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7:00 PM
@PopularDemand Didn't the text fit in one answer?
> hi, can we call jquery $(document).ready(function(){ } from normal javascript funtion .like i have a button .button on click function i have to call the jquery ready funtion.is it possible. Thanks Usman.sk
@radp I'm not sure if it strictly hit the limit, but it was really slowing my machine down on edits.
^ Please, does anybody else want to have a go?
@AidenBell Glad to see you've gotten some traction on that UUID question.
7:02 PM
:( i wish people couldn't delete questions..
@radp That's far too descriptive. I propose shortening it to a nice and concise "HOW I DO?" so that people don't TL;DR it.
@TimStone Brillant!
@rchern you asked for it, you'll get it! :-)
@TheUnhandledException @rchern ?
7:04 PM
At least, I'm assuming that's what @TheUnhandledException is referring to.
If not, consider me confuzzled.
@TimStone Although I think the real problem with my translation is, it doesn't emphasize enough that JQUERY IZ PURRFECT AND DOES ALL STUFFS LOL.
@YiJiang yes, it was that question @rchern posted
She asked for a ): and an "oy", so I complied
That's some serious oy usage.
@TheUnhandledException see? you are failing to the dark nether worlds of the backwards smilies!
@radp actually no, I typed :( first and had to lauch a browser to edit it to be what she asked for :-)
7:08 PM
@radp This is true. Maybe you should have included a "++$()!!!111!11!" for good measure.
@rchern @TheUnhandledException Your oy! counter just went up by half a million. Amazing! How did you do it?
ug. If I edit this image all day long I'll get nothing else done! Fine @radp...
@YiJiang that was the ugly crying unicorn :-D
@TheUnhandledException Isn't that the whole point? :D
@YiJiang It's like winning the lottery!
LOL. Want those :-( s in any particular color @radp?
7:10 PM
@TheUnhandledException Use gay.pl for that, make everybody happy.
I don't believe I know that site nor do I believe I will be opening that link!
@radp Not @rchern, she might take back some of the oy!s she so generously given out
@YiJiang Oh, I thought that "no takesy-backsy" rules were in effect. My whole perception of the chat arena has changed now.
7:14 PM
English.SE had a new visitor last night...
@MichaelMyers Tony?
@MichaelMyers Uh oh?
@MichaelMyers Hm. Maybe we do have too many SE sites.
7:16 PM
Phew. I hoped that Pony would return to being self-conscious.
Did I say hoped? I meant feared! I totally did!
Ok @radp
A: Graduated sites show "sketchy" offline page

The Unhandled ExceptionAs shown in the top of the screen capture, the issue is not so much the image of the page, it's the url the user is redirected to that is wrong. Just a helpful hint for the team :-) EDIT: I added a freehand frowny-face, freehand "oy!"s and, for good measure, a freehand crying unicorn... EDIT2: ...

@PopularDemand ?
@MichaelMyers Clearly he was looking for SO or Programmers or Webmasters but got lost.
@TheUnhandledException I guess that the heresy ratio is now asymptotically approaching 0
enough to make the one smilie unnoticeable.
@TheUnhandledException The adp is pleased. Well done.
@MichaelMyers I don't get it?
7:22 PM
Timothy William Bray (born June 21, 1955) is a Canadian software developer and entrepreneur. He co-founded Open Text Corporation and Antarctica Systems. Later, Bray was the Director of Web Technologies at Sun Microsystems until his resignation on February 26, 2010. On March 15, 2010, he announced on his blog that he had taken up a position as a Developer Advocate at Google, focusing on Android. Early life Bray was born on June 21, 1955 in Alberta, Canada. He grew up in Beirut, Lebanon and graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science (double major in Mathematics and Computer Science) fr...
Thanks @radp :-D
Any new user who already has their own Wikipedia article has to be good for the site.
@MichaelMyers insert your favorite tyrannical dictator's name here
And English.SE is the only site he's a member of?
@rchern that was my next question
7:24 PM
@PopularDemand Funnily enough, I don't have a Wikipedia article yet.
4 mins ago, by Popular Demand
@MichaelMyers Clearly he was looking for SO or Programmers or Webmasters but got lost.
@rchern I guess that was @MichaelMyers's whole point.
Well, sort of. It's just the first time I've noticed a "celebrity" on English.SE. There are plenty on SO, of course. And a few on Unix, probably some on Math, and so forth.
@rchern When you say "oy", is that Jewish/Yiddish in origin? As in, "Oy Vei"?
I want to be a celebrity...but the only thing that I've written is that thing that I wrote. :(
7:28 PM
@TheUnhandledException It's "yo" backwards. Everything is backwards in Missouri.
@TimStone Is it just me or is there something wrong with that sentence?
@MichaelMyers Looks OK to me
A: The Many Memes of Meta

