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12:00 AM
Strange, I hover, I get "Unsubscribe"
@User.1 you subscribed and never clicked the confirmation email?
no clue
will investigate
Found a much better way
Go to your own StackExchange profile
Click on "Subscriptions"
Click and hunt
Find the 15 minute radio button
Save changes
All done
12:12 AM
I clicked on my subscriptions.
All I see is the ability to subscribe to site newsletters, which is not the same thing.
@Cupcake that redirects me to one of my filters
I guess you already need to have a subscription set up for that to work.
It's just for subscription management.
You can actually get new subscriptions from there, as far as I can tell.
12:15 AM
can // can't
Okay, I have updated my subscriptions. The hot stuff I get in 15 minutes, the cold stuff I get once a day
Cool, hope it works out.
Thank you for the direction
Change topic
Opinion question
Uh oh...
My meta.stack.exchange rating is 7 points higher than my StackOverflow rating. I feel like I should strive for more (like 2x more as a starting point) on StackOverflow. What do you think ?
12:18 AM
Do whatever you want to do.
What's your goal?
To be a good-looking nerd online
For what purpose?
i.e., present an image of a smart guy, who is first and foremost, smart; and then secondly, a helpful cooperative guy who helps others also
12:20 AM
Employers, contract work, etc.
Do whatever you want to do.
Most employers don't even give much weight to Stack Overflow rep.
Cool ! I want to have intense romances with all 50 Miss America contestants over the past 5 years
You're better off working on cool personal projects and open source projects on GitHub.
That makes sense
GitHub would probably welcome me a lot more than those girls would
12:22 AM
Hey, who knows, maybe one of them is a developer too.
Closet nerd.
come out of the closet, nerd
I saw a trailer for some ridiculous romance movie
Nerds are a persecuted bunch.
@User.1 oh yeah, which one?
The fellow is ridiculously handsome, perfectly proportioned face and figure, big-shot executive of a super successful company, hardly 30 years old (if that) and he flies gliders, and has time for endless hobbies which require more time than any human being has
Something about gray shades or something
12:24 AM
Ah hahahahahhahahaha....
Oh,,,,, I forgot
He meets a girl. He doesn't already have a girlfriend
Ugh, dinner time, later alligators.
Gym time, bed time
How do I leave here ?
I want out
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: [EMAILS STUCKED IN MAIL QUEUE (POSTFIX)](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24925430/emails-stucked-in-mail-q‌​ueue-postfix) on stackoverflow.com`
@SmokeDetector umm.... @hichris123 @Undo ? seems like some evil backticks
12:38 AM
Should this be migrated to MSE?:
Q: Make Help Center Magic Link Anchor Text More Unique and Descriptive

CupcakeUsers are currently able to use "magic" (shorthand) Markdown links in comments, which are expanded into full urls with anchor text on submission. Unfortunately, the anchor text on many of these magic links are the same, and aren't very descriptive; many of them all say "help center", even though ...

It's got a lot of community approval on MSO, but there's no official dev response yet.
1:05 AM
@Braiam That's... weird.
Q: Why was the first compiler written before the first interpreter?

anguyenThe first compiler was written by Grace Hopper in 1952 while the Lisp interpreter was written in 1958 by John McCarthy's student Steve Russell. Writing a compiler seems like a much harder problem than an interpreter. If that is so, why was the first compiler written six-years before the first int...

1:22 AM
I get nervous when I see HEARTBLEED BUG FREE next to a form on a non-https page.
2:09 AM
Your security is important to us! We fixed the bug by just removing SSL! Aren't we great!?
... but to ensure your personal security, we encourage you to download Google Ultron. Ultron brings to you the best in security and encryption, directly taken from IE 5.5.
2:40 AM
When someone describes themselves as "nonconformist," I have a hard time not expecting them to be a giant tool.
I discovered this today in a "getting to know you" type thing in a small discussion group, where people were asked to give two words they would use to describe themselves.
That's a Tool Man, not a tool.
I'm confused, what's the difference?
One is Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor. The other is a really boring person that has trouble getting along with people, and justifies it by calling themselves "nonconformist" ;-)
Tim Taylor = boring person = wrench. Problem solved.
Downvote this crap, please:
A: auto-detect the phrase "it doesn't work" and ask user if enough info given

bjb568The problem: Bad questions are getting asked, human intervention is expensive. Your solution: Warn the asker before they ask, based on a list of specific phrases (in regexes). Pitfalls: Telling users that a phrase is "bad" will make them change their wording more than improve the question, ch...

