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@PopularDemand Yeah, especially during election season...ugh.
For a while I thought about asking the telemarketers difficult questions -- at my school, the telemarketers are current students -- but I found out that that counts against their metrics and gets them in trouble, so I never got to actually do it. Wouldn't want to cost some work-study person a job.
Yeah, this was a student too. I just didn't realize it until after I had gotten off the phone. I'm not used to being referred to as "Mr. Stone", so she caught me off guard, heh.
(By difficult questions, I mean "did you know [marketing statement you just used on me] isn't technically true?"-type things.)
Ah, yeah.
In other news, I'm pretty discouraged by the number of my friends who buy into the facebook "free iPad/iPhone/iPod/iProductOfTheMonth if you send this invite to all your friends" spam.
Ugh, yeah. I haven't gotten too many of those invites, although I have seen too many friends join similar groups.
22 more hours of work this week, 22 more hours of work...
12:12 AM
Hooray weekend
@TimStone Well, I've got a midterm this weekend. Assuming I can survive the 22-hour Friday. (Last time I tried, it didn't go well.)
Oh, you mean 22 actual work hours? Wow
When I find the person who's responsible for influenza, I'm going to deliver a thrashing the likes of which have never been seen. Unless, you know, I'm afflicted with influenza at the time.
Oh right, you did mention the Friday deadline despite your being sick...That's really rough, you have a midterm on top of that?
What fun!
12:16 AM
Exciting times, hopefully you'll come out in one piece.
Q: is Human verification intelligent?

nerknI wonder if human verification in StackOverflow intelligent. For example I dont miss type and picture and my response time is very small. Thus I'm 100% human for long time. I shouldnt see much verification as I pass HV. (AS writing this question I split my tea allover! that is another proof, or I...

is Balpha hilarious?
"I wonder if human verification in StackOverflow intelligent" <- This by itself made me laugh
12:30 AM
"Merchandising, merchandising, merchandising!" didn't get nearly enough upvotes.
Or maybe it did, but it got far too many downvotes.
Heh :P
12:45 AM
): i thought my shirt would be in the mail today
@rchern Shirt?
mmhmm, from the countdown
I haven't seen anything on my end either, heh.
Heh. I admit to a small amount of jealousy.
we "should have gotten them by the end of the week barring international delays".
12:47 AM
There's always tomorrow. ;)
I know unicorns are kind of a "thing" around here, but they probably should've sprung for stork delivery. It's just more reliable.
@rchern You're sure it didn't actually read "...by the end of six to eight weeks..." right? ;)
What's mobocdn?
hehe well i was hoping to have it before friday so that i could make an always-friday-in-iceland post
actually jeff specifically said "this week" hehe
@PopularDemand No idea, where did you see that?
12:50 AM
@TimStone It's the source of some JS for an online food-ordering place.
Still, t-shirt or not, I stand by my decision to leave the millionth-question room.
I see...doesn't seem to be much information about it around on the interwebz.
hmm, i guess i should actually log in to work and fix this bug ):
The domain is only a year old, looks like they're probably using Rackspace cloud hosting..
@rchern That probably would be the right thing to do...I'm opting for working on the userscript, but I tend to set terrible examples for people, so :P
whatchya working on?
The same thing I was working on yesterday before I started my fist-shaking at Mercurial and got distracted pseudo-learning bits of Python so I could dig into the source code to make changes.
12:59 AM
and what was that thing again?
Right...Also removing that stupid key binding.
key binding?
I think I said it was a secret and that it was related to the reply..thing
Yeah, this ctrl+right arrow for quoting doesn't do it for me, because I keep accidentally doing it. :P
I think just the Q key is sufficient
you did say it was a secret. i was hoping you'd forgotten that (;
By secret I really mean that it's easier for me to code it and show you than to explain, heheh. In part because I'm not 100% sure what I'm going for yet.
1:02 AM
1:20 AM
Apparently I was too early by 10 minutes to have scored a t-shirt by pure chance.
1:55 AM
Ah good, the cooler weather is coming back.
2:19 AM
calls shenanigans on Firebug
2 hours later…
4:25 AM
Hooray, 222 SO answers, heh.
1 hour later…
5:49 AM
When I try to view newest questions under a tag, it's showing me questions starting in early September. Is this happening for anyone else?
6:32 AM
1 hour later…
7:52 AM
Ohhh.... Photo just went live while I slept
1 hour later…
9:27 AM
Another question asking about the apparently sentient 'Ask Question' interface:
Q: How is intellingence built in giving suggestions to SO questions

