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1:02 PM
A dude upset me with sexist behaviour on the "be nice" post on MSE, so I took break from janitoring SE, let the dudes handle their crap for a while
One important thing to remember when it comes to dudeology: some dudes can be jerks.
As soon as they know it's a female user, they start making personal comments. The focus shifts from the content to the user. The sexism on SE is sick and pathetic.
Agreed, I wish people would actually behave as adults.
@InfiniteRecursion do you need help, does something needs flagging?
1:10 PM
@InfiniteRecursion well, but don't play into their hands by giving up
Not worth flagging @rene, it's just disappointing. I left a comment to explain my downvote on an answer, a guy became personal. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/240839/…
A person talking about professionals should have some sense of professionalism. So, let them handle their crap till they learn to "be nice".
@InfiniteRecursion If you step back they never encounter these kind of responses anymore, will not get the idea that they make a mistake and therefor nobody learns and so nothing changes...that is counter-productive... please give it some thought....
1:25 PM
@rene Are you running for mod yet?
Nope ... won't be good the community overall...
@rene Some arguments are not worth having. I appreciate your advice, and I will give it some thought :)
@rene You can burn down the CVQ faster with a diamond ;)
yeah ^^
i am sure for this
@InfiniteRecursion I thought you were a dude pretending to be a gal. no?
@lostsock no, that's @LightnessRacesinOrbit ;)
1:37 PM
@ShadowWizard and rene
@lostsock and Bart
I'm still here ...
Sep 4 at 7:08, by rene
@JanDvorak I've always been that girlie girl...
/me watch @rene and @lostsock preparing for epic battle
You would wish all epic battles went like this...
1:46 PM
@rene yup. Your opponent vanished, so you win :D
/*silent treatment for teh win!*
Do I get my badge now?
@rene badge? I can only award spells, not badgers :)
@lostsock :D
poor Bart ;)
@Bart are you really poor like @Inf says? ^
1:57 PM
@Bart, they made you a gal behind your back ^^
@InfiniteRecursion oh wait, I just remembered something. We all know what Bart is ever since he dropped his pants!
Jun 9 at 10:41, by Bart
/me drops pants
The Dutch have a code of etiquette which governs social behaviour and is considered important. Because of the international position of the Netherlands, many books have been written on the subject. Some customs may not be true in all regions and they are never absolute. In addition to those specific to the Dutch, many general points of European etiquette apply to the Dutch as well. == The people == Dutch society is egalitarian, individualistic and modern. The people tend to view themselves as modest, independent and self-reliant. They value ability over dependency. The Dutch have an aversion to...
must be why ^ @bart was deported to Switzerland
@lostsock sure it's a good idea to fill @Bart's inbox with notifications? He will get here with a huge smiting stick! /me hides
