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6:00 AM
@mootinator I'd be far more worried about the chances of one of those going off on a plane than I would anything else.
has anyone seen the security at the israel airport ?
if they see a funny laptop they shoot it
@Reno Define "funny"
@mootinator, a laptop that israeli security shoot at :)
@mootinator macbook pro
Israel's security system at least makes sense. But the way they do it would require trained professionals to work the airports, and the kind of people the TSA hires at gas stations for s**tty salaries aren't up to it.
6:02 AM
TSA arent so bad now huh :P
They're bad because they're getting in the way without serving any useful purpose, not because they are malicious.
Aye, indeed.
i dont know how can usa replace them
Is anyone even trying to blow up passenger planes in the first place?
Was the underwear bomber's underwear really gonna do anything but burn his butt?
6:07 AM
If he wasn't completely incompetent, it could have caused some serious damage.
Or so they say...
these bombers have ruined the weed smuggling business
I don't even understand what we're being protected from
Who smuggles weed?
That stuff grows anywhere.
ok i mean herion
I would absolutely fly on an airline that charged less because it didn't have a dozen people at each airport patting down each passenger. Just let us get on the plane, like we do trains and buses.
6:09 AM
man these airplane prices are so high here
@Reno Mind you, I have heard of people trying to ship weed UPS before. Apparently not such a good idea.
americans do it to places like korea and japan ..
Unless your package ends up at the wrong address, it's probably pretty safe.
Nobody at UPS is sniffing all the boxes.
@DanGrossman They're apparently not effectively searching for bombs either, heh.
Good. They shouldn't be.
6:11 AM
they have dogs dont they ?
dogs are awesome
@DanGrossman Well, seeing as I heard this story from their PO, it can't be that safe.
You know, terr'r'sts could hide b'm'bs in brand new computer towers. Ready to strike as soon as you lay it under the Christmas tree. [obfuscated for Google]
@mootinator It's America's biggest cash crop.
All retail stores should begin screening of all computer cases for b'm'bs before allowing them out the door.
@mootinator is your name refering to the legendary m00t ?
6:13 AM
@Reno That young whipper-snapper? No.
It's an X-Files reference which mutated over the course of a couple of years, then stopped.
i see. :)
Specifically: Tooms->Toominator->Mootinator
I suppose it only mutated twice.
ive only seen 2-3 episodes of xfiles
which i really liked
so much mind fuck
(also i did not have cable tv when i was a kid)
ohai jin
6:20 AM
@Reno I think I watched the first two seasons a few times. It sort of trailed off after that.
the first 2 seasons were the best, then it got repetitive.
Heh :)
nice i'll find some time to watch the first two seasons then =]
lol i havent even seen star wars, damn
I have to go wake myself up by walking out into the -20 weather with the dog and then attempt to sleep.
everyone should go to australia in the winters
6:25 AM
Well, I will say one thing: my coworkers can drink. Hehe.
Hahah, nice. :P
some shows accomplish the awesomeness in one season that takes others over a decade. #Firefly
@Jin Great show! Too bad it was cancelled.
@rchern I could use a drink myself...unfortunately I'll have to settle for coffee.
@GeorgeMarian Seconded
do you guys watch Castle?
6:28 AM
@TimStone I'm out of scotch, but I've had enough for tonight.
Did someone break chat?
@Jin This is the first I've heard of it.
That was...weird.
@TimStone Yes! To the WOB!
6:30 AM
@rchern It's C#'s fault!
Why is that even on there? :P
@TimStone don't be silly.
Why am I hearing all these beeps?
@rchern Never am!
@DanGrossman Too many loud rock concerts?
Maintenance? pssh
6:33 AM
sql server upgrade ... I'll take the wheel of blame
chat is such a big distraction :\
@waffles I guess we can let it slide, this time. ;)
whos actually working here lol
Wait. Someone accepting blame? Even asking for it?
Is the sky falling?
7:18 AM
yay we are back in business
Oh good, it's back.
I'm moving 80GB of data into Amazon RDS... looks like it will take a couple hours at this rate :/
Whew, I was about to go through chat withdrawal.
well let us know if you notice anything weird
chat is now running sql server 2008 r2 rollup 4
it used to be 2008 sp1
Good stuff
Hey @waffles! When do we get some news about the results of the great home page reshuffle? Or did you already?
7:22 AM
@Benjol news is that it worked : last 28 days - 11.4% more answers, 8.6% more questions
so we are getting more answers now per question
In statistics, a confounding variable (also confounding factor, lurking variable, a confound, or confounder) is an extraneous variable in a statistical model that correlates (positively or negatively) with both the dependent variable and the independent variable. The methodologies of scientific studies therefore need to control for these factors to avoid a false positive (Type I) error; an erroneous conclusion that the dependent variables are in a causal relationship with the independent variable. Such a relation between two observed variables is termed a spurious relationship. Thus, conf...
still there is room for even more improvements
subjectively I notice that the front page is now very useful for me
@waffles, yeah for me too, I just wondered if my subjective experience was reflected in the stats. Thanks
3400/50000 tables copied...
I just realized this chat room is kinda similar to Google Wave. If Wave had become popular, we'd be able to have neat things like oneboxing in every conversation.
8:05 AM
i miss wave :(
A Girl Just Walked Into Starbucks With Such A Slamming Body, I Almost Said Out Loud, ''Are You Kidding?'' #InsteadIWentWithACreepyStare
This hashtag deserves a meme
puddi puddi ?
btw i think he went dat ass
8:28 AM
Stevey's ranting about Haskell, should be interesting: steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2010/12/…
haha read that
This is pretty awesome -- wimp.com/buildsinstrument
9:16 AM
9:45 AM
1 hour later…
11:13 AM
in Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 27 mins ago, by Feeds
Posted by Jeff Atwood on December 2nd, 2010