The Unhandled ExceptionMeme: Oy Origin: rchern Cultural Height: TBD First Seen MSO Chat, probably in The Tavern Background: Not completely known. Some believe it is the Jewish / Yiddish phrase "Oy Vei". Others like Michael Myers believe "It's 'yo' backwards. [Because] everything is backwards in Missouri.". "Oy" mos...

Well... all right then. I guess it was humor?
7:31 PM
Ok @rchern it's now officially a meme
@MichaelMyers If you want to call it that, sure. :P
@TheUnhandledException +1 oy
@TheUnhandledException: "Showing results for oy vey. Search instead for oy vei."
Must... find... way... to get "memes" question... tagged [faq]....
@PopularDemand "What are the many memes of meta?"
7:34 PM
@Michael Myers sorry, where did I misspell it?
You've spelled it "oy vei" every time.
Oh, dear.
Q: HELP please parsing xml file using codeigniter?

peggalvanSearching the, Internet ,I found http://blog.insicdesigns.com/2009/03/parsing-xml-file-using-codeigniters-simplexml-library/, but I have a lot of questions. I am new to codeigniter, and I am trying to adapt my code to this xml. I want to display once a user logins, but the question is, how would ...

Oh. I see, I misunderstood. Sorry, I will correct
Kill it! With fire!
'Ello @Diago
7:37 PM
@TheUnhandledException Is @rchern going for a meme record?
@PopularDemand Where? Where?
haha, maybe @Diago
@TimStone Howdy
Diago's back, Diago's back!
Thanks for FAQing my horribly titled question earlier today.
Sadly, we have been unable to come up with a better title.
"Where" is answered by my most recent onebox.
The OP posted a screenshot of her XML that's illegible.
Why do people insist on posting screenshots of text?
ROFLMAO. I searched for "Unicorn Cry" in Google Images to prove Jon B wrong that unicorns do cry, and I was presented with this borderline possibly NSFW image. How that's a unicorn crying I'm not sure. It's clearly a unicorn but... he's not crying...
7:40 PM
Gah, the question doesn't even have a real subject. That's close as NARQ for any 3kers.
@TheUnhandledException I read that with Nelson's voice in the back of my head
@PopularDemand Just dropping by. Slightly bored tonight
LOL. How goes it @Diago?
@TheUnhandledException He might be, on the inside, on the inside.
@Tim probably because his lude image is circulating the interwebs
@TheUnhandledException Tired. Been busy. Christmas is our busiest time of year and trying to finish off project before the systems freeze
7:42 PM
Hehehe, uh-oh.
Q: Will high reputation in Programmers help to get a good job?

LorenzoIn reference to this question, do you think that having a high reputation on this site will help to get a good job? Aside silly and humorous questions, on Programmers we can see a lot of high quality theory questions. I think that, if Stack Overflow will eventually evolve in "strictly programmin...

@TheUnhandledException Misspelled it, but I hate to actually write out words like that anyway.
Yuk. I know the feeling. Which reminds me, no more editing this meta answer. I actually have work that needs doing :-(
@TheUnhandledException That seems like a contributing factor, yeah.
@mootinator If it does, I would be on there every day and be in the States by the end of the year
@Michael Myers yeah, it's yiddish anyway :-)
7:42 PM
@TheUnhandledException it will make you cry, no?
programmers.stackexchange.com/questions/20949/… should this be on meta.programmers?
@Diago Here, have some jollity from a little earlier:
user image
@drachenstern it certainly made me question some people, that's for sure :-)
ROFLOL @MichaelMyers
@Diago, as long as we're sharing jollity from earlier: stackoverflow.com/posts/4223398/revisions
@MichaelMyers oooh. Fun. I've had a few of those on SU lately
7:46 PM
Hah. The answer posted at the same time as me said the same thing but was much less rude about it =)
@mootinator I have yet to see anything of real value on Programmers.SE, but that's just my personal opinion.
Holy crap @PopularDemand. That's awful
A: Will high reputation in Programmers help to get a good job?

mootinatorI think SO rep would be better for getting you a great coding job. Programmers rep more accurately reflects your ability to impress people with subjective BS. Therefore, programmers rep will be better for getting you a job in management.

