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12:02 AM
I forgot to use up my quota of delete votes before the day rolled over.
I think I just let about 12-13 go to waste :P
@Cupcake :O
@Cupcake If only I had 10k ♪
@hichris123 You're a good user. +1'd :D
12:08 AM
1 hour ago, by hichris123
i.e. if I get an upvote... ALL OF YOUR HEADS ARE TAKEN OFF!
Now for an upvote on my unfortunately erroneously downvoted answer: stackoverflow.com/a/19509276/2888561 :P
12:21 AM
Opinions on reopening stackoverflow.com/questions/24731079/… ? Although one needs to "guess" what beginAnchor() and endAnchor() do (it's writing <a> and </a>), it doesn't really matter because the error has a very specific cause.
@Stijn It's a mess, no real need for reopening anyway.
@bjb568 ok thanks for your input. I hadn't voted myself yet cause I was unsure.
@bjb568 the bottom one is NAA :)
... gone.
Is that animuson, or what?
@hichris123 LQRQ
We know you're watching animuson!
@bjb568 I don't think so... no comments.
12:38 AM
@hichris123 I was in the queue.
@bjb568 Oh.
stackoverflow.com/questions/24922699/… still needs two close votes.
It wasn't ninja kitty animuson.
@hichris123 it was ex-Russian spy Black Widow:
12:40 AM
@Cupcake Of course! More conspiracies!
I just realized that WTF FTW is all backwardzy.
12:43 AM
Jul 16 at 21:16, by bjb568
... http://chat.meta.stackexchange.com/messages/2201972/history
@AnnaLear plz don't make me "disappear" plz
I can neither confirm nor deny...
cupcakes go missing all the time, no one would notice @AnnaLear
time flies when you're having fun, nearly 3am, good night and cya in a couple hours :)
@Cupcake As I said, just join Earth Science and I'll keep you safe!
12:44 AM
@Cupcake In Soviet Russia, moderator suspends you. ... oh, wait. — Anna Lear ♦ Jul 12 at 0:32
flushing of the star wall: [status-complete]
Oh we're flushing the star wall? I just wasted so much water...
... wait, maybe it does.
12:56 AM
Apparently it does ;P
goes back to taking notes
@Undo Nah, I'm not sure after seeing every post starred, most of them multiple times...
I dare you to star this.
ok, my comment has disappeared from the star wall, you may stop flushing now
looks at websocket log I now know who the culprit(s) are.
12:59 AM
glares @bjb568
(and you, @hichris123)
am I the only one here that stars responsibly?
That wasn't me!
I'm always innocent.
1:00 AM
Nor was it me!
And @Jamal, you're not innocent either.
We're all innocent!
1:00 AM
I think it was the moon bear's fault.
@animuson Did a moderator decline my request? MOD ABUSE!
also, I'm at 7,299 rep on SO. Someone plz donate.. uh... 270 upvotes.
Gosh, I need to catch up.
Undo, Northwest USA
7.3k 9 24 53
I've been answering stuff while you weren't looking, @hichris123 ;)
Q: Parse Json in Xcode 5

user3871044I am new to objective C, and JSON so I am confused on how to do this. I have looked up tutorials, and made sure my JSON is valid. I have a SQL server database that I am trying to access by parsing JSON. I have checked to make sure my JSON is valid. Whenever I attempt to parse the JSON is objecti...

... what kind of a title is that?
a horrible one
You can't parse JSON in an IDE!
@Undo well, I did get a shiny gold badge today. :D
Q: CSS Affect Only One Character Site-Wide

UndoI am trying to make one character have a certain style across my site (Wordpress). I need some code like: "T" { color: red; } Is there any way to do this?

