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3:00 PM
Unless his feet smell. Then that lucky sock.
I'm sure his feet don't smell.
@animuson @ShadowWizard We don't have a Mort hat, so no need to try...
@SPArchaeologist who knows? There's always a chance for a secret secret hat ;)
3:17 PM
Oh yay, another day closer to becoming Legendary.
@ShadowWizard ye hope
There is only one missing secret hat, and it should be personally awarded by Benny on Christmas eve to Sugarcube users.
3:33 PM
@SPArchaeologist Benny is SE employee?
Is Benny a sock?
@Moosemaniseatingpizza not spam
bad answer
gone anyways
3:34 PM
@bluefeet NAA next time.
close fest?
@Moosemaniseatingpizza I won't handle those NAA on that question but they are answers based on the question that was asked
the problem is the question not those answers
@ShadowWizard I'm on the 10k tools page of new answers to old questions. Up to 25 NAA's in past ~10 mins.
@bluefeet I didn't NAA them all bc I figured you might say that.
3:39 PM
@ShadowWizard I still prefer the version I made for last year bash
@Moosemaniseatingpizza Only use NAA on posts that aren't answers. Links aren't a magical "this isn't an answer" fast-path.
^ also know as Princess Benny Sparkle
@Moosemaniseatingpizza LQ
@Moosemaniseatingpizza You got it!
The first answer added information that wasn't asked for, while it's helpful it's at most a comment, therefore flag worthy. The second one simply sucks.
@bluefeet I thought I'm the only one with this view
@bummi no, there are many people who view the question as the problem for bad answers
@Moosemaniseatingpizza NAA
3:50 PM
@Moosemaniseatingpizza are they selling something via the link or telling you to buy gucci bags? No, then it's not spam
@Moosemaniseatingpizza he posted lots of this answers someone might find duplicates
@bluefeet Not commercial, no. But the spam flag reason says "promotional", which I'd say this is.
@Moosemaniseatingpizza nope, sorry it isn't
@Moosemaniseatingpizza how many of his answers promote his blog?
3:54 PM
@JanDvorak From the handful (~20) I checked, no others. This is bad though (VLQ or NAA?)
Today's Listening | Dubstep / Drumstep
@Moosemaniseatingpizza OTHER
@bummi Why do you think other?
@bummi Should we be using custom-reason flags when unneeded?
I had some declines or disputed on cases like this (some worked with spam too, longer ago)
3:58 PM
that should not be an other, mods don't need to be involved with that answer
@bluefeet I was thinking about one (higer rep) user posting many answers referring his blog/site etcc.
@bummi if you see a user repeatedly posting the same link then that is a different story. But for a single link to a blog, mods don't need to be involved
@bluefeet that's clear, I was on deciding to flag for spam or other in cases of frequent linking
4:19 PM
Must... get... naruto hat \ _ /
@Unihedro must... have... Twilight... hat.
@Unihedro (puts on a naruto hat to show off)
still prefer the tardis
4:26 PM
^ this.
Why are the hats to hard to get? Especially "Not a cherry"...
Nice hat @LynnCrumbling \o/
@InfiniteRecursion The F&L hat?
Or Naruto?
Seems to have just updated to the other one.
@InfiniteRecursion We can make sure @Unihedro never gets one, by upvoting all of his answers as soon as he posts them! :)
4:36 PM
Well, then I just need to post 40 * (number of people in your troll voting ring) + 1 answer.
And guess what, there are about 12000 new regex questions every day, so you're not going to succeed when I try for it. :P
Sure @LynnCrumbling, we are evil :D
I'm bummed that each site can't have separate parameters for defining size/layout of a hat. I have separate avatars, but the layout definition seems to be network-wide.
No "wear only on this site"?
4:39 PM
@Unihedro When you use the controls to adjust the zoom/tilt/positioning, that appears to take effect everywhere :-/
stackoverflow.com/q/27551448/1864610 Too broad, opinion-based, product request, unclear, whatever...
To wheel of blame!
You need to take inspiration from Bart, he has a different avatar on every site, but all his hats are perfectly aligned
yesterday, by Bart
FYI @InfiniteRecursion, all my avatars on all sites are different.
@InfiniteRecursion I checked, and his avatars looked the same across all sites.
yesterday, by Bart
They are all different pairs of glasses @Braiam. Granted, all the same model, but still. I can't believe you all haven't noticed ...
4:45 PM
@TheGuywithTheElfHat Bart's avatars are not only all different, but even more different than when Google and Yahoo changes their logos. Google moved a character by two pixels, Yahoo moved their exclamation mark by three pixels, Bart changed the glasses model by a grand FOUR PIXELS!
@InfiniteRecursion mine are to. If you look at it, you will see that the Doctor photos were all taken in different ages.
@Unihedro Four pixels!? No way!
No spam on Drupal? Come on now, I just need one more helpful flag for Marshal, and now the spammers rest...
Ben Collins has a new avatar, the cute tiger is gone.
Those spammers are so inconsiderate.
4:50 PM
flags all the comments
@TheGuywithTheElfHat yes. They stopped just before I got the fifth spam message downvoted and deleted
@TGMCians I told you cats can't handle hats ... look at bjb's hat, poor cat is getting crushed under his hat
If the cat doesn't survive winter bash, blame @TGMCians :P
@TheGuywithTheElfHat Except the posts from Taverners'. Those posts must not be flagged...
@Unihedro except the hat posts
4:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion :D not me. it is still good here meta.stackexchange.com/a/244013/244382 . bjb wore wrong hat.. you should have suggested to bjb. :p
5:10 PM
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
Look at your hat @bjb568. It's all over your face.
^ that was his previous hat
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
Your hat is still all over your face @bjb
^ his waffle hat
what do you think about this one? stackoverflow.com/a/27551600/1699210 , same link like this deleted one stackoverflow.com/a/27548694/1699210
that cat is hopeless with hats
@InfiniteRecursion :D I see
Maybe we could say the cat is in the hat?
5:20 PM
my hat is looking good, isn't it ?
will do
yes @TGMCians :)
thanks @inf :)
I am on my boat hat
Is there an already-existing feature request for showing what % of the time your review agrees with the "consensus" for the post?
5:30 PM
@InfiniteRecursion yeah, nice looking :)
5:43 PM
Thanks :)
A: Where is my box of Stack Overflow swag?

