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@TimPost , around? ^^^^
on it
I really hate Nazis.
all from different IP.? @TimPost
it seems the arrival of swastikas correlates with when we mute this guy: chat.stackoverflow.com/users/965090/zigi
are they his socks, by any chance?
That person was the user who discussed deep philosophical ideas with Bart a few weeks ago.
12:07 PM
@SilentKiller Yeah, and not tor, some kind of bigger / perhaps private proxy
lot of heat there need some cool stuff..
@TimPost i dont this can be proxy its kinda of VPN server. proxy can be caught.
@JanDvorak At least someone seems to think so ... chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/60966
its become personal matter.. :?
@SilentKiller Yes, something of that nature. It's just .. really distributed.
@TimPost can't you block range of that particular IP? can you give me that IP if you don't mind?
12:12 PM
Myeah, let's not start handing out IPs ...
Bart but what can be other option then this?
Let those who it affects handle it? It's SO/SE's problem. And if there is a personal spat with a specific user, they can take it to the authorities. But it's not the problem of anyone else.
And handing out information such as IPs is a nono. (Not that I see SO/SE do that anyway)
Bart got you.
12:16 PM
Hey @Jan, cheers :)
Today's Listening | Psychedelic / Trip Hop
@GnomeSlice yay thanks
12:29 PM
the nazi guy's new strategy seems to be hit'n'run
came again
... and gone
@SmokeDetector BOOM
@SilentKiller They come from entirely different networks. Belgium, Mexico, Germany, Russia - again, not Tor, something else.
IP banning is useless in this day and age.
We can't give out the IPs though, sorry :(
@TimPost aww... I have these missiles that find you by IP... I need to play with them
12:36 PM
then need to seat and research for this. No prob i can understand. Bart already explained. :)
@Braiam a quick check reveals I'm at Bring it on!
@Bart I'm not the most awesome hacker in the world... I won't fall for that
12:48 PM
... that seems familiar
@TimPost you might want to check out proxying strategies, like provided by browser extensions such as zenmate
@Vogel612 Oh I have. That, hola, a bunch of others. The legit ones usually reverse properly to the provider.
Can this typo question be closed? or deleted? It's making my eye twitch.
@misterManSam flag as "off-topic" -> "caused by typo" and wait for it...
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PHP OR JQUERY WHICH WILL BE BETTER on stackoverflow.com
1:02 PM
@Vogel612 done 4 days ago. Still waiting :(
Ez sem jó sajnos. — fishmong3r Sep 5 at 11:31
Wasn't SO english-only?
@misterManSam wish granted?
@Unihedron excellent. I can go to bed happy now. Thanks!
@misterManSam g'night then ;)
1:05 PM
@SmokeDetector 2 UVs?! :O
now 3
now 2 again
now only 1
Utter madness...
1:08 PM
Hi @Andy
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: I CANNOT CHANGE MY DESKTOP on askubuntu.com
@Unihedron Greetings
they are now even more nasty
@Undo ^
and @jan ^
Is it really spam?...
it seemed a actual question
@Unihedron click link = muscle!
1:13 PM
Argh! My eyes!
@Braiam are you sure?
@Braiam oh. ew.
@JanDvorak bam
Ya know what would be really awesome: If every time someone here saw spam, and posted it in here with SPAM: <link>, some magic thing goes out to the API and grabs the title and stuff. Then maybe we can do some learning stuff even without that spam dump wev've always wanted.
@Undo !!!
Time to raise another bot?
Nah, SD should be able to do the trick.
1:25 PM
We're planning to do something similar in the Python room, have a script listen to the websockets and then use machine learning to try and identify spam/cv-pls questions etc.
Then have a bot in the Python room which will automatically say "Recommend VtC on ..." whenever one appears.
We already have a listener thing in SmokeDetector. We might be able to extend SD to your room if someone gives us write access with it.
(That's not a promise)
Because, you know, we're lazy and don't want to search for questions to close ourselves :P
Smokey is in Python. Maybe you could contribute, or branch it
Oh yeah! Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector on GH.
