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12:01 AM
@Shoggingthroughthesnow Oh. I've seen that before.
Something like this:
Q: AutoReviewComments - Pro-forma comments for SE

Benjol No more re-typing the same comments over and over! This script adds a little 'auto' link next to all comments boxes. When you click the link, you see a popup with 6 configurable auto-comments (canned responses), which you can easily click to insert. This script was inspired by answers to thi...

^ has it
function with_jquery(f) {
  var script = document.createElement("script");
  script.type = "text/javascript";
  script.textContent = "(" + f.toString() + ")(jQuery)";

with_jquery(function ($) {
// ... actual logic goes here
Well, jQ sux.
-175sec left!
Huh. Christmas UTC now.
hence the Christmas look
12:03 AM
Yay, new profile bug to report.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow Post it as an answer here; top Google hit, 5000+ views, says load your own copy.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow What's that for?
Oops, this is not the right question.
I'm sure that's a dup. Someone suggested I answer a SO question years back when I first suggested this technique. Seems pretty obvious though.
12:06 AM
Anyway, adjusted the bot to my time.
Hi all :)
Idea: When a user with less than 2K reputation clicks the "downvote" button, their downvote should be noted.
Then, the site should pop up a big AJAX dialog box. The dialog box should ask, "How can this post be improved?" and include a big textbox and a "Submit Comment" button.
Why does the dialog box have to be ajax?
@bjb568 It doesn't.
Oh good.
BTW, the downvoter can close the dialog box if they don't want to comment.
12:16 AM
Meh. There's already a blue notice.
@bjb568 not aggressive enough.
Why's it need to be aggressive?
Q: How can we discourage over-downvoting on questions?

bjb568Some people go a bit over the top downvoting… It isn't exactly welcoming to new users. My process is this: Is it a good question? Upvote. If not: Spam? Flag. Otherwise: Very obviously bad? …Are you sure? Ok, GOTO 5. Otherwise: Looks hard to answer (code-wall, terrible formatting, etc.)? Leave a...

Now that Daniel Fischer got elected a Math mod, an old bug-feature manifested itself:
Q: Deletion votes from users who later became moderators shouldn't prevent community undeletion

Some Helpful CommenterIf you vote to undelete a post that was deleted by a moderator you will get the message A moderator has deleted this post and it cannot be undeleted Interestingly this extends to posts that were deleted prior to the moderator becoming a moderator. For example here's a question that is in th...

@bjb568 The blue notice discourages commentless downvoting, but I'm not sure it's enough. A dialog box might be enough.
12:19 AM
What's wrong with commentless downvoting?
@bjb568 It's not wrong per se, but it discourages posters. Better to tell them what they can do better instead.
No. They don't listen.
@bjb568 I listen.
@unforgettableid You aren't a low quality user.
I would comment anyway.
@bjb568 But some others don't.
12:22 AM
@unforgettableid So do you think the minimal benefit of some people (waves hands) commenting slightly more when it likely won't help outweighs the change in voting behavior and the extreme annoyance of a pop-up box(!) ?
@bjb568 (If you comment or edit before you downvote, the box shouldn't pop up. Does your question still stand?)
Yes. I want to just DV, CV, VLQ, and be done in 5 seconds (if the post is utter crap, which is quite easy to find and go thru).
@bjb568 Why VLQ? CV already puts it in the Review queue, there is no extra gain from VLQ other than to annoy some mod.
V.L.Q Is. Not. For. Mods.
It's for the LQRQ.
V.L.Q. Is. For. Lovers.
12:27 AM
And there exist questions which deserve to be in the LQRQ.
@bjb568 what's CV?
@unforgettableid Closevote.
@bjb568 But the only thing reviewers can do with them is... put in the close queue.
@Behaviour No, they can close and downvote.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow totally needs to be 9ShogsAShogging again.
12:30 AM
You can't downvote from LQRQ. Close, yes -- but that's what the Close queue is for. Where your CV put the question already.
@Behaviour Userscript, or just click.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow But it's a good name!
Has a certain... ring to it.
All of my names are good names
The tablet hat is huge. But much like a funeral frame around the user's portrait...
12:32 AM
wonders whether to agree or stop this conversation
@hichris123 The name generated a bug report, so it's good.
have an upvote.
How about this? At the bottom of the dialog box, show a checkbox:
[ ] Never show this dialog box again.
@hichris123 try changing your name, it's fun :)
I just thought about changing some of my PHP code... and then I remembered it's Christmas Eve, and decided not to.
12:33 AM
If you anticipate it'll annoy me, don't show it to me in the first place.
Dear all: thoughts?
> 1 recent display name

