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1:10 PM
@InfiniteRecursion This is a free message. The draconicus you called is currently busy creating chaos on another board. In the meantime, please start the marinate process by dipping in the soy sauce pool on the left, thanks.
@Uni: This is like the question you asked me about git - cooking.stackexchange.com/questions/30718/…
I don't think mayonnaise is orange. — Jefromi ♦ May 21 at 16:29
if my mayonnaise was orange I'd throw it away :p
Stoppit. Now I'm hungry
Make a peanut butter Oreo milkshake, learn from your mistake, and NEVER DO ANYTHING SO FOOLISH AGAIN! — ElendilTheTall 22 hours ago
Q: Confirming Fried Chicken is completely cooked

two_OMindI'm currently involved in a food startup and we're refining our process for product quality. We fry Bone-In breasts, Dark quarters, Wings and Boneless breasts. The challenge I'm currently facing is ensuring chicken is fully cooked (165F) but not overcooked (170F for white, 180F for dark). My m...

1:19 PM
@Stijn but if you mix mayonnaise, ketchup, and mustard, then the color becomes orange
Food is everywhere @Bart, sorry. I went to skeptics for a change, but food dominates there as well:
Q: Should I cut off black banana ending before eating?

Adam StelmaszczykI was always told that I should cut off the black ending of a banana before eating. Why I need to do that? What is so dangerous in the black ending of a banana? Source of the image

