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3:01 AM
+1, Tell us what it's like when you reach 20K :P
Feature request: Starburst should continue being delicious but also not stick to my teeth
I'm drawing out this 14k
I'm too tired to answer questions, heh
Work and userscript stuff to do first. :P
Come on Tim, post an answer more convoluted than my variable-variables
spend some close votes then!
Is there something that needs closing in particular? :P
3:09 AM
@TimStone - You get a star for expecting to be breast-fed answers to close rather than using the tools :P
I'm nowhere near 10K yet :P
But if I was, that would still probably be the case.
Respect -1 :P
No shame, no shame.
3:11 AM
Come on Fedora14 download already
I need another week where people make typos in their code, that was a good time for me rep-wise, heh.
this needs closing as a dupe: stackoverflow.com/questions/4160898/…
Vote, away!
Vote this up:
A: "__class magic method" (mediating references to class names by a custom code)

Aiden BellAiden's untested approach: variable variables and generating a string: <?php $dog = "12"; function getDogClass($myNum) { global $dog; // Do something dynamic here; $dog = "Dog_" . $myNum; return "dog"; } class Dog_13rc1 { function __construct() { printf("Woof...

I'd love to see that horrible method beat a recommendation to use Factories
I already gave you +1 :P
3:16 AM
I mean, live-revision control using variable-variables!
@TimStone - Re-read the code, I altered it to directly answer the question and it is hilarious
deletes 400 lines of code
@TimStone the backspace key is the most productive key
Indeed :D
@TimStone - I just spent 2 days having to meditate on some architecture, then did some serious backspace-foo
I'm in the same boat, trying to straighten up this configuration parser that I went and made a total mess of the first time around.
3:26 AM
Yup, only with a OLTP framework ... from scratch
on my side
I'm hoping I didn't forget anything in this rewrite, heh. Guess I'll find out when I run the tests later.
Hmmm non-static, globally non-reentrant methods ... that can't be right :P
>A vase found in a house-clearance in London has been sold for £43m, thought to be a record for any Chinese artwork.
rchern, St. Louis, MO
@AidenBell ....Wow.
I wish I had expensive old stuff laying around
@PopularDemand Hahah
3:43 AM
@TimStone - Haven't you seen "national treasure"? America is full of really old stuff which is culturally misplaced despite 'America' not being pioneered in that period :P
I don't trust Nicholas Cage. :P
Hello again.
Saw this, thought it was funny.
Q: How to send emails in iphone application?????

Manju Sehrawathi...i am trying to create an iphone app by which i can send emails to my friends id... please send me the hints for coding of this part...

Pleez send me de hintz 4 codingz dis part.
Hey @Moshe - where has your epic default gravitar gone?
Needs a lol cat to go with.
@AidenBell - It went where my head went. :P
@AidenBell He found the rest of Shog9.
3:45 AM
Seriously, I took this picture last summer in Photo Booth for Mac OS X and I really like it.
I am going to try to build my brand around it.
@Moshe - vote cast
@AidenBell - huh?
@Moshe -- "My Brand?" you read too much Wired my friend
@AidenBell - I don't.
@Moshe vote cast on the question you posted
3:47 AM
@AidenBell - which one?
The iphone one, about ~15 chatboxes up
Ah, thanks
How much rep is needed to vote to close?
Wait - don't tell me. I'll find the privaleges page myself.
@AidenBell - What's with the double facepalm?
And as far as branding - it compensates for poor graphic design to at least a small extent.
Consistent design, however ugly, will at least set and eventually meet users' expectations.
How evil would it be if I edited the question to say: "How do I send an email from my iPhone application? I didn't search google or SO yet."?
@PopularDemand - That UNIX.SE account for @rchern, doesn't seem like @rchern for some reason.
That is how I feel about SO
3:52 AM
That's not the point.
Example: Everybody recognizes Apple's logo, right?
Everyone recognized cocacola
@Moshe - Im not really listening
Whatever then
@Moshe, what about my unix.se account?
@AidenBell - but to answer your question - I like this photo better than the identicon.
@rchern - Did you really make that account with the upside down head, or did someone else do that?
huh? all my accounts have the same gravatar
3:55 AM
whistles innocently
@PopularDemand - lol
rchern, St. Louis, MO
@PopularDemand, bad!
btw, UX is a bad icon for the unix.SE site, because UX is short for User Experience.
3:56 AM
quietly goes off to see what other sites @rchern hasn't registered for yet
shakes head some more
O_o She's got a Gaming.SE account? How did that happen?
Ah ha! She isn't registered on tex.se
Yes I do.
Bit more branding
Don't forget the SO t-shirt
4:01 AM
@AidenBell - So you hate branding because... why?
Although I will admit that a full color photo probably isn't a good branding idea because of ink requirements/usage.
@rchern y'our' comment has more upvotes than his suggestion tho, it's at 5 now... downvotes maybe?
@Moshe - What you talking about?
Hahah, excellent.
Hehe, I think I'd have the pundit badge if those comment votes were on mine. I feel like I was one away. Oh well. (:
@TimStone why is this comment not timestamped like all the others?
4:09 AM
@drachenstern Hmm?
Ah, did you load older messages?
@TimStone yes
so I could catch up on any funnies I might have missed after 2 hours away :)
given the room, shouldn't this be considered the backwards smiley -> :)
@drachenstern Yeah, it seems that when you do that, the timestamp on the previously top-most message gets killed. I'll look into why that happens.
Why would any manufacturer sell 1TB hard-disks (external) preformatted with FAT16!?!
@AidenBell What? No way. That's not true, right?
@TimStone cough cough don't use timestamps cough
4:16 AM
@AidenBell so you could mess with us?
@AidenBell no link?
Ya know what's good after a frustrating day at the office? Cheesecake.
A: Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

