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12:13 AM
quiet room
@hichris123 hi!
134/342 of my answers on GL are accepted. Does that seem a little low to anyone else? It suprised me.
39.18% accepted.
12:37 AM
I don't suppose either one of you knows anything about querying Mongodb collections?
@bjb568 ^
@KitFox YESH
Is it alright if I ask you how to do something, or will it annoy you?
You can ask.
just me or KitFox gravatar is dead?
12:44 AM
@Braiam It's in the wash.
So… the question?
@bjb568 I have been a SQL developer in the past. I have a "SiteUsageLog" collection. I am using group on it to count "TriggerObjectIdentifier".
Is there a way to parse the "TriggerObjectIdentifier" field, by using regex or other method, so that I can group on a substring of that?
Ask a question on SO. I dunno.
exports data to SQL
@KitFox Is this... SQL Server?
12:58 AM
Is what?
My prior dev experience?
@KitFox Well, what's "SiteUsageLog" and "TriggerObjectIdentifier"? I've never heard of it, so I don't think it has to do with MySQL.
It doesn't. It's a Mongo collection and name of a field in that collection.
And they are custom, not sys or anything.
So you wouldn't have heard of them.
Ah. That makes a ton of sense.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO USE ORACLE EXAMPLE DB? on stackoverflow.com
I don't use Mongo, never have, so... I have no clue about it. :P
1:02 AM
It is nothing you ever, ever want to touch if you have relational data.
Then... I'll probably stay away from it.
1:14 AM
This is so tedious.
@J.Musser I seem to recall that is about average on stack overflow. I can't find the meta question about it right now, but that matches my accepted answers almost exactly (so...one data point right now)
Two data points means you can draw a conclusion. Or a line. Or something.
> You need at least 2k reputation to review suggested edits.
@Andy Flagged NAA
1:46 AM
@hichris123 gone
I went with NAA, but I told Brad.
I win >:D
I don't think they're being an Asshole. Just a Lazy Turd. — ElectricLlama yesterday
There's a difference?
in theory, yes, in the practice, nope
2:00 AM
@ShadowWizard There's already been one instance of baba modifying their phone number format so smokedetector didn't see it
I haven't watched Jan's notices of spam in the last day or so to see if there were more
Let's search!
baba is on vacation, he used too much magic
They all look like weight loss spam.
> Only 15 instances of magic are allowed per day. Come back tomorrow to continue.
2:20 AM
@hichris123 I suppose that's a good thing then
2:32 AM
Q: Would it be useful to show people's "hit rate" - i.e. percentage of answers accepted?

ChrisFJust out of idle curiosity I thought I'd check how many of my answers had been accepted. The only way I could see was to manually count. Would people be interested in seeing this as a statistic on the profile page? BTW - mine's about 11% (28 ish / 264) - it's ish because I gave up counting and ...

