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7:48 AM
Phamhilator™ stopped.
wait, it started?
Nope, I'm trying to get it started...
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: Uniform convergence and relative error?, by user146358, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Apache apr_sockaddr_info_get() failed error, by user291679, on askubuntu.com.
7:53 AM
Low quality (possible): Exponentiation expression, by Raabi Anony, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Help to model time variant system, by Farid83, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: XML Element Error, by Kris, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Question about integrating differential forms, by luka5z, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): LLBGen for dummies, by jstadnicki, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Error with Simple Express Server and Gulp, by AdamBInfinity, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: VBA : Help needed for extracting a substring, by Jasmeet Narula, on stackoverflow.com.
Bad Tag Used: Do Python AIs work as well as C# or C++ AIs?, by Shite goblin, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: I have a error while creating an item in my menu?, by user3721487, on stackoverflow.com.
Bad Tag Used: Sony QX1 Camera Remote API beta SDK v 1.70, by Ilia, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Using quadratic equations for problem solving, by Ann, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: wifi is not working with ubuntu 14.04, by purva thakkar, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Wifi connected but internet not working, by user1932021, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Suddenly bootstrap multiselect not workin on drupal site, by Joe, on stackoverflow.com.
Bad Tag Used: Unable To Call Rest APIs, by Avinash Kumar Pankaj, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Problem with running mathematica script involving Export on cygwin, by hjhamast, on mathematica.stackexchange.com.
8:31 AM
@Sam wtf?
oh title got changed
or is it a test?
It's not a test. Test messages start with "TEST - .....".
Low quality: policy routing problem with load balanced ppp connections, by ovidiucs, on unix.stackexchange.com.
I'll have to update the spam regex, again...
8:34 AM
suggestion: match as low quality if the question has both "true" and "false" in it
Oh wait, I forgot. Last night I added post persistence, so I should have the title of that spam message...
Yep see, the log's right there: 2473051.36511669]http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/78573/why-is-the-time-‌​limit-for-editing-comments-only-5-minutes (that's the post's title)
@Unihedron kk
Bad Tag Used: joomla trigger my own event, by Vojtech, on stackoverflow.com.
Spam: Is it possible that Quran was written by man?, by nic, on skeptics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: WordPress and WooCommerce Fatal Error Mesage, by user1752759, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Inverting (Buck-boost) converter polarity problem, by ScienceSamovar, on electronics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: hw0 part 1: “On Time AutograderSubprocess error: Program timed out”, by esbi, on edx-cs169-1x.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): What Should I Watch, by Jennifer Vlogs, on anime.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: How to go from newbie to manufactured?, by DJ_R, on electronics.stackexchange.com.
Bad Tag Used: PTC / GPT Scripts Information, by Raja Zeeshan Ahmed, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Spamassassin filter, by FHR, on serverfault.com.
Low quality: Build cross compiler - error: libmpfr not found, by Mihail Feraru, on stackoverflow.com.
Regex to find [solved], etc. in titles has now been updated.
Spam: Word 2007-2013 Content control, by Gábor Pető, on stackoverflow.com.
@Uni Is there a way to ignore dates ^^^ in that phone number regex?
Low quality: Integer grid problem, by squarefan, on puzzling.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Setup bcache how-to please, by Laszlo Almasi, on askubuntu.com.
Phamhilator™ stopped.
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: I want to marry someone please suggest after reading everything, by Hahmed, on islam.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Logging and Error MS SQL Server 2008 R2, by singhswat, on dba.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Homework: qn on central limit theorem, by qwerty, on math.stackexchange.com.
9:11 AM
@Sam define dates, if you specifically mean "dd/dd/dddd" or "dd-dd-dddd", it's doable
Ooo, our first homework catch of the day.
@Unihedron As in year-year (dddd-dddd).
how about both dd-dd-dddd and dddd-dddd can be ignored?
Yeah sure.
Look at the editor of the the marrying post...
Phamhilator™ stopped.
Phamhilator™ started...
Bad Tag Used: [14.04] [command-line] [bash]TEST - I am confusing about -exec command, by Gui_Minor, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Functional Knapsack Problem in Python, by ptwales, on codereview.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: PHP $_POST syntax error, by Aakash Kathuria, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Proof Explaination‌​, by Seymur Kilj, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Coin-tossing games, by user175920, on math.stackexchange.com.
Ignore the next post...
Bad Tag Used: [algebra-precalculus] Comparing the size of square roots, by guest, on math.stackexchange.com.
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: geometric problem and optimisation, by Claudeh5, on math.stackexchange.com.
@JanDvorak Thx. I'll see what I can blacklist.
Low quality: My WiFi does not work in Sony Ericsson, by Salocin.TEN, on android.stackexchange.com.
Adding: "tried", "my best", "says wrong" to the list...
