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5:01 PM
Oct 22 at 3:15, by Tim Stone
Hmm.. "Which badges are available, and what does each mean?"
I'm not a big fan of "What is each badge?" either, meh...I can't really think of a replacement I like either, though.
The original title was "List of all badges with full descriptions"
@mootinator LOL. NO
"What are the requirements for each badge"?
shakes head again
5:05 PM
holy crap that's freaky.
bad @YiJiang, bad!
Hmmm... not quite right
@YiJiang is it me or you messed up with frame lengths?
Hang on while I correct that
if nothing else it should be the (: one that is really short!
5:07 PM
@TimStone, do you strip all spaces or just the first? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/70790/…
@rchern All in my fixed-but-not-checked-in copy.
But only the first there on account of a missing g
There we go.
@TimStone (:
I think I'm getting motion-sickness...like my head is spinning.
5:09 PM
I'll try to get that to ya sometime today, I noticed it the other day as soon as I had told people to let me know if there was anything wrong with it, heheh. I guess the people involved with the question I used for testing only had at most one space in their name. :P
@rchern I can make the animation smooth too
@YiJiang, you should make the animation faster than the human eye can track so that it looks like a static image.
@rchern Then @TimStone there would have a seizure :P
@YiJiang I'm getting dizzy.
5:11 PM
@Fosco What did you say? You love IIS?
@Fosco join the club ...
Especially versions prior to 7?
@The person who starred @rchern's head rotated by 90 degrees: If you're going to star that image, then why not star this one? It's at least 300% better
Here's a badge and an official decoder ring and everything
the decoder ring helps you translate error IDs into MSDN articles ;)
Our dev intranet is one giant web site... I was working on a page in some sub-folder somewhere.. dragged a new component into the page. It registered like 20 assemblies in the ROOT web.config and no one could use the site.
5:12 PM
ouch ):
Of course I didn't know that had happened (had not even clicked save), and I went to lunch.
double ouch ):
double oy
Oh, that sucks.
So erm... new title? Any better suggestions?
I still think the original was better, even though it's not strictly speaking a question
I mean, it's fa questions, but it doesn't have to be all questions, right?
5:16 PM
@YiJiang "What do I have to do to get Altruist/Announcer/Autobiographer/Benefactor/Booster/Citizen Patrol/Civic Duty/Cleanup/Commentator...[snip]...Unsung Hero/Yearling?"
@PopularDemand How do I get each badge... no, that's worse
What are the exact requirements for each of the badges?
"What's the deal with these badge things? What do they mean, and how do I get them?"
How's that?
Badges? Full descriptions? How about it community?
I don't understand why my suggestion is being ignored.
5:17 PM
You suggested something?
@rchern BADGER!
20 mins ago, by rchern
@YiJiang "Badgez: Whut iz they?"
@rchern You misspelled "dey," for one.
20 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@rchern Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger!
5:18 PM
I've got it!
"List of all badges with full descriptions?"
@PopularDemand dammit!
@mootinator To really make it a question, "Where can I find a list of badges with full descriptions?"
"Where is the list of badges with their full descriptions?"
And modify the answer to begin with "Right here!"
@rchern Bagels: Wut iz dey?
@YiJiang Now I'm hungry.
5:21 PM
Badgers: We don't need no stinkin'!
"Badges? Say wha?"
"I want shinies, how I gets them?"
As you may be able to tell, I'm still on a conference call.
You know what? We can just shorten it to: "haz badgez?"
@TimStone I couldn't, actually. You're surely making up too many ridiculous titles to possibly be playing Minecraft.
Or, if you want it to be more complete, "i can haz badgez?"
@PopularDemand Hours on the phone makes me a bit crazy. Normally I distract myself with Minecraft, but I decided to take a break 45 minutes ago. :P
5:24 PM
Badges? How do I get the stinking badges?
Okay, so how many in favor of @TimStone's "Where is the list of badges with their full descriptions?" idea?
@YiJiang Aye.
@YiJiang Though I strongly suggest calling them "stinking badges"
@YiJiang Nay; the correct answer would have to be "here," which is silly.
I think that's one of the less ideal options, actually.
@TimStone Yeah, but I haven't seen anything more ideal
5:26 PM
"What should I know about badges?"
@PopularDemand Would still be better than "What is each badge?", which really doesn't say a lot about the content of the faq
"How do I make sense of the available badges?"
@TimStone No, that would good for the general badge faq, but not this one
Help me understand this whole badges thing?
Can we abandon the question requirement and do something like "Badges requirement list" or something?
5:27 PM
what the @#$$# are these @#$%$ badges doing on this @#%#$ FAQ?
@drachenstern You misspelled stinking.
@drachenstern Solves the need for us to be creative with our adjectives, at least :P
in Java on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 hours ago, by Michael Angstadt
Okay, how about "What are the rules regarding each of the badges?"
Lambdas, yay.
5:39 PM
My favorite quote from our Exec. Prod., John Rogers: "Handcuffs are for your friends. Zip ties are for your enemies." Very true. #fb
@drachenstern ...Hahah, I can't even think of a context where that'd be mentioned.
I know, that's why I had to share it ... so bizarre
Hi all. I've a quick question if you don't mind.
Is there a FAQ which explains the differences between all the SO sites. Sometimes its clear it should go on SO. Sometimes I'd not be sure between super user, SO and programmers. Take questions on SVN for example?
5:52 PM
@Wes Here. Ask on meta. Or, if you don't want to open a new question, just ask in the chatrooms
@balpha - reminds me of some of my answers
@balpha +5
Also, boldness correlates with quality ... this is well known.
@YiJiang thanks. Okay if I wanted to discuss TDD (thats my specific example) I think that should go on programmers? The key being discuss. Something without a rigid answer
@AidenBell Dang, I've been chatting wrong!
5:54 PM
@Wes - yes SO is now only for an absurdly narrow band of questions that can only be answered with raw source code.
@mootinator - Yup
Does anyone else find the poliferation of sites confusing?
@Wes Yes. (Not me, but other people do.)
@PopularDemand does too
Q: Too many SE sites causes confusion