Sachin ShanbhagHello All, I just tried to ask a question with title - "Best Interview question you have faced and answered well" But then I saw a suggestion below this saying, "The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed.". So I am just curious on how was this intelligence built...

The Ask Question button truly is evil.
@radp what's "wokr"?
Q: How does the "subjective and likely to be closed" warning wokr?

Sachin Shanbhag Possible Duplicate: How does the automatic subjective filter work? Hello All, I just tried to ask a question with title - "Best Interview question you have faced and answered well" But then I saw a suggestion below this saying, "The question you're asking appears subjective and is l...

@balpha Fixed.
@radp It'll live on forever in these transcripts!
9:30 AM
Yeah, anyway, my touch typing implementation has a few race conditions
I probably need to ask on SO about it.
if I could only find the source...
I could decrease the number of worker threads from 10 to 1 but that'd be so slow.
the usual solution to concurrency problems is a mutex -- just buy a keyboard with a built-in taser that fires when it's touched by more than one finger
I need three keys for curly braces :(
switch to python
9:37 AM
dict comprehensions.
Python 2
dict((key, val) for key, val in zip(a, b))
says who?
Python 3.
(Did you know? Arch linux now defaults python to launch py3k.)
if Arch linux was the measure of things, I'd have to start my car with a crank
9:44 AM
I use Ubuntu indeed.
Just saying the transition is starting "in the wild"
Hey, I love python 3. Just trying to solve your braces problem ;)
10:10 AM
I figured.
1 hour later…
11:38 AM
@balpha Now I remember why I like it in here so much
2 hours later…
1:10 PM
@radp I noticed your notice about noticing the new notice
@TheUnhandledException You, too, will be reported to authorities. :)
Only in the best way possible I hope! :-)
Be sure to tell them I noticed the notice...
@TheUnhandledException You fool, you were supposed to notice that it was not ice. There were some spacing issues on that first line, that's all.
('cause who can keep track of kerning these days?)
@PopularDemand Like cake, that notice sure needs some icing. Mmmhmmm... cake.
1:29 PM
What's the difference between [fun] and [always-friday-in-iceland]?
Is [fun] supposed to be about joke posts, rather than applied directly to joke posts?
'cause that would make sense to me, but it's not what people do.
Side note: There are actually two bronze [fun] tag-badges. Fun, eh?
Apparently, [*friday*] is now a synonym of [fun].
I imagine [fun] is by people who aren't aware of [always-friday-in-iceland] or what it means
They should flip the synonym
Also, the way they're using it, it's a meta tag.
I thought we killed those off.
I got in multiple arguments over having more popular tags be synonyms of less popular tags that I thought were more "correct", and got shot down every time. I'm pretty sure [*friday*] is way more popular than [fun]
1:34 PM
(And how did [always-korn-in-belllabs] survive the push to tag-synonymize everything?)
I'm so sick of the meta tag thing I could stab something
Every time a tag question comes up on a meta site somebody accuses it of being a "meta tag" and links to that blog post. They're right maybe 5% of the time
Well, Jeff and balpha haven't implemented the "stab someone in the face over the Internet" feature yet, so....
@PopularDemand They did mention punching, which should suffice for this instance
@YiJiang I demand instructions!
in General on Stack Overflow Chat, Oct 15 at 8:47, by Jeff Atwood
if you are using Opera I swear I will punch you through the Internet
No instructions though :(
1:39 PM
@YiJiang Also really easy to get around, just go to Preferences > Remote Punching > Disable.
Advanced users may wish to disable Remote Punching only for Jeff Atwood, or only incoming Remote Punches.
