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12:29 AM
@SantaClaus yes.
@Cupcake ooooooooooh thats nice
1:43 AM
Q: My windsock is erect, what does this mean?

Steve V.I know that airport windsocks are calibrated to reach full erection at a particular wind velocity. At half that speed, the first half of the windsock should be erect and the second half should droop sorrowfully. At one third the speed it will be one third, and so on. Trouble is that not all win...

@bjb568 o...key
The stick figure face fits so nicely with the question…
@bjb568 Risky image search of the day: erect windsock
1:59 AM
@bjb568 Don't windsocks become erect when blown?
Yup. Same as… other things.
@bjb568 Yeah, that's not gonna attract any male-enhancement spam.
2:17 AM
Would this answer be worth a NAA flag?
@SantaClaus It's already had one and it got declined.
@animuson I know - that was me. I'm trying to figure out why it was declined.
Well it does answer the question, however poorly.
@animuson Hmm - so then would it better warrant a VLQ flag? Or is no flag necessary since it answers the question, just poorly?
Downvoting is a good option.
2:26 AM
@animuson Is that the best, and only option?
@animuson What about this one: stackoverflow.com/a/3433914/2446155
Q: why exactly has this been closed?

user3791372Dealing with noisy movement positions two answers have been provided, though they have been written as comments. the kalman filter I've learnt is the recognised way of answering the question.

There we go.
@AstroCB Looks like his question was reopened.
@SantaClaus Interesting. Doesn't surprise me, though: a quick glance at the question makes it seem to violate quite a few guidelines, but the actual question it's asking is sound.
Good case for the SO Academy...
@AstroCB Oh please...
Does anyone else use paperclips to pick their teeth more than actually clipping papers together?
2:37 AM
@animuson err... no
@animuson In general, I'm trying to figure out if low-quality answers (that barely attempt to answer the question) can be flagged in any way?
and that was today's animuson's weird question
They should attach paper clips onto their sharp sticks to make them pointier.
2 hours later…
@SantaClaus And needles to paper clips!
4:40 AM
(goodnight, ponies)
(and birds and kittens)
:o I see a mootinator!
4:56 AM
@JanDvorak two more
@Braiam flags?
I think I just gave the last flag for a few of em
nope, someone downvoted and flagged...
5:03 AM
one more
in Unix and Linux on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 10 hours ago, by Gilles
@FaheemMitha There is absolutely nothing to gain by downvoting spam, and it makes it stay longer because the post becomes less visible to users who might add their own flag. Don't downvote spam.
^ this needs to be send by emails
I'm leaving, but ping me if you need another spam flag desperately.
@Braiam Doesn't flagging as spam cast a downvote?
@JasonC yeah
@Braiam it only hides spam from the front page, where anons come
woa, spam on all se?
5:16 AM
Never seen a Gaming URL pop up in here...
except when... you know... they pop everywhere
1 hour later…
Q: Resolve this issue as soon as possible

Mohammad Farooque[root@mobilecityguides tools]# ./zipalign -v 4 /root/Desktop/eventseeker.apk /root/Desktop/eventseeker_unaligh.apk Unable to open '/root/Desktop/eventseeker.apk' as zip archive [root@mobilecityguides tools]# Kindly fix this issue. if run that above command on terminal it is given errore like th...

> Kindly fix this issue.
What does that picture have to do with working out?
@JanDvorak Not Safe For Meta?
@Doorknob not safe for muslims (but should be fine for work). Is that racist?
Sorry for the delay. #blameChrome #blame2GB
If anyone else wants to apply downvotes to this: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/268103/456814
8:23 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: Робокасса USD/RUB on magento.stackexchange.com
@Cupcake wouldn't that be rude? :p
8:58 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: UBUNTU OS FRESH INSTALL OFFLINE on askubuntu.com
9:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: What does “idiot-proof-ness” mean? on ell.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak An employee nuked it via spam flag
(it got deleted by Community at -3)
one quick question why a preson with multiple ID on stackoverflow is allowed.?
Why shouldn't it be?
Q: I am a sockpuppet, may I exist if I have a real purpose?

Josh's SocksI am a sockpuppet account of Josh, AKA The Unhandled Exception. I am going to help him test the XMPP chat integration system he's building. Am I allowed to exist? I promise to behave, and never leave Meta or Meta's chat. If so, may I please have enough rep to chat? EDIT BY JOSH: I have drawn a ...

