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8:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 71.5787: why i got bad access address on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 59.9340: why i got exec bad access on stackoverflow.com
8:20 AM
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 4 hours ago, by slm
cucumber is written in gherkin and there's extra stuff you can add in called pickles
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 85.9769: i want to learn how to write and speak better english? on english.stackexchange.com
^ :/
^ kind of seems trollish, I hope
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 90.1419: How about fifa 15 ultimate team,whice site is best one? on gaming.stackexchange.com
8:32 AM
^ opinion
I think they have an ot reason for that
They do.
8:49 AM
SPAM filerepairforum superuser.com/a/834920/326910
@cVplZ no, not really...will let you save the stars for your retirement
@KevinBuchan he didn't misunderstand. This answer is purely promotional - it doesn't need to relate to the question. Please flag as spam. — Jan Dvorak 8 secs ago
Question is spam seed too
what's the meta post banning FRF, again?
Yup, it's part of a coordinated campaign to spam file recovery tools to Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, and other sites on the network: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/269868/19679 . They've been getting progressively more creative with their spam, now seeding questions with one account and answering with another. The real problem is that reviewers are usually approving their spam now, so I have to sweep through every few days and remove the spam that made it through. — Brad Larson Oct 4 at 21:34
Q: Suspicious pattern of questions/replies

Steve RindsbergI've noticed a pattern in StackOverflow and on another forum I participate on ... a user asks a question, always related to difficulties with corrupted PPT files, and within a short time, gets an answer with vague suggestions, some of them incorrect or irrelevant, and a link to the same site or f...

