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6:00 PM
@rene I was entering the delete command on the command line but you were first, and I accidentially clicked "Close" instead of pressing backspace...
@Ahmad keep in mind that +100 can be 200 upvotes and 100 downvotes...
@Ahmad What do you mean by "select"?
to click it, to read it
You search for answer for your problem
Which you select?
@Ahmad I would read the -100 question. But really, if the question would be useful, it would not get -100. And if I would read it and if I would not find it useful, I would also downvote. If it is useful, I upvote.
@ProgramFOX you dont read its answer which may solve your problem?
Do you know about Quantom Physics?
6:03 PM
@Ahmad I would also read the answer, and vote on the answer. But my vote for the answer has nothing to do with my vote for the question.
@Ahmad I know a little bit about it.
Suppose +100 question is about Quantom but your problem is on C#, do you read it just because it has +100 but the other has -100
My point is that questions are searched not selected
But its not true about answers, If an answer to a question has +100 and another has -100, which one you read?
@Ahmad It depends. If the +100 question looks interesting but if I wouldn't really need it, I would still read it.
But really, what has all this to do with your proposal?
> Where words are being associated, shadows are lurking, and new spells are given. Enter at your own risk! Quote of the day: "Boobs to men are what laser pointers are to cats" :-D
this room is for different purpose
did we forget ?
@TGMCians Well, discussion is also on-topic, actually.
I myself rejected my proposal because other reasons, but there was point in it, what I told you now, how you didn't find the relation?
6:07 PM
@Ahmad I would read both.
The -100 answer wasn't helpful for 100 other people, but who knows, it might be helpful for me. Unlikely, but possible.
@ProgramFOX you can reread it with what I said now in your mind
@Ahmad It does not change my opinion. I don't see why it is even related.
@ProgramFOX I have no problem with it, since answers are about one question they can be judged
@ProgramFOX my point is that answers are like two apples, you can compare them, but questions are like orange and apple each question is different and has its own customer
@Ahmad Questions can be judged too.
@Ahmad I don't want to compare! I can judge both the orange and the apple without comparing them.
Question can be compared with an ideal quesiotn which could adress the same problem but not with eachother
6:11 PM
@Ahmad You don't need to compare.
I give you another example can you say a question with +100 is better than a question with +2?
You can say that for answer, but not for questions
@Ahmad It depends on the count of views. A +2 question can be a lot better than the +100 question, but because it has fewer views, it has less upvotes.
@Ahmad "Better" is subjective.
+100 could be about a common c# questoins on textbox but +2 could be about an odd but complicated quesiton on delgates in C#
@Ahmad Possible. But it could also be the other way around.
@Ahmad What exactly is the crux of your argument?
6:15 PM
And I don't think everything you say now is related to your question.
Its what I said, and gave examples, and its not that hard
That reads as an insult to me
My point here and there First was to conciving that points for questions is not like points for answers
@Ahmad That's true. But that's not a problem.
In other posts also I explicitly counted that difference, if you accpet that we can go furhter?
@rene sorry dont have bad intentions , just to get admit
So if you agree that I can say my proposal, could I?
6:18 PM
@Ahmad No, I don't accept that we go further. We only go further about things that are unrelated.
My point is that points on POSTS are the same: they indicate usefulnes, clearness and well researchedness as indicated by other users (or if I vote by me)
Answers can voted forovewer cause they are compared with eachother, but quesitons compared with what?
Voting is on two different things not on one things
As I said a lot of times: you don't need to compare to vote.
You can vote when there is A and B,
@Ahmad You vote on POSTS. period.
6:20 PM
You judge a Post, period.
You moderate and judge the post, voting is about comparing two candidate
No, it is not
No, voting has nothing to do with comparisons.
You don't need to vote "when there is A and B". There doesn't need to be a "B" in order to vote.
True, I guess that B is the ideal of a question about the same problem but not another problem
A and B could be two apples but not one orange and one apple
When you look answers you imidiately get what votes mean, but votes on two quaiotns are not comparable
Voting on questions is (partially) based on each person's "idea" of how useful/clear said questions is.
6:24 PM
My whole proposal was that There is an stage when a question is well-stated, I dont know when but there is an stage
@Ahmad There might be a stage, but that stage might not be reached after one edit. And even if there is a stage, people should be able to vote unrestricted.
I said if we can find that stage somehow then there is no need to struggle about it more
And it is also subjective when that stage is reached. One person can think it is reached after one edit, but another person thinks it needs a lot more edits.
I see you mean forever moderation and monitoring a question?
You didn't find yet a single user that agrees with your point of view
6:27 PM
@Ahmad Moderating a question is something that never ends.
What you said is somehow idealistic but mine was practical, we know some questions reach that stage, specially when they recieve the answer they looked for
The stage that an answer can answer the question is the limit, no need to go much further
@Ahmad If a guideline changes, a question needs to be moderated again. Guidelines change a lot of times, so a question also changes a lot of times.
Sorry the stage that a question ....
@Ahmad What do you mean?
I have no problem with it too, I said moderation could be done for any reason
6:30 PM
Yes, it can be done for any reason. But downvoting is also moderation.
