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If we're going to start using more and more of the api, it might make sense to use a wrapper for the api shrugs
@rchern Oh... hmmm....
Well, a /question is almost out of the question
It would be too complex and difficult to find the question you need
just going off your commit comment
> This type of commands have lots of potentials, using the API to grab stuff like Questions, Tag info, etc.
Most of the other stuff aren't really useful either
@rchern Questions won't be useful. I just gave it a bit more thought, and it's clear that writing our own interface for searching through questions
is quite redundant and unuseful
Feel like working on /mention
/profile isn't that useful either, but it's fun filling the Sandbox with user profiles
The StackFlair script appears to be returning Server Errors
Oh, it's working again. That's weird
Howdy howdy howdy
Sorry, I haven't been paying attention; is @YiJiang's commit functional? I tried merging it and now the script doesn't work anymore
I would try to find error messages but Chrome doesn't seem to want to let me open the javascript console
3:11 PM
@MichaelMrozek Should be, erm... hopefully
Goes off to check
Maybe I botched the merge, there was a collision. I'll fiddle
I guess I can cut one SE site out of the herd.
Q: Account merge request

Lance RobertsPlease merge my old Electronics.StackExchange account with my account here.

@LanceRoberts No soup for you!
@MichaelMrozek Looking at: github.com/mrozekma/StackExchangeScripts It doesn't seem like you changed anything. I think I'm still not "getting" this version control thingy
3:19 PM
@YiJiang I didn't push anything to github, I just pulled the changes from your branch locally so I could try them
just saw a stock codenamed PHP scroll down the stock ticker of the local news channel and is now extremely curious what that stock is
Primary Health Properties PLC... nowhere as interesting as I'd expected
I very much don't understand this git diff output, but I fixed it anyway
New goal:
@Popular Hey! That's not the first time you've said that in the past few days, am I correct?
Ooh, you're a pro.
I swear I've seen someone say that recently.
3:32 PM
I've been trying to get SOIS to hire me to search for things all day long, but they won't bite
What's IS?
Information Services?
"internet services", apparently
They actually have a department by that name?
@MarkC It's the name of the company ("company"?) in general; it's in the footer of all the pages
@YiJ No, no, I was asking about the "IS" part of "SOIS" (see above).
News flash
3:36 PM
> site design / logo © 2010 stack overflow internet services, inc
Interesting, I hadn't seen that
How long has it had that name, and been incorporated?
@MichaelMrozek It's incorporated, apparently
since the VCs came in
You jargon spewing corporate zombie! Out! Out!
somewhere around april
3:37 PM
What are the VCs? (Sorry)
@MarkC Venture Capitalists
Ah ok
Whoops, lemme try the image form
You know, I just found an easy way to get the suffrage badge - just go though the "Best Programming" - Quotes, Joke, Comics etc. questions, and upvote the answers... fun!
@YiJiang That'd also be a good way to find out whether CW answers can count as "competing" for Sportsmanship purposes.
@MichaelMrozek Sorry, it's my fault for doing it for free.
@PopularDemand Hehe... But that's much harder. Hmmm... you'll need to find someone who has posted on one of those, then vote everyone else up. Not too hard...
3:51 PM
@MarkC I generalized Michael's search to any mention of "soup" in The Tavern by anyone, and still no hits. The only rational conclusion here is that you're losing your mind.
No, no
I didn't say "in Tavern" the second time around
I did the general Tavern search already
Ah ha! 5 votes left.. mmhmmm....
Oh, Mr. Popular, I had to leave before I could investigate, but I remember you saying..."I influenced a Welbog name change!"
Could you tell the story?
@YiJiang Because if there's one thing those posts need, it's more upvotes :)
@MichaelMrozek Nah, if you see the list of the latest CSS and HTML questions, you'll see why I'd rather stay on those questions
3:58 PM
@Popular I figured you hadn't taken off yet, so I didn't do your @callsign.
@YiJiang Has anyone asked, "How to parse CSS with HTML-based regex?"
@MarkC Yeah, sorry, I left. One sec.
Also... "Mr."?

