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12:09 AM
@TheUnhandledException The one that now says "There are other rooms..." when it used to list the other rooms I was in, and the latest message.
@LanceRoberts Oh. Mine says "other rooms you're in"...
Are you not in other rooms? :P
Maybe you're not in other rooms?
WooHoo, finally got the Pundit on Meta, didn't think I'd ever get there.
12:11 AM
Ah damn, we almost had a message collision again ;)
@LanceRoberts Nice work
Off by one :P
Nice :)
we must try harder!
OK, refreshes fixed it.
12:11 AM
@TimStone Yes. And now I've found a way to drive myself completely insane
Oh? :P
I set Adium to read aloud all messages sent to this room via Jabber
@TimStone, to annoy @YiJiang even more, we should print out the actual timestamp
@rchern We should, heheh
And maybe make it bold too
So you don't accidentally reply to yourself again ;)
@TimStone shush you ):
12:13 AM
It's payback for these double notification sounds! :P
Let's see if F5 fixes that nonsense..
The problem is it reads @rchern 's messages in a male voice, LOL
Off by one, again. Argh. :P
k, well, I'm off to find some dinner
I'd stay away from the Hot Pockets
12:16 AM
HAHAHAHA, thanks :-)
Enjoy. :P
Thanks Tim :-) Later all
makes chat behave
Argh, always forgetting commas.
12:36 AM
eh we don't need no commas!
The console tells me otherwise ;)
as if the console knows anything
This is true, the computer should know better than to back-sass me.
Stupid keydown versus keypress.
12:53 AM
yay ... new badge ... quickly somebody update that massive change log :)
Oooh :)
what up @waffles
not much , keeping busy (:
what's the new badge?
12:54 AM
Its like a song or something...
Revival ... I think its an awesome name
they are slowly coming in line with my post
Q: Map of Badges currently in use.

Chacha102Basically, I've taken the current badges on StackOverflow, and broke them into actions you can perform on the site. (Posting, Editing, etc). Once I decided on the actions, I gave each action a gold, silver, and bronze badge, and saw which badges actually fit into those categories. This left me...

I got 2 on Meta.
have not deployed it to the rest of the sites yet
also it will take a few runs to get them all
Guess what? Jon Skeet is not the king of the Revival badges on Stack Overflow .. stackoverflow.com/users/149573 is going to get 16 of them
How many will Jon get?
12:59 AM
need to look it up ... but less than 10
@waffles You mean that the introduction of this badge might bring about the end of days?
oh noes!
Why does chat hate me? :(
uninstall the chat script to appease it? (;
@TimStone chat.SE? It hates me too
1:10 AM
Nooo, still double notification sounds.
@MichaelMrozek Well, that too (on my other computer)
But right now I'm having trouble defeating a feature of the chat to make my feature work :P
@TimStone 'splain?
heh, i edited that forgetting about alert situation
oops ):
No, it's fine, heheh, it doesn't really bother me, I just don't get why it's doing it twice :P
do you happen to have 2 chat windows open?
1:14 AM
I have Chrome open in Sandbox
gee, that happen to be about when you started getting double notifications?
But the sidebar...Oh the sidebar.
I dunno, I've had it open for a while. :P
Thanks, hahah
@TimStone, no worries.
I'll just remind you of this for the rest of forever. (;
1:17 AM
Heheh, seems fair ;)
So yeah, chat has a keypress handler that brings focus to the input for when you start typing something
It's apparently impeding my ability to bind the P key to the preview, because the preview doesn't auto-focus on the input.
why do the other ones work?
I don't know if I'm just being daft or what, but I'm having a hard time suppressing it. (The navigation operates on keydown, so I have a separate suppression function for keypress that I bind before the one that chat does)
The keypress function checks to see if the target was the input already, and I guess in those cases because I focus on the input in the keydown handler, the browser makes that work.
Oh, I may have been being daft, whoops.
Ah, there we go.
Typing seems a bit laggy now though...but Firefox is up to 700 MB of RAM, let me restart this leaky hunk of junk.
A: Does StackOverflow use caching and if so, how?

Kevin MontroseOh boy, have I been waiting for somebody to ask something like this. We really aggressively cache... basically everything. Virtually all pages accessed by (and subsequently served to) annonymous users are cached, whole cloth, via Output Caching. This isn't terribly interesting, but it is terri...

