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3:00 PM
@YiJiang I know, that's not what I meant:
2 mins ago, by Popular Demand
@TheUnhandledException I think it just didn't like my work computer. I tried it one more time and got some spaceship movement, but didn't care enough to keep making attempts.
^----> It wasn't functional for him @YiJiang
@TheUnhandledException Oh, right, didn't read properly. @PopularDemand Erm... the starting of any JS troubleshooting dialog would be to state the browser and OS in question
eh, sorry, somebody asked me a question here
i suppose since it is already a jquery solution i don't care between js/css
@rchern I think that's a wise choice. So JS it is!
@rchern Eh what?
@YiJiang She's not giving us her undevided attention :'(
3:03 PM
at work (;
ooooh, @rchern I do see a good reason for your smielys; this looks more like crying: )`:
@TheUnhandledException Eh... I thought she was referring to one of the SE site
:`( <-- yeah, this way looks like a pimple or something
That was predictable
@spoulson Doesn't look as good as )`:
3:04 PM
@TheUnhandledException If your tears fall diagonally you should probably consult a doctor
@MichaelMrozek YOU are predictable! :-)
@spoulson Looks like Pinocchio with a long nose
@MichaelMrozek Well tears generally go around the nose
@rchern star time (/jk)
3:05 PM
there, FTFY
@spoulson Ok. You win :-)
Sorry @rchern, you've been proven wrong again :´(
@YiJiang Yes, thanks, but I don't care nearly enough to follow up.
So is the whole inbox/envelope thing just going to be one of those [status-bydesign] things I learn to ignore, or is that going to change at some point?
proven wrong?
3:07 PM
When a new comment comes in the inbox and envelope both light up. Going to the post through the inbox leaves the envelope lit
also, there are more than 35 people on SO with the display name Jon
@rchern I was trying to defend your backwards smileys by finding a valid use-case, biut @spoulson correctly determined that even in the case I found, forwards smileys are still better
@MichaelMrozek I'm guessing that if the SuperDropdown gets good enough we can actually replace the envelop with it
@MichaelMrozek Oh, I did notice that. The envelope seems to only clear on /recent
@TheUnhandledException, "correctly determined" and "better" do not go together
3:08 PM
It does. And the inbox only clears if you look at it, so it's pretty much guaranteed annoyingness
@rchern Well then that "And 20 more results" thing will just expand to fill those in. Hmm.... time for column-count I think
Can we just spin off a room for discussing/making fun of the backwards smileys, and move 7000 messages from the tavern history there?
@rchern Same with "Josh". Maybe I should become TheUnhandledException on all sites!
What's this obsession with the backwards smileys?
@LasseVKarlsen It's more of an obsession with teasing @rchern :-)
3:09 PM
@TheUnhandledException Hey, you have no idea what pain my name has caused me on SO
Do explain @YiJiang
I imagine 95% of the comment replies to him start with the very not useful "@Yi Jiang"
@TheUnhandledException Since you asked, shameless self pluggin':
Q: Allow for Comment Reply to Usernames With Less Than Three Characters in First Word

Yi JiangI know this is somewhat of a rare request/edge case, but this is becoming really annoying. In the faq, which I've linked to below, you state that for the comment reply system to work, There must be a starts-with, case-insensitive match of at least three characters in the display name. ...

