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11:02 AM
no, just yellow
not even a yellow submarine?
Me? I'm not anyone's sock.
@SmokeDetector false
11:07 AM
@hichris123 Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@hichris123 false
also, repost
@Vogel612'sShadow it has 4 cv's already, IMO it's ok, so I didn't cv it
The point of freeing unused RAM is... err... there's no point. It's snake oil. — Jan Dvorak 15 secs ago
11:22 AM
11:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Neuro3x - Helpful Product in Neurogenesis Process on drupal.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tp
busy day for spammer...
gone at -8
11:45 AM
Stop downvoting spam, people :/
@Doorknob spam flag cast automatic downvote by Community
@ShadowWizard Yeah, and it takes 6 spam flags to nuke a post. But that one was at -8.
So it means 2 people added manual downvote
@ShadowWizard those are 6/8
11:50 AM
A: How did I get unbanned? (I did not get any upvotes)

Tim PostWe changed the question block system to a rolling rate limit that slows folks with a recent history of ill-received questions down considerably. There is still an outright block, but it takes a bit more in order to hit it, and it lasts (at the most) a year. Basically, the amount of time it takes ...

Thanks @Tim!
/unmemorize fact: post ban is permanent
/memorize fact: check back on banned users. If unbanned, downvote </evil>
/memorize fact: glasses are evil
/astonished you didn't know that yet?
I've given up on trying to keep up with warnings, throttles and bans, and what is active where.
all hope is lost, Care Bear no longer cares :(
12:03 PM
sidequestion: Did the XKCD font change?
Its appearance changed, for me. But I'm using Chrome, so maybe it's the rendering that's changed.
chrome, too. Actually that's mostly why I am asking..
I'd guess it's the browser rendering, again. Don't have Firefox here to check.
It also changed in Firefox..
12:30 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WHAT IS THE LOGICAL CONNECTIVES OF THEN on philosophy.stackexchange.com
quick question, can someone tell me the current status of this question?
Status ... as in?
reopen votes / queue
No reopen votes
12:43 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow score -3, on hold, edited after closed so likely in Reopen queue. No reopen votes at the moment
reopening is still slightly broken, huh?
I have 0 knowledge in python or pandas so can't cast anything myself
it's closed as too broad, since that was initially true
before closing it got edited to remove two additional questions
(see rev 1) and then I commented about PoB implications
Mornin' folks!
Morning @Frank
12:45 PM
and that's when OP edited again..
Three users voted to Leave Closed, so it's out of the queue
1:37 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 68.9186: Sony Xperia Z corrupted photos in LOST.DIR folder inside microSD on android.stackexchange.com
@hichris123 false
unless you mean this answer which is crap?
@hichris123 if the bot means answer, better link directly to the answer, no?
@ShadowWizard I think the bot can only see the questions.
@Andy nope, score is also applied to answers, it's some new feature they added to the spam bots here a while ago
Maybe only @Pham and not @SmokeDetector though, dunno
@ShadowWizard Pham can see the answers. I don't think SmokeDetector can. @hichris123 is still linking to old SD code in his message so I can't confirm that though
@Andy ok, so it's weird how the question got high LQ score
1:46 PM
@hichris123 why?
For some reason chat's weird and I have to scroll every time a new message appears.
@Frank blame jQuery
blames jQuery
jQuery retaliates, causing everything to freeze
@Frank blame IE
1:48 PM
@JanDvorak that's harsh
Whatever you do, don't put the blame on you
Blame it on the weather man
blames Matt Smith
blames the weather men behind Michael Fish
@Frank are you on iPad?
Q: Chat (non-mobile view) scrolls up and down rapidly on iPad

abby hairboatI prefer using the non-mobile view of chat on my iPad (in mobile Safari). The mobile version is great on my phone, but it wastes a lot of space and I end up missing the enhanced functionality on the larger iPad screen. But the non-mobile version is frequently unusable, because the room bounces i...