Low quality: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, by ALBIHANY, on drupal.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Thermodynamics phase change question, by thermonerd, on physics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Chain slipping off derailleur jockey (need suggestions ASAP), by Stephen Touset, on bicycles.stackexchange.com.
Done. The regex is gradually getting longer and longer lol
Low quality: VS error c2600 after merge branches, by Scorpiour Moore, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): 4x4 vs AWD off road, by chmod 711 telkitty, on outdoors.stackexchange.com.
@Sam lol
@Unihedron You should see the size of the spam regex :O
@Sam commit and push first :P
I have.
Low quality: How can this technique be applied to a different problem?, by heyhuehei, on math.stackexchange.com.
9:41 AM
may i ask?
Sure, what?
Low quality (possible): Drivers for Android, by Ivaylo Boyadzhiev, on android.stackexchange.com.
why is "bich" blacklisted as offensive, but not the actual word with a "t"?
lol typo
Low quality: Wi-Fi is not working with Ubuntu 14.04, by purva thakkar, on askubuntu.com.
9:45 AM
is "moive" also a typo for movie?
Fixed, I'll commit in a few mins.
Erm, yeah. But we may as well keep it, just in case spammers can't spell.
Fixed again.
one, two, three
Yes! I've got the JS for reading messages :D
9:48 AM
All thanks to rene.
I was looking over the his bot's code and found just what I was looking for.
I'll have to add him to the list for command access as well.
Testing again
Low quality (possible): Drivers eSTAR Zoom, by user73188, on android.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): One tap gps toggle, by Ale, on android.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Need help adding OpenLayers to Geonode, by Sam007, on gis.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Lim Sup and Lim Inf Question, by Archie, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Game of Life, method doesnt work, by Peter111, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Combinatorics (Yahtzee)‌​, by drehman96, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Message Tone is not working, by N K, on windowsphone.stackexchange.com.
Spam: Is it bad for a piano player to work out?, by user2066880, on music.stackexchange.com.
10:07 AM
@sam I'd like to make a script to filter your bot's messages to exclude LQ reports from most sites.
Is there a chance the format of your LQ reports is going to change soon?
@JanDvorak I'm working on a "subscription" command which will ping you (if subscribed) if a certain type of message is found, would that be of any use?
@JanDvorak Nope, I don't plan on changing anything (format wise).
I'd rather not gather tens of thousands of pings (and inbox notifications) each night
lol, just sayin' it's there if you need it.
Out of curiosity, how will your filter work?
@Sam I would rather get subscribed for specific sites.
For example:
@Unihedron That can be arranged.
Low quality (possible): Limit master volume, by NewtoUbuntu, on askubuntu.com.
10:12 AM
>>> 266094:stackoverflow.com
>>> 266094:meta.stackoverflow.com
I'd probably subscribe to your spam reports
Ok, I'll add support for filtering out subscriptions based on site, (possible) & message type.
Low quality: This is the question about integration., by Jason, on math.stackexchange.com.
Yeah, maybe like this:
>>> 266094:stackoverflow.com
>>> 266094:meta.stackoverflow.com
>>> 266094:drupal.stackexchange.com&spam
>>> 194047&spam
10:18 AM
Low quality: sony vaio vpceg15fx brightness control problems, by martzp, on askubuntu.com.
@Unihedron Yeah, that's what I was thinking. Obviously it won't look like that though.
lol gotcha
Low quality: Did SR5 fix the problems with decking?, by Zeeker, on rpg.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Yeoman: yo angular error, by Erwin van Hoof, on stackoverflow.com.
Yay, first bad tag catch after layout update.
to celebrate this moment let's cv it?!
10:26 AM
Low quality: Objective C Custom Class Error, by Sylith, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Yo angular error?, by Erwin van Hoof, on stackoverflow.com.
suggested format: .json.zip?
Low quality: Cisco 2811 nat question, by epl692, on networkengineering.stackexchange.com.
I've actually not done much work with json. Can elaborate plz?
Low quality: Xorg not working on Arch Linux, by user30178, on unix.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): No sound in 14.04, by marlan21, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Questioning my use of “in question”, by David Hammen, on english.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): ASA5505 DMZ issue, by gabi, on security.stackexchange.com.
@Sam JSON is the de-facto standard for storing hashes and arrays
java script object notation
Oh right.
10:35 AM
Low quality (possible): Usage of In Places, by meatie, on ell.stackexchange.com.
Sorry for sounding like a complete noob here, so you want me to add a hash to the messages?
Low quality: Question on outer measure, by johny, on math.stackexchange.com.
I'll have to ignore "health" as spam if mentioned with "battery".