@PopularDemand I will not comment. I will not comment. I will not comment. But... WTF?
@mootinator instantrimshot.com
@YiJiang said he'd print out a screenshot of the diff and frame it.
7:48 PM
@MichaelMyers I have to agree on that
@mootinator Ahahah, brilliant.
Q: Declarative UML

badpI'm looking for something along the lines of WebSequenceDiagram for other kinds of UML diagram types -- use cases and class diagrams in particular. For example, the service would accept plain text input such as: user = Actor(); admin = Actor(); register = UseCase(user); post = UseCase(user, adm...

PlantUML is amazing :) (well, it did the job for me. Which, in this context, is amazing. Sue me.)
@MichaelMyers That post got deleted :(
wait... deleted by community?
@radp It got 6 spam/offensive flags (probably spam, judging by the content)
@MichaelMrozek oh, I see.
I really wish there was a "flag as noise" option. I'm hesitant to use spam/offensive if it's not actually unsolicited marketing or blatant racism.
7:56 PM
I guess "spam" includes "noise" :)
Isn't that what close votes are for?
@TheUnhandledException Isn't oy vey the proper spelling?
Also, what the heck, oy is a meme? LOL
@radp I think I remember a Meta discussion that decided that you weren't supposed to use the existing flags for noise.
Also also, is that rubs eyes @Diago? (;
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, but that's slower and whatnot.
7:59 PM
@rchern yes, I done gone and made a mistype
Let me know if I failed to correct any "Oy Vei"s and I will do so
20 mins ago, by Diago
@PopularDemand Just dropping by. Slightly bored tonight
@rchern Of course "Oy" is a meme, it gets starred constantly on here, and @TheUnhandledException couldn't get upvotes without it. It shows up constantly and not just by you, but almost everyone in here. It's spreading to meta... What else does it need to to to be considered a meme? :-)
> Not completely known. Some believe it is the Jewish / Yiddish phrase "Oy Vey". Others like Michael Myers believe "It's 'yo' backwards. [Because] everything is backwards in Missouri.". "Oy" most frequently shows up in MSO chat, with at least 2 - 5 "oy"s showing up per day (citation needed). Also, roughly 85% of the time "oy" is said in chat, that message receives at least one if not multiple stars. Some like Yi Jiang believe "oy"s are a form of currency.
@PopularDemand ...on chat.
8:04 PM
I'm glad you found it amusing @rchern (:
@rchern Yo. You are around
Sorry had to tuck the wife into bed.
@Diago Nope. Definitely asquare.
@rchern More a triangle
8:05 PM
Where is that synonym post again? And who feels like updating it?
Q: What is a "TL;DR version"?

John SaundersSorry, I guess I'm old. On one of my questions, I was asked for the "TL;DR version". What does that mean?