And then Welbog changed his name to "Sid Meier."

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Bookmarked 16 secs ago by Popular Demand

Wow, names must be denormalized. "Toronto" shows up in the bookmarked conversation.
Which is pretty convenient for this here use case.
What exactly do you mean?
You know, like "Mister Smarty-Pants" and so on
@MarkC You're the boss.
In completely unrelated news:
Q: My Java program doesn't work. Can you help me?

user152530I don't think the question is all about chances. However, the question is a question.

Mr. Popular is what you would call someone who is popular at school or something
I meant, what do you mean about names being "denormalized"?
@MarkC Or "Miss."
4:10 PM
@MarkC Stackoverflow uses a denormalized Database
Unlike yar' olde 3NF SQL databases
A: Do old usernames stick to CW posts by design?

Jeff AtwoodThat's stored in a denormalized field, so it will reflect the username at the time it was last calculated (usually on edit).

So some operations are much faster, while others, like name changes, doesn't really get pushed out as you'd normally expect
Okay, so it simply means the displayed value gets updated only after a global "refresh" (or "recalc")
Oh, no, not global, but just on that use
I see
@PopularDemand Don't you get the feeling that whatever display quirks SO have, they blame it on the denormalized database? :P
@YiJiang I don't think denormalized databases actually exist. They're like Santa Claus, or the Easter Bunny.
4:16 PM
oh hi
Someday I want to ask why the concept of a reputation recalc even exists, but I already annoy the developers enough around here
@MichaelMrozek to keep SO really fast!!
Because questions get deleted, and so on, I guess.
@Radp But SO has already been hit by the Y1M bug, didn't you know?
@MichaelMrozek Do you? You're still around, after all. I don't think you've ever even been binned. You could push the envelope a bit more.
4:18 PM
@MarkC fill me in on that
A: SO awfully slow

Mark CThis is known as the Y1M bug, it has to do with how question numbers are stored. We've got top-notch legacy experts working on it right now.

@PopularDemand Indeed. In fact I think it's safe to say I'll never be boxed
looks around
Y'alls insider jargon is outta sight
@MichaelMrozek "You have been put into suspension for one minute " Noooooooo...!!!!
@MichaelMrozek They should stop celebrating April 1 around here and start enforcer raids on Boxing Day. Stack Exchange is serious business.
4:19 PM
the site feels fast for me
What is boxing/binning, for the jargon-unaware?
@MarkC Banning. The slang comes from calling it the penalty box or the sin bin
I see. How can you get banned?
Posted by Jeff Atwood on April 6th, 2009

Are you familiar with the Penalty Box?

The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin, bad box, or bin) is the area in ice hockey, rugby football and some other sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough to merit outright expulsion from the contest. Teams are generally not allowed to replace players who have been sent to the penalty box.

It’s not something we looked forward to, but as of tonight, we’re instituting a penalty box on Stack Overflow. …

I should go post that on SO/MSO, huh
4:21 PM
@MarkC ask on 4chan for tips
That is so not SFW
Sin Bin ... what an awful name
Yuck I don't want to see some woman dressed up for roller derby
@MarkC $('img[src="http://blog.stackoverflow.com/wp-content/uploads/penalty-box.jpg"]').hide();
@MichaelMrozek Backticks... yawn
4:23 PM
@YiJiang I tried four-spacing it, but apparently that doesn't work in replies
@MichaelMrozek They need to be their own messages I think, like one boxes
@Michael, Erm do I put that in the address par or in here?
is Rich B not part of the SOIS team? nm.. thought the penalty box blog post was a new thing.
A: Graphics Card, Processor or RAM?

badpThe major source of slowdowns is none of what you listed -- it's the hard drive. Fetching data from mechanical disks takes roughly 1,000,000 times as much time as loading from cache does.. See you after the break: Wow, grats for making it through! Get a Solid State Drive for your operative s...