1:27 PM
One of our users is writing his own bot (as an exercise) but I linked him to the SD source code a while back.
If every python developer who cares about moderation gives a helping hand, we'll be able to build one of the best bots to find cv-pls questions!
** Exaggerated.
@Unihedron second best
the server-side bot is #1
Too early in the morning. My brain somehow sees no connection between a bunch of people that are awesome at python and a bot that runs in python.
!!afk beer
@Undo join me, have a coffee ;-)
I would if I drank coffee. Maybe just eating breakfast would help.
1:29 PM
hmm... tea? Coca-cola?
Even water helps wash away sleep hormones
sleep hormones?
both external and internal application helps
@Braiam hormone = chemical compound produced by the body used for slow, low-bandwidth and efficient communication.
Huh. Once I manage to get myself out of bed I might go drink some water.
@Undo who said "drink"? Get somebody to pour it over you.
1:32 PM
I'm not doing that *%}^ ALS thing again. No sirree.
I never knew water could be that cold.
you obviously aren't a winter dog
<-- had to bath with almost freezed water for a week
Actually, winter gives me an excuse to stay inside and work on projects. None of this being active stuff.
1:35 PM
Have you even tried asking Prof. Dr. Google for help? — Serv 7 mins ago
^ lol
@JanDvorak closed
2:33 PM
@Braiam No. But I don't have a custom filter in place (as mentioned in the comment).
when I add a filter though, I can reproduce it
looks around to see if the lunch is anywhere near. Sees that @infinite is not here and starts eating a muffin instead
@SPArchaeologist any time is breakfast time ...
I can't even ping @Inf anymore. :(
Why @ColeJohnson? It's a source of very relevant, accurate and useful information. It has significant value. In fact, some of the comments should be made into answers.
2:40 PM
@Unihedron I think you can if you use her full name.
cv-pls stackoverflow.com/q/25768161/792066 (cc @hicris so he gets a constructive comment)
@Unihedron that should have done the trick. No auto-complete, but it should still ping her I guess ...
Oh, it does work, just doesn't show up in the tab list.
"Note that you can only mention @someone who has been in the room at some point."
Or to put it differently; "You can't leave The Tavern"
2:43 PM
@Unihedron Wasn't that limited to about 48hr after the last login?
@Bart better yet: you can check out any time you want, but you can never leave
@JanDvorak :D
@Unihedron I know, it fails to mention a time interval the ping would work. Yet there are users that told me that there is a "timeout" period - stay out of of chat long enough and ping won't work anymore. @TimPost, you happen to know if this is true? @Shog9?
was it true, I could remember the missing crusader @AlulaErrorpone that he could drop sometime to annoy you with ponies even further to say hi.
2:49 PM
Hi again guys
how are you
Hello there @zigi.
everything ok in the tavern, chilling?
@zigi hello, swastika guy
@JanDvorak hmm... isn't that slightly blunt?
oh, yeah, about that, how can I prevent people like Jan dvorak from wrongly accusing me of doing fake swastica profiles?
2:50 PM
don't do fake swastika profiles whenever you are banned?
@Vogel612 sliiightly
I do not
the correlation is there
and this is wrong accusation, you can get sued if that is real life
correlations don't simply imply relation
learn some math
I never said you posted them. I only implied you attracted them.
2:52 PM
@JanDvorak yes about that I agree
@zigi At last check, this was real life.
I mean face to face
... and I'm curious how
but I have the feeling someone from the room there does that since they hate me for who I am, which is really sad, because they are vouching against it but doing it at the same time but hidden
@zigi You know you can get sued for libel too, right, Mr. I like to be passive aggressive and mention suing people
2:55 PM
@Andy is libel the legal term for slander?
/me grabs popcorn
@zigi No. "a published false statement that is damaging to a person's reputation; a written defamation." vs slander's "the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person's reputation." Published vs. Spoken
@Andy what if you're a mime?
Man, I live in Europe, no one here sues for such a thing
@Bart I've guess they would never end up with a slander suit against them.
Mimes can write though, right?
2:57 PM
Only in invisible ink
/me enjoys the party with @Bart
@zigi incorrect. I know of multiple instances of such lawsuits.
