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12:00 AM
@SmokeDetector ot for being statistical analysis?
@AnnaLear Jeff Atwood was great, but Anna Lear fixes bugs backwards and in high heels...
@Frank OT for being a homework dump. We don't like those at Math. For some value of "we".
12:15 AM
And although I approved your suggested edit, there's a good chance you'll lose that +2 when the question gets the axe.
Are you kidding me?
How is this a legit audit?
@hichris123 explain to me how that ^ got so many upvotes and 0 downvotes, specially when the first comment is "put your code"?
^ I just got banned for that also, which makes me question the audit system again; why exactly is it that I get banned for failing two audits within a month when I've passed at least 25 or so in between?
@AstroCB meta Q to the rescue!
AFAICK, it should be an average of failed vs passed
12:27 AM
@Braiam I don't like complaining about audits on Meta; it seems unnecessary.
@AstroCB not about the audit itself, but that you got banned with a ~20/2 audits passed/failed
it shouldn't work like that, I read it somewhere... maybe Shog did...
broke something
@Braiam It always seems to work like that...
@Braiam Because Google. People have the same problem, then upvote...
@CareBear Don't care about the +2, was just editing because of the all caps, and weird formattig caused by $ signs.
@CareBear Don't you guys have a bad homework question c-v reason?
Nice fact about Gardening and Landscaping: We have only once gotten a homework question.
What does a deleted question look like to those who don't have the rep to view it?
@Frank 404.
12:42 AM
@hichris123 Ah.
@hichris123 Blow up Google. Arrest the People. Ignore the problem!
Any mods want to unban me?
@Frank We do and it has been applied to this one.
1:02 AM
@CareBear Oh hell no. Haven't worn heels in years and don't plan to start. ;)
@CareBear Ah. It doesn't specifically mention homework, which is cool - less like some other sites... The same thing every time gets boring.
1:19 AM
Another nice fact about Gardening: the most participating user is...
Hm. Does not qualify as spam, and since you probably already voted / flagged vlq, one needs 3000rep on GL to do anything about it.
@CareBear You can flag it too, unless you have less than 15 rep :)
I could, but multiple flags are no better than one, unless they are spam/offensive.
That's the second stupid question that user has posted on GL today, and he has rep on arqade.
@CareBear I posted those links so they will get picked up by Zephyr in the Low Quality Posts HQ. Sometimes a dev finds it and gets it before the gardening mods do (they're a little slow at times)
@CareBear You will eventually get a silver badge :)
… I think it's fart. — bjb568 8 secs ago
Yes, noted and voted. Thanks. It's off the front page already (-6).
@hichris123 Same guy as the dumb GL question poster.
I'd rather not have to read it every time I see one of their contributions.
@ɥʇǝS will get picked up by Zephyr.
@bjb568 IMO, no.
2:02 AM
@bjb568 what's wrong with silver fork?
@AnnaLear Oh noes! I would not want to be a bug on that list! :<
@lostsock is here! Hide!
@Frank I am here and stinkier than ever
I ab holdig by dose id hidig.
@lostsock Fork?
2:24 AM
Hmm, can't do fractions in chat.
@Frank Well, if you have the mathjax chat extention & you use mathjax, you can.
@hichris123 I mean like '5&frac12;"' for 'five and one half inches' That's not MathJax.
oh, using HTML, yeah, you can't do that.
@hichris123 I wonder why they don't want that.
2:30 AM
@Frank You can't do any HTML in here, if I'm <strong>not</strong> mistaken.
@AstroCB Yeah, and I wonder why not.
Seems like it would be useful.
But if you copy-paste it from somewhere where it renders... 5½
(somewhere being the preview of an answer on SE)
2:57 AM
Q: Da ya guuys know wut the deriviterve of burp is?

xXEaterofSoulsXxDa ya guuys know wut the deriviterve of burp is? You peps are relly cuul! Tank you guuy for all ya help.

^ Flag as offensive / abusive please
@Doorknob Handled.
@AnnaLear That user has posted two junk questions on GL today, as well as on some other sites.
Yeah, he's on a network-wide suspension now.
@AnnaLear K, good to know.
@Anna I remember a couple of questions you posted on GL some time ago. :) You get more votes than average.
@Frank And here I thought I asked decent questions... :)
3:03 AM
Yay! Done with all my homework 2 hours late for the recommended 9 hours of sleep except for a research project which I project will take 10 hours…
@bjb568 Let me guess: you were given this research project a month ago.
