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12:50 AM
'Ello @waffles
hmm that was weird
I was just about to make a comment about how that's the first time I've ever witnessed you leaving chat
I thought you lived here
I clicked on this browser tab, and it acted like I clicked on leave.
Heh. I leave irc and chat open, why not?
Did you middle-click by mistake (or left+right-click, which is usually the same thing)? I think that closes the tab in some browsers
12:56 AM
The tab didn't close. I got taken to the rooms listing.
I'm surprised that she clicked anything.
Ah. Possibly you just got kicked then; waffles is about
I clicked because I was playing with the glee code and maybe kinda sorta partially broke it.
12:58 AM
tsk tsk
yay for undo!
oh i should totally check out that script, sounds cool
It is, I heard that the authors really outdid themselves.
Although one was lazy and didn't get around to autocomplete in comments just yet.
Heh. I've been busy! (;
1:04 AM
As long as you've learned your lesson. ;)
As I mentioned, I'm planning on fixing the keyboard navigation issue at the same time. Thoughts as how to best handle that?
define "issue"
(If you didn't see the bug report, essentially it's possible for the top of the monologue to push the selected message off screen, which really messes things up)
Ah right. You brought that up a while before the ticket was created? I think I remember you mentioning it at least.
Ah yeah, I think maybe I had thought of it, heh. :P
Clearly the selected message should be kept in view, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to position it at the top/bottom of the screen depending on scroll direction, or to center it, or what.
ello @Tim
1:10 AM
@waffles 'llo
''lo @YiJiang and @waffles
1:28 AM
@Yi @rchern @Tim ... just keeping the ...allo alive
poor @YiJiang
Heheh, clearly we're a lively bunch tonight.
someone should really go edit the users table and get rid of the space in the display name (;
@waffles "@Yi"? You should know better, sir!
well we are all in awe of Jeffs 100k reputation points on meta .. hence the silence
1:30 AM
ah, here we go.
@PopularDemand, allo!
@rchern , while they are at it, they should make user names unique
Just change the column to be unique and pass out random numbers. I'm sure nobody will notice.
@waffles Those guys were wrong to allow users to specify names. If you can't remember your assigned user ID, why
@rchern Argh!
@waffles Ah, of course.
I spent way too much time on odata today trying to figure out why it showed the author as my gmail username instead of my SE display name.
1:33 AM
@rchern and did you discover the reason
yeah I went in and changed it. I guess I just figured it to associate/pull from my other accounts hehe.
ya know, magically!
@PopularDemand Not only do I know my SO, MSO and Unix IDs, I know Jon Skeet's SO ID from all the SEDE queries I've run on him
@MichaelMrozek If it weren't so ridiculous, I'd think that you were proud of that.
@PopularDemand I think he is anyway.
A co-worker had a problem with something I happened to have answered recently on SO, so I told him to search for "[emacs] user:309308", and he looked at me like it was totally insane to know my SO ID
1:47 AM
I know mine. And Jeff's. (;
I know rchern's. I know everything about rchern
eyes bulge insanely
I don't know Jeff's, although I did feel happy when I passed him in SO rep. New goal: MSO rep
@MichaelMrozek Surely you kid.
How dare you. 100k is a totally reasonable goal for someone with 7k. Or something
1:48 AM
:) I have been so tempted to run update users set id = 6 where Id = 17174
@MichaelMrozek, did you just refer to yourself as something?
Overtaking Jeff on meta is not a realistic goal :)
@rchern Indeed I did. Oops
@MichaelMrozek I meant about Jeff's ID, but okay, that too.
my goal is to overtake Jon Skeet on Meta one day :)
1:49 AM
@waffles You would be a terrible parent :(. Stop crushing my dreams
my goal is to get 3k rep >_>
Any idea why I cannot log into SE chat?
I dream big!
Q: Problem logging into chat

Maciej PiechotkaI'm logged into several SE sites and in the past chat did worked for me. However since some time it refuses to log me in stating I'm not logged on any SE site. I've tried both with Fx and WebKit Epiphany. There is no problem with tavern.