ok, please, no more @bart jokes while he's not here
@ShadowWizard :D
Poor Bart ;)
2:08 PM
Well, of course ducks are evil. When the Great Flood came, they just swam. Fish are evil too. And dolphins. — KitFox Jun 9 '11 at 14:23
@rwong obviously a duck weighs exactly as much as a witch — Monkey Tuesday Sep 7 '11 at 4:40
@lostsock couldn't have said that better...
It's always been said there are no women on the internet, only men playing women. /ducks — Darwy May 30 '11 at 8:16
@lostsock you search for scientific facts about ducks?
@ShadowWizard quack
@lostsock wrong room, WAG is in there! /points left
Anna is no doubt the most polite team member!
@Shadow Yeah, sorry, I completely forgot about this. Thanks for the reminder. :) — Anna Lear ♦ 12 mins ago
2:22 PM
hopes the badge will be turned off but the existing badges remain, so he can be the last one ever to get the badge.
@lostsock That was said in 2011, but SE folks and their attitude hasn't changed much till now.
@lostsock quack quack
@InfiniteRecursion ... yeah, which is, quite frankly, sad. I'm not sure why everyone focuses on your gender -- I mean, what difference does it make if you're male or female? You're a human being. You can pass a CAPTCHA. That's all that counts. ;P
@ShadowWizard that badge :o
.... wait. You're not human. You're a duck!
2:30 PM
Actually, there aren't any humans in here.
Frank = tree, Bart = glasses, shog = floating head, etc...
@Sam but @Pham is
Yep, that's right.
@Sam so, what am I? ;D
@ShadowWizard Another bot, I guess ;)
@ShadowWizard I've never seen a human with two heads and four arms. You must be an alien.
2:32 PM
@hichris123 ask a doctor. It makes a big difference in many circumstances.
@Sam What am I? A floating gravatar?
@lostsock ... we're talking in SE terms. Because on SE, it doesn't matter if you're a male, female, dog, tree, duck, puzzle, glasses, floating head...
@hichris123 Nope, just a pink kaleidoscope.
@Sam lol
@Unihedron congrats!
2:34 PM
@nicael's not on it :D
@ShadowWizard Thank you!!!
@Unihedron that's what i was wondering, unless his sock is on there
@Unihedron looks like he's only using automated scripts, or he finds it too minor ;)
I thought I found a way to get it, but it didn't work :(
Aww, doesn't exist on Area 51 :(
@Unihedron the codebase there is ooooold, probably before that badge was created
2:39 PM
olddd olddd olddddd
and the list keeps growing... :D
Welcome @rene and @Pro!
@Sam & /me ?
@Sam ... Maybe.
2:43 PM
@hichris123 85ee70a
@TGMCians Error: ThoughtOverflow Exception occurred. StackTrace: @ Sam.Brain.ThoughtTank["TGMCians"].Names
:D , use try catch block :)
@hichris123 feature request ^^
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 8 mins ago, by Sam
Poll: Should we delete the (?s-m)^.{0,200}$ term?
^ Currently only one vote to delete (I'll give you one guess who). Anyone else?
2:48 PM
@TGMCians The only ones are !!/rev? and !!/alive?, sooo...
@hichris123 b3ef2de
^ New: revs are linkified.
2:51 PM
@AstroCB My close vote expired :(
Q: uninformative questions gets so much vote up