chanchal1987 More than 30 websites have already been created through Area 51. More than 10 websites have already completed their beta stage and are waiting for launch. More than 5 websites are in public beta stage. More than 30 proposals are in commitment phase in Area 51 More than 500 proposals are listed i...

I find it a bit new user unfriendly.
"Hi I have a question!" "Wrong site douchebag, -1"
5:56 PM
"How are badges earned?"?
We need a "where should I ask ..." SE site
oh hang on
yeah personally I don't like. But I think sometimes the seperation is good. Techincal vs cooking okay thats a good split.
"What are the criteria for earning a particular badge?"
Its needs a clear faq at least
Damn CS and its downloading of assets
5:58 PM
@mootinator well, this is often caused by people who imply -- like you do there -- that having a question moved to a different site is some sort of punishment
@balpha - we all know it is, it comes with a "you're a douche" subtext
that's bs
@PopularDemand More QQ, please.
and also a "We will spread your points out as much as possible" subtext
5:59 PM
@balpha Not my opinion, but that of some. Playing devil's butler
I admit I was a little surprised :)
Never really seen this attitude before, unless it's really really wrong
Problem with moving questions is it benefits the community, but I think it impedes the user's "route to answer" resistance feeling
@GeorgeMarian QQ?
6:01 PM
I've always thought that suggestions / actions to move questions were for both the OP's and the communities' good
Quality Qontrol
Possibly a different taxonomy method would have been useful.
StackOverflow: Less QQ and more AA!
Q: RE: How can Google be so fast? Is there a VERY important detail missing on the web about this subject ...

ivo sHi, Before I state the question, I have seen this thread and this one too and I have scanned the internet for a few weeks in searching of authoritative confirmation or denial of this inconclusive assumption of mine: A big factor why Google is so fast is not only the distributed light weight arch...