display name last used
ʞuɐɹℲ Oct 16 at 1:00
hiya, didn't you propose the checkbox earlier?
^ My impression of annoying popups
12:34 AM
@bjb568 :)
Dec 19 at 3:14, by unforgettableid
@TheGuywithTheElfHat We can allow them the option. Just a checkbox. They need not exercise the option. :)
What's new in today's checkbox?
@InfiniteRecursion hi :)
@InfiniteRecursion It probably auto-kicks @bjb568.
@InfiniteRecursion Perhaps the previous checkbox was a better idea.
@hichris123 don't tempt me :(
12:38 AM
@bjb568 Hmm. OK, so maybe, in sum, my entire dialog-box idea is a bad one. Points taken; thank you.
@InfiniteRecursion Hey at least the annoying christmas thing is gone now with :('s.
@unforgettableid :D
@bjb568 :)
Shog kicked him, so he finally removed the smiley thing @hichris123
12:40 AM
Was that what was annoying you?
@InfiniteRecursion Ah.
Or is it the bot in general?
When I kicked him, he said I will make a terrible mod or whatever
You would.
Another idea.
When you're viewing comments, they could implement a "link my next comment as a reply to this one" button.
When two comments are linked and you hover your mouse over one, the other could get a shaded background.
12:40 AM
@unforgettableid yes
@bjb568 If this was any other day, I would have totally flagged you by now.
And Shog would have drank more.
(This is for main-site comments.)
So do you think I should make a post on Meta Stack Exchange proposing the idea?
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, don't listen to him. :P
@unforgettableid Probably a dup
12:44 AM
@bjb568 what does "yes" mean in this context?
@unforgettableid "good idea"
Chat already supports linking messages, so you would end up integrating chat into the comment interface @unforgettableid, I would personally upvote such an FR, but who knows if the community would like it or not.
@InfiniteRecursion No. Chat and comments should be different.
People shouldn't have 100-line comment conversations.
@InfiniteRecursion Why do you believe that implementing such an idea would integrate chat into the comment interface?
@InfiniteRecursion It would integrate only one aspect of chat, not the whole thing.
Software reusability. If I were the dev, I would reuse the chat module, that's why I thought like that.
You are right, your proposal doesn't imply integration.
Keep Christmas eve temp at 0° or less. Currently +10°C.
12:49 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Ooh, you found out how I managed to get DevDoodle comments done.
@Behaviour kewl
I haven't visited DD yet, sorry. I am very selective about the sites I participate in.
Go there now!
Nope, if your site reaches the level of wikipedia or SO, I will sign up :D
12:54 AM
You have my best wishes :)
What is the temperature now @Behaviour?
> Currently +10°C.
@bjb568 I found one possible duplicate. I am reading more to see if it's truly a duplicate or not.
To be clear, if I use the bot again, will I be kicked?
A: How can I quickly cool a water bottle?

OriginGet some dry ice (solid carbon dioxide) or liquid nitrogen if you're cool. Dunk your water bottle into one of those for about 30 seconds for dry ice, 5 for liquid nitrogen. This will cool your bottle super-fast and even turn some of the water into ice. To increase the rate of heat transfer away f...

^we need solid CO2 and liquid nitrogen
1:11 AM
Is it stupid to wear a tablet as a hat? My excuse is not owning an actual tablet.
Ugh why is CUDA so confusing... :(
@hichris123 :(
@InfiniteRecursion I've now posted a feature request.
Q: When I hover over a comment, please change the background color of its parent post and all replies

unforgettableidWhen a post has dozens of comments (like this post does), it can be hard to tell which comment is a reply to which. My proposed solution: When I hover my mouse over a comment, please change the background color of its parent post and all replies. I suggest a very pale yellow, since black on pa...