Ali Amiriwhy questions like this and this that are simple overflow questions gets that much vote ups? this question are so specific in the title no one ever in the future would find them as his answer if he have similar problem.

A: uninformative questions gets so much vote up

ChrisFRead some more on the Bikeshed problem and how it affects SE. Basically because the question is "easy" a lot of people can see whether it's a good question or not and vote accordingly. Harder, more obscure questions which may be "better" questions will gain fewer votes because fewer people under...

@AstroCB ? looks like an answer to the question
ChrisF stole my answer! :P
@lostsock Nope. "Does WatchKit support XYZ?" -"WatchKit is coming out next month."
It's a legitimate question (although probably asked in order to earn the Taxonomist badge and legacy upvotes rather than in good faith), but it can't have an answer until WatchKit is actually released.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 min ago, by Undo
I bet Sam's bot(s) doesn't do that
lol :P
Yes, that's a challenge :P
Nothing like a bit of healthy competition.
2:56 PM
Say what? Challenge? :P
@Sam Yup, while we're busy killing eachother the spammers can just completely take over Magento. Easier for everyone.
@lostsock he has 64 socks btw
@lostsock It was converted to a comment.
3:35 PM
Gone for a few hours, returns to see seven inbox messages. From the Tavern, of course.
A typical day out of the tavern
@JanDvorak omg, who pinged you? :P
@Jan yes no doubt
We were busy pinging Bart :)
@InfiniteRecursion You, specifically, have pinged me twice
3:38 PM
@InfiniteRecursion did i miss something ?
2 hours ago, by lostsock
@ShadowWizard and rene
@JanDvorak 2/7, I am innocent in that case
2 hours ago, by Shadow Wizard
@lostsock and Bart
Why don't you poof nowadays? Scared of pingafterpoof? :P
Is moving messages from a chatroom borked?
@rene mm... let's see.
@rene No
3:45 PM
@hichris123 I'm trying is on chat.stackoverflow.com
@rene you need to be an owner
I am ...
3:46 PM
Hmmm, blame it on IE
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RECOVERING MY PHOTOS on apple.stackexchange.com
> recovering 1500 photos from my galaxy phone
3:48 PM
I can't move the messages posted by me due to updating the room description...
@rene why would you?
@rene audit messages are unmovable
3:50 PM
@rene post a bug report, IE is officially supported
@JanDvorak because I made several successive failed attempts to fix the room description
@rene Works for me on chat.SE, might just be because diamond.
[ SmokeDetector ] Score of 93.2788: +91-9950211818 World Famous Astrologer call to on english.stackexchange.com
@InfiniteRecursion it appears to be a PICNIC problem...
@SmokeDetector SPAM ^^
You don't call spam on me!
3:51 PM
^ spam
@rene Eeek! rene's the spammer!
@hichris123 That took you some time ....
I am on a break from janitorship :)
@SmokeDetector gone
@SmokeDetector delete
3:52 PM
@InfiniteRecursion network-wide?
@hichris123 delete
@TGMCians I don't delete. :P And please only delete false positives, that way it doesn't mess anything up.
@rene yesh :)
@hichris123 ah ok gotcha
3:53 PM
@hichris123 What about very offensive titles? I'd suggest deleting them too.
@ProgramFOX Mmm... I dunno. Since there's the deleted posts list now...
I would delete those, though.
anyways... g2g
See you!
Pham sanitizes offensive reports automagically :)
3:54 PM
I dare you, duck. I dare you react to this:
@JanDvorak ::unpoof::
@JanDvorak ::pokeafterpoof::
@hichris123 ok... I dare anyone
@InfiniteRecursion you're a duck
@hichris123 We could save posts to a file if someone replies false, and just delete them if someone responds delete. So false would become delete + store.
@ProgramFOX Oooh.
3:56 PM
Going to work on that now.
Ok. sounds good. :)
@JanDvorak lol, you can't get anything right in the first time, I am disappointed @JanDvorak
@InfiniteRecursion double ping Jan
@JanDvorak ping
@JanDvorak poke
@TGMCians done :D
now i think jan is doing like this
3:59 PM
You disapponted hichris, he unpoofed you
@JanDvorak poke
@hichris123 :(
When @Undo pulls SmokeDetector, a new feature will be available:
Privileged users can reply false to SmokeDetector and then it will register it as false positive. It will delete the message (if possible) and store the false positive in a file so it doesn't get posted again. And delete will not register the post anymore, just delete the message.
I am confused, on MSO, I am the second most active participant as well as voter after gnat, yet I can't understand his feature request :/
Q: Can we please use total score of the posts in meta participation instead of their number?

gnatThe way how meta participation is calculated is explained here: Users most active on this site in the last 60 days (combined number of posts, votes, comments and edits). While above has a definite benefit of being simple, it looks way too simple. Suggest to change it to use total score of t...

@hichris123 ^ Finished, see my above messages.
4:11 PM
I think total score already counts, because all my posts have good score and weigh in my participation score, but I can't find documentation of it.
So how does participation work? I'm 3rd on it stackoverflow.com/users?tab=participation but have no clue how.
Pushed a new commit, both false and fp can be used now.
@Unihedron Take the tour comments and up/down votes and cvs
Oh, I see. Can't someone game the system by leaving long comment threads on their old unattended posts though?
@ProgramFOX nice
4:15 PM
@hichris123 Thanks!
@Unihedron If it gets flagged and deleted, it leaves a permanent trail on their profiles
@InfiniteRecursion nope
Comment flags leave no indications on a profile.
Q: When a user's content gets flagged, does it leave a trail?

Infinite RecursionWhen we flag some content, and the content gets removed, does it leave a trail in the user's history that their content was deleted? I noticed a lot if noisy comments today while I was looking for questions to answer, so I went through all the newest posts in the tag and flagged noisy comments,...