Back in July, we appointed Moderators Pro Tempore for the nascent Stack Exchange 2.0 communities. Leadership is critical to any community’s success, and the bootstrapping of a community often requires leaders to be appointed before the community is large enough or organized enough to elect them itself.

Our fellow Pro Tempore moderators have been instrumental in keeping their communities tidy and on track. Now that the earliest Stack Exchange 2.0 sites have been fully public for over 60 days, we believe at least some of the communities are now ready to take the last important step towards self governance — by electing their own moderators. As we’ve said from the very first days of the Stack Overflow beta: …

See? This is why I love feeds.
Oops! Your question couldn't be submitted because:

* 'stackexchange-diamondomatic' exceeds maximum tag length of 25
11:54 AM
@radp SE is a programmer's dream - sit around watching while features appear all on their own, as if by magic!
12:30 PM
Good news: I just ate an exotic vegetable which tastes (strangely enough) somewhat like salmons. Bad news: the dish has a 50 - 100% markup on it because the restaurant is in a tourist attraction
@AidenBell 16, why? What were you thinking? :P
@rchern I can't really fix that now, since I erm... kind of don't want to install git on a communal computer
Anyway, someone in the Javascript room has created an improved version of the favicon script and has uploaded it onto userscript.org
While the answer watcher thingadongdong is half finished, and will not be done in at least six to eight weeks, so just stick up a giant warning not to use it
12:49 PM
Dammit, it's so quiet here... I hate this timezone thingy - I'm missing out on a lot action and starring oppotunity here
I want to use up some of that 20 or so stars we're allocated
I know, feature request: the ability to star messages in the transcript!
Come on guys, Facebook is blocked, Twitter is blocked, YouTube is blocked, Blogger is blocked, surely I have to get my daily dose of human interactions from somewhere, right?
You can star from the transcript.
@rchern No you can't
Unless... you're @rchern and has special powers (gasp)
Of course you can. Just not with the userscript.
@rchern Oh, right, of course. Silly me
But I still think @rchern has special powers
1:05 PM
So what time is it now where you are @YiJiang?
@Benjol 9pm
@YiJiang Heh.
that's no different to normal though, is it?
Q: Please convert this to jQuery

s1moneHello, I am just a copy paster and I don't understand the syntax in javascript, i wonder if someone can convert this codes (under mootools framework) to jquery: window.addEvents({ 'domready': function() { // on domready, hide content, splash and move navigation $('content').f...

