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9:17 AM
Sep 28 at 13:09, by Infinite Recursion
The tavern is Bart-less today :)
Soon, it will be duck less too :)
One day it will be empty.
He has gone to FB probably
16 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
Go to facebook @Bart, like is banned in chat
@AndrewT. if only there was a way to be two places on the internet at the same time, nah, that will never happen
40 secs ago, by Infinite Recursion
9:25 AM
Aug 31 at 11:41, by Bart
Users come and go @InfiniteRecursion. Some leave for a while. Some never come back. There is nothing to disturb here and no need to apologize.
Sep 29 at 15:47, by Infinite Recursion
I would enjoy downvotes too...new experience outside SO
4 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
40 secs ago, by Infinite Recursion
4 mins ago, by ProgramFOX
40 secs ago, by Infinite Recursion
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MATLAB_MIRTOOLBOX_MIRTEMPO by user3819246 on dsp.stackexchange.com
Sep 5 at 17:31, by Infinite Recursion
Hmm, okay. If you say so.
9:30 AM
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
you are annoying
please, help me understand mr. Ahmed here
A: Voting the question vs. Voting the answer

vba4all++ for BradleyDotNET's answer, he's got very valid points but also I'd like to add one more reason votes on questions help me: I am quite active in Excel/VBA tags and believe me 95% of the questions posted are crap... Sometimes it takes a true while to find a good/interesting (answerable) and no...