maybe it wasn't a good idea to embed the image...
@MarkC Your javascript console, probably. It might work in the address-bar if you prefix it with javascript:; I'm not sure
4:28 PM
@Radp +1000 for hard drive as bottleneck
@radp Hahaha... now the question is 11083px heigh
@radp another fine answer.. +1
At least you'll get all the attention that way
Haha, it just needs a Longcat.png
@YiJiang heh, I should get a unsportsmanship badge for that :D
4:30 PM
How do you debug such things, @radp?
@PopularDemand debug?
@Radp of course, it only is true if you're not running on a Sempron 2500 with a 64MB Geforce 4 or such
@radp Determine?
@MarkC I explain that after the break :)
-1 @MarkC for not making it through the break.
4:32 PM
(that's the url behind the graph -- I haven't really read it)
@Popular I did make it through the break
Sheesh, I'm a veteran of longcat wars
@radp Ah, so you just knew that one.
@MarkC Maybe you were blinded by all the red?
@PopularDemand I got it from the SO chat starred list from a message of mine,. which I got from twitter from, er, somebody
4:34 PM
@MarkC Okay, undownvoted. -1 for what an elementary school administrator would call "inadequatereading comprehension."
Or, in other words, "Remove the stone of shame! Attach the stone of triumph! "
@radp I thought you somehow computed it from scratch.
Every time my computer slows down, I find myself wondering how to determine where the performance bottleneck is.
@PopularDemand actually, in an earlier revision of the post I'd written "1,000 times as slow", while it really was 1,000,000
@PopularDemand It's obviously the user. The user cannot assign enough tasks to keep the CPU 100% occupied at all times, so it goes wondering off, and end up becoming like Marvin and thus unresponsive
wow, is it that easy to overrule mod deletions?
Jeff deleted this one, I clicked "undelete" and poof, it is back.
4:49 PM
Q: Can the owner of a question get it undeleted with his vote alone? and also could be undelete many times?

S.MarkI understood that, in order to delete or undelete, you need 3 10k+ users to vote. But if the person that votes to undelete it is the owner, can he do it with just his vote alone? Here is the question; it will probably be deleted again by the time you see this. Edit: Also could be undelete as ...

@balpha Thanks for that, but it's answer deletion we're talking about.
I guess the rules are identical
there's a whole bunch of questions around that topic
I think I remember one about questions specifically
can't find it right now
no problem
here it is, it's closed as a dupe of the one above
Q: User can undelete own question with one vote

perbert Possible Duplicate: Can the owner of a question get it undeleted with his vote alone? and also could be undelete many times? Through this question, I found out about this other question, that the OP keeps undeleting with merely one vote.

I didn't understand the first one and posted this a while ago:
Q: Question owner able to undelete question that was not self-deleted

Michael MrozekI'm not positive I understood this discussion, but Jeff's answer makes it sound like a question with 2+ answers requires three votes to undelete -- the owner can't undelete with a single vote. I don't quite understand the motivation behind the 2+ answer part, so I might be reading it wrong. Robe...

4:56 PM
7 messages moved to Sandbox
@Balpha chat police: Thanks for the cleanup
Hey @Popular, I wrote a comment below Fabian's answer in that thread:
A: Graphics Card, Processor or RAM?

FabianUsually the graphics card is the most important part, but there are some very CPU-intensive games out there. Very important is the resolution you're playing at, the higher the resolution the better the graphics card should be. You don't need a very expensive card to play at medium to high setting...

@MarkC flag for moderator attention does wonders ;)
I'm sorely tempted to step in and balance the answers.
Or at least do what I think is balancing.
Sorry, I meant @radp. Also, I didn't read the last couple of paragraphs; I was trying to get back here and finish some other topic. So -1 to me for not reading the whole thing.
@MarkC no problem
you probably want to upvote this one then
A: Graphics Card, Processor or RAM?

