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3:23 AM
@rene State
4:21 AM
morning morning
@bjb568 country
5:11 AM
@SilentKiller Norway
5:25 AM
@iStimple United States
@SilentKiller America
@ShadowWizard so, you are a bad shadow?
@DroidDev India
@SilentKiller Indiana
@DroidDev @bjb568 @iStimple howdy.?
@iStimple jones
@SilentKiller don't have much time for howdies in the den, WAG is serious business for me
@SilentKiller cones
5:39 AM
@SilentKiller good, how are you?
@iStimple tones
@DroidDev bones
@DroidDev Me too fine.
@iStimple phones
@DroidDev calls
5:43 AM
@SilentKiller falls
@DroidDev balls
@iStimple halls
@DroidDev malls
@iStimple walls
@DroidDev invisible
5:50 AM
@iStimple divisible
@DroidDev modulo
@iStimple modulus
@DroidDev once bad always bad! :D
uh oh, son has noticed I'm near the computer I'm doomed
@ShadowWizard lols :P
@ShadowWizard lol, :P
6:07 AM
@DroidDev math
@ShadowWizard science
@SilentKiller physics
@DroidDev Biology
@SilentKiller etymology
@ShadowWizard astrology
6:13 AM
@DroidDev astronaut
@iStimple spaceship
@SilentKiller Death Star
6:37 AM
@DroidDev Death Race
@SilentKiller car race
6:58 AM
@DroidDev rat race
@iStimple horse race
@DroidDev Marathon(Human Race)
@SilentKiller 10k
7:35 AM
@iStimple privilege
>>reply 2356253
@ProgramFOX citizenship
@FOX9000 citizen
@ProgramFOX immunity
@FOX9000 power
@ProgramFOX entente
7:44 AM
@FOX9000 understanding
@ProgramFOX knowledge
@FOX9000 know
@ProgramFOX nothing
@FOX9000 everything
@ProgramFOX readiness
7:51 AM
@FOX9000 ready
@ProgramFOX rough
@FOX9000 smooth
@ProgramFOX surface
@FOX9000 area
@ProgramFOX staging
7:54 AM
>>link Git commit
@ProgramFOX Link added.
@FOX9000 Git
@ProgramFOX commit
@FOX9000 message
@ProgramFOX subspace
7:57 AM
@FOX9000 linear
@ProgramFOX accelerator
@FOX9000 speed
@ProgramFOX indicator
@FOX9000 notification
@ProgramFOX impost
8:03 AM
@FOX9000 tax
@ProgramFOX income
@FOX9000 outgoing
@ProgramFOX incoming
@FOX9000 in
@ProgramFOX pursuance
8:08 AM
@FOX9000 action
@ProgramFOX rearguard
@FOX9000 defensive
@ProgramFOX offensive
@FOX9000 flag
@ProgramFOX truce
8:12 AM
@FOX9000 agreement
@ProgramFOX disagreement
@FOX9000 opinion
@ProgramFOX consensus
@FOX9000 community
@ProgramFOX college
8:19 AM
@FOX9000 education
@ProgramFOX rudiment
@FOX9000 beginning
@ProgramFOX navy
@FOX9000 sea
@ProgramFOX anemone
8:22 AM
@FOX9000 coral
@ProgramFOX reef
:2356331 reef
@FOX9000 beef
@ProgramFOX bean
@FOX9000 soup
@ProgramFOX pea
8:27 AM
@FOX9000 plant
@ProgramFOX seedling
@FOX9000 seed
@ProgramFOX sowing
@FOX9000 scatter
@ProgramFOX broadcast
8:35 AM
@FOX9000 transmit
@ProgramFOX ratification
@FOX9000 confirmation
@ProgramFOX unction
@FOX9000 junction
@ProgramFOX terminus
8:38 AM
@FOX9000 terminal
@ProgramFOX velocity
9:04 AM
@ProgramFOX how do we know that you're not using a bot for yourself?
@iStimple I also run it when other people are online.
@ProgramFOX No. I'm saying that the words that you post are not from you typing, but from a bot as well.
^ That's the proof that I have actually written a bot :D
@FOX9000 Travelocity
No associated word found for Travelocity.
9:07 AM
>>link travelocity travel
@ProgramFOX Link added.