@ShadowWizard No, a desktop.
1:56 PM
@Frank browser?
@ShadowWizard Chrome version 38.0.2125.104 m
@Frank whenever the window is resized chat would scroll to the last message... maybe you got a tab resizing the window somehow then?
Sep 18 at 10:35, by Jan Dvorak
maybe it's afraid of you
Lol... Voting ring destruction on CR, and I am not affected yet...
@ShadowWizard I want it to scroll to the last message. The problem is, everything sits still, and to view new messages I have to scroll.
2:05 PM
@Frank I occasionally have the same in Chrome.
Can't repro it though :(
Me too^^
*me neither
@JanDvorak Depends which message she referred to.
Hi there duck!
Hiya Tree!
I referred to the first message
2:14 PM
@Frank good point
@JanDvorak cya!
@Bart Firefox sometimes do the same
Mr Teacher, ^look there...*does the same
Hi @Jon :) saw you arrive
Firefox does the same
Firefox and Chrome do the same
Your cool glasses save you from the shrieking owl.
2:25 PM
@InfiniteRecursion shrieky said 'bye'.
user image
@Inf admit it, that's what you were after
@ShadowWizard Yay! Thanks, you are a true magician, you know everything.
@InfiniteRecursion I learn from the best! :D
@ShadowWizard You are the best.
@Frank Never trust him, he corrects grammar and reports spam even after bye. If he spots something while going out, he returns and shrieks.
2:33 PM
History: Average of 74, no As. Happy with my 76.
Has your Chrome stopped trembling @Frank?
@InfiniteRecursion Wasn't trembling, it was refusing to self scroll.
And not 'better' yet.
Give it some antibiotics.
@Frank F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5, F5
Or that.
2:38 PM
@InfiniteRecursion /me blush
@Frank silly question, but do you see any JS errors in the console?
@InfiniteRecursion so right... he closed a question just now. ;D
@bjb568 No, I think it's a neurotoxin. It may react badly to antibiotics. I think a combination of chelators (protein form, such as DMSA, to absorb the toxin) and possibly conjugators, (in case the toxin is of organic origin) by conjoining a acetyl group to emulsify fat soluble toxins so they can be removed from reserves and expelled.
@ShadowWizard What's that mean? #ImANoob
2:48 PM
press F12
there should be a window on the bottom of your browser
there should be a tab "Console"
switch to that, press F5
is there any red text?
@Vogel612'sShadow no.
okay, then it's not Javascript....
most probably, that is
I think I'd make a better biologist than computer guy :/
@Vogel612'sShadow thx
yes it definitely looks like that..
@Frank also, is the browser window Maximized? If not, maximize it and it might help
2:52 PM
Minecraft should have beer: 3 wheat + 1 water bottle. Gives nutrition and slight nausea, which worsens with each dose.
@Frank ^^^
@JanDvorak Brew it at the potion stand
good point
wait, that would be 1 wheat + 3 water bottles = 3 x beer
@JanDvorak reminds me of Runescape. Eating kebab had a chance of making you sick.
reminds me of netscape
2:55 PM
@JanDvorak In the lord of the rings version, I believe you can make mead and become drunk.
eating corpses had the chance to make you sick and die
but that was litteraly the only food on early levels..
and if you ate too much you'd vomit and pass out.
@Vogel612'sShadow Not die.
I like that brewing stand recipe. 1/3 wheat + a little bit of water should give out about the same nutrition as a full wheat at the cost of a little brewing action and the fact that you get drunk.
if you had food-poisoning, and didn't get your char to vomit, you'd die
after... 12 turns or something?
@Vogel612'sShadow Not me.
2:57 PM
@JanDvorak err... you need more wheat
@Frank why that??
@SmokeDetector tp
oh... 8 wheat + water bottle? About the same nutrition as three bread, but way more compact
gone at -6. Good job, everybody!
Ah! I had a thought! NAC can be produced in humans from the amino acid cysteine! Much better chelator than DMSA. So if the toxin is in the form of mercury or lead, I can use it with possibly CaEDTA in the case of lead.
3:02 PM
the heck is this?
@Braiam I dare not look
@JanDvorak it ain't that bad...
I'm not in a sound-friendly environment either
Destiny in 8-bit style
3:13 PM
The Vanessa Mae's Destiny? That would be cool
@Braiam I love that channel.