1:50 AM
@rchern Ambition is the enemy of success
@MaciejPiechotka DOM storage problem?
That was my problem, at any rate.
@MaciejPiechotka, log out of everything and log back in?
Are you using Firefox?
@MaciejPiechotka Did you try logging out and back in to an SE site?
After that you can try rchern's plan
@MaciejPiechotka cookies? did you try other browsers ?
1:51 AM
LOL....in other words, no, we have no ideas.
@waffles: yes - as stated (Fx is my second browser)
@MaciejPiechotka well I am not sure what is up, perhaps wait for the chat guys to get online in a few hours .... Can you try Chrome in incognito mode?
@waffles: I tried after few days. On different OSes :) - including chrome (but not in incognito mode)
After logging out and logging in it displays message
Your login data seems too old; please log in to any StackExchange site to refresh it.
Which is strange as I just logged in
I'll ask Kev to have a look when he is around
the issue isn't whether you're logged in or not
it's when you logged in
if it says that, definitely log out and log back in
1:59 AM
@MaciejPiechotka by fx ... i am hoping you mean firefox
@rchern But... I just logged out and logged in
@MaciejPiechotka of everywhere or just the current site?
@waffles: F*irefo*x - yes
there's 2 log out buttons aren't there?
@rchern: everywhere
2:00 AM
And then you log in, and then it says the data is too old?
@rchern Does that matter? People keep saying to log out everywhere; it seems like logging in anywhere would overwrite your login data
@MichaelMrozek just going off what I've seen mentioned before. What do you think I am, an expert? (;
@rchern Yes. Previously it just loaded indefinitly
The real key here is that chat.SE requires human sacrifice. It's in the fine print, but no one reads it.
@MaciejPiechotka, what version of Firefox?
I wonder if I can get in on my iphone yet
2:03 AM
I think @KevinMontrose is the one who wrote global auth, maybe he can help. Or we can blame him; both are good
@rchern 3.6.12
hmm. and 3.6 is when localStorage become supported I think.
I think I'm running 3.6.10 anyway
I was wondering where everyone was
then I realized that I was on chat.SO, not chat.meta
What's the login bug everyone's chattering about?
2:05 AM
problems with the global auth and getting in to chat.SE
@Maciej - you've got a global auth session last updated 73 hours ago, has anything changed since then?
@rchern As I think - global auth did stop working about the same time
Good luck fixing that then. I had my own user account troubles recently.
But thankfully, those are over.
@KevinMontrose Besides broken auth - nothing that I recall
2:07 AM
if you've been logging out of everything and logging back in, why is it 73 hours old? oO
blech, still no go for chat.SE on my iphone >_>
And why is that "too old", I'm pretty sure mine are that old
too old is a bit of guess on the chat.SE side
@rchern No. After logging in and out twice
@rchern -speaking of iPhone, AT&T so graciously signed me up for a data plan. Without asking first, of course.
@Moshe Did they do it for free? Because jackpot if they did
2:10 AM
Anyone know if using my MacBook while it's plugged in kills battery?
either way. if you've logged out of everywhere, i guess I thought when you logged in again it would create a new global auth token.
@MichaelMrozek - I wish...
Shows how much I know. (;
@MichaelMrozek - I'm not a fan of AT&T anymore.
They said I can't use the iPhone anymore since we're not paying for the data.
@MaciejPiechotka - I've nuked that session, lets see if you can get a brand new one successfully. Go logout-everywhere/login on any site you have an account on.
2:13 AM
To be fair, they're pretty upfront about automatically switching you to a data plan when you have a data-consuming smart phone on their network. :P
@TimStone - Really? I never heard about this.
I turned off data when I got it.
I don;t want nor need it.
I got it second-hand
Yeah, it's part of the contract.
@TimStone Which contract?
I think there's a blurb on the site if you manage your account online as well.
And who reads those N page long contracts?
I'm not the account holder anyway
But really, they added me to the more expensive plan.
2:15 AM
@KevinMontrose When I reloaded window I was still logged in.
And the problem persisted
after manually logging out everywhere (single button) + in
@Maciej - you got a global auth token, so that's working... problem must be reading it.
Running NoScript or similar?
(presumably with SO, etc. opted out)
@KevinMontrose On Fx - yes (with SE opt out). On Epiphany - no.
Sorry. I need to go now. Goodnight
2:20 AM
@Maciej - is StackAuth.com opted out? its the actual key store
@KevinMontrose Some magic way to detect that would be handy, since probably 0 NoScript users have that domain whitelisted
yeah, but the magic way to detect it is javascript
kind of a catch-22
might have chat.SE put it in a trouble shooting tip explicitly for FireFox...
there's been some problems with mobile access, but apparently that's a separate issue.
2:24 AM
Is there a reason to not just use stackexchange.com?
What do you mean?
well, global auth wasn't really originally designed for this honestly. Like, the mobile case was written off more or less. Can be made to work, just needs some tweaking.
Even SE.com style "auto account creation" was just a hypothetical.
I still maintain that there's code in there that checks for my id and starts laughing at the prospect of letting me in.
@rchern That would explain why seemingly no one else has issues with logging in to mobile chat :P
There was 1 other person that mentioned it. I don't think they were on an iPhone either.
2:31 AM
Just a decoy to make it seem inconspicuous. ;)
Probably one of the team's sock puppets anyway.
Now we just need to add the ability to magically resolve your situation into the userscript.
...and then make userscripts work on mobile devices.
The issue I only see on my iPhone?
2:34 AM
You do do .NET development right? Maybe Steve Jobs is seeking retribution.
I've dabbled at writing iPhone apps
Ah, you're a braver programmer than I then. I've had a hand with Objective-C, and continue to have square-bracket-filled nightmares.
I'm using dabbled pretty loosely. (;
Hah :P
3 hours later…
5:39 AM
This is one of the most interesting purely CSS question I've answered for a long time
Q: Why is my Javascript interacting with this element wrongly?

