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4:00 PM
@GnomeSlice Wow! First minute already blew my mind!
xyce is awesome
Any vector artists in here?
@Unihedron you're here, right?
@hichris123 I'm out of close votes.
4:03 PM
It's not even noon...
It's midnight here.
@Unihedron lol, why do you assume that I'm asking for close votes? :P
Actually, it's a regex question.
@Unihedron Go to bed!
@hichris123 Impressions can be misleading :)
Feel free to ask!
@Unihedron In regex, does \\d{8,1o} mean something? That is in the code of SmokeDetector, but we don't know whether that o means something or whether it is a typo.
4:04 PM
@GnomeSlice I should, school's starting tomorrow as well, but I'm enjoying the music.
@ProgramFOX I guess it's meant to be a zero?
It matches a digit, then {8,1o} character sequence. Likely a typo, because the quantifier is {8,10} instead.
Yea, we weren't sure whether it was a typo, so we asked you :)
In regex, { and } are literal characters if not bound to being a quantifier. :) So it's likely a typo.
Is it base 36? :O
4:06 PM
I've tested it and the regex works fine if I replace the o with a 0 @hichris123.
So that's why it didn't catch that spam question.
@ProgramFOX @hichris123 regex101.com/r/fY1lF4/1
@bjb568 seeYa!
@bjb568 See you!
4:07 PM
@Unihedron Oh, it matches that literally now...
Feel free to commit & fix @ProgramFOX.
@hichris123 b00
@ProgramFOX The first section is your regex, which matches the literal sequence, the other part is what it should have been.
@hichris123 Yea, will do.
Good work! Catch more spam!
4:08 PM
thanks Uni :)
you made Jan life more easy :)
Any bit easier is good! :D
I still have to flag that... :-)
yeah so you don't want to do anything manually ... want to keep monitoring what it's going how it's going :D
@ProgramFOX You know you can directly commit now, right? ;)
@hichris123 I cannot; none of the repos is shared with the team "Developers", to which I belong.
This should keep you occupied while you're waiting (GH stats for SmokeDetector):
@hichris123 Thanks!
4:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SCCM 2012 WINDOWS DEPLOYMNET CONFIGURATION on serverfault.com
@ProgramFOX fixed.
@hichris123 "chat.stackoverflow.com" Does SmokeDetector run on SO too?
@hichris123 Thanks again!
@ProgramFOX Not that I know of...
@ProgramFOX np. :) New repos to the Charcoal GH organization might not give you write access... if so just ping one of us to fix it.
@hichris123 ... wait, Facebook? O_o
@Doorknob ikr?
4:17 PM
@hichris123 Yep, will do.
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, Aug 23 at 3:35, by davidism
@hichris123 mm.... where's that page?
in Python on Stack Overflow Chat, Aug 6 at 10:55, by Ffisegydd
@tristan while you're playing with your bot both this and this may be of interest to you.
Is it true that I can fork the code and compile my own SmokeDetector?
@Braiam github.com/Charcoal-SE/SmokeDetector/graphs/traffic but I think it's only for collaborators (i.e. you have write access).
@Unihedron Yep.
4:19 PM
@Braiam It's the "Traffic" page, only visible if you have write access.
I'm on the contributors' page! :D
yesterday, by Infinite Recursion
That was so sane @Bart, I can't believe you said it !
@ProgramFOX I have write access to other repos -_-
... why is this a referring link to SmokeDetector?
@hichris123 That doesn't link to SD, does it?
4:21 PM
@hichris123 Somebody clicked it in the starwall, then clicked the SD link below it
@hichris123 Potential for anything; everything can happen
@Doorknob hmm... weird.
@ProgramFOX Not unless every time you ping @Bart it links to SmokeDetector. :P
I misunderstood your message; I thought you were referring to the oneboxed link, not the the Traffic page...
@hichris123 No, it does link to SD. When you click that message link, you get redirected to a transcript page which contains a SmokeDetector link.
4:24 PM
@Braiam What's that for?
@Doorknob Oh! So it doesn't say that the transcript is the referrer, rather, it's just the page you were on when you clicked the link.
@Unihedron second referrer is a hint?
@Braiam What's all man gas reader there for?
@Unihedron ....
@animuson But... but... bunnies are amazing!
Bunnies remember their owner across generations!
Bye for now, then!
See you!
4:36 PM
Would have been funnier if the item sold were some sort of garlic emoticon.
@JanDvorak That question is taking forever to load for me.
nuked all of those
4:56 PM
The account's destroyed
lol, SU has a ton of NAA's.
A: How to change password or add new username/password in xmapp.users?