And that derpy still wants to eat me :(
@spa: eat a black banana for a change
who wants to fix the language here? stackoverflow.com/questions/7390100/…
Like that @JanDvorak?
Looks good
Are you a boy or a girl?
1:28 PM
Flowers are both, right?
@bjb568 some are
You can always use a gender neutral pronoun like "it", if you don't know the gender @Stijn
I just answered a regex question. I should feel dirty.
1:35 PM
E.g. lostsock can be referred to as it.
8in X 4in
No probs @Uni, as long as your answer is good. I answered a lame lazy question just because it was answerable and I didn't find the correct close reason meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270690/…
@lostsock: are you a sock or an envelope?
You can gain more weight than what you eat if you weigh your food at a higher altitude than where you weigh yourself. — Flimzy Nov 9 '12 at 20:32
@InfiniteRecursion Still trying to determine when I became Derpy/Ditzy Hooves. Anyway, I occurred to me that you are to small - not worthy eating.
jumps with joy
@InfiniteRecursion be aware that @bjb568 may not be of the same mind. After all, that cat is still a kitten and even a hatchling could provide a nice snack.
1:48 PM
watches in awe, as Infinite reaches escape velocity and begins to orbit around earth
I like lightness's user name a lot; that inspired me to choose a multi-word user name.
Jul 16 at 15:06, by Shadow Wizard
Obviously, you're an ostrich
@rene ahaha :) mystery solved, @InfiniteRecursion
@InfiniteRecursion My username sucks.
Yes, all brilliant users are birds @Stijn ;)
2:02 PM
so I guess from now on I should refer to you as an "it". "Adding my reply to @rene here because I think it hit an important point."
@InfiniteRecursion /me blushes
I think the ostrich hit an important point - how's that @Stijn?
even better!
"The crap" you want to delete is actually "the crap and things people haven't voted on"; that's my problem with your suggestion. At no point did I blame you for "the shenanigans", I was just explaining my concern that you referenced in your opening post. That you don't care if your posts are deleted is fairly irrelevant to anything I said and it doesn't alter what you said. — Oli ♦ 21 mins ago
2:04 PM
Pro Tip: Always use inside jokes, so users are confused.
is he saying what I think he's saying?
@Bart Brown-ies*.
I like your username @Uni :)
@Braiam I have this irrational fear that someday I'll meet you in real life, and you won't have a nose just like your picture.
That's very nice of you to say that @Inf, but it's simply
Did you mix Greek and Latin roots in your username? — 200_success ♦ Jun 20 at 17:54
2:06 PM
@Stijn hey, there is a nose! I have a mustache so I must have a nose!
@Bart is that an inside joke?
@Bart I see
@Stijn That's nothing. I know peoples that are now scared of entering optics stores because they fear to see Bart lurking in shadows on a display stand
@SPArchaeologist they don't need to fear. They need to realize that it's a fact.
2:11 PM
Ignore those @Uni. You will be surprised by the kind of comments I get sometimes from SO users if my gender gets evident in any form. I read one of bluefeet's posts too where she had an equally bad experience, so ignore everybody. Your username is awesome, believe me.
@InfiniteRecursion such bad experiences? That's a shame.
@InfiniteRecursion May I request that someone fill me in a little more? My greek-fu was never that good... I get the Uni-part, but....
I really don't care @Bart. If they waste their time, it's their loss, isn't it? :)
Speaking of that, @AnnaLear have you had a chance to read my mail? I hope it didn't come across as rude or anything :)
What's in that mail of yours @Stijn? Seems like no one handles your flag or answers your mail. :O
2:16 PM
@InfiniteRecursion haha, well I just happen to send two mails to team members in a short time :)
Ohh, then fine.
its subject line is Question on the prevalence of "men being creepy towards woman", basically I'm interested in learning more about it, because either I'm oblivious or either I have the luck of having rarely seen it happen.
was sent after the little drama from last week
@Bart I don't know, I for one have started to bring with me a spare diamond glass cutter. Never know when you need one to cut appart the lens of a pair of glasses that may attack you.
@InfiniteRecursion and the lack of reply makes me paranoid of having said something wrong in the mail