@JanDvorak no, the Bungie Destiny...
3:35 PM
I don't like that Destiny.
close votes needed pls (General) stackoverflow.com/questions/165042/…
@vba4all y?
@InfiniteRecursion now all we need is a "deal with it" gif
@Frank that has nothing to do with programming , it's about importing csv file using the interface which is off-topic for SO. these type of questions have already been migrated to superuser before this particular one was old and overlooked probably...
3:46 PM
@Stijn Yes, for Will and Won't
3:58 PM
hi guys/gals
4:14 PM
@hichris123 Whoops, silly logic error, thanks for fixing!
Almost to triple digits: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/274959/189134
4:27 PM
Close votes needed pleaase: stackoverflow.com/questions/26489642/…
@Andy Needs 18 more downvotes to beat this answer: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/268132/2619912
basically the SAS version of "Should I stop using C and start using C++, pros/cons?"
wat... cannot upvote comments...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: CHECK ENGINE LT SCAN SHOWS DEFECTIVE O2 SENSOR on mechanics.stackexchange.com
4:31 PM
@Braiam :D
Grr, now I can't find a good example on meta of why it's clearly off topic, other than the FAQ which is only sort of directly relevant
@Joe Gorilla vs. Sharks
> only sort of directly
confusion ensues
ooooooh yes thanks @Braiam
Nice trick sticking the link into comments
Bye Vogel
4:55 PM
See you!
Hello, I was referred here by a different chat room. I have an issue where a user name Semaphore on the History StackExchange had an argument, and shortly after a large amount of my posts were downvoted, un-upvoted and even closed. I have reason to believe the user Semaphore is responsible. I have sent in a request about 3 days ago talking about the serial-downvoting but nothing has changed. Can anyone help assist me?
@Vogel612'sShadow pings after poof
@Chantola Wait for the bot to kick in, and reopen-vote the question that should be reopened
@Frank don't do that, it generates unnecessary inbox messages
@JanDvorak Nice try, bird.
4:58 PM
I was under the assumption the bot would preform it's course of action in under 24 hours. Have I been mis-informed?
@JanDvorak exactly.
so, you want to be a duck?
@Chantola it should
@Chantola at 0300 UTC the task kicks in
@JanDvorak oh no.
This happened three days ago.
Nothing has changed since then.
4:59 PM
@Chantola I've looked at your rep history and I saw that there was a few hours delay between those downvotes, so it might be that the bot missed it.
You'll have to wait until the team reads your mail.
@ProgramFOX He was probably gaming the system.
@Chantola - if you've sent the mail, then just be patient.
@rolfl okay then.
Thank you for your help, I greatly appreciate it.
@JanDvorak Why do you ask?
5:12 PM
He means an organ, he used duck instead, his sense of humor is extremely finite @Frank
@InfiniteRecursion Very funny.
5:14 PM
5:15 PM
@Undo, please undo your profile image change !!
A different pic @Undo?
wow, it took people this long to notice?
@InfiniteRecursion Lol, we thought of the same at the same time :D
@Undo caching
5:16 PM
oh right
@Undo Well, this is the first time you post a message with your new pic when I'm online, so...
Purging starwall:
@Braiam no
meh okay
5:17 PM
@Undo Your identicon is cool
Get a hat!
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 2 hours ago, by Patrick Hofman
Spam A (91,8%): To fix up the issue run Fixup, Compact and U..., by PaulLam, on superuser.com.
@Undo I noticed long ago. Trying to search for my comment
^ filerepairforum guys again
5:18 PM
Thanks @Undo :)
@Sam fp, right?
@Sam crap.
@JanDvorak imo, tp.
true positive
No @Uni !! I love Undo's dog, no gravatar please
5:19 PM
it's so... answer-y
It's the user's only post.
The file repair forum people have history
20 hours ago, by Frank
@Undo Y no cute puppy?
@Undo is there a meta post documenting that?
5:20 PM
Yes, by Brad Larson, look in MSO
5:20 PM
@JanDvorak I dunno. And I'm not really at liberty to discuss everything I know about them ;)
Finally I got my site convert my gifs into videos: i.3v.fi/1413911602.gifv
@3ventic gets stuck partly into playback for me
about during the first muzzle flash
gets stuck for me at the part where that guy's head blows up
