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5:00 PM
Congrats! Shut up and take my- wait, update git first
@hichris123 I already did! Yay!
What hichris said. There was a security vulnerability in Git.
@Sompuperoo :D
goes to wash parasites off
@Behaviour Too much spoonfeeding ;)
5:01 PM
@SmokeDetector where's @undo when you need him!?
Where's @Undo when we request him to give Smokey a hat? :P
No, VS, I don't need the WP 8.0 emulators!
2 days ago, by Infinite Recursion
or change to a more innovative message such as "Enjoy your hats, I don't have any. Welp!" - Smokey :P
@hichris123 Still better than Maven, which downloads the world as dependencies links to dependencies.
Still, I specifically told it I don't want anything WP related.
5:09 PM
@bjb568 is frozen, his room is frozen - finally it's Winter!!
speaking of Frozen...
can't we just take a break from closing, and Let It Go?
Led by the light of Faith serenely beaming
With glowing hearts by His cradle we stand
So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming
Here come the wise men from Orient land
The King of Kings lay thus in lowly manger
In all our trials born to be our friend!
takes a winter break
wonders where Inf is going to sail to for winter break
5:14 PM
@JanDvorak boom
@Unihedro wut? really?
@Unihedro ... far far away
@Sompuperoo needs one more undelete vote ...
TGMCians didn't return even after Haney's apology. Someone takes strangers on the internet very seriously.
@InfiniteRecursion ...
5:20 PM
There seems to be a single message in our chat room, but nothing major
@InfiniteRecursion no idea what your talking about but @TGMCians is still pingable, and he has recent activity, so... seems like he's still around
@Sompuperoo Good to know :)
@Sompuperoo He was taken off guard by the action from Haney
And he can't stand unfairness
5:40 PM
We need a justice police to stand by TGM and convince him...
@Braiam cleaning the house :P
But it looks like it got taken care of :P
@Sompuperoo HATS ARE AWESOME. Winter Bash started 7 days, 17 hours, 42 minutes and 50 seconds ago.
@ProgramFOX Uhmmm... Here, lemme try to get the star-eight-messages hat.
oh, no haz rep :P
@Undo Chameleon is not too hard to get.
5:47 PM
I tried, but it didn't work
oh :/
What does the action of starring eight messages have to do with handegg?
@JanDvorak uhh... nothing
> You do not have sufficient reputation to vote
5:48 PM
Does making it room owner work?
@undo Just change smokeys location to the tavern on his/her profile, that should do it
@Undo But.. uh.. starring in Sandbox won't do anything, because the Sandbox is not bound to a specific site.
> Handegg answer a question and get a score of 7 or more
Next year there should be a "Soccer" hat.
ohh... I have a hat for Smokey @Undo! You can get it on Meta.SE, as you don't need rep to comment there ;)
5:53 PM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 9 mins ago, by TGMCians
@rene hmm hey how're you ? thanks :) I'll try again to join you all :) . let's see how it goes.
join with* you all
correction: what does the action of starring eight messages have to do with judging sumo?
you have to star 8 messages by 8 different people
oh, what does the "judging sumo" mean, no idea
@InfiniteRecursion i'm back :)
a link only answer without link ;) stackoverflow.com/a/27607843/1699210 the question seems to be OT too
5:56 PM
@JanDvorak The only thing I can find is something called "Kachi-koshi", which is
> In a tournament, attaining the number of wins that assures a better than even percentage. Out of 15 bouts, for example, a rikishi is said to be kachi-koshi at that point where he tallies 8 wins.
How do I look like in an inverted sumo judge hat, BTW?
similarly, there is "Ginosho"
> The technical merit prize awarded to a Maegashira rikishi who displays exceptional technique and variety in winning at least 8 of his 15 bouts.
no idea what this has to do with staring messages in chat though
also it looks like your bird is in a cup/bowl, and has a much fancier hat
^ only applies if you live in the US?
Is there a nice automated way to detect this kind of SEO-turfing?
6:05 PM
@TGMCians Yay! Welcome back :D
I am so happy to see you again
@InfiniteRecursion thanks :)
@JanDvorak Smokey didn't catch it.
@ProgramFOX Running since 17:44:18 UTC
6:06 PM
@JanDvorak [cv-pls] POB :P
@hichris123 you mean "in lati.. ups, no, in latin status is status
Stati might be a valid hypercorrected plural, though
6:08 PM
@hichris123 I think the phone number validator checks only for Indian phone numbers due to baba spam; this is a USA phone number.
HIA @tgm
@ProgramFOX Yeah. Smokey checks for [0-9][0-9] at the beginning IIRC, and this was only a single #.
@hichris123 No, that's not the problem; the regex catches it, I tested that. It's the validation that fails. Going to look for a way to fix.
That's all I came to say... slowly fades out from Stack Exchange and sleeps irl
6:11 PM
;D thanks for the talk, Fox
@Unihedro Yw!
Night @uni @uni @uni @uni
6:11 PM
@ProgramFOX Ah, ok.
make sure your volume all the way up @uni
any good ideas on how to celebrate the winter solstice without appealing to catholic tradition or doing other immoral things?
Thank @inf @inf @inf @inf
@pro @jan @tgm
Jan, dance!
@Som ok, but I'll wake up either way, pings
6:13 PM
... or humiliating myself
@hichris123 For numbers that cannot be uniquely parsed (like this spam one), we have to provide a country; so I'll just make sure that it checks for both Indian and USA phone numbers.
Hmm... or wait, perhaps I can make it work without a country; will have to test it a bit.
mark all incoming questions as spam
no need to be biased
ah no, only the phone number formatter works without countries, but that's not what we need
Who should I ping to unlock CVs and Whining room?
Ok, last mod on user list… @Anna ! ^
@bjb568 What doesn't work?
@bjb568 Link me to the rooms