HansThe password ist hashed and i**ot tells us how add a password and get its hash key! Searching for 20 minutes now.

Yay! I have the first Popular Question badge on Moderators.SE!
Q: Re: "Ventura" Hair brush / Paddle Wings

George AlanMy name is George Alan Lins Patricio And I need to get a copy of a patent pending / provisional patent of : "Ventura" Hair brush / Paddle Wings. It's been about 5 years, and I need to introduce Creative Commons on line license. I don't really need patent number for online CC Creative Commons ...

5:05 PM
What do we do with questions asking "what does this do and why?" stackoverflow.com/questions/25594113/…
@Braiam I wouldn't be surprised if that's a Microsoft rep
@ColeJohnson you don't always have to close them
@JanDvorak I know, it's just instinctive with all the crap
do as usual: downvote if kinda crappy, unclear what you know, too broad (I guess)...
5:15 PM
@ColeJohnson that seems specific enough
a good example of how such questions should be asked
@Braiam I agree, but we need to draw a line somewhere
> I figure electronic digitize numbers
@JanDvorak <hr />
^ an actual line
@JanDvorak s/s\/actual\/solid/meh
5:24 PM
@ColeJohnson syntax error
@ColeJohnson ?
@Braiam how?
Just want to get that patent number — George Alan yesterday
Probably should've included the link
@ColeJohnson trailing / missing
5:35 PM
@Braiam -_-
Why has no one made a native iOS/Android app for Tavern?
@ColeJohnson I've actually been working on a SE chat app for Android, but the networking keeps going wonky on me. :P
@ColeJohnson Well... there is:
Q: ChatSEy - An Android App for SE Chat

fredley Screenshot About Completely overhauled styles, including default and dark themes Reply to, star and flag messages Slide-out Sidebar for easy menu/star list access Tweaks to make typing easier (including Return -> Send, @username completion) The app works by injecting extra CSS and JS i...

