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3:01 PM
@AidenBell Thanks. Really all I wanted was to make (general) capitalized...
Pffttt Veyron
What ever happened to Friday posts?
@PiersMyers put 1000bhp in that and you are talking
blah .. blocked images...
3:04 PM
@Chacha102 We've already used up all the good ones.
and they do, often
@PopularDemand Didn't you learn anything in 3rd grade? Reuse ... Red..something .. and Recycle!
@Chacha102 Good point. Announcing: Contest to predict when SO's 1,000,000th question will be posted!
3:09 PM
Not down with "reuse," huh guys? Okay. Announcing: Contest to predict when MSO's 1,000,000th question will be posted!
@PopularDemand Closed as Don't Want
It's taken roughly a year and three months to reach 15k, so we're getting about 1k a month, so... what's 1000 months from 15 months ago?
Ah, right, "way too far away."
(For the bored: it's Nov. 2092.)
Not sure if I should be relieved or depressed that I won't live to see the millionth MSO question.
hm there's a SO Tavern room
but i like this one better, it's like Cheers to me.
3:24 PM
Wow, that's what I get for neglecting chat for too long, over a thousand messages across all tabs, heh.
@TimStone !
So bored
Waiting for next class
or at least this class to get interesting
@TimStone lo
Hi @AidenBell
I see that you pinged me twice while I was gone, but I was confused on the context of those messages so I'm not really sure what's going on. :P
3:30 PM
nm me neither
Ah, very good then.
At least this chat room doesn't go down very often..
It is surprisingly hard to find out what disabilities preclude one from joining the military.
That's...an interesting inquiry.
@TimStone It's work-related, actually.
3:34 PM
@PopularDemand Work related stuff in chat!?!
@Chacha102 Sorry, I'll go find a meme to quote.
Here you go:
for(int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
    System.out.println(muffincat is king of muffins);
That reminds me
We are learning Python in my next class
for x in range(1000):
@PopularDemand Ah ha
3:37 PM
Crazy, crazy day
So many chat rooms..
So much productivity lost...
And I thought my productivity was hampered before. I guess I'll have learn....self control. sighs
@Chacha102 Could you do me a favour and create a chat room for wordpress.se?
3:38 PM
There is now 2 chat room to check O.O
@TimStone What is this "self control" you speak of?
@HoxLyxVierx I have ten rooms open right now.
@TheUnhandledException I've heard it's a mystical force that makes everything better...but I'm skeptical that it exists.
@TimStone you have the Tavern room open on all the SE site ?
@HoxLyxVierx Heh, I do have many duplicate rooms open between here and SO. Luckily no other site's chat open right now.
The next #lyt match is starting in 2.25h time: layertennis.com
@YiJiang What the hell is that? :P
Designed and Tested on Chrome 6
@TimStone I share your skepticism :-)
OK, back to wrapping up work stuff so I can prepare to go on vacation. Man, I'm so upset I can't be enjoying SO chat!
Oh .. press the Logo to open the navigation
probably for the better, this way the hoodlums get chat shenanigans out of their systems :-)
before I go AFK again @PopularDemand I have a question
3:47 PM
Yeah, it's probably a good time to go on vacation while things find their balance. :P
@TheUnhandledException I didn't do it!
Except, if it was a totally good thing, then yeah, it was totally me.
I thought of this last night... how sad is it that when I'm AFK and away from MSO chat, I still think about MSO chat, LOL...
How do you have a different Gravitar on MSO Is it just a different email address?
@TheUnhandledException Yep.
Most sites see foo@bar.com; MSO sees foo+waffles@bar.com.
I previously used a mailinator address on MSO for the same effect.
@PopularDemand OK. cool. Do you need to create a new Gravitar account?
Only one OpenID throughout.
@TheUnhandledException No.
3:52 PM
@PopularDemand OK thanks. I'm thinking I might not want to be as clearly identifiable on MSO :-)
He's learning!
Your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do something Shog would do.
@PopularDemand LOL
Learning slowly but surely :-)
I'm the same everywhere :)
I value consistancy
@TimStone Realtime design competition
Oh, that actually sounds pretty awesome
4:06 PM
Two designers swap files every 15 min, and the whole thing is commentated and broadcasted in realtime
"Broadcasted" as in, the files are uploaded in realtime
thats a cool idea..
Have a look at some of the older matches
I'd recommend this one personally: layertennis.com/080125a
some #lyt matches are great, but most are so overrated.
@Jin There are definitely a few disappointments
I can't say they're bad. they're all decent. but I feel there are 2 factors that off put me: efame of the designers, and the commentary.
i've had a lot of Emperor's new clothes moments. like "really???"
4:39 PM
Q: Show reputation change in Recent Activity even if negative

radpIt is confusing to not show the reputation change on your Recent Activity page just because it is negative -- for example, due to casting a large bounty. If nothing is shown, one is led to believe there was no change at all. If today's (or this week's, or even this month's) net result is -68 rep...