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...

Whining Room

This room is for whining in. All manner of QQ will be tolerated.
6:32 PM
plze take away @bjb transfer chat message to tavern abilities too plz
Well, if people would read my room descriptions…
@ProgramFOX Ooh nice.
@bjb568 I did post some items in your Closevotes room but you deleted them - I don't really know why. You left some comment about syntax, which is not described in your room descriptions, so I probably transgressed in some obscure way. It's too much like hard work so I won't bother again.
6:40 PM
wait, the guy who can't be bothered to say "-pls" has high standards about syntax?
@HoboSapiens no dups, OT must be "OffTopic/<reason number>", "Unclear", "TooBroad", etc. are pretty self-explanatory.
@bjb568 Any reference for the reason numbers?
reason number? Where can I get those?
@bjb568 Is that so difficult to put in the room description?
(and I get a hat)
Flag dialog has numbers
(value=7 there)
that it does
Neither option is really user-friendly
@HoboSapiens Char limit.
@JanDvorak that question reminds me of this post, which has quite the nice answer
6:44 PM
@bjb568 Pastebin.
You do it.
#uni Sleep now!
@Undo that... was not our guy
@JanDvorak Amusing observation
6:55 PM
@Sompuperoo actually, those are "new questions" asked the Sunday
7:18 PM
Is the main point of SmokeDetector to find spam?
@TheGuywithTheElfHat Yeah
Most of the all-caps-title questions I remember aren't spam; they're just people typing the title with caps lock to make it "easier to see"
7:22 PM
The next user to join this room for the fist time will be the room's 1337th user.
The fist time?
Are you sure you're not think of a different room?
I'm sure.
7:31 PM
@Braiam ... oh :P
@PatrickHofman done
@Undo: Thanks
@TheGuywithTheElfHat No, Smokey's purpose in life is to provide us entertainment and get a hat before Winter Bash is over
8:04 PM
Smokey is terrible at getting hats :P
Why doesn't safari send an accept encoding header?
does it not?
Pretty sure it doesn't.
what makes you think that?
Chrome does.
@JanDvorak Not showing up in debug tools or on node.
Firefox doesn't either. Stupid capitalization
Ok, so the code I copied from node website was wrong.
8:09 PM
copy-paste progamming?
@bjb568 so, it's your fault
no wheel of blame this time?
Well, I'm doing a proof of concept. I'm just trying to convince myself that it works.
By the time it goes into real code, I understand it.
That is what I said with my code 7 years ago. That is now happy in production and I still have no clue...
Well, figure it out!
8:19 PM
user image
hum, i wonder what IDE that is
inb4 My Code Doesn't Work, I don't Know Why
zoom and enhance
inb5 My Code Works, HOW DID IT WORK BEFORE
inb6 wat wat wat
inb4 inb7
8:20 PM
YAY! Bart isn't in the star wall
at least not his main account
@Braiam exactly
@Braiam I recognize myself...
I guess I need therapy now...
8:36 PM
You're all better now!
Oh, heh, therapist.
The word to not break wrong.
Q: Moderator Pro Tempore