It's allowed for testing purposes mostly, but it's disallowed when you vote with one account on another etc
@Bart why multiple ID's.?
10:21 AM
@Stijn testing i can understand. but what if the multiple ID;s are only for chatting.?
I have an extra account for testing purposes. It helps me answer some new-user questions on Meta sites @SilentKiller. There have been users in the past who have stated they had an "embarrassing" question and didn't want it associated to their main account. It's all no problem as long as those accounts don't get too cozy with each other.
> You can only flag a post once per 5 seconds
@Bart ya buddy i agreed with that concern but what if a person create multiple ID's to chat with girls and multiple rooms.
I'd almost argue the "multiple ID's" is not the actual problem.
It might worsen a problem that already exists with a single account, but it doesn't mean that having multiple accounts is inherently problematic.
10:25 AM
@Bart ya no issue with i agreed with your point.
@Bart a user's 3 ID has been merged and he is still he is continue of creating rooms.
Sounds like someone worth flagging them @SilentKiller.
There have been users/trolls like that in the past.
i found one too. and strange is that person flagged my room too because in my we were removing message because of sharing code.
@Bart that person have 31 rooms.. lols. dont know what kinda of talk he was doing there. :D
Flag and move on.
Let moderators deal with it.
10:31 AM
Gordon knows about him and told me that he had to answer moderators. :)
Okay, good.
11:21 AM
@JanDvorak if a question is too common we can easily get answer if we do bit googling what whether its SPAM.?
@SilentKiller wat?
are you testing your new markov chain generator?
@JanDvorak as any question is useless or off topic so we are tagging it as "SPAM" but what tag we should give if question is too easy to answer.?
@DroidDev there.?
@SilentKiller yups
how are you?
6 mins ago, by SilentKiller
@JanDvorak as any question is useless or off topic so we are tagging it as "SPAM" but what tag we should give if question is too easy to answer.?
me fine buddy and you.?
@SilentKiller I am also fine, thank you. How is weather at your place?
11:35 AM
check this he asking for peice of code.? what TAG we should alot.? stackoverflow.com/questions/25202504/…
@DroidDev its cool here what about you.?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PILLS FOR BODY BUILDING on meta.stackexchange.com
@SilentKiller all cloudy, since last week
11:56 AM
btw, you really are a silentKiller @SilentKiller ;)
@DroidDev lols... its a nick given by Professers when i won university game championship in CounterStrike. ;)
@SilentKiller talking of....
in Shadow's Den, 3 hours ago, by DroidDev
@SPArchaeologist yups, you can also argue with "UI" point by talking about Counter strike. That game beats everything if you talk about user engagement, popularity etc
12:25 PM
Today's Listening | Nu Disco / Electronic (Mixsets day 8)
12:36 PM
user image
ok, who are the guys in drupal that are downvoting stuff?
@GnomeSlice yay
@Bart This one is one of my personal favourites, it's really good.
I gotta go, got an interview.
cya. and good luck
12:49 PM
All the Best. cya
1:04 PM
cya friends.. :)
@SilentKiller cya
1:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Most Powerful Vashikaran Mantra +91-9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
Wait what? "There are an unusual number of requests coming from this IP address." ...
Did anyone else experience that?
@Bart no
@Bart I get that when opening a bunch of pages in a row, like when going over a user's questions when they ask for help on Meta. 10 requests or so can get you into that temp block.
Hmm, I was editing a bit on Careers
Seems to have gone again
@Stijn it takes at least like 25 for me in a row, but think it says large instead of unusual
2:00 PM
And I guess my mobile devices would add to the situation as well ... same IP I'd think.
2:31 PM
one or two mins gap is ok. But 3 or above means a copied answer. — Avinash Raj 9 mins ago
I answered this question a few minutes after this guy did, and our regexes ended up being exactly the same. However, in the 5 minutes gap, I edited my answer to include a visualization and explanation of the regex — I'm not sure if I should delete it. What do you think?
I disagree with Raj
leave it since you didn't just copy paste his answer
ultimately, the voting will tell
3 or above means you were later. That's all.
i flagged his comments for you
2:34 PM
That's exactly what I think @Bart. Just wanted to get an opinion from someone else :)
if it was 3 days... yea, that's bad
Do you think the question should've been closed as a dupe instead? I think they're asking different things...
Unless you're typing with your nose @JanDvorak ...
@Bart you mean feet.. the nose is easy
and just to prove my point I typed that ^ with my nose
@Braiam depends... thumb, or heel?
2:36 PM
@Braiam Or blue?
You'll be cleaning my keyboard in either case
@Bart: You just summoned the person with the blue feet!
It's one of my superpowers @AmalMurali. That and my ability to deflect any cotton ball attacks.
@Bart we all know blue is cheating
@AmalMurali I don't see that he even left an answer??? Did he delete it? or he has multiple account?
2:45 PM
He deleted it @iStimple
@iStimple Yup, he deleted it. Screenshot
@iStimple: Your mod flag worked!
@AvinashRaj: Amal posted the negative lookahead at 14:00UTC. You originally posted a lookbehind at 13:56UTC, but only changed to a lookahead at 14:08UTC, after Amal left his comment. Don't make accusations. If you have something you think looks wrong, flag it for moderator attention. — Andrew Barber ♦ 2 mins ago
3:05 PM
@JasonC debuggex.com
@Bart Oh sweet
@Bart cool
@Bart What was that in response to?
@AmalMurali I left a comment on your regex post asking how the diagram was made.
(I deleted it just now)
3:18 PM
@JasonC Ah I see. I just added that :)
Yah, been there, done that :P
I was thinking the site would just return some sort of error. But to my surprise, it worked.
Aw man; I know, I'm late to the game. I'll keep the rest to myself haha.
@AmalMurali And surprisingly quickly, too.
Yeah, it's a cool website :)
3:33 PM
Q: Why does Windows think that my wireless keyboard is a toaster?