1:23 AM
hahaha, @waffles what was wrong with the [ask-joel] tag?! (;
well ... for one Joel does not have the answer :)
details schmetails I say.
I tend to completely overlook tags on questions when I'm reading the question.
we are slowly becoming more dependent on them ...
without tags you are pretty lost on SO
Eh. I rarely use a tag page
well we are going to push this into the front page in some way
1:27 AM
I find tagging most useful when I am not on a question page
the tags are extremely useful on the home page and questions lists
Searching by tags would be much more useful if I could do OR searches.
@waffles What is going to push to the front page?
we do not know exactly ... but we need to redesign it with tags in mind
see Jeff's question on meta
I find it much too tedious to go to each tag page that I'm interested in. And I don't just want to see unanswered questions, so My Tags really seems quite useless.
Maybe there's a better way of using the site, dunno.
I'd really like it if I could customize the home page via tags
but that breaks caching...
1:31 AM
its tricky ... performance wise to get this to work is going to involve a lot of magic
Sure, but Jeff also confuses me. I'm not supposed to want only my tags so that I see bleedover between tags. But I'm also supposedly not supposed to be using the homepage either. So what am I supposed to be doing?
I mean, right now I could create my dream home page by simply grabbing 4 or 5 sets of questions from the API, merging and caching them for a minute or two, and repeat
@rchern Jeff is delusional sometimes...
Honestly, the home page IS the home page
it is the easiest thing in the entire site to refresh
and frankly it lets me know what is going on in the site..
Eh, I live on /questions I guess.
unless you can recreate the experience..
yerp I follow ... but the home page redesign needs to make the homepage really usable for first time visitors an new users
1:35 AM
generally newest on SO because I'm generally just answering on SO, active on Meta as I'm in reading mode
I'd really like if I could get a Newest list of My Tags..
As soon as I step into a Tags page, I feel like I'm walled off from the rest of the site
@Chacha102 this is what I've been saying (:
The home page feels like the balcony on a warehouse floor, I can see everything going on
but the tags page feels like a walled off area.
It is useful, but I'd rather see everything
and have the interesting stuff highlighted
@waffles what pages are you generally on?
@waffles Can we just get a realtime feed of questions being asked?
1:38 AM
Pull request, away!
@Chacha102 How is this different from something like /questions or /?
there are 2 very big competing issues .... 1) make the site ultra-usable for new users ... 2) make it more awesome for us
@rchern I mean like chat.. streaming, real time, awesome
Personally, I get totally lost on the Active feed, and I find C# / Ruby / SQL is too many clicks to keep track of
the ignored tag stuff just feels like an ugly ugly hack
and the interesting tags ... you should not need to build it ... we already know what is interesting for you
@waffles Yeah... I don't like the fact that it is completely javascript based so I don't get more questions
1:40 AM
My thinking is that when I'm on /questions/newest, if I go to page 2, the question's been answered already anyway, so just hit f5
@waffles agreed
You don't necessarily know what is interesting to me
@rchern They know what you've answered
I guess its more "We know what you know about"
Those tags do not compose the questions I want to see.
By any means.
hence why I changed the statement
1:42 AM
What they know I know about is not what I want to see.
but this home page redesign ... is first focusing on the 1) problem ... for 2) we have tag-sets on StackExchange.com ... I too want to get this on to SO proper, but it will take much convincing
until I can follow an entire site or use * in tag sets, they're useless ):
@rchern, we know what you are awesome at answering
It's just 1 more place to follow questions until then.
if we show you more of that stuff you are more likely to be able to answer it
1:43 AM
Assuming I'm on the site for nothing more than answering questions, great.
@rchern, at least you can follow ... meta + webapps + so from one spot
how so?
on stackexchange.com
1 min ago, by rchern
until I can follow an entire site or use * in tag sets, they're useless ):
@rchern you will have to post that on meta then :)
1:45 AM
On meta (because I'm interested) and WA (because I'm interested and feel that I should as a mod), I don't have interesting/ignored tags.
It's been posted on meta, and discussed with Jeff in here
wildcard was mentioned here and wanting to follow an entire site was in chat IIRC
Of all the sites, SO is the only one I've touched interesting/ignored tags, and it was a half-hearted effort.
@waffles Whatever you do, activity should we a part of it...
I would make sure there is - at least - a distinct post on meta requesting the wildcard support ... so David and Emmet can track
@waffles Can we replace 'Featured Users' with something more ... useful?
The biggest change that would solve the most I think would be to filter interesting/ignored tags at the database
Performance be damned! |:
Heh :P
1:52 AM
Why not make it a reputation feature..
5k+ or something..
@Chacha102 I don't really work much on se.com ... you are going to have to pass that feedback to David / Emmet
That way the people that know how to use tags and are familiar get rewarded..
And also, I want a new ability to play around with..
@Popular, regarding this, see this. Your question so I won't ninja-steal. (:
Why doesn't this have the duplicate link at the top?
Q: Too many redirects on chat.stackexchange.com

Brian CampbellEarlier today, I discovered that http://chat.stackexchange.com was now up, with chat links working on SE 2.0 sites. However, just now when I try it, I get a "too many redirects error" in both Chrome 8 (dev channel) and Safari 5 on Mac OS X 10.6.3. I tried clearing my cookies for StackExchange and...

