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1:00 PM
@ProgramFOX I don't think I replied.
here we go again
Why? I see you have fun with that. I'll be back later.
@SmokeDetector delete
@LynnCrumbling You have to reply, not ping. If you ping, Smokey doesn't know which message to delete.
@ProgramFOX the last one, presumably
Why not all?
1:01 PM
@JanDvorak Fixed the message to make it more clear.
@ProgramFOX I'm also not entirely sure that I'm in the committed version of the code.
@LynnCrumbling I think you are, try to delete this:
@ProgramFOX Of course
@LynnCrumbling watching this endless list of new questions never gets boring
@LynnCrumbling It doesn't look at edits.
@SmokeDetector delete
1:04 PM
@hichris123 @SantaClaus The regex would catch it, so it might be a web socket glitch.
Let's try this one more time.
@DroidDev If you want to be on the list, you'll have to poke Undo :)
@SmokeDetector delete
well look at that.
<--- idiot who can't stop editing his own post instead of clicking reply.
@ProgramFOX But yes, apparently I am.
1:06 PM
@ProgramFOX oh! I think it was just anyone, I don't think I want to be on the list though :)
Either way, it's time for coffee. Now.
(it's always time for coffee)
@DroidDev No, delete is a privileged command.
@Undo I want to delete!
@ProgramFOX Reboot too IIRC. But not alive.
1:07 PM
@LynnCrumbling truth has been spoken :D
@LynnCrumbling Yes, indeed.
@Unihedron I flagged it spam.
@ProgramFOX hmmm, me having that command won't effect much as I don't do much moderation around.
flagged as spam. It's not a question, it's advertising their opinion to us.
1:09 PM
"offensive" might pass as well
afk -> coffee()
already gone!!
Oops, I guess we should had opt'd out from politics.
Note to taverners: Let's not talk about politics anymore.
star it everyone ^
not even about God's kingdom?
1:13 PM
NO don't start it D:
@Unihedron Me no liek polotiks anywayz
@Unihedron typo edit, complete
proposes news.se.com
votes to close it as dupe of politics.SE
Wait, that actually exists..
1:16 PM
votes to close politics.SE
counters the close vote by saying news can be related to other fields also
"don't feed the trolls" -- rather, I was trying to educate the potential flaggers.
@Jan - this has Sumer written all over it
Shouldn't this be on MSE?
@Sam Or their meta, at least...
1:20 PM
Creates yet another account just for flagging...
I like the new inline link to your suggested edit on sites where you propose edit instead of having full edit privs.
Raises the alt account to 200 rep on SO for cross-site flagging
OP edited to bold it...
@Sam waits for him to tell the name
Eventually Sam will have an entire army to nuke all the spam... We'll gladly call the operation Phamhilation
@DroidDev "Sam", of course.
@Unihedron "Phamhilation" sounds great! :D
1:30 PM
"Phammihilation" is better IMO..
@Vogel612 Yeah? Well I prefer "Ghammihilation".
@LynnCrumbling crap, are they doing it again?
Unfortunately, yes :(
@Unihedron ya promise you won't abuse it?
Wait, lemme change my password first.
Never mind, it's a linked account.
1:35 PM
@Gham is right above @Pham :P
@Undo Yes!
opps, I shifted him :(
@Unihedron hunter2
@Unihedron done
@DroidDev You like pinging me, dontchya?
1:37 PM
@SmokeDetector @Unihedron reply delete to that, see if it works
@SmokeDetector delete
@Pham I love it and wonder if you get annoyed by it :P
it's been forever since I've logged in to Smokey's account, he has to have hundreds of pings :P
1:38 PM
@DroidDev Nope, I actually like it. The ping keeps me awake.
@Pham poke
@Undo don't forget to post a screenshot here when you do login
@Pham poke II
@Undo I didn't check Caprica for like 3 months once. had over 1000 pings
@Pham try coffee instead...
1:39 PM
Hah, my chatbot would already have more than 2,500 pings if I would never clear them :P
I can see a PokeOverflowException coming...
Man, I go get coffee, and look what happens.
@DroidDev Happy?...
I missed all of the fun.
1:42 PM
@LynnCrumbling Fun? You're kidding. :P
@Unihedron yeah :)
@Sam gZ on badge
@Unihedron I haven't even checked which badge it is.
@Sam those are lot of them
@DroidDev Yep, but most of them are just "fp"/"tp" replies.
1:46 PM
@Unihedron That just looks wrong
@Unihedron that looks legit
How does it look on scifi? :P
realizes something is missing today
Who ate the yellow kiwi?
1:48 PM
@Unihedron likely
someone's watching us :O
Someone's always watching
We're watched by both the good and the bad...
1:50 PM
I'm always watching.
@Unihedron You forgot the pegasi.
@SPArchaeologist Oh noes!
Today on Meta Stack Overflow: Andrew Barber edits a post complaining about moderator Andrew Barber
@Unihedron That is awesome.
@Sam and @Pham are again neighbors :P
Hi @Undo @3ventic
1:53 PM
> If we're calling me out by name, might as well link directly to my profile.
Ewww, get away!