Tim PostWe had a baby. A month earlier than expected, my wife had a baby, and that's why it's late. As the resident 'lord of the swag', certain things collect and ping in documents that only send me alerts, thus a whole lot of stuff didn't happen while we spent nearly 45 days in the neonatal ICU waiting ...

Congratulations @TimPost :)
liar @InfiniteRecursion
Going to a chat room is optional. It's fine if the users didn't go into chat. I avoid chat rooms too. — Infinite Recursion 3 mins ago
I see you in here, you don't avoid chat!!!
5:59 PM
I never chat on SO @bluefeet
And nowadays, I avoid the tavern too :P
You missed the most important comment in that post, Shog is having coffee!!
I've read it twice now & can't really make sense of what you're trying to say in your last paragraph. Gonna go drink more coffee & see if that helps, but you might want to do a bit of editing here. Also, hyperbolic title ain't gonna win you supporters. Also, examples always help. — Shog9 ♦ 23 mins ago
A: Can a machine be taught to flag comments automatically?

Tim PostThis post alone is an amazing amount of work, the amount of work it actually represents is admirable. It's not an odd itch to want to scratch, we've been putting a lot of thought and time into comments lately. While we did find a few nice things to say about how comments on our sites are actually...

6:14 PM
@InfiniteRecursion, you missed some stars at the end of the answer
Thanks @gunr2171, fixed.
Jan scolds me for editing crap posts (so please don't reveal that I edited anything in the tavern)
Nov 3 at 10:01, by Jan Dvorak
@inf fixing crappy questions again?
@InfiniteRecursion It was interesting to see you both on work, I see I've to learn more, while I don't get the sense on those always, here would be a further candidate stackoverflow.com/q/7071825/1699210 Shark vs Gorilla IMHO
^ yes, opinion-based on a third party piece of software.
6:30 PM
last vote.. i guess inf haven't voted. lets try @inf ^^
voted @TGMCians
ah thanks :)
I wonder...
6:34 PM
@TGMCians Command not recognised.
your bot doesn't work..^^
@Sam Do I need to be whitelisted here also?
6:36 PM
Please don't swear in the public chat rooms, cheers!
@Moosemaniseatingpizza Nope.
Looks like I'll be earning the imitation crab hat soon.
Not hard, considering the regular list of cv/dv q's that get marched through tavern.
@Haney If you have sec, would you please approve my tag synonym on lifehacks? Thanks!
Oh I see, this was a rouse
get our attention, and then get us to do work
do you think I get paid to work on this site or something?!
(checking it out)
Pfft, at least you guys get free waffles (right?).
6:39 PM
approved cleanliness too
@Haney Thanks! :)
@Sam you have no idea. The chefs in the NYC office are incredible
@StackChefs, NYC
Eat, Drink and be Merry ~DMB ~Cooking up some fun delicious food for Stack Exchange HQ
726 tweets, 371 followers, following 375 users
check out some of the photos
I work remotely, so I rarely get to enjoy :(
Grilled skirt steak? Do you guys take visitors? :)
We do occasionally invite folks. Usually NYC locals.
6:41 PM
@Haney For events?
we sometimes host events and invite folks to said events
@Haney Is there some sort of a list I could possibly get on? :)
Not really. We typically invite groups around NYC we're working with. They're often not-for-profits that are teaching people to code
if you were a member of said not for profits it's likely you'd eventually dine
I can't even get my best friends an invite to lunch though, so... ;)
Okay, thanks :)
no worries at all
if it cheers you up, again I'm remote so I rarely get to enjoy their work ;)
let me know if you need something in the future, cheers all and happy holidays!
6:43 PM
@Haney ...so does that mean if I'm in the area someday I can get your lunch? ;)
Sadly, unlikely. But you can follow Stack Chefs and live vicariously through the NYC office! (as I often do)
Low Quality A (46.6%): ********* **** ** **** *** ******, by ***** *********, on english.stackexchange.com.
^ Offensive.
@Haney lol take care
you too! peace!
6:44 PM
7:00 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SYNTAX TREES HELPPP! by Clarra lee on linguistics.stackexchange.com
Q: Why do new sites appear on the reputation tab of my network profile?

