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2:00 PM
by religious conversation you mean endless discussion/debate,, right...??
it is really strange that wherever I go, people start hating me
because I am saying mostly right things that no one wants to say
Pro Tip: Typing with proper grammar insta-grants you +50 charisma.
or maybe they think I am a dick just because of statements like this
@Bart is he still around? Ages since I saw him active :(
@Unihedron I thought the maximum was 18?
2:02 PM
Lol...it's just been a single day @Bart. You are the lord of the stars
@JanDvorak The starting point is a negative number though...
@Unihedron Does that include putting full stops at the end of the sentences?
@Unihedron not possible. Which ruleset?
@DroidDev: Yes, the long discussion about toes, finger, school, legs, life and jesus...that was a religious discussion. It takes some time to notice the religious part among all that text
2:06 PM
@InfiniteRecursion plot twist, everything written here is a part of religious discussion, but its encoded :P
@DroidDev :o (gasp)
Thanks for the revelation @DroidDev. I thought @JanDvorak is collecting info to write the biography of zigi...how many toes do you have? etc confused me...
Actually religion is further away from me than my dream of seeing a planet where people are virtualized after their biological body dies and everything running on more sustainable sources, but Eddison had to sabotage Tesla, didn't he.
wonders if toes was code for socks
nope, toes as in feet toes
2:10 PM
Anyone up for a game of chess? I'm tired.
if anyone has watched the movie Gattaca
there was a piano player who had 5 fingers and could play a song written fro people with 12 fingers
looks around for the train
wonders what train @InfiniteRecursion means
@ShadowWizard Cody? Think I saw him post something yesterday ...
2:14 PM
I like trains.
morbid chick wants someone to jump, but alas no train
@Unihedron and you just broke one :P
@InfiniteRecursion I am always here whenever you need help :D
@Bart not on MSE, his last answer there is over 2 months ago ):
2:17 PM
I think it is wrong if the SO creators hide how their algorithms work from the users and have no transparency to tell users they are not transparent fro asking if someone can abuse the system
you can post on MSE about it
Thanks @DroidDev :) let's build a train :D
@InfiniteRecursion ok, you start, I'll follow your lead :)
let's train a build
2:20 PM
wonders if @santa will gift her a train as an early christmas gift
@InfiniteRecursion you mean @satan
Yahoo! Train :D thanks @ShadowWizard
maybe @santana?
@InfiniteRecursion you are a her?
@zigi chick is usually a sign to "her"
2:23 PM
@zigi thanks captain obvious
sorry, I just realized :D
haha well excuse me milady if I have been rude in any way to you
@InfiniteRecursion ok, there you go....
Jun 5 at 6:03, by DroidDev
`o`````o`  `o````o`  `o````o`  `o````o` `o`````o` `o`````o`  ``oo``````oo`
omg a train
_________ ______________ ______________ ______________ __>_____
2:25 PM
You are boring, not rude
that's a better one
_________ ______________ ______________ ______________ __>_____
                      ;'-._       _.-';
 ,--------------------|    `-. .-'    |--------------------,
  ``""--..__    ___   ;       '       ;   ___    __..--""``
   jgs      `"-// \\.._\             /_..// \\-"`
               \\_//    '._       _.'    \\_//
                `"`        ``---``        `"`
                                         __   __
                                         /'   `\
                                        Y.     .Y
                              _______    \`. .'/
      .-/__|_]_]  :"/:""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""|'
   ,-'__________[];/_;_____________________T G V____|
(_>        ,-------.                     ,-------.  |
@ShadowWizard -1 random "jgs" words
Sooo many trains :D
                                          .-"""".._'.       _,##
                                   _..__ |.-"""-.|  |   _,##'`-._
                                  (_____)||_____||  |_,##'`-._,##'`
                                  _|   |.;-""-.  |  |#'`-._,##'`
                               _.;_ `--' `\    \ |.'`\._,##'`
