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7:00 AM
@SmokeDetector delv-pls
@lostsock ... how?
@JanDvorak no link saw the email
@InfiniteRecursion email is enough
> The latest data Suwon geonma Ochang geonma ಌ ಌ ಌ Gangnam ssangmun Opie Opie
that's the translation for the latest spam on Ask Ubuntu ^
@ShadowWizard I know, I tried it too :) The earlier ones were translating to blah blah adult entertainment blah blah
> Not enough copies of the email address. One of our spam hunters had missed it the first time
They have plenty of shorteners...
registering a new domain each time we ban one can't be beneficial. Let's keep blocking them!
@JanDvorak This one translates to Prime Minister Secretariat blah blah
7:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: What is my opinion about skin care products? on drupal.stackexchange.com
48 mins ago, by Infinite Recursion
I am out of flags on AU now
@InfiniteRecursion that's Drupal
@JanDvorak ok, flagged
Misread the URL. Was wondering what "wrinkled wind" meant.
7:08 AM
Gimme a star here!
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW CAN I POST JSON STRING TO SERVER on stackoverflow.com
@JanDvorak no flags
7:09 AM
ok, good job, can stop starring now
@InfiniteRecursion someone wanted a palindrome earlier today or yesterday
@JanDvorak and you finally found a palindrome?
I thought "well, it got starred once, so..."
that's success, because it got starred again
black hole to lane 89, please! We have some runaway stars here
in JavaScript: Ye Olde' JS Chat on Stack Overflow Chat, 1 min ago, by Second Rikudo
Awarded mar 21 at 13:59 to Jan Dvorak
rep: 101, silver: 1, bronze: 2
awarded 41 times, most often to the taverners
@JanDvorak The answer ? or the question? or both?
@rene only cv'd the question
no spam there, just non programming.
7:24 AM
Morning btw
@rene Morning
Good Morning @all
@lostsock down
@JanDvorak I am able to identify very few Taverners drupal.stackexchange.com/help/badges/68/deputy
@InfiniteRecursion define "very few". Nearly 10% isn't bad
7:31 AM
@JanDvorak define "most often to the taverners", 3/41 is very few in my definition
Hmm... Is rolling back a BalusC-edit playing with fire?
@InfiniteRecursion I'd say it isn't half bad, when thinking that taverners (probably) aren't active on drupal at all....
aside from spam-killing that is.
@Vogel612 there's an autoflag for rollback wars and a reversal script for serial voting. I'd say go ahead.
@JanDvorak well I partly reapplied it, but I think I properly need to draw the line on what kind of edits to my questions I want and what kind I don't want...
It's not nice If he removes 4 / 5 tags from my question...
@InfiniteRecursion Hey I'm on there! :D
@Unihedron Jan, you and I
7:37 AM
@Vogel612 don't let user reputation intimidate you, if you think an edit made on your post is invalid roll it back. Period.
okay this seeems to be getting out of hand..
What's the situation?
wait until it falls on the ground, then kick it far away.
@Vogel612 either he will give up and move on, or keep fighting then a moderator will step in and decide what to do. IMO you should not give up just because the other user has more rep.
I just wrote up a long post, I bet I missed something.
Oh I see..
Dear @BalusC please provide more reasoning when reapplying an Edit I rolled back. I appreciate, that you are interested in question quality, but it seems that we have a different understanding of how tagging should work :( If you reapply the same edits again, without any further reasoning I will flag this for moderator attention. If you want to discuss this I can be found in Stack Overflow Chat ;) — Vogel612 31 secs ago
But it's a self answered post with incorrect tags, why do you want to keep JSF and Jboss?
because the problem includes expertise specific to jboss 7 and I only do this to have it look nice with jsf...
I figure these tags are thus relevant.
