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11:00 AM
@SPArchaeologist haha! for me epic is, how you related it to the real world in totally relatable condition. Now, please don't say that you don't insanely remember each episode and scene.
I won't listen to that excuse now
@ShadowWizard that totally show the one month leave of absence I took and how you and @Pro gained almost 500-600 words on me during that leave. Awesome thing you implemented there!
my greatest word count is 155 and that game was with @vogel (oh! we can't ping him from room now!)
@MagicalPhoenixϡ as promised (too much time ago) here is the avatar.
but, that ain't fat... :/
...and @Mag is..
grins Discord unrepliable reply mode activated.
@DroidDev but that is cute.
^and now try to escape this without making Phoenix hit you with a very heavy hammer.
I suggest you to NOT reply like you did before, hammer is heavy and the phoenix is also burning.
@DroidDev yeah, almost forgot about your disappearing for whole month... but you returned with full force. :D
As for @Vog he probably wasn't in the room for over a week or so, so only way to ping is direct reply to one of his messages :(
@SPArchaeologist well...what can I say, I was trying to find some cute looking photos of naruto, but then realised, you can overflow cutenesss with those pony pics...
@ShadowWizard Still, that's an awesome implementation, whoever implemented that, Kudos
@ShadowWizard same will be true for @SilentKiller in some days
11:13 AM
@FOX9000 volcano
@ShadowWizard olympus
@FOX9000 fall
@DroidDev unsupported
11:15 AM
I finally decided MY winning word
No associated word found for NARUTO.
=======NEW GAME=======
@DroidDev "and so, the ninja lived another day, by completely avoiding to make any reference to the comparison chicken/Magical/Luna"
>>link naruto awesome
@DroidDev Link added.
11:15 AM
>>reply recent
@DroidDev whathahtaht?
@DroidDev coff coff coff.
@DroidDev the code is copied from the reputation graph in network profile and just changing the values ;)
@DroidDev awesome
@ShadowWizard then kudos to se :D
11:16 AM
@DroidDev indeed! :D
@Sompuperoo I found my winning word. When somebody wins, a new game is started(although, not really)
@SPArchaeologist ya, nothing unexpected from your side :P
@DroidDev true. Jason's word is (was?) "fart" :P
lol, I summon @JasonC
....and we can't ping him either
yeah, he's away for loooong time, from the sites too
>>link awesome naruto
11:17 AM
@DroidDev Link is already added.
I hope he's having fun in a long vacation somewhere
@FOX9000 cool
oh! so, links work both ways! :D
@DroidDev Yes, they do.
@Sompuperoo butter
11:18 AM
@FOX9000 slippery
@ShadowWizard I think he is coding, around 20 hours a day or so
@ProgramFOX Great!
@Sompuperoo oil
@ShadowWizard grease
that is, assuming that the link is manual on both end.
@DroidDev tank
11:18 AM
@ShadowWizard water
@DroidDev trickle
@FOX9000 tickle
>>time 999
@DroidDev robin
@DroidDev Waiting time cannot be greater than 10 minutes (= 600 seconds).
@FOX9000 hood
@DroidDev voluminous
11:19 AM
so, this time, chat throttling started early :/
@FOX9000 large
@DroidDev eh? why?
@DroidDev navigable
@FOX9000 GPS
@ShadowWizard I just wanted to see if Pro had implemented time limit that we discussed one day
No associated word found for GPS.
11:20 AM
@ShadowWizard satellite
@DroidDev oh, lol. yup he did ;)
@DroidDev orbiting
@FOX9000 star
@SPArchaeologist wormhole
black really doesn't fit those diamonds
@FOX9000 stargate
11:24 AM
No associated word found for stargate.
@ShadowWizard you have 84 new messages on SE app :P
@ShadowWizard diamonds don't really fit.
@ShadowWizard gate
@DroidDev kraal
@DroidDev nope, not my screenshot :D
@Jamal in that case there are a lot of possessed mods here... i.stack.imgur.com/SaRGl.pngHowlin 12 hours ago
11:25 AM
@FOX9000 the bot replied kraal to GATE?
Also, you should know by now I have iPhone :D
The bot just referenced Guild Wars online??
@ShadowWizard I tend to forget things quickly...until not reminded again...
11:26 AM
@DroidDev fair enough. Typical male. :P
the only Kraal I can think of related to gate is an ogre guarding a specific gate on Guild War.
Google Mode: active
@ShadowWizard lol
@FOX9000 !delete!
@SPArchaeologist ^
one of these days, I'll just play a prank and continue a broken train for around 100 words and then tell everybody, that chain is broken
11:28 AM
@FOX9000 Rustic
@ShadowWizard satire
@ShadowWizard programming (Rust is a programming language)
@DroidDev be my guest, I can manually patch it in the stats :D
@ProgramFOX override
Congratulations, @DroidDev, you have earned a new spell: Ninja
11:29 AM
@FOX9000 thanks for the acknowledgement! :D
@FOX9000 overwrite
...and that's the largest word I ever wrote!
11:30 AM
@ShadowWizard code
looks like a train
@FOX9000 debug
@DroidDev 15 letters, wow
@DroidDev patch
@ProgramFOX broken
@ShadowWizard link
11:31 AM
(usually Microsoft's ;))
@ProgramFOX hyper
No associated word found for hyper.
@ShadowWizard Greek (hyper comes from a Greek word)
@ProgramFOX Roman
@ShadowWizard numbers
@SPArchaeologist owww... quite cute.. will definitely use this :) thankssssssyy
@DroidDev :P
11:32 AM
@FOX9000 !delete!
hmm.... why doesn't it reply to "numbers"?
Because it already replied to 'Roman'.
@ProgramFOX prime
@ShadowWizard meridian
I really am so happy,
Your smile fills me with glee!
I give a smile, I get a smile,
And that's so special to me.