                              /.-.\ `\     |.-";.`_, |##'`
                              |\__/   | _..;__  |'-' /
                              '.____.'_.-`)\--' /'-'`
@Bart ohhh, so that's where he lurks
that is 3/4 perspective
new Train();
2:28 PM
Anyone jumping yet?
@zigi -1 random "jgs" words
#.'. #`,.. #`.+,'
@@+........... '@
@@ '#,....`,'@`''
nah, it doesn't work
@SmokeDetector sumer?
2:33 PM
4 hours ago, by Infinite Recursion
thinks if something needs so much effort to be proved, maybe it's not worth proving at all...socrates said something like that...but she can't remember the exact source now
"she" can't remember....
you do realize I filter a lot of information a day
more than 10-20K lines
so I can't know all of it word by word
and I must have missed it
especially when people talk for themselves in 3rd person
@ShadowWizard yup
Yes, with such amazing conversations...I can imagine. Anyways he or she doesn't matter, SE is gender neutral
especially with people/animals that are 'it' like me
The programmers of tomorrow are the wizards of the future!
@Jan: Are you taking notes for zigi's biography? Toes, fingers, school...
2:38 PM
so are you a programmer of yesterday ^^ @ShadowWizard ?
@Unihedron are you a grammar Nazi?
I'm wondering what makes you constantly feel the need to embed a YouTube video in a one-boxed content that takes up 1/3 of the page height that I'm not sure if anyone here really feels like watching.
Good covers attract attention, that's why people invest money in marketing. Since a picture tells a thousand words, I guess people would be more inclined to see it if they want if they know what it is.
@DroidDev I am a wizard of the morrow of course!
@ShadowWizard but aren't you already one?
2:45 PM
(secretly agrees with @Unihedron)
How do you people pronounce the word nuclear?
I have noticed my old American room mate used to pronounce it as nu-cue-ler
what about mischievous
@Unihedron yep
2:47 PM
what are we doing here again?
remembers Bernard Shaw's pygmalion
@DroidDev I smell an infinite loop here {runs away} ;)
morbid chick is still waiting for the jump, all the trains and choppers have arrived
does anyone use the sentence "I am feeling nauseous"
2:50 PM
We can use that now...that's exactly how we are feeling
@zigi not if I'm standing nearby, a train is coming, and 200 people are standing on the rails
Well I am here to tell you that that's an improper use and you have to say, "I am feeling nauseated"
@ShadowWizard to den :P
note to self: grammar is of utmost priority when you are feeling nauseous
2:52 PM
nau.... what?
you are not feeling nauseous but rather nauseated
in other words someone's smell might be quite nauseous, but that is a different story
the amount of moderation we did today=0.000000000005%
2:54 PM
The world needs more grammar conscious doctors. Nausea will disappear on it's own.
@DroidDev :( how is that a floating point number .....
@DroidDev :(
@Unihedron oh! I forgot to put % sign in the end
@DroidDev (shooks head and goes back to hunting for questions to answer)
@Unihedron way to go, I am also leaving... :)
2:57 PM
@Unihedron and @DroidDev: me too :)
enjoy your day ladies and gents
Enjoy your day too. Make sure you enlighten @Jan completely. We interrupted your religious enlightenment.
@InfiniteRecursion well he is a man so he can decide for his own, what and whom to trust
@zigi does this imply that a woman can't decide for her own?
I meant he's a grown man
3:07 PM
so.... "adult"?
too long, @Unihedron! :(
Music is joy
joy is music
@zigi: that comment made me feel nauseated
Leaves chat open overnight.
838 new messages.
Yes, you will now find an enlightened @JanDrovak
The lord entered the tavern after you left @bjb568
3:36 PM
@MikeChristensen SR moderator here. Please, please don't suggest people ask on Software Reccomendations without linking to our question quality guidelines, as we have very strict requirements for how much information a question must contain to be on-topic. Thanks! — Undo 35 secs ago
Undo smash!
@AstroCB Gone before I even got a chance to see it.
It was a good question, but an obvious duplicate.
3:52 PM
Unless it's an emergency,