^ DV-pls
1:05 AM
whacks @bjb568 with a diamond-shaped hammer
Wait no.
@Undo mod abuse!
threatens @bjb568 with a unicorn-shaped hammer
All I ask is that you leave the arrow in the 'up' position when you get bored :P
@Undo nah
Wow, that question was in the pre-Undo days.
1:10 AM
What do you have against the letter T?
@animuson I want to exalt it by making it the color red. This doesn't mean I have anything against non "T" letters, of course.
1:41 AM
@rene around? I know why my graph isn't updating...
@hichris123 Rene is asleep.
Is it alright approving these? stackoverflow.com/users/2732991/…
1 hour later…
3:10 AM
Are reputation recalcs still a thing?
I'm still waiting to get an accurate rep count for yesterday. According to stackoverflow.com/reputation, I did hit 200 yesterday, but that's not reflected in my profile. It doesn't look like my tag scores updated either...but they're updated over on MSO. Weird.
@Cupcake Sometimes they fail and nothing happens.
Never mind, the tag score finally updated.
3:37 AM
^ Yay for VLQ!
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: HOW TO GET VALUE FROM OBJECT SEND FROM JSP BY AJAX on stackoverflow.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: [EMAILS STUCKED IN MAIL QUEUE (POSTFIX)](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24925430/emails-stucked-in-mail-q‌​ueue-postfix) on stackoverflow.com`
I miss ManishBot.
5:08 AM
What's the difference?
5:23 AM
@bjb568 it feels like I'm speaking with a real person.
I don't understand this
so is this company like just looking for people to do work for free, but then they take all the profits in the future if any?
and why would you want one of those. seems creepy
Could someone explain how the hell only one person (animuson in this case) can close a question, and removing an active bounty along with it. stackoverflow.com/q/14212287/1647538 That is clear question.
a clear question
He's a moderator, so he has that ability.
Yes I get that. But that does not justify his call.
@animuson ^
5:29 AM
I honestly see many good question being call 'too broad' without a clear reason for doing so.
I find it even more problematic that the too broad call could actually be part of the answer itself.
I am particularly pissed when I decide to take a lot of time to answer a question with a 400 points bounty (which already had a previous answer accepted)
I pinged him for you, but he might be sleeping now.
@Bry I can see why he closed it.
Q: How can we close questions with bounties?

David ThornleyI just encountered this question, which is very cute and funny and has nothing to do with programming. I tried voting to close, but was informed by the system that I can't do that when there's a bounty on the question. So, since there's a seven-day bounty, this will remain open for at least a w...

He didn't close it with the right reason though.
It's a recommendation question.
5:37 AM
ok reading
That happened 5 days ago.
You waited this long to bring it up?
Q: Very broad question but with a bounty, what to do?

LiamThis question seems (to me) massively overly broad Dynamic UserControls within ASP.NET Wizard. But I can't close it as it's got a bounty. What should be done? Does the offering of the bounty allow for the broadness? Is it worth moderator flagging as I can't close it?

Well I addressed it in comments.
5:39 AM
It didn't start out as a recommendation question.
Your edit didn't actually fix the problem.
It kind of just made it worse.
I believe animuson removed my pisssed of comment too. That or i didn't hit send. But you can see how closing the question seems the wrong call here right?
Lemme see...
@Bry moderators have a tendency to remove "pissed off" comments.
5:40 AM
It's sort of their job.
@Cupcake oh yea, he edited it after it was closed, it was too broad then, animuson was right
The first revision was a blatant recommendation question too though.
yeah i get it.
What made it worse is that the edit made the title too broad,the question was perfectly clear when the bounty was placed
I restored the question to have the initial meaning
5:42 AM
I could see the question useful as a wiki, so people could edit the answers as time goes by.
Existence of something such a table here is not broad, it's a very direct question.
@VotetoClose that would imply that it might be too broad, but I don't spend any time on CSS stuff on SO, so I don't know what's usually considered off-topic for that tag.
@Bry if it's asking for an off-site resource, then it's off-topic. Someone might have been able to save it by making it clear that you don't want an off-site resource....
...but like I said, I don't spend any time in the CSS tag, so I don't know what's normally considered off-topic for it.
Well that is why I called animuson on it. Possible ignorance or lack of in-depth knowledge of the subject at hand, can be the cause for wrong action on closing a topic. But that doesn't mean there isn't a clear answer.
5:46 AM
He has almost 700 upvotes in the CSS tag, with 221 answers.
Just pointing it out.
BoltClock has even more SO presence in those tags.
5:47 AM
12,000+ upvotes on 1,500 answers.
I suppose you could try pinging him on the question and asking what he thinks.
Yeah, well i don't question BoltClock's skills, but his edit was bad and inappropriate during a bounty process.
With an @ reply, not a moderator flag, mind you.
@Bry animuson's removal of the bounty and closing the question?
A: Very broad question but with a bounty, what to do?

