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8:19 PM
Ooo. Board and Card Games beta started
anything graduate?
I pretty much lost track, sadly
@MichaelMrozek URL?
well ya know, there's 5 sites past past 90 days. but nothing new since cooking (;
8:21 PM
Bah, private beta. That's no good for me.
Clearly you should've committed :)
I actually came close to committing to that, but I couldn't think of any on-topic questions other than "I think the rules say I can do X; my friend says I'm interpreting wrong. Settle this."
You shouldn't feel like you need to actually participate in sites you committed to. Lots of other people don't
8:22 PM
Erm... at whom are you glaring?
@PopularDemand The 25% of committed Unix users who never came to the site
Not people that didn't fulfill their commitment -- they literally do not have accounts on Unix at all
You mean never even logged in once?
committed users
491 users committed
82.3% signed up for beta
23.2% fulfilled commitment
Yeah, I subtracted the second number from 100%
i asked first, then looked (;
8:24 PM
@rchern, where did you find that number?
Proposal page?
I didn't realize the pages for graduated proposals still existed. Is it linked anywhere, or do you just know the URL?
@MichaelMrozek I didn't realize that that site was out there, I was following the Board Wargames site.
@MichaelMrozek You can still search.
Just type in "web," and Web Apps is the first result.
should've known they actually watch that
8:26 PM
Ah, handy
I better start participating more on startups
I'm just glad I'm not the lamest WA committer.
1 question, no answers.
Although I suppose you could argue that my presence had an actively negative effect on the site.
i have 3 answers on WA.. wasn't committed though I don't think.
8:32 PM
I was wondering why nobody was posting questions, so I tried posting one. Turns out it launched with the normal rep requirements, which means nobody has sufficient rep to create tags, and there are no default tags
@MichaelMrozek 82.3% is actually very good!
@radp That was @rchern's (WA); Unix was 75%
well, then it's still heaps and bounds better than AskUbuntu :)
Good; my goal is pretty much to beat AU in as many ways as possible :)
@MichaelMrozek Good luck on the design department :)
AskUbuntu's is probably the best yet.
8:36 PM
@radp They should just make it a command line interface, a la uni.xkcd.com
I really like gaming and cooking, although I wish cooking had stuck with their old logo
Want to see a list of questions? ls! Need to search? grep!
@PopularDemand That... is the best idea ever
FUSE filesystem for Unix SE
BTW Jin hasn't yet posted for Gamedev and Photography
That would be so simple too. I'm definitely doing this
8:38 PM
so that means it's at least two weeks before both are launched.
@MichaelMrozek Who says I don't love Unix SE?
@radp I have some funny ideas about betas. For example: if you can't post a question that will attract experts, don't post a question at all. I'm not a UNIX/Linux expert.
@PopularDemand not the point :)
All three of the tags on my BCG question have multiple uses. At last taxonomist will be mine
8:47 PM
Wow, people are still here.
I accidentally type chat.stackoverflow.com and got a pleasant surprise.
@radp What is the point?
@PopularDemand cross marks the point
here? see? the point!
quick, take it before it's gone!
That's it, we've finally driven radp out of his gourd.
@PopularDemand gourd? As in the vegetable?
@Moshe Not "as in" anything.
8:51 PM
@PopularDemand ok
I'm not really sure how to explain it; it's just a weird expression.
@PopularDemand Are you sure you didn't mean to say "Guard?"
@Moshe I am.
as in "off guard" or l"et down your guard"?
time to ask about it in English.SE
8:53 PM
That'd have been too clické.
Bleh, English SE.
@TheUnhandledException Are you around your keyboard?
«How do you pronounce "English SE"?»
Oh wow, I have the most-upvoted question on that site.
I was wondering, what stops me from asking this?
> Avinghay udiedstay Atinlay atway Ighhay Oolschay andway otnay eingbay away ativenay Englishway ativenay eakerspay, IWAY avehay oubletray understandingway atwhay'say ethay ointpay ofway igpay atinlay. Itway isway owherenay earnay ethay ellingspay andway onounciationpray ofway ethay "ealray ingthay."
the obvious answer is, I'd also get answers in pig latin.
Oh my. I can already feel the pain.
8:59 PM
@radp - I wanna see this question asked.
@radp - make a proposal for a PigLatin.SE. That way, anyone who asks this can get downvoted and closed.
That should solve your problem.
@radp Another SE site, of course.
I'd forgotten you need 2000 rep to edit on betas. It's a depressing reminder every time I start a new one
@MichaelMrozek I hate not being able to edit, I'm just 150 rep away on SU, can't wait.
@radp Hmm. Interesting idea. Not sure about it though. Will ponder.
9:04 PM
@Moshe I just got back
I'm sitting on the balcony writing some code and watching the ocean. Life is good.
If someone is "out of their gourd" it means that they aren't of sound mind. It usually refers to someone who is high on drugs
@ChrisF Really? I thought it came from the rhyme "I'm bored out of my gourd."
I could be wrong, but that's the derivation I know. Perhaps it's a generational thing
@PopularDemand I'm with @ChrisF on this one
Gourd as in, head
9:08 PM
"out of their mind","lost their mind", crazy
Isn't the internet wonderful - all this information at our fingertips and we still ask dumb questions on Stack Overflow
And I'm an expert on crazy, so...
@ChrisF LOL
@ChrisF Linky linky!
@PopularDemand I was talking in generalities
@ChrisF Aww.
9:11 PM
Well if you want dumb questions, just check any of mine ;)
A: I suggest a closed badge...