@PopularDemand I envision a NoPunch add-on for Firefox
Or is it PunchBlock Plus?
Best to use both.
Just be careful not to get NoPunchBlock; that's malware.
Jeff uses punchQuery, it's awesome and works on many browsers.
no plugin will save you
It probably doesn't work properly on IE. But I suppose they've been punished enough already
Maybe it's time for me to look into getting that userscript everyone keeps talking about.
1:43 PM
Coming soon: punchQuery mobile -- The iPhone Strikes Back!
@YiJiang Thanks. What's .md?
@PopularDemand Markdown text, although that's not the "official" extension I think
Actually, I've used the unfortunately named YesPunch blacklist add-on for Firefox for a while now, and it's working great
Either that, or I've not annoyed Jeff enough. Yet.
@YiJiang Never heard of it, what's it do?
1:52 PM
Argh, Ctrl + Space is a userscript command? No wonder it wouldn't work for me.
@PopularDemand Eh... yes. Retry last rate-limited command
@YiJiang Bah, if I wanted the Internet explanation I would have used Google myself. Going....
Heh :P
@PopularDemand Stupid habit of copying "Link location" finally caught up to me
@YiJiang Yeah, I remember the discussion about it like a week ago. But I thought it was built-in, not script-added.
Hm, GMail drafts won't open for me.
1:54 PM
@PopularDemand Hmmm...? What do you mean?
@YiJiang I thought it was a balpha feature, not a you-people feature.
Hehe... I can edit the message so that it's replying to a message sent after it
@PopularDemand I'm not sure... I never use it because it conflicts with the IME shortcut
@YiJiang Ah.
I wonder why GMail hates me today.
@radp No, pretty sure that's not why.
2:05 PM
@PopularDemand Actually, you're right. I never touched the part of the code that deals with input, but yes, I should've suspected that this was a chat feature, not a script one when there's no code in the script that actually implement this "feature"
goes off to chat feedback to yell at someone for choosing ctrl + space
@YiJiang In that case, I have to start wondering, again, why it didn't work for me.
No, wait. I'm an idiot. It is a script feature
if (evt.which == 32 && evt.ctrlKey) {
	$(".message.pending:first a:contains(retry)").click();
Then, once again, I feel better.
For a not-very-satisfying value of "better."
goes off to yell at @rchern for choosing ctrl + space
to be honest, I was the one who chose ctrl-space
2:09 PM
/blame @balpha
@YiJiang Once again:
Oct 16 at 2:18, by Popular Demand
@YiJiang Singapore: unsupported!
JUnit is currently reporting a success rate of -800%. I'm the best at programming
2:26 PM
Ah... that's enough graphics work for today. Back to programming
2:38 PM
@YiJiang That was like...the first feature. :P
Alright, I've asked them to delete the old version. Hmmm...
InheritanceException at line 1: Class "Singapore" cannot be a child of both "Nation" and "City"
+1 for using Aller, -1 for using Aller Display
@balpha Why?
2:54 PM
Because Aller is an awesome font. Except for the Display version.
@balpha Any reason for that, or is it just a personal taste thing?
I find it very hard to read
Fair enough. Not judging, just curious.
@balpha You can always try Verdorgia if you want :P
> Verdana and Georgia, two of the most widely used fonts found on nearly every computer in the world, appear to have had a sort of digital tryst during their years in storage and together produced a font called Verdorgia
That is just scary
2:59 PM
@YiJiang I will never forgive you.
@YiJiang You misspelled "thoroughly"</nitpick>
3:30 PM
Q: Incorrect time in accepted answer tooltip

adrianbanksMinor bug: In some questions that have an accepted answer, the tooltip in the green tick has the wrong timestamp. Have a look at this question for an example. The tooltip says "The question owner accepted this as the best answer 0 secs ago". It says this no matter when you go to the question. ...