Martijn PietersYou flag it for moderator attention with the 'other' flag. Something along the lines of: This question is way too broad, but I cannot VtC it as such because there is a bounty on it. Can a moderator please remove the bounty? Optionally, close it at the same time, but I'll be happy if that part...

5:50 AM
> A bounty on a post doesn't exempt it from being off-topic.
What do you mean with @? can you reword that?
An at reply.
@Alex It's on hold, for being supposedly too broad... I suppose unor's change to the title improved the question, but also made it too broad and somewhat deviating from the original question you placed a bounty on. I have re-edited it to try and address animuson's concerns. — hexalys Jul 20 at 7:39
That was confusing.
You use different usernames on different exchanges.
5:51 AM
Anyways, that's what I mean by an @ reply.
I see.
I wish the admin was pinged, on edits of their closing or question held? How do they know ?
Hmm? What do you mean?
Well animuson put the question on hold, is he made aware of changes which could possible address the problem. Like my question edit afterwards.
Or do i have to find the admin here and make my case?
No, editors don't get notifications on further revisions, though if they happen to star the question, they'll see updates in their favorties list.
@Bry are you trying to make a case that the question shouldn't be closed?
5:56 AM
pretty much, I believe my answer actually cover the broad aspect while answering the question.
Ask a question on Meta Stack Overflow.
You'll get the community involved.
Word of advice though:
If you want the best chance of success, don't make presumptions.
Yeah i was going to do that, was just trying to catch animuson here to slap his wrist ^^
5:58 AM
He's a ninja kitty kat.
You can't catch him.
Time for me to go back and bake in the oven.
Later alligators.
Now that you tell me, there is no process of follow on a [hold], that problematic
Later thanks
6:25 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: C# - USE ASYNC/AWAIT OR TASK? on stackoverflow.com
6:41 AM
User asking about flagging and getting moderator's attention on SO. stackoverflow.com/q/24926727/2024761
..migrated successfully.
@ShadowWizard - That spam is still alive on MSO. Lucky spammer :D
@R.J yup, slow day on MSE and here on the tavern
Summoned one more user to flag hopefully he'll be the sixth
Yeah, seems to be the case. And it seems like you summoned a WarLord. Instant vanish :D
@R.J no, just my young Apprentice ;)
Oh, I can use my shadow for those things. Next time!
7:38 AM
Good afteryesterday
Happy beforetomorrow
YUP! Baba is back!
This question makes me speechless. This user seems to really expect SO to write their application in an unknown programming language: stackoverflow.com/questions/24927176/application-description
7:42 AM
blatantly off-topic
I have chosen "too broad", but it is equally eligable for off-topic, unclear what you are asking and too broad tbh.
Coffee anyone?
@Sumurai8 it's eligible for "total and utter crap"
@rene ya :)))
@rene one for me
7:44 AM
I saw that @ShadowWizard :P
@rene I only drink green tea.
@DroidDev nooooooo /me hiding
@ShadowWizard that is all because of habits from den
Let me fly-out to Ethopia to hand-pick some beans...I'll get some green-tea leaves as well...
@rene cool, you are such a good person! :D
@DroidDev nah, I'm used to it from before the den :)
7:49 AM
@rene you'd do that for us
If I'm no longer able to chat in a few moments do know that Oracle is forcing a java update on me....
but, what about coffee??
@rene thaaaaannnnkkkkk youuuuuuuuuuu
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: super black magic specialist molvi ji +91-8295003531 canada on english.stackexchange.com
8:02 AM
@hichris123 I'm around now but bjb568 was correct...
@rene Reply: Lets me test: i downvote your question becase it containz gremmar errors. Does it feel you discuraged?
8:48 AM
@rene don't forget to install the ask.com toolbar