That one^?
Not a very good answer to it.
whoa, the top users by accept rate in Gilles answer returns a user that has 100% of their answers accepted.
Oh...wait...one of them isn't accepted yet. It's an answer from this week through so SEDE doesn't see it yet
2:47 AM
I like milk.
What kind of milk would that be?
2% fat pasteurized cow milk.
@bjb568 Adult cats lose the ability to properly digest lactose, the sugar in milk. Thus, it is recommended that milk, cheese, or other dairy-based snacks not be administered to cats older than 18 months of age.
@J.Musser Not that old yet.
@J.Musser not be you mean?
2:50 AM
@bjb568 Then I'm telling a mod.
@bjb568 I see.
@J.Musser :O
that was well played.
@ɥʇǝS oops
Goodnight! Yay for (ap) calculus, except for the mountain of homework.
2:52 AM
@bjb568 Your profile says you are 94...
@bjb568 I love mountain climbing.
That sounds like a cat-astrophic lie.
@bjb568 night
So that I can do stuff
I'm too tired to talk properly
3:16 AM
Why are you concerned about a 'low' answer accepted rate?
@Andy Cause I think a higher one indicates a higher quality answer.
I was wrong, my actual accept rate is 0.4161676646706587
But many of my answers are secondary ones, pointing out what the first answerer missed. So a low accept rate is okay.
I just like to see a straight green in my answer list.
This is funny:
@ɥʇǝS 94 months
@lostsock He just said he was less than 18 months.
@InfiniteRecursion Hi
haven't seen you for a while. :)
hey @InfiniteRecursion ! welcome back!
@J.Musser Hiya
@lostsock Hi, thanks, just took a few days break :D
everyone needs a break once in a while
3:30 AM
Sep 9 at 0:46, by J. Musser
user image
You aren't fooling us! you were at the hospital!
@J.Musser you know? o_O
Nothing escapes the tavern!
@Jan: Are you awake?
@InfiniteRecursion I saw it, cause I'm the tallest person here, by a lot.
@J.Musser also have the longest beard
13 hours ago, by Stijn
I believe there's a direct correlation between the number of starred messages not by Bart and the number of grumpy chat users.
@lostsock Ugghh those vines. I thought I'd shaved them off!
3:33 AM
^Did @Stijn call me a grumpy chat user ???
@InfiniteRecursion photoshopped
@InfiniteRecursion ^ found on your facebook.
@J.Musser You are on the wrong duck's profile then :D
Am not that pretty!
@InfiniteRecursion Must be your twin sister...
how do you tell the difference between a baby yellow duck and baby chicken?
3:43 AM
@lostsock ducks have fat beaks
ducks have webbed feet.
@lostsock Baby chicken:
Baby duck:
I would know, I've raised both.
@J.Musser thanks! so baby chickens have longer legs too
@lostsock By far
3:48 AM
The pinned message has changed, nice!
can you eat duck eggs?
@InfiniteRecursion it's practically the same one :(
@lostsock Baby ducks don't lay eggs, dummy
@lostsock yeah, I saw after posting that message :(
here's the crib @InfiniteRecursion sleeps in
3:52 AM
Too boy-ish
but nice
@Unihedron Hiya @Uni, I didn't get those pings, so the Derpy is right, chat pings don't work if a user stays away for longer time
Sep 8 at 17:57, by J. Musser
@Unihedron everyone needs a day off.
@J.Musser Absolutely. You are a wise old tree...
@lostsock I love that crib
@InfiniteRecursion heck, I'm only 342!
Just counted the rings (not wedding) by x-ray. :)
@J.Musser looks around for a mod, max user age on SE is 94
3:55 AM
@InfiniteRecursion reported
@J.Musser Carbon-14 dating?
Be funny if you had actually pinged one.
@InfiniteRecursion Nah, annual growth rings.
No, pings can be annoying, I don't annoy users
Earlier, I thought of joining the chat here, and I saw the selfie guy who is a bit annoying in the room's page, so I delayed my comeback..
@InfiniteRecursion I agree. Don't be funny if it annoys folks.
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, zigi?
@J.Musser yes
my last encounter with him ended with a selfie - chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/89?m=2311895#2311895
4:00 AM
@InfiniteRecursion I came on here, and the whole last page stunk, so I told him to go away.
yesterday, by J. Musser
@zigi Go away, ur annoying.
I got starred :)
And he went away.
Wow! That's...blunt...
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, I guess, but then I said:
yesterday, by J. Musser
@zigi If you just want to be a drama queen, go be it elsewhere. No offense, but the entire last chat page here has a very self centered atmosphere arising from a certain someone.
That got starred too.
Must have been interesting.
Your frankness is amazing
I wasn't so frank while chatting with the diseased profile pic user - chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2380204#2380204
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, I don't like to beat about the bush (whatever that means)
@J.Musser That's good. You ended the religious talk with your interfriendtion.
4:06 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Ah! What I said to the diseased guy:
Sep 9 at 1:07, by J. Musser
@nil Is that supposed to be a human eye? how disgusting.
You said it out aloud? Cool :D
@InfiniteRecursion Cool what. Eye?
@J.Musser No, your frank way of dealing with people
Sep 9 at 1:07, by hichris123
Hichris thinks the eye is cool.
@InfiniteRecursion I should change my name to Frank for meta.se
@J.Musser He should see the "cool" rotten teeth too chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2380201#2380201
4:11 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah.
Please remove the onebox...it's rotten
@InfiniteRecursion It's not a onebox.
But removed.
It was a photo from my desktop.
Which stayed there for approx. 3 seconds. :)
@J.Musser Thanks, if hichris wakes up and sees those teeth, he might get inspired and stop using a toothbrush in order to get cool looking teeth :P
@InfiniteRecursion Why I didn't think of that... very wise.
I was on the verge of becoming Frank, but I couldn't.
@J.Musser because...you aren't a duck!
4:16 AM
@InfiniteRecursion Because... (insert a good reason here)
Ducks know everything.
Trees don't; they just act like it.
Trees know anything.
@J.Musser Because they are old
Please update Musser.. ;)
@J.Musser That's why SE doesn't allow users beyond 94
4:20 AM
That's what it says.
heart know everything. :D
@SilentKiller update what?
I♥SK = I Love SilentKiller
@SilentKiller I know. You're very self-centered.
4:21 AM
@J.Musser kinda of.
update to get New details.
thinks diseased images have more creativity than self-centered images
@SilentKiller Notice there's no 'I♥IR' From Infinite Recursion
mean i should change my DP. OnTheWay
@SilentKiller Whatever.
Sometime I'm gonna come in here with my avatar flipped 90°. No one will recognize me.
I'd look a little like a feather duster though...
@J.Musser I thought of flipping it and turning my head to the other direction. But for that the other birds have to turn their heads too..
4:27 AM
@J.Musser i do read names.
Aug 21 at 15:15, by Infinite Recursion
@bjb568: Now you know why all the birds in the tavern point their heads in different directions - 3 birds, 3 directions.
@SilentKiller Then I'll just lurk.
@InfiniteRecursion But not unless they flip too.
@InfiniteRecursion 4th bird on leave..??
@J.Musser thinks tavern dwellers will recognize Frank by his frankness
Oops! There was a problem updating your profile:
Display name may only be changed once every 30 days; you may change again tomorrow
4:30 AM
ohhh.. 30 days yet not over.
@SilentKiller Fourth bird:
Jul 16 at 15:06, by Shadow Wizard
Obviously, you're an ostrich
@SilentKiller Yeah, I was 'jmusser' before, changed to 'J. Musser'. Good or bad?
@J.Musser its Good.. normally i used to keep NickName as profile name.
@J.Musser There is a bug which acts as a workaround...
@SilentKiller Tomorrow I may be Frank.
4:33 AM
Q: Why can't I revert my display name?