9:02 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Should it be flagged as spam? The question
Did I miss a morning train?
9:13 AM
@JanDvorak gone
9:50 AM
how do you guys see that instead of just "upvoted posts" to select audits, it could be "upvoted post by high participation users in the post tags"?
this could de-anonymize voting
"hey, this is a C# audit. @jonskeet why did you upvote this?"
err, no
I mean, if X of users of the top Z% by participation in Y tag upvoted, select that as audit
Also, it might be hard to compute
Top x users by reputation are usually rep-whores
that's why: where tagscore > Z or tagpost > W
@JanDvorak tags score/post, not reputation
sounds interesting
10:02 AM
I just took a ride through the [minecraft] questions on Arqade. Most of them are lazy questions asked by people with zero effort and never responded to critiques in the comments.
That sounds familiar...
s/minecraft/{any tag}/; s/Arqade/SO/
10:04 AM
Oh you just had to say it didn't you.
@Undo Thx, I'll see what I can add to Pham...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Eliminating Blackheads is About Good Skin Care by simnaskils on drupal.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 69.8565: Eliminating Blackheads is About Good Skin Care on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
10:13 AM
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
I sit down when I pee, there's nothing that crazy about me, I'm just taking a wizz so mine your own biz, why does everybody keep staring at me. — Mallow 14 hours ago
Low Quality Q (50%): Java code to connect to router, by user3098769, on stackoverflow.com.
^ gimmeh deh codez
compiling objc in linux is a pain!
10:38 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ROUTINE TO BACKUP SSAS DATABASES by marcelo miorelli on dba.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector delete
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: weight loss simple steps by user274769 on meta.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 95.2328: weight loss simple steps on meta.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
10:46 AM
/me thinks chris's bot should check if Smokey has already reported spam before posting
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Sam race condition?
Hmm, true. But most of the time Smokey is first (lemme check the history)...
@JanDvorak That'll be my 400th helpful flag on SO :o
10:50 AM
@Sam if it's by a few miliseconds only, CBot wouldn't have time to react
@Mooseman get 3k rep ;-)
@JanDvorak I'm at 10.2 on SO now; MSE is slow...
@JanDvorak True, again.
Low Quality Q (52.2%): Null pointer exception while creating coverflow on android, by aspirantz android, on stackoverflow.com.
11:16 AM
author edited in a link claiming a solution - is it spamlink? stackoverflow.com/questions/26754537/…
@Pham Author added code
I'd say it's a plain-old link-only answer-as-edit
So... Rollback edit and teach author to post answers as answers, not edits - even though the question was CLOSED - Then flag the answer as VLQ because it was a link-only answer? sounds like a helpful plan
just wait for roomba :-)
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Weight Loss Beneficial by seanclark000 on drupal.stackexchange.com
11:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 82.1271: Weight Loss Beneficial on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
Is Drupal SE... worse than SO spam-wise? :o
by thousands of percent
11:34 AM
@Unihedron +1
OT: The game Monopoly was published 79 years ago, today.
11:57 AM
@Mooseman /me wonders why the Google doesn't have this on their home page
@cVplZ Very true...
maybe b.c some people would consider them a monopoly?
12:15 PM
What happens if I use "@Community" ! , Is this meaning less?
Low Quality A (41.4%): I had ubuntu as primary OS I formatted using..., by abhi, on superuser.com.
Low Quality A (44.8%): I have the same problem: my JSON is similar,..., by Shinigami, on stackoverflow.com.
Yummy naa. "ingredients": "картофель, свекла, салат, яйцо, сливки"
btw on chat.meta.stackexchange.com where/which room is suitable for general discussion about meta/suppot/discussion like this?
12:27 PM
ok i just want to make sure that I am (here) at right place or not.
12:31 PM
@ShadowWizard Yes and was very awkward if I not say disgusting. But you were not clear with me from first, you just needed to say we are some busy people here and its not a chat room, instead of that some directly insulted me with "annoying". first I thought so its ok, but now I think they could say your purpose in other ways. As I said just to inform me about their job here. anyway Good Luck, Keep working
@Ahmad o/
@Ahmad Ooook. Sorry you feel this way, I don't think we got anything more to say to each other. Bye!
@Ahmad It is a chat room. Both users and developers are present. Not sure where you're getting at.
12:35 PM
@AndrewT. o/ too. but I realy afraid to say more, to get another ...
@Ahmad relax, don't take it too personally.
@Ahmad I've never seen @ShadowWizard to be rude. I also saw you ask the same question multiple times and you kept asking even though you were given the answer many times by many different users. It's ok, please ask if you have a question , but don't keep asking/pushing for the same thing if you don't agree with the answers you receive.
@AndrewT. I did, unfortunately, they less give reasons, and keep one confused till something like that happens
12:37 PM
@Ahmad Reasons are reasons. Don't judge someone elses' reasons, either listen to them or don't.
@cVplZ I just asked different things, as I thought I am chatting, but not one thing several times
Should this really had been removed?
I don;t really talk about the voting system, or etc. I gave up, whatever you like, but I say about some behaviour here, they were first welcoming while there was something with them. I just didn't realize, then suddenly became repulsing
12:39 PM
Don't start a train when I need an answer :P
hides from @Uni
what's the pp?
12:40 PM
behind @Droid
@Unihedron IMO no, but it's in the gray zone
Eh, ok.
link to question?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT IS THE GOOD NEWS / THE GOSPEL by Deborah on hermeneutics.stackexchange.com
12:41 PM
now can we go back to our trains, @Uni?
yes :D
Ohh, my batch of tag wiki edits went through
12:41 PM
12:44 PM
@ShadowWizard You are welcome, and I realy didn't mean you, I meant others, you were nice, and I don't usually end my conversation like you did now, CYA and good luck
Since you missed the train, here's some bounty count :)
DigitsOverflow? I see 420 on SO.
12:45 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii yup
Aug 17 at 6:35, by Unihedron
user image
it was designed for smaller sites only
@Unihedron relative of IronMan ?
what a manly man
12:47 PM
same functionality in IronMan robot
@cVplZ tp
the user's profile too...
@cVplZ look at the user profile and the revision of the other answer. it's definitely TP
spam nuked
@cVplZ It has been killed. WITH FIRE.
12:52 PM
@Unihedron should we all test out the report this user link?
You can do it, I'm too lazy
> Thank you for contacting the Stack Exchange Team. You should receive an email response shortly.
welcome :)
refreshes email every 5 seconds
flooding @cVplZ with spam emails
12:59 PM
^ too broad?
@Sam yes, and not for SO, more SU or SF...
@Sam no, looks specfic enough to me
@rene he's asking how to tap to the reset event of IIS (or recycle of a pool), why too broad?
1:04 PM
Hmmm, OK....
1:26 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: VALIDAÇÃO DE DADOS COM JSON by bruno on pt.stackoverflow.com
guess no need, lol
@cVplZ gone after 4 minutes
both spam gone
1:39 PM
gone and gone
Anyone remember that there was a feature request for autocompleting editors name even if they haven't commented to a post?
There might have been
@Pham tp
Access denied.
1:46 PM
@ShadowWizard o_o
>>add user 152859
User added.
Q: Expand the username auto-completion to everyone who can be notified

lunboks@username auto-completion for comments was recently implemented, and is already active on MSO. However, it only seems to auto-complete the usernames of people who have commented on the post. According to this topic, the list of users who can be explicitly notified also includes: The post autho...

@ShadowWizard Ta da.
@Pham tp
1:47 PM
@ShadowWizard TP acknowledged.
thanks @Sam!
Eh... No need to TP reports in the tavern, it's posted here because someone tpa'd it in the HQ :P
Q: Is there a way to rename "Remaining" to "Apple Juice Remaining"?

StormeHawkeOn a MacBook Pro, is there a way to change the text in the battery life drop down? Specifically, where it says "X:XX Remaining" I want it to say "X:XX of Apple Juice Remaining" Why? Because a good pun is its own reword. Yes, this is a serious question. Yes, I tried googling first :) Running...

@Unihedron oh, but still it feels good :)
Q: Driving from Tahsis to Zeballos (Vancouver Island)

user3005941It is not clear if there any way to access Zeballos from Tahsis (both on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada). There might be logging roads but they are probably not supported. There is also a so-called water taxi but the website does not give information about car transfer. Google thinks it is possibl...