Cause I love to see you beam, beam, beam! Yes I do.
Tell me, what more can I say to make you see? That I do.
It makes me happy when you beam, beam, beam.
Yes it always makes my day!
@SPArchaeologist very nice but.... what? where? why? :)
11:37 AM
@SPArchaeologist +1
@ShadowWizard baking
@FOX9000 waka (refered to as "Half baked prophet" many times)
No associated word found for waka.
@ShadowWizard shakira
11:40 AM
No associated word found for shakira.
@ShadowWizard don't worry of Why... I know why, it was posted because of something happened before.
wonders what he saw
wonders will he share it with us
@DroidDev singer
@Sompuperoo lyre
@FOX9000 lyric
11:42 AM
@Sompuperoo exquisite
@FOX9000 exotic
@Sompuperoo galaxy
@FOX9000 samsung
@DroidDev tv
@Sompuperoo highlight
11:43 AM
@FOX9000 marker
@Sompuperoo tombstone
@SPArchaeologist countless
@FOX9000 bodies
@ShadowWizard contortion
11:49 AM
@FOX9000 girl
@ShadowWizard flaxen
@MagicalPhoenixϡ welcome back! :)
thanks :))) I received a gift, and I am damn tempted to open it :P
Dec 15 at 13:37, by DroidDev
@ProgramFOX isn't there any for ninja?
20 mins ago, by DroidDev
@FOX9000 thanks for the acknowledgement! :D
11:51 AM
@MagicalPhoenixϡ really, santa?
1 hour ago, by DroidDev
Note to self: @SPA remembers everything very closely, very very closely.
@DroidDev secret santa... that was a theme in office for Christmas party :)
I wonder if there will be one in our company... :/
but, I am damn sure, they won't be distributing any gifts, although, our appraisals are due next month, so...
@DroidDev Yes, she live in a library and yes, she can be pretty obsessive in regards to books. If she finds a book she must read it.
11:55 AM
I opened :) its a shared photo frame :)
Great! so whose photos are gonna be in it?
I know if it was @SPA it will definitely be pinkie
as of now, mine only :P
@SPArchaeologist I was resisting even more.. but my colleagues were more tempted to know what it was... :P
they made me open it :D
@MagicalPhoenixϡ I hope that kindly! ;)
11:59 AM
@FOX9000 pale
@ShadowWizard gray
@FOX9000 color
@MagicalPhoenixϡ iodine
@FOX9000 salt
12:01 PM
The bot is an exception when it comes to "last word wins", but that's not set in iron either
@MagicalPhoenixϡ stew
@MagicalPhoenixϡ And there all the tea ceremony lessons make wonders! After all that folding cloth stuff, opening the present, looking and then closing it like nothing has ever happen has became easy.
@FOX9000 mountain
@SPArchaeologist peak
@ShadowWizard pike
@SPArchaeologist hmmm
12:03 PM
No associated word found for hmmm.
of ho!
don't find :) Its just a mumbling sound :)
@FOX9000 bike
@MagicalPhoenixϡ not "hmmm", just "mmmm".
Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness
@MagicalPhoenixϡ rolf
hmmm :P
@FOX9000 lol
12:07 PM
@Sompuperoo laugh