@PopularDemand lends @rchern his </bad-pun-of-the-day> tag.
@Fosco hehehehehe
See, three stars for @Fosco's "oy". I say that means it beats "Vampire" as a meme!
Those who haven't, should really check out minecraft...
It's on my list @Fosco
8:11 PM
Check out the google-maps overview of our server: fdotm.com/mc
<3 minecraft
But it causes burn marks on my legs :(
@Fosco some of us have to really get work done at some point :p
Sure, I could work at a desk instead of on my couch, but that isn't the point.
Lapdesk @mootinator?
@Fosco Wow, now that I've actually looked at it, that's pretty awesome. :D
8:13 PM
What powers that @Fosco?
@TheUnhandledException You betcha! Oy!
The google map that is
70 rep away from starting my pact with myself. At this rate it will take another month :P
@Diago say what?
@Diago ?
8:17 PM
@PopularDemand I commited that if I break 10k on SU I will start an earnest attempt at reaching 10k on SO and then SF
You masochist person.
Hehe, nice.
@Diago And then Web Apps, and then Webmasters, and then Bicycles, and then English, and then Cooking?
@PopularDemand Web Apps, maybe, Apple is actually first in the queue. English I would probably make 10K just by asking questions
Worth a shot actually
@Diago That's 2k question upvotes O_O
8:19 PM
@Diago First 10K user on WebApps is still up for grabs. (;
@radp You misunderstand. It's 5k accepted answers.
@rchern Lolz. I'm surprised thought. I thought it would be taken by now. Actually apart from SE I don't use any web applications. I am a desktop person. I even use Google Reader with an app.
@Diago Apple, Unix and Gaming are where I'm trying to build up rep now
yes, but which SE will get 3 10kers first?
@TheUnhandledException I might give Unix a try, to old for gaming, and Ubuntu will never see me again.
8:21 PM
I'd like to build up rep on Web Applications @rchern but I have little experience
Ubuntu.SE or Ubuntu Linux? :-)
@radp One or two already has actually. When I checked 3 weeks ago, but can't remember which one's
@TheUnhandledException Ubuntu.SE. However I replaced my Ubuntu install on my netbook with Saboyon and I am highly impressed.
@TheUnhandledException That's a really odd statement given that you develop web applications for a living
A [do-my-homework] tag on SO? Seriously
@TheUnhandledException What powers the google map version? some code on github.. minecraftoverviewer
Gaming's 3rd is 1.3k away. Cooking's 3rd is 550 rep away.
8:22 PM
@JoshsSocks What does a sock know? WebApps.SE is for end users
Saboyon huh? I'll have to check that out. I'm looking for a new distro
@rchern The feet are an end of a user, socks have familiarity with them.
@TheUnhandledException I used the latest XFCE version and very impressed. Especially since it is Gentoo based. Very neatly put together.
@TimStone oy.
@rchern I would think as a developer, he would use more web apps as an end user! :-)
8:23 PM
@JoshsSocks Actually so do I :P
@JoshsSocks I figure that no one who uses my web application would be the kind of person to visit WebApps.SE :P
If I'll use something that isn't Ubuntu, I guess that'll be Arch. That'll be when I'll be maintaining my computer for a living, though...
@Diago don't listen to @JoshsSocks. He just likes causing trouble
@TimStone If I start seeing questions about my web apps on WebApps.SE, I am quitting the internet altogether.
8:24 PM
Heheh ;)
@TheUnhandledException I agree with him actually. Do you know I actually like him more :)
You hear that @TheUnhandledException? Being a sarcastic jerk sockpuppet gets you farther than being a "nice guy" in this world!
Oh man. My comments really cause some serious responses
Q: The markup [tag:…] should use the style on the parent site

Tsuyoshi ItoIf we use the recently added [tag:…] markup on Meta, the tags are rendered in the style on Meta, but this is counterintuitive because they refer to tags on parent. Example: haskell The parent tags should be always rendered in the style used for tags on the parent site, even if the markup is use...