CJMWhilst many people will tell you that a graphics card is the most important component for gaming, it is not strictly true. The truth is that the balance of components is the most important. In your case, anything but a modest graphics card will be overkill for your system. Even if you had a top ...

OH: "I still maintain that Opera's market share is entirely made up of developers testing sites in Opera."
5:06 PM
Well, I just spend my last vote today downvoting this:
A: IE7+ Rounded Corners w/ jQueryUI

Trufa BULLET-PROOF ROUNDED CORNERS THAT WORK ALL THE WAY DOWN TO NETSCAPE 4.79 I hope this helps, it is not an exact reply but might help you! <table> <tr> <td width="50"><img src="top-left.gif" height="50" width="50"></img></td> <td height=...

Can everyone else also gather round and punch this guy?
@YiJiang That user is showing up everywhere.
Urge to name names... rising....
@Radp Yes, I saw that one but need to actually read the whole thing in order to appraise it.
And is CJM British?
Ah yes, location: UK
@balpha I used Opera for a while.
Opera was my first web browser
@radp Even before IE and its variants?
5:12 PM
When I was on dialup I used its image loading options a lot
@YiJiang hahahaaha...
@PopularDemand I wasn't really using the internet back then
@radp Are you related to this @badp guy?
@MarkC who? that @badp know-it-all prick?
no way!
@MarkC They're cousins.
@MarkC Then why'd you have to ask?
@radp just sent you a message..
@YiJiang Aw, the answer got deleted?
@TimStone I guess my -1 did it's job
Heheh :P
5:20 PM
Now can I haz my rep back :P
@YiJiang Good job! The system works! For once!
I could actually use a rep recalc, but I've been too lazy to request one since it's only 12 missing points, heh. :P
@TimStone Yeah, just hold out until 9988.
@Balpha Re: Opera---Why would someone maintain such an opinion without showing/doing some research?
I would assume this is meant tongue-in-cheek
5:31 PM
I guess I don't see what's tongue-in-cheek (:-/\) about it.
@MarkC wooosh!
That's the sound of a joke flying right past you.
5:44 PM
nice/good/great question/answer badges should be optional. "Do you think this post really warrants a badge? [yes, give me the badge] [no, the people upvoting this are weird]"
who would say no
You mean Sid Meier
@Fosco I would, I feel bad about half of my nice answer badges, they're on trivial answers that just get upvoted a lot
5:52 PM
@Michael welcome to Stack Overflow and the prominent voting system
by the way, you might search the transcript for "voting system" and "prominent"
@MarkC What is a "prominent voting system"?
You've used that term before but it doesn't really make sense to me.
I meant that the whole reputation system draws a little too much attention to itself.
It can become about the points rather than what the points are trying to indicate
@MarkC That's likely to happen anywhere you implement a scoring system.
Well, I just think it is a little too game-y
Overall it does a decent job, of course
@MarkC it's an integral part of the game
it aligns your objective of getting point with the site's objective of getting the best answers
6:03 PM
But I am saying that that does not necessarily happen
Because it's not a one-to-one correspondence
@MarkC How can we improve it?
I was thinking of how it could be improved (I was not necessarily going to suggest these to the community & designers, because they may like it the way it is; just for my own future reference I suppose), i.e. some ways to keep the same functionality but make it a little less distracting.
Ideas were, for example, less prominent voting buttons (perhaps a slightly different way, I don't have the time to go into a lot of detail right now, need to go out for a bit), or voting at the bottom of an answer; in short, ways to increase use of the forebrain.
Okay, I'll be back later
I'll check for responses, if there are any
without the rep system, the site wouldn't work.
6:20 PM
I am baffled (as I explain in a long comment):
A: Voting for competing answers (Sportsmanship badge)

Jarrod DixonCurrently, the badge logic is: your answer has a positive score your answer isn't deleted your vote on a competing answer occurs after your answer Also, for the purposes of all vote-based badges, deleted votes (i.e. votes you undo) are never factored in.

