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11:08 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title: Copying Linux NFS files to a standard consumer external hard drive by Andrew on unix.stackexchange.com
11:21 PM
Q: Why did a flight controller say "Avionics power nominal" right before Antares exploded?

UndoThe Antares rocket carrying Cygnus just exploded. A video is available here, explosion at around 3:00. In the video, right as the rocket begins to slide down and explode, a flight controller says "Avionics power nominal". This is the scene when he begins his sentence: It would seem that nothi...

^ This was a thing that happened
Also, hot questions material
@Undo downvotes
@SmokeDetector false
@Undo Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
How many SE sites are there, in all?
I think I''ll have to re-enable word boundaries
@Frank like 120 or 140, not counting metas IIRC
11:26 PM
@Undo yep. can you revert commits on GH online?
I dunno
@Undo Well, I meant exactly. Where can I find that information?
@Undo Apparently not.
(Does not include 2 in private beta as of this afternoon.)
Is that /about/about linked from anywhere? (URL looks like it's an about page about an about page...)
11:30 PM
@JonEricson Hmm. Is this A bug?:
@WeaponofChoice Not any more. we technically changed /about to be the team page. Having the old page about seems like an oversight.
@Frank Area 51 is not a Q&A site.
How'd I miss Home Automation launching? >.>
@Frank Hover over the MultiColliderâ„¢ on any site: "A list of all 130 Stack Exchange sites"
@Undo I was just thinking about that. And History of Mathematics too
11:33 PM
@WeaponofChoice Ooh, good point. Part of it is, though.
@Doorknob Thanks.
Q: How many Stack Exchange sites are there really?

Bill WoodgerHow many Stack Exchange sites are there? Obviously 114, from the Topbar: Or 112, from Stack Overflow, Help, Tour, scroll to near the bottom. The difference is Area 51 from the link on the Tour page is not listed as a site (which it is from the Topbar), but it has its own link. And Stack Ov...

The Area 51 discussion is really a meta... if metas are included in the count, it's over 250...
Low Quality A (76.3%): SHA1SDADADAXCACSCNSKN IKSN KSNMC, by SAMUEL, on security.stackexchange.com.
@WeaponofChoice It would be 259, no?
My opinion on the number of SE sites is that it can never be known accurately due to caching.
11:35 PM
@Pham offensive/abusive
@WeaponofChoice But really, I didn't originally ask for 'q/a sites', just 'SE sites'.
@Undo reverted
Should ja.stackoverflow.com count? I stand by my opinion: it's an unknowable number.
And then cs50.stackexchange.com and another edX site.... neither is in site switcher nor the big list of sites.
Low Quality Q (100%): do you have to fold the corner of your prayer rug when not in use, by Derrick Moore, on islam.stackexchange.com.
11:42 PM
^ thoughts?
@Sam Nah, looks like too much work. Then I'd have to unfold it again.
@Frank I got a more-or-less authoritative answer via API: 266 sites, counting all the metas. Does not include Area 51, though. So, 267.
11:50 PM
Is it just me, or is Home Automation locked down more thoroughly than HSM? Both are private betas launched today. I can browse HSM just fine, but can't get to HA. (I did not commit to either, and don't have an account on either site).
How did you find yourself on HSM, @weapon?
@Shog9 Area 51 -> Betas -> visit the site -> (see login page, click site name) -> site homepage.
And HA?
On HA, clicking site name on login page just bounces back to login page.
11:59 PM
Same behavior as on ja.stackoverflow.com, which is a really locked-down beta.
@WeaponofChoice not really.

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