5:22 PM
the video is under a second
so if it doesn't loop in your browser (like it should), it'll get stuck there
It doesn't loop
Whenever I see a gif, it just reminds me of this...
Does it loop now?
It does l... wait, that's a gif
^ from here.
5:24 PM
it's a gif turned into video
@Sam Hmm... What happened to that project?
The head explosion still doesn't loop for me
Damn.... I only recently found the place in FF settings that forces gifs to loop only once....
@3ventic From what I've heard, it's still under dev.
Maybe we'll hear about it again in 6-8.
@Sam wtf is this from anyways?
5:26 PM
@JanDvorak No idea, I've never seen it before.
What's the integral from -1 to 2 of x^-3? 3/8 or diverge?
@bjb568 what normalisation scheme?
It crosses an asymptote...
My calculator says undef :(
Have you tried Google Wolfram Alpha?
@JanDvorak wuts dat?
5:30 PM
@bjb568 That's what tells you the values of stuff that looks infinite
@Sam It says diverge. It makes sense that it'd be the same as from 1 to 2 since it's an odd function tho.
I got ten stars for saying bye. You guys...
Maybe you could normalise by subtracting 1/(x-x0)^2n around each pole, but I'm not sure if that preserves all invariants
@InfiniteRecursion cool!
@ProgramFOX Seems to be deleted now. Now we'll never know if it can beat this answer
5:33 PM
@3ventic nope. HTML 5 video bug?
@ShadowWizard hmm, I'm not sure
It loops for me in both Chrome and FF
maybe now
@Andy Nope, not deleted. And it has -126, so it has beaten the other answer.
Ah, it has been undeleted.
@3ventic nope. And can't play it again with the controls either, it got only Pause which does nothing. Will look into it later! :)
Still doesn't loop
5:37 PM
No conrols either
I wonder if it stops autoplaying if I swap the order of the attributes
same URL, I assume?
I'm assuming they'll pay me good money for it @andrew. A man has got to eat ... — Bart 28 mins ago
I moved the loop to be before autoplay now
5:39 PM
no change
@JanDvorak What browser do you use?
chrome, latest stable
I use latest dev Chrome..
@Jan filerepair
Yup, it's part of a coordinated campaign to spam file recovery tools to Stack Overflow, Super User, Server Fault, and other sites on the network: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/269868/19679 . They've been getting progressively more creative with their spam, now seeding questions with one account and answering with another. The real problem is that reviewers are usually approving their spam now, so I have to sweep through every few days and remove the spam that made it through. — Brad Larson Oct 4 at 21:34
5:44 PM
thanks for the link
@bjb568 It makes sense (this sense is called "Cauchy Principal Value"), but this is not how improper integrals are treated in Calculus course.
In Calculus, they are treated in a more strict way: if there is a singularity inside the interval of integration, split the interval in two.
So you get two improper integrals. And then both of these must converge. If either of them doesn't, the whole integral is written off as divergent.
So, in the sense of Cauchy P.V. the integral of 1/x^3 from -1 to 1 is zero. But in the stricter sense (which is normally used, and not only in calc) it diverges.
Geometrically: there's an infinite amount of area above x-axis, and an infinite amount of are below it. We usually don't want to say that infinities cancel each other; this leads to all sorts of weird arithmetics.
5:52 PM
@CareBear mathematicians love weird arithmetics
Q: What is this plant and where is it located?

EverythingRightPlaceWhat's the name of this plant and where can one find it? I made the picture so I know at least where you can find it but that would be too easy ;) edit I will give you a first hint. I am located in Munich. The picture isn't take there but it's not extremely far. It's not from Russia or the U....

in The Base Camp on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 13 mins ago, by EverythingRightPlace
It's a test for the site haha :p
Bye! summarizes this day at the Tavern?
@JanDvorak Within limits. Having \infty=\infty+1 and \infty-\infty=0 don't mix.
5:57 PM
^^ SE meetup.
@CareBear are you there or something?

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