DavidHere is the HTML: <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-strict.dtd"> <!-- MYNAME 11/3/2010 CISC 131 Die.html uses the html within it and the style sheet located in Die.css to create a die whoes functionality...

Yeah, yeah, I already upvoted you ;)
5:57 AM
This website won't let me unsubscribe from their e-mails, but they do let me control which categories of e-mail I receive. 27 categories, to be specific, each with On/Off radio buttons
I ended up writing a line of jQuery to do it instead of clicking them all
jQuery saves the day, again!
Does anyone want to try something cool out and give me feedback?
Will my computer burst into flames and make me instantly regret volunteering?
It's a website.
I just want you to look at it :)
6:05 AM
I think that's do-able. ;)
It's designed for mobile browsers, but should be usable on any desktop browser.
trying on kindle now
I've got my phone handy, so lemme try there.
Wow, that's pretty nice on a normal browser, I'll try my blackberry next.
6:07 AM
(I tried it myself using the Android emulator and webOS emulator.)
not sure I like the black background (especially on a kindle)
Oh :) So then your request is customizable backgrounds?
actually, I am sure. it's awful. :)
(I'm making a list...)
why the dark background? that was so 1998
6:08 AM
@Greg: Try the old site: stackmobile.com
That's the current version.
yeah, that's much nicer to read
I'll make sure to have extra themes available.
I didn't realise until just now, how much dark backgrounds don't work on the kindle :)
Big empty space at top on blackberry, under logo.
hehe, I like dark backgrounds.
6:12 AM
@Lance: Uh-oh... that's not good.
Well, depends on where. But I use dark themes on VS and IRC. (:
@rchern: So you like the theme?
That was on StackOverflow page, on the Questions page, the big space is right under the "Questions on Stack Overflow:" statement.
Looks good to me, although I had to turn the brightness way up to easily distinguish between the background, the item background, and the vote buttons.
SitesController is missing the action 'search'.
6:13 AM
yes, just glanced at it.
What's the ordering on the sites?
Some of the pages are not complete yet.
@rchern: Default right now.
On the questions page, the background isn't different enough on the votes to distinguish it from the number of answers, so it just looked like a '10' on the first question on the list.
But there will be a sort bar at the top eventually.
I thought by age, but StackApps is buried
@GeorgeEdison Really need more contrast for vote/answer count against background
6:14 AM
Not that it has anything to do with themes (:
@rchern: That's planned - I'm working on a MASSIVE caching system that will store all kinds of stuff about the sites.
The title on a question page is squeezed in between the votes and the user logo, and then squeezed out the bottom.
On the answers, the answer text is the same way.
I think you should probably have the user stuff and the votes in one horizontal space, then have the answer/"question title" after that.
@Lance: That's odd, that's not what it's supposed to do...
I stuck 'clear: both' in the style... I think...
Lemme check.
Give me a sec a I'll see if I can take a pic of it.
Aha! '<h3 style="clear: both;">'
So there is a bug in there somewhere.
The <h3> is the title of the question.
6:18 AM
sounds like a feature to me.
Why a feature?
It's not supposed to squeeze in between the votes box and the user box.
In CSS, clear: both should force it to a new line.
You should probably just ignore me. I'm being too sarcastic to be useful.
That's okay.
I appreciate any feedback I can get!
Was just playing that bugs aren't really bugs. Bugs are just features.
Do you like the slide-down info panels?
Like on the list of questions page.
6:21 AM
Oh, there's different behavior depending on where you click?