ydaetskcoRI've inherited an old PC from my girlfriend's dad and when setting up the printer I got a bit of a surprise: Two questions spring to mind here: Why does Windows think my wireless keyboard is a toaster? Why does Windows even have an icon for a toaster in the devices menu?

I wonder ... why not more newblets hit this chat ... is this chat too covert?
New people don't use meta.SE
Most of the chats have surprisingly few people in them anyway.
3:35 PM
I think SE chats have less people in them too because there's a good notification system; you don't have to lurk in the room.
I do wish those notifications in chat would auto-vanish though.
4:09 PM
Reviewing my MSE flags…
That's nice.
@gnat It's not that simple. Moderators can do one of three things when working with comment flags: 1) delete, 2) edit, and 3) dismiss (decline). To mark them as helpful without deleting you would have to delete/undelete, or make a tiny edit. — hichris123 Jul 31 at 15:27
Why don't they unbork it then?
Because comment flags/comments are second-rate citizens.
Ah. Everything in the world should be classified as "second-rate", then nobody would have to do anything!
lol why were you test flagging?
4:19 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAGENTO SECURE PAYMENT BRIDGE on magento.stackexchange.com
A: Does flagging a comment as "other..." count as a vote to delete it?

Ilmari Karonen"Stand back, I'm going to try science!" Based on experimental results, it seems that the claim made in the question above (namely, that all comment flag types effectively count as delete votes) is only partially correct. Let me try to summarize the results below: Summary: Confirmed for one-f...

[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: IS THE US 3611966 PATENT STIL ACTIVE? on patents.stackexchange.com
4:28 PM
^ wow.
@bjb568 We have several off-topic posts that have longstanding recommend closure flags against them, but no action has been taken against them. — damryfbfnetsi 6 mins ago
^ Uh… how does that have anything to do with anything?
@bjb568 how did he created that tag?
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MAGENTO SECURE PAYMENT BRIDGE on magento.stackexchange.com
4:41 PM
What's wrong with their privs?
Is the SmokeDetector source code open source?
A: Best practices for linking references to patent numbers?

David FullertonLink to Google Patents as the default. They have a very nice interface for reading a patent, and a very easy and predictable URL. If the Patent or Publication number is US 2009/0293106, the URL is: http://www.google.com/patents/US20090293106 Also, tag the question with the patent number, ...