Mooseman is eating pizzaI am a participant on Lifehacks.SE, which is in private beta. As of writing, I have ~1800 rep on Lifehacks.SE. However, on the reputation tab of my network profile, Lifehacks.SE is not seen. On English Language Learners SE, which is in public beta, I have a mere ~350 rep, but that is shown in th...

Note : Someone (developer) suspended me without any meaningful reason from tavern chat. #unfair. it is ok bye tavern!!!!. thanks all
@TGMCians mhhh, why ?
7:20 PM
We're trying to repro it in our sandbox and can't. meta.anime.stackexchange.com/questions/857/…
Either way, I'm impressed.
@Mysticial meh, can't find it. I was sure there was a meta post about it
it was ages ago, anyway
Is there a way to handle 1:1 plagiarism without an OTHER flag?
7:37 PM
@bummi There is in tag wiki edit reviews
@Moosemaniseatingpizza to late , but I did not understand
@bummi When reviewing tag wiki edits, there is a reject reason "Copied Content"
@Moosemaniseatingpizza oh ok, not it's an answer on a question
@bummi Not to my knowledge
@Mysticial Maybe only on for people <100 rep?
7:42 PM
@bjb568 Comments require 50 rep.
@bjb568 they can't even do that in the first place..
@TGMCians Sorry to see you leave. I will miss you :(
@TGMCians weird
I was kicked before too :(
I mean…
7:59 PM
@bjb568 The guy who posted the image has 10k rep.
I mean, the guy who originally posted it before @Mysticial took it.
I can't imagine why rep would have anything to do with it. Inflammatory comments are inflammatory regardless of rep. Maybe the filter only exists on some sites and not others.
Although that's hard to see as well since a comment that's inflammatory is probably the same on all sites.
@Mysticial That would make sense. On English sites they use mention all kinds of words in posts and comments.
With that one exception. :)
Or maybe it's disabled on meta sites to allow for more "discussion". :)
8:07 PM
They also can't blacklist body parts for biology SE.
I think it's enabled on SO only. Tried to comment on my own post there with "What a rep whore you are", got blocked. Same on Math, no problem.
Low Quality A (47%): Aacvyhhhggckffgbbgfgcxdff123456789012345677899024579, by zafar, on android.stackexchange.com.
^^ gone
@Mysticial The comment has not only be grabbed but posted, there are a lot of even bad comments on this thread ... flag as offensive (establish justice) or obsolete or just flag the whole thread with other for a cleanup
@bummi I flagged it an hour ago.
8:17 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit thanks, for letting me know, I started some obsoletes (now obsolet)
Or just delete the whole question. I cast the first vote.
@bummi Why? What harm is any of that doing? Just leave it alone and flag more important things. The entire question will be deleted by users soon enough.
No need to cast a million flags on mediocre comments that nobody's even going to see
@Mysticial that was my first intend but as always out of close votes, sorry for bothering
2 hours ago, by Haney
Please don't swear in the public chat rooms, cheers!
Someone should tell Shog9 (and the seven people who starred that message) =P
That wasn't swearing, that was just vulgar
8:26 PM
@jadarnel27 Someone should tell the C++ room
@Shog9 That's an interesting distinction to make (that I don't understand).
I was just pointing that Haney's comment was a little...broad, maybe. Or unclear.
closed as too broad by jadarnel27, Doorknob ♦
I don't see anything wrong with using profanity in chat. Although I tend to limit my use in this room, since many folks have mentioned they don't like it.
8:30 PM
(am I doing it right?)
hey.... I don't infest anything, ever!
"You barbarians! I’ll sue the council for all it’s got! I’ll have you hung, drawn and quartered! And whipped! And boiled… until… until… until you’ve had enough! And then I will do it again! And when I’ve finished I will take the little bits and I will jump on them! And I will carry on jumping on them until I get blisters or I can think of something even more unpleasant to do!" —Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