there's a black-on-black (v) button on the right :)
Didn't notice that til you said something.
Maybe on a mobile device where it was more right in front of me instead of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over there on the right it'd be more obvious hehe.
You wouldn't like it if it was right beside the title :)
Trust me - I tried it... UGLY!
Here is what it looks like on webOS (that would include Palm Pre, etc.)
ah, I just noticed something about that slide-down thing. It looked pretty messy on the Kindle, and I realised why only after trying it in Safari, it's got an actual "slide" animation thing that turns out horridly on the kindle display
6:23 AM
Well, I just mean that on my computer, the longest SF question title barely hits half my screen width. So, I wasn't really looking at the right edge of the screen.
@Greg: So disable JavaScript for the Kindle then?
a key point of kindle-friendly sites is to not do any animation
@rchern: It'll be different on a mobile device :)
no, I'm not going to turn off JS just because of one site
@GeorgeEdison Yup, that's whait I said. (:
6:24 AM
@Greg: I know.
I meant that the site should not use it.
It should be able to detect 'Kindle' in the user-agent string.
PLUS, I plan to eventually set up a login system so people can bookmark stuff, change style, disable JS, etc.
yeah, that would be a good idea, don't do animation stuff on e-ink displays :)
Ya, that causes problems on Opera Mini too.
Dangit, should have shown the pic there, that's the question.
2nd try:
6:28 AM
Okay, first of all, I see the need for another style - for really small-width devices.
It also seems like the BB is ignoring the 'clear: both' style.
the answer:
Funny how I really notice the '1 hours ago' bug.
Oops :)
We should find some newbie to go tell Jeff about it.
@rchern (:
@Lance: Why Jeff?
That was the best laugh I had all day. I'll give you the link in a second.
6:33 AM
@GeorgeEdison ?
Dear Next Person Who Opens a Pluralization 'Bug', I will personally come to your house and bludgeon you to death with a giant S
It's a backwards smilie. (:
It isn't backwards, but why are you smiling at me? Hehe
I thought you meant that rchern should go tell Jeff about the pluralization bug.
@rchern: It is backwards!
A: New users can't create new tags: show a singular or plural message?

Jeff Atwoodhttp://explore.twitter.com/codinghorror/status/1165936105 Dear Next Person Who Opens a Pluralization 'Bug', I will personally come to your house and bludgeon you to death with a giant S But not you. I like you. You're nice.

6:35 AM
Hm, apparently really long, unbroken strings in posts mess things up.
Not sure if there's much to be done about that.
I wrote a really long piece of code that was supposed to fix those!
But I'm really confused why the answers got different font sizes... /blames mobile Safari
It has to do with CSS.
It manifests the same on webOS too.
6:36 AM
@GeorgeEdison No, it really isn't. It looks just fine to me. (:
You might see links end in '...' - that means it's been truncated so as not to do what you've shown above.
And code statements are treated the same way.
However, it seems like regular text can have long lines too.
I guess there's more work to be done on that - it was a complicated piece of code that used DOMDocument and RegEx :)
@rchern: Whatever... one smilie is just as good as another :P
Am I spelling it right?
@GeorgeEdison Yes, you spelled it correctly.
What is what?
Oh, 'smilies'.
Good. It just looked funny.
@GeorgeEdison Still, shame on that 10K+ user for incorrectly linking, and to Java 1.4.2 documentation on top of that! :P
@TimStone Hmmm... yeah - if it was a regular link, it would've worked properly.
6:42 AM
How do you guys think I should handle comments for non-JS browsers?
Just display all of them at once?
(Could be a problem with some posts that have >100 comments.)
A: Formatting Sandbox