how is everyone doing this fine morning?
Fairly decent, I suppose.
Happy Halloween
or Christmas
or whatever October 31st is...
3:35 PM
You're two days early. Or ~55
@MichaelMrozek Don't introduce more numbers into this base-system madness.
You don't actually expect me to log on on Halloween to say that?
@Chacha102 I do. Why not?
@Chacha102 Do your Halloween celebrations typically consume the entire day or something?
@PopularDemand I can just pin it, and it will be like I've said it everytime you log on!
My Halloween celebrations involve driving to an old cemetery in Canadia and sacrificing beat up laptops to Steve Jobs
considering I'm in San Diego, it takes a while...
3:46 PM
Ah, in that case it all makes sense.
Q: When a post is printed print comments

ahsteeleWhen a post is printed the question and answers are printed but the comments on them are not. It would be nice if the comments were also printed.

Posted by Joel Spolsky on October 29th, 2010

Did you notice anything different about MSDN search lately?

MSDN is Microsoft’s mega huge developer information portal, and we’re happy to announce that starting today, Stack Overflow search results will be incorporated into the results when you search for something on MSDN. That lets you see official Microsoft developer documentation alongside the community conversations that you need to actually make sense of the “official” developer documentation.

Let me just say that I have been using Microsoft developer documentation since the Windows 1.0 API. In those days it was a big .HLP file with one entry for every Windows API call, and searching on my Zeos 386SX was instantaneous. In the early 1990s MSDN first appeared (it predated the web by a few years), shipped as a subscription service on monthly CD-ROMs. …

Wow, nice
Q: System reminder to review the answers to your question

adrianbanksI'd like a feature whereby I will be reminded to accept an answer to a question that I have asked. When I ask questions, I usually like to give them a day or so to collect answers before I choose an answer as the accepted one. It would be good if when asking a question, I could tick a checkbox t...

@PopularDemand This is because the user doesn't exist anymore, it seems.
(the one who accepted the answer)
3:58 PM
@TimStone We have a winner!
(As far as I know.)
Do I get a prize?
@TimStone I was going to mention you in the update to my answer. Of course you're welcome to post your own answer if you prefer.
I kind of figured you would've just gone ahead and done it if you were going to, though.
@balpha Oh noes - cyclic dependencies. I reference MSDN in virtually all of my .NET answers
@PopularDemand Yeah, pretty much. :P
@TimStone Excellent work. Have a cookie.
4:07 PM
Hooray, food!
Mmm, bumping stale but valid questions.
4:22 PM
Devlopers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers Developers
Slow day?
Seems to be..
velopers velopers eloper lopers opers rs rs s .... YEAH!
4:39 PM
Q: Strange behavior in Java, is it just me ?

FrankI have the following lines : for (int i=0;i<3;i++) System.out.print("\nA : "+i); // System.out.println(""); // for (int i=0;i<3;i++) System.out.println("B : "+i); The output is : A : 0 A : 1 A : 2A : 2 Why ? I expected this : A : 0 A : 1 A : 2 But if I uncomment the 2nd a...

Time to register strangebehaviorinjavaforeveryoneorjustme.com!
(I haven't even actually read the post yet.)
"Runs on my JVM!"
It's just you. Strange behavior for Java is up... no, down... wait, what?
Hah :P
@PopularDemand Hmm?
Weren't you talking about TinyMCE?
Oh, right.
Thanks. Glad my memory is up to par too, heh...
@rchern No t-shirt :(
@PopularDemand Heh, I'm waiting for someone to just scan in a page from their textbook
Compared to the ones that specifically say things like "using the algorithm we covered in class", that one is downright good
@MichaelMrozek I was actually trying to highlight "What seems to be the problem, officer?"
oh, stupid hackers...
oh, stupid users with bad FTP passwords...
oh, how I hate you both...
@TheUnhandledException Malware content injection?
5:05 PM
@TimStone you got it
looks like a drive by download injection
Had the same thing happen with a friend who I let use space on my shared host, heh.
@YiJiang Ah, indexed.
@PopularDemand Today's, yes :)
@YiJiang It's not as good as it used to be.
Still on my daily list, though.
5:12 PM
@TimStone it sucks!
But, at least they didn't inject PHP malware
that is worse
Not sure what to suggest here
Q: How to set a timer in java