Wow, I have to go back and live in a cave, so sensitive people
don't project your ideals on other people.. Just because you seem to not give a f*ck about being called [whatever that is], it doesn't mean others are the same.,
well, yes... we do hate swastikas
3:00 PM
I do hate it too
it is prohibited in Germany even
then don't post attract them.
so I shouldn't use my profile in there at all
if that is your wish, I won't
Either it's just me or is there a looooong history for this?
okay you know what?
both take a step back, don't talk about it for 2 days, and then we can see again.
sure, I agree
That's so sensible it will never work @Vogel612
3:02 PM
@Bart I am still hoping...
@Vogel612 I have seen you somewhere before
I think in the PHP room
@zigi german language?
The internet?
ohhh ya, I followed madara there..
3:03 PM
yes yes, I remember, you are the cool german dude
dude is probably not the "honorific" I'd prefer, but alas...
You are the cool German Guy
haha I tried being a workaholic but workahol tastes like crap
@Vogel612 Sir? Gentleman? Herr Doktor?
(with a strong british upperclass accent): oh dear @Bart . "You" is more than sufficient.
"Thou" it is.
3:10 PM
@Vogel612 Jolly good, Sir. Here, have a cucumber sandwich.
@Bart Nay, dear sir, such a manner of speech were more befitting in the victorian era
How can bias towards members of the SO society be eliminated from the moderators since they are people too?
That has never been conclusively proven
Haha, ahahaha
you make me laugh so hard
3:20 PM
Sigh ...
[ SmokeDetector ] Phone number detected: What causes scheduled task error 2147942402? on serverfault.com
@SmokeDetector !(1) +ve
3:22 PM
You know the problem with computers and 3rd parties? They are made out of people :P
:O gasp
I feel like Jaden Smith right now
3:47 PM
Any Greasemoney gurus here?
Q: Greasemonkey Script to Put Notification Indication in the Browser Tab

Lance RobertsI find the number of questions that show up in the tab to be pretty useless. What would be really useful, is if notifications of comments or badges or rep would indicate in the tab. Since that is tangentially mentioned in other posts, this post is a request for a Greasemonkey script that woul...

But it is @Unihedron
Why do so many professional people work on SO website and the design is still so sucky?
@zigi Just to bother you
3:54 PM
Pardon? I love the layout.
Yes it's quite bothering
Bothering? Not at all, I like it.
@Unihedron you might have the Stockholm syndrome, have you considered that?
He might have Stockholm syndrome, you might be a troll, I could very well be a kettle, it's a strange world we live in.
@zigi Were you joking?
3:58 PM
No I am serious, haven't you considered, it is the only way, according to Freud, that the person in that case Unihedorn's ego defends itself by identifying with the website design.
There is really no point in saying that someone has a syndrome just because they have a different opinion than you.
There is really no point you defending him but you still do?
@zigi WHAT?!
@zigi Yes, I still do, pointless or not.
wth is Freud? wikipedia is offline!!!! help!!!!!1
3:59 PM
Zigmund Freud
my friend Zigi Freud
Two years ago, Notch...
Anyway, my price is two billion dollars. Give me two billion dollars, and I'll endorse your crap.
Sigi, in that case.
And I was pretty willing to believe Mojang wasn't the big evil corp all along, but no. ^
Fight the system @Unihedron. Stop playing Minecraft.
I never really played it anymore.
4:02 PM
You just develop with it?
Isn't it more proper to say, I never really PLAY it anymore?
Just wondering, I am not a native speaker
I used to develop with it, but recently the Bukkit API has vanquished for legal affairs.
Myeah, I know
@Unihedron isn't that advertising?
4:06 PM
It might be, cast delete votes if you have the priv.
@Unihedron It's pl0x'ed.
So SO makes money out of the users that are using it, but a lot of rules are still applied. I think it is quite smart how people don't realize that they are paying with their participation :)
@zigi it's pretty simple. If you're not paying, you're the product.
4:14 PM
That's what I said, but people are not realizing it and continue trying to make rules because it is free
What's the problem with having rules?