Remember I'm coding this in C# ;)
{"subscriptions": [
		{"user": 266094, "settings": [
				{"site": "stackoverflow.com", "factor": null},
				{"site": "meta.stackoverflow.com", "factor": null},
				{"site": "drupal.stackexchange.com", "factor": "spam"}
		{"user": 194047, "settings": [
Ugh, formatting.
I bet there's a json lib for C# somewhere.
yep... you can use JSONKit.
JSON library for IoT.
sure there's a built-in one?
10:46 AM
Not sure, I've never needed to look for it.
Low quality: Radio buttons are not working, by Munni, on stackoverflow.com.
I'm still missing the point of how/why to use it...
Low quality (possible): Wrong output resize, by user1638, on cs50.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Poisson regression, by Mia Maria, on stats.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Matlab dde23 error in integration, by iajay, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Initial Value Problems and integral curves, by John, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: standard errors of the fitted values of a time series regression, by stats, on stats.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Help us test the new Stack Exchange iPad app, by Brian Nickel, on meta.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: XE2 Version Info Not Working, by Seti Net, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Synaptic stuck - showing a dpkg error, by vkarve, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality (possible): Why does _ match 0?, by mightyuhu, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Probability problem with monkey and typewriter, by mathlearner, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Gravity Forms File Upload Case Sensitive Error, by ANOther, on wordpress.stackexchange.com.
@JanDvorak Noted.
@JanDvorak Would it be worth adding all lowercase titles to the LQ filter?
@Sam I think not
@JanDvorak Ok, I'll probably just add "if yes".
Low quality: Number of Integer solutions for this optimization problem, by bistaumanga, on math.stackexchange.com.
@Sam "problem"?
I'll have to ignore "problem" from math.se.
Phamhilator™ paused...
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: Holding company question, by Satt, on money.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Question related to fourier transform?, by user205085, on electronics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Problem with wordpress query on page using custom fields, by Even T, on wordpress.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): varnish + Turpentine issue‌​, by Trev, on magento.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Odd ConcurrentModificationException, by DziNeIT, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Selenium Webdriver Error regarding destroyHarder, by Saravana, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Algebra problem involving Q functions, by Alex, on mathoverflow.net.
11:43 AM
@Sam Hey, first MathOverflow lq post
but "Q functions" is a specific term..
@Unihedron I've taken care of that false pos. The update (as always) will be applied when I next reboot the bot.
Phamhilator™ stopped.
Great to know. I'm wondering if you want to allow dddd-dddd, would you like dddd-ddddddd to be caught up or only dddd-dddddddddddd does? @sam
@Sam our visitor has left, but hes still in SO tavern
kick n mute?
Only ignore: dd-dd-dddd and dddd-dddd.
Good good.
@Unihedron I couldn't, he didn't say anything.
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: Help Understanding Step in Proof of Convergence, by Sandeep Silwal, on math.stackexchange.com.
There, updates applied.
11:49 AM
Still need the regex though, plz :)
@Sam what about when more numbers are binded? would you like dddd-ddddd caught as "not phone number" or "is"?
since it has ddd-ddddd as well
@Unihedron Yeah, I'd like to ignore exactly dddd-dddd.
so dddd-ddddd is treated as d and hence not a phone number?
and dddd-dddddddddddd is treated as one?
Low quality (possible): Mobile Image sizing‌​, by Magpie, on wordpress.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): “I done give it up”, by quintana43, on ell.stackexchange.com.
Basically, we're trying to not catch dates, so 1997-2014 currently trips the spam filter; we need to ignore just that format.
11:52 AM
So 1997-20142 should be treated as phone number?..
what about "1997-2014 36974136579"?
and "12123-12312"
I'm simplify:
Yes, all those I'd class as phone numbers.
For each of these cases should they be positive as a phone number?
1. 1111-1111 - no
2. 11-11-1111
3. 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 - no
4. 1111-111111
5. 111111-1111
6. 1111-1111 11111111
7. 1111-1111 1111
8. 1111-1111 1
1. 1111-1111 - no
2. 11-11-1111 - no
3. 1 1 1 1-1 1 1 1 - yes
4. 1111-111111 - yes
5. 111111-1111 - yes
6. 1111-1111 11111111 - yes
7. 1111-1111 1111 - yes
8. 1111-1111 1 - yes
in Tavern on the Meta, 22 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WRITE THE ANSWERS USING C++ on programmers.stackexchange.com
Low quality (possible): WRITE THE ANSWERS USING C++, by venkatesh bala, on programmers.stackexchange.com.
11:56 AM
ah, here it comes again
@JanDvorak I've had to increase the refresh delay (it's now 12 secs), my internet is too slow :(
@JanDvorak The "(possible)" part is still under construction...