7:42 AM
in case anyone missed it, the new off topic close reason id for tool/rec is 16, use to be 14, before that 8
while they may not pertain to the problem at hand, I think they are relevant for context
@Vogel612 er... I disagree, at least with the second part
@Vogel612 I disagree too, that is an incorrect use of tags
also, "intrusive use" wasn't nice of you
I think removing 4 of 5 tags is intrusive...
but it seems that I don't understand the way tagging works around here :(
> Daily close vote limit reached; please try again in 16 hours
@Vogel612 number doesnot matter, those tags are not related to your post, please roll back the edit...
@Vogel612 not if the tags are bogus
7:45 AM
@JanDvorak bogus is not nice either ;)
I feel like the tags are relevant "trivia" to the question..
bogus is blatant but true
they are adding context and getting eyes from people that have expertise in the field related...
@Vogel612 yes, BaluC is one of the top experts in JSF, it caught his eyes. Use bounties to get audience, please DON'T abuse tags
@InfiniteRecursion please read the question. I am going through the whole hassle to have it play nice with jsf and thus was thinking the tagging is appropriate...
I am aware that BalusC is an expert
@Vogel612 "getting eyes" is a bogus reason to use a tag
7:49 AM
I believe that his expertise may be helpful in answering the question, not because he also knows other things, but specifically because he is a jsf-expert.
@JanDvorak the formulation wasn't good :(....
@Vogel612 how does JSF expertise help answer your question?
8:07 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Silently hides Infinite crib
@JanDvorak I figured that the jsf spec requires a specific syntax for the thing I wanted to generate...
soz for delay, meeting...
@JanDvorak if you see a spam for more than 5 mins, ping me... I have full ammo
g2g now, sorry
!!afk gone shopping
8:25 AM
3 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
that doesn't look like Indian Hacker's spam, you pissed off someone else :P
@Braiam Avoid pissing off korean guiz n galz plox
@SPArchaeologist steals back her crib from SPArchaeologist cloud
@InfiniteRecursion notices that the bird also ate the last muffin
> I not drug addict..........I am C addict
ha so puny
8:43 AM
@SPArchaeologist innocent bird returns the muffin
@InfiniteRecursion sticks a memo/post-it on the back of the bird with the words "Remember: do not eat" as a sign of gratitude.
is this a copy of SE?
Shall we spam them?
I second that ^ :D
8:49 AM
But in all seriousness, wth?
@DroidDev same model yeah, but they aren't scraping from what I can see
Downvote ALL the things!
What?! I need an account!
@Stijn check out their "About" page
Its a company who has made its community in SE style !
This is something not new to me
8:51 AM
@DroidDev It tells me to visit the FAQ, but the page leads to a 404.
I have seen many companies mimicking the SE style
@ItachiUchiha shin-chan! I loved that show as a kid! I watched it again recently and there's a lot of hidden adult humour in it too :)
@Unihedron you should complaint on their meta :P
@Stijn Thanks ! Hope to keep entertaining you for years to come ;)
What?! I need 45 rep to downvote?? Oh em gee!!!
8:52 AM
@Unihedron Works for me..
@Unihedron well it's less than around here...
@Vogel612 hmmm, they are soft to new users :P
"[] Community Wiki" Definitely a copy of SO..
@InfiniteRecursion With rosemary or without?
rosmarine? :/
8:55 AM
@DroidDev aaaand fals friends stabbing my back again.
btw, I'd add a little lemon to the rosemary...
@Vogel612 with rosemary
btw have you guys reached a conclusion? stackoverflow.com/posts/25997520/revisions
@DroidDev We have a problem. There is no meta. :P
@InfiniteRecursion yes.
@Vogel612 wait... rosemary..?? :/
9:00 AM
I know you guys have been waiting for this, Attack ------ stackoverflow.com/questions/26085735/…
@DroidDev Why didn't Rosemary [ever take the pill]
@Vogel612 good to hear that :)
@InfiniteRecursion the problem is my problem still isn't solved....
because instead of being nice, and marking the invalid fields, jsf just breaks.
9:02 AM
@AndrewT. they have a badge for validating email :O going to post on MSE about this
and I haven't got the slightest clue why..