@Unihedron closed
Feb 3 at 21:33, by Community
just remember: we're watching you mwahahahaahahaha
@Unihedron review completed
1:54 PM
Thank you!!! Thank
Finally found the quote
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 1 min ago, by Pham
Low Quality (66.7%): Why would there be a syntax error???, by hunter, on codereview.stackexchange.com.
^ something needs to be done.
2:02 PM
Thankfully mods exist.
Thank you mods!
Time to learn SQL!
YAY! <cough>
@Unihedron T-SQL, PL-SQL, or ?
... SQL-SQL...
@Unihedron That is the best one :)
2:07 PM
Today's Listening | Downtempo / Chillout
@GnomeSlice hi, new avatar
Just for a bit
I always end up going back to my other one
My money is on a huge conspiracy to cover up the NSA spying on the stackexchange database - the ones with a score of 0 were flagged for further review, I'd wager. /tinfoil — Richard J. Ross III Mar 2 at 23:34
2:30 PM
@Unihedron I was really tempted to post a reply, but since meta don't like humor have a comment instead
@GnomeSlice I like it.
@bjb568 :2472969 No wonder you do. You are a cat. And cats adopts dwarfs. Anyone who played Dwarf Fortress know that.
@balpha, just the guy I was looking for!
How much bribing would need to be done to change the association of this room to MSE?
Not that it gets much traffic, but >_> <_<
2:39 PM
I could change it to stackapps, then you could change it to MSE. That way we would split the work.
Or double it. Depending on perspective.
I tried to do it myself but you just had to go and actually enforce the restrictions on the backend. tsk tsk
in SEDE - Stack Exchange Data Explorer on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 8 secs ago, by balpha
room parent site changed to meta.stackexchange.com
@balpha Double the work means double the success!
Thanks <3
if (HandleSuccess()) Celebrate();
3:33 PM
@Unihedron closed.
Is this ot, or unclear? stackoverflow.com/q/26144691/656243
4:15 PM
huh... the chat indicates I'm online, but posts seem to time out
how the ... did that get 40 upvotes???
@JanDvorak It's... closed already
@Unihedron sorry; should've checked first
exactly 30 people in here.
4:36 PM
@Frank thanks
Yay I'm about to win a bounty!
@Unihedron Where?
28 people now :P
@Unihedron Yeah, but what answer?
[regex] [pcre] [backtracking] stackoverflow.com/q/26093501/3622940
@Unihedron OK.
4:43 PM
It's 1st of October - Where's my hovercraft? WHAT?! They're still using cars?
@Unihedron Or trucks, in some peoples cases.
5:02 PM
Jumps away from Pham :P
@Unihedron what you used in the screenshots?
oh, cool
It's from regex101.
I like the PCRE_TEST.cpp program though, it gives a better presentation.
stackoverflow.com/users/3273887/willhellmina can we not allow nudes for display pics?
I don't wanna see someones dong join the chat
@rlemon that's quite the high res display you have there ;)
@Undo ;)
if we're being honest, I profile creep people when they join the chat
and from the thumb I can tell he's not wearing drawers
5:34 PM
I remember this excerpt
@Unihedron wasn't that on main a while back
I've seen this before
(not on meta)
gemsfromstackexchange dot tumblr dot com
Why is everything removed?
@Frank Because Smokey posted an offensive title, and Uni deleted it.
@ProgramFOX Ah.
5:51 PM
it might be a good idea to just make it edit the messages to redact the title, but that would be hard :P
@Undo ChatExchange has a method to do that, but why? The title would still be in the edit history.
oh, true
owners can't purge history
I, for one, wouldn't be going through and looking at smokeys post histories, because In the case of an edit there, you would expect an offensive title.
Good point. xD
5:55 PM
@Frank Search engines still might look at it. I don't know what they exactly do with the links, but it doesn't look a good idea that an offensive search query could lead to Stack Exchange.
How about having both delete and sanitize?
@Unihedron What would be the use of sanitize?
Get rid of the post title?
Is deleting not good enough?
@ProgramFOX Then why is it okay in the Low Quality Posts HQ room?
5:57 PM
Still need a link to drop in and flag I guess, but I think you're right - it's not necessary.
@Frank I never said that it's okay there. It actually looks like a good idea to have a delete command there. pokes @Sam
I second this! ^ @Sam (#anotherping)
Ok, I'll work on a delete command...
Or some form of sanitation command.
@ProgramFOX Why would it be a problem, if the only messages found with offensive things in them were post histories from bots? That wouldn't look too bad.
@Frank Not too bad indeed, but there is not really a good reason to have a sanitize command, so deleting still works better.
6:02 PM
@ProgramFOX Except for those like me who don't like seeing (removed) very often.
@Frank Switch to highlights mode! chat.meta.stackexchange.com/rooms/89/…
@Unihedron what's that do?
@Undo It's a weird mode in which 50% of the messages are hidden.
@Undo absolutely nothing, for me.
@Undo It kills the unhighlighted messages - no stars, not in a mention chain, programmatically boring, and randomly chosen (mostly the last).
6:05 PM
Oh, there it goes.
