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9:03 PM
@ShadowWizard hm. that's a separate bug. write it up on meta if it ... puts on sunglasses ... bugs you? :)
@AnnaLear it does... really
@Bart perfect :)
@bjb568 flag?
9:08 PM
@ShadowWizard Delete. Flagging is a delete vote.
(nobody here except Anna can delete anyway)
Isn't it 4 flags or something that would delete it?
lazy here bodies. Get delete rights already.
@Shog9 You can transfer me yours. \o/
@Shog9 maybe grant the power to delete comments at 30k rep then? :D
9:09 PM
Or 2k?
@ShadowWizard Heck no. Imagine h2co3 being able to delete comments.
@Undo oh, he's back?! ;)
@bjb568 depends. Can be as low as 1 flag, or as high as [not sure there's a limit, depends on comment score]
@ShadowWizard No. But I can point to other >30k users that I wouldn't want being able to unilaterally delete comments.
@rlemon that's a baphomet. If the breasts are the only part you see as offensive, I'm pretty sure you don't get to be offended by it.
9:11 PM
@Undo What's wrong with h2co3?
No comment
I see his lingering traces, they don't seem too horrible.
@bjb568 mildly acidic
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
9:15 PM
Oh yay, it brought itself back to life
@Undo wow, it's alive
@Undo there are couple things wrong in that sentence
^ Anybody for censoring that?
nah, too much of an edge case. You create account one single time, maybe it's good to always see the homepage afterwards. ;)

@Braiam feel free to submit a report and use my steps. :)
@bjb568 you mean delete? no, why?
@ShadowWizard Well, both people are being rude. Isn't that not supposed to happen on SE including chat?
9:22 PM
Meh. Deleted.
A nearly year-old frozen chat room? Not worth arguing about even a little bit.
looks around
You know we're on the internet right?
Everything is worth arguing about!
@TimStone I argue against that! ;)
dammit, Shadow beat me to that
@ShadowWizard ur annoying
@AnnaLear ur annoying
I argue for the sake of continuing the argument
9:26 PM
@Braiam ur annoying
@bjb568 no u
@AnnaLear u
@Anna while we're at it, did you have chance to ping Jin about this?
Q: Links in promotion ads are black on black, thus invisible

Shadow WizardI have just noticed this: There are links in there, clickable and everything but not shown due to the site theme. It should be something like this: (taken from different site in the network) Can the color become cross-site please?

Now this one actually bothers my poor eyes :D
@ShadowWizard uh. probably?
9:28 PM
> You last voted on this question Jul 9 at 1:56. Your vote is now locked in unless this question is edited.
@ShadowWizard Just poke @Pops to poke Jin. Pops doesn't mind.
@Braiam nice!
@AnnaLear maybe?
On a scale of 1 to 10, I likely did.
9:29 PM
It's just that it feels so quick to fix, that's all
@hichris123 Unless is with a sharp stick... in that case Pops do mind
Too much.
Like, whining rooms need to be unlocked.
That's it.
You can hire Ilmari Karonen as a freelance for some of those CSS bugs, @Anna ;)
You can hire kittens too!
@bjb568 no, they need too much milk
and milk means cows
9:30 PM
Not sure what the situation is here (haven't looked), but these css fixes aren't always as simple as they look. Depends on where the rules are actually coming from. e.g. fixing something in a shared stylesheet means reviewing 40+ sites, etc.
Come to think of it, I basically voluntarily work for SE like… 12 yours a day… reviewing…
@ShadowWizard Ah, I guess they need to get their hamsters together first.
@bjb568 yup
@AnnaLear ur css stink
someone mentioned Cows?
@AnnaLear I think this one is specific to Skeptics, with its black theme
9:32 PM
@Braiam better than goats!
ohhhh, awesome movie @Anna :)
   ##        )\/\
    ||      ||

