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7:00 PM
A: 2 Recurrence equations - Finding index

Reut SharabaniEdit: Now using binary search on closest values along with memoization, Needs testing, but the idea is straightforward. This still relies on the fact that even and odd are increasing sequences. #!/usr/bin/env python # inspired by your code memo = {'even': {0: 1, 2: 2}, 'odd': {1: 1}} def f(k...

that's... a different answer
That one doesn't exist for me.
Oh, already deleted?
Y I NO HAZ 10k?
The entire text of the warning letter could be substituted by the message "Don't be an idiot". — Zano Nov 22 '11 at 13:23
Make your soup so thick the spoon won't move. Search the web for cement-based recipes, or make a triple-strength split pea soup. Another option is to cut a deep groove in the pan which will keep the spoon from sliding. Of course, you could also just use a longer spoon, but that's too simple! — GdD Oct 9 at 14:16
OMG music.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/sibelius Why didn't I find out about that earlier?
Their support forum sux
But there's an SE!
What's Sibelius?
Music composition software.
@JanDvorak one more delete vote needed for this
7:32 PM
needs 20k
Jan, no pls? :(
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
7:38 PM
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
@InfiniteHappiness It's not my wish that the question be too broad
@bjb, you smiley invocation sequence was fixed by Shog's kick. Now you are back to annoying us...
7:42 PM
Think of all the happy botlings and kittens this Christmas! Be happy!
20 hours ago, by Shog9
ok, Tavern Christmas drinking game: whenever bjb (or his bot) says something that makes you want to kick, drink! ...then kick.
Umm... just because you can convince the automated quality filter that we might not hate you doesn't mean we won't hate you. — Jan Dvorak 11 secs ago
It's Christmas @JanDvorak
post got nuked^
8:25 PM
@InfiniteHappiness Then just follow the advice!
9:00 PM
Will run LQQ bot here for next 2 minutes.
remind me to unignore BJB in 2 minutes
@bjb568 false
@bjb568 probably false, but can't tell since I'm not a mathematician.
IDK what that question is talking about.
9:06 PM
@DroidDev MEW
@bjb568 Not at all. Also, console.log is good for debugging; the Tavern makes a poor substitute for it.
Yeah, but crowdsourcing things like this is fun!
Posting all questions where the title does not contain an uppercase letter is neither clever nor helpful.
It caches a lot of bad stuff.
Obviously with false positives.
So deal with it yourself.
It's just a test.
Turned it over to sandbox
Ooh, I could post in 773 (LQ posts HQ)
9:44 PM
Is it cheating to ask for a temporary upvote in winterbash? :-)
Limited bot now running here.
@LajosVeres Yes
Ehh. Sad. :-(
@LajosVeres Temporary, yes. Permanent, as long as it's a good question or answer, no.
So, for the Kofia hat we have to post on a new SE site?
9:46 PM
I'm thinking Drupal, because I know it so well by now. But... unlikely to get an upvote.
:-) What do you think about my answer here: stackoverflow.com/a/27646906/1665673 ?
But give the links some text
do you think it is better this way? I prefer "pure" links, at least I know which page I open and whether I trust them or not. (maybe I am in minority...)
9:56 PM
:-) true, but it requires mouse moving.
@bjb568 Reasonable question, a little subpar but nothing to dial 911 about.
Dec 8 at 13:35, by Bart
I'm fine with this room being used to catch and address those posts that cause harm or are inappropriate. Other than that, please take it elsewhere.
@bjb568 anyway if you think I can improve it more, let me know.
@Behaviour It doesn't say what the problem is.
@Behaviour Ok
10:19 PM
this is my first bash, at the end of it, do they provide any stats? Like which single post earned the most hats?
Not much stats.
Has anyone got the kofia yet?
@bjb568 wow he earned the 5 answers in 30 minutes hat for that
> Does it make sense to create a code style guide for a small project (3 contributors)?
On programmers, is it on topic?
10:29 PM
not enough information
Robert Cartaino on September 29, 2010

Stack Exchange is about questions with objective, factual answers. We’ve been crystal clear about this for as long as I can remember, even back to the earliest, pre-beta days of Stack Overflow. It’s right there in the standard Stack Exchange FAQ:

What kind of questions should I not ask here?

Avoid asking questions that are subjective, argumentative, or require extended discussion. This is not a discussion board, this is a place for questions that can be answered!