TimThis community needs to start contributing some names they would like to act as provisional Moderators. Please read this: Moderators Pro Tempore. Here are some basic guidelines: Each nomination should be a separate answer. Link the name to the user’s profile (parent and meta) so we can see th...

I've been nominated.
(why onebox no show hat)
@Frank Cool! Think the site will survive?
@gunr2171 just imagine how quick the OP adds bugs to a codebase...
8:45 PM
@Undo It does seem to be stabilizing. Almost all the new questions are in scope, and the vote/close wars are settling down.
@Frank who won? the ones that close them or the one that reopen them?
@Braiam We built a new scope, and the people who are supporting that 'won', I suppose.
well, if you get appointed ping me so we can expedite your TL access. (real reason: so I can welcome your team before the competing welcomers get to it)
there's a battle in the Teacher Lounge... who will welcome newbies first? Undo or the others
coming soon
8:54 PM
commming soon
Is it fair to post an answer that says "I want a hat" then delete it?
I'm pretty sure it needs upvotes to work anyway.
prepares an unfair-hammer
So... I need to somehow get drunk or something and post a bad answer that i want to delete
and no, you just need to delete an answer
well, that's what it says
@TheWobbuffet mods are getting irritated towards stuff like that generated by hats, beware lest they decide to start suspending.
8:58 PM
Which hat is it?
@Undo Im sure they only suspend if many answers are deleted
Fear & Loathing
@TheWobbuffet you've been warned :P
I think it's the faults of whoever made these hats... every hat should be of the same difficulty
@TheWobbuffet Find a bad answer you already have.
@bjb568 I delete all my bad answers
8:59 PM
I actually have it on 2 sites, not even trying.
@TheWobbuffet Well, delete a mediocre one.
@Undo Belated thought: maybe Chameleon did not work because you did not change the avatar, only the name?
I have 271 answers on SO, maybe it'll look nicer without one
@Behaviour perhaps, but it worked on my main account when I just changed the avatar
A: How to removeChild and addChild for different array of enemy types by a collision

The WobbuffetYou can do it easily by creating an array loop and seeing if the movieclip is the class (goes where you remove the MovieClip: for(var i = 0; i < enemies.length) { if(enemies[i].hitTestObject(yourMovieClip)) { if(enemies[i] is Red) { var blue:Blue = new Blue; ...

