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1:52 AM
Happy Canadian Thursday.
Happy Thanksgiving (:
Happy... erh.... what?
, (Canada); November , (U.S.) |date = October , (Canada); November , (U.S.) }} Thanksgiving Day is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. While it may have been religious in origin, Thanksgiving is now primarily identified as a secular holiday. It is sometimes casually referred to as Turkey Day. In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October, which is Columbus Day in the United States. In the United States, it falls on the fourth Thursday of Nove...
"Turkey Day" I could totally celebrate that... except that they don't have turkeys here
1:58 AM
Tofurkey day?
A: The Many Memes of Meta

The Unhandled ExceptionMeme: Oy Origin: rchern Cultural Height: TBD First Seen: MSO Chat, probably in The Tavern Background: Not completely known. Some believe it is the Jewish / Yiddish phrase "Oy Vey". Others like Michael Myers believe "It's 'yo' backwards. [Because] everything is backwards in Missouri.". "Oy" mo...

^ I wonder who added that image. Hmmm...
what the heck lol
oy oy Oy! oy. oy oy. oy oy. oy! *OY!*
@YiJiang Oy! lol
2:46 AM
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4:53 AM
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6:51 AM
7:04 AM
heh :P
7:31 AM
That was some good eatin'
1 hour later…
8:51 AM
And, now it's some for some good sleepin'
9:39 AM
Still being adversly affected by thanks-giving? Activity wise?
3 hours later…
1:00 PM
Reading a paper on an O(n) time / space online bin packing algorithm.
@rchern Why are you so racist?
Er |:
Now granted it isn't explicit which userscript they're referring to. However, the most popular one would probably be the chat one. So are they asking me to make a keyboard shortcut script without keyboard shortcuts?
@rchern I'll leave further discussion to someone who's actually tried your script.
2:22 PM
@rchern So what brings you to The Tavern today?
@PopularDemand She's been running short of her mandatory oy and ): quotas
@radp Couldn't she just provide more before and after the holiday weekend to keep the average up? (Which, given her lack of response, seems to be the plan exactly.)
2:43 PM
Someone give me my week-end!
2:54 PM
They should make turkey day an international holiday
One can not have enough holiday
3:32 PM
These comments are hilarious:
Q: Allow question askers to close their own questions unilaterally

Nathan FellmanI have found a number of reasons to close a question of my own: I've found out it's a dupe it belongs on an SE site that didn't exist when the question was asked it is wrong; that is, based on incorrect assumptions, or so bad that I don't even want it answered I think that the original poster...

3:47 PM
@PopularDemand It's funny how one can be so, pardon my French, anal-retentive, about only 3 letters. Grammar-nazis, all of them. :p
I hope I didn't offend anyone
@PopularDemand I like how he brings attention to it with (from here on I'll write his, but without loss of generality), then doesn't actually use 'his' again.
@mootinator Yeah, that's the comment I was trying to point out.
I almost took it out while editing, but figured that'd make all the comments seem really out of place.
4:32 PM
@balpha Wait, what? Is it actually seven or ten, then?
according to the code, it's ten, and has always been
I'll ask Sam where the number 7 came from
@balpha Ah, according to the code.
We have a winner.
@rchern ...
@PopularDemand What does the code know? It's only text on the screen.
4:45 PM
If you're going to unilaterally close a question you should at least have a legitimate reason, I think.
Q: Is it okay to chop an onion with a band saw?

mootinatorIs chopping onions with a band-saw a good idea? Or will it just result in having people tell me I'm doing it wrong?

I'm assuming he didn't respond kindly to your chat messages for whatever reason then, heh.
He didn't respond at all.
so, um, can you boil water with a 5 Megawatt laser?
That's more of a physics question.
can you cook pasta with a car battery?
how can I cook meat with lava?
4:51 PM
How do I make chicken soup with jQuery?
@radp Use a BBQ
Some of them use pumice.
I wouldn't recommend handling it while it's still molten though.
How can I roast chestnuts with my laptop? What program do you recommend it should run best effect?
@radp anything in Java
@balpha -1 not enough jQuery.
@radp Minecraft (promptly deleted as dupe of balpha's answer)
4:54 PM
@balpha Ouch :P
My point being, while a band-saw is normally used in food preparation, a dishwasher is not. So, by that standard the very question they use to advertise the site is even more off topic.
I think I'll open a meta discussion to that effect so I can get downvoted to oblivion.
@PopularDemand The rest of the family is either out, at work, or sleeping. I'm bored. (;
It's OK, I left and came back home in the course of 18 hours yesterday, despite the two and a half hour drive each way. :P
@TimStone, can you make any sense of that GitHub issue?
Yeah, no, heh.
I don't understand why the entire chat field would be cleared.
On account of the script never doing that, ever, to my knowledge.
5:04 PM
It'd help if you looked at his keyboard layout I guess
It can and does get in the way
The combos he has trouble all involve Alt-Gr keys.
That still doesn't explain how the script performs a function it doesn't perform :P
Have you bound commands to alt-something keys?
Everything is bound to a normal key or ctrl + key I think, but let me verify just to be sure.
5:08 PM
examples of AltGr getting in the way: this GitHub issue or this Ubuntu problem
@TimStone AltGr = Alt+Ctrl apparently
at least on Windows, altgr-è or alt-ctrl-è both give me [
5:21 PM
5:46 PM
@TimStone I know your keyboard layout is different.
Er, I switched to Hungarian keyboard layout and also had no issues. :P
That's because you didn't reverse your notation!!
6:12 PM
@mootinator thats cool how do you do the status thing? Also how do you do?
Since nobody's talking time for my shameless plug