@Doorknob Oh, post it on GH.
@hichris123 Alright, I'm eating lunch soon, but I will after that
I can help @Doorknob.
@Doorknob Oh, Studio or Eclipse? ;)
Thanks :) This happens to be my first Android app, but the problem really seems to be with logging into chat, which isn't too related to Android itself. (I'm basically doing the exact same thing as ChatExchange and Chatty, so... :/)
@hichris123 Eclipse.
5:42 PM
@Bart Thanks :)
@hichris123 Oooh it's a fancy Android-sponsored thing? Interesting. I never really like Eclipse anyway, maybe I'll give that a try :P
ok, time to eat. I'll be back soon and post the code on Github
@Doorknob Yup. Main Android development (from the Google team) is going into Studio. It's based off of IntelliJ.
@Doorknob k, cya.
@hichris123 When I started doing Android stuff, I used Android Studio, but I switched to Eclipse because the Android tutorials demonstrated a change with pre-generated code in Eclipse. This code was entirely different than the code in Android Studio and that really confused me :P
Say @animuson, should I ask for a comment cleanup here: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/270275/488657 ?
5:52 PM
@hichris123 well, that's nice, but I don't have android. I just mentioned it because having both is nice
8 hours ago, by Bart
I'm subtle like that :)
@InfiniteRecursion ^^
I remember, your subtlety is at the root of that comment thread @Bart, which now needs a cleanup.
Perhaps subtlety is the root of all evil
If only the two glasses had let go of the scare-quotes....
@ProgramFOX It's a bit different. The pregenerated files are different, but everything else is the same.
5:55 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Then we would have been left with an answer that doesn't say what I want it to say. The horror!
@ProgramFox: Studio uses a gradle build structure, you can easily convert a project from the eclipse directory structure and import into studio.
@Bart: Agreed. I choose silence :|
6:12 PM
What happened to Lorem Pizza?!?!?!
I ate it
@TimPost I've been WAITING. My stuff was supposedly shipped two weeks before summer started, but then I was told it was shipped like a month ago :P
@TheWobbuffet backwards extrapolation based on the package orbital trajectory?
@JanDvorak What does that mean?
@TheWobbuffet That nobody has a freaking idea
6:22 PM
Yaaaay :P
@TheWobbuffet as in, they shoot a rocket towards you, then calculate backwards (assuming zero air drag and thrust) when it originally left the surface of Earth?
@JanDvorak I think I kind of get it
@JanDvorak stop playing KSP
@Braiam Just watching a series
@JanDvorak ghjkl ghjkl
6:27 PM
why did Community bumped this one? meta.stackexchange.com/posts/232405/timeline
that guy has no concept of "on-topic"
that's actually correct. People are merely downvoting when they should be flagging as offensive. — Jan Dvorak 15 secs ago
I was engaging with the downvoters
tmb;dr (too much bold; didn't read) — Jan Dvorak 10 secs ago
6:45 PM
He/she seems really angry. Shouldn't someone block/suspend/nuke that account?
Can someone with 10k screenshot and send to gemsfromstackexchange.tumblr.com
After a couple of posts he'll be stopped automatically anyway @InfiniteRecursion.
@InfiniteRecursion gotta work with what we have
@Braiam why not?
6:49 PM
:D Mr. James ....
Thanks @Jan, @Bart
also got a spam self-answer
@JanDvorak how the heck that could be self-answered? (cc @TimPost)
6:50 PM
@Braiam why not?
^^^^ that
@JanDvorak why yes?
@ColeJohnson ?
@Braiam if you're worried about the 8-hour waiting period, that's already gone
@JanDvorak great!
6:52 PM
@JanDvorak is not offensive...
> fine sorry i say allahuakbar an get angry an call you homosexual an atheist. sorry. can you now explain why my proof wrong or right please. AND this time DONT DOWNVOTE or DLETE
then throw in a VLQ
still VLQ
unless "allahuakbar" is offensive
@Bart you are so slow....
Did it before you said it @Bart
Is it wrong that when I see "allahuakbar", I think of Star Wars?
6:53 PM
@InfiniteRecursion I am calm. u explain now? — proofofgod 51 secs ago
Wait, he's calling us stupid f.... sigh ...
his second comment was offensive, though
It might be interestimg if he can prove Bart is wrong...
@MJD yes it math question. it about proof. proof = math dumbass — proofofgod 46 secs ago
I voted for leave open...
6:55 PM
Unless your proof includes axioms, it's not math. — Cole Johnson 40 secs ago
@ColeJohnson wat axioms — proofofgod 15 secs ago
in the meantime, the webapps spam is gone
@Braiam sury, mistiped atumz
What's with all this spam all of a sudden? That what Spam Exchange was for!
@Bart yes it on topic. i keep posting n nothing u can do. — proofofgod 20 secs ago
anyone thinks that a honey-pot Q&A would be useful?
6:57 PM
Add actual honey and I'm in.
I calmed him a bit, again he got infuriated @Bart :(
@Braiam how would you trap spammers but not regular users?
There's no calming trolls @InfiniteRecursion.
@JanDvorak who said I don't want to trap regular users ;)?
Do my eyes deceive me?
6:59 PM
@JanDvorak nuked
user image
@Bart:^^More glassists!!
@hichris123 he managed to threat the site with a bot, though
7:00 PM
Aug 8 '12 at 13:43, by Bart
Though since his profile says "Sorry, I don't do chat." you should not be confused.
@JanDvorak ?
@AstroCB He has a point
His typos and his anger won't let him write any decent code @Jan
I do wonder... are we all socks of @Bart?
@hichris123 "if you delete, I'll repost. I have a bot for that" (paraphrasing, obviously)
7:02 PM
@hichris123 Nah, Shog.
meta spam gone, btw
time to teach my bot some arabic
"ALLAHU AKHBAR. now everyone think you terrorist haha" ... yeah ... that's how it works ...
nothing can beat a human spam detector except in terms of endurance, though
or processing speed
@JanDvorak account nuked
inb4 sock
(I don't mean @bart's socks ATM, BTW)
@Bart offensive
Q: Retag [splash] questions with the [splash-screen] tag

zyboxinternationalWhen asking a (very) recent question, I noticed that splash and splash-screen exist, but mean exactly the same thing: Surely the splash tag could easily be confused with another software development-related thing, like an SDK. I'm requesting that the splash be merged into the (far more popula...