bjb568I purposely changed my display name, but now I want to change it back to what it was. I tried to change it back myself, but I got this error message: Display name may only be changed once every 30 days NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fine, prevent people from changing their name every day, but at lea...

^use that workaround @J.Musser
@InfiniteRecursion its a bug or restriction.?
reproduced. But I'd say "It's not a bug, it's a feature" — Tobias Kienzler Jun 25 '10 at 10:25
@InfiniteRecursion meh
I'll just wait
nice though.
its about only 1 day. and in chat room it'll take half hour to be update new name after changing at main site
@J.Musser Your name change isn't as drastic as the kitten's one - chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2364624#2364624
Do you know what happens if people try to fry Infinite Recursion?
4:38 AM
@J.Musser It becomes an FIR
@InfiniteRecursion She turns into a hot chick!
hahaha FIR -> hot chick!
I got 4 profile views today and didn't do anything. I usually don't get viewed.
4:41 AM
@SilentKiller Haha. makes 54.
@J.Musser I visited it today to see what name you had changed to. I was expecting 'I♥JM'
On the site right above meta in my profile, I have 10 views, the one right below, I have 4 views. On meta, though, I have 54. It's weird.
i have only 38.. :/
@SilentKiller 39 now :P
@J.Musser At G&L profile views : 231
4:44 AM
Please stop starring my messages. It makes me grumpy:
15 hours ago, by Stijn
I believe there's a direct correlation between the number of starred messages not by Bart and the number of grumpy chat users.
@SilentKiller No you have 39 now.
Total Starred messages : 12835
just viewed your profile.
@J.Musser its yours at Gardening & Landscaping beta :P
4:46 AM
@SilentKiller Yeah, only 231.
don't look mine at SO.
On gardening chat, embarrassing: starred / show all 42
only 42
I have only 7 helpful flags on meta. (is embarrassed)
mine more
I'm not the biggest flagger. I have some on SO, but can't get on for wutever reason.
If anyone here hates mowing, I have a great idea!
@J.Musser I flag all the annoying stuff I come across
Q: When a user's content gets flagged, does it leave a trail?

Infinite RecursionWhen we flag some content, and the content gets removed, does it leave a trail in the user's history that their content was deleted? I noticed a lot if noisy comments today while I was looking for questions to answer, so I went through all the newest posts in the tag and flagged noisy comments,...