drachensternAllow users with 20K (or higher?) the ability to force-accept answers on questions with a documentation trail and requirements? I'm just spitballing, but it could work. For instance: User with (only ever) one question asked on Mar 2009 that had two answers, to which the second was "I figured it ...

5:26 AM
ok witches and wizards, I'm off to bed ... (I don't know why I feel OCD compelled to share)
@drachenstern Well, isn't that what Twitter is for?
@rchern one more sketchy favicon gone today.
@Jin Tex looks brilliant :D
6:13 AM
@YiJiang thanks! I'm a big fan of that type of design
but i don't get to use it often..
the English site will have a similar design, it will be launched soon.
Go Jin, Gooooo! (;
but it won't be my design this time :)
I have commissioned one of my fav designers to do the English site. I think the result is great.
Alex Charchar of retinart.net
I really love his style
Okay, I have no idea why, but there's been a fairly large number of "What is the default value of HTML5 x attribute" on SO
6:18 AM
@Jin nice
It's stupid... no, incredibly stupid... I can't even be bothered with downvoting them anymore
Oh! @Jin! Saw a link today you'd be interested in...
is it about bacon?
@rchern \o/
6:23 AM
who's getting me this? http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/plush/e1d0/
i get bacon related links, a lot... :)
@YiJiang Maybe because HTML5 isn't ready for prime time.- Not that HTML5 itself is not ready, but we are not ready for it.
6:39 AM
I hate how you can't get replies to an original tweet in Twitter. ):
@rchern what do you mean?
You can easily see if a tweet is a reply, and see what it is a reply to. The other way around - show me any/all replies to a tweet - is what I want though.
the web UI isn't that great, even the new twitter. I always use Echofon client on my iphone. it's the best. has a good threaded conversation view
7:08 AM
I dunno why, but transmission has a nasty habit of stopping at 99.9% for extended period of time. The current one I'm staring at right now has been stuck there for 10 min at 99.97% and it just won't finish downloading the last 0.1mb arrrrggghhhh!!
/me pulls out hair
Maybe I should switch over to deluge instead
7:33 AM
@rchern uh, it is totally possible.
Let me find a tweet with two replies.
8:10 AM
@YiJiang It could be a problem with the torrent, where only very few clients (if any) have this particular piece you're missing
8:27 AM
So today is Give FF4 a Chance Day. I can't scroll wheel over tabs :(
8:45 AM
@radp Hmmm.. what do you mean by that?
1. Move mouse over tab area
2. Scroll wheel up/down
3. Change tabs REALLY fast.
There's probably an extension, but no extensions ever are compatible with nightlies :D
9:04 AM
they also removed that from chrome
I guess too many people didn't like that
@radp Actually, you can grab the compatibility add-on to turn off compatibility checking for add-ons.
@YiJiang I know, but that doesn't make addons actually compatible
@balpha mousewheel still switches tabs on Linux Chromium nightlies.
because, well, at least on GNOME you can switch between all tabs with the scroll wheel.
interesting... I'll test that. Not that I've every used that feature...
you're right, it works in the half-official fedora chromium build
10:01 AM
A: Propose a new 20k reputation privilege

radpThe ability to get moderator powers for reps/20k hours every week.