Dear all: What are your thoughts?
github.com/bjb568/Markdown-HTML/commit/… I hope this doesn't break anything.
1:29 AM
@bjb568 What's the goal of your Markdown parser?
Parse markdown?
What other goals are there?
Life is good for only two things, writing in markdown and parsing markdown.
@bjb568 So why not use a pre-existing Markdown parser, instead of writing your own? :)
@unforgettableid they sux
@bjb568 how so?
1:33 AM
Complicated, low quality, not trustable, implementing weird parts / too much
Eg commonmark supports HTML.
@bjb568 I believe that the Markdown spec says that all HTML is allowed in Markdown. Including, as this fellow once said, <script>doEvil();</script>.
Currently 30F here, which I'm pretty sure is < 0C... But you can never trust these metric folk, so no status-completed
I hate it when people call my doEvil() function. Like, dude, that's mine.
@bjb568 :)
Home thermometer claims 39 F.
1:37 AM
My boots are nicely oiled. Ready for more snow
@bjb568 So, basically, one of your parser's goals is to sanitize Markdown which comes from untrusted sources?
74F here.
...or kicking
@unforgettableid Yep.
@Shoggingthroughthesnow No!
@Shoggingthroughthesnow ... okay, just checking: you know 0 C == 32 F, right? Or are you uhm seriously incapacitated?
1:38 AM
You don't want to have to trust your markdown parser
You really don't want to trust somebody else's.
This is why I like hichris. His lack of faith
@unforgettableid it sux
1:40 AM
@Shoggingthroughthesnow This is why I like Shog. His lack of tact, and perhaps truthfulness too. Further proving your point. :P
Speaking of which, Jason C wasn't around recently.
Perhaps a relief for Shog9, but still..
He doesn't come up in the ping menu.
Who's on the ping menu anyway?
Recent speakers?
Users who were in the room in the last 48 hours.
@Behaviour Trust me, I have more negative qualities than that.
1:53 AM
11213sec left until Christmas! Yay
@hichris123 For example: (1) no SO answers since October 19; (2) that last answer links to Zalgo.
597960sec left!
I hear console.log is good for debugging.
@Behaviour 1. is bad, 2. is good.
Actually 1. is good because it means I've been working. Kinda.
The question was about searching for specific HTML elements, not parsing.
2:19 AM
Merry UTC Christmas!
@Sompuperoo That was a long time ago.
2:22:48 ago.
You can use Christmas? to ask for seconds until midnight for me.
@bjb568 There's no way of knowing that. The diamond changes people. For better or worse. I've seen it too many times. One day they star your inappropriate joke, the next they take appropriate action.
9400sec left!
@Sompuperoo Hm…
@bjb568 stil 21:35:00 left
Which time zone?
2:24 AM
yep UTC
It's UTC christmas.
2:25 (am) there.
My parents aren't, tho.

In Praise of Moderators

This room has nothing whatsoever to do with criticizing modera...
come on!
2:35 AM
So: short links to answers /a/ onebox but short links to questions /q/ do not. Is this a known bug?
Q: Touching iAd banner affects UIImageView movement

MikaiAd works fine itself. When i click on iAd it loads a full screen ad. Then when i click out of iAd. and click on my start game button, the UIImageView in the game moves by itself in the direction depending on which side of the ad I clicked on. Don't know why touching the iAd affects UIImageView. ...

