are wrong, and c#.
I giggled.
I'm biased.
2:59 PM
C or assembler should be good enough for anything. Anything else if just fluff.
@J.Steen towards?
@PeterJ COBOL is best.
Watch someone drag in VBScript.
MScript is absymal. It shouldn't even be called a language, and it's honored to even be mentioned in this discussion which languages are poor and which are good.
3:01 PM
I sense some hostility, here.
@Unihedro Did MScript touch you in a bad way?
I bet to have even made a hello world program out of it I have to plead my soul to the dark side and give up all my wealth for no legitimate reason. I hate it for all cause and will avoid it like the plague. Were it within my power I would destroy every copy of its compiler and engines.
@J.Steen no
What IS MScript?
@Unihedro, you forgot to include IDENTIFICATION DIVISION. AUTHOR Unihedro and however it used to go.
@Unihedro I did that. I found pharmacies and whatnot.
3:04 PM
You left out an s in your condescending "let me search for that for you" link.
What kind of madness does it take to understand that language? It doesn't even have specifications or guides or tutorials.
No way I was finding that searching for "mscript", so, yeah. =)
Even the language name is horloyd
But, methscript is a suitable foldername.
MScript stands for methodscript. And evidently "methscript" is a good search keyword.
And all the useful information from their "help page" is that "x 16 x 16 x 16" gives "12", "-1-1-1" gives "2", and "-1-1-1-1-1-2" gives nothing.
3:07 PM
Ten pages of google results, nothing pointing to methodscript from mscript BUT WHATEVER. I know how to google. =)
Which is why I asked in the first place, cause I couldn't find anything about it. Time for brown.
@SmokeDetector gp
@SmokeDetector fp
@JanDvorak Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
I'm guessing "Nike" did it...
sips brown
3:14 PM
I mean Morning!
@JanDvorak gp?
@hichris123 typo
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: WinEdt console wrapping by afsdasdgf on tex.stackexchange.com
3:28 PM
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Blacklisted user.
Anyone have an idea what this user is doing? All of those answers are code only and there are multiple per question.
I've hit several of them in the LQ queue before I realized they were the same person
@Andy That is quite odd.
A permutation of "asdf" in username seems to correlate with offensive posts. But it's a permutation...
@Andy the OP is using SO as a code sharing repository ?
3:31 PM
I'll add it to my filter. Gotta keep ahead of competing bots.
that is, until arab countries start coming in. Then we'll have more than one saddafi, I'm sure.
how to test for a 4-letter permutation of asdf, where each letter must appear once?
@FamousBlueRaincoat regex101
uhh... wait, nevermind
I thought that you already had a regex, and wanted to test it
@FamousBlueRaincoat with or without recursion?
the recursion method is shorter but executes more time
3:34 PM
If it works in JS, fine. Time isn't a consideration.
@Andy I flagged one answer as other with an explanation ...
@FamousBlueRaincoat Just include all the permutations strung together with OR pipes? ;)
Q: matching all characters in any order in regex

steve8918I'm a regex newbie, but I understand how to match any characters in a regex query in order (ex. [abc] will match any of a, b or c. Also, I believe "abc" will match abc exactly). However, how do I construct a regex query that will match all the characters abc in any order? So for example, I wan...

Q: Match words of permutations of another word using regex

UnihedroI have a chunk of words, all of which are valid English words I'm going to query with RegExp. What I need is to match words which contains the letters of a specified word in any order. Example (A segment): ... peloton pelt pelta peltae peltast .... I should be able to fill in a regex for "le...

Mine is neater.
username.issubset("asdf") could be a useful warning sign. Since Smokey is in Python anyway...
3:38 PM
Yeah, I didn't have my coffee yet.
I only have decaf (out of coffee beans), so instead of coffee I'm enjoying a delicious can of Pepsi.
The coffee machine can't run without coffee beans.
@Unihedro ew
@Unihedro Ask at Coffee whether a coffee machine can run on Pepsi.
@Andy gone
the answers, I mean
@FamousBlueRaincoat Show me a machine that can grind up that slush
3:41 PM
@FamousBlueRaincoat Yeah, I think using that string function would be better than using a regex.
But as I wrote it, it's the same as [asdf]*...
Instead, I suppose one can use set(username) == set("asdf"), and also check equal length.
That would be exact permutations of "asdf".
@FamousBlueRaincoat My suggestion: sort all chars, remove duplicate ones and check whether the result is adfs.
@ProgramFOX Thanks, that seems the easiest to code.
3:48 PM
ten seconds in Haskell

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