@FOX9000 health
@MagicalPhoenixϡ wealth
@Sompuperoo money
@MagicalPhoenixϡ power
@Sompuperoo magnify
12:09 PM
@FOX9000 telescope
@Sompuperoo view
@FOX9000 scenario
@MagicalPhoenixϡ shuttle
@FOX9000 space
@ShadowWizard solar
12:18 PM
@FOX9000 energy
@MagicalPhoenixϡ expend
@FOX9000 infinity
@ShadowWizard gambit
No associated word found for Zombit.
12:24 PM
>>link Zombit zombie
@ShadowWizard Link added.
>>reply recent
@ShadowWizard zombie
@FOX9000 undead
No associated word found for undead.
12:25 PM
>>link undead vampire
@ShadowWizard Link added.
>>reply recent
@ShadowWizard vampire
@FOX9000 coffin
@ShadowWizard grave
12:35 PM
@FOX9000 dead
@MagicalPhoenixϡ mummy
@FOX9000 returns :P
@MagicalPhoenixϡ Jedi
I knew it
@ShadowWizard potential
12:40 PM
the bot can't parse more than one word or non English characters, @Mag :)
@SPArchaeologist of course you did. Knew what?
ohh ok :)
@MagicalPhoenixϡ yeah, we can add smileys by editing, the bot is taking the first revision only. ;)
@ShadowWizard :D okies :)
@ShadowWizard had that one ready for when someone would reply "jedi"
12:43 PM
@SPArchaeologist lol, nice! :-)
in the meantime....
"How can I close an envelope without liking it" "Use a wet sponge"
13 votes
13 votes
most voted reply of mine on sharepoint scored 25. Average for a very good reply is 10.
and "use a wet sponge" got 13.
I quit. I change site.
Next time you see me, I will be "RealityHacker01"
@SPArchaeologist 14 now (not me! ;)) but keep in mind it's all still new and shiny in that site. Lots of eager users roam the place and upvote virtually everything. Give it couple of months and then it would be the real test for the site, if it can filter crap out and keep the good stuff. That said, this specific question and answer are fine, they're correct and helpful, but +14 is indeed an overkill. :)
Use GLUE is at 10 votes!
it is even an hack???
@SPArchaeologist alternative more than hack yeah.
best one is the one proposing to buy envelopes with adhesive tape folds.. Like I asked "How can I draw the sword in the stone? Easy, find an already-out-of-stone sword!"
How to wrap a gift so it doesn't look like the gift? Use bigger box
^ really??
12:55 PM
1:14 PM
@FOX9000 power
@SPArchaeologist wealth
tata :)
@FOX9000 treasure
@SPArchaeologist rifled
@FOX9000 somewhere
1:19 PM
@SPArchaeologist distantly
@FOX9000 as "I know that the relation is there, somewhere, but I don't even get the word meaning"
@FOX9000 far
@SPArchaeologist aggression
@MagicalPhoenixϡ cya! :)
@FOX9000 brutal
@ShadowWizard frankness
@SPArchaeologist LH for me is throwing many 304s, I have to clear cache for every new page, but you know what, I am not even bothering to open it now. Reading the views here is too much fun for me.
1:22 PM
Q: Homemade dehydrator without using the oven