3:10 PM
Of course
@MichaelMrozek 99% on SO, 50% on Meta
Funny because I was just thinking that as I replied, wanting to reply @Yi and being unable to
@YiJiang doesn't work on SO like it does in chat, right?
It does
@TheUnhandledException No weird little popup reminding you how to do it right, if that's what you're asking
@YiJiang No. What I meant is, does @YiJiang notify you like it does in chat? That is, in chat, removing spaces works
3:13 PM
@TheUnhandledException Yes, that would work. Except of course nobody does it.
Yes, it does.
sorry, thought you were @MichaelMrozek for a second :-)
But everyone writes "@Yi Jiang"
Since they didn't read the rules, tsk tsk.
3:13 PM
I can see that. But as least I know the workaround now
@YiJiang if I see new comments, I'll comment and properly notify you
@YiJiang You could just change the name to actually be YiJiang
i.e. remove the space
@TheUnhandledException Nah, don't bother. I don't want to trouble anybody over what is obviously (to me at least) a flaw in the SO comment-reply system
In Norway, it is quite possible to be named "Jo Å"
Let's hope they don't increase the length to 4
@LasseVKarlsen How would that be pronounced?
The Å would be as the start vowel of Obvious
Has anyone been to the Storage Networking World Conference behing hosted on the The Gaylord Texan, Dallas?
3:16 PM
Not sure about Jo though, how to come up with something similar
My guess of "'A' circle hat" appears to have been off the mark
Yes, just a tad actually
@LasseVKarlsen Are the 'sen', 'son', 'sson', 'ssen' last name suffixes originally from different peoples of the nordic countries?
Or different ages
@MichaelMrozek I was thinking A-weeeeeeeee!
Or AAAngel
3:19 PM
they all mean "son of"
given that it does appear to be a halo
For instance, my last name, "Karlsen", means from old of, "Son of Karl"
yes, I get that, but there are Karlssen and Karlsen, for example
they come from different lanuages?
or one is wrong?
double s is mostly swedish
I've seen older names in Norway with double s as well, but they're not common these days
And now, after centuries of cross breeding, you get all combinations of ssen sson sen and son on every country up there :)
3:23 PM
Huh, it's not just an artifact of transliteration?
We share cultural backgrounds and language origins, so it's probably just that :)
If you want to pull words out of a hat, go for the big ones :)
Smalahove, Lutefisk
So you were the ones eating fish with lye!
I thought those were the finns
Yeah, we eat that
"that", as in Smalahove, and Lutefisk (fish with lye, yes)
3:26 PM
OK. I think it's time for me to be leaving...
I wanted to try it
Note, by "we", I mean, the Norwegians :)
I don't care for Smalahove
but asked in the wrong place
Smalahove looks tasty 9: (as rchern would say)
Well, to be honest, it tastes really good
@JohntheSeagull What's Raymond Chen got to do with this?
3:27 PM
Although thanks @LasseVKarlsen, the conversation in ServerFault chat was making me hungry, you cleared that right up! ;-)
It tastes like "Pinnekjøtt", though I don't think you know that one either :)
@The You're welcome :)
I actually can't tell from the photo what that is, exactly.
The head of a sheep, they burn off all hair with a burner, then cooked
roasted sheep head
It's a dish from old, where they had to eat what they had
Some went with gravel, others this
3:29 PM
I eat a lot of exotic foods...
Hm, I think I can see it, sorta.
I suppose I'd be willing to try it? Maybe?
The problem is the presentation
I don't expect it to be awfully tasting
These days, Smalahove is more of a "Trial of Manhood" than it is anything else
lutefisk, on the other hand. I expected it to be as disgusting as salmiak
3:31 PM
The only time I have eaten this, the whole "Smalahove Party" started with lots of strong drinking
I really wanted to try it :)
Then we watched a video of how they prepared this, with lots of strong drinks
and does smalahove mean sheep's head?
"Hove" is old for "Head"
"Smale" is old for "Sheep" (though it could be a particular type or age of sheep)
@JohntheSeagull - Good news, T-Shirt obtained
3:32 PM
@AidenBell so, how much are you asking for it? I could buy a second T-shirt
@AidenBell (for the millionth question?)
@LasseVKarlsen I suppose it could be worse. I have heard tales from our CEO's family about "rocky mountain oysters". shudder
@JohntheSeagull not selling :P , but in the process of obtaining it my perception of the SO community was obliterated lol
@The Is that raw oysters?
3:33 PM
Rocky Mountain oysters, also known as prairie oysters, are a North American culinary name for edible offal, specifically Bull testicles. They are usually peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, sometimes pounded flat, then deep-fried. This delicacy is most often served as an appetizer. It is a well-known novelty dish in parts of the American West and the Canadian Prairies where cattle ranching is prevalent and castration of young animals is common ("prairie oysters" is the preferred name in Canada, where they may be served in a demi-glace, not deep-fried). In Oklahoma and North Texas,...
@JohntheSeagull - yea 1m
Supposedly also a "Trial of Manhood" @LasseVKarlsen. If that were my trial, call me a woman!
We have a joke about those "oysters"
Yeah, me too
I'm not all that tough when it comes to "exotic" food
I've had squid on my plate once, it was cooked, and what's the word... set up, so that the tentacles was tucked in under the head
so when you stuck a fork in it, all the tentacles came bouncing out from under it
I left the fork in it
3:35 PM
@AidenBell Be careful with the bug reports from now on. You may have gotten a shirt, but Jeff now has your physical address... and a giant S.
Every week a man goes to a restaurant near a bullfighting ring and orders a couple of "oysters". He always left happy, having enjoyed himself very much. One day though, they were a lot smaller than usual, he called the manager for an explanation. The manager said "The bull won this week".
3:36 PM
@LasseVKarlsen If they could get it to scream "DIE HUMAN!" as it happened that would be ideal
@JohntheSeagull GROSS
@TheUnhandledException hehe
@PopularDemand - im keeping my head down lol
Haha. Are you getting a shirt @Aiden?
Is it possible to buy the StackOverflow T-shirts?
3:39 PM
If so, sign me up
@LasseVKarlsen Nope, the store was in beta for a while but has since closed.
I got my shirt for working with the API
Yay, nice :)
So how many managed to buy one?
Q: T-Shirt Time! ("Beta")