I ended up with the toolbar once. My ad blocker was blocking the option to deselect it when downloading the java updater.
@Bart it would be a nice feature if they install all that crap ONLY in IE and not in the other browsers....
"removed for reasons of moderation"
what's it about? it's linked from meta.stackexchange.com/questions/54922/…
8:56 AM
@rene Why do they include it though? Ridiculous crap.
To push IE out the market! After installing IE becomes more unuseable....
NO, IE is my favorite and world's fastest tool to download google chrome and mozilla firefox in newly installed windows.
@ShadowWizard thanks
Jeff added a feature, the feature was removed at some point. Instead of leaving it in a confused state Shog deleted the whole thing.
8:58 AM
@DroidDev firePony. It is called firePony.
@SPArchaeologist my sincerest apoligies
@ShadowWizard I love it when stuff like this reveals what the underlying code must look like. (And then you think, "Yeah, would have made the same mistake")
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ACCESS SQL SYNTAX ERROR on stackoverflow.com
@Bart so true, sometimes it helps me find bugs in my own code :-D
@Bart I've worked on projects were that mistake would prevent a release to go into production...
9:11 AM
@rene I've worked in environments where nothing prevented that. :p
That smoke detector ACCESS question can be closed as a typo, see my comment
Is this question too broad or opinion based? stackoverflow.com/q/24929757/2024761
9:27 AM
@R.J sounds like questioning a language decision. POB I'd say.
@ShadowWizard "Unfortunately I had already voted on the first duplicate."
I can't vote again sadly
@Stijn but I can't see you voted, there is only one close vote and it's mine.
I retracted my vote
oh. No worry, hopefully others will pick the second.
Who is willing to fix this: stackoverflow.com/questions/24930065
9:36 AM
Done for the text @JanDvorak
Thanks. It still seems like a close fodder, though.
that's caused by Asian keyboards isn't it?
Gah, now I have to go and punch the other editor
Yeah @Stijn, think so
Simple copy paste back and forth using Notepad++ fixed that easily.
@Bart really? Interesting...
@Stijn the other question of his is perfectly fine even without any edits
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: WRITING R CODE FOR FIRST 84 DAYS OF A NON LEAP YEAR on stats.stackexchange.com
9:39 AM
Who upvoted? Please don't vote just to counter the current score.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: +91-8295003531 problem solution molvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SYNTAX ERROR IN ACCESS SQL on stackoverflow.com
Why didn't you close vote that question????
@SmokeDetector didn't that one appear a few minutes ago already?
9:43 AM
29 mins ago, by rene
That smoke detector ACCESS question can be closed as a typo, see my comment
@Undo Thanks!
1 hour later…
11:11 AM
yep. New ie "feature" found!
tell me more
@Stijn Have an angularjs view, within it a div with a background image set from a css class. Sometime ie forgets to draw the background (while performing all the other settings from the class - fonts, sizes etc)
@TimPost mirror please? Twitter is blocked here :(
@Stijn resizing or moving the ie window makes the missing background appear, so it is a drawing/paint problem.
11:15 AM
@SPArchaeologist heh, cute :)
@TimPost there's an alarm here that goes off regularly, nobody moves even a single bit when it goes off
someday it'll go off for real
and bad stuff will happen
I can't remember the last time a car alarm made me look twice.
That's probably why I don't have a car anymore, come to think of it.
@Stijn yea... "Cute". As cute as begin hit by a train at full speed.
@SPArchaeologist if it makes you feel any better, I have this workaround in my code because older IEs sometimes forget to change the colour of a pseudo-element (FontAwesome for example)
var redrawIcons = function (attempts)
* This works, sometimes. Better than never.