Post questions you want closed here with the same syntax as ex...
3 mins ago, by AstroCB
Unclear: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25312197/how-to-show-list-menu-become-over-sl‌​ider-image#25312197
That one is urgent as life and death no matter which way you look at it... ;)
@Unihedron deleted by the OP
@bjb568 why don't you use the SO Close voters room for that?

 SO Close Vote Reviewers

This room is for support and discussion about reviewing and co...
tnx @Unihedron
3:59 PM
@rene That's for discussion and CV parties.
lol, yes it is...
But I'm happy to facilitate extra close moderation
But I have a dedicated room made for being easily scannable by bots.
A: Hide negatively-voted posts from the front page

bjb568Ya heard of hidden? Use it. It's totally better.

New major version because of that!
Thanks for the tip @bjb568. It never worked for me before, so my choices were to use display: hidden; or unnecessarily include jQuery.
That makes even more of a difference on the one that hides the Community Bulletin.
So much better:
4:19 PM
@bjb568 Wow, that makes the Community Bulletin script work really well. If I didn't like Meta so much, I might even use it myself. @Cupcake: Community Bulletin-hiding script updated with major improvements.
@EdCottrell cv-ed needs 2 more votes
4:37 PM
I added a Data Explorer query that lets you find reviews of your own posts (I assumed you wouldn't mind because you made it a Community Wiki), which should give you an idea as to what of yours has been flagged (not comments, though). I think it's quite interesting: one of my posts has been used as a (thankfully, positive) audit in the Low Quality Posts Review Queue. — AstroCB 41 secs ago
@EdCottrell closed
What does this mean?
@AstroCB am actually currently used the query to purge my incorrect answers, that didn't complete the queues.. — Vogel612 1 min ago
Little to nothing.
@Andy Thanks.
4:59 PM
@AstroCB Debugging is OffTopic/13. Please edit to make it easier for bots.
@bjb568 Got it.
Yay, my IP just got banned on openid.stackexchange.com
@SantaClaus what did you do, run a bunch of socks?
5:07 PM
@Cupcake Well, I never actually got authenticated in the first place. And I got banned when trying to debug my application. For some reason the server didn't like my fkey no matter what
> This IP address has been banned from making further requests. If you believe this to be in error, contact us.
@SantaClaus Use… a good fkey then?
@bjb568 var fkey = $('input[name="fkey"]').attr('value');
^ that gave me a seemingly valid fkey until I try to use it
Use it for what, anyway?
@bjb568 I was trying to make this script found on the internet work gist.github.com/ThiefMaster/4742214
5:11 PM
Can I still post delete requests here?
Because this one definitely needs it: stackoverflow.com/questions/14323306/…
@TGMCians I closed my own question. Where's my badge?
@SantaClaus Did you try using the fkey provided to your browser for human activities?
@Unihedron I am not sure which badge you get when you close your own question.
@bjb568 Well fkeys are only good once, but yes it worked fine in my browser
@TGMCians aww
5:14 PM
You don't get a badge(!).
Yesssssss I can get to openid.stackexchange.com now
in The DMZ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 21 mins ago, by tylerl
Wife says, "Yep. I forwarded it to the police. They said to stay where you are, and don't destroy this phone."
5:21 PM
@ColeJohnson What? Why?
@ColeJohnson 69
@Unihedron too broad? opinion based?
Too late. I closed it.
@Braiam off topic - belongs on math?
@iStimple is not programing related?
5:29 PM
A: Are there any worse sorting algorithms than Bogosort (a.k.a Monkey Sort)?

Curtis LassamJingle Sort, as described here. You give each value in your list to a different child on Christmas. Children, being awful human beings, will compare the value of their gifts and sort themselves accordingly.