@Vogel612 why there are only butterflies in my brain, do I really need to google "rosemary" :/
@DroidDev rosemary -> butterflies .. confusion ensues
@Unihedron just 2 close votes
9:04 AM
I know you have voted :P
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: VERB SHIFTS AND ITS USAGE on english.stackexchange.com
@ItachiUchiha and one from me
@Vogel612 it means, there is no understanding for rosemary in my brain, there are only butterflies :P
@rene :)
Q: Stack Exchange clones

Andrija CacanovicListed here are clones of the Stack Exchange sites model.

9:14 AM
@ShadowWizard you really read every single message :O
@DroidDev Except the deleted ones.
@DroidDev yup, I stalk the Tavern :D
@Unihedron don't be so sure........ ;P
@ShadowWizard don't you lurk it :P
@DroidDev oh, but that's all fun, to lurk!
@ShadowWizard we all keep lurking in den all day long, Den is big fun :D
9:15 AM
@ShadowWizard Where is the other stalker?
@InfiniteRecursion who is that?
just say the magic word
@Bart x 3
6 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
Also, isn't Bart a meme yet? :O
9:17 AM
@DroidDev yup, and it's really cozy!
I read the many memes of meta, not there. Brown is in the list.
(just flag as anything but Other and will be deleted at some point)
@ShadowWizard flagged as obsolete
9:20 AM
@ShadowWizard flagged as too chatty
@Unihedron yay!
Hey guys, anyone is familiar with AngularJS by any chance?
@ShadowWizard Started to use it just recently. On SharePoint (I am brave, I'm not?)
@SPArchaeologist wow, Angular with SharePoint sounds like a sure recipe for disasters
working with Angular templates perhaps?
9:32 AM
@ShadowWizard Actually, it worked pretty well. Haven't done much to be honest - just displaying data from a json web service (hosted on SharePoint too) in a web part.
It allowed me to develop an "app" (== a solution that doesn't have anything to do with SP and probably should have been deployed somewhere else but the sales department managed to sold as "SharePoint enabled" because "we will cut times and costs") as a single web part with multiple views, no postbacks.
@ShadowWizard still new to it. Used views with routing and some templates for pop-ups.
Hiya @Bart
@ShadowWizard I know Knockout, it's similar, perhaps I can help.
9:51 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!SPAM!SPAM! on askubuntu.com
@SmokeDetector @Braiam use your ammo
@SmokeDetector @Braiam Go! I choose you!
Why is it always AU users who edit spam?
9:54 AM
I was there first @inf :D
@Unihedron yes, you win :D
@balpha Are you developer folks willing to run queries (on an occasional basis) that aren't possible in SEDE for privacy reasons? This relates to my meta question (meta.stackexchange.com/questions/239991/…). I want to see how many people we've got who are afraid of pressing the down-vote button on answers.
But it doesn't seem to be possible to run such a query in SEDE, due to understandable anonymisation of the voting table.
@Duncan please don't take this personal, but... Your feature request seems to be a xy problem...
9:57 AM
@Duncan Unclear what you're asking?
additionally there's stuff like bad questions with good answers, so...
Here have link @Vog http://xyproblem.info/
Not sure how it's an XY problem - can you explain further?
You want to fix some problem you noticed
(Note: I'm quite familiar with what XY problems are - I point them out often myself. Wondering how it applies here).
9:58 AM
@Braiam: Write a FAQ for AU users plox! They keep on editing spam, few minutes ago they edited escort spam
w8..... rereading that it seems like your problem is not a problem at all...
--> why should anyone actually care whether users downvote answers or not?? or rather why would you check that against question downvotes`?
That moment when you forget the password to your own site. I'm so stupid.
@Vogel612 Perhaps my question needs some further back story. I wanted to raise the question of whether answer down-votes should be free, provided you haven't supplied an answer yourself. The goal behind the query was to provide some sort of proof that lots of people avoid down-voting answers because they are scared of the -1.
The idea is - if they are willing to down-vote questions, then they are active in the field of moderation. But if they never down-vote answers, it might indicate people are reluctant to lose rep.