ChrisFBadges are meant to encourage good behaviour. The only exception to this is the Tumbleweed badge which is a consolation prize. The most common close reason is probably duplicate, having these badges would just discourage people from checking before posting. "It doesn't matter if it's a duplicat...

@ChrisF Oh, Meta. That's different.
I misread the onebox as saying the close badge suggestion had a score of 9; I was quite surprised
Ooo - if I get 11 more votes I'll get the reversal badge
> Usefulway orfay eneratinggay onthlymay eportsray.
9:13 PM
@ChrisF I want to upvote... I've been trying to restrain myself so I can get electorate
Oh what the hell. +1 @ChrisF
@PopularDemand I'm going on a voting spree and came across that one. I was referring to my SO questions.
@ChrisF At nearly a 1:100 Q:A ratio, I don't think you're in any position to be claiming that anything you do on SO is stupid. Certainly not relative to... certain other users.
@TheUnhandledException Thanks :) It wasn't really a serious suggestion. There's a few badges that I know I'm not going to get - Populist, Reversal and Necromancer - to name but three. All attempts to provide suitable answers back fire
(I could provide a lengthy list, but I don't have that kind of time. And it'd probably just get me yelled at anyways.)
@PopularDemand Well I can't post "good" questions. They don't seem to attract the attention that other questions do.
9:16 PM
@ChrisF Yeah I doubt I;ll ever get any of those either
@ChrisF As a too-general rule, if a question gets a lot of attention, it's likely to be a bad question.
@ChrisF Necromancer: find an old poll question.
That is true - but I'd like more than I get - particularly as when I post a question I need an answer.
But I'm against poll questions on principle.
@ChrisF Oh, you still mean on SO.
Then, yeah.
Oh yes.
I only realized that strategy when I used it unwittingly on MSO.
MSO is also relatively easy Reversal ground, since dumb feature requests are easy to beat down.
As for Populist, you need only align your sense of humor with the average MSO user's*.
* may be hazardous to your mental health
Whoops, got Pundit and Populist confused.
Populist isn't particularly hard either, just focus your votes on questions. Much easier to rationalize, now that we have the poor-quality question script to feed.
9:23 PM
Got Pundit on meta - I went through a phase of providing pointers to answers as comments.
@ChrisF I never found that to be fertile comment upvote ground.
I have ten comments of score >= 8 right now.
Nearly all jokes.
I must have got lucky then!
I don't even think I have any comment with a score of 10 anywhere
I've got 2 on SO I think.
9:29 PM
my best SO comment:
A: want to start programming

Dan BryantVisual Studio Express is available for free from MS and is perfect for getting started.