2:48 AM
@bjb568 Downvote your answer?
:P No.
Wait... why is it cw?
It says "made cw by bjb568".
Is it because the question is cw?
Why doesn't it say "made cw because the question is cw"?
A: ServiceStack Ormlite: System.InvalidProgramException JIT Compiler encountered an internal limitation

icubeok i turned off Intellitrace and it works again.. hmm... Hope it helps someone here THANKS

In case someone feels like removing some noise.
Q: If automatic community wiki conversion is gone, why do the confusing messages still exist?

animusonNow that posts can't be automatically converted to community wiki, it makes sense to just ditch all those annoying messages for "why" a post got converted in the first place. The code for selecting the message that gets displayed there has always been buggy and inaccurate. In many cases, the reas...

2:55 AM
Why does the thing say my recent flags have been declined? I got 30 in a row approved.
3:12 AM
me abseiling last weekend
Looks fun.
It was fun, albeit a bit dangerous - only a bit though
Oh yay. Another tag badge!
2 hours later…
4:56 AM
@chmod711telkitty Umm, you appear to be a girl. I kind of just assumed you were male.
inb4 "Umm, sorry for calling you a girl. I kind of assumed it from the picture." :P
On the internet, it really doesn't matter what your gender is.
Do you think my diagrams are hard to read? I scaled them down to fit better:
A: What are the differences between double-dot ".." and triple-dot "..." in Git commit ranges?

CupcakeUsing Commit Ranges with Git Log When you're using commit ranges like .. and ... with git log, the difference between them is that, for branches A and B, git log A..B will show you all of the commits that B has that A doesn't have, while git log A...B will show you both the commits that A ...