Clearly, the stats wouldn't prove any causality. But it would be interesting to see the numbers.
10:06 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TP-LINK TF-3200 on askubuntu.com
Q: Change vote breakdown on user profiles

Simon O'HanlonPlease can we change the way we display the vote break-down on user profiles. At present we have a breakdown giving four vote total figures like this: I propose this be changed to a contingency table/cross tab like this: This would mean we are not displaying any more information or using mor...

@SmokeDetector submitted an edit
@Unihedron Interesting link, although not applicable to my SEDE-based question AFAICT.
@Duncan just a potentially helpful read.
10:08 AM
Morning @Sam
quick question... Why the heck can I not suggest an edit to that au question??
@Vogel612 not logged in? already a pending edit?
the latter might be it..
the edit link is greyed, I am logged in, got 105 rep
1 min ago, by Infinite Recursion
@SmokeDetector submitted an edit
that.. explains...
@Malachi whoops. Seems I need to improve my read-fu — Vogel612 Aug 13 at 19:50
10:11 AM
@Unihedron I see you guys had some fun with Pham while I was away. ;)
@Sam Yep, and I still haven't compiled it successfully lol, VS keeps breaking when I do that. It wants me to give it 5 hours to repair it, then upon recompilation it does that "repair me" thing.
@Vogel612 Phamhilator.
@Unihedron Why not use VS 2012?
Dear me, the code I just wrote makes me want to puke.
10:14 AM
@Sam If it works I'm willing to give it a try; getting it
@Vogel612 Another day, another new SharePoint dev.
@SPArchaeologist no... it's java.. gist with the monster
@Unihedron but... what does it do?
It generates a random regex.
10:19 AM
with the regex actually matching the input?
!!afk food
There is no input, it's entirely random.
10:32 AM
@Vogel612: The edit is approved on the AU post, your comment is now obsolete askubuntu.com/questions/530027/…
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: TP-LINK TF-3200 on askubuntu.com
^ lols
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HELP WITH MY SD CARD on askubuntu.com
It had a , guys there gotta do it
10:44 AM
@Stijn well, the thing is that when having a form in a template, form validation is borked. $scope.formName.$valid always returns "true" even when required fields are empty.
The funny thing is, the browser still throw the "this field is required" messages.
@SmokeDetector submitted an edit
@balpha: please blacklist pial-bam2u-com (used in this )
@Uni, @Undo, @Jan : Spam missed - askubuntu.com/questions/530039/…
@ShadowWizard Of course
I have an idea..
10:51 AM
@DroidDev kinda sorta
@Unihedron what is your idea?
@Duncan In general, sure -- if you can make a good case for it. The community team runs queries all the time. What I miss from your question in particular is the "what would we do with the knowledge". If the question were of the form "I think we have a problem X, I suggest solution Y. Maybe someone with access could check whether the problem really exit?", I think it'd be more well-received than it's current "I'm curious about X, could someone find out please?" form
10:53 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Blacklist the character :P
@InfiniteRecursion idea cellular
@Unihedron good idea, add a few korean unicodes to Smokey's regex
Hey @Pro
Hey all!
@Unihedron I merged your pull request by the way :)
Grr, too fast.
11:00 AM
So soon? xD
@hichris123 I might have found a reason why it didn't catch that phone number (if it was not a glitch). We should check the phone number only, not the rest of the title. (Sometimes it works for the full title, but sometimes it does not)
Smokey missed spam too, please check : askubuntu.com/questions/530039/…
@ProgramFOX Hiya
Hi @Sam!
@InfiniteRecursion I can add bam2u to the regex.
11:03 AM
@Unihedron Don't onebox spam please!
@ProgramFOX You will have to split the suspicious segment for the phonenumber check then... How will that work?
:2460010 lol, look at the pic of the user
@InfiniteRecursion but it's a picture!
@ProgramFOX Thx for helping out with Pham ;)
@Unihedron Instead of checking whether it matches the regex, I will look at the stuff it matched and validate that.