reply for 200 reps
@radp I want to, but I'm having trouble finding anything useful to say :P
"No, because ..."
"Yes, because ..."
"Yes, but..."
"No, but..."
So if the amount is positive, it shows the number up there in that view?
"Meh, this makes sense but..."
(I don't have new rep right now to check)
4:43 PM
yeah. You can check this month's value too.
I know it does when you click the specific tabs
Ah, OK
So no matter what view it won't show a number if it's negative?
I guess there's a choice here
I'd like to know what it was.
4:58 PM
@radp I've held up my end of the bargain.
Mine has freehand circles though.
Q: Why is Code Golf now the domain of Programmers.SE?

Mark TrappNow that Community Wiki is dead (long live Community Wiki!), I understand that there is some concern that code golf questions would be nothing more than rep farms on Stack Overflow. The basis for that sentiment is that they really don't help anyone, so why should anyone get rep for the question...

Poor Mark Trapp, heh.
Uh... my fault, @TimStone.
A: Where do Code Golf/Code Challenge questions belong?

Lord TorgamusI don't support this, but in the interest of completeness, note that the FAQ says code golf does belong here. Programmers - Stack Exchange is for expert programmers who are interested in subjective discussions on software development. This can include topics such as: Software eng...

@PopularDemand In people's heads? ;-)
(Mark saw that, commented on it, and came right over to MSO.)
5:07 PM
@PopularDemand If I upvote you does that mean I agree, or, I like that you posted the FAQ entry? :-)
@TheUnhandledException Yes.
Um, good answer? :-)
@TimStone rofls
@Shog9 +1 for "Meh" consensus
It's true. For all the noise that 3-4 users make on meta.P.SE, the vast, vast majority of P.SE users just ask and answer what they feel like without regard to what a tiny minority of Meta users decide.
It's almost as though no one bothered to learn from SU...
5:19 PM
Has SU learned from SU? I figure that's step one.
That doesn't surprise me though.
Bah, half the questions tagged [programmers] are about the people; the other half are about Programmers SE.
'Ello @Pekka, @Fosco
And, nice, @Tim.
Does anyone know what happened to the ability to post inline links in comments? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/37758/inline-links-in-comments
I like CodeGolf questions and don't see ANY harm in people getting rep for up-votes..
5:22 PM
it used to work at one point in time
example where it isn't?
Try it yourself
Isn't that because it's missing http://?
i thought maybe instead of adding clutter you could point to an example
bah i failed
my markdown was reversed thats why it didnt work when i tried it
5:24 PM
Works for me.
Ah, okay.
Ow, sideways whiplash.
I typed [link.com](link) instead of the link
in General on Stack Overflow Chat, 48 secs ago, by Ollie Saunders
mahen2: Do yourself a favor. If you're going to break the law don't openly tell people you don't know on the Internet about it.
@TimStone Someone should tell him about this:
Q: What would happen if I violate GPL?

Tim ChanWhat if I hide the GPL code inside an application, if someone finds out, what would happen to me? Edit: Now, I know I could be put to the court. I'll convince a friend to register and distribute using his name. I will try to prepare by erasing any evidence I am the actual developer should someo...