Aug 24 at 13:31, by Infinite Recursion
@vba4all I downvoted your meta question. Please leave a comment now with the @downvoter
4 hours ago, by cVplZ
anyone going trick or treating tonight?
@cVplZ did i reach ya
9:32 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I only said that, so I could report those who said yes for being under 13 and on the site... (report with the new report this user feature!!!! :))
@vba4all nope
@cVplZ ok i see, it doesn't work so someone got quite lucky
cool thanks for testing
now i am wondering how did someone know...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Skin Care Think by johnsean60400 on drupal.stackexchange.com
theoretically you could write a script that posts a new comment mentioning every single name on the SO page with @ and then deleting the comment - finally you would reach the downvoter haha
@SmokeDetector true
9:39 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
so annoying I don't understand what he's trying say nor google translator does
are you sure about that...
@vba4all He doesn't know how to chat
@JanDvorak He does. He just joined the SO Tavern.
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 33 secs ago, by Ahmad
We had a debate with vba4all is he here?
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks) on Stack Overflow Chat, 30 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
@Ahmad No, he is in the Meta chatroom.
9:43 AM
everybody is welcome to the Tavern @vba4all
@vba4all Better than leaving the discussion in the comment thread.
from a meta answer comments section to a SO chat arena hehe
9:45 AM
Hi @Ahmad :)
Hi @Ahmad :)
Hi @Ahmad We've been waiting for you!
9:45 AM
Thank you :)
what is it that we're about to discuss @Ahmad
can you please clarify your comment?
@cVplZ really? why?
@vba4all about our discussion on the qustion
@Ahmad You're the chosen one
don't scare him guys, he is new to chat
9:48 AM
scares Ahmed
just my concern now is my wife
@InfiniteRecursion Gender neutrality meter: 200%
she the one scares me now, by calling me to the launch
and why I am behind the computer much time
the problem of developers
@Unihedron has a wife, so there is little doubt about user's gender
Oh :(
stopped stalking people quite a while ago
9:50 AM
@vba4all I am new to the website, I just wonder how or why people should use SO for research purpose
its not the purpose of the site itself
@Ahmad In your opinion, what is the purpose of the site?
to find an answer for a problem. you are developing, you encounter a problem, you google it, you find the answer or ask the question in the site, its all around your questions and problems
yes, true
I will back soon, she is calling, sorry
Actually, it says "Get answers to practical, detailed questions" in the tour page.
9:53 AM
choo choo
9:56 AM
@InfiniteRecursion but it's Halloween <8^8>
chain crashes
@cVplZ look around, there are other users too...onebox them...give them hats...ignoreMePlz
I don't ignore anyone. You are free to ignore me @inf
hat for @Stijn <8^8>
9:59 AM
@cVplZ Sorry, I was rude there, I have no intention to ignore you, I will just sit quietly for some time and enjoy watching all of you chat
10:03 AM
@Frank I liked the green tree better :(
@Stijn I don't like your face no matter how it looks.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MATLAB_MIRTOOLBOX_MIRTEMPO by user3819246 on dsp.stackexchange.com
stacksoverflow ^
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, URL in title: Packers and Movers Chennai @ top3rd.in/packers-and-movers-chennai by sinhamaya on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector true
10:06 AM
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Something went wrong when registering title as true positive.
Gardening & Landscaping^
Lol ^
@Frank Someone replied to your weekly challenge post, you should be happy now :P
any thoughts on this?
@JanDvorak ... ha... when you see it
@cVplZ why not?
@InfiniteRecursion Yup, and I +1nd it... so it has a score of 1.
@cVplZ hmm, interesting. It gives some information (you can look up what an error name means) but the most interesting information is not in the post.
10:11 AM
@JanDvorak just wondering if any thoughts on it, about the 40 links to his blog
Can't flag it as NAA.
I am back, sorry
The only thing you can do is downvote and comment, ask if OP can include the detailed information in the answer.
@Ahmad Welcome back!
@Ahmad ohai!
10:12 AM
@cVplZ it looks like an answer to me. You could nag him to disclose any affiliation, though
@vba4all did you get what I mean?
according to my definition of the purpose of the site, one questions remains, who are those generous people who answers qustions and why they do that
Bad Tag Used: [api] | Build fast webservice response, by bhavesh, on stackoverflow.com.
@SmokeDetector false
@cVplZ Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
10:16 AM
by the way, I drew a proposal for voting system, you may like to check meta.stackexchange.com/questions/242852/…
@Ahmad here's a post on that
@Ahmad Ooh, I wonder how that's better.
@Ahmad and another one
@Ahmad the feature request to add additional info when down voting has been discussed before.
@cVplZ lol, thank you, I expected a more serious reson
10:20 AM
(Sorry, couldn't find the dupe easily since I'm on mobile now)
@Ahmad is downvoting mechanism is the same for answers and questions? if yes, i suggested it shouldn't
sorry I used @ for myself, lol I meant @AndrewT.
Currently? Yes.
@Ahmad I do use different personal guidelines when voting on questions and answers.
There's a tooltip when you hover the vote arrows
10:22 AM
@AndrewT. Did you see the new name pop-ups in mobile chat? I liked it
Low Quality Q (46.6%): aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, by mitanshu gupta, on stackoverflow.com.
@InfiniteRecursion yep, it's very handy :D
that tooltip doesn't say the intention of the down voter to the OP, does it?
^ Phams' post flag as offensive
@Ahmad You are not required to.
10:24 AM
@PatrickHofman Check the revision first
are you opposed with my proposal? totally voting on questions is different with voting on answer and has less meaning, specially downvotes exept they request a modification
@Ahmad When requesting modification, I generally use a comment rather than votes, I get the point across better.
If voting on question has less meaning, then why bother?
@Ahmad how many questions do you think we get per day on SO?
(Not to be rude)
10:27 AM
also, cv-pls that aaa thing
Ponits bother people, its the psychological context behind the site, then they should take more seriously
What's a ponit?
reputations points
oh, *points
leting anyone downvote any quesion is meaningless
10:29 AM
@Ahmad I guess then I don't qualify as 'people' then. Points don't bother me.
Well, then it's getting more complex if you relate to reputation and psychological
7 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
question is if it is a well formatted is a question, we dont have bad questions
@Ahmad sure we do
we have bad answers but not bad questions
10:30 AM
both closing and downvoting help get rid of bad questions
some of my questions or questions you address have -XXX downvotes, what does that mean
why get rid?
@Ahmad Why not?
they are saved in the server and if they are really bad no one find them
@Ahmad ex.: Plz write a regex to match a string if it's a digit, then X, then four digits
@Ahmad unfortunately, we have too many bad questions
10:31 AM
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is closed
@InfiniteRecursion no need to lock that
not too broad, not unclear, still crap
@bluefeet ok
so don't care them, you shouldn't answer them, or you may asks a modification
@Ahmad that's how Yahoo Answers "works"
10:32 AM
the difference is that you have UP votes
I am not opposed with up votes
@Ahmad that's how wikipedia works
Who would be? ;)
@Ahmad... Take a tour
they also have some merits
10:34 AM
Yes, and all the badges are encouraging keeping the place clean
Useful to people doesn't mean useful to the site
@Ahmad Every single feature that you see exists for a reason, and has been put in place by people who have experience and understanding of online communities
You all evading to answer the main question, I agree with up votes, badges, up and down votes with answers, but down vote to the questions by anyone
Point being?
Eh, I disagree with your premise, but that's just me.
@Ahmad how would you treat "gimme teh regex" questions?
10:36 AM
Please hang around for some time and study the system, I feel you will also understand how voting works and what is's benefits are
@Ahmad the more bad questions there are, the harder it is to help the people who have good questions, since it's harder to find the good questions if all you see is people asking bad questions and not being downvoted for it
Please restate the main question? I think the topic drifted away due to your following argument
wait, there was a main question?
10:39 AM
3 mins ago, by Ahmad
You all evading to answer the main question, I agree with up votes, badges, up and down votes with answers, but down vote to the questions by anyone
Oh, down vote on question?
^ that's a statement, not a question
how many reputation is needed to down vote a question?
@Ahmad 125
125 to down vote both Q & A
10:40 AM
then thats according to my proposal
I don't have that privilege on SO yet...
I think 15 is for up votes?
@Ahmad Yes.
but 125 is still low, it should be 1000 for the questions and 125 for downvotes for answers
10:42 AM
@Ahmad no
@Ahmad y?
Thanks :)
it should be lower, not higher
@Ahmad No, it should be 60. 125 is too high.
@Ahmad Give at least one reason why it must be higher
10:42 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Oh are you those who close questions?
It should be 15. At least for questions.
@Ahmad abso-*******-lutely
@Ahmad Yes!
for up votes it could be 15
@Ahmad I am as well, I am also those who hate people who answers garbage
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 77.3557: I was crazy they’re like you have Skin care on drupal.stackexchange.com
10:43 AM
@SmokeDetector true
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad'.
@Ahmad I don't think changing it will be really constructive.
@Ahmad we also flag spam, if you don't mind
10:44 AM
49 seconds. Not bad.
Great job everyone!
lol, now I found people behind stories I am kidding