if (attempts === undefined)
attempts = 4;

if (attempts === 0)

setTimeout(function ()
$("#orderConfiguration i").addClass("redraw-pseudo-element").removeClass("redraw-pseudo-element");
}, 250);
perhaps you can do something similar to fix your problem :)
@Stijn This was taken a coupe of years ago during an actual/real/non-staged firealarm: imgur.com/V4cAGlW the band played on...
11:29 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: RAFAIDAIN IN SALAH on islam.stackexchange.com
@Stijn seems to be something related to loading the image for the background when the view gets included
I just noticed that if the same image is used before in the page, outside of the view, it will never fail rendering
11:41 AM
@ShadowWizard Hahah, thanks. I actually have a filter set up that sends me all SEDE questions :)
@TimStone oh, cool. Very responsible on your side. ;)
found two new bugs. hooray!
SEDE bugs, or just bugs in general? :o
Whoops, one isn't a bug but a feature, and a good one. After you flag a comment, the flag icon is still visible when you hover, and not long ago it wasn't visible. But I noticed the tooltip "you've flagged this comment as unconstructive, offensive, or spam" so all good. :)
hmm.... tooltip misleading, I flagged as too chatty. :(
12:01 PM
/me goes find SEDE bugs to feed Tim...
Those new disks do magic on SEDE....
/me wondering what is SEDE
Stack Exchange Destruction Enabler
12:18 PM
@DroidDev it's where they stash all the unicoins.
/me now wondering how to hack into SEDE
I'm still able to timeout the queries I run...
@DroidDev with this:
If SEDE bans exists I might be one of the candidates to get one...
@TimStone ^
12:22 PM
@ShadowWizard NOOOOOOO I just managed to forget that Shin Getter Heats theme ear worm! now thanks to your robot image I am back at square one.
@rene Hopefully more RAM will help with that, but we'll see.
@SPArchaeologist whoops, you should have warned me in advance :D
@TimStone Yeah, I saw the response of Nick on the TEMPTABLE size bug...
@ShadowWizard don't worry - I will just use the "ear worm destroyer v1.5" again.
Nyan nyan dance. Only problem: usually it can become an earworm "worster" than the original one
12:29 PM
meanwhile, @Bart is back in starboard and my linux system is randomly crashing various applications that I am running
12:51 PM
@DroidDev Linux is gettting more and more compatible with Windows...
@rene never go with latest version of linux, it will always have bugs. NEVER
@DroidDev I have a stable debian server box. I don't use any linux as desktop.
@rene I use linux at office. It's good for development (as everybody knows). Using server box creates other problems. One of my colleague used to have it and he used to band his head with monitor every 30 minutes
The server is stable as long as I don't touch it (either physically or by logging in).
@DroidDev that guy is awesome! He can band his head with a monitor! I've never seen anyone that could do it
1:05 PM
@DroidDev my desk & monitor are both rubber made. Working on SharePoint, you get used to...
@rene I think some versions of linux are specifically made to torture developers
@Braiam you should see an android developer working. They can do lot of things. Sometimes, same code behaves differently in different applications.
@SPArchaeologist I know that feel bro
@DroidDev cc @hichris123
1:13 PM
@DroidDev is it worrisome that my css file starts with "<%@ Page Language="C#" ContentType="text/css"%>"?
@SPArchaeologist you shouldn't be worried until fire alarm goes off
Today's Listening | Progchip / Instrumental
@DroidDev I'm sure those are somehow related to each other
1:29 PM
@Bart may be you've found a way to hack my pc through starboard and randomly close applications :P
@DroidDev Don't know... it goes on like this
background: url("<asp:Literal runat='server' Text='<%$SPUrl:~SiteCollection/.....%>'/>");
@SPArchaeologist In android, layouts are drawn in xml files
and first line is
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
funny thing is, app will run normally even if you remove this line
then there are schemas
again, remove them and nothing happens to app
I don't know why these scary things are always there
Actually, I am following mastykarz advice for "compiling" css files so that you can use spurl inside them.
1:45 PM
and I am still wondering why my IDE is crashing every 15 to 30 minutes
1:59 PM
@SPArchaeologist Why not background: url("<%=BuildUrl("unique id here")%>"); then build the mapping in code behind? Or even better yet, have a Repeater and do it all in code behind?
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