Read the comments, and lose all faith in the SO community
1:33 PM
What the hell, Stack Overflow, what the hell? (sighs, cursor hovers over close tab button) Don't want to lose hope in Stack Overflow, and definitely don't want to join that comment thread, but... oh what the hell... (jumps into the fray)
@YiJiang Why lose faith?.. I don't see anything too bad there, I think it's a terrible question.
@Fosco Read the comments. That's sympathy upvoting at it's worst.
(There are 4 upvotes, if you can't see it)
i just threw another down one in there
@Fosco Me too.
"I promise I will not ask anything like this here again, I just need this", famous last words :)
1:41 PM
Voted to close. Waste of space.
To cheer myself up, I'm reading really badly translated names of famous local dishes
米罐肠 -> Mi enema
That's both disgusting and funny
@YiJiang Please stop helping.
Anyone know how I can make SVN do what I want it to do instead of what I tell it to do?
@PopularDemand Sounds like something my girlfriend would say. (she's not real tech-savvy)
@Fosco Obviously you found an incredible girl.
Wait, would she be saying it un-ironically?
2:02 PM
@PopularDemand $.svn()
2:13 PM
WTF? Why does that question have two S&A votes to close?
It's clearly NARQ
@PopularDemand I assume you already kicked it thoroughly?
@TimStone Not mine. Oy @AidenBell for choosing the wrong reason
I threw a NARQ vote in there.
@TimStone The correct answer was svn cleanup.
I had to hard shutdown my machine yesterday, some kind of company WAN issue.
Something didn't get unlocked.
You know, I think that might be the first truly plzsendt3hcodez question I've seen on SO.
the first overtly one, in any case. Not sure that upvoting for honesty is the right approach though :)
@PopularDemand Ah ha. That's a good solution too.
@PopularDemand Really? I've seen other similar ones, heh.
@radp Your comment question "Where are the other choices?" on that Gaming poll question confuses me, because I don't see how there are other reasonable options. :P
2:25 PM
I've dropped a CW'd answer linking to resources for learning JS on that question and pop'd the last vote for closing it as NARQ
(now prays that no reopen votes pop up)
@YiJiang I was worried about that with the two favourites..
Not really sure why people are so insistent on reopening complete crap, but.
In the meantime, we'll celebrate our community victory of closing it. :P
@TimStone I've favorited bad questions before just so I'd remember to check in on the train wreck later.
Ah, hopefully that's the case here then. I've seen ones where people favourite them because they've vowed to reopen them if they get closed, heh.
Or at least I assume that's the case, they magically appear out of the woodwork somehow. :P
@PopularDemand Exactly.. That, and if I see a shitty question and leave a comment asking for clarification, there's no easy way for me to find it unless I mark it as a favorite.
@PopularDemand Quick, to the edit button!
Q: Should close have a cost on reputation ?

krissFrom some times ago it sinc there is some people on SO that are buzzy around closer other peoples questions. More than once I was typing answering a question that was just asked a few minutes ago to discover it was closed as "not a real question, can't be answered in it's current form" before I e...