> #4 is already very easy to do. Search on [java] [algorithms]. The square brackets force it to treat the key words as tags, and it will use an AND relationship. Of course, they could make this easier to discover. – Joel Coehoorn♦ yesterday
> @joel You guys are talking about redesigning the home page, and we are giving you suggestions of what we would like to see on the home page. We aren't looking for a work around to something we believe should exist on the very front page. – Chacha102 0 secs ago
1:59 AM
I'm assuming that Jeff's super-closing power allows him to close as a dupe without entering a URL.
Since it was lacking the URL, I added it in a comment.
look at the revisions, says it was inserted
I'm seeing revision 1
@rchern Lies!
there we go
pffft I linked the revisions
Oh, huh. Yeah, it is in the revision history.
2:01 AM
I meant that it was lying that it was inserted.
And now it has been inserted
Thanks to @Chacha102 :)
But it doesn't show his revision, heh.
fixing it doesn't help explain why it was like that.
I know :P
This is all sorts of wrong.
And now I'm no longer able to take a screenshot because @Chacha102 edited.
@rchern There's nothing under his revision for me, is it the same for you? (also no view source link)
2:09 AM
Yeah, I get the same thing....isn't that...wrong?
I don't know why Community would delete text..
The text was probably deleted since that was an edit of mine.
It was one of the quick edits that doesn't show up in the history.
That might have caused the problem; my quick edit might have overlapped with Jeff's closing, which could have tripped over some race condition.
That's what he gets for being so quick to close ;)
yay race conditions ;)
is anyone else having problems with chat.se.com?
2:12 AM
yeah.. its a parked domain...
@BryanDenny Yes, see, for instance, the entire preceding conversation.
@Chacha102, ...
was in the mod channel and it disconnected, refreshed and now nothing :(
(which was about my duplicate question on chat.se.com being broken)
2:14 AM
I think we might need a dedicated room for the refugees.
and the mod channel here is locked.... haha
It works, it just...won't let you in. :P
@alexanderpas Might not be the worst idea.
@TimStone no I meant that it was migrated to chat.se. I am a mod
@BryanDenny Sorry, I was referring to SE chat in its entirety.
2:16 AM
@TimStone ah :)
There's already a "login problems on chat.se" room:
Oh yeah, heh.
That could be the refugee room.
I woudn't call it login problems ;)
also, this is less formal ;)
2:39 AM
@rchern Hm, is there anything else pending for the userscript?
eep I have a pull to do don't I
Heheh, yeah, but I was just curious about any other features I could work on :)
If I've started navigating up, is there a way to cancel and put the input back in the input box?
I tried escape...
Like, I've gone up, I've previewed, now I want to type.
Without Ctrl + Down?
ah (:
2:46 AM
Does that work, or did you want to get focus while leaving the screen where it is?
nope, that's what I was going for, a way to cancel out of navigation mode.
Esc might be a little more intuitive for some people, should I add that as an alternative?
Hmm, you could go for vim-like, ctrl+up > 5 > up = go up 5
(I use Ctrl + Down because it's the "opposite" of the Ctrl + Up you need to start it)
nope that makes sense.
i didn't RTFM (;
2:47 AM
Heheh ;)
Hmm yeah, I had thought about a feature like that but wasn't sure how to implement it. The vim model seems reasonable, so I can try that out
alternatively just pg-up+pg-down
3:00 AM
Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again in 10 minutes
Heh :P
I have to do a monthly name change, just for the sake of confusing people
I downvote people I don't recognize
just fyi q:
I still have 50 seconds to decide my new name, so far I have status-completed
3:10 AM
it'd be nice if there was a history of user's changes
@rchern I leave the history in my profile
since, I know I'm going to pick a new nickname on meta each month
I wasn't just talking about you.
Why is this site here? Is this just an excuse to show off the stackexchange team's javescript skills?
I'm not being deliberately inflammatory.
Well, maybe a little.
what site ? meta.SO or chat.meta.SO ?
And I don't get this whole "third place" thing. Yes, we need a place separate from home or work. Which means AWAY FROM A COMPUTER.
Then why am I on here?
And why am I just garbling on randomly?
3:22 AM
because you just want to talk
that's what chat is for
Is there something about chat rooms which make people say dumb stuff?
I guess the feedback is too quick.
I really should be doing work.
Yep, anyway there isn't much people on at this time, people are usually here on work hour
@AndrewShepherd One good example of a Problem that Chat Solves:
Q: (How) should we discourage extended discussion in comments?

OakWhat triggered this post is this question, which has two quality answers but due to some contested points, both have spurred lengthy discussions in comments from a few users. Now, I have no problem with the users here - I think the comments there are all relevant and on-topic - but I do think th...