@Ahmad You can't tell, there is progress, you know. A better answer might popup. we even have badges for that: meta.stackexchange.com/help/badges/17/necromancer
@ProgramFOX I meant it was reasonable to lower the effect of voting on questions, when they reached that starge, and we can determine that stage and not be idealistic about it
@Ahmad "when that stage is determined" is different for everyone. So there is voting to provide a way for everyone to indicate what they think about the post.
@rene, better answer? I dont' have problem with answers, I accept everythinbg about them and said why cause there are Answers to one quesitons
@ProgramFOX what is the aim of question?
the main aim?
What are you trying to solve with your proposal?
6:33 PM
To be clear enough and to recieve the answer it was looked for?
@Ahmad To receive high-quality answers and to be a high-quality question.
@Sam, First I don;t like something which has no effect, second
@Ahmad It's your opinion that it has no effect. Most other people think that it does have effect.
@Sam, second we can count the disadvantages that down voting has on a sane question
@Ahmad Was this idea, by any chance, caused by a question you asked which got downvoted?
6:35 PM
After my question reached the stage and is sane and has an accepted answer, and down-voting has not much effect people use it for other reasons
@Sam, not because its upset me, because its not fair about the question not me
@Sam I don't bother if it get -1000 or +1000 I had found the answer I looked for
Ok, that's all I needed to know.
@Ahmad 1) When that stage is reached is different for everyone. 2) Downvoting on those questions is still an indicator of the quality of the question.
an indicator of its clearness/ usefulness / researchedness
@ProgramFOX But anything has adventage and disadventage speically when we don't comporomise
We should find an optimume
Let be frank, we know many questions regarding their purpose and the answer are OK, but after that revenge voting, opinion-based voting, non-reason voting, ... occurs
@Ahmad I'm going to stop arguing with you. It is pointless because you are not going to change your opinion, and I'm also not going to.
6:39 PM
@Ahmad don't you get that there is no support for your point of view?
@rene I am arguing, it has no relation who supports who not, at least you could clear me, or I clear you
I thing just maybe 10% the point got clearer
@Ahmad stop arguing, your evidence is not convincing for me that something is wrong or should be changed
okay....where's the last word now....
@FOX9000 consider
@DroidDev Here ^
@ProgramFOX preferable
6:43 PM
Now here^ :P
@ProgramFOX hehe, okay. I just said that to change some pace, I read some of messages and thought there was lot of things going around here :P
@FOX9000 prioritize
@DroidDev family
@FOX9000 first
@DroidDev important
@ProgramFOX factor
6:46 PM
Sorry was around, OK rene I also got frustrated, nothing is wrong
@FOX9000 multiplying
@DroidDev velocity
@FOX9000 escape
@DroidDev hiss
@FOX9000 this
6:50 PM
@DroidDev time
@Ahmad hi! still afk, will come later :)
@FOX9000 eternity
@ShadowWizard universe
@ShadowWizard forever
@DroidDev wander
@FOX9000 around
6:51 PM
@DroidDev fearfully
@FOX9000 frightened
@DroidDev genuinely
@ShadowWizard Hi shadow,
@ShadowWizard, nice to see you, just my wife calls me for dinner, cya
Got to go now, shutting down bot.
cya @ProgramFOX!
7:16 PM
@FOX9000 honestly
I am also gonna go to sleep, my eyes can't take it anymore. Have to go to office tomorrow.
@Ahmad late dinner!
@DroidDev yeah, better have a good sleep then :)
@DroidDev honesty
7:52 PM
@ShadowWizard lies
8:17 PM
@rene truth
@ShadowWizard inconvenient
@rene uneasy
@ShadowWizard greasy
@rene oily
@ShadowWizard oilily
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@rene children
@ShadowWizard siblings
@rene cousin
@ShadowWizard aunt
@rene Jemima
Aunt Jemima is a brand of pancake mix, syrup, and other breakfast foods currently owned by the Quaker Oats Company of Chicago. The trademark dates to 1893, although Aunt Jemima pancake mix debuted in 1889. The Quaker Oats Company first registered the Aunt Jemima trademark in April 1937. Aunt Jemima originally came from a minstrel show as one of their pantheon of stereotypical African American characters. Aunt Jemima appears to have been a postbellum addition to that cast. == History == The inspiration for Aunt Jemima was Billy Kersands' American-style minstrelsy/vaudeville song "Old Aunt Jemima...
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@ShadowWizard Quaker
9:15 PM
@ShadowWizard can you check if I missed something here
@rene look good, yeah :)
@rene oats
@ShadowWizard cereal
@ShadowWizard tnx
9:31 PM
@ShadowWizard Vanity Fair
9:43 PM
@ShadowWizard Reese Witherspoon
@rene March 22, 1976
@ShadowWizard date
@rene time
@ShadowWizard epoch
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@rene epic
@ShadowWizard userstory (scrum terms)
@rene card (taken from here)
10:12 PM
@ShadowWizard post
@rene mail
@ShadowWizard daemon
Martijn is having a hard time on that programmers.se dispute
10:40 PM
I'm out, need to get up early tomorrow
10:54 PM
@rene dispute? where? /confused
@rene tools
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