I think @SantaClaus uses this.
@bjb568 maybe...
I love cookies and all, but not when they mess up openid authentication, as they just did.
TIL StackExchange has a cardiologist.
@Cupcake, here's one for you. The two identical posts are in the same question: stackoverflow.com/q/9494155/189134
@Andy weird.
5:34 PM
@Andy Flagged.
Found it. StackExchange.options.user.fkey
@Cupcake flag as NAA or other? It appears to of been a formatting edit that was left as a new answer.
@iStimple What? They're identical.
@iStimple I'm not sure, I haven't taken a close look, I don't really have time to pore over that right now.
I'm not the author of this code. i reformatted it for Poster as i couldn't stand the ugly formatting. — alkber Feb 29 '12 at 6:41
@bjb568 just formatted... look at originals
@iStimple Lol, he could have just closed the tab
5:43 PM
@iStimple Oh, two users. Whoops, didn't see that.
Well, misflagged…
@BradLarson I'm out of flags for the day, so I can't flag the posts of the relevant people, but I think one of the plagiarizers that I've been flagging has a sock account, or is in a voting ring.
@Cupcake, new record...1 user. 56 duplicates
It's the really high-rep user with a ton of plagiarized content that you've recently been going through.
There's a lower rep user with a similar profile, and they've both appeared on the same posts, as either answerers, or the higher-rep user answering the lower-rep user's question.
5:50 PM
I'll flag later today or tomorrow so you can see the specific posts and users.
@Andy are we talking about the same person?
@Cupcake Not sure. This user is in the 3K rep range
Does anybody know how to get the value of variables from the content scope in greesemonkey?
@bjb568 store them out into the global scope
@Andy no, not the same guy. I'm talking about someone who was at a much higher rep level.
5:53 PM
or put a breakpoint somewhere inside
@JanDvorak I'm not storing them, the page is.
@JanDvorak What's that?
Figured it out. Copy-pasted it from another script.
var script = document.createElement("script");
script.type = "text/javascript";
script.textContent = '(' + (function() {
  var parent = document.getElementsByClassName('post-menu')[0];
  var lsep = document.createElement('span');
  var a = document.createElement('a');
  a.onclick = function() {
6:09 PM
@Cupcake At least one of them did. I believe that has been dealt with. If not, remember to flag it tomorrow and we'll look into it. Don't want to speculate publicly about anyone.
@BradLarson Ok.
@Braiam can you write a comment there so that op would ask that question to specific site..like ubuntu.stackex...
if you dont have 10k reputation and you want to delete any crap question which has no use then Is it good idea to flag it for moderator ?
@TGMCians no
then any solution ?
6:22 PM
use chat rooms
But make sure it actually serves no remaining value first.
it may be guy don't know about tavern chat where guys do these activities
yes it has no use. it is crap
stackexchange is big network and probably most users never checked chat...
even for technical stuff...
@TGMCians no, I don't send anyone to other sites so they deal with the crap
@Braiam oh yeah right don't send if it is crap
anyone around who have 10k+ reputation here on stackoverflow?
I have 7.5k :(
I have 9883 now.. that my milestone would be completed soon..then i don't need mod to let them know about crap question to delete.
it's ok when someone flag for technical inaccuracies then they decline..all ok but quiet weird when they decline because someone flag to delete crap from site
6:32 PM
@TGMCians Yeah. That happens a lot with me.
and even after that
they delete it probably
and decline flags... cheating
yeah sometime it makes to move away from this all stuff when it doesn't make sense
one time mod sent this message when I flagged one answer that was link only.
> declined - VLQ is for posts that are gibberish. For off-topic posts, just vote to close or cast a mod flag to close if you don't have closing privileges.
I flagged to answer then it doesn't make any sense to write this For off-topic posts, just vote to close or cast a mod flag to close if you don't have closing privileges.
after they declined it, Laszlo helped me later he again flagged then they deleted..
How can you post to chat with minimal javascript?
6:59 PM
Why does it take 20k rep to have tag wiki edit privileges?
Why is there such a high rep threshold for that?
Because tag wiki is for trusted users.
@AstroCB you can suggest at 2.5k and approve at 5k
@Braiam I've always been able to suggest edits; I'm just wondering why the bar is set so high for full editing of tag wikis (I can see 5k or maybe 10k because they're important, but 20k?).
@bjb568 $.post('/chats/89/messages/new', {text: 'hello world!', fkey : fkey().fkey });
hello world!
7:09 PM
hello world!
@rene Why would you call jQuery "minimal javascript"?
Oh, from there you can minimize further I guess...
Q: Tag cleanup request: [24hour]

nishantjrFrom the 24hour tag wiki: 24hour is a term meaning "all day" or "continuous". It is based on the fact that there are 24 hours in a day. I don't think the tag serves a useful purpose. Questions tagged with it seem to relate to things like time formats, doing things every 24 hours, etc.