Sometimes you end up with an extended back and forth that just clutters up a QA thread. With Chat, there's a reasonable venue to conduct that conversation in real time, and because of the way everything is transcripted, it can be linked back as a useful resource in the QA thread after the discussion has petered out as well.
i don't see a freehand circle
I didn't want to draw on GeoEye's pretty image. :P
Page up...works (surprisingly)
But page down doesn't.
Ah yes, that would explain it..
Another pull request sent. :)
4:03 AM
nice (:
I went with the page up/down method because...it was much easier ;)
in The SE Tavern on http://stackexchange.com Chat, 23 hours ago, by Sohum
priority feature request: if a message starts with /, but the script doesn't understand it, then don't send it. Allow escaping, if necessary.
in The SE Tavern on http://stackexchange.com Chat, 23 hours ago, by Michael Mrozek
Accept // to start with one slash, that's what irssi does
I'm divided on that because it's super annoying if you know it's not a command..
But also annoying if you typo something unintentionally, heh.
Ah well, heh. We can leave it for now until someone else complains with a good solution ;)
4:42 AM
Oh, the requirements for Pundit got changed? Interesting.
I noticed because the side bar was full of people who got it, heh.
Now it says "Left 10 comments with a score of 5 or more", but I believe it was "a score of 10 or more" before?
did it used to be 10/10?
it changed
Yeah, I believe so.
4:46 AM
I changed it
Cool :)
was too hard to get
Not that it puts me any closer to that badge, I had one with 11, and the rest are below 5 anyway. ;)
pulls up a window for the api
Yeah, I thought so too (since it's silver). It was more rare than a lot of the gold badges.
At least as far as recipients went.
4:50 AM
hmm, i've got 3 over 5 and 3 at 4 on meta in my last 100 comments
make that 6 5+ with a few more at 4 lol.
i have 166 comments on meta hehehe
(i know you were curious)
I...do not. I should participate more. ;)
so proud of myself, I have more revival badges than Jon Skeet
Heheh :P
In fact I have 3 more than he does :)
he has ... wait for it ... 0 revival badges
4:55 AM
He's too busy answering every new question to go look for older ones. ;)
is that the measure of badges? wait, we can't create that, Jon Skeet would have the most
Good to know the rest of us stand a chance. :P
@Tim yerp
most ultra high users seem to be that way
even @Marc only has 3
I'd go back and answer old mod_rewrite questions, but no one upvotes those anyway ;)
4:57 AM
people do ... if you put a good answer on an old question, you get upvoted, it just takes a few weeks for google to put enough eyes on it
just don't answer really old questions with 10 page views :)
e.g. all mod_rewrite questions ;)
mod rewrite is heavily searched
Actually some of my answers to newer questions have garnered two upvotes, heh, so I suppose it's possible. I actually have been meaning to go back and check if there are any interesting questions that haven't been answered yet, just as a matter of principle.
@waffles Yeah, because everyone asks the same thing.. sigh Even after I wrote the tag wiki with links for them, for shame! Heheh
Actually that doesn't follow at all, but there's a valid point in there somewhere. :P
Maybe <del>because</del><ins>but</ins>
We're sorry...
There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address.
To protect our users, we can't process any more requests from this IP address right now.
We'll restore access as quickly as possible, so try again soon.
If you believe you have reached this page in error, contact us.
bad api ):
5:03 AM
5:14 AM
messing around with the api in LINQPad is just way too simple
Heheh :P
You have 1 comment in meta >= 5 in case you were wondering >_>
Hahah, thanks. ;)
I think I know which one it is too.
Yeah, I don't remember where it is though, heheh.
5:20 AM
> Isn't it relatively easy to be one of the top 20 answerers in that case?
Oh, I actually forgot about that comment, that one makes more sense. :P
problem with comments is they don't get many votes after the fact
well, not a problem, just an observation.
Yeah, that's true.
Though to be fair, a majority of comments probably don't provide particularly useful material, so ;)
Some do though.
dammit @waffles. I was all set to go to bed and now I'm fully distracted by the api.
that error code means you should be going to bed :)
5:26 AM
that was just for a few seconds.
It wasn't error-ful enough to dissuade her, heheh.
I'll get @kevin to dial it up then :)
your top 10 comments on MSO sum up to a score of 284
I wonder how many of them are "......... I like"
don't wonder!
5:30 AM
this guy has 14 Revival badges !!! stackoverflow.com/users/149573 ... its going to take a couple more hours for the system to assign them to him
Wow, nice.
oh, duh. lightbulb. i've got a systray item that shows memory usage. and for the last few days I've been thinking it is crazy because it generally has 15-25% but my memory usage is always 75%-85%. Hey @rchern, maybe it is showing free available memory.
5:36 AM
Heheh ;)

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