Downvote away!
I was going to write "reps/25k hours" but it doesn't really matter.
10:17 AM
10:36 AM
oh looks like he fixed that comment already
@MichaelMrozek Oh yeah, brilliantly epic edit war
@YiJiang Not only is it the biggest edit war I've seen, it's over probably the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen
@MichaelMrozek You ain't seen nothin' yet:
Occasionally, even experienced lose their heads and devote every waking moment to over the most trivial thing. This page documents our lamest examples. It isn't comprehensive or authoritative, but it serves as a showcase of situations where people lose sight of the big picture and obsessively expend huge amounts of energy fighting over something that, in the end, isn't really so important. Back in the good old days, people would just get out their swords and guns and fight a duel; nowadays physical combat has been replaced by careful inciting of , strategic templating and , timely ...
Well, Wikipedia lets anyone edit; if we did that we could probably make an effort at competing with them
1 hour later…
12:22 PM
@MichaelMrozek We let any one answer...
1:04 PM
@radp Try that with a tweet that isn't recent. Like a month ago.
@rchern Everything twitter sucks when you go farther behind than 48 hours.
Yeah well.
But the easiest way then is to load the user's page, hold PageDown for a while, then use Ctrl-F to find the tweet you're interested in.
@radp, like I said, not interested in it for tweets that are today. (;
@rchern NewTwitter has infinite scrolling. Eventually...
1:08 PM
@radp, for older tweets the homepage does NOT list replies like the image you showed.
@rchern True. Man, I wish there was a Q&A site for web apps to ask such a question on. :(
There is. And it's been asked. (;
@rchern Have a mod flag in appreciation.
My mum's asking me what Facebook is. What should I say?
@radp Well get moving and get to 2k rep.
1:12 PM
@YiJiang Stuff people with no lives use to make it look like they have a life.
Oh wait, that matches 90% of the internet.
Okay then: a way to get updates from people you know, on the misguided assumption that you do want to get updates from people you know.
If she asks what do you mean by "updates", reply "mostly links to cats, ranty walls of text with poor spelling and farmville spam."
@radp Sounds good. Don't really want to convince her to actually use it, since Facebook's blocked in China anyway
@YiJiang What if she asks you what Farmville is?
@radp Pretend I don't know what it is
The chance of her asking that is close to zero anyway
1:45 PM
What does "this is the case same as user jump into the well, after that you are saving their life and giving alert" mean?
@PopularDemand Oh, you saw the display name change question
@YiJiang As usual, I really want to edit it, but that part is unintelligible to me.
I mean, I know what the words mean individually, but together, they confuse me.
@PopularDemand I'll guess: "The alert is too late since I can't do anything about it now"
The phrasing is more colorful but the meaning should be that
That is...an interesting analogy.
You know that old question on MSO about groupthink and it's effect on our voting behavior? Well... here's proof, I guess:
1:49 PM
I dunno, it's a big jump from "after that you are saving their life" to "that makes it too late to do anything about it."
@PopularDemand Like I said, the meaning is the same, just that the words are more colorful
@YiJiang But it's actually the opposite meaning.
@PopularDemand They're saying it's like warning someone about the well after they've already fallen in. They just added the part about also saving the person in the well because it would be cruel for you to warn them about falling into the well while they were still in it. :P
@PopularDemand Why? He's making an analogy, relating the alert to trying to save your life, but now it's too late to do anything.
1:52 PM
The real question is "Where's Lassie?"
Ah, @TimStone's done a better job than me.
@radp Hahahah
I basically star everything everybody else stars. Unless it's my own post.
@YiJiang That means you didn't post a star-worthy message and are too shy to go and put the first star in.
Also: waaaay behind you: :P
Damn Eigenfaces
2:09 PM
I saw this and thought "well at least it's on proggit and not SO". Then I looked at where the link pointed :(
@MichaelMrozek Somebody 's trying to get the publicist badge :P
@YiJiang Conveniently it means I also know who to blame
I just got an idea for the chat script (man it's hard for these to come by)
Here's part two in my two-part series, "What can we do to make X better":
Q: "Closed" does not convey what it is intended to convey, and should be more user-friendly

Popular DemandThe problem One of the recurring questions on Meta is "why was this question closed?" In nearly every case, the question is posed by a newcomer to Stack Exchange who doesn't understand what closing means. The new users get frustrated with the (apparently) inscrutable, hostile SE system while Met...