The grammar, the terrible grammar, it burns!
2:34 PM
@TimStone Ancient Chinese Poem: "From some times ago it since, there is some people that are buzzy around, closer other peoples questions."
But yes, this is one of the times I fervently wished I had editing rights on MSO
I'm not sure that the entirety of the Chinese population will be happy that you've granted them historical ownership of such a....gem. ;)
@TimStone Gah, that one is barely comprehensible. But yeah, I can see what the OP's saying. I'll edit.
Sorry to burden you with such a task, but since you perform miracles and have the ability, I felt I had to turn somewhere, heh.
(for the sake of the children)
Can we remove the "on" from the title too? ;) But nice job, much better. +10
2:45 PM
@YiJiang of course, there's always the possibility that someone else with no time or experience already shelled out some money - to him :)
@TimStone Sorry. Fixed.
@PopularDemand Awesome! I, and my eyes, thank you :)
@TimStone You'd be surprised!
Sure, I put it in a very strong way thanks to Jeff's blog post
but we've had massive discussions on the topic.
(...much more discussions on this topic than on Jeff's pet peeve, identify-this-game questions.)
I've been a bit lazy about reading Gaming's meta, much like my participation on Gaming in general. I've really meant to fix that. >:/
Meh, most of our meta activity happens on chat
3:00 PM
@radp Ugh, but people need to stop posting so many bad identify-this-game questions so I can stop starting to agree with him ;)
@TimStone We suspect Jeff's been hiring people to post bad i-t-g questions!
I agree that this is a much more important issue though, since at least those have an answer.
puts on conspiracy theory hat
It all makes sense now!
@Jin Okay. Well. We kinda use computers a lot. So... maybe a monitor-ish theme? Or something reminiscent of an IDE? Sans-serif fonts wherever possible. Monospaced for the whole site would be accurate, but probably ugly. A lot of programmers seem to like light text/dark background color schemes. And clearly the site has to be 80 chars wide.
3:05 PM
I feel like sticky notes or a whiteboard should be involved in some way as well.
@Jin Make it look like a cubicle! :D
9 hours ago, by Tim Stone
Based on the content I've been linked to, I think that you should just model it after a boxing ring. A boxing ring that looks like a cubicle.
(or something. The above is probably a terrible idea.)
Darn concurrency!
I second that whiteboard idea. Cubicles and sticky notes seem a little kitschy to me.
If only there was a visual guide to design patterns..
Programming is a very boring looking profession, heh.
3:15 PM
@TimStone (Requirements :D) → (Design :O) → (Implementation :X) → (Testing D:) → (Bin x( )
@radp You forgot to throw a rchern smilie in there somewhere
I don't know what is it @rchern usually focuses on
but I guess D: counts as an rchern smile.
Maybe after Testing we could put an Oy
That said, Jin managed to design TCS...
I guess that means there's no unthemable site!
Although UX should totally have a Balsamiq-y design. WIth Comic Sans.
@radp Hold off and see where Mrozek gets with that FUSE filesystem.
3:24 PM
@PopularDemand uh?
Papyrus, we can leave it for GFX Design.
@MichaelMrozek Requesting a status update on the Unix SE command-line interface.
man, ls is going to be a pain there.
Oct 19 at 20:36, by Popular Demand
@radp They should just make it a command line interface, a la http://uni.xkcd.com
Oct 19 at 20:38, by Michael Mrozek
That would be so simple too. I'm definitely doing this
@PopularDemand Well, there's the 30 vote limit too, but that's still larger than 12 close votes
The second point is true though
Oh, I forgot about that. I never hit it.
I never hit the close limit either, but at least that's shown to me with every close dialog.
3:29 PM
Excuse the typos I'll be making, this keyboard is new to me and I have yet to install the dictionary add-on
Updated. Wow, I didn't expect six upvotes on that comment. Especially with the inaccuracy.
@YiJiang It's okay, I'll just think you are an English native speaker.
@PopularDemand I overlooked it in favour of the point it was making. :P
@TimStone Yeah, so did I
(Aw, I totally expected @Pop to go oy.)
3:33 PM
@PopularDemand I wrote exactly enough of it to convince myself I knew how to do the rest, and stopped :)
+0, gratuitous gravatar
3:50 PM
If there's any upside to being in China, google.cn/music/homepage now works
@YiJiang What is that, exactly?
Now can anyone explain how Google can allow millions of songs to be streamed and downloaded for free?
@PopularDemand It's music search, but it also allows for free streaming and downloading of most of the songs found through it
google.cn/music/artistlibrary?region=eu_us for a list of US/European artists
How in the world does this work, legally?
> Music streaming/download services are not available in your region
Apparently Chinese law says "Meh shrug "
3:56 PM
@TimStone Yes, of course, I already know that
That is to be expected, of course
@YiJiang Maybe you're the only person who knows about that site. Or knew about it, until you just foolishly told us here.
Enjoy it while it lasts, sucker! I'm reporting Google to the Chinese government right now!
@PopularDemand Rrrriiiigggghhhhhtttttt..............
Let's see here... Googling for "Chinese government"...
Hm, no results. Eh, forget it.
@radp say what now?
@PopularDemand :D
4:00 PM
@rchern O:
is confused
@TimStone (;
4:02 PM
@YiJiang This makes me even more confused. :P
Everyone wink at @TimStone until he has a breakdown