> For comments, though, that does not occur.
> There is a separate tool in the moderation menu that allows us to view all of their comments, including deleted ones, but unless we noticed a pattern ourselves and explicitly went to look, we might not notice if a user is having a large number of their comments deleted.
4:17 PM
> quote random things!
@hichris123 I can't disclose the details, but I may have flagged users for bad comments and seen action been taken, so it does leave a trail for sure. If we ask a mod to look, they are capable of finding it
@InfiniteRecursion ... yeah, but it's hard. Let's just say mods were complaining after having to clean up a ton of comments. :P
@hichris123 still want to be a mod? :P
I flag a lot, if you become a SO mod, be ready for it :)
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, kinda. But I think you guys and gals would be happier if I was, since I wouldn't be bugging you for close votes. ;)
@InfiniteRecursion Well, I have 4496 helpful flags right now.
So I know how much work it is to flag stuff. :P
@hichris123 I don't mind your bugging, but true, I would be happy because you are a very dedicated janitor ;)
@hichris123 :)
4:29 PM
@hichris123 4542 here, ha!
@InfiniteRecursion "Dedicated" -- more like it's something to get my mind off of school. :P
I have slowed down flagging, though.
@Unihedron >:(
@hichris123 :)
Q: Optimizing Regex searches

jozHow could I optimize these Regex searches ?Currently they take up to 5 seconds on my mobile phone Conversation : .+?sms-notregion Place: (?<=de/ort/)[^"]+ ID: (?<=sms-share-id sms-tagline-elem">#)\d+ Single message: sms-participant sms-participant-.+? Participant: (?<=sms-participant-)\d Ti...

A: RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags

bobinceYou can't parse [X]HTML with regex. Because HTML can't be parsed by regex. Regex is not a tool that can be used to correctly parse HTML. As I have answered in HTML-and-regex questions here so many times before, the use of regex will not allow you to consume HTML. Regular expressions are a tool th...

4:48 PM
@ProgramFOX Rejected 4 secs ago:
5:22 PM
SmokeDetector now supports a new feature (after @Undo pulls): the false/fp and true/tp commands now also add the title to the Bayesian filter.
@rene Your issue is completed now: github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/issues/…
> You need at least 2k reputation to review suggested edits.
5:39 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RECENT RESTRICTIONS TRAVELING TO MOROCCO DUE TO EBOLA on travel.stackexchange.com
6:11 PM
6:22 PM
@hichris123 looks serious, report it
@Unihedron night
@InfiniteRecursion thanks
@hichris123 Is that only happening on MSE or are the other sites targetted as well?
@rene Not sure.
Hmmm, strange effort...
probably the AVAST that triggers it?
6:48 PM
I guess avast is a spam keyword. :P
@SmokeDetector false
@hichris123 shouldn't it delete it then as well?
please downvote
so that i can flag it
@rene it should
@TGMCians I'm not sure ...
7:15 PM
@rene It was outside of the two minute delete period.
Oh wait, Undo hasn't pulled it yet.
yeah, it's on an old commit.
@rene am i wrong ?
@TGMCians It technically is an answer because it mentions HMAC Authentication
@rene ah ok
7:17 PM
That it only links to it makes it not worth so many downvotes but an NAA flag might get declined
but i flagged this already stackoverflow.com/a/26450988/1741671
low quality
@TGMCians that is ok
@hichris123 I just googled the link they used. They are spamming more sites
not in the SE network though
7:25 PM
7:45 PM
@bjb568 the splashscreen is Ok-ish, but you need a wide screen to view
@rene My thot was that it looked pretty awful.
@bjb568 It matches the rest of the site...
stackoverflow.com/users/268413 look how many posts he provided
7:56 PM
@rene Sorta. But not really.
Is there an auto-spam-edit-block system like the post-spam-block sys?
Are they the same thing?
@bjb568 maybe. But if we told you, we'd have to kill you.
@ProgramFOX Looks really cool, I'll pull it in a few hours. I have a thing to do (cleaning garage :P), and this is a big enough change that I want to be able to watch it for a few minutes after pulling. But from a cursory glance, it looks awesome ;)
@Undo :O
And I might actually have to pull tomorrow, sometimes Sundays become "no-computer-time", I.e. "go read a book time" or "go play a semi-boring game time"
but I'll do my best ;)
7:59 PM
@Undo People still have garages? O.O
@Undo :0 how do you live without computer?
Are you like old or something?
Cryogenics are around for a reason, you don't technically have to be alive
@Undo get a life...
Okay, got to go. Cya
Happy garage cleaning...
8:59 PM

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