>>reply 2356387
No associated word found for Travelocity.
Meh, links are not case-insensitive.
starts fixing
9:10 AM
starting sabotage.
>>link 42 "The Answer"
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters
let's see
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters
ummm... how to make it accept the space...
@SPArchaeologist Sorry, only single words are allowed.
9:15 AM
>>link 42 The%20Answer
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters
>>link fireball Fizban
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
>>link muffin Derpy
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
9:17 AM
Note that links are only used of no other associated word could be found.
I might change that later.
>>reply 2356387
@iStimple travel
@FOX9000 vacation
@iStimple christmas
@ProgramFOX ok, let me reverse them then. There is a way to REMOVE a link?
@FOX9000 nightmare (Nightmare before Christmas, the movie)
@SPArchaeologist waking
9:25 AM
@FOX9000 false
A false awakening is a vivid and convincing dream about awakening from sleep, while the dreamer in reality continues to sleep. After a false awakening, subjects often dream they are performing daily morning rituals such as cooking, cleaning and eating. A subset of false awakenings, namely those in which one dreams that one has awoken from sleep that featured dreams, take on aspects of a double dream or a dream within a dream. This may be one of the causes of bed wetting, since the affected person may believe they are using a toilet. == Further concepts == === Lucidity === A false awaken...
@SPArchaeologist true
@FOX9000 boolean
No associated word found for boolean.
>>link boolean flag
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
9:29 AM
>>reply 2356427
@iStimple flag
@FOX9000 lag
nice, nice indeed
@iStimple jet
@FOX9000 Boeing
9:30 AM
@SPArchaeologist Not yet implemented, but I think I can do that from code.
No associated word found for Boeing.
>>link boeing airplane
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
>>reply 2356436
>>reply 2356436
Uh oh...
9:32 AM
No associated word found for Boeing.
No associated word found for Boeing.
(random broken glass sound)
>>link Boeing airplane
@iStimple Link is already added.
9:32 AM
you made it case sensitive then?
Huh? I fixed the case sensitivity thing.
>>reply 2356436
you fixed only one side of the problem
No associated word found for Boeing.
Also something I need to fix: when using >>reply, don't wait before posting.
9:34 AM
if you want the link to be case sensitive you need to be case sensitive both when you search for the link and when you add the link
I don't want it to be case sensitive, and I thought I made it case insensitive.
>>reply 2356436
Ugh, I made the case insensitive comparison at the wrong place.
>>reply 2356436
@iStimple airplane
It works now :)
@FOX9000 airbus
@iStimple blimp
9:40 AM
@FOX9000 limp
@iStimple lame
@FOX9000 joke
@iStimple practical
@FOX9000 necessities
@iStimple universality
9:45 AM
@FOX9000 universal
@iStimple suffrage
@FOX9000 civil rights
did you stop the bot?
@iStimple No, but your message contains two words, so it does not consider it a game word.
or it just does nothing on more than 1 word?
@iStimple Yes, indeed.
@iStimple rights
9:54 AM
@ProgramFOX Fox, as a temp solution could you make the bot use underscores as spaces?
@ProgramFOX left
@ProgramFOX I mean - for the link feature
so that it could respond with multiple words.
@SPArchaeologist It will never respond with multiple words. The word association site returns single words.
@SPArchaeologist Oh, that link feature. I thought hyperlinks. Yes, I can do that.
@SPArchaeologist Done.
@FOX9000 arrow
@ProgramFOX quiver
>>link 42 The_Answer
10:02 AM
@ProgramFOX Command contains invalid characters
>>link 42 The_Answer
@ProgramFOX Link added.
@SPArchaeologist Now it linked 42 to The Answer.
10:17 AM
@FOX9000 bolt
@SPArchaeologist crossbow
@FOX9000 yumi
Yumi (弓) is the term for Japanese bows, and includes the longer daikyū (大弓) and the shorter hankyū (半弓) used in the practice of kyūdō and kyūjutsu, or Japanese archery. The yumi was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan. == History of the yumi == Early Japanese used bows of various sizes but the majority were short with a center grip. By the 3rd century BC, the bow length had grown to nearly 2 meters. This bow was called the maruki yumi and was constructed from a small sapling or tree limb. It is unknown when the asymmetrical yumi came into use but the first...
have fun, bot :P
No associated word found for yumi.