It is by design on patents
@SterlingArcher yes. click on "SmokeDetector" in the message it sends
Oh, that was dumb.
Does anyone have a quick file copy utility for Windows 7?
@hichris123 What do you mean?
Can you just use the copy command?
4:45 PM
@Andy Something that can copy files quickly.
@Andy Well, it's pretty slow...
(I'm copying a couple hundred thousand files)
@hichris123 teracopy?
@hichris123 You expect to do things on windows?
@hichris123 locally? or over a network?
@bjb568 Don't hate. You can do things on windows.
@Andy No. You can't.
@Andy but that doesn't mean they are actually useful
4:48 PM
@Andy Locally.
@bjb568 Yes. And/or Ubuntu.
@Braiam Is it fast? Does it work with a ton of files?
@hichris123 Ubuntu is better.
@hichris123 It's here. Sounds promising though.
@Cupcake please post more on MSE so I don't have to approve these.
For example, these questions could easily of been posted on MSE : 1, 2, 3
, 4, 5
@Braiam I heard about this too. I think that copy the files in parallel to speed up the things
@Andy yup. It's around 10% done of 220,000 files right now.
5:03 PM
@hichris123 faster?
@iStimple Ugh. Why do we need a fashion SE? What a stupid idea. We don't need fashion, we don't need a fashion SE. It's worse than the damned CMSs.
@Braiam a ton.
@bjb568 pictures of hot girls?
@iStimple We have… other sources.
@bjb568 hey, hot girls pics, like, everyday
5:04 PM

Proposed Q&A site for anyone concerned with fashion trends all over the world.

Currently in definition.

^ this is a thing
Q: What's the point of this anyway?

bjb568Proposal: Fashion What's the point of this proposal? What kind of fashion questions would people have that would warrant an SE site? I personally think this site should not exist.

5:24 PM
@iStimple what spam ;)?
did andrew pass bill recently? stackoverflow.com/review/close/stats i always thought bill was on top by far
Ugh. When I try to type "Jason" I type "json".
@bjb568 I bet you pronounce JSON as Jay-son
What else would you pronounce it as?
5:31 PM
Uh… no.
Heh, random upvote on an old answer makes me look at it and close the question.
^ Alien kittens!
@bjb568 Somebody's avatar looks like that, but I can't remember who
5:42 PM
I ran out of upvotes for the comments here meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/268123/… :/
@Cupcake Jon Skeet laid down the law: conversation over.
@bjb568 it's an answer to the question..
@iStimple No, it's crap.
Thanks for the deletion!
@bjb568 When I have to speak to people about JSON, I always feel self-conscious. On more than one occasion I opted for XML solely to avoid that inevitable discussion.
@bjb568 it's a legit answer to a crappy question.
5:43 PM
I've had the misfortune of arguing with you over that before.
I'm not going to bother rehashing it again.
@Cupcake No, it's so crappy it's potential spam.
@Cupcake I'm surprised he's not suspended yet. They are probably waiting till the mob clears?
@iStimple why would that make a difference?
Users have been suspended while having a lot of eyeballs on them before.
5:46 PM
The reasons for a suspension in this case are quite clear.
It's not like it would be controversial.
The guy's just an ignorant a-hole, in my opinion.
I don't think I've posted this here yet, so here:
Q: How can old, low-quality answers be dealt with?

Santa ClausLet me start off with a collection of old, low-quality answers. These answers sometimes attempt to answer the question, but not well. http://stackoverflow.com/a/3433914/2446155: E.g. via en event. http://stackoverflow.com/a/1839986/2446155: This is not a bug. http://stackoverflow.com...

Yes, because we like to let vigilante justice take its course before we step in and take action.
5:47 PM
@Cupcake Since when did mods care about opinions anyway? :P
@animuson exactly.
This is going to be an interesting SU question:
@hichris123 there's so much wrong with that
@Braiam ... yes, I actually am going to try to connect a 3 TB external hard drive to Windows 95.
1 min ago, by Braiam
@hichris123 there's so much wrong with that
5:54 PM
Of all the SE network sites, aviation.se is by far my favorite one to just browse when I'm bored.
Ah, sorry guys. I forgot we were in the Tavern and accidentally made a genuinely nice comment. It will not happen again.
Every time I feel I'm about to be nice, I step away from the keyboard and wait until the feeling passes.
@AnnaLear My dream girl. swoon.
I mean… it's the internet, guys. There's no being nice here. Being nice on the internet is a sign of serious brain cancer (e.g. facebook).
Is there an existing SE site where fashion design is on-topic?
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