@Frank On the transcript, it's not there anyway.
Still shows removed messages.
hi, I guess
6:06 PM
@Unihedron No good.
I could... miss everything important that happens if I stayed in this mode
OK... you have a homework assignment and a few lines of code (part of the assignment, most likely). That's not quite enough for here. — Jan Dvorak 7 secs ago
@Unihedron Yeah, it's no good. Or it doesn't do anything good.
6:11 PM
Oops sorry @Undo didn't mean to do that :)
@Unihedron Undo it, undo it! ;)
6:40 PM
@Undo Heh.
I was this (shows small distance between fingers) close to submitting an answer. Then you came along.
@SantaClaus Actually, I was wrong with the first answer. The problem wasn't that he wasn't trying to dismiss the matchmaker vc, it was more that he was trying to present the next one on the matchmaker vc that he just dismissed.
@Undo Yeah I realized that. And by the time I was about to resubmit my answer you had edited yours.
I may or may not be secretly racing another community member to 10k
and thus have some encouragement to get reps.
Ugh. Locker lock go gone. Y U GO GONE. Will complain.
6:44 PM
ProTip: complain with that style of english
@bjb568 You'll receive it this christmas.
@Undo STOP STEALING MY IOS QUESTIONS stackoverflow.com/a/26148431/2446155
@SantaClaus apparently I was wrong. It's all yours >:D
last final close vote ^^
7:00 PM
@Undo Oh idk the answer I just wanted to bother you for thinking about attempting to possibly answer some questions that I might want to answer.
thanks @Andy!
@SantaClaus By then, they'll have emptied out my locker. Preeecious bio textbook and binder. And music for choir. And crap. And umbrella. Gone'd.
@bjb568 Eww - bio.
@SantaClaus It's fun!
@bjb568 set a trap.
like a giant rubber snake or a mallet that hits them in the head or something
then remember it when you go to open your locker
7:08 PM
@Undo But if you don't, make sure that you have a camera set up so that the video can be uploaded to the internet.
'night @Unihedron
7:12 PM
So... Someone else better be watching the realtime tab, or Jan will tease ya! :P
@Unihedron me
Happy now @JanDvorak ?
7:21 PM
22 days consecutive too many
Ooooohhhh... >:[
Well, I've got 5 days to go. Then it seems I need a break
7:33 PM
wow you people / things been here for a while
You doubt if we are human?
22 mins ago, by Unihedron
So... Someone else better be watching the realtime tab, or Jan will tease ya! :P
138/125 for stats here
118/9 for MSE. 359/20 SO.
67/52 for MSE
7:45 PM
What are these numbers for?
days visited / consecutive @Frank
@Frank How many trees we've attempted to murder / trees we actually murdered.
On GL, 313/139 (thinks he's beat everyone for GL)
60/31 on MSE
38/4 on SO.
Know of a better site for this question? gardening.stackexchange.com/questions/14237/…
@Frank Workplace, Maybe Freelancing
8:01 PM
I don't think The Workplace handles this type of question... Startups might, though... One moment, checking... — Niall C. ♦ 1 min ago
@hichris123 It's really a project mgmt question, isn't it? Clients calling with a thought that they want to run past me happens all of the time.
@hichris123 If not project mgmt, possibly FreeLancing
8:20 PM
A Microsoft developer explains in a Reddit thread why Windows 10 is called Windows 10. http://t.co/qJFi8yJEJg
8:33 PM
Me is stucked too
@SmokeDetector delete
I fixed it
Ready to go into the washing machine
8:37 PM
poor cat
@SmokeDetector delete
It won't work, has to be within two minutes of posting it.
I think.
@SmokeDetector delete
how does this qualify as a question? O_o
Q: Living worried about the future and reaching mindfulness

RobertoI'm going through a lot. It's very easy to be lost in thoughts and worries about the near future, and that leads me to a life of unhappiness. I also feel guilty when I fell happy, because I feel I should be worried. For me it's very hard to accept the idea that the universe is impermanent and he...

8:55 PM
Mind over matter? I'm lost anyway, so...
@Doorknob How does a doorknob qualify as a user?
@SantaClaus Hey! That's discrimination against inanimate objects!
Yeah, anyway!
@Frank Trees count though.
9:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: KEEPING TRACK OF BUDDIES SIGNING OFF AND ON IN AIM on webapps.stackexchange.com
@SantaClaus Oh? So they're more animate than doorknobs?
Just learned how to make image links. Very useful on a post with ten huge pictures, like this.
@SmokeDetector Again? When will they ever stop editing modifying that thread?
@Frank I could edit in a notice to tell people to stop modifying it.
9:27 PM
@bjb568 :D
9:52 PM
a @Doorknob is a tool, so shouldn't it be banned for off topic tool/rec?
1 hour later…
@bjb568 why?
@Braiam 1) IE. 2) Not vanilla. 3) Not useful to community.
Not sure if it counts as too broad tho.
It is too localized.
@bjb568 if you said PHP I would buy it... but I don't hate IE enough
ignore that cv req; author just deleted it.
guess the question I pointed to as a dup was useful.
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