>>link yumi kyuudou
@SPArchaeologist Command contains invalid characters
10:30 AM
>>link yumi kyuudou
@SPArchaeologist Link added.
@SPArchaeologist The bot ignores edits.
@ProgramFOX yes, expected. I pressed the up key by error and edited last message
@ProgramFOX standard doskey influenced behaviour
>>reply 2356522
Lol you entered the wrong id.
And... wrong reply deleted :D
>>reply 2356531
@ProgramFOX DOH!
10:34 AM
@SPArchaeologist kyuudou
@FOX9000 samurai
^ Notifications on chatbot account :D
Btw..... where is shadow?
@SPArchaeologist shogun
@FOX9000 shotgun (one letter difference :D)
10:35 AM
@ProgramFOX remington
@SPArchaeologist his kid beat him up and stole his phone
@FOX9000 colt
@iStimple python
@FOX9000 bot (written in Python)
10:38 AM
@ProgramFOX sone
10:48 AM
@FOX9000 son
@SPArchaeologist bitch
↑ THIS was the site reply?
@FOX9000 unrelated
10:53 AM
@ProgramFOX gene
@ProgramFOX remembers me when, thanks to a search bomb attack, google had the Wikipedia link show up with the "other video site starting with You" between the various subpage items.
people on the net continued to make fun of them for about one month after the problem was fixed. Probably there is still some screen lingering around the great internet sea
@ProgramFOX I never understand what actually caused that issue. A bug? some abuse of the search ranking by some hacker group? don't know.
No idea; I hadn't yet heard about the Google bomb until now.
The terms Google bomb and Googlewashing refer to the practice of causing a web page to rank highly in search engine results for unrelated or off-topic search terms by linking heavily. In contrast, search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the search engine listings of web pages for relevant search terms. It is done for either business, political, or comedic purposes (or some combination thereof). Google's search-rank algorithm ranks pages higher for a particular search phrase if enough other pages linked to it use similar anchor text (linking text such as "miserable failure...
11:04 AM
> Google's search-rank algorithm ranks pages higher for a particular search phrase if enough other pages linked to it use similar anchor text
Probably they have done that.
@ProgramFOX What I still don't get is HOW they managed to alter the subresults of a link
What I don't get is how they let Google find the links with the "miserable failure" text.
Probably they edited stuff on popular sites, but that kind of vandalism wouldn't be alive for a long time.
@ProgramFOX or created fake sites. Anyway, I still wonder how they damaged a site subheading. I would assume that the subheading for the "Wikipedia" link are retrieved from the original site, so how they managed to put a fake link between them still eludes me.
@FOX9000 DNA
@SPArchaeologist No idea.
No associated word found for DNA.
11:11 AM
>>link DNA acid
@ProgramFOX Link added.
>>reply 2356619
@SPArchaeologist acid
11:26 AM
@FOX9000 xenomorph
@SilentKiller Was sleeping...
No associated word found for xenomorph.
@SPArchaeologist Alien
@ProgramFOX abduction
11:40 AM
@FOX9000 cow
@SPArchaeologist puncher
1 hour later…
12:47 PM
@ShadowWizard I'm not sure if it is correct, that's why.... I'll check later tonight
1:15 PM
@FOX9000 punch
@ProgramFOX sucker
@FOX9000 blood
@ProgramFOX corpuscle
Again that word... I think I will add some randomness to the posted words...
@FOX9000 cell
@ProgramFOX detention
1:18 PM
@FOX9000 maintenance
@ProgramFOX hangar
@FOX9000 building
@ProgramFOX storey
@FOX9000 story
@ProgramFOX teller
1:25 PM
@FOX9000 counter (teller in Dutch = counter in English)
@ProgramFOX rad
@FOX9000 Rapid (Application Development)
@ProgramFOX evaporation
@FOX9000 disappear
@ProgramFOX altogether
1:44 PM
@FOX9000 together
@ProgramFOX mix
@FOX9000 shuffle
@ProgramFOX slipper
@FOX9000 shoe
@ProgramFOX stocking
1:53 PM
@FOX9000 stock
@ProgramFOX cattle
@FOX9000 battle
@ProgramFOX prowess
@FOX9000 strength
@ProgramFOX agility
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