Hm. I could have sworn they did not work for me... Okay, they do work. [status-norepro]
I think you may be too excited! Every sentence ends with an exclamation mark! Is this really that exciting?! I think it's infecting me! I am excited too! WEEEEE! — bjb568 11 secs ago
3:00 AM
All-caps titles are bad, a pop-up warning said. Okay then...
3:28 AM
5466sec left!
^ why no space between 5466 and sec?
@InfiniteRecursion spacesarebleh
Nov 11 at 14:06, by cVplZ
please leave more room between the users, they too close to me
^ he used to like more space
3:41 AM
@SmokeDetector ignore
borked :/
The hat Got a Tablet for Christmas says: post on Christmas day using the Android or iOS app. Is commenting on a question considered as post?
@ArceusMaster0493 No, a comment is not a post.
@Doorknob冰 Thanks.
4:12 AM
@ArceusMaster0493 And it should have positive score. (It's okay if the upvote arrives post-Christmas.)
4:24 AM
Why do I bother posting design bugs / feature requests… they never get implemented anyway.
A rare moment of clarity. Designers are busy refactoring all CSS network wide to use LESS.
After they are done, we will have a whole lotta new bugs to report. And be ignored.
Merry Christmas all.
Merry Christmas from Drupal!
4:34 AM
@Behaviour I'm curious how much Christmas spam we'll get.
@hichris123 You doubt me?
Very much.
@SmokeDetector yes
@bjb568 Thanks to you, I got Red Shirt hat on MSE.
@Behaviour That was the plan all along! :P (jk don't ban me plox, shog, and stop reading my messages in transcript, that's creepy)
4:35 AM
How many false positives would "wrinkles" in title generate?
How to flatten wrinkles in shirt? Use ducktape!
@3ventic Nope, only 3 questions have "wrinkles" in the title. Which is what Smokey reads.
@Behaviour on SO.
Right; that's SO; what other site is likely to have this word? Biology: 0, Fitness: 0.
4:39 AM
I guess the plural isn't common at all
I would not expect the singular form to be any more common, including in spam.
in In Praise of Moderators, 2 hours ago, by bjb568
I think my stocking is going to be full of potatoes. My day is bad partially because of a moderator. Moderators are awful.
@hichris123 add "wrinkles" to Smokey regex.
^ he won't read that @bjb568 :P
4:41 AM
It's more common, but perhaps insignificantly so
A few fp's are ok, we can use ignore
@Behaviour ^
4:58 AM
79sec left!
He probably just poops over the side of the sleigh.
yay midnight
-103sec left!
^ borkey :D
5:03 AM
That should have been 31535897 sec left... Until the next one.
or the bot should just kill itself until the next one
Why would you want to kill me? ;(
because ... reasons
@uni The LH hats are still with me after my account deletion :)
5:19 AM
Q: Chat server initializer

bjb568wss.on('connection', function(tws) { var i; if ((i = tws.upgradeReq.url.match(/\/chat\/(\d+)/))) { if (isNaN(tws.room = parseInt(i[1]))) return; dbcs.users.findOne({ cookie: { $elemMatch: { token: cookie.parse(tws.upgradeReq....

Gimme mah hat!
For what? I would upvote if you used 2-space indent. Would avoid most of horizontal scrolling that's required now.
2-space indent?!
Set a tab character to 2 spaces in user CSS!
* { tab-size: 2 }
I did not know it's tabs that render this way... kind of strange, considering how narrow the SE question body is. (Yes, I will; thanks.)
Oh wait.
Mine doesn't do that.
I almost had that in an early version of it because of forking an existing one.
Always write your own code!
Always talk to yourself!
5:31 AM
So much for CSS fix, then. Convert Tab -> 2 spaces prior to posting.
A: What do bitwise operators look like in 3d?

Ilmari KaronenBasically, it looks like this: (Image rendered in POV-Ray by the author, using a recursively constructed mesh, some area lights and lots of anti-aliasing.) In the picture, the blue square on the $x$-$y$ plane represents the unit square $[0,1]^2$, and the yellow shape is the graph $z = x \oplus...