Low quality: Error 010092 in arcgis : Invalid Input Extent, by Ayodele Adeyemo, on gis.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Could you help me figure out this concept?, by user3503589, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Why my Scrollview not working?, by gayan1991, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: 14.04 internet not working, by akhter wahab, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Azure Data Sync Error, by las, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Why is my Scrollview not working?, by gayan1991, on stackoverflow.com.
12:11 PM
hmm, my edit didn't prevent it from staying low quality
Low quality: ClassNotFound error org.apache.hadoop.io.Writable, by amenem, on stackoverflow.com.
@rene I'll see what I can do...
Low quality: .NET 4.5 await operator getting error, by Lee, on stackoverflow.com.
@Sam Oh, don't be bothered... it isn't the greatest question...
Alright. I'll need to remove "sell" from the spam list though...
Low quality: Is it possible to disable msiexec help GUI?, by snoweagle, on serverfault.com.
try your test cases, if there's undesired behaviour, tell me
the \D* makes it run faster, but you can get rid of it to show the actual match
Low quality: rpmlib(FileDigests) dependency error on SuSE, by user2569618, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Brownian motion-Holder, by peter5, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Confusion in gaming, by Ali Nauman, on askubuntu.com.
Ok, thank you :)
Phamhilator™ paused...
@Unihedron It works wonderfully. :D
Phamhilator™ stopped.
12:27 PM
Actually, I lied, \D*+ is explosive, use this:
lol ok
Ok, updates applied, again.
Phamhilator™ started...
Phamhilator™ paused...
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: Laptop overheating problem in Ubuntu 14.04, by Niroj Bista, on askubuntu.com.
Low quality: Why AJAX posting Wordpress not works?, by OneBelarusinGuy, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: com.facebook.sdk error 5 titanium at log in, by bobo2000, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Unit Tests Triangle, by user3600840, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Please recommend any API to write bot on WIndows, by Alexandr, on gamedev.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): How to use “as”, by meatie, on ell.stackexchange.com.
Bad Tag Used: [size] filesize() : giving incorrect result, by Flosculus, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality (possible): Mortgage in Islam, by Abdullah, on islam.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Question on the number of equilibria, by user31317, on mathoverflow.net.
Spam: Typesetting exercise sheets, by Timitry, on tex.stackexchange.com.
Removes "exercise" from spam filter...
Low quality: Menory Error While Rotating An Image, by jincy abraham, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Memory Error While Rotating An Image, by jincy abraham, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Error while uploading SSRS Reports to SharePoint Report Library, by user459295, on sharepoint.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Help translating 爱人跟人走, by MickG, on chinese.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: A question about the probability density function., by math, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Need help for which test to choose?, by Emrah Dolgunsöz, on stats.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Front end posting, by Jin, on wordpress.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Galaxy S3 Mini Internet problems, by user31430, on android.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Learning German helpful for any other language learning?, by shambo, on german.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Time and particles‌​, by Jess Parker, on physics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Circle equations, by John Smith, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): PAST PERFECT OR PAST SIMPLE, by user5577, on ell.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Linear depreciation, by Zoroaster, on math.stackexchange.com.
Phamhilator™ stopped.
Phamhilator™ started...
Phamhilator™ started...
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: bash find not working in script, by rajeev, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: WordPress Database Error with Posts, CPT and bbPress, by Kevin, on stackoverflow.com.
Phamhilator™ started...
Low quality: Question regarding cardinality of differences, by Phaptitude, on math.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): How to reuse code, by freesoul, on gamedev.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): SELECT MAX(ord), id, by Max, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: mount JFFS2 resulted with returned ECC error, by user2568434, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Find web server group? Permissions problem, by Calle, on unix.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: A question about temporal diversity, by alex, on electronics.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: hadoop installation error message, by user2345523, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: Google App Engine urllib Request 400 Error, by anonyfish, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: rabbitmq cluster join does not work, by gextra, on stackoverflow.com.
Removes "natural" from spam filter...
Low quality: can we add of any two vectors ? theoritical problem, by user166748, on physics.stackexchange.com.
2:51 PM
@Sam are you using git for all those changes right? "natural" + something else should trigger the bot
@Braiam Yeah I am (haven't committed/pushed yet).
Low quality: Dart indexed_db put() error, by Leksat, on stackoverflow.com.
I'll add "natural" back once I've implemented the "scoring" mechanism.
Low quality: C# VISUAL STUDIO Help pong game, by Ivan Galicia, on superuser.com.
Low quality: What to do about students who ask for help too often?, by Village, on academia.stackexchange.com.
Low quality (possible): Hashing passwords, by pitoko, on crypto.stackexchange.com.
Low quality: Excel Formula for not working correctly, by Manish, on stackoverflow.com.
Low quality: grub2 error messages, by countermode, on unix.stackexchange.com.
Phamhilator™ stopped.
Low quality: Read pre-grub2 error messages, by countermode, on unix.stackexchange.com.
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