Women have flags to handle such rudeness @Stijn, you don't need to worry, I assure you of that.
Haha...that's funny.
You can read this if you want meta.stackexchange.com/a/222210/245167
Diamond glass cutter! Interesting @spa ;)
2:25 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Bluefeet's female?!?!?!?!!!!!?
:O Gasp!
@InfiniteRecursion interesting, thanks. "Do I wish that people didn't always assume it was a guy on the other end? Yes, of course." It had never occurred to me that one could be annoyed by that, I must admit I'm often guilty of it, although I try to use terms like OP and @name.
incoming auto-correct function: s/he/s\/he/
Propose change: s/\bhe\b/(s)he/g
Otherwise "help me phelase" will become "s/help me ps/helase"
begone with that black magic called "regex"!
@Stijn I'm pretty used to it by now but it still can be annoying especially when the other person finds out that the one schooling them is female and they are surprised.
2:32 PM
@bluefeet yeah I can understand the latter being very annoying.
@Unihedron does this also match "he's"? (regex are rusty here)
Yes. \b is a word boundary. \B is a non-word boundary. \b matches if it's at a position between word char and non-word char (\W\w or \w\W), aka he's, he-, (he) will all match, but she, herd, and _he_ will not.
@bluefeet so what's the alternative? Always use the username when I'm not sure of the gender? English isn't my native language so I'm not sure.
@Stijn I've started using "them" and the username directly.
@Stijn I doubt this is much of a problem in everyday usage, and those that are bothered should correct you.
I don't really give that much on it....
2:38 PM
"I agree with their answer - it is expansive and manageable."
@Stijn I try to use the username
@Braiam ...WTH?
@Stijn learn japanese. No gender typing for words, only 2 alphabets and 50k kanji to learn.
OK thanks for the suggestions.
@SPArchaeologist maybe when I retire :)
@SPArchaeologist well there's just three forms of "I" (minmum)
ore, (w)atashi, boku
2:40 PM
@Stijn I did! I read it and went "I don't have the brainpower to respond right now". It wasn't rude or anything, I just need to get around to writing up a reply. :)
Ore as in to mine?
and the suffixes are also gender-weighted..
@AnnaLear ah great, take your time of course and I'll be looking forward to a reply :)
Ugh, caching.
"-tan" and "-chan" are mostly used for females, "-kun" and "-san" mostly for males, though "-san" is mostly neutral.
2:42 PM
oh and don't forget the title suffixes like: "-hakase", "-sensei", "-hime"....
keigo (formal speech) at it's best.
You are teaching japanese very sincerely @Vogel, but the real question is: who is learning?
hum, teaching??
Students: please raise hands or star this
(raises hands even though he didn't learn anything)
2:47 PM
@Vogel612 actually there are also different counter suffixes based on the shape/type of an object - 3 apples is different from 3 cats....
bows deeply
unfortunately this is about the end of my actually presentable knowledge about japanese ...
everything else I know is mostly unordered and incomplete fragments...
^ gone
2:52 PM
How to review first posts, explained by Uni:
Wait for four close votes, ???, Profit!
> assciative arrays: I have two associative arrays ...
something smells fishy here.
@bjb568 yep
@Vogel612 -sama
@Braiam that's actually not a title...
Sensei: teacher (or similar professions)
Hakase: professor / doctor
Hime: princess
and sama is "just" a high honorific
3:00 PM
(I didn't see @ProgramFOX on, so I didn't "o/".)
mm.... why I'm using oregon sstatic?
I \o'ed bcoz my hand was already raised learning japanese with Bart
3:04 PM
nope you are learning wrong skill with @Bart. Learn how to get some stars on your message like he gets..it's magic..
What makes you think that I haven't learnt it already?
I get a few stars every now and then, I got the outspoken badge on my third day in this chat room :)
Me too!
Time to check if @Jan is awake. Are you awake, Jan?
Infinite : yeah then good going
that John Gruber person sounds like a twat
3:14 PM
@InfiniteRecursion napping with SPAMs
on a cloud watching the sun as it goes down?
It means Jan is awake. When Jan is asleep, his bot replies "no".
can anyone ping or.sstatic.net
> Ping request could not find host or.sstatic.net. Please check the name and try again.
well, have to go for now. See you around.
3:24 PM
When you wake up, read this @Jan
A: An experiment: Stack Overflow TV