very meta :}
@radp Your SO and MSO user IDs are the same?!?!?!?
@PopularDemand er, isn't it by design?
@radp Mine aren't.
I'm pretty sure it's just you and Jeff.
I thought all users who were around when UserVoice was discontinued just got their account copy pasted
Mine's the same too.
9:31 PM
Don't forget about poor Community.
Oh, I didn't know about you old folks.
Hey wanted a quick opinion on a ruby class name for XMPP
@radp is right. When UserVoice was shut down all existing SO users had their accounts copied to MSO, which included their IDs
@TheUnhandledException Too green.
And you need to pretty it up.
Otherwise, good name.
9:32 PM
I'm creating a class SOChat_XMPP_Bridge and a class SOXMPP_Room
that isn't Ruby enough, you need more punctuation.
as well as SOChatRoom, SOChatUser, and SOChatJsonFeed, but those are self explanitory :-)
The name should also be ridiculous for added effect.
I'd add some pipes too.
oh, and colons. Who doesn't love colons?
accidental emoticons ftw!
need more interrobang
no really cool name forgoes some exotic encoding
Thanks @radp
much better
9:37 PM
@radp Remember I need to actually type these names...
too easy to pick chinese or japanese stuff so have a Hangul G that totally looks like a steampunk r
@TheUnhandledException the first letter is a S, use completion for the rest
name lacks personality
Where's the patented ModifierNoun syntax? SORuggedXM|PP!:_:ExtremeFacility‽
@PopularDemand That's for genuine™ StackExchange™ stuff only. Sorry.
9:40 PM
@radp You don't think this is going to be assimilated? You lack foresight.
@TheUnhandledException No, you don't. radp will type them, you can just copy/paste.
@PopularDemand No, it's just part of the StackExchange™ RewordedComposited BrandDiktat™
@radp is the namer after all. we must listen and obey the names!
We ShallSee™. Only time WillTell™.
@rchern Namers come and go. The StackExchange™ MultiCollider SuperDropdown™ shall remain, however.
9:43 PM
damn, battery only lasted 30 minutes!
that's a crappy battery
I received 0 comments about my SO Live! description
looks like I need to find an extension cord to continue coding :-)
@rchern crappy laptop
oh. right. Visual Studio :)
9:44 PM
My notebook's laptop battery lasts MUCH longer when I boot into Ubuntu, discard the graphical interface and use the tty's instead
but then I can't type in curly braces and play Nethack instead.
not a good plan.
10:00 PM
gahhhhhhhhhhh i hate running out of daily votes
actually that's not true. i hate that i keep attempting to vote even though i know it won't work |:
@rchern Been there, done that
I've never used all of my upvotes..I must be picky, heh.
@TimStone I did on the launch day of AskUbuntu and one day on SO when I went through a few favourite cartoon-like questions.
I'm with Tim, I can't find 30 things in one day that aren't "meh."
And I'm on the site all the time.
10:12 PM
@rchern Is that at me?
i've always thought using up votes is petty easy.
i mean, i don't vote every day, but there are days where i do vote and then it is easy lol
@rchern Sure, if you just opine on everything.
i don't have to have a strong opinion about it to think it is useful/clear
A: Re order announcer booster and publicist posts when you reach a lower threshold

Jeff AtwoodNot entirely answering your question, but we did decide to relax the requirements for these badge: Announcer - Shared a link to a question that was visited by 50 25 unique IP addresses in 2 3 days Booster - Shared a link to a question that was visited by 400 300 unique IP addresses in 3 4 days ...

Leading off with "Not entirely answering your question"? Someone should flag this "Jeff Atwood" character.
10:25 PM
i saw that
maybe people will actually get the badges now (;
Ugh, new users. I tell you.
Who wants to tell him he forgot the s after badge? :P
10:29 PM
@TimStone Nice finish.
FWIW, I'd rather get hit by a giant S than suffer some of Jeff's other punishments....
See also:
in General on Stack Overflow Chat, Oct 15 at 8:47, by Jeff Atwood
if you are using Opera I swear I will punch you through the Internet
Just for using a browser...such violence.
grammar in a comment is a little different from grammar in dynamically generated text (;
Q: Moderators shouldn't be able to view deleted posts

MarkI don't think moderators should be able to view deleted posts... I've had to delete one of my questions before because I accidentally posted a tidbit of code that was confidential. I wouldn't want that getting out to the public... what possible reason could moderators have for needing to view del...