But I think I probably borked their resolution or something.
Are you serving pngs with jpg compression artifacts? :O
4:59 AM
I'd rather not have to redo them if I can avoid it.
Redo them!
@bjb568 beats me :P
Redo them in SVG.
@bjb568 um, I'm using MS Paint.
Manual, beautifully-creafted XML, SVGs.
Jsfiddle will do. Here's a star. jsfiddle.net/Lyr8D
5:01 AM
@bjb568 Hmm, that looks promising...
(it only took half an hour to figure out how to make the star, god FSM 5 pointy things are hard)
(there was a generator, but of course I did it manually, mostly)
Meh, I'm better off not resizing the images for now, I'll have to figure out how to do it with Gimp later.
^ Use it! It's great! Don't spam flag, pls :P
@bjb568 I have to buy that. Plus I'm on Windows.
I have a Mac, but I only use it for dev projects, mostly.
5:10 AM
@Cupcake Yeah, but it's great! Windows :O
I do most of my Stack Overflowing on my PC.
@Cupcake lol, that's normal :p
@Jamal reflagged
The answer above with the two links also got rejected.
The question just got deleted. Tough luck for me, but it's okay.
@Cupcake Is it a mod deletion?
5:37 AM
Oh good, that's what I thot.
Teh Ninja Kitteh. He lurks....
He does, it seems he responds to my flags in like 10 minutes.
Well we finally emptied out the flags queue so...
He's watching us.
5:38 AM
The complete deletion does make me feel better, considering it was a bad question.
Ninja reveal!
(this room is bugged)
Spy != Bug
5:40 AM
Spy > Bug
"But you can't prove it because you're not wearing a wire!" - "I'm a cop..."
As I point out in my answer on the various ways to force push with Git. git push --force will work by default for pushing to a bare repo, which is an important point that many of the existing answers do not address. git push --force will work just as well as git push <remote> <branch> --force, though the exact behavior of the push when the remote and branch are not specified is determined by your push.default Git config settings, which I detail in my linked answer. — Cupcake 2 hours ago
I hope that wasn't too random.
<cupcake vanish!>
5:48 AM
@Cupcake Did you just describe my eating habits? Whowuddaguessd...
I still don't understand how this is off-topic. stackoverflow.com/q/1314616/2371861
I raised a flag about it a long time ago (my first declined flag).
19 mins ago, by animuson
Well we finally emptied out the flags queue so...
what? no?!/? really?
Seems so.
Flags seem snappier.
Maybe it's just Safari...
yea , they are quicker.. however the comments flag queue is still pretty big probably
They were probably able to clear out the flags queue since Laszlo hasn't been able to flag for a week, and he hasn't been able to make any new comments for people to flag
6:03 AM
Review edits! There's a flood of minor edits in the queue.
Oh, crap! Forgot to uncheck the box. stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/5412900
<bjb vanish!>
<@bjb568 appear!>
7:00 AM
Heh heh heh...
<witty comment to make Cupcake disappear />
7:24 AM
user image
@Braiam what's that?
trogdor the bread roll?
was @Pops' old username @PopularDemand ?
@Stijn yes, why?
@JanDvorak reading comments on a post from a few years ago
and people are addressing that name
7:39 AM
that's how I found this change
8:03 AM
@bjb568 would you mind it if I edit your answer a bit on that regex question?
@Stijn It caused plenty of awkward mistakes that SE doesn't want to happen again ...
Aug 26 '13 at 19:58, by Bart
I'm pretty sure @PopularDemand was not hired. Someone simply botched the actual announcement by stating "And I'm happy to say that we've chosen as a community moderator, by popular demand,.......wait...where's everybody going?"
@Braiam speaking of Trogdor...
Q: Can we burninate [submodule]?

CupcakeHere's some info on the submodule tag: It currently has no wiki. It currently has 260 questions tagged. Of those 260 questions, about 206 of them are also tagged with [git]. The remaining 55 are mostly unrelated to Git: <arrays><module><vhdl><submodule> <codeigniter><submodule><hmvc> <content-...

Oh wait, that's a Trogdor cake.
8:09 AM
Minus the cup.
How embarrassing.
Two cakes, one cup?
@Cupcake you're aware that burninating is a manual process of editing each question? You can just add when removing .
@Stijn don't moderators have a special mass-burnination tool or something?
Plus, there are 260 questions that require retagging.
8:12 AM
They do but I recently read that they don't use those (any more).
Also something about the community having decided that posts should be cleaned up when burninating instead of mass removing tags.
And it's often not a bad idea to, if you're going to do something to a post, give it a once over if it's not too massive a task.
it's all a bit blurry, perhaps someone else remembers more
A: How do tag removal (burnination) requests work?

DukelingHow do you determine when a tag is bad? When a tag implies no clearly defined meaning (this could either be in its name, or in its tag wiki). Something like "a generic term", as is the case with merge, is usually a bad sign. This could perhaps be considered synonymous to a tag having vastly dif...