Ankita How to set a Timer say for 2 minutes to try to connect to a database and then exception out if there is any issue in connecting

@PopularDemand This user has a lot of unregistered dupes. Look at the users page.
Not all the same gravatar, but several "clumps" of gravatars.
I suppose I'll start flagging.
Actually, they could be different people who all have dupes.
5:53 PM
@MichaelMrozek I'm surprised you didn't put Web Apps and/or AskUbuntu on their own third row in that screen mockup. Unless you did, and the third row is so far down the page that the system wouldn't let you upload such a tall graphic.
@PopularDemand "Rooms that are dead to me" :)
The multi-collider really is insane. It decided to suddenly alert me to a new inbox post. Is it the message @PopularDemand just sent? Or maybe the comment he left a few minutes ago on meta? No, it's @PopularDemand's message from 50 minutes ago, which I've already been alerted about twice
@MichaelMrozek I'm popular!
And my messages are very important.
/me does not want to do work today
@PopularDemand Worth a third read even, apparently.
@TimStone Why stop there?
6:07 PM
I didn't, I've gone ahead and printed them out so I can tape them to my wall.
@TimStone That's a good start. Next, ignore everyone in The Tavern who isn't me. And check all MSO pages for my avatar before starting to read; if you don't see it, you can save some time and move on to the next question.
Ah, excellent. That'll really streamline my MSO reading process.
@TimStone You're welcome.
I wonder if it's time to update my gravatar again.
@TheUnhandledException We should trade jobs. My boss has forbidden my team from working between 4 pm today and Monday morning.
@PopularDemand REALLY? Sweeet
@PopularDemand Doesn't that make fulfilling that Friday deadline kind of difficult?
6:13 PM
@TimStone Boss likes a challenge
@TheUnhandledException Normally, perhaps. But I'm kind of stressed over missing those days earlier in the week and want to get more hours in.
@PopularDemand Point taken
@PopularDemand Our office administrator throws us out on those days, so we take a late lunch as a group and then come back after she's gone
@TimStone Eh, they decided to push it back to early next week. Not sure if it was the customer or my boss who made that decision, but it doesn't really matter.
Thanks @AidenBell!
6:14 PM
@MichaelMrozek Nice.
You just showed me this:
"user_name":"Aiden Bell",
"room_name":"The Tavern (General)"}}`
Yeeaaah ... no problem ...
That's what happens when users log in to chat
Now I can add that to XMPP!
@JoshsSocks Shhhhh! Quiet! I'm supposed to be working!
@TheUnhandledException Oh, right, sorry.
6:17 PM
@TheUnhandledException Washing machine, man. That'll learn 'em.
@PopularDemand please, no!
@rchern already has it out for me, she just loves the thought of me being ironed!
@JoshsSocks Behave, or I'll take @PopularDemand's advice...
Yeah, you're not bored.
@PopularDemand No, no, not at all... ;-)
Ugh, a five minute build here, a seven minute build there... adds up.
6:25 PM
@PopularDemand Helps build character... er, reputation I mean
@TheUnhandledException It would, if there were any questions I could answer.
Every time I see a title like "can any one tell me what is wrong in my java code" I really want to reply with "Yes."
@PopularDemand I intentionally rephrase those questions to avoid that :)
@PopularDemand Sounds like... ug, his name escapes me at the moment. One of the best users in the C++ tag who recently quit SO
@TheUnhandledException Neil Butterworth?
6:30 PM
I want to say Lance Roberts but I know it's not him
@PopularDemand Thanks
I just read that post on Meta yesterday
@MichaelMrozek Ten yard penalty for insufficient snark.
@TheUnhandledException The original:
Filled me with a deep sense of sadness to see such a valuable, knowledgeable member of the community giving up. But I haven't collected my thoughts on it well enough for a full blown meta question yet
Q: Why does Neil Butterworth say "please delete me"?