Yeah, I'm having a hard time even coming up with a flawed logic that would explain that criteria, heh.
@TimStone The best I could do was that maybe they only want it for voting on answers that are posted after you post your answer. But then the criteria would be... well, that.
@PopularDemand Hm, yeah....to give credit to any better answers that came along after you posted. That would make...some sense. But, that isn't the criteria, so...hrm. I mean, you don't have a "stake" in the question if you haven't answered yet, but if you vote then give your own answer anyway, I don't really see how that changes anything.
It'll be interesting to see what the rationale is at any rate..
@PopularDemand - that's a good point about the Sportsmanship logic possibly discouraging reading all the existing answers.. we'll discuss it.
@JarrodDixon Thanks! And now, to run off and be embarrassed by the fact that I am apparently known for being in The Tavern.
6:33 PM
Hahah :P
@PopularDemand another negative to "only count votes that happen after I answer" would be to have unneeded edits occur to allow undoing a previous vote
only to redo the upvote
@JarrodDixon Yeah, I suppose that is the workaround for existing >2k users.
I wouldn't have been sure if that would even count, until you just said it.
7:07 PM
"Shame on you for using a language I don't know!" ...
@TimStone Seriously. Can we all just use one programming language for all applications? It'd make things so much easier.
Apparently it can't be Perl though, since even in such a simple script it's still impossible to understand what's going on..
Q: Find out which Zend Framework module loads CPU up to 200%

ifrondIn my Cpanel account in Daily Process Log I can see that my zend framework application load CPU very much Top Process %CPU 182 /usr/bin/php /home/*******/public_html/index.php But any requests to ZF application goes by index.php (with rewrite rule for Apache) Is it possible to find out what re...

Wow, there's a Zend Framework module that'll double the capabilities of my CPU?
(To be fair to the user, clearly they're going off the results of what CPanel told them, but I'm a little suspicious of those numbers :P)
Oh, people who write a question in the title and then don't write it again in the body.
Is it really time to start recommending HTML5?
I assume the point of getting rid of the CW checkbox was to make people reconsider posting those questions at all. If so, massive backfire
I've seen a good half-dozen posts already on the SE betas I watch where people commented that they would've made it CW but couldn't find the checkbox, so just posted it normally
They're determined..
7:15 PM
They should've just left the CW checkbox but had it disable the "ask question" button when it's checked
That would have been awesome.
Then they tag the post [community-wiki]
Heh :P
@MichaelMrozek Eh, they'd have just built an even better idiot.
Anyone got the quick link to the dupe for this one?
Q: How about an Electoral College?

Kirk KuykendallCurrently all votes are equal. Perhaps when someone with high rep votes up a question it should count for more than someone with low rep voting it up.

Chrome 7 is out already? wow! http://www.wired.com/epicenter/2010/10/chrome-7-arrives-with-bug-fixes-better-html5-support/
time to upgrade!
7:23 PM
Chrome 10 should be out by the end of the year, IIRC.
@radp Which year? The fiscal year? Some sort of Mayan year? Surely you don't mean Dec 31, 2010; that's too far away.
uh, what's the difference?
between the end of the fiscal year and Dec 31st 2010.
@radp Depends on the organization you're talking about. The US government's fiscal year ends at October.
A fiscal year (or financial year, or sometimes budget year) is a period used for calculating annual ("yearly") financial statements in businesses and other organizations. In many jurisdictions, regulatory laws regarding accounting and taxation require such reports once per twelve months, but do not require that the period reported on constitutes a calendar year (i.e., January through December). Fiscal years vary between businesses and countries. Fiscal year may also refer to the year used for income tax reporting. In addition, many companies find that it is convenient for purposes of co...
Aw, oneboxing doesn't take subsections into account. (The URL I posted there was wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiscal_year#United_States)
@PopularDemand The link includes it, just not the text itself for some reason
@MichaelMrozek Well, yeah, but the text itself was what I wanted.
7:31 PM
Chrome 7: Oct 19th
Chrome 8: Nov 30th~
Chrome 9: Jan 11th~
@radp Whoa, you were serious?
Little Chrome grows up so fast. :'(
meh, when they announced their 6-weeks-per-major-release plans they were on time for Chrome 9 in 2010
@TimStone Little Chrome needs to be checked for performance-enhancing drugs.
7:33 PM
@PopularDemand I was thinking for my next personal project I'd just do a new major release every time I changed a line of code.