(answering a random post with other random post)
1:49 PM
<^> /me wonders why physics.SE has a sombrero as their icon
Question: how are the question previews shown?
random question train?
@Mooseman you mean oneboxing, and it's done server side
1:50 PM
Q: How can I change the background color and text color of the drop down area of a <select> with CSS?

Samantha JI would like to change the background and also the text colors of the drop down area of my select boxes. Can someone give me an idea of how I can do this. Now I have a black background to my theme so I would like to have the dropdown option color dark gray and the text white.

^need moar Aperture
so blank ^^
@AndrewT. gone, gone, and gone.
how come there's two flags active here
@DaveChen comment flags? what did you flag?
different comments?
same comment :P
2:01 PM
link to comment?
stackoverflow.com/questions/17282293/… there's only one comment there, which -- yep only one flag, I didn't flag the OP's comment under the first question
I kinda made a mistake flagging, but the question is why there's two :(
Jun 24, 2013, but comment/answer left on Jun 25, 2013 ?
the time/date indicates when I flagged it
but how would you flag this comment a day before it was posted?
because the time/date there is indicating when I flagged it, for example
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Si
@cVplZ oh man just realized that, hmm not sure
yea, not sure, maybe you could start a bug report, would be interesting to see what's going on
@Rafflesiaarnoldii It's straw, not graph "mesh." Thus, Si, Señor.
Has ahmad left?
2:11 PM
@InfiniteRecursion kind of, yes.
Do you see a furious stream of back-and-forth messages filling the Tavern?
Well, then.
I don't remember seeing Gham here recently. Hope he's alright.
// cc @Sam @Pham
@InfiniteRecursion eh? you got to like him then?
2:14 PM
Oh no, not self-evaluation questions again.
Eeek, stahp asking me whom I like and whom I don't like!! This is not a dating site !!!!!!
Read the be nice policy <^>
@InfiniteRecursion WHAT!? walks away
@InfiniteRecursion I read, it doesn't say anywhere that we can't ask someone if he likes someone else. But hey, it's your right to unsubscribe. :)
@InfiniteRecursion doth protest too much, methinks ...
2:17 PM
Everybody asks me "like" questions too much /me thinks
hides again
You asked "did A leave?" you got answer "yes" and responded with a sad smiley. IMO it's natural to be asked "why sad".
2:19 PM
@TGMCians should be comment
ok flagged
(or not, not sure, but I already flagged it anyway)
2:22 PM
Myeah, too much advertising, not much answering ... spam.
Yes spam, but no account...go flag
@Bart yup. nuked.
2:24 PM
@Gham where have you been?
@ShadowWizard I was away on holiday. Yes, it was a nice few weeks away from Pham.
@Gham oh, so cool. Now you are back together?
@ShadowWizard Yup >;)
2:28 PM
@Pham now need to bring @Sam to the front and we can take a picture!
user image
@TGMCians yeah, moderator spam flag
2:32 PM
finally see an autocensored conversation
@Mooseman del
Nice try. :D
@Pham del what? :P
2:33 PM
@Mooseman sanitise
@Unihedron and now?
@Pham Are, or are not, you human?
@Mooseman clean
2:34 PM
whaaat, not transparent?!
Aww, none of us are operators of Mooseman :(
@Mooseman Me iz cyborg
@Pham del
Unable to locate message ID.
@Mooseman we're all bots here don't you know?
2:35 PM
@ShadowWizard Is there a github for pham? I saw smokedetector's.
@Sam famous last word
@Mooseman Yep.
@Mooseman of course
> A room where Sam and Andy's chatbots report LQPs. GitHub repositories: Sam's github.com/ArcticEcho/Phamhilator/wiki
2:37 PM
@Sam Thanks
It's in the room desc ;)
@Sam fp
@ShadowWizard tn
@Gham fa
@ShadowWizard fn
2:42 PM
@Pham esc
@Unihedron ctrl
@Sam other ctrl
@ShadowWizard Yup
@Unihedron alt gr
2:43 PM
@Gham aki
go to den!
@Unihedron ins
@Pham bs
@AndrewT. I'm already there. Quiet for a while.
/me blames shadow
2:44 PM
/me blames shog
/me blames the lack of sufficient jQuery usage
2:56 PM
Reaching in to other people's messages is rude behavior, @ShadowWizard =P
@jadarnel27 I was careful not to touch the other user's message ;)
Fair enough. You did get all up in their .messages div, though.
Offensive A (90.9%): ********* *** ****** *** *** ***** ******, by *** *** *******, on puzzling.stackexchange.com.
@jadarnel27 what can I say, it's just too fragile
^ Is this really a tp?
3:00 PM
@Sam I think it's valid
Maybe not a great answer, but shouldn't be flagged since it's in context
Ok. Thx, just wanted to make sure.
ideally, should be in U&L, I think
3:22 PM
@AndrewT. Agreed.
Though it's too old to migrate.
3:50 PM
@AndrewT. Needs one more cv.

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