Matt S.I would like a dehydrator, but rather than spending a few twenties on a cheap one that's going to break after a couple uses, I would rather save up for one that lasts for years. The only alternative I know of is to use the oven. The problem is that I would have to have the oven running for hours...

Best title yet
and the answer "use the sun"
@FOX9000 Frank
@ShadowWizard gertie
Dear Princess Celestia.

Please, tell you dear sister Luna to skip raising the moon tonight. As your majesty has requested, we are preparing the cookies for the Gala that will be held next month at the Canterlot caste next month. We need to dry all the raisins but Applejack took all the ovens for baking her apple pies, so we now have to dry them in the sun.

We would really appreciate if you could keep the sun shining bright for the next three days. If Luna gets bored in the meantime, she can have our videogame collection to play while she waits.
Don't take this wrong, not saying that they can't use the sun...
but you have to point that out?
it is even needed?
Do I really need to go on internet to discover that the sun could have dried my raisins?
at least show some creativity
@SPArchaeologist you know, it has additional info, about how to use the sun. OH COME'ON PEOPLE!
shouldn't you be using some common sense, instead of sun!
1:39 PM
@SPArchaeologist nah, many better titles across SE. One of my favorites:
Q: Can I give the naked stalking courier his clothes back?

Scott ChamberlainThe courier who frequently delivers you letters to start quest chains got killed outside of Riften by the guards. Not wanting to let a perfectly good dead body go to waste I decided to loot it, including his clothing. Apparently the courier re-spawned and now is not wearing any clothing when he d...

@ShadowWizard ...
@DroidDev maybe you where right, but still.... I was hoping for a bag of "hidden tricks that no-one knows" not this.
@FOX9000 female
like using Cordierite as a compass
@DroidDev boobs
1:40 PM
beat to me to it, @Pro! :D
@ProgramFOX YAY! :D
@ProgramFOX leg
@ShadowWizard meant on lifehack
@SPArchaeologist oh. /blush
@SPArchaeologist the one by Jaydles is something like this, did you see it?
goes back to read Abstract Factory design pattern
1:41 PM
@FOX9000 peg
A: How do I fill a hot water urn that doesn't fit in the sink?

ShokhetHere's a solution that my friend came up with: Take a bunch of Styrofoam cups Cut out the bottoms of the cups Stack them up Put the wide end of the top cup under the faucet, and the (cut open) thinner end of the bottom cup over the edge of the sink Place the urn directly underneath the end of y...

@ShadowWizard cap
pukes blood
You. Have. A. Fine. Container. On. The. Right.
1:42 PM
@FOX9000 reputation
@ProgramFOX financier
I have come to one conclusion on LH.se. Every question there can be closed as POB, too-broad, NOT ENOUGH RESEARCHED and every asker has IQ of -120, if those are honest questions.
@DroidDev Even assuming that the fine container in the photo didn't exist.... Why create a tube with coffe cups when you could just use the cups and probably save time? is the water so hot you can't hold the cup?
@DroidDev well, the site is quite different from SO in that aspect.
Anyway, Shog got a great answer on the meta site
A: What needs to be done to keep this site alive?

Shog9As one of the people who recommended this site be opened to public beta, I'm going to quote the relevant portion of my recommendation here on the off-chance it's useful to anyone: The best model for this site is Skeptics - no limit to the subject matter, but strict limits on the sorts of prob...

Step 1: Get a smaller container which actually fits in the sink.

Step 2: Fill it up.

Step 3: Dump it into the larger container

Step 4: Repeat Steps 1-3 as needed.
^ Sterno answer
reply: part of my problem was that I didn't have a smaller container
1:50 PM
@SPArchaeologist or you can just open the pipe below the sink and directly dump all the water into tank
@FOX9000 fiance
@ShadowWizard girl
ok, you don't have smaller container, but you have multiple plastic cups to use for a homemade pipe
@DroidDev this actually might fit as answer in there ;)
can I suggest including a picture of Pinkie in the site logo?
Or Willie Coyote if they fear ponies
1:52 PM
@ShadowWizard well...I follow my SO rule everywhere. I don't help someone, who didn't try to help themselves and the thing I told is quite a common sensed thing... so...
no rep farming on that site for me...
I'll only laugh at myself answering that kind of questions
@FOX9000 friend
@DroidDev confidant
@ShadowWizard problem is in question quality. Take this one
Q: What is the best way to open clamshell packaging?

JSW189What is the best way to open thick clamshell packaging, like this: I usually use scissors, but it's difficult when the plastic is particularly thick or the item is oddly shaped.

this by my standard is perfectly fine
an actual problem everyone knows
@DroidDev SO rules don't apply in LH, the goal there is to find useful life hacks, without having the OP try first
@SPArchaeologist "what is the best way...." POB
the dastardly "clamshell" packages
1:56 PM
@ShadowWizard hmm....that's worth thinking.
@DroidDev could be rewritten as "Please, give me a way that does not involve cut fingers, bombs, katanas, lightsabres or such.
@DroidDev so still better than most. At least is an actual problem.
most aren't.
I would love the site if it actually contained stuff almost no one knows.
for example, do you know that you can use electrolysis to recoat old ruined silver spoons?

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