The onebox doesn't do it justice.
@AidenBell Oh, I thought you meant the other QQ.
6:03 PM
@mootinator - Ignore me, I answer on behalf of others without context of the questions
Also you'd probably have less questions to close if things were clearer
anyway thanks for your answers.
@mootinator Erm... are you referring to the Chinese chatting application?
@PopularDemand Crying. (It's a gamer thing.)
The look like eyes shedding tears.
6:04 PM
how can you get angry from playing commander keen?
> I Used to play Keen, and someday I got angry. This game sucks, sorry Chrono is way better. – Gabriel Guimarães ↵ 3 hours ago
Tencent QQ, generally referred to as QQ, is the most popular free instant messaging computer program in Mainland China, and according to its statistics, the number of simultaneous online QQ accounts exceeds 100 million. In October 2010, QQ.com ranked 9th overall in Alexa's internet rankings just after Twitter ranked 10th. The program is maintained by Tencent Holdings Limited (), owned in part by Naspers. Since its entrance into Chinese households QQ quickly emerged as a modern cultural phenomenon, now being portrayed in popular culture. Aside from the chat program, QQ has also developed...
@PopularDemand .......
^ This is what you get if you put QQ into Wikipedia
QQ sounds lame
Like ICQ --- ah! opening friends CD-Drives
good times
@PopularDemand That guy has 4/4 questions closed on SO, plus one on MSO complaining about the closures
Not to mention that -10 answer, heh
@TimStone shakes head
@TimStone o yeah, that's where I knew this guy from
6:08 PM
See, @TimStone, don't abuse your head shaking powers. Use them in times like these, when they're really appropriate
Ugh, and someone is whining that that question got closed too, heh.
fights the urge chime in on the whiner's question
@GeorgeMarian - you dirty downvoter ... you know you want to rampage lol :P
@YiJiang I wonder if that question makes sense, if you strip out the crazy. I'm finding out.
@AidenBell rofl I wanna tear 'em a new one. "Wah, wah...there are too many sites..."
6:10 PM
@PopularDemand Which one? If you mean the one you just posted, please, don't.
Life is complicated, get over it.
Do it @GeorgeMarian - i could do with some lolage
heh i've waded in into the fray
I'm beginning to think that @AidenBell may be a bad influence :P
6:13 PM
@TimStone What took you so long?
@YiJiang Why not?
@YiJiang I was busy recovering from the whiplash I suffered on account of all that head shaking.
As if I haven't cured him of that one with ample amount of <b> bashing
@PopularDemand You are... a true hero, you know that? Making sacrifices like this, wading through that toxic sludge of Markdown and trying to parse out actual content.
@GeorgeMarian - You didn't include nearly enough references to the inferiority of his intellect/genitals ... but I felt your sharpness ;)
@AidenBell I'm treading lightly. :)
6:17 PM
@YiJiang I've already begun a plan to have a statue made in his honour.
Why iz Google fast? Conspeeracy theery?
@TimStone If he survives, of course. If not he'll be remembered as a textbook case of what editing rights can do to people. (Madness, of course)
googel iz slow
@mootinator Y iz Googles fast? Haz conzpeerazy feary?
... I'm up to the superbolded section.
6:21 PM
@PopularDemand Does that mean that you're close to the inner sanctum?
The secret is... 72000000 RPM disks.
It has to be.
@PopularDemand If you succeed, we'll post this as an example of why we need to be able to give people rep. for edits
Google is fast because they stole all the unicorns. Why do you think that there aren't any running around in the wild anymore like in balpha's video?
When you compare this to SO running on hamster power, you can see what a difference that would make.
@TimStone Oh, that's why the video had to be on (Google-owned) YouTube, then!
@balpha Is it true that MSO is excluded from the SuperColliding DropDown Menu's Hot Questions tab, because I've never seen any question from here appearing there
6:25 PM
How do I programmatically move the paddle in Pong while microwaving my startups' leased iPad connected via VPN to an Ubuntu client with horrible UI that is taking geotagged photos of brownian-motion-moving particles in O(n log² n) without harming my unicorn-branded Android-powered Rovio bicycle unit, which right now sits on a shoddy shelf between bottles of homebrew?
The documentation is written in horrible English, the SOApi dependency is misbehaving and I can't blog my problem because russian hackers have pwned it.
Am I missing something?
@PopularDemand Right, exactly.
@YiJiang I have no idea
@PopularDemand Please, quickly finish up the edit. I want to take a picture of the diff and frame it
Videos of free unicorns require the power of enslaved unicorns to view. It's very Catch 22-ish.
@balpha Okay, thanks anyway.
6:28 PM
Garry's mod is like the Matrix
@radp The only problem is that with Game Dev, the "Move paddle in Pong" part is actually covered by one site, not three. Being pedantic here, of course :P
Urg... too much CSS. Padding instead of paddle...
i hate padding
or the box model for that matter. honestly ie6 had the right box model
@Jin :O
scribbles notes for the SO Movie #3
« Some mods were triggered by votes, flags or moderator. Jin, however, was different. Jin... was triggered by padding. »
i bet someone just screenshotted what i said and posted it on twitter..
6:32 PM
@Jin why bother when we can permalink :)
Q: Is this question clear? Why or why not?