Everyone in the as3 tag is so inactive
@TheWobbuffet I think it's better to delete and then undelete an answer, then to add cruft to the database.
9:00 PM
I put a comment asking if the answer worked for then
@Behaviour That works? Deleting then undeleting?
I usually delete an answer immediately after posting, edit it, then undelete
Yes, it does. When you got the hat, you know it's safe to undelete. Hats are not taken back.
Yay :D
I got three upvoting hats on Math by upvoting and then revoking the vote.
now... when do hats come
Obviously not immediately from past experience
They take a few minutes, yes.
9:02 PM
eek that answer uses if else instead of a switch statement, and that was just a year ago
I wonder what is the record for the largest gap (time interval) between a user's posts on an SE site. No idea how to look for it using SQL. Is this a question for Meta.SE or for SO?
Ah, it's probably easier to do semi-manual binary search: look up the users with at least one post before X, no posts between X and Y, and at least one post after Y.
@Behaviour I holdz that record
@Frank On what site?
@Behaviour GL
9:09 PM
@Behaviour me, approx 2 years on SO
thor oh ugh lie
1 year and couple months
Frank posted on 2012-06-19 and then on 2014-05-16. That's 23 months gap.
But there's a user on Math whose gap is between 2012-06-03 and 2014-10-30. Almost 29 months.
@Behaviour meta se
9:15 PM
Lifehacks went public!!
@rene And... someone will answer? :)
sure, on my way
that means a week or two to mod appointments.
It was like the next day on SR IIRC
What's sr?
9:18 PM
@Undo Ah, ok.
@rene Great, posted here.
Boo. No hats in mobile chat
Dammit, my message in the start wall is now obsolete... flags Bart message fixed :D
@Behaviour and posts right, question or answer doesn't matter?
9:23 PM
@rene That's right, posts of either kind.
Congrats with 3k on MSE @behavior Oh no, it's just bounty that brang you down.
makes note of @Braiam's behaviour
@bjb568 Yes, "30 Offered bounties for 2,550 reputation"
Also, the 'merican spelling does not ping me. I'm a legal alien.
A: Moderator Pro Tempore

TimJ. Musser Meta He is active on both the main (1) and meta (2) sites. He was involved in the scope creation and took lead in closing the Off Topic questions. I respectfully accept. I'm a lawn care/landscaping guy from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I started on Stack Exchange because of Garden...

I accept
9:25 PM
@Frank yay
Q: Why does Chicago-O'Hare have a penalty box?

UndoI was reading What information does a pilot have about aircraft operating on an intersecting runway?, and noticed something in the map: Why is a "penalty box" marked on the map? What is it? What is it used for?

Go J Musser! Let's hope @Frank never gets a diamond though
@Braiam you can write an answer :)
@Frank Now you'll have a non-slow beta to amuse yourself with... But I don't see any post from a CM announcing the advancement to public beta; did it just happen silently?
Wow, the internet in the train sucks. Still, beats roaming
9:30 PM
@Behaviour usually the post is a few minutes after the switch
@Bart there's a AU user that had exactly the contrary experience
@Undo I don't understand what's said there, so... nope :P
> 5 min. minor penalty for cutting in line
I downvoted because this isn't a hack; it's an indicator made for this exact purpose... and it only works if you're driving a car that has this arrow. Not all of 'em do. — abby hairboat ♦ 3 hours ago
^ Abby downvoting Jaydles. Shog9 should also show up there with his comment-block for "I downvoted"...
Popcorn time?
9:43 PM
@Bart isn't that all the time?
Fair enough.
@Behaviour Can I restrict to users with certain rep?
@rene just don't run it on SO....
@rene Sure, the nontrivial users are of interest. But it's best if it's a parameter then.
10:07 PM
@Behaviour done
@rene It returns me as a top result on Math. :) But that's a bug: I filled in some tag wikis for tags that existed for a long time, and your query got those.
But that count as posts
so only questions and answers?
@rene Yes, I meant Q&A... Also, the CreationDate of tag wiki is the creation data of the tag, not the time when I wrote the wiki. This is why the result is misleading: I only exist since May 2014.
So there's no way I could take a break for 1128 days....
Ok, fixed
Noam Elkies is now on top
10:13 PM
Noam David Elkies (born August 25, 1966) is an American mathematician and chess master. In 1981, at age 14, Elkies was awarded a gold medal at the 22nd International Mathematical Olympiad, receiving a perfect score of 42 and becoming one of just 26 participants to attain this score, and the youngest ever to do so. Elkies graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 1982 and went on to Columbia University, where he won the Putnam competition at the age of sixteen years and four months, making him one of the youngest Putnam Fellows in history. He was a Putnam Fellow two more times during his undergraduate...
^ gave the only answer I ever received on Math.SE
Wow, nice
@Behaviour Hmm if that's the case that's not desirable, I'll see if I can get that fixed somehow.
So apparently we're on a spam call list. Any ideas for what fun things I can do to them?
10:24 PM
I'm out... need sleep...
10:51 PM
@Undo order pizza
I was going to try "Dominos may I take your order"
I've gotten off a few telemarketer lists with a "Don't tell anybody, (awkward pause) but I just *click*.
Q: Did LifeHacks just become a public beta?