@JoshsSocks Nice guys never win. I have proven it and I am working hard on chancing my image.
@Diago ? Doesn't look unusual to me.
@Diago well I agree that if I see questions about my company's products on WebApps then I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably answer them to gain rep. Shhhh Nobody tell my customers! ;-)
8:28 PM
@TheUnhandledException Flagged as spam!
@TheUnhandledException Works for Eric Lippert.
@PopularDemand Good man
@MichaelMyers I meant that I can't believe someone took my comment seriously, but now I have to take it further :)
@MichaelMyers Considering that I actually have no idea what he is on about. Just seems fair that after 3 days someone actually responds to him.
@Diago Well, you certainly sounded serious to me. And your gravatar is delivering it deadpan, so...
@Diago You also have that menacing blood-red crystal by your name.
8:30 PM
@PopularDemand bicycles? We have an SE on bicycles?
@drachenstern bicycles.stackexchange.com (it's in beta)
@PopularDemand Yeah. Somehow I logged in one day and it was just there. I assumed it is based on how many profile views you get and a special prize :)
@Diago Will there be a discount this Black Friday?
@MichaelMyers I think I must follow your example at get a dead pan standard gravatar for SE. Become anonymous.
@PopularDemand Seriously. I would love to be in the US just once for black friday in my lifetime.
@PopularDemand Added to the fact that I would love to move there
Black Friday. Because everyone deserves a chance to be trampled to death in their own Wal-Mart.
8:33 PM
I mean, you really have very few options these days in the trampling-to-death department. No roaming buffalo herds, not that many free-range cattle herds, very few ostrich herds...
@MichaelMyers You mean there is no real reason to visit the States anymore?
I miss out on everything.
(I'm basing that last one on the fact that ostriches look scary, but I haven't heard of anyone being trampled to death by them recently.)
@Diago I once saw a herd of twelve bison. It's just not as impressive as it looks in the movies.
8:37 PM
@MichaelMyers 2 - 3 a month at least. Depending on racing season. Although I actually haven't been around them in a while
(Yes I know a lot about farming. It's in the family and every few years we move to the farm for a year or two before moving back to the city)
@MichaelMyers True, true, but your options in the run-over-by-vehicles department have increased exponentially. And if you're a traditionalist, don't forget the horses of Assateague and Chincoteague.
@Diago nice... my girlfriend is a farmers daughter. Luckily, he approves of me.
@PopularDemand As long as I am run over by a dodge ram, I will die a happy man.
@Diago I'll see what I can do.
@Fosco Great fun that is.
8:39 PM
I've never done Black Friday before, but I'm thinking of hitting up a tech store or two this year.
@PopularDemand That would be awesome.
@PopularDemand Yeah, but I only saw five or six horses last time I was there. I'm convinced those huge herds you see on TV are all special effects.
@PopularDemand I think I need to wire you some money. Except the cost to send it here will probably be triple the amount I have to pay to get it in the first place.
@MichaelMyers You are really into shattering my dreams here aren't you? Living up to your name much :)
They all laughed at me, and closed my MSO question, but I have discovered that we really can learn something from Welbog:
The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias in which an unskilled person makes poor decisions and reaches erroneous conclusions, but their incompetence denies them the metacognitive ability to realize their mistakes. The unskilled therefore suffer from illusory superiority, rating their own ability as above average, much higher than it actually is, while the highly skilled underrate their abilities, suffering from illusory inferiority. This leads to the situation in which less competent people rate their own ability higher than more competent people. It also explains why actual competence...
@MichaelMyers You've been there two more times than I have. I only heard about it in school growing up.
@Diago Well, to be fair, I've only been to Assateague twice. @PopularDemand lives in the general region, so he might be a tad more reliable.
8:43 PM
@PopularDemand Wait, hang on, you attended school? There really are schools in the states? Everyone is not home schooled?
TV has been lying to me!
@Diago I am. :P
@Diago What TV shows have you been watching?
@MichaelMyers Well... With good reason I suspect :)
@PopularDemand You, sir, are a failure as a... checks profile Virginian!
@PopularDemand Those reality shows that keep popping up
8:45 PM
@MichaelMyers I just moved here four months ago!
I haven't reached the end of the tutorial period yet!
@MichaelMyers Thanks. First time ever I've looked at his profile
"Teach yourself Virginia in 31 Days"
On that note.
Nite all.
@MichaelMyers I've only seen a few the times I've been there as well.
@Diago Bah, "time zones."
8:47 PM
Belated comment: Black Thursday this year apparently.
@rchern Huh?
Stores open on Thanksgiving this year.
Is that unusual?
Apparently Black Friday starts tomorrow on Newegg, not sure how that works.
8:48 PM
Maybe I'll do Black Thursday, then. I have nothing better to do. My boss won't let me work on Thursday.
Won't let you?... as in.. you want to?
It shouldn't surprise me. Stores kept opening earlier and earlier until they were opening middle of the night or even midnight. It is ridiculous.
@Fosco I want to bank the holiday to use later.
@PopularDemand You should tell your boss he isn't committed enough.
No family in town, so I have nothing else to do.
Thought about cooking a turkey, but that's too much food.
(Meal suggestions welcome.)
8:51 PM
@rchern My gf is probably going to a store at 3am... silly.
@PopularDemand ):
@PopularDemand Go get Chinese.
@rchern Bleh.
Or ya know, don't.
Also, shame on you for stereotype perpetuation.
@PopularDemand I'll be in your state that day, I'll eat your leftovers.
8:53 PM
@rchern Sears is, for the first time in 1xx years
@TimStone It works because they batch process all sales transactions for Friday night ;)
Has anyone else noticed that it's hard to find out what deals stores are going to have on Black Friday?
@PopularDemand Just work anyways ;)
Or is it just me?
@PopularDemand no, bestbuy, walmart, sears, _____ insert the name of all advertise online
I couldn't care less about sales, won't be leaving the house on Friday most likely.
8:55 PM
They want you there to find out so you'll refuse to leave without making at least one purchase to have made the whole ordeal worthwhile.
@drachenstern Yeah, he won't notice that when he checks my timecard off next week. That seems like a solid plan.
black friday sales are the worst kept secrets ever
My gf jokes that I'd rather pay more for things.
Bleh. I went to their websites but it wasn't obvious to me what was getting pushed for the holiday shoppers.
@PopularDemand lol, sure why not :p
8:56 PM
(I don't buy things very often.)
black-friday.net among many others. Just google "black friday <store>" shrugs
walmart: j.mp/hG0X9h
whoa, sears owns kmart?
so @PopularDemand I'm guessing you don't look at the websites of many major stores either?
8:58 PM
@drachenstern Thanks. They really should change the name of "doorbusters" sales if they don't want to be associated with rioting and trampling deaths.
Is it supposed to be a secret? (;
@drachenstern Nope.
@rchern I figured that looking at the sears.com website ...
Newegg told me to check my email tomorrow for super secret deals. I really hope they're better than what they're currently showing, because I don't want any of that crap.
@rchern I didn't know that before now
@PopularDemand it's a bit of popcult
8:59 PM
@drachenstern Now ya do!
@TimStone Hear, hear.
I went to a balloon drop when I was about 7.
@mootinator I can't wait to find out how this relates to Black Friday.
Nothing makes you doubt your fellow man more than being nearly crushed to death, then having a balloon wrestled out of your hand by someone twice your size at a retail outlet.
@mootinator You shoulda popped it. " If I can't have it, nobody can! "
9:01 PM
@PopularDemand I assumed he witnessed someone falling out of a balloon, which was as brutal as....ah, I see.
Last time I worked in retail, people were trying to kill each other over Furbies.
@mootinator Those things creep me out.
I wonder how people live with themselves having gone frantic trying to purchase one..
@TimStone They're too busy playing with their iPhones to think about it.
Ah, I knew I bought my Myst app for a reason.
Ha, someone stuck an easter egg in the markdown for "What is each badge?"
(Which I'm about to revert the title of, unless anyone objects or has a better idea.)
9:09 PM
easter egg?
What is Newegg doing selling a slow cooker?
This thing better run Linux....
What is each badge?