2:18 PM
a /thread command to pull all of the messages that refer to it, and the ones that it refers to together into a single easy to read thread
@rchern Should I know who that is?
Of course this assumes that people would actually use explicit @-reply
@PopularDemand Our publicist wannabe, that :P (I think)
@PopularDemand, the user whose id is in the link @MichaelMrozek posted
@rchern Ah, thanks. I see "reddit" (or similar sites) and immediately mentally ignore that whole message.
Me too generally. (:
2:22 PM
You should get zero credit if your link points to a stupid non-question, which everything linked on reddit does.
shakes fist at the sun
In my eyes again, I knew there was a reason I'm normally asleep right now.
shakes fist at @TimStone's fist
@TimStone Windows: still the problem.
@PopularDemand I know, I know...but it's so hard to let go.
@PopularDemand Nay, it's the lack of curtains, not windows, since windows generally speaking aren't opaque
You wouldn't need curtains if you didnt' have windows.
2:26 PM
@YiJiang There are many possible solutions. Replacing the window(s) with a wall (mine); adding curtains (yours); surgically severing the optic nerve (Michael Mrozek's).
@rchern Right, because sleeping in a windowless broom cupboard is such a nice idea
I just went ahead and turned the blinds in the opposite direction, but yeah.
Whatever floats your boat.
@PopularDemand Here's a prettier mockup for you to use
It's missing a freehand circle. :(
2:31 PM
I'd suggest just shrinking the whole "what does this mean" part down to a [?] to make it less distracting
@YiJiang I thought about that but I wanted the change to be more obvious.
Or moving that part to right at the end. Also, you might want to suggest it enabled only if the person viewing it is the OP
It's very distracting for the other 90% of the users who know how the system works
@YiJiang Really? Hm. I figured it would be easy to mentally gloss over. Maybe be a small, passive clue-bat for other new users.
@PopularDemand you chose the wrong close message
"...and cannot be reasonably answered in its current form. "
@radp What are you looking at?
2:36 PM
@radp Ah, I get to use my new acronym. Your message is OBE.
@PopularDemand Your reply is QNC.
Obsoleted by edit...?
@radp Quick n' Crispy...?
@YiJiang Quite Not Clear.
2:40 PM
@radp IHIWPCEMIA (I hate it when people condense entire messages into acronyms)
(Made Up ON the Spot For The Weenies)
-1 NMJ
@balpha Must be Neuromuscular Junction! (I always trust Google)
My tester told me that yesterday and I was like "... my fix is a member of the Order of the British Empire?"
But no, it's "obviated by events" or "overtaken by events" or some other O word.
@YiJiang why would I downvote for that?
2:42 PM
trust Google? Are you nuts?
@YiJiang Sadly, that's what acronymfinder listed first too; "not my job" was third
@PopularDemand Ah :P
@balpha Because you're eh... paralysed and can't reach the upvote button
acronymfinder has a 24 (!) character limit for suggesting new acronyms
2:46 PM
Were you trying to submit a longer one? (;
no, I thought about adding the new definition for "NMJ"
I decided against
@balpha Not Michael Jackson?
@YiJiang Needs More Jetsons.
@radp Neurotic Monkeys Jumping
please, no more jokes.
how long did it take you to come up with that? (;
@rchern Looks like about 11 minutes.
(When? When will instantrimshot be oneboxed?)
actually, I thought of saying "no more jokes" first, and only then noticed the abbreviation
not that anyone will believe that...
@PopularDemand, for the full annoying effect, it shouldn't onebox, should just play the sound.
@rchern Even for people like me who have all sounds disabled.
2:58 PM
@balpha you do seem pretty shifty. (;
@balpha Well now that you've mentioned it it does seem suspicious. Hmmm... :P

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