   Cowth Vader
@Braiam ^^
9:36 PM
apt-get moo | cowsay -n | xcowsay -f monospace
9:49 PM
How can I fiddle with a remote filesystem thru ssh without using a terminal on mac?
@bjb568 Why without a terminal?
@Doorknob Terminals are annoying and hard to use.
@bjb568 Eww. Doing something with a GUI when you could do it from a command line is annoying and clunky.
@bjb568 By hiring a programmer to push the elevator buttons for you.
@bjb568 mount it locally....
10:00 PM
@Shog9 I started by saying i'm not offended. just wondering what the acceptability of such a gravatar is
@Braiam How?
@Braiam Installed osxfuse.github.io sshfs: command not found
@rlemon depends on how folks accept it
general rule is, if folks are offended by an avatar, we remove it
there are, of course, cases that we know will offend
@bjb568 I don't use Macs...
10:12 PM
@Braiam Ugh.
What exactly caused Community to protect this?
@AstroCB several deleted answers
@Braiam I thought so: thanks.
Q: Automatically protect questions with three or more low-rep-user deleted answers

Won'tThere are a few "automatically protect questions" requests out there, but I'd like to add another twist. I'd like to request that questions that have three or more deleted answers by users with <50 rep be automatically protected. The reasoning behind this is that we have lots and lots of "not a...

tl;dr: Braiam is right.
@Pops beat me to it :(
link was ready in my clipboard
10:17 PM
My job is secure for one more day.
yeah, you're the fastest CM in the west!
@Pops I don't even have 10k :P
@hichris123 I'm guessing this is handled.
@Pops Possibly. I'm not sure. ;)
Good enough for me!
10:21 PM
But you don't mind being poked, right @Pops? Right???
@Pops nope. Jin wasn't poked hard enough by @Anna just yet :D
Considering the nature of your request, and knowing what Jin is up to these days (a super-gigantic overhaul of all the CSS in the network) I'm going to do nothing for a little while.
@hichris123 told you, that if it's with a sharp stick, Pops do mind being poked at
@Pops Ooooh, overhaul!
Is it sekrit or can you tell us what will change?
It's gonna be LESS.
10:24 PM
@Pops LESS is MORE!
@hichris123 Just make sure it's not with a big stick. I believe it's in the SE job perks list.
There might be more to it than that, but if there is, I don't know about it. I'm not on the design team, after all.
@Jamal Only sharp sticks.
It says nothing about the size of the stick.
size does not matter, @hichris123
That is true.
10:26 PM
user image
@ShadowWizard internet
caching, it's always caching
@AstroCB not really, need to choose the one he's actually using
10:31 PM
@ShadowWizard He didn't mention either, so I just kept 3.
Not that the question will be left open for too much longer...
@AstroCB maybe ask in a comment?
> Version 2 of the API has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010.
@hichris123 classic ASP is deprecated for eons, yet people keep using it
@ShadowWizard He probably doesn't even know which one he's using...
@hichris123 then, lets just keep one tag for the current api version... no?
10:32 PM
@AstroCB oh, that's just... sad
@Braiam There isn't just a general , either.
@AstroCB Make one!
@bjb568 I don't know enough about the API to know whether that's warranted.
@AstroCB hears the wind saying: meta... meta... meta... ask in meta...
10:54 PM
Q: Is my website possibly being hacked?

RohanI might be insane to write this here, but I am just too scared as of now. There are 2 websites that I have hosted on iPage. All the PHP pages across both my websites were modified early this morning around 9AM and all of them have the following prefix <?php /*db9fce8e7e3b4062309ef5d7c0193183_on...

> Please don't ass things unless you actually know for sure.
@hichris123 Haha I did that in a tag wiki on SO once too.
@animuson And you wonder why we keep asking for a recently-edited list for tag wikis. Gorsh.
@tchrist Oh, I thought you were going to say, "You wonder why we complain about moderators!". :P
It's ok, my coworker typed in "Green Gay, WI" as a birthplace, versus "Green Bay"...
11:39 PM
Sometimes it saddens me that I cannot +1 a checkin message. :)
The funnier part was that the gay guy at the office happened to check that stack of voter registrations.
@hichris123 Shog keeps telling me not to ass things, but I do so anyway...
I have some very Freudian slips in my checkins. After the first few thousand, they all blur and you just type any which thing or your mother.
@animuson What, only one? How can this be? :)
Must not be from Thebes. Those guys only come in pairs.

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