Alex PapadimoulisThere's been some talk about T-Shirts lately, and a telling picture that they actually exist... Some have called them vaporware, while a lucky few claimed to have actually received one. Regardless, they're finally available for sale on the "beta" store: http://inedomedia.com/store/stackov...

3:42 PM
Damn, people actually managed to buy these
@Chacha102 howdy
I was hoping mine was kinda exclusive
Hey @Chacha102
Sorry, doing too many things at once
Heheh :P
3:42 PM
"why" are we "talking" in "quotes"?
"Why?" are we "talking" "in" "quotes"?
Just "because"
Oh... "really?"
3:44 PM
I hope SO chat is still on for tomorrow morning
"oh noes"
@LasseVKarlsen - got my alarm clock set
This place here is nice, I love the web chat, but it's like a borrowed shoe, comfortable, but not quite home
Do we know what time it will open?
The Candygram articles are great
@LasseVKarlsen @MarcGravell said 8-9 GMT
3:46 PM
I think he checked my chat history here and picked the only two hour time frame where I'm consistently not here
> Questions can never be migrated out of a meta. Metas are like black holes: questions go in, but they do not come out. This is by design and intentional.
Nice analogy...
So 10-11 my local time then
@AidenBell 4pm. Hmm... will be there :)
@MichaelMrozek You need a more confusing chat history, like mine, which makes it appear like you never sleep. :P
@Tim ;)
3:48 PM
@Tim How do you manage that? Are you a bot?
One word: Autohotkey
Just queue up some random phrases
like "I can relate to that"
or "waffles!"
@YiJiang - no but one takes over at night with randoms
@LasseVKarlsen beat me to that
@YiJiang It's magic...terrible, horrible, sleep-depriving magic.
@Tim magic==redbull
3:49 PM
@LasseVKarlsen I can manage that, with jQuery I think
You can do everything with jQuery
Which is actually magic if you think about it
@MichaelMrozek don't you ever sleep?
@AidenBell Heh, I actually hate Redbull :P
3:50 PM
@radp Yes, between 8 and 9 am GMT, apparently. THANKS @MARC
What is the password for Chat.SO?
@Chacha102 If downvoting existed for chat posts...
@Chacha102 12345
@Chacha102 it's igiveup2000ofmyrepstoenterthechatbeforeitslive
3:51 PM
Nope, that's not it
when you're there make sure you mention "forever alone"
It's been "0 users active | 0 rooms active" all week...
@TheUnhandledException It probably doesn't show real data if you can't access it
We know it launches within the next 2 days
3:52 PM
@radp That's not it...
@AidenBell Hah, nice
@TheUnhandledException because devs are just ghosts in the machine
@MichaelMrozek I'm not sure
@Chacha102 sorry, you've still given up your reps!
Oh, it is Thursday isn't it? Damn..
3:52 PM
They said nobody was using it
18 hours and change from now
@LasseVKarlsen I may change my mind and just stay here
a StackExchange™ EqualOpportunity RepsRedistributor™ will come to your house and receive the reps you just pleaded as soon as possible.
What is Happy hour? Just a random meeting time?
@John not even that
3:53 PM
StackExchange™ RepBailiffs™
StackExchange™ RepRepomen™ for you Americans
@radp Then what is it?
var randomStuff = ['Waffles!', 'Ponies!', 'Yeah, me too...', 'Hmmm...', '):'];