@Sam You're welcome! :)
11:04 AM
@Unihedron of escort spam
@Program k, fix that. :p
hi @hi
@hichris123 Sure, I was about to start ;)
@ShadowWizard no clue, sorry.
@Stijn ☹
11:08 AM
@ShadowWizard the browser messages are from HTML5 validation, you have a required attribute on your <input>, but that's all I can tell.
@Stijn yup, that's true ㋛
How many times a day is this question asked? Is it exams season in india? — Tichodroma 5 mins ago
^Is it too chatty?
@InfiniteRecursion It's too true.
@Sam yes, but a bit racist and rude IMO
I suppose it could be taken that way. But yeah, too chatty.
11:19 AM
Thanks, will flag it
@InfiniteRecursion flagged
"Indicates that the team is not interested in fixing the bug" - for this we already have a tag
@ShadowWizard Done.
@ProgramFOX thanks! wonder if Martijn is a hidden robo reviewer? :(
11:24 AM
@balpha Thanks for the feedback. I was reluctant to put too much info into the question, since I was fearful of that question becoming the question and garnering all sorts of debate over what I was proposing.
But perhaps I didn't provide enough, even for that purpose.
@ShadowWizard Perhaps a misclick. That has happened to me too once.
@balpha What would be the correct way to ask this from the community team? Should I update my question with more details and a query or am I best to email about this kind of thing?
Huh? Look at the dates, 2013 question answered this month and accepted... stackoverflow.com/q/15839015/4070640
@ProgramFOX I hope so... too bad he's not into chat :(
11:30 AM
@InfiniteRecursion NOOOO nuked
@Duncan Definitely keep this public, there's no reason to put this into an email. And the query itself isn't the interesting part, it's the details on what you're trying to learn/confirm and what the implications of it being confirmed (or not) would be. It shouldn't be about running a query, it should be about a potential problem that you anecdotally obeserved and what should be done about it. If the data doesn't confirm the problem, all the better.
while I was halfway reading it... :,(
yes, my flag was marked helpful and the comments were nuked
Android is a messy tag, many posts get 10+ comments under it like hi, hello, how are you :(
@balpha has the Too Many Requests block become more strict recently? I've hit it in the past when opening 10-15 tabs at once (e.g. while browsing a user's profile) but recently I get it when opening a couple of tabs at once mixed with regular SO browsing.
11:35 AM
Oh hi FOX :)
... I can't, it's... machine code
@Stijn not that I know of, but is it possible you have disabled caching in your browser? I'm seing tons of repeated requests for the same static files (images, JS, etc.) in the logs for you
haha...I know ;) flagging for purging
11:38 AM
and on meta, those count towards the ratelimiting (since meta serves static files itself, not from the CDN)
@balpha perhaps accidentally, I'll take a look.
there are 3 other devs here in the office but they don't use SO often so it's probably my machine.
@balpha yep, that was it, Firebug had "disable browser caching" set. Thanks :)
11:42 AM
that also explains why the SE button dropdown sometimes took +500ms to be ready.
Firebug. It's always Firebug.
in Low Quality Posts HQ, 1 min ago, by ProgramFOX
^ That Bart has glasses too.
@Bart, your latest sock has been sighted:
Your sock is too thin (ascetic)
5 hours ago, by Jan Dvorak
@InfiniteRecursion more like ascetic.jpg, ascetic2.jpg, ascetic3.jpg. some girls are way too thin.
while looking for Bart clones I might have found real socks. This and this might be the same person. good chance he's upvoting himself. any SO mod can check it? @animuson? @ThiefMaster?
3333 repz :D
@ShadowWizard Hmm, different technologies tag score distribution..
@nicael too much repz! give bounties please
@nicael * 3,333
@Unihedron = ?
11:53 AM
@Unihedron hmm.... so might be OK. guess I'm over sensitive! :)
@Unihedron = Jon Skeet
@ShadowWizard Location and age though...
@Unihedron maybe friends then?

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