No problem with rules but with incorrect ones, that bash people or allow for wrongful accusations.
but of course that is just my opinion
OMG , What happened to my dupe hammer?
it isn't work on this question. stackoverflow.com/questions/25748042/…
@AvinashRaj which tag?
what's a dupe hammer
4:21 PM
duplication hammer
both orig. q and the question you're looking at have to have regex tag
link pls
see the above comment.
just now only i put a close vote on that. But it fails to close.
@Unihedron did you see that?
It wasn't on the question.
4:23 PM
The question you tried to vote as duplicate of didn't have it in revision one either.
Is that it won't work on the added tags?
The tag has to be present on revision one on either of the questions that are getting voted.
That is to prevent users abusing their edit priv to close all the questions as dupes with one hammer.
I think.
but 3 mins before i closed a question with the dupe hammer. Is that the SO preventing me from closing questions continuously?
When in doubt flag- I mean meta it out!
It must be documented somewhere.
How many people are required to validate a flag before a person is suspended. Additionally if a single person invalidates the flag why is it allowed to be only 1?
4:30 PM
No idea.
Bye for now!
Cya laters.
@zigi usually ♦ is enough...
suspension flags are ♦ business either way..
they might contact the team though, to get into heavier measures.
Yes, but I am wondering because if a chat room protects a guy, although he might be a jackass they can immediately invalidate a flagged rude statement because of nepotism and it might not get to a ♦ who can be more objective
@AvinashRaj No, it's not preventing you from closing continuously. The hammer didn't work on this question because revision 1 didn't contain a tag you had the hammer in. It was added in a later revision. The one you did hammer had the tag in the initial revision.
@zigi mods can also see deleted comments chat-messages, soo.....
4:33 PM
@Andy Oh, is this documented?
@AvinashRaj yep it's documented..
because you can assume, that in the majority of cases, rev1 has included the most relevant tags..
A: Increase close vote weight for gold tag badge holders

Tim PostUpdate: this is now enabled everywhere! The rules are: You can instantly close as a duplicate any question that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for. You can instantly reopen any question closed as a duplicate that was originally asked with a tag you have a gold badge for....

sure there's corner-cases where (expletive removed) can't differentiate between, say and , but that's seldom.
@Andy is more familiar with how the site works than I am, and reads Meta inside out @Avi.
Thank you guys...
4:40 PM
Help find links to threads of these tasks @Avi as a practice of finding duplicate posts :D docs.google.com/document/d/…
@Vogel612 I am just wondering because I had the case when I was talking to a friend and compared his qualities to qualities of israeli people, and he was ok with it but I got suspended and muted. Today I flagged a user that they like (although he talks about sex quite a lot) he got suspended because they couldn't invalidate it that fast from the room. And then people made a post on meta to complain. Do you think that is fair since they did the same to me but I didn't complain.
Well actually I did, but got bashed and flagged the bashing but it was invalidated
Chat flags are also handled by people having 10k+ network wide rep
if they are faster, then it might get problematic..
Yes they are some owner of the room that are 10k+ and they invalidate fast based on their opinion.
What @Vogel612 said. Note that that does only count on chat.SE, for chat.SO or chat.MSE you need to have 10k on the site itself.
Which is a bit wrong I think
4:43 PM
aside from that, I don't know that much about chat flags and the handling there.
Given a link-only answer, is it considered correct to downvote and flag it for mods, or just downvote it?
I've seen flags achieve both success and reprimand....
meta it, "yer ans is in anothr castr' ~ when iz an ans not ans"
@LynnCrumbling usually a downvote and (if you want) comment, and a little grace period..
additionally you shouldn't flag NAA, but VLQ for such cases.
The last election had quiet a few mods that seemed to be running on the "I hate link-only answers" platform, so I'm thinking this might actually be an evolving subject.
IIRC VLQ are not mod-only flags
but NAA are..
> VLQ -> Very Low Quality
NAA -> Not An Answer
4:46 PM
is late, runs fast to class, gets there 10 seconds before bell, announcement: buses late, taries excused
@Vogel612 Historically, I've been choosing to flag for mod attention.