<!-- badger badger badger -->

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* [Regular badges A-L](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#67399) and [M-Z](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#68258)
* [Tag badges](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#68395)
* [Badge families](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#68259)
* [Area 51 badges](meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/67397#67402)

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<!-- SNAKE -->
@PopularDemand I bought my coffee maker from there
@TimStone Does it run Linux?
It uses me as a proxy, but sure.
@TimStone Well, does it at least support Java?
9:13 PM
@PopularDemand Of course, it's not an Apple product.
Heh, I'll never understand people.
@TimStone Fortunately, you're in IT.
There's a file that people have to generate for use with input data to this project's program..
And they're required to create this file in general, program aside.
The file is essentially metadata, which includes some useful bits of information (and should be made up front)
But instead of just making the file, people keep asking for ways to just include those bits of information separately.
@PopularDemand They've been selling some odd things for a while now.
Well, odd for Newegg, that is.
9:38 PM
OK. @rchern's "oy" comment on the "Oy" meme now has more upvotes than the meme itself. What does that say? :-p
@TheUnhandledException That anyone who's participating is too into it.
9:59 PM
@TheUnhandledException seriously?
10:11 PM
@rchern no, not seriously :-)
Sorry, I was in a meeting, about to get on a conference call
@TheUnhandledException - When you have a second, think about this: Using AJAX calls to PHP to compare uploaded filesize vs original filesize to show upload progress percentage. Would it work?
10:27 PM
@Moshe in a meeting will respond when I am available
10:59 PM

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