Tim PostSome of the responses that I've read here have unequivocally reinforced something that I've been concerned about for quite some time: We have over-trained some of you, and that's preventing the exploration of new ideas. In 2008, Stack Overflow was a new idea, and a great idea - there was nothin...

^it mentions spam detection
Should i remove the disclaimer? meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/270746/…
@InfiniteRecursion I don't know. Why are you on a throwaway?
^^^ I'm curious too.
3:36 PM
Thanks @Stijn. I left a comment
Please remove the disclaimer, it's irrelevant to this discussion and consider opting for a gender neutral title. — Infinite Recursion 1 min ago
@Braiam I can not repro in this room
@InfiniteRecursion ah, I thought it was a sock of yours :)
@Andy maybe I'm part of some AB testing
@Braiam Does it happen here in the Tavern for you too?
@Stijn Hint: glasses have socks
3:39 PM
@Andy yes
@InfiniteRecursion It's obsolete now. :)
@Braiam Oh. Then, no. Definitely not here. On a control+F5, I have 59 requests being made. 57 are 200 status. One is a 301 (@Unihedron 's image) and one is a 101 switching protcols
Such a polite user. Must be @Bart's sock @Uni :)
I removed my comment.
Great, my obsolete flag is helpful. :)
3:44 PM
@Stijn darn, I was noting that the issue didn't happened when I deactivated GreasyMonkey, and was figuring out which script was the culprit. You are right, that\ is. — Braiam 20 secs ago
@Unihedron your voting ratio is not that downvote-heavy...
Keyword: slightly
you know of Eric Lippert's votes?
I do.
3:47 PM
He's got 1 upvote network-wide
@Vogel612 isn't that Jon, who accidentally upvoted one time?
@Stijn nope. Eric
jon got ~14k : ~2k
so a 7:1 ratio
I thought you were out of close-votes?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: THE CONVERSE OF AN EASY EQUILATERAL TRIANGLE PROOF on math.stackexchange.com
Yes @Uni. I am out of close votes on SO, not MSO. I saw that SO post regarding itunes on MSO.
@Braiam Oh, yeah...I meant to fix that. The element does exist but the image is obviously wrong
4:14 PM
Was just curious. So you're coordinating close votes, I see. :)
Will take a look after I finish up this work stuff
No, not really. You pushed me into that cv-room today, and when I saw all those posts which were bad and were waiting for a few votes, I tried to help a bit. You guys do an amazing job, didn't want your hard work to be wasted @Uni.
And MSO is a personal favorite, I am the most active user after all :)
oy welcome @Bart!
Hi @TGMCians
Wow, well done @Inf!
Hiya @Bart!
4:21 PM
How does participation work? I'm somewhere on the first page, but TBH I don't really go on meta that much.
I have no idea, I visit for some time on some days. I think no one else visits MSO, so it shows me as active. I rarely ever write any post there.
4:24 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I'm there too, so stop saying blaf
Lol I am in the all-time askers and answerers list for on MSO.
No blaf @Braiam. Have you seen me post anything? Or even get any votes on any of my existing posts? No. See. :)
No comments @Vogel.
@InfiniteRecursion /me confused
It was a joke @Vogel. I said "no comments" because you are on top in the "comments" tag.
You CV-ing your own question? o_O What's wrong?
He wants to be top in the participation tab now @Uni. It's a conspiracy!!
cv-reason braiam?
Hey community, I was wondering if in this question I should remove the "Time saving note"
@InfiniteRecursion you need to pick your venom, stackoverflow.com/q/11516301/792066
4:39 PM
Yes editor, remove it
> Thank you for reviewing 20 reopen votes today; come back in 7 hours to continue reviewing.
Ha, our E-E lover is still around? :)
It doesn't need the internet tag. Users who know objective-c will answer it, not the users who know "internet" @Braiam
/me confused @Bart
The OP of the question Unihedron linked to @InfiniteRecursion. We have a ... history ...
Oooo tell me more!
4:45 PM
Boring really. He had a string of poorly received questions on MSE (or still MSO at the time I think). And he accused me of being the lead of a group of persistent downvoters or something like that.
Thanks, I figured it out @Bart
How many enemies do you have @Bart? ;)
Figure out how many sockpuppets I have and you have your answer @InfiniteRecursion
The fun thing is that when you're vocal about certain things (and I can't deny that) that many users immediately assume you're the downvoter.
@Bart I love those moments. I can proudly say "I didn't even downvote until then - (downvotes)" and they might regret or something. It just feels good. :P
Gotta love dem comments along the lines of: " but I think it could be because {insert obvious reason}"
4:51 PM
Not really @Bart. I get positive reactions, and I do comment a lot. An hour ago, I asked a ranty user to change the title of his ranty post on MSO about downvotes, and I got good response.
Even zigi was nice to me in the tavern during the religious debate when you called me a morbid chick lol.
@Vogel612 Me too. The "I think your post {insert obvious reason} (BTW Not a DownVoter)" comments are lovely too. :P
Well, sure @InfiniteRecursion. I mean, it's like "What freaking bastard asked me to do the ooooooh who is a cute fluffy little ball of magic ... yes you are ... yes you are"
And that proofofgod spammer was also very polite to me :)
Nope, I disagree @Bart. It isn't my profile picture, it's my words.
<jesting>nah, it's because you're a girl</jesting>
Except you, no one else thinks a cute picture is a reason to talk to someone @Bart
4:58 PM
Except for the entire internet.
But in all seriousness, Dutch directness doesn't always help.
<planning> kick @vogel </planning>
wowsers, there's a new reject and edit button in the suggested edits queue
This is going to be useful at some point
i like buttons
Image not found...
5:04 PM
@Bart is that Shog's puppy? head tilted if you didn't notice
Not a clue, but it makes me laugh
@Bart: It isn't the directness, perhaps the emphasis on the directness. For example, the scarequotes created some discord, it's the small things like that. Honestly, I wonder how many people really understand your sense of humor. It's a bit different, not the kind I come across very often to be honest, despite being extremely social.
That's because ppl. like @Bart are not very social outside the internetz that often....
Hahaha, amateur psychology 101
sure what else ;)
suddenly realizes he kinda understands Barts humour, and just outed himself as hikkikomori
well ima head home, it's kinda late here..
5:09 PM
On the contrary, because @Bart's sense of humor is a bit like my own, I think he is social @Vogel :)
cya @Vogel612
Even that dog can't reduce your list of enemies @Bart :D
@Unihedron waiting...
5:14 PM
I'll post it, but if it gets closed, I'm blaming you :P
Don't post.....looks like a fatal idea.
i'll upvote it and flag any haters !
well, maybe not the second part
i really want to hear what weird superstitions people do
Don't listen to a lost sock.....beware....
You can post it then..
you could post on meta.SE if you want, or just SO where rep doesn't matter
5:17 PM
I'm out of words to put together the content.
and with all the hating been going on lately, it'd be nice for a break
Bad bad bad idea!!
gg mehow. That comment flag was declined.
@Unihedron there's something more problematic in that screenshot, like "42 years ago"
5:24 PM
Time is relative..
That's in Minecraft days @Braiam
@uni: my too chatty flag on that comment by mehow was helpful and the comment was nuked
Hmm, maybe the cute avatar works after all.
5:28 PM
Should I try a spooky avatar like Bart's one for a few days?
Hmm, okay. If you say so.
Oh, it's late. See you later! :)
5:32 PM
@InfiniteRecursion just been going through your facebook again, i like this picture of @bjb with your parents
user image
... wat?
@Lost, your finding skills are amazing!
5:38 PM
I clicked that picture btw...
darn @uni, GO AWAY ALREADY!
That was effective @Braiam
takes pride in the effectiveness of all his actions
That was delusional @Braiam
realizes has been outspoken in chat today, decides to observe silence now onwards
6:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion the discussion was actually over when you edited.....
Ok @Vogel
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW EVERYTHING OUT on gaming.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW EVERYTHING OUT on gaming.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected,Phone number detected: Astrologer vashikaran baba +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
is the gaming stuff VLQ, or worse?
Hi everyone.
6:22 PM
don't forget to flag Baba ;-)
6:39 PM
8 days until Programmers' day...

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