@TimStone Actually, I have no idea what's going on either, but it's soooo much easier to just play along
@MichaelMrozek Oy!
@MichaelMrozek This seems like a bad idea to me.
@YiJiang True.
4:06 PM
@TimStone Wait .. are you TMS?
There was some doubt about that? :P
Your code sucks man...
scroll down
its a comic
@Chacha102 LOL
Anyways, I wasn't sure what was meant by
47 mins ago, by radp
I don't know what is it @rchern usually focuses on
4:08 PM
Why is a post directing people to chat.SO pinned here? Back in the day we were anti-chat.SO; you've all gone soft
/blame @Chacha102
@Chacha102 Cool
@rchern Presumably what part of the development lifecycle you were responsible for so that we could insert one of your smilies accordingly.
@MichaelMrozek I came to accept the fact that most people who come in here are actually looking for chat.SO
54 mins ago, by radp
@TimStone (Requirements :D) → (Design :O) → (Implementation :X) → (Testing D:) → (Bin x( )
@rchern I'm not seeing the humour. :p
@TimStone (Jumps on bandwagon) Your code sucks!
4:13 PM
@TimStone I don't think it's funny... quite a marketing gimmick though.
Hehe well it is interesting. For the next 3 weeks I have one job task. Writing down as much as I can about what I do here such that someone else can be me.
@YiJiang At least I documented my features. :P
@rchern Are you leaving?...
@TimStone I would if I could because I should, but I can't so I won't.
Heh ;)
4:17 PM
@Fosco Yeah.
@rchern !
Is this E-R too bizarre?
@radp Yes.
@rchern Nooooooo!!!! how will we be able to find out the passwords to SE's new secret features now!?
@YiJiang ?
4:18 PM
For one thing, I see no relationships, and only one empty entity: "Image not found"
@YiJiang She's not leaving MSO chat.
@rchern ok, just making sure you knew (lol)... good luck at your new job :)
@PopularDemand Yes, but she'll still hold the passwords, so how will interogate her if we can't reach her?
Is it... weirder than usual in here, today?
@PopularDemand I'm very confused, so I'm going to say yes.
4:19 PM
@PopularDemand Define usual
@PopularDemand Define today
@PopularDemand It's approximately 4 degrees weirder according to my tardometer.
@Fosco Around 0.3 Metas, then
/me is gone to lunch.
Yup, definitely more than usual
4:23 PM
"Allow for Comment Reply to Usernames With Less Than Three Characters in First Word" is really your personal Stack Exchange crusade, isn't it, @YiJiang?
@PopularDemand Yes, why :P
@YiJiang No reason.
@PopularDemand I'm considering making it mine too
I liked bp better than badp
I still do
@Chacha102 I think some guy named Spolski or something wrote about that a while back.
@YiJiang I'll still be on chat, don't worry (;
@rchern NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRIES :P
4:31 PM
@rchern at your new job, they might prohibit the use of backwards-smileys though
what then?
Over time they'll discover as we have that there's no stopping her
@balpha You think she'll find another job?
I can't say that I include many emoticons in any direction in my code or documents for work.
@PopularDemand I figured:
14 mins ago, by Fosco
@rchern ok, just making sure you knew (lol)... good luck at your new job :)
@rchern I just assumed your facial expressions were backwards too. "Why are you frowning rchern?" "I'm not, I'm actually happy"
4:33 PM
(I also assume people call you rchern in real life)
@balpha This would be rather sad though. ):
@rchern you seem to have eyes on your chin
we star a lot of things in here.. and none of them are particularly useful...
4:37 PM
@Chacha102 Are you going to reduce all star counts by two?
I'm still confused why that LOL is starred. :P
@drachenstern does this break anything?
I should start cleaning up the stars
we are going to run out soon
Hey everyone
lets all @marcgravell and fill up his SE Inbox
why would we @marcgravell at the same time, we should space it out
4:41 PM
Err. Clean up the stars?
we need to @marcgravell in different rooms too
@Chacha102 that just seems like an evil thing to do to @marcgravell :p
isn't getting involved
Why? I bet @marcgravell would like it!
is with @TimStone
4:45 PM
I'd do it to @balpha but he is online...
He'd get annoyed now instead of later when I'm asleep
yeah, @MarcGravell is a better target
@balpha and why is that? /blame @balpha for having to /blame @Marc
I miss @#$!%
@MichaelMrozek How can you miss everyone, when some of us are right here?
Whoa, shopping recs are allowed on MSO now?
@PopularDemand link?
4:51 PM
Q: Question for Stackoverflow Mobile users.

org.life.javaHi all, I am in plan to buy a mobile phone. After getting motivated from Jon Skeet's schedule ,:p I realized that, I have around 24 hrs a week when I am free and I am with my mobile phone. I love to be at SO during this time, learning a lot from SO. Now accessing SO from phone is one of my k...

As an aside, I'm very concerned about anyone who says "code compilation and execution are secondary things for me. Primary is to answer as efficiently as we are answering from keyboard of desktop of laptop , speed is also main requirement"; what kind of answers are you giving, if you don't bother making sure your code compiles?
Not all answers include code.
@rchern Many of them are code-related.
I dunno, it just sounds like a very "all I care about is boosting my rep" approach to SO. Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
@PopularDemand Yeah, I imagine that 90% of my answers include some form of code..
(which @Chacha102 will say sucks :P)
Then there's a few text-only or text+pictures, heh.

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