@hichris123 mmm... no
@Braiam ikr
@Braiam ?
7:08 PM
@JanDvorak nop
@Bart yes
@Bart gone
no replacement yet
is "terrorist" a swearword, BTW?
observing the newest questions in a separate tab ... I sometimes wonder if people like that know how sizeable the community is that fights them.
@Braiam Yeah, it was.
7:11 PM
@Bart sometimes, specially late sunday... are specially difficult for the community to ward off stuff like that
I had twice almost spent my 100 flags in a single wave
Next one is dead too.
@Braiam any accounts still living that you know of?
@hichris123 negative as of yet
@hichris123 5 minutes until it blooms
@JanDvorak yeah, probably.
7:15 PM
Flowers bloom, not spam accounts :/
engage, pretending I haven't noticed his name?
Ok, lets go and say hi
I guess I shouldn't ask him to change his name?
he asked some question... math.stackexchange.com/q/915190/84870 nothing inflammatory
@Braiam Looking at it, and looking at the activity feed
@Braiam ninja edit window over now
considering the lack of typos, I would say that a mod told him how to ask an appropriated question
@JanDvorak gone
@JanDvorak dead
7:21 PM
Mods are watching.
I was thinking about asking his offensive account about his normal question.
his normal question was nuked en-route
It was probably just cover for the spammy thing.
@JanDvorak Yeah, destroy does that.
@hichris123 I thought that only worked within accounts?
7:24 PM
It was a nonsense question. He seemed confused about continuous functions and convolution matrix concepts. No great loss for the site.
You could explain him the concept of interpolation
I do agree that that's not really useful for further transformations
Maybe he suffers from question-Tourette's. For every decent question he accidentally shouts out a couple of offensive ones.
Offensive questions along with a lot of abusive comments. He abused almost every commentor except me.
too bad the socket doesn't tell us how or by whom a question got modified
@InfiniteRecursion Oh, you're his sock?
7:29 PM
@JanDvorak hmm?
@hichris123 that normal question was from an unregistered account
Jan monitors socket data to study spam perhaps.
@JanDvorak Oh, delete/destroy works on all accounts. Unregistered and registered.
No @bjb, not his sock. Just my lucky day. He was polite to me.
No people, no! You star my comments. You don't flag them!
But what's the problem?
7:33 PM
Woah, I come back and see a flag in the Tavern! That's new.
(why is that flagged anyway?)
Whoa! What was flagged?
@Doorknob, given my flag history I won't comment on the flag.
Golden moment!!
Mar 3 at 21:46, by Bart
But, but, they're all nice and colourful @hichris123. Surely that brings some cheer to those who I flag?
7:34 PM
@Bart Lemme guess... your sock "misclicked"?
(remember that one time... :P)
1 min ago, by Bart
@Doorknob, given my flag history I won't comment on the flag.
Evil is the root of all subtlety...
Are you becoming my nemesis @InfiniteRecursion, is that it? ;)
Nemesis. No!! I am learning to keep silent to restore the harmony of the ecosystem @Bart.
Harmony .... haha ... hahahahaha ... HAHAHAHAHA
7:39 PM
Most asthmatic train ever
@Bart ... has just hit a brick wall
7:41 PM
Jan is your nemesis @Bart
@InfiniteRecursion wat?
@InfiniteRecursion nah, not even close.
I could use a good nemesis though. It has been a while.
You mean to say that I am close? o_O
Nah...am a glassist. I avoid GLASSES!!
Jan, you have known Bart the longest as far as I could see in the history of the tavern. Most ideal Nemesis candidate wrt @Bart :)
TIL the word "heathen"
The 3 downvotes yesterday in quick succession were not reversed. Were these legitimate downvotes? – bjb568 Aug 14 at 16:54 declined - We don't have any way of knowing.
Why did I just get an already visited question in the newest questions feed?

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