@Shog9's pedantry has me confused about what @Haney meant.
And I also wasn't here for the situation. So maybe I should just move on.
Note that profanity is something else again. ATWOOD ON A STICK, THAT SMARTS!
And vulgarity... Well, we already covered that.
Generally, you would avoid all of these in polite conversation.
What about sarcasm, do we need to avoid this?
8:33 PM
And what about bots?
Ah, so a moratorium on impoliteness is in order. That way we eschew vulgarity, profanity, cursing, and other such undesirable things, without having to enumerate them.
@JanDvorak no, sarcasm is awesome and never bothers anyone
@jadarnel27 That will teach those pesky people to play nice, for sure
I will still miss @TGMCians in the Tavern, hope he comes back some day
I still miss devnull and cupcake
I could so go for a cupcake right now
8:40 PM
goes for a cupcake
Grr, pizza hat is hard. This guy has only the pizza hat and no other hats! :O
@Doorknob冰 Has anyone tried to post five self-answers to own question?
@Behaviour Self-answers probably don't count.
@Behaviour yes, they have. I'd show you, but you'd need 10K on SO.
@Shog9 ... does it work?
8:44 PM
But yeah, it's been tried. Anyone want to guess how well it worked?
My guess: they got temporary bans
If by "worked" you mean "got them suspended," then I'd guess it worked perfectly
All you really need to do is post a question about some jQuery code with a typo in it. You'd probably get 5 answers in 90 seconds.
halp plz how 2 fix gives error thx $('..classname').hide()
Pizza hat is easier on the sites that are okay with questions, e.g. Math. It may still take some coordination to have five good answers prepared and posted in 30 minutes. The easier way is to post some clueless-looking question on which users will pounce with their wisdom. That has been tried, too.
8:48 PM
or sites with amazing community coordination in gaming stuff (like ELU)
@InfiniteRecursion Well, coordinating votes is quite another thing from coordinating posts.
They do coordinate votes, and posts. My opinion about "fairness" has significantly changed after participating on their site for a few months.
I like SO more, after the experience. Despite the huge volume of noise, it has a better community and ethics.
9:18 PM
A: match one line break, but not two

The Guy with The Elf HatUse the regex \r?\n(?!\r?\n). You can find an online explanation and demonstration here. This regex uses a negative lookahead to make sure that the line break is followed by another line break. The line breaks are matched by \r?\n to conform to the standard, because some line breaks are represen...

great answer. I was just confused on syntax. this is really straightforward, thank you so much. — thomas 16 mins ago
^^^ that's the OP of the question
This is not the right answer. — sln 6 mins ago
9:32 PM
Haha, that's awesome.
9:50 PM
WAT. How could anyone possibly think this is a good idea? — Jan Dvorak 44 secs ago
And now we're back to the sarcasm.
10:05 PM
^ That's either advanced mathematics, or just someone trolling...
@Sam It's totally advanced math.
Why do people keep doing this?
A: Is this proof of uncountability of Cantor set true?

Alex RSorry about the spam I shouldn't have left my PC unattended.

10:42 PM
Why aren't there regex highlighting plugins for sublime?
Got a hat without doing anything for a day... Nice.
@hichris123 Kinda sorta
Smokey should be catching that...
Yeah that's weird.
11:12 PM
@hichris123 Running since 22:25:51 UTC
Goodbye, cruel world
@hichris123 Running since 23:13:04 UTC
11:52 PM
user image
^ where the commenting on SO is heading.
@hichris123 The question to which that spam was attached should also go: stackoverflow.com/q/21519041/1864610
@HoboSapiens Too much trouble. Downvoted -> Deleted by roomba tomorrow
@Behaviour Fair enough - I didn't realise the Roomba was that quick.
It's the weekly roomba, but its next run is in about 24 hours.
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