@Vogel612 Not anymore; currently NAA flags are also added in the LQP review queue.
@ProgramFOX though there's still the mod-handle especially for comment conversions, right??
The answer is from almost 3 years ago...
and unfortunately, had already solicited +7/0 before my -1.
A: How do I Create an ActiveX (COM) in C#?

Haseeb AkhtarYou can find here: How to create Active X in 2010

@Vogel612 Not sure what you mean exactly, but both NAA and VLQ flags can be seen and handled by mods.
4:48 PM
hey, lemon's here
@Unihedron ping me from a new room.
Oh, hi lemon.
what up lemon, did you fix the hackrs stuff
yup and i'm giving you the benefit of the doubt this isn't you
@ProgramFOX sure, but NAA provides more "options" so to say..
VLQ is like "delete vs. fine"
4:48 PM
and it isn't you
but @mod that user (you can ask randall.. aka somekittens) isn't his brother and neither am I
and NAA is like "delete vs. comment vs. edit vs. fine"
both SomeKittens and I have been involved with the trolls who have been spamming the chats -- they've taken it offsite with us.
just an FYI
@LynnCrumbling that doesn't help much, because link only is link only...
btw. I added my dv & a tin can comment on that one
@Vogel612 I'll just flag VLQ and see what happens. The user hasn't been seen since July 3rd.
@Vogel612 Ahh, you've already commented.
4:51 PM
@rlemon I have been blamed today unreasonable because of some swastika trolls, Benjamin wants to sue me
yea i'm not getting involved in that
as a tip: don't lurk from the transcript when you are muted. don't ping from outside the room. just be muted. but i'm pretty much done with that crap
now, people impersonating me, or friends.. I'm gonna still call that shit out
@Vogel612 Ah, I see.
@Vogel612 I'm not seeing an answer flag option for VLQ.
I am didn't do anything for the 2 hours I have been muted (unreasonably for which I haven't argued during that time). No one unmuted me, so I decided to become an active member again. What is the problem I don't see?
@LynnCrumbling You don't see VLQ if the post has a score of 1 or higher.
4:55 PM
@LynnCrumbling (hides and shouts from behind a tree wearing glasses) use the NAA flag then ;)
@ProgramFOX Thanks, was unaware of that.
@zigi I don't know why you were muted, I don't even think I was awake when it happened. Generally speaking, owners don't over step other owners. you have been troublesome before and people have stuck their necks out for you. Most of the time you are fine, but when problems do arise you don't handle it well (imo) and that is probably most of the cause for the animosity
what's a NAA flag
@Vogel612 As an interesting side note... This guy's link is to his blog post, which he effectively copied verbatim from a different blog post.
4:56 PM
@zigi Not An Answer
now, if you want my suggestion - just ignore the current mute, wait it out, come back. and please stop with the multiple accounts. you are fooling no one with Meshuggah
@LynnCrumbling you could notify the original author. He might want to file a takedown...
@Vogel612 Can't say that he plagarized it though, since the beginning of his blog post links to the original.
nevermind that, then...
@Vogel612 Hehehe, we'll just be sneaky and edit his answer to point to the original. <evil grin>
4:57 PM
@rlemon it's not me, but a friend of mine
okay, if that is true. the coincidence in when they show up and what they say is going to make most if not all people assume it is a sock puppet account
and you can't really blame them for that
@LynnCrumbling that's kinda "jerky" considering you are removing his hard earned and paid advertising space </sarcasm>
I asked him to do me a favor and tell the peeps that I am not wrongfully doing. I can show you chats with him.
@Vogel612 nice.
@rlemon Well, I can't hold responsibility for Mr. Meshuggas deeds, but the fact is, he doesn't care when he gets muted, but I do
Thanks for the advice tho, I am going home anyway
4:59 PM
" if you have to be snarky at least do it in a comment" ... no, just no. Don't do it. If you have to be snarky, be snarky in The Tavern. Yell at your potted plant. But don't do so on the site. — Bart yesterday

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