Low Quality Posts HQ

Home of bots for catching low quality posts (and sometimes spa...
@Ahmad Was that a real question?
10:45 AM
@InfiniteRecursion message closed as Not A Real Question
I guess we're already quite (in)famous people on Meta
2 mins ago, by Ahmad
@InfiniteRecursion Oh are you those who close questions?
Bad Tag Used: [width] | WebView OF A PICTURE, by avilalta92, on stackoverflow.com.
@AndrewT. They'll thank us later.
^ cv-plz
10:46 AM
more a kidding I hate them ;)
Just because you received one incorrect/bad audit doesn't mean the whole queue is broken. I've reviewed it many weeks with no issues. — cVplZ 45 secs ago
^ code-needed, not too broad
@cVplZ Link them to my meta post :D
It seems I have been caught by polices
AGF... AGF... (assume good faith)
10:47 AM
@Ahmad In that case, you can hate me, because I am indeed one of those that closes bad questions when she sees one
but I am serious about the proposal
@Ahmad but we are serious about it being a bad idea
@Ahmad relax, we're not bad people
who care the up and downvotes of the questions, (not answers)
@cVplZ More like you got lucky/guessed what the system wanted.
10:47 AM
@Ahmad Thanks for the concerns.
@Ahmad askers care about their question score
@Ahmad 'I have a warrant for your arrest! Please step down, and place your hands over your head!'
But no, the disadvantages of doing so outweighs the advantages.
@Ahmad Me, for one.
10:49 AM
I feel you moderators are behind eachother, look the up votes you give to eachother and the down votes give to me ( a moderator bias)
Aug 29 at 12:56, by Andy
@Unihedron Congratulations on the promotion to Cyber Policeman. Cookies are in the conference room. New guy has to buy lunch for everyone.
Answerers also care about question's score before they open it
@Ahmad We don't ******* give upvotes to each other.
@Ahmad no
10:49 AM
That's voting fraud. The system will fetch it.
@Ahmad We are not moderators, we are common users
@Ahmad We are not mods, just regular users
@hichris123 closed
@JanDvorak Stop trolling
10:50 AM
brb, baby crying
@InfiniteRecursion have I ever?
^ now look at what you gone done @Jan
I didn't think @Ahmad would become a crying baby :-/
@JanDvorak Haven't you?
@InfiniteRecursion When did I?
10:52 AM
see, even TellyKitty left
noo telly
@InfiniteRecursion did you want me to stop starring you to? b.c i'll remove if so
@JanDvorak click that little arrow near my message which says "Stop trolling"
@cVplZ no, it's fine :)
@InfiniteRecursion I have. Why do you consider it trolling?
Low Quality Q (100%): Password requests every time I do anything, by AMS, on apple.stackexchange.com.
10:54 AM
^ too broad?
(you're encouraging my self-evaluation, BTW)
@JanDvorak Why do you ask me so many questions?
Hiya @babaji
@InfiniteRecursion do I?
10:55 AM
Nooo not the one who should not be named!
@Unihedron it's carebear aka weapon of choice
request to ban babaji
@Unihedron Lord V0ld3m0rt?
10:56 AM
@JanDvorak you asked me all our self-evaluations questions, in case you didn't notice
So many links!
you say downvotes are to see crap questions less, but it doesn't work when you just down vote and not saying the asker what you mean, but if you say him he learns
@Ahmad I think you just haven't been around enough to understand why the community closing and deletion system were in place. When you visit enough questions on the site, you'll thank it being there, and immersely participate.
@Ahmad most askers know
they just think they can get away with it
10:57 AM
@Ahmad I always comment, only three out of twenty five times the OP cares; they just want an answer, not to learn.
1-rep asker probably don't know though
@Ahmad I have never asked a question, I only answer, same for all the other users you see in this room, all of us mostly answer and rarely ask questions
you didn't answer me, who cares the down votes of a question?
Thats my point
10:58 AM
@Ahmad The asker, and the community who uses it to determine the usefulness
these system is for you answerers
systems* are*
I mean this mechanism, down voteing
when someone includes "0 down vote favorite" in their question, I downvote without reading. Also, programming questions are off-topic here. — Jan Dvorak 18 secs ago
@Ahmad I disagree with your premise.

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