> There is an automated process available to developers and maybe Community Managers (reference), but this is dangerous (related post) and it would likely be preferred to handle the questions manually so we don't lose the additional attention required on a per-question basis.
Turns out I have reviewed 1000 LQ posts. O_o
8:37 AM
morning everypony
Hi there
2 hours later…
10:34 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MY JQUERY AJAX TO PHP IS NOT WORKING on webapps.stackexchange.com
10:48 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DISCRETE MATHS (RECURRENCE RELATION) on math.stackexchange.com
1 hour later…
11:51 AM
@TimPost I might fork Opserver to add a feature, but I'd like to discuss it first with the developers so I don't do unnecessary work. Can I just open a ticket on github for that? If you don't know, could you pass along the question for me to someone who might know?
12:02 PM
@Stijn open source is open source. I am sure Nick would be more than happy to get pull requests.
Wheee, fun, you can prank companies on behalf of someone else: meta.stackexchange.com/questions/237266/…
@Oded I mean I'd like to know if perhaps you guys are already working on a similar feature; the last push to github was 5 months ago
Find company to prank, use 'Apply without logging in' option, use someone's email address that does have a Careers account.
@MartijnPieters that is disturbingly awesome
12:05 PM
@Stijn it is @NickCraver's baby
@Oded @Oded OK, I'll just try to add the feature then and contact Nick when it's stable to see what he thinks :) thanks
that must be the only feature where CodePlex > GitHub for me, the ability to have discussions in the project
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: DNS changes automatically to porn site DNS on superuser.com
@MartijnPieters that could potentially be abused
12:11 PM
Exactly; this time it was a prank with two victims; the company receiving the fake application and the user who's email address was used in the prank.
How ironic. A post about putting a call on hold has been put on hold.
You are welcome.
I'm continually amazed with the questions people ask on MSE.
What I find surprising is that they seem to manage and find MSE, but fail to find SO.
One day SO will grow up to be a site with plenty of users @Oded. Right now it's kinda hard to see when massive MSE stands in front of it.
That's a great point. We need to help grow SO - make it a name every programmer knows.
12:36 PM
If only every single Google search result on a programming term might point to Stack Overflow. But that's not realistic at all.
I can see how the 'android on hold' question may have ended up on MSE, but I cannot figure out what Google search terms would actually end up with a link there..
If every search result would only show StackExchange sites the world would be complete. Plus we wouldn't need Google anymore. Or wikipedia.
12:59 PM
grow SO? you make SO sound like a vegetable ...
Today's Listening | Electronic / Electro / Jazz Fusion
1:17 PM
uh, nsfw language I guess
What? Jazz? Electro?
It's kind of hard to classify
I did my best, but it's still not very accurate.
Nah, I meant what is NSFW?
'not safe for work'
there's a bit of cursing
... it's on my headphones. It can be as NSFW as it wants to be
1:27 PM
@Oded suppose I'm a clueless android developer and heard that Stack Overflow is great awesome and answer to all my prayers. I open Google, type "android app stack overflow" and get this:
@GnomeSlice cursing? nothing the average SharePoint dev doesn't produce constantly...
MSE is indeed before SO in the results, so of course I go there, totally ignore whatever written in the question and click "Ask Question" instead, all thrilled and happy. ^^
@SPArchaeologist Just clarifying, because I've been banned for less.
So please don't flag it
@ShadowWizard that does assume clueless Android developers can actually type though. Don't know if that's too much of an assumption.
@GnomeSlice Don't worry... I am not so.... "a nice guy". Did I gave that impression ^_^?
1:31 PM
@Bart well, they need to write code. Oh wait, they just copy code. But they need to change parameters. So yeah, they can type. ;)
Nah, that you just dump on SO so others can fix the parameters for you. And that you copy paste again.
2:02 PM
Hey guys think Stack Exchange should sue Columbia University for this? meta should be trademarked! :D
@ShadowWizard ... sigh ... that products makes me want to rant so much. Must resist ...
It's the Tavern, @Bart, take a drink and start ranting ;)
@ShadowWizard Or, take a rant and start drinking! /cc @Bart
@ShadowWizard Let me put it like this; if your movie needs to fake the results of your product, you're not off to a good start. And that's only where my issues with this start.
@Andrew'saUnitato I have a creeping suspicion that rant would taste like a rat
2:14 PM
@ShadowWizard Oh what difference a single "n" can make!
Admittedly, not much here.. .but still!
@Bart well, they still don't have a product
@ShadowWizard then at least fake something plausible and not this kind of "never gonna happen like this" bullshit.
@Bart guess they trust people's imagination to fill the missing parts
and I think it's working, they got full funding, no?
yep, twice their goal.
Guess they trust the people to be gullible enough to think "that's so awesome I'm gonna spend money on that" only for them to end up disappointed and think "that's not all that great".
Same deal with this Leap Motion
@Bart might be true, but who knows, they might come with something good at their disposal :)
2:18 PM
I'm gonna give that a big "Nah". But hey, perhaps they surprise me
It's good to have diversity/competition, Google were certain they will have all the market to themselves with the Glass, but now it's really not that certain
Meh, not really @ShadowWizard. All of this stuff isn't really all that new
@Bart it exist as idea for years, true, but not as a finished product... unless I miss something?
@ShadowWizard @Bart Considering this uttermost ...."smokeware" got 501 bakers... what if we try to start a kickstarter project for an unicorn plush that tell random meta quotes when you push the right hoof?
2:22 PM
@ShadowWizard Meh, Glass is too crapy to be "finished".
@SPArchaeologist Good lord, how many people are they cooking for?!
@ShadowWizard Tons of different products really. Form factor gets smaller. Some of them go non-tethered (Meta at first seems to be tethered) but really, not much is new here.
I wouldn't trust myself to wear such an expensive thing, I bump my glasses into things all the time
@SPArchaeologist I think we'll get rich! ;)
And looking at their device it seems to be an off-the-shelf depth sensor plonked onto some glasses
@bjb568 my bad :P
2:23 PM
And AR is such a tough thing to get right. I have yet to see that happen and we've come across plenty of "solutions".
@ShadowWizard maybe I was wrong all the time. I should start a kickstarter campaign to buy all the games I need, play them and post the videos on twitch.
And while we are at it, why not a project for recreating Megaman Battle network P.E.T. interface?
@SPArchaeologist You can call it "iPlay: A unique 3rd person gameplay experience"
@Bart actually I belive that twitch already has a similar feature.... but all is better with kickstarter
On Kickstarter it doesn't matter if your product already exist. Just look at the heaps of 3D printer projects that got their funding there.
I wonder if baba also tried his luck on kickstarter at some point. After all he got something better than any product, Black Magic.
2:31 PM
@ShadowWizard Not for his black magic. Just for his marimba band kickstarter.com/projects/542187884/…
Ah well, at least projects like this are not as bad as this solar roadways nonsense. That's just plain ... grrr
meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/267092/… didn't we have this question already this week? I can't find it on MSO or MSE
@Stijn not that I recall, but I don't roam MSO that much. Maybe it got deleted?
@ShadowWizard I misremembered, confused it for this
more specifically Martijn's comment
@Stijn good, now I'm relieved :)
@Bart we could start a club "Post the worst kickstarters you saw"
2:43 PM
Well, technically Solar Roadways wasn't a Kickstarter. But from the actually funded projects that one is one of the worst.
Q: "Would you like to automatically move this discussion to chat?" - I already did