Given Ilmari's avatar, it's no surprise he came up with something like that.
Better have an upvote for christmas…
Oh, spam!
Night! Volume is up. Wakeywakey at 8 plox.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Muscle Building Drupal by flownsaun123 on drupal.stackexchange.com
5:40 AM
Bot is on too.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: How To Make Strong Muscles by eulah wilson on meta.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 Now "wrinkle reduction" appeared; I should have suggested wrinkles?, with s optional.
Maybe write a question, and a detailed self answer? — Colonel Thirty Two Dec 3 at 17:18
^ any android person interested to write a canonical, please?
@TGMCians @AndrewT. @hichris123 ^^^
Aha, another android person here! ^
6:16 AM
We got fresh drupal spam; the three newest questions on Drupal are all spam.
but, I don't do canonicals :/
is cat asleep?
MEW @bjb568
@Behaviour that title :O
48 mins ago, by bjb568
Night! Volume is up. Wakeywakey at 8 plox.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: The Top Weight Loss Product Ever by Buttonm on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:29 AM
Merry Christmas!
just awoke
@AndrewT. Merry Christmas!
@DroidDev thanks, you too ;)
@AndrewT. thanks :)
6:30 AM
Three newest drupal posts are spam.
@bjb568 And to you!
@InfiniteRecursion I never implement that, so I don't think I can write canonical
bjb's idea of leaving volume up seems to backfire, especially when combined with Merry-Christmas-wishing bot.
@AndrewT. Its pretty easy, youtube easily provide a short URL, you can do anything with it. Not worth writing a canonical IMO
@Behaviour Is there a bias here towards monitoring drupal.se, or has it been disproportionately targeted by spammers?
6:32 AM
@WilliamPrice Both. The former as a consequence of the latter.
drupal.se is spam field, it's a fact unfortunately
Got it.
what if a moderator of drupal.se was a spammer! :O
silence falls
Still trying to grasp the unimaginable implication.
I quoted it in the room "In Praise of Moderators", of course.
6:37 AM
totally worth it
? This Cat Is Not A Toy?
btw, I think the feature-request was denied :(
15 hours ago, by DroidDev
We want a Christmas party in Tavern!
I barely see enough taverners....
although Bret Copeland hasn't disappointed me
Well, Shog got a new avatar and a Christmas-y (or rather winter-y) name.
I did not come up with a holiday-themed name for myself yet.
6:45 AM
Thanks for checking @AndrewT.
> Tilting slightly to the right
^ please tilt your head, Shog. The world is falling apart.
lol, recommended reading:

HAMMERTIME err.. something like that.

Feb 18 at 2:29, 25 minutes total – 198 messages, 10 users, 9 stars

Bookmarked Feb 18 at 2:54 by ɥʇǝS

The four newest Qs on Drupal are spam
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in username: iphone4 中古年月日までに by bagprada on drupal.stackexchange.com
6:57 AM
I couldn't delete my account on puzzling.se
I don't see delete option there
is it because of the upvotes?
Yes, delete is present in the profile only if you never voted and have at most 1 post.
Do the usual thing with the contact form, it's automatic now.
ok, thanks :)
@DroidDev That was fun to read.
7:01 AM
@Behaviour hehe, HAMMERTIME!
I couldn't stop.
Meta spam still alive after 10 minutes?
gone now
7:32 AM
Not spam, for a change. But...
Q: What's wrong with my proof? (Mathematical statistics)

LaplaceI am just a peasant who found a recording of a math lecture on actuarial mathematics. I can barely count (or read). Anyway, here is the proof: I showed this to my teacher and he looked embarrassed to have read it. Please help me understand what's wrong. If you can't see the image, what it say...

7:52 AM
Low Quality A (21.8%): Thank you very much, I've checked Bitkey, it's very interesting and very..., by Nicolas, on bitcoin.stackexchange.com.
8:15 AM
Spam Q (66.7%): Skin Savvy has Skin techniques, by hirakaaw, on askubuntu.com.
I jingle my bells...
You have Christmas to celebrate?
I think so...
Lol, have fun!
8:29 AM
Distance Learning is back!
8:42 AM
They learned from a distance that SPAM is not appreciated here...
8:53 AM
@rene I first read the bells as balls...
I didn't expect you to read it any different....
lol, thanks for the vote of confidence :D
you're welcome, it is Christmas...
Low Quality A (100%): Yes, I am. Is there no other option so that it can work?, by Vivek Bharadwaj, on android.stackexchange.com.
Low Quality Q (32.5%): I want to build the most optimized computer for android studio, by Gabriel Juan, on stackoverflow.com.
Spam Q?: How do you know it is a dynamic class?, by Ahmad, on programmers.stackexchange.com.
9:26 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Can i buy swtor credits eu at swtor2credits with no confirmation? by user57433 on gamedev.stackexchange.com
@Pham fp why
@JanDvorak Error executing command.

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