10:51 PM
@TimStone you should just edit his post to include it (:
I don't have that kind of meta rep :P
11:18 PM
Greetings, greetings, Tavern regulars
Perhaps we should form a society!
@TimStone, if I suddenly disappear, blame Jeff! (;
Can someone throw the 'monad' synonym some votes please?
Is he unhappy with you? I saw a starred post yesterday about Jeff getting mad at you, but I'm not totally clear what that was about
@rchern Hahah, alright. But first, I need to eat, back in a bit.
@Lance How many e-points do we need?
11:28 PM
No idea, but I sure hate the tag synonym voting system. What a kluge, it takes half a dozen mouseclicks (and some pageloads) to vote just on one.
@MarkC, oh, 2500 on SO
I guess I'll go write up some regex/HTML questions and spam the chatrooms with links
Wow, nothing like working an hour on a SO answer, fix it to help with the additional clarifications, and not even get an upvote from the OP. At least I know where to go next time I need to use the code.
But you can't tell who voted on it, right?
@MarkC, hm? Jeff got mad at me?
@rchern Umm, yesterday I think he said something
I wasn't here but it was on the sidebar
Now, if there were only a way to see starred message logs
11:32 PM
@rchern, he's talking about the trust rchern joke (has 8 stars in the SO tavern)
Yes yes that one
@MarkC like where it says "show all 1137"
I thought that was in here, too
ohhhh haha
By the way, I was reading y'alls comments about fanatic badges and the like...can't you just write a little script that will auto-visit a list of given IPs?
11:34 PM
@MarkC, there was a big mystery about what the beta password was for the SO chat before its launch. Somehow, people decided I knew the password. It became a joke, the team went along with it (grumble grumble)
And Lance, I hope you didn't spend an hour on something that you weren't terribly interested in
Ok, yea, that's what I remembered bits from
So then when chat was launched, Jeff was implying that I had given out the password and let all you hooligans in
A: Show synonym suggestions awaiting my vote

Lance RobertsPlease oh Please, make it easier to vote on the Tag Synonyms. It's mouse-click hell.

I wish pg-up worked here. It would a lot easier to see the rest of logback
All right, I thought it was for real
@Lance, on my way!
11:35 PM
and then somebody added his quote to a picture of the Titanic sinking
what is the min rep to vote on a tag merge ?
Thanks. I want to go and vote on all the tag-synonyms I have an idea on, but it would take me many hours to go through all those pages.
2500 on SO
And @Lance, I hope you didn't spend an hour on something on you weren't terribly interested in.
@LanceRoberts, the idea is that it is like questions. you can't vote on questions without going to the question itself rather than the question listing
11:37 PM
is it equal to retagging rep? There are some that I want to vote for there
nah, retagging is low
I spent a while on these two, but it turns out I was interested in them beforehand:
A: Alternatives to usual keyboard + mouse + monitor

Mark CIt hit me when you said "seriously different" that I think this may be just what you are looking for: That's right--Ol' Rummy uses a standing desk. The Wiki article has a few references and opinion articles you may want to examine. The standing desk, in the words of users, makes you feel more...

A: What would be a few ideas/concepts from programming that I can have on paper and hang on a wall as art?

Mark CNeat question! Off the top of my head, what about a flowchart? Those are extremely important in programming as well as engineering. Well! I have dug up a veritable treasure trove! And here they are: New addition: Periodic Table of the Operators (Perl 6) -- I was reminded of it by this answer...

ah, 2500
I've flagged the moderator twice to set up this tag synonym, but it's just a big FAIL.
Q: Worksheet-function tag synonym request

Lance RobertsI went and added a wiki for worksheet-function and then tried to add the synonym excel-formula, but because there are more instances of excel-formula it wouldn't allow it. We should be using worksheet-function because of other spreadsheet apps, instead of using the more specific excel-formula (a...

Okay, see y'all later. Gotta run.
Psst upvote the posters if you like them
11:46 PM
@rchern I'm sorry, but this still cracks me up. :P
I honestly didn't find it that funny until it got added to that picture, hahah.
yada yada, laugh it up chuckles
why is it that i suck at asp.net mvc routing?
11:51 PM
I've never had the pleasure of working with that, heh. Is it annoying?
i feel like it shouldn't be

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