function sayRandomStuff(){
  $('#input').val(randomStuff[Math.floor(randomStuff.length * Math.random()) + 1]);

  setTimeout(sayRandomStuff, (Math.random * 300000) + 1800000);

@AidenBell Are they affiliated with the volunteer minutemen?
@YiJiang - +1 for effort -1 for effort
@John chacha knows what.
3:55 PM
@John It's a joke because we're in "the tavern". I think he just picked 5pm his local time
@AidenBell Erm... +0 for effort?
So no free food?
@PopularDemand but it looks more like this
Or are you a -0 kind of guy?
@radp What?
3:56 PM
@YiJiang - it wasn't 0, you had 1 just briefly
Yeah, me too...
awwww crap
setTimeout + 10000000000
That was embarrassing
Power-cycling network hardware to troubleshoot issues, BRB...
@YiJiang , -10
3:58 PM
I think I'll just leave those two lopsided smilies at the end
So 17-18 hours until SO chat opens up, I'll keep a running count-down
@AidenBell The error actually occured at (Math.random * 300000) stupid mistake
@Lasse V. Noticed Thanks. :)
4:03 PM
@LasseVKarlsen Geez, not another one!
@Yi Jiang: Did you actually run that or were you randomly copy-pasting?
@PopularDemand - Question, how do you find historic references so quick to reply? Ie the minutemen pic
Question: would my database queries run faster if I showed the actual data I was looking at?
I mean, it works for the TV series
@AidenBell I tend to remember exact phrases that were written in questions or chat messages.
@John Ran it. Was quite stupid to trust that I won't make stupid errors without debugging
4:04 PM
They show the photos of all the people they search through, or images of maps, or fingerprints
@PopularDemand - Ah, the "curse"
So it's easy to search, assuming it's one of the questions/messages I happen to remember a phrase for, and there are no spelling mistakes, and there was a unique or uncommon phrase in that question/message to remember.
@Yi Jiang: Ran it where? Does this little box accept Java?
@AidenBell What "curse"?
@PopularDemand My mistake, I just never noticed the search box
I was doing it by remembering dates/times and going to the history lol
4:05 PM
@John Javascript, through the Firebug console
@AidenBell Ah.
@PopularDemand - Obscenely good memory curse
But a knack for remembering useless stuff and not forgetting it
I admit, "the curse" was ambiguous hehe
@AidenBell My memory isn't unusually good overall, I can just sometimes remember a phrase here or there.
@Yi Jiang: Haha. Genius.
Definitely not photographic or anything. I wish it were, though; it'd help with school.
4:09 PM
Well, I've set the script loose again, only this time in the sandbox room, so it won't cause any harm. Let's see if it'll make me look like a 24h person
I wonder how long it takes before an actual bot turns up
And not just one that posts stuff, one that replies
The only downside is that this will need me to on my computer for the whole night, which is a terrible waste of energy
I've been waiting for the XMPP or IRC interfaces to work well before I fiddle with botting
@TheUnhandledException what @MichaelMrozek said
A dog's breakfast
Q: Close dialog no longer shows where previous close votes were cast