4:53 AM
I can't log on SO. Grrrrrr.
@J.Musser Why?
@InfiniteRecursion No idea. Not a great computer guy.
It loads forever and is blank.
Whatever, I don't need to get on except to see the question you oneboxed.
@J.Musser Here is the answer:
A: When a user's content gets flagged, does it leave a trail?

animusonEverything always leaves a trail. For questions and answers, it is extremely easy to notice problematic users because the deleted posts show up in the list when we're viewing that user with the same red background as would be seen for the deleted content. So just browsing through their list of q...

@J.Musser have you ever login on SO.?
@InfiniteRecursion MSO blocked
@SilentKiller Yeah, I have 101 rep there and a pile of flags.
4:57 AM
The question and answer are very brief, almost the entire content is visible here in the onebox
@InfiniteRecursion Ah, okay
Great mowing Idea:
@J.Musser Nice use of the centrifugal force
@J.Musser may be you need to login again. it happen always to me.
@SilentKiller tried a couple times–but no big deal
strange. :/
5:02 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: EPSON PRINTER SCANNER FAX on askubuntu.com
good old SmokeDetector
5 hours later...
@balpha if any user downvotes me on right answers on different days it won't reverse. any solution to this problem ?
Why would it reverse? People are free to downvote; "but the answer is right" is not a reason to invlidate downvotes
@J.Musser curse you for making me think "What kind of bug has caused the pause indicator to appear inside a message" there for a second
5:18 AM
it mean "it doesn't mean answer is right or wrong"
@SilentKiller There is significant difference between a good answer and a correct answer
@InfiniteRecursion agreed that's why i asked here.
if any one have android knowledge can check this stackoverflow.com/a/25697881/1160282
@SilentKiller Why are we looking at a post where Q has -2 and both answers have 0 or less scores?
Tip: Don't answer bad questions
that mean bad questions will newer get answer.
I don't want that my repo should be increased/decreased i am just asking that can we do anything about this or not.
@SilentKiller Still, @balpha is right, and people can downvote whatever they want. If they downvote your question that's entirely their concern. Get used to it. Life isn't fair. Even if it is right, they are under no obligation to remove their vote, or reveal their motive.
5:26 AM
okay. :) @J.Musser @balpha
@InfiniteRecursion i'll keep your tip in ma mind :)
@SilentKiller Good idea, unless you want to try for the reversal badge.
@J.Musser not now. ;)
@SilentKiller :)
Found funny earlier:
in The Garden Shed on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 9 hours ago, by ton.yeung
@J.Musser i was also worried it would be a place for adult skeets to hide
My response:
@SilentKiller Now that you took the tip, you copy/pasted the same code to create two anonymous class in that answer, that the worst use of anonymous class
there is a coding principle - DRY
Read it
@InfiniteRecursion its two different clicks for two views if i want different actions for both then i need to create different listeners like i do
5:35 AM
@SilentKiller A class can have two objects. An object is an instance of a class. You don't create two classes and copy/paste the code in both
@InfiniteRecursion it will be same line of code in this case even i implement and create a common class for both because we need different actions for both controls
@SilentKiller In that answer, I see identical code copy-pasted. The only change is sysout("Spinner1: position= ... and sysout("Spinner3: position= ...
Code redundancy
Personally, not my style of coding. If I was answering it, I would rather write what is a listener and how to add a listener to a view, rather than writing: For view1 - code1....for view2-code2 pasted from code1
Since you asked, I think the redundancy could have attracted the downvote.
Bad coding principles or low performance code blocks also get downvoted in C++ and Java tags
@InfiniteRecursion okay thanks for explanation but some times depends on requirement we need to code redundant.
another TIP noted.
I aggree with @InfiniteRecursion there @SilentKiller. You can implement your base activity with OnItemSelectedListener. That will create a method in class, in which you can get view by id and do same code there also.
@DroidDev but the line of code will be the same the difference will be just initialization of the a class. i think so
5:46 AM
@SilentKiller yes, you are right. But, we are just talking about way of writing code and optimizing it. I mean good practice to right and optimize code. :)