Popular DemandThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLongUnbrokenLineOfTextRepeatingNowThisIsAReallyLo...

show them on a separate page?
@radp Hahah :P
@TimStone That's what the sandbox is for :)
6:43 AM
@rchern: Hmmm... good idea.
That would sure be easier.
[View 7 comments] linking to the page?
@rchern Seconded, since there are often lengthy comment blocks I have zero interest in reading.
might be nice to know the number
@Tim: Yeah, I figured that most people would be not too happy if a page had hundreds of comments and they were on a tight bandwidth plan.
Those extra KiB add up!
@GeorgeEdison Yeah, that's an important consideration too.
6:45 AM
(By the way, that's a kibibyte.)
The kibibyte is a multiple of the unit byte for quantities of digital information. The binary prefix kibi means 1024, therefore 1 kibibyte is . The unit symbol for the kibibyte is KiB. The unit was established by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in 1999 and has been accepted for use by all major standards organizations. It was designed to replace the kilobyte used in some computer science contexts to mean 1024 bytes, which conflicts with the SI definition of the prefix kilo. Definition :1 kibibyte = 210 bytes = 1024 bytes. The prefix kibi is derived as a mnemonic fro...
Maybe show one comment if it has more than, say, 5 upvotes.
@radp: So only show comments WHERE score > 5?
Then that means there's a serious problem with the answer.
@GeorgeEdison Maybe the first.
@radp: Not necessarily, some of the posts on Meta have a lot of comments.
...and there's nothing wrong with them!
@GeorgeEdison yeah, that's why I'd say only show one :)
or maybe instead show "Read 5 comments, best scored 20"
6:48 AM
Notice something wrong here: "Definition :1 kibibyte = 210 bytes = 1024 bytes"
...except that the exponent on 2^10 is not written in superscript like on the page.
1 kibibyte = 2^10 bytes.
1 kilobyte = 1000 bytes.
@radp: Clever!
@GeorgeEdison Unicode :D
I figured.
6:50 AM
@GeorgeEdison ah, ok, didn't go to the page.
١٥٧٤ <--- good old Unicode!
Don't you ? unicode?
@radp: All I see is a question mark :P
Or is that the joke?
I wish there was a "I e<& UTF-8" tshirt :)
7:42 AM
Thanks for the feedback everyone!
See you some other time!
6 hours later…
1:32 PM
I wonder what cause the outage just now
Great way to crash a web-cluster, self: `public string JsonWithFlags { get { return JsonWithFlags; } }` #braindead
no need to spin the wheel o' blame here...
@radp I have no idea what that does.
return JsonWithFlags implicitly calls the get method for the JsonWithFlag property
so the stack trace looks like:
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
public string JsonWIthFlags.get
@radp Oh, recursion. Nice...
Yeah, it's as if he wrote this:
class Foo():
  def __init__(self):
    return Foo()
1:53 PM
#1 in the list of C# gotchas :)
A: What is the worst gotcha in C# or .NET?

Eric Z Beardprivate int myVar; public int MyVar { get { return MyVar; } } Blammo. Your app crashes with no stack trace. Happens all the time. (Notice capital MyVar instead of lowercase myVar in the getter)

@Benjol double post
weird, slow updates
@YiJiang your userscript at work? :)
@radp, no not his fault this time. And unfortunately now the guilt could be shared anyway ;)
var msg = $('#input').val();
}, 400);
Double post FTW!
1:57 PM
Isn't that like 2000?
plus an undocumented exponential backoff term?
@radp I can't decide how to react to this. "*YiJiang's script?*" or "*yay blame someone that isn't me*"
@rchern no, he mentioned once that he ought to make a userscript that detects double post and complained automagically

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