Thus, questions that are not answerable — discussions, debates, opinions — should be closed as subjective. It seems simple enough: Fact good; opinion and discussion bad. But why? …

@Sompuperoo Winter Bash 2013 Wrap-Up -- as bjb said, not much in the way of stats. But some.
@JanDvorak Like on DD, I'm tired of program fox making pull reqs that need me to go in and… gasp! … change bracket styles and whatever.
But there's only me, fox, and malcolm working on DD.
(mostly me)
@Behaviour those stats aren't that interesting, most of it is just describing the secret hats.. Hopefully they already have plans to provide more interesting stats this year.
10:35 PM
> That's all we've got for now. We don't currently have plans to release more hat data, but if there is a way to publish it relatively easily we may consider it.
Possible LQQ: (["JQuery"]) JQuery string match
Possible LQQ: (["Please"]) Please help me to find one anime
^ That was Abby's post on which I commented recently, pointing out that the answer is outdated. And got a hat. :)
Possible LQU: bjb568
Possible LQLQQQ (low quality "low quality question" queries): ["JQuery", "Please"]
10:38 PM
@bjb568 Yeah, how smart is it to grab all posts with jQuery or "Please" in title. My Chrome extension has a bunch of such warning signs implemented and you know what... I handle those questions myself.
@Behaviour What does "how smart is it" mean? Why is it important?
Relevant XKCD.
Just pointing out the low-quality approach to low-quality posts.
How is it a bad approach? Those are tps.
10:40 PM
Possible LQA: LQLQQQ
10:43 PM
Oh, my flipping whatever!
I'd say that "Hello! Php / database / mysql / basic help! I want the queston (dropdown box / database) to reload into a new page?" is an even worse title, but why post it? I downvoted and closeflagged, then moved on.
Why share any LQQs?
My point exactly. Why?
Possible LQQ: (["Help"]) Help with my tikz circuit
@Behaviour So they can be dealt with faster.
10:46 PM
Faster than the other 1000 LQQs you did not post?
It makes people close more.
Which is good.
See, I think this is a problem with my generation, @Behaviour: a need for instant gratification.
And/or instant whatever.
Anyway, going to eat breakfast/dinner. Have fun with the bot!
Not for instant coffee, I hope. That would be awful.
@bjb568 Don't worry, if it goes crazy we'll flag and get you suspended. Have fun!
10:48 PM
@Behaviour Never had instant coffee. Sounds horrible.
Actually, I found one situation where instant coffee was preferable. When traveling to India. Local coffee preferences... were not for me.

Proposed Q&A site for people interested in all aspects of producing and consuming coffee.

Currently in commitment.

Seriously, what's with "jquery" == "low quality"
10:51 PM
@Doorknob冰 shrugs
Some people take a dogmatic approach to "no tags in titles", forgetting that a word that works as a tag may also work as a part of the sentence forming the title.
Possible LQQ: (["JQuery"]) JQuery string match
Quick, go post some questions with jQuery in the title!
@bjb568 Repeat report, by the way. Bumped by an answer.
Hm… maybe I should get rid of those.
10:57 PM
@bjb568 Use the newest sort instead of active (assuming you use the API).
Nope. API is confusing.
I'm looking at the DOM in a forever loop in a tab with the real-time qs.
But it is the right way to get questions, if you focus on the particular site. Less bandwidth, more structured results.
In particular, you can get the current votes (including closevotes), and use this stats somehow.
@JanDvorak Okay, why?
10:58 PM
the right way is to use websockets
API is better
You can get much more information (like the entire post body)
Okay, I haven't gotten to learning websockets yet. Still, the closevote count is useful, and it's only in the API.
Possible LQQ: (["JQuery"]) JQuery string match
11:16 PM
Possible LQQ: (["JQuery"]) JQuery string match
That's kinda annoying.
Fixed that.
^^ Edited
11:31 PM
@Lord_Farin I suspect that Behaviour is really a sock puppet of Shog9. :P (kidding, of course... but only slightly) — anorton 34 secs ago
My post on History of Science and Mathematics finally got me Kofia, after amassing an astounding 3 (three) views in one hour.
Tied with @Doorknob冰 and tchrist for #5 networkwide. =D
@Behaviour You just wait until I get my Kofia hat :P
@Behaviour But it's not the number of views that counts... the question got a great answer. Three cheers for HSM site.
@bjb568 Heh, that question sat there for 4+ years without bothering anyone.

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