Prasoon SauravWhat happened to Neil Butterworth's account? His about section says "please delete me". I have never seen him saying "please". By the way what happened to his reputation score?

@PopularDemand That was the one
@TheUnhandledException Oh, that's weird.
The one that was active yesterday was this one:
6:32 PM
That, and things like you just said, indicate to me we may have a deep issue somewhere...
Q: Setting up a FAQ for the C++ tag

sbiA while ago Neil Butterworth, one of the most highly reputed people in the C++ tag (he has given so many good answers, that in the two months since he left, his defunct account has amassed >2000 rep from old answers), left here, obviously in frustration about Stackoverflow. I have since heard a f...

Dangit, auto-timeout-retry-er!
@PopularDemand Yes, I followed that one to the original
@TheUnhandledException Oh, well, fine then.
@PopularDemand HAHA, sorry, didn't mean to shoot you down :-)
> One thing that I've noticed is that "FAQ" are often answered again, rather than closed as duplicates. I think the reputation system (unfortunately) encourages this.
> It would be preferable imo if the system could somehow encourage exact dups to be upvoted rather than directly rewarding the proliferation of redundant answers and questions.
No kidding >.<
6:34 PM
@TheUnhandledException Suuuuuuuuure. Whatever.
So I have a legal question...
I know that "Stack Overflow" is a trademark, so the XMPP integration project is called "SOXMPP", not "StackOverflowXMPP", because the later implies that the project is owned by Stack Overflow, LLC...
All the classes are SO* or SOXMPP*.
But, can I refer to "Stack Overflow" in comments, like this?
# SO XMPP Chat User Class
# This class represents a Stack Overflow Chat Room User, represented in the XMPP
# MUC user list
# It's purpose is to provide a representation of every Stack Overflow Chat User
# inside the conference room on the XMPP server. These objects are descendents
# from the SOXMPP_Object class -- they are XMPP objects. Each one contains an
# SOChatUser object which represents the cuat user on the Stack Overflow side.
or is that a trademark violation?
I would think you can use it like that
I mean, I'm clearly talking about a "Stack Overflow Chat User", I'm not trying to be nefarious or anything
But I want to be correct too :-)
@MichaelMrozek Cool. Thanks. @PopularDemand, have an opinion here?
@TheUnhandledException After yesterday's minidiscussion? No.
6:44 PM
@PopularDemand I must have missed that
A: Stack Overflow T-Shirt: where can I get one for now?

joshcomleyYou could make one yourself, lots of online places print t-shirts (not sure which country you're in, otherwise I'd pre-Google some links)

@JoshsSocks use "that site with all the chats and the stacks and the overflowings"
@radp Does that fit on one 80-character line though? :-)
@JoshsSocks 65
@PopularDemand Doesn't leave much room for anything else on the line, lol
Headed to a meeting, bbs
1 hour later…
8:08 PM
There's a talk on the Ubuntu Dev Summit about AskUbuntu starting in 8 mins
Robert Curtaino is speaking too.
They're talking about internalization
8:23 PM
Robert sounds exactly as I expected. I'm a little disappointed
Actually Robert hardly spoke so far..
8:43 PM
Oh. Somebody was speaking that sounded like he represented SOIS, and he sounded exactly like I imagined Robert sounding
> 1500 reputation is like a couple days of using the site
9:01 PM
Yey, day's over, back to XMPP!
9:29 PM
First XMPP integration commit coming now!
in XMPP, 3 mins ago, by The Unhandled Exception
The very first version of SOXMPP has been committed to subversion. Anyone can check it out from https://svn.smart-safe-secure.com/soxmpp/trunk. It's very basic: there's no write support, it's probably very buggy, and only this room and The Tavern work. But, it's a working proof of concept
9:57 PM

How I got Italics.

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@TheUnhandledException Cool!
@TimStone Thanks!
Trying to allow users to check out the code, haha
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