SathyaFollowing the change to consolidate the Vote To Close options, the vote-to-close menu no longer shows the category against which the previous close votes were cast. Example: This question has 1 vote cast to close. But where is the vote cast ?

4:14 PM
sorry guys, have a server with load over 50, need to deal with that
Damnit, when it rains, it pours huh?
@TheUnhandledException Just migrate one of the VMs off it heh
I feel calm again
@AidenBell It was a VM which had load >50
A Joomla site gone wild
Sounds like a geeky porn title ....
@MichaelMrozek I'll be working on XMPP again next week
We have VMs, I don't think ever I've seen one with load lower than 75
4:19 PM
@TheUnhandledException Yeah, that storm came out of nowhere. Disappeared just as fast, though. And yes, I know you were speaking figuratively.
@PopularDemand Did your part of the world get as much water last night as mine did?
Now I hear it's in the Northeast
Let them deal with it, haha
Does the chat image uploader also thumbnail for huge images?
@TheUnhandledException Last night? We got some rain, but I don't know how much. I was cooped up.
hrm. ie's developer tools are failing me. the layout tab shows an offset of 9px, but trace styles does not show an offset entry
not fun ):
@rchern Just wait until IE gives you a pop-up box saying the dev tools will work as soon as you provide it with the SO chat password.
4:25 PM
@John You should not be addressed! It rings my bell :P
@rchern Do you have a mock-up of the scenario that happens in?
@PopularDemand, oy oy OY
hahahaha, the vendor says it is because of our Internet Explorer settings
(that the element has the offset)
this is gonna be fun
@rchern Yes! The triple oy! My day is complete!
that's what it takes to make your day complete?
interesting standards q:
does this have any close votes?
@rchern yes, exact dup
4:40 PM
@rchern One (exact duplicate)
@rchern Three, now.
I thought I commented and then when it stayed open, flagged it last night. so was curious if maybe a mod disagreed and deleted my comment hehe
Mods are subtle like that
4:44 PM
Yeah, but that's only relative to an 'index'
right, all the data is normalized
Eww GMail tshirt
I would possibly wear a GMail tshirt, but that is horrible
Q: maybe a small issue detected on stackoverflow html editor related to adding hyperlinks

user152349http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3935216/how-can-i-merge-two-versions-of-a-file-in-php-or-javascript/3935294#3935294 I documented what I experienced as buggy behavior. The site is so useful, I'm happy to help with a little QA. Update: Is the problem is that the second hyperlink I added didn'...

How do I edit this?
@Fosco > Firefox can't find the server at webapps.stackexchange.com.
can't you click the edit link?
Is that what you're reporting?
@Shog9 Ha. No, the OP posted a bug report as an edit to his SO post. The Meta question basically just says "hi, I submitted a bug report, I love SO."
4:49 PM
@PopularDemand ditto. i'm hoping they're adding migration paths :P
I guess I'll see if he sees my comment and fixes the problem himself.
Of course, the bug is with the OP, but yeah. :P
What happened to webapps? Is it down for just me?
@LasseVKarlsen No, at least three of us now.
4:52 PM
3 mins ago, by rchern
@PopularDemand ditto. i'm hoping they're adding migration paths :P
It's being affected by a DOS attack.. Deluge of Stupidity
@Fosco Looks like it's not just me having a bad day huh? :-)
@TheUnhandledException at least you're not alone..
4:57 PM
@Fosco True
You can relax and feel Calm again in @PopularDemand 's new room
I have taken it over for my own calming purposes, LOL

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