@rchern Yeah, I prodded him in the JS room
I don't think this is an issue with the userscript, but I might be wrong.
It's not readily reproducible, but I have had something similar happen when I try to paste something in with Ctrl+V
Ah. Hrm. I'm not on chat.so
Ah ha
I figured out how to reproduce my scenario at least.
Oh wow, it seems like maybe it is the userscript..
The blame is clear, then.
6:41 PM
what's the scenario?
I'm not sure about his case, but have something to copy into the text field, then type really fast with a space at the end, and immediately Ctrl+V
Oh, you know what. :P
"type really fast" ??
I bet I know what's happening
has a feeling she should get /blame @TimStone ready...
misses the userscript on this computer, heh
You might be disappointed ;)
6:44 PM
> I was triggered incorrectly!
// ctrl+space retry
$(document).keyup(function (evt) {
    if (evt.which == 32 && evt.ctrlKey) {
        console.log("I was triggered incorrectly!");
        $(".message.pending:first a:contains(retry)").click();
The browser interprets the space you typed before hitting Ctrl as if it was a space with a Ctrl.
/blame @balpha
hehe (;
Hahah ;)
6:48 PM
oh, now you're giving me credit :\
@balpha To be fair, you have like 1,000,000 brownie points from all of the things you marked [status-completed] in the last few days, you can probably shoulder it. :P
Hmm, actually, now that you mention it, I thought I made that comment // ctrl+space retry from balpha, heh. I wonder if that got removed by accident when it got folded into this script.
@TimStone those were lots of dupes. but retagging [status-completed] is more fun than closing...
@balpha I was still impressed, just roll with it. ;)
6:52 PM
I can't decide, is this noise or is it pointless:
Q: Have you seen this?

ripper234 I didn't think this was possible.

But yeah, I'll figure out what the best way to fix that situation is.
@TimStone the problem is the "keyup"
that was the easiest way to handle the timing issues with what-happens-before-what
It should also not be clearing the input when there's nothing to retry either, of course.
..Or, at all. Why does it clear the input @rchern? :P
6:54 PM
@balpha It took me more than a few seconds to figure out what was supposedly impossible. ):
@balpha I was going to say that it wasn't even Friday...then remembered that somehow it was.
anyone got a smart answer in hand? otherwise I'm closing :)
I wasn't amused enough for it to warrant a response, go ahead and close it. ;)
I wasn't even the first
6:58 PM
@TimStone hrm
sans punctuation, it now reads "Have you seen this closed"
I'm tempted to blame @balpha again, but honestly I don't remember whether he did that or I did.
Heheh, nice.
@rchern I did
@rchern I'm sure that we can come up with a fake revision history showing it either way.
6:59 PM
to get rid of the space character
and clicking retry clears it as well; it's just a problem when there is no retry link
It does? Hrm.
yeah, don't ask me why
Damn, I was about to. :P
I think Marc had a reason for that, but I can't remember
@balpha Are you subtly blaming @Marc there?
7:01 PM
no, bluntly :)
@rchern Do we want to be consistent with that behaviour then?
I guess we could harass Marc and demand and explanation first.. :P
Hrm. I think we want it to work.
Beyond that, meh.
Hah, well I can take care of that part, but are you more likely to use it after you start typing your next message?
Hmm. Actually, yes. Sometimes I'm typing my next message before the retry pops up on the message I think I've already sent.
Doesn't happen often, but now that I think about it...
7:10 PM
So either you have to Ctrl + A, Ctrl + X/C then Ctrl + Space, or we should have it not clear the input.
Not clearing the input seems decent.
Alright, cool stuff.
7:53 PM
Q: How to Convert List<String> to List<Object>

AlexsI want to convert List<String> to List<Object>. One of the existing methods is returning List<String> and I want to convert it to List<Object>. Is there a direct way in Java other then iterating over and converting element by element?

8:47 PM
but then...
Now that I reclaimed all of that land from the water, I should probably build something on it...heh. But I'm not sure what.
@TimStone A water park always works.
Heh :P
@TimStone Labyrinth!
9:06 PM
2 hours later…
11:07 PM
wow quiet night. Either that or the first time I went into this room It was exceptionally busy.
Just goes to show wherever you go on the internet its always America.
@Wes wrong :P
I'm not saying the people here now are fromthere
thats kinda the oppsite of my point
sorry just still wondering how you do that
wasn't there an event on today?
11:29 PM
@TimStone Now you make me want to play minecraft
11:59 PM
@Wes You should! :P

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