> project which I project
That took a strangely long time for me to process.
@AnnaLear You did. I upvoted them long ago. :)
@AstroCB Well… yeah.
But the teacher makes it really hard until you go to class like with 2 days left which explains everything and makes it easier (humanly possible).
I have my excuses.
3:08 AM
My graded thesis statement was returned 2 days ago, I realized that I had no idea what to actually write about. 2 days to basically write the whole thing. Of course I need to do research too since my previous research has nowhere near enough info.
2 days = my weekend with DevDoodle bug fixing
3:23 AM
Silence will fall.
3:35 AM
@Frank Pssh, we beat the silence
@Andy Woot!
Anyone here know Doctor who?
More so new who though. I don't know Classic Who as well
You think it's good?
@Andy The classic ones are worse than the first star wars. You aren'y missing much.
I'm on the fence about Capaldi still, but I think it's still because he's new. I'm always that way when the Doctor gets a new face.
I do like it in general though, yes
@Andy Capaldi is awesome!
Except he has really long teeth.
3:39 AM
He has gotten better through the season. I really liked him in the last two - Caretaker and the one on the moon
He's becoming more Doctor and less "Let's let Clara run the show"
You watched the Robin Hood one? That's my favorite so far this season.
I have only seen the first couple episodes of Capaldi and he's alright... I've grown to really hate Smith.
But honestly, the real blame lies with Steven Moffat who needs to put whatever he's smoking down and bring back some real companions and none of this mystical IMPOSSIBLE stuff.
@AnnaLear Smith had issues, but he was mostly ok. His style was tiring after a bit.
@AnnaLear Smith was very bipolar in how he played it. It was tiring to keep up with him going from childish to serious and back again
Steven Moffat era Doctor Who, the summary: elli-vanelli.tumblr.com/post/66910529542/…
3:41 AM
@AnnaLear I like Moffat, he's also the brains behing Sherlock, which I love also.
I love Sherlock, but I think he's turning DW into a real shitshow. And not in a fun way.
He's writing both shows the same in some ways, and it's now tiring. Also, he doesn't know first thing about writing interesting female characters (Clara! I hate such high hopes at the beginning.), and it's getting annoying how every companion now is mysterious and special and seriously where are these normal people that the Doctor happens to?
Jenny and Lady Vastra are great... but their relationship is portrayed in a fabulously straight white male kind of fashion and again... tiring. #strongfeelings :)
@AnnaLear DW?
@Frank Doctor Who
@AnnaLear Oh, duh
3:44 AM
@AnnaLear As much as I hear people say she was horrible, Martha Jones was just "normal", and I liked that
Donna Nobel was normal until the end too.
I liked both of those two
@Andy She's not my favorite either (Donna holds that spot), but yeah. Exactly.
I like Clara.
I liked Donna too.
The great thing about Doctor Who is that it's a show about elevating normal people to great heights, showing that everyone is important, and the good triumphs (sort of. eventually. often at great cost). We're losing that and that's sad.
@AnnaLear It's like real life when you live it properly.
3:46 AM
Having said that... I need to catch up on Capaldi. :) I was so disappointed by the last series that I kind of stopped keeping up.
@Frank Clara is a plot device, unfortunately. She's the impossible girl. I'd hoped that she'd graduated from that with Capaldi but she's had one impossible moment already. While it was interesting, it was just plot.
I think Capaldi has potential. Right now, my favorite is still David Tennant.
@Andy Yeah, she seems to have little function beyond exposition and playing deus ex machina. I had such hopes for her at the beginning, but she was never allowed to develop into anything but that.
@Frank +1. Although Eccleston is often underrated.
Nine was the sassiest (new) Doctor.
@AnnaLear I liked him
@Andy Well, you have to allow for some... You can always criticize anything into oblivion if you think too much.
Eccleston Was good because he was much less arrogant and self centered than other doctors have tended to be, but he stopped before he fully got into the role.
3:52 AM
I don't know what happened between Eccleston and the show runners, but he's been weirdly disparaging of the show since he left. Some bad blood, must be.
@AnnaLear Didn't know that, I haven't been keeping up with him.
I haven't either that much, but every time there's an interview or a chance to come back for a cameo, he's evasive as hell.