Effective 1911:- Fiscal year is 1st July through 30th June (Ref Hansard; HC Deb 22 March 1911 vol 23 cc378-82; McKENNA)"
Guys, it's marketing, like the amazing 500GB you were expecting on your hard drive, only to find out it has 476.8 GB. @TimStone has it figured out.
@TimStone How quaint. I put out a major release every time I press a key on my keyboard. It's fully automated, very technical, the details are unimportant.
Oh, are you writing it in Jon Skeet's "h" language?
@PopularDemand Ah, clearly I have much to learn then.
8:00 PM
@TimS and @Popular, what is the meaning of "Happy Hour"?
Happy Hour is a marketing term for a period of time in which a restaurant or bar offers discounts on alcoholic drinks, such as beer, wine, and cocktails. Basic Information Typically, it is in the late afternoon Monday through Thursday, usually taking place at some period between 4 PM and 7 PM. This promotion is intended to boost business on what may otherwise be a slow day. In most cases the "happy hour" lasts longer than a single hour. The term Happy Hour also is commonly used to describe the gathering of work colleagues at a restaurant or bar after work hours, possibly outside the...
:( I knew you guys would do that.
(Why would you ask Tim and me specifically?)
@MarkC Is that a problem?
Because you were the last two I was talking with
So is there actually anything special (like chat moderator privileges for 2 hours) ,or is it just a social event?
@MarkC It's nothing. Chacha just decided to test out the event functionality one day, and he decided on Happy Hour because it's a tavern.
8:04 PM
I see. Perhaps we should lobby for special features.
Which reminds me, earlier I was thinking about campaigning.
I don't think the chat would survive giving us mod powers for 2 hours. We'd only need 1
What could possibly go wrong?
Phype is a virtual machine for PHP written in JavaScript. Using the JS/CC automatic parser generator, and a context free PHP grammar, we have created a LALR(1) parser for PHP. This is in turn interpreted by our interpreter, which enables PHP code to run directly in the browser.
@Michael I die when they say that in cartoons or movies.
Hello Aiden,are you introducing us to our new PHP overlord?
Just thought it was interesting, if not a little wacky.
Id rather just code in Javscript
ponders where I can find 3-year old surplus laptops
Anyone have a boxed, unused Samsung NPQ45?
8:12 PM
My laptop is due for replacing soon, and the only one I can think of to replace it is the exact same model.
don't be silly...
Replace it with a desktop + notebook combo :)
Obviously neither of you own this model. :P
8:29 PM
I <3 Samsung for sure.. get a new one.
I have a samsung 40" hdtv, samsung home theatre system, samsung bluray, samsung 14mp digital camera... no computers though.
samsung is on my black list
at least, their mobiles are
A: Alternatives to If-else Statement

badpthingadongdong = condition while thingadongdong: do_stuff() thingadongdong = False do_more_stuff() This is provided to you under the WTFPD License. Under the terms of What The Fuck Please Don't license, you are granted a viral, non-exclusive, perpetual, worldwide, royalty-free license to no...