5:30 PM
i actually did that by accident on a project
In fact, I'm going to go do that now.
didn't realize i had until after development completed. it only affected something in the 'admin' area, so i'm counting on the fact that our client doesn't get hired by the license holder
6:29 PM
Argh, OPs who don't read and just want a spoon-fed answer.
That is all.
@PopularDemand Do they object to the spoon forcibly being shoved down their throat?
@TimStone I'm not wasting more of my time on this.
...I actually may have gone too far that time.
Seems like a good call.
@TimStone I'm not even sure what the analogy there is.
Taking him hostage, but filling out his homework with the correct answers and turning it in for him?
Honestly, that one got away from me. I'm not really sure where it was going.
6:34 PM
@PopularDemand Find his school, find his teacher, hand his assignment in while screaming, "HERE'S JOHNNY'S CODE, I DID IT FOR HIM SINCE HE'S TOO LAZY TO DO IT HIMSELF!"
@Shog9 Eh, that sounds good, but I doubt I can get the time off work.
@Chacha102 Tim saw you say "Hi" in both rooms.
6:43 PM
Hahah, you replied "Hmm?" in the other room?
7:00 PM
@rchern: Maybe add this to the userscript collection too?
// add revision link to all questions
href = $("#question-header a").attr("href").replace("questions","posts");
href = href.substring(0,href.lastIndexOf("/")) + "/revisions";
$(".post-menu").append("<span class='lsep'>|</span><a href='" + href + "'>revisions</a>");
(useful for cases where the post has no edits, but you want to check the revision history to see migration events not reflected in the timeline)
7:13 PM
Okay, I caved and went back. But I'm not getting through. Anyone else want a crack?
A: boolean algebra - build a OR gate as an NAND gate

Lord TorgamusYes, X NAND 1 is like X NAND Y with Y fixed as 1. The thing you're comparing X with doesn't have to be called Y; it can be any variable, any constant or the result of another comparison. All that matters is whether the value is a 0 or a 1, in the end. Example: X | Y | 1 | X OR Y ---+---+---...

11 hidden comments? Oh, I'm sure this was fun..
@PopularDemand Definite +1 for the effort. Helping people like that is difficult, heh. I'm sure if he actually read what you wrote and thought about it for a bit he'd get it, but he seems stuck in his belief that he's incapable of figuring it out.
@TimStone Thanks for the sanity check. Any idea on how to get through?
@PopularDemand You appear to be writing "An Introduction to Boolean Algebra". Would you like some help with that?</clippy>
I keep meaning to try writing a userscript that adds clippy to SO
7:22 PM
Would be a nice April Fools for the "Possible Duplicate" box
(in other words, Pops... It's time to recommend a good book and move on. He seems to have at best a tenuous grasp of basic algebra, and everything you're saying is beyond him)
@MichaelMrozek You mean SU?
@PopularDemand It would be more applicable there, but I don't use SU
@Shog9 Yeah, you're right. I just feel bad about being unsuccessful.
@MichaelMrozek Maybe it's already an easter egg there... cough nudge hint wink.
@PopularDemand What do you do?
7:25 PM
@Shog9 @PopularDemand: I second this, I really don't see what else you can do, unless you have plans of becoming a professor any time soon and want to enroll him in your class.
@MichaelMrozek Why don't you hop on over to chat.superuser.com and ask "How do I" do something?
@TimStone Meh, that would entail getting a PhD.
Oh, cool. There goes my brilliant idea
@PopularDemand Well, if you want to take the time to write an in-depth introduction to expressions, operations, and truth tables... Step him through each one in turn, with plenty of examples and plain language... and hang around to revise it in response to every single follow-up question... Then more power to you. But...
@PopularDemand Minor technicality.
@Shog9 I am not polygenelubricants. Don't let the fact that both of our names start with "po" fool you.
7:28 PM
A: [jQuery] Sort list items alphabetically?

Josh StodolaYou do not need jQuery to do this... function sortUnorderedList(ul, sortDescending) { if(typeof ul == "string") ul = document.getElementById(ul); // Idiot-proof, remove if you want if(!ul) { alert("The UL object is null!"); return; } // Get the list items and setup an arr...

That's just getting stupid. Do I flag the answer, or the comments individually, or what?
in General on Stack Overflow Chat, 23 mins ago, by Josh Stodola
I am getting sick and tired of a**holes like Stefan Kendall who come to old resolved questions and comment on my accepted answers telling me how terrible the code is. If it was so terrible, why is it up-voted ten times and accepted at the answer?!
Yeah, I had seen that, heh.
@TimStone [alphabetized] is a tag?!
@balpha Congratulations on a flawless launch!
@Shog9 What? Meta-tag? Kill it!
thanks -- it was almost flawless :)
7:29 PM
@Shog9 That makes it ten times worse.
Q: C# Same numbers in all 5 boxes and its suppose to be 5 different numbers in 5 different boxes

randywhite30The problem I am having is I get the same 5 numbers in all 5 different boxes. using System; using System.Windows.Forms; namespace LotteryTickets { public partial class Form1 : Form { /// <summary> /// no-args Constructor /// </summary> public Form1() { ...