Adam ZuckermanIt appears that the various controls that were open to me during the private beta have changed. Does that mean that we have been promoted to a public beta?

11:07 PM
A: What needs to be done to keep this site alive?

Shog9As one of the people who recommended this site be opened to public beta, I'm going to quote the relevant portion of my recommendation here on the off-chance it's useful to anyone: The best model for this site is Skeptics - no limit to the subject matter, but strict limits on the sorts of prob...

Does the Community Team take a vote on the fate of beta site? Wonder how many thumbs up/down LH got.
Better yet, they should do it as Hangout-on-Air.
Following the parallel with Skeptics: on Skeptics, 51.6% of all posts are deleted. On Lifehacks: 63.3% are deleted.
Keep it up, folks. :) Delete all the things. <- I need a Latin translation of this, so that it's an official motto.
Not exactly a vote. More like, one person is picked to make the final decision, but anyone interested contributes their thoughts prior to
11:18 PM
And that person is then charged with handling the issues that the site causes? That's fair.
They'll end up being sorta the default handler, yes. No one is solely responsible for anything though.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza sure you didn't mean priceless?
+100 - regurgitation is valueless. — Mooseman 6 mins ago
Regurgitated pizza is disgusting. (But I now see Mooseman is not eating pizza on Lifehacks.)
@Frank looks funny, I'm curios how it will perform, all of what I have understood until now, other stack sites look like quite the contrary.
@bummi quite the contrary of what aspect?
11:28 PM
the rules seem very "un"strict from a first view
@Behaviour Does that count comments?
@bummi It's a lot tighter than we started out. :)
@Shog9 Which staffer is responsible for in charge of handling LH beta?
It looks interesting, I'll observe and maybe participate, but moderating might get difficult?
@Frank No, Q&A only. My method: search "is:q" to get the extant questions, "is:a" to get the extant answers, add the numbers up, divide by the Id number of the most recent question.
@Behaviour that ignores deleted answers...
This gives the proportion of all posts that have not been deleted (yet).
11:32 PM
@Braiam No, because posts are numbered consecutively, Q and A. It's just easier to find the newest question, and the difference is tiny in any case.
ohh... post (q or a) that hasn't been deleted? where's the tag count in this?
@bummi If things don't change, it should be pretty tame. Don't count on that though.
Tag count? There's no way to know which tags deleted posts had unless you are a mod.
I want this guy to be a moderator. He was a major part of the early leadership that we did, and is a very friendly/trustworthy person. I have no idea why his nomination is getting downvotes.
I wondered about that
11:40 PM
I got one dv, but he got 3. Which doesn't make sense as I was the one who went around 'forcing' everyone to stick to the scope. I thought I'd have a lot more haters.
Doesn't really matter :)
@michaelpri The community team looks over all of them. It's not solely based on upvotes, but more on the merits of the users themselves. — Undo 12 mins ago
@Frank Some people find self-nominations immodest? idk
In actual election they are self-nominations of course, but in informal meta threads they usually are not.
usually there's a good mix of self nominations and not-self-nominations.
@Behaviour He was the one I was gonna nominate. He got there first.
11:43 PM
@Behaviour also ignores post IDs that belong to tag wikis
@Frank Maybe he should delete self-nomination, and you will nominate yourself? Or maybe too late if many read it already.
@Frank I "know" (J. Musser) you and Moosemann and can't participate anyway ;)
@bummi In LH? Why not?
how do I get a hat again?
@Frank ups, tried on other sites and was not able due to rep (which seems legal) , due to beta?
11:53 PM
@chmod711telkitty There are no hats.
Your life is a lie.
your avatar looks like a cross dressing android - android with a pink dress :'(
@bummi Oh, you mean voting in meta? I thought you meant participating in the beta.
@chmod711telkitty Not mine.
flowery parror on a frozen tree - I like that

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