hmm will do so. thanks for correcting me. @DroidDev @InfiniteRecursion
@SilentKiller I didn't mean to be rude, and sorry if I dumped too many tips on you. But personally, I put a lot of thought in an answer. The best in the field of technology are active on SO, when I write an answer, I assume that the authors whose books I read, may end up reading my answer, and I should live upto the standard.
The conversion is valid and well-defined. The cast only silences a compiler warning that tells you that you might not be smart enough to use this feature correctly. Any runtime message means that the compiler is totally non-conforming. — Pete Becker Dec 3 '13 at 12:41
^Pete Becker's comment on my answer was one example
Pete Becker is a consultant and computer programmer, recognized as one of the world's foremost experts in the C++ programming language. He has been contributing to the C++ standardization process since its start and has authored several publications, including magazine articles and columns, and a book on the first C++ Library Technical Report (aka TR1). == Career == Becker worked for eight years at Borland International as a quality assurance engineer and manager, library implementor, and development manager. From 1997 to 2005 he was employed at Dinkumware, working on the source code and ...
@InfiniteRecursion i am nothing thinking that you rude. i am accepting my mistake. :) and thanking you to correcting me. i know i may be wrong.
@InfiniteRecursion for me, it is kind of that equation, which, in order to understand, you have to study another equation and cycle continues until infinity. You see, I am still a noob :)
5:50 AM
@SilentKiller don't mention it, SIR:P
@DroidDev Principal :P
lol :P
@InfiniteRecursion and ya please don't feel like that i know you all are senior to me so you can correct me in any topic. :)
smell of coffee=>me hypnotized :D
@DroidDev one for me.
5:55 AM
@SilentKiller Not senior...but yeah, I know a bit of programming :)
@SilentKiller no compromise in this. I slept at 3 a.m. Even now, I am only managing to code by thrusting earphones in my ears. Every last drop is mine :P :P
@InfiniteRecursion let it be equal but correct me when i am wrong
senior = the old cat (94) and the ancient tree
5:56 AM
Hiya @uni :)
@DroidDev have it then :P
hiya @inf, monring @sil :)
howdy @Unihedron
@SilentKiller ok ok now. As you own the title of SIR. there you go... :P
@Unihedron you missed the java class, am sure you have some good advice for sil's answer:
38 mins ago, by SilentKiller
if any one have android knowledge can check this http://stackoverflow.com/a/25697881/1160282
5:59 AM
@DroidDev thank you. if i repent please please forgive
Sil .. yaakk... sil for silly .. :/
@SilentKiller as I already said, don't mention it sir :P
@SilentKiller We like Inf, Uni, Sil etc. And you are right, that's the reason we call you sil
meaning changed. Sil for SilentKiller :)
hia @Inf @Inf @Inf @Inf :D
6:02 AM
hia @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni :D
:P @inf
hia @sil(ly) :P
innocent people do silly things and i am toooooooooooo innocent :D
lol @sil ly
@Unihedron I didn't get any pings after I left. Derpy was right! Pings get disabled after abandoning chat for sufficient time.
6:05 AM
@SilentKiller so much of respect. I don't believe I can absorb that much of it :P :)
Oh I see, thanks for the info! lack of Syntax highlighting for mobile sites sucks. I'll stare at Sil's post later when I'm home. :)
@Unihedron Ok :)
@Unihedron then ping me for new Tips.
@Sil Pro Tip: Use an IDE for coding, not TextPad
@Unihedron doing that. :/
6:14 AM
Yay rep points!
@Unihedron: Stack Overflow Academy is dead. Long live Meta. — Robert Harvey ♦ 6 hours ago
vtcd :)
@Unihedron What I find amusing is that in the screenshot, the user has 11 rep :)
So they are already eligible to post on meta at the time of writing of the MSO post
The Q get two UVs so the user is 11 rep, I saw on its timeline before I head out :P
But when it gets migrated there's no rep for MSO posts and his rep will drop below 5 again..
@Unihedron That's ironical. Heading out now?
6:27 AM
Oh, I meant I xchecked its timeline several hours ago as I was heading out, and yes I'll be back shortly
@Unihedron why is that a meta-tag?
computercraft is basically minecraft..
except it runs on lua, which is already a tag on its own
no. It's a mod that adds a LUA scripting environment to Minecraft
@JanDvorak What is Linux based OS on which Oracle 11g R2 on my Windows 7? In dual boot, how is windows 7 related to the linux based os?

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