1 hour later…
9:53 PM
@Fosco I have a Samsung netbook and two Samsung laptops. The NP-Q45 is by far the best piece of kit I have owned. Other Samsung laptops are good ... better than the majority ... but this model is the best I have seen
Is there a list of the easter eggs in the various chat sites?
for chat.meta is the only one I know
@ChrisF let us know if you find out
The SO one is a reference to that massively upvoted HTML parsing with regexp answer, the SU one is Clippy, and the gaming one is (going to be? not sure if it's implemented) a thing to do random dice rolls
Those are all I know
I don't think the SO one is connected yet, you have to run some javascript to make it happen; the SU one happens if you say "How do I (something)?" in a chat message
The SO one works - I just found it
Though it would look better if I had the right font installed or character set enabled.
I get a load of squares in the text
10:12 PM
@MichaelMrozek Stunningly, you are incorrect.
Gaming is the Asteroids knockoff (trigger: "insertcoin"); the random dice rolls are going to be for the RPG site.
I think we need to start using Gangsta Tags...
We form our own gangs, and go around tagging as many posts as possible with our tags
We can be T(G)
10:49 PM
Oh, also, SF. rm -rf kills the chat for a moment.
Hey, @GraceNote.
Ah! Why is it that people only pay attention to my entrance when I'm only passing by?
@ChrisF is that SO one global?
ie, everyone sees the mental letters
@AidenBell I'll test it if you tell me the trigger.
Im in the tavern
10:58 PM
I had no idea that flooding an SE was even possible; I figured it would rate limit your questions after a while: meta.boardgames.stackexchange.com/questions/92/… (or meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/68180/… for those who can't see the private beta).
I didn't see anythin
@BrianCampbell: iirc, there is rate limiting on SO and I thought other sites, plus too many negative questions (without enough positive? or without any? unclear) and you can't ask another
removing it for private beta kinda makes sense
@RogerPate I ran out of close votes and downvotes for the day, as have a few other people, I believe, and he kept chugging away. It looks like he stopped about 20 minutes ago, finally.
oh, I'm not saying it couldn't be abused :) but private is private and you'd expect users a bit more in touch with what will help the site
@RogerPate Is that site working out? I stand by my earlier comment that I can't imagine many good questions for that site that aren't "settle this rules dispute for me," but I hope to be proven wrong.
11:05 PM
boardgames? I'm not on the private beta
@RogerPate That's what you'd think; this guy apparently thought it was appropriate to write a script to ask a question about every poker-related topic he could think of. Anyhow, his account has been suspended now. I was just impressed.
@BrianCampbell ... there's a proposal for poker already!
Silly anonymous person.
@BrianCampbell: it's amazing what a little enthusiasm will get you :)
Is Board Games SE just for European-style games, or all board games?
@PopularDemand It seems to be working out OK, though it's a bit early to tell. What's on topic is pretty much what's on-topic at BoardGameGeek; people asking questions about "what are good games for this situation" (such as 2-player cooperative), people asking about strategy, people asking for rules clarification.
@PopularDemand All board and card games, really.
11:08 PM
@BrianCampbell Never heard of BoardGameGeek; that name plus dot com?
so far it's been Euro and Family games
@PopularDemand Yep
@BrianCampbell Will check that out in a minute, thanks.
@Brian I reported it to Robert Cartaino, so it should be in the process of resolution.
11:26 PM
@BrianCampbell Wow, that site is crazy. I have no idea where I should be looking.
@PopularDemand Yeah, BGG isn't very well designed, but it has a pretty good community and a lot of good content. You get used to it after a little while; they kind of took a firehose approach, of adding every possible feature they could think of, not all of them all that well thought out.
Though I did stop using it a while back, as I found it just too busy and cluttered, there were a few bits of stupid drama, as well as the fact that I wasn't doing as much board gaming.
@BrianCampbell Ah, the MSO of the sport.
11:46 PM
i'm famous?;-)
@Svisstack I dunno... are you?
@Popular Demand: i just joking
@Svisstack From context, I thought maybe you were the operator of BoardGameGeek or something.
heh;-) i'm only poker player programmer;-)
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