7:37 PM
@bjb568 I posted a javascript only version in the sandbox
Jon Ericson is pulling the plug on Stack Overflow Academy:
Q: Can we make this meta site work for the questions proposed for Stack Overflow Academy?

Jon EricsonLast month Shog9 proposed Stack Overflow Academy on Area 51. I was skeptical and thought it was sort of a joke. The idea that anyone would go to yet another Q&A site in order to a ask a question on Stack Overflow seemed crazy. But the more I thought about it, the more I liked the proposal. Over t...

@JasonC are you happy now?
@Cupcake Sorry about that. But we do want to be sure to keep working toward a real solution.
@Cupcake YES. But now I'm obligated to put my money where my mouth is and help out on meta!
Too bad I'm about to leave town for a month. When I come back I will make it my personal mission to make both MSO and Ask Patents a better place.
SOA will always stand for Shog9's On Acid to me, though.
7:43 PM
Agreed. It's a useless site.
@Cupcake ...
Well, there goes that...effort.
Time to write up a response, I guess.
@AstroCB For what it's worth, we are hoping to build off of the effort by helping those sorts of questions fly on MSO.
@JonEricson I hope so, but...it just doesn't work there. It makes sense, and I expected this, but I'm just not sure how I feel about it yet.
@AstroCB How are you not sure that "I didn't want to read the help center or any of the resources on the internet about asking questions, can you just write the answer here for me instead?" is a bad idea?
Man I wish I had time to make a post there right now, but I have to pack. \o
7:59 PM
@JasonC It had potential: I'm writing up an answer now; you'll see what I mean.
I think people that want to help but can't is a minority. Those who want to and are are those who should be supported. Those who won't should just go away.
@AstroCB If we can't make meta work for these sorts of questions, we're going to try something else. (And that something else might be reopening SOA for all I know.)
@MichaelT: But this answer does attempt to answer the question. That the answerer misunderstood your question does not make it not an attempt to answer. That the answerer did it deliberately can't be proven. — slebetman 6 mins ago
^ Therefore no answers should be deleted.
1 hour later…
9:21 PM
Is is possible to do cross-domain ajax with greesemonkey?
9:51 PM
I go away for a while, and this room gets quiet...
@hichris123 waiting for you to start the party :D
@Braiam Well, I'm doing homework. :/
@bjb568 this room shouldn't be called Closevotes, because people may want to do something other than closing.
Call it "Vote Please" or something like that.
I'm willing to give this guy a chance to try to fish himself out of his question ban:
10:02 PM
Q: Why do I keep getting my posts down-voted, when I try to ask a question referring to java?

I Don't KnowI am somewhat-new at java. I asked questions but now I'm banned from asking questions. I went over my code but I can't figure out the problem, so I ask here on the regular website, and all of my posts end up in the negatives. I am starting to think that people just like to down-vote everythin...

Why's this downvoted?
A: Hide negatively-voted posts from the front page

bjb568Ya heard of hidden? Use it. It's totally better.

@bjb568 Not me. Maybe someone doesn't understand that it's a proper use of the answers section on Stack Apps.
@AstroCB Of course not. You implemented it.
@Cupcake No this is closevotes only. Everything else goes in the tavern. This is a room full of questions that need closevotes in a format made for bots to be able to easily parse it.
@bjb568 Well, I countered it, anyway.
10:05 PM
10:26 PM
@bjb568 oh...my bad, sorry.
Don't send the wrong message by closing that question.
@Cupcake I guess I'm not sure what benefit there would be to reopening it. I mean, if it were deleted, I'd be unhappy, but what's wrong with letting it stay closed.
11:09 PM
@Jon It's just wrong having it closed.
@Cupcake Thanks for that edit! I was just editing the exact same spot, lol.
7 messages moved from Closevotes
Weeeeeeee! I like moving things.
11:30 PM
@bjb568 → 7 bjb's moved to nowhere
11:58 PM
@bjb568 That's me!
Too minor, invalid, radical change… whiiich iiiiis iiiiit?????

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