bjb568 No need to tell me to do something I've already done.

Oh. My. Gosh.
... might I suggest to expand that text a little bit? And I'm not sure that counts as a bug.
@Bart What else is there to say?
2:46 PM
@SPArchaeologist $631,240 pledged of $10,000 goal ... I'm doing something wrong.
@bjb568 It reads rather ... annoyed/snarky/... but perhaps that's merely my interpretation.
@Bart It's a but. I don't like bugs. Nobody likes bugs.
@Bart I propose an actual product
a Nerf like gun shaped as an unicorn. lt will shoot the horn.
@Stijn thanks for the heads-up about that question. :-P
Sigh ... here goes @bjb568. How about "After a number of comments, an automatic suggestion is shown to take the discussion to chat. This suggestion is however still shown when I have already done so? If that isn't a bug, would it be possible to no longer show the message when the chat has already been started?"
@Andy And they say the economy is going through turbulent times ....
2:51 PM
It's a bug not a but. Aaaah! Too late to fix.
You posted a bug report. Just in case you didn't know. — Sam 3 mins ago
^ Is it that hard to figure out?
@Bart That's too polite. And why do you need to explain the screenshot? Screenshots explain themselves.
@bjb568 don't think it's really a bug, but no point fighting over synthetic sugar. :)
@bjb568 There is no such thing as "too polite" when you're trying to get something "fixed" or "implemented".
@Bart We're just in the wrong line of business. We need to make more potato salad.
@Bart Wasting peoples time by being "socially acceptable" is too polite.
As you wish @bjb568.
3:04 PM
Hm... a dup. But there's no cross-site dup closing. May as well bring it to attention.
@bjb568 yeah, it's fine to have same things reported both on MSE and MSO, at least for now.
A: 100 days later, was the split a good idea?