acidzombie24There are many comments in this question debating if it's clear or not. Is it clear? Why or why not? This question in specific states the how and why. What do you guys think?

So many possible responses...
if we use a real "box" as an analogy, IE6's model was suited for designers. because width: 100px would mean it's 100px no matter what. where as the others saw width as a volumetric measure. the total space occupied is determined by the padding, border widths as well. makes it cumbersome to design and maintain sometimes.
@Jin Actually, my only annoyance with the box model is the fact that form elements follow a different set of rules
Converting between either set of rules is easy, and even more so with the box-sizing property
@YiJiang yeah. you'd have to change the display on them too. box model is one of the reasons I don't use those grid css templates. if you want to change the padding, then you'd have to recalc everything. notice how most of them don't use background colors for cols. in the real world....
@YiJiang My annoyance with form elements is that they didn't have the balls to just say "everything should be style-able" or "everything should mimic the OS", resulting in epic nastiness.
6:37 PM
@TimStone yay, more crying
@TimStone That's my biggest gripe with the new HTML5 input elements
Some people think stack overflow is their personal code-review/optimization service:
Q: Query challenge: is this optimal?

IanCI have the following multi-part table function in SQL Server 2008. It receives parameters and returns a paged result set of IDs, which can be used in an SQL statement with a Join. Very tidy to call. Below is my code. Considering: The fact it's a multi-part table function; The use of the temp ta...