The history on that question is really funny
@balpha it is pretty ugly. But, talk is cheap - I don't see an answer there from him...
@Shog9 huh? that is the guy who posted @TimStone's answer
@balpha no, Stefan Kendall, the guy criticizing the code - I don't see him posting an answer.
I assume he meant the person who the quote was referencing a la "a**hole", but I could be wrong.
7:35 PM
@Shog9 ah okay
ah, and it's a duplicate - very good!
I'm out of close votes and moderator flags - anyone here have some spares?
@Shog9 So close.
newer question has insane view-count though... Should probably close the older one (or merge them)
I'm about 40% convinced @Chacha102 is a bot
7:42 PM
OK, I should be back for the remainder of the afternoon
Have 2 more work issues to wrap up and then I AM ON VACATION!!!!
/me cheers
are you cheering about the issues or the vacation?
@Chacha102 Guess ;-)
The work issues :)
Yeah, Vacation is just a lot of time doing nothing :p
7:46 PM
@Noctrine I'll be doing XMPP integration for the chat, lol
Good man
@Chacha102 I would argue that point :-)
Doesn't being necessary imply some form of importance?
Yeah, I never liked that one much
7:48 PM
Otherwise you wouldn't be important.
I think they're implying that you're replaceable
Yeah, but they should have worded it differently if they were going for that.
Just because your job is necessary doesn't mean you are.
@MichaelMrozek I think that would be "Just because you're important doesn't mean your necessary"
More chat errors...
SO chat is bogging things down huh?
I'm convinced 40% of Chacha102 is a bot.
7:50 PM
and the rest is?
Repeating images over and over
@Chacha102 Muffin cat.
@MichaelMrozek so much for SO chat being all professional and MSO chat being the wild and crazy bunch:
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 5 mins ago, by Brad F Jacobs
Did the wet dreams scare you?
Muffincat is actually beating out the LOTR image for total occurrences; 12 times versus 9
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, there's been like four things in SO chat that I was legitimately disturbed by
And it's been...12 hours
7:52 PM
@MichaelMrozek LOTR?
@MichaelMrozek I feel much more at home here :-)
Yeah, is that not from LOTR? I thought it was
im not sure..
@MichaelMrozek It scares me that you know this.
@Shog9 I have a piece of paper taped to my computer filled with tally marks
Or I used search. Either is possible
7:55 PM
@MichaelMrozek Needs more jQuery.
What's the count on the Someone is wrong on the internet XKCD image?
@PopularDemand MemeCounter Platinum Edition? (placeholder for appropriate @radp name)
@MichaelMrozek I rather suspect you've carved notches into your desk. Every time Chacha posts an image, you grab your knife...
@Shog9 Every time I get a little closer to just stabbing myself in the eye. But so far I've resisted
7:59 PM
@MichaelMrozek I don't think so
No, Chrome. No it's not
No, Gentoo, although I can't imagine how that would affect it
I just noticed the weird fonts
OK, time to move some bits around...
8:02 PM
Q: How can I compare two sets of 1000 numbers against each other?

baklapI must check approximately 1000 numbers against 1000 other numbers. I loaded both and compared them server-side: foreach( $numbers1 as $n1 ) { foreach( $numbers2 as $n2 ) { if( $n1 == $n2 ) { doBla(); } } } This took a long time, so I tried to do the same comparison client s...

That got 42K views in six hours....?
Wow, 296 hot rating
8:14 PM
what will "Happy Hour" be about?
@MaximZaslavsky Booze?
8:34 PM
I should stop trying to understand that nonsense, heh.
Oh it was submitted to /r/programming. Clearly I need to start submitting Linux posts there instead of /r/linux, regardless of on-topicness
8:55 PM
I broke MSO chat
I broke imgur, too... what the...?
Maybe I broke my net connection...
I got a timeout a few seconds ago as well.
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, that seems likely. Otherwise we'd be getting messages from you.
Hmm, who's here that we can /blame..
@TimStone I got it right after telling @balpha how I pronounce his screen name, LOL
/blame @TheUnhandledException
8:57 PM
pictures balpha, enraged, trashing the server room with a 2x4 yelling "bal-FAH? bal-FAH?!!"
The chat is flipping out
Just threw my message to the top of the list, then said I had to retry an older message, then reposted that older message..
@rchern LOL
I'm /blame ing myself, hehe
I was picturing that too :-)

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