bjb568There are cross-site dups. I have a solution! Meta SE is for stuff about the whole network, Child metas are about the site they are a meta for, The site they are a meta for is part of SE, Meta SE posts should be shown on child metas because they are relevant (in addition to the site-specific po...

@bjb568 that might overwhelm less active child metas, making their own posts drown under the MSE posts
@Stijn Filter option, of course.
And child meta posts should be weighed more.
What is the problem you're solving though @bjb568? The occasional dupe? Meh.
3:14 PM
Even if it isn't duped, MSE stuff is relevant.
So just hook it up to search
Show MSE and child-meta results
Also, combined rep.
Nah, let's leave the rep out of it
MSE, fine. But no increased whine on child metas please
Whine only belongs on MSE? :P
3:15 PM
The balloon project is gathering founds at an alarming rate. Drop sharepoint, from now on I am gona make salads
"MSE: Last of the summer whine"
Is whining that big of a problem? Just CV, -1, VLQ, ignore.
"OMG now I lost like tons of rep on Meta because you just didn't like my idea. Teh HORROR"
That's like 1%. Negligible.
So what's the benefit of reintroducing rep?
3:19 PM
Bounties, reward for good contributions.
Yes @ShadowWizard, you can go to the toilet.
@Bart How'd you know I was reading this?!
Just look behind you @bjb568
3:27 PM
Made you look
@Bart finally the meaning of the super secret symbol revealed! :-P
@bjb568 If I read bug reports on MSE while sitting in toilet, is it considered weird?
So much more interesting than newspaper :D
No, everybody does it.
While we're at it...
4:41 PM
Those last two already have close votes for their canonicals.
4:55 PM
Anyone want to help me go through this list of questions tagged with submodule (but not git) and remove that tag from them?: data.stackexchange.com/stackoverflow/query/211034/…
@Cupcake ... why? Yeah, [submodule] is unclear as a tag, but shouldn't git submodules be tagged [git-submodule]?
5:16 PM
I suggest removing it from the questions that are not also tagged [git], and synonymizing it to [git-submodule]. — Robert Harvey ♦ 6 hours ago
By the way, just figured out this stackoverflow.com/questions/18216991/… is not a duplicate, at least not of the canonical that I picked out.
If there's another question specifically for creating tags through GitHub's web UI, then yes, it's a duplicate.
5:59 PM
@TimStone =[
Also that track seems to have just vanished.
6:23 PM

 The Town Hall

General discussion for the Community Building Q/A site at comm...
So fun seeing blue people flood into that room.
Blue Man Group!
@hichris123 hey, why I didn't get the mail?
@animuson I saw them live in NY once.
It was amazing.
@Braiam ... it launched literally just now.
6:27 PM
@hichris123 lies. The moderators were going to keep the site all to themselves.
... that too.
@GnomeSlice It is not just you...also gone for me...
ah, tnx!
6:42 PM
Did I miss the post on the off-topic close-reason re-order on SO?
7:30 PM
Are review audits disabled on SO for the CVQ? This is the second day in a row I get none...
They're enabled. Did you skip anything?
No, I didn't
I did have filters that ran-out of questions though
8:31 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] SmokeDetector started (@Undo)
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