@AnnaLear He says he'll appear in the 100 year anniversary special. So, just 49 years to go
Sweet. Here's hoping Moffat isn't writing that one, too. ;)
3:56 AM
My fingers are crossed that he's not
gtg, cya!
@AnnaLear Seconded
3:59 AM
@Frank later
Matt Jones wrote the impossible planet and the satan pit, both of which I really liked, but cy'all later
@Frank Those were good.
The Ninth Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who. He is portrayed by Christopher Eccleston during the first series of the show's revival in 2005. Within the programme's narrative, the Doctor is a time travelling, humanoid alien from a race known as the Time Lords. When the Doctor is critically injured, he can regenerate his body but in doing so gains a new physical appearance and with it, a distinct new personality. The production team's approach to the character and Eccleston's portrayal were highlighted as being i...
Hm, that didn't link to the right area
In the Casting section it mentions part of why he left
(Last paragraph of that section)
I'm a bit conflicted about that. Not judging or anything, but... as a fan, I wish he'd put his differences aside for the 50th anniversary special to avoid doing a different casting.
I respect artistic integrity, but I also feel that if you take on something like the role of the Doctor, you also accept certain ... concessions that you're likely going to have to make for the sake of the franchise.
And it would have only been one episode more
I'm going to call it a night too.
4:11 AM
See ya.
@JanDvorak handled
'night everyone.
ok... no more fullscreening for me for a while
@LynnCrumbling night
4:42 AM
then you got this:
cause ... effect :D
2 hours later…
7:05 AM
Nothing to do with programming.
7:19 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Why the word “Holy” is used before words like “Shit”, “Crap” etc on english.stackexchange.com
7:38 AM
@SmokeDetector false
7:50 AM
@Unihedron agreed, voted to delete.
@Undo Ok, so what should I name the new files?
They got a "weight" tag so they deserve this spam! :D
8:16 AM
@JanDvorak absolutely
@Unihedron ?
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 25 secs ago, by Pham
Low Quality A (100%): idiots. what fing google????, by youare, on superuser.com.
^ naa/offensive take your pick
+1. In addition to getting back to square one with disassociation, please be very careful about disassociation as it can end up in bans, very easily. — lpapp 20 hours ago
Good to see he's still around scaremongering
8:33 AM
:D That avatar is brilliant @chmod711telkitty
scaremongering... thanks for teaching me a new word, @Bart! :)
@JanDvorak isn't POB more applicable here?
also, OT-rec
@Bart :D
I did see two fat horses on a farm before ... by the lake. Very poetic.
such horse. much fat. so doge. very poetry
9:02 AM
^ naa
@Sam If you ever build another bot again, we need one that carries TP reports and throws them over here. ;)
@Unihedron Good idea. I might actually be able to build that into Pham.
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: “make sb feel an idiot” or “make sb feel like an idiot”? on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector false
@Vogel612 if you see any fat donkeys, please let me know, I am planning a reality weight loss show called The Biggest Jackass
9:17 AM
@lostsock hang on let me put that on my "when I see a fat donkey" trello lane
@chmod711telkitty that did not look like a thumb at first
@ShadowWizard I'm here for all your vocabulary needs
@Bart awesome, will keep that in mind! :D
@lostsock you see what you want to see...... ;-)
@Vogel612 Vogel612.OnFatDonkeyDetected += PingLostSock(donkeyArgs);
@SPArchaeologist should be: Vogel612.OnFatDonkeyDetected += PingLostSock(Vogel612, donkeyArgs);
EventListenter always has object Sender...
@AndrewT. NAA... should be a comment...
@Vogel612 actually I was referencing the "ohhhh, sparkly" code that I had just found in a refactoring. Maybe if I had posted the sample before the joke, the joke would actually have been understandable....
@SPArchaeologist It was a fine standalone joke... but CR chat has made me wary of incorrect parameters ;)
> removed "thanks" and hope, enlarged prettified guide link, replaced italics for path with inline-code
I should work on my edit summaries..
"removed hope"?
I thought to recall he had expressed a hope that someone might find a solution to his problem..
and that I had removed that along with the thanks in advance.
9:49 AM
... and now all hope is gone
9:59 AM
and so am I
cya @Jan
spam down.