@YiJiang Honestly, I want Safari's buttons to die so badly.
The way Chrome "supports" these types... they just make me cry
But yeah, I agree.
@GeorgeMarian And it's only Tuesday..
6:38 PM
@TimStone I'm telling ya, you have not seen how Chrome deals with the new input types
From the sound of it, I really don't want to. :P
my biggest disappointment with html5 is that they didn't do anything with the table elements, to solve big datagrid UI issues.
Why the **** does Chrome think that when people want to enter dates, they should use a spinner that starts from the first day of the first month of 1AD!?
@YiJiang It seriously doesn't do that, does it?
@YiJiang what if it's asking when was Jesus Christ born? well what then?
6:40 PM
@radp not dec 25th
@TimStone Look at this page in Chrome: miketaylr.com/code/html5-forms-ui-support.html
@YiJiang 7 false, 1 true (last one)
@YiJiang Chrome nightly (Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.13 (KHTML, like Gecko) Ubuntu/10.10 Chromium/9.0.592.0 Chrome/9.0.592.0 Safari/534.13) has all false except for number and range.
@Fosco No, try playing around with the UI, like pressing the spinner
@Jin Personally I think HTML 5 is a bad idea. Should have kept a doucment specific language (HTML) and specified a new application language that could embed the document specific language.
6:42 PM
Don't bother with the tests
Oh, wow..
This is what I meant by the first day of the first month of 1AD
@YiJiang well, I guess the blame lies on the controls being defaulted to ":(" ;)
I don't think I would ever give a user a spinner for those items...
6:44 PM
@Fosco Which is why I say that I can't use any of the new input types - who the hell wants to see these spinners on their sites?
Ah.. well then I understand. I wouldn't use them so who cares :)
besides, everybody knows ":(" = -3.4028234663852886e+38
That said, you know what has a page full of green items there? Opera.
@rchern The upsidedownsmileywomen is here! Run!
@radp The tests are actually not the usual tests done for testing input element type
The normal test would actually show Chrome pass all of them with flying colors
6:46 PM
@YiJiang blah.
Edit summary: "minor formatting fixes and retag"
@YiJiang I'm topologically offended.
Hi all
@radp +1 for Opera using calendars. -1 for Opera apparently inheriting styling clues from the OS and making the text box flat while the date dropdown is inset.
@PopularDemand Mind posting another link to that question?
6:48 PM
For what it's worth, on the UI nightmare rigmarole that is Linux, all boxes look consistent here.
Q: RE: How can Google be so fast? Is there a VERY important detail missing on the web about this?

ivo sBefore I state the question, I have seen this thread and this one too. I know that the distributed lightweight architecture of Google's data store — information which is widely available on the Internet — is important to Google's speed. I have scanned the Internet for a few weeks sea...

I'm using Opera 11 build 1111 though.
@PopularDemand I wish I could +1 your edit
@radp It's there in the latest stable too.
6:49 PM
@TimStone - We've discussed voting on edits before.
That poor diff engine.
23 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
@PopularDemand Please, quickly finish up the edit. I want to take a picture of the diff and frame it
@YiJiang I remember.
Right, now where's that "Rep for edits" feature-req? Surely this will get it through?
I'm curious to see if I'll get rolled back.
6:51 PM
@PopularDemand I made such an epic edit on a post that was bad like that. Then, the post was deleted.
@radp Ow.
@radp Ouch.
Q: alsrithdkjan3wqm,da ,asn ,sa3

user517314als dsa dsa dsa dsa saaaaaaaaaaaaas a

I think it can be saved!
@mootinator - incredible.
Should I waste a downvote on that, or have a little fun?
@mootinator @PopularDemand may be a miracle worker, but even he can't perform the impossible.
6:53 PM
@mootinator Done!
Aw. I was thinking about using that question ID to ask this question.
@radp " Fixed typo." Ha!
Actually, sometimes the most epic edit aren't always the longest ones
I did this one a few days back
Q: Calling jQuery's DOM ready function from another function

usmanIs it possible to call jQuery's $(document).ready function from within another Javascript function? I have a button, which when clicked should call the jQuery DOM ready function. Is this possible?

6:55 PM
@PopularDemand "Welcome to SO, Dement! – Lord Torgamus Nov 19 at 20:51"
It was so bad that I actually have to add a note in the comments
@YiJiang I usually put comments like that in the edit summary.
@PopularDemand I usually won't bother, but in case you haven't noticed, this is a Famous Question
@YiJiang Oh, I hadn't.
And the original was so bad it probably drove people away from SO if that was their first contact with this site
6:57 PM
That raises a lot more issues than it puts down.
@YiJiang Yes, but are you an interesting person?
@PopularDemand You have to wonder which part of that question attached so many Googlers?
How did it strike all of the correct keywords?
Did I not do the math right, or did the later editor not do the math right?

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