@AndrewT. tin-can comments ftw ;O)
ahhh I missed flagging the spam
10:50 AM
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 7 mins ago, by Pham
Low Quality A (100%): [your all wrong just buy a new computer ](http://electronics.stackexchange.com/a/132279), by user54723, on electronics.stackexchange.com.
applies for a computer loan
yet another 100 rep network wide
@JanDvorak was that close reason already in place back then?
12:27 PM
I'm reading documentation of integrating our web shop with a third party software package. "The software sends login information [...] The integration can NOT be done over HTTPS."
Security is hard, let's not do it!
@Stijn: I agree. HTTP all the way :)
12:45 PM
can any body do this guy's homework? stackoverflow.com/questions/26236315/…
cv-pls ^
1:06 PM
@Stijn I think some people see HTTPS and think "plural form of HTTP" and decide that they don't need to support simultaneous connections from the same host.
But that would be HTTPs
@SmokeDetector "idiot" is offensive?
@SmokeDetector idiot.
@SmokeDetector delete
boo! @Undo ^
1:11 PM
'morning all
errr '%average_locale_time% all
1:34 PM
2:05 PM
@Braiam I can't delete it either :P
@Sam Something like {good/bad}-{current-date-and-time} would be great ;)
2:36 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: “make somebody feel an idiot” or “make somebody feel like an idiot”? on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector delete
@SmokeDetector undo
@SmokeDetector idiot
how can I easily view my own revisions on my own answer, as there is no "Edited x ago" link?
@AmitJoki click the Share link on your answer, you'll get something like stackoverflow.com/a/5559132/247702, now take the first number and place it in this: http://stackoverflow.com/posts/{number}/revisions e.g. stackoverflow.com/posts/5559132/revisions
Note that edits during the 5-minute (?) grace period after posting an answer, are not preserved.
pretty much work! BTW thanks @Stijn
Hi room
Good morning!
2:48 PM
Good morning!
I have a question and I'm not sure of the best SE site to put it on, I was wondering if this was a good place to ask it
Go for it.
What's the question?
@Stijn or question
briefly: I wrote a server and a client that sets up a network connection and sends, among other data, a heartbeat every 250 ms
this connection is over a Cisco VPN
once every other day or so, the connection drops
@durron597 what's that, a hummingbird heart?
2:50 PM
@JanDvorak that's only twice as fast as a really excited human, IIRC.
I want to figure out whether the problem is my code, something related to the VPN, or just general network shenanigans that I can't really avoid
@Undo still counts as fibrillation
the question is about "how do I diagnose this problem"
@durron597 Ultimately, the right answer is Stack Overflow. But they tend to have a really prickly culture about those kinds of questions. If you choose to post there, try a few things and detail what you tried and how they didn't work/find the problem.
2:52 PM
would it be StackOverflow (because my code is involved), ServerFault, or Network Engineering, OR is it not really appropriate because it can't be answered directly?
SO, but ask "how to debug"
@Undo But I can't really post a code sample
I write MCVE's often, but the issue here is that I don't know whether it's my code or, say, my hosting provider
and if it is my hosting provider, that is not an SO question.
asking "how to debug" should make the question clear, not too broad and useful. But yes, do post prior efforts.
@durron597 To clarify, can you post your code? Or is it trade secret stuff?
Assume it's your code
And if you try over and over and it won't work, then yell at your hosting company.
have you considered running wireshark 24/7, logging the relevant events in a rolling window?
2:54 PM
I don't mind sanitizing my code to make it SO-acceptable, but because I don't know enough about WHERE the problem is, the amount of code I'd have to post would be very large
Actually, it's good practice to employ bimonthly yelling sessions aimed at your (hosting company | ISP | domain registrar)
You can confirm or deny connectivity issues by running a heartbeat server that does nothing but keep the connection
@JanDvorak That's a good idea. Would you write the heartbeat apps using the networking library i'm currently using, or use prewritten independent app?
probably both, because that way I can verify "is it something in the library" vs "is it something in the network code" vs "is it something in my application code"
2:56 PM
@durron597 do both. If both fail, it's networking. If only one fails, it's the lib
or rather, either the lib or your usage thereof
@Stijn cv'd.
Well I'm using Netty 3.6.9 in Java
They have examples on their website, I can just use one as-is
@Stijn unclear
and hope they didn't write the example wrong :-P
Thanks @JanDvorak. Have a *
@durron597 What's the data rate? Maybe the client just doesn't like the TCP sequence number rolling around its initial value.
2:59 PM
@JanDvorak that fits too, yeah
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