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12:12 AM
Whoever flagged this is wasting people's time. This is an old answer to a recommendation question. Of course it's going to be link-only! Don't waste people's time trying to nuke these type of answers on these type of questions, focus on nuking the new stuff to non-recommendation questions. — Cupcake 24 secs ago
@Cupcake can someone capitalize the I's and Google... also trim the extra space before the point
@Braiam Can't you? (I did)
@bjb568 >6 characters
12:36 AM
...then improve other things.
"One of the way to do this is when i google found that" is correct grammar to you?
This confuses me. How is this ok?
@bjb568 remember I'm not a english speaker... my gramers iz terribad
@bjb568 asking for alternative ways to do something that he's already doing? Is that a stretch?
@bjb568 how is it not OK?
The VLQ queue is for deleting non-answers.
That was an answer.
12:50 AM
@Braiam Oh, your posts look good.
Even if it may or may not be correct.
@bjb568 it fits the VLQ
@Cupcake non-answers and very low quality posts
@Cupcake What's wrong with alternative ways? Is it somehow a-ok if the original way didn't work? Wut?
@Cupcake It's a comment.
That's not VLQ... It might be a wrong/crap answer, but that's what downvotes are for.
VLQ = unsalvageable by editing. Unreadable. Must be burned with fire ASAP.
This is just a meh answer, not worth spending much time on.
@bjb568 it's so short, it could have been a comment or an answer. The OP chose to answer.
12:52 AM
lets put it this way: I have the same problem as OP, how is that answer going to help me?
Oh, so you admit it's an answer then, do you?
@Braiam So downvote it. Again, nobody's saying this is a good answer.
If it doesn't help you, downvote.
@Braiam It probably won't. Not even a link to the docs on min-height. No explanation.
I'm the only downvote on the answer
12:53 AM
Minimum answer length is 30 chars. It's possible to have a succinct and accurate/helpful answer. This one isn't it, but such is life. Not all can be winners.
@Cupcake Isn't VLQ if it won't be helpful for most people?
@AnnaLear "No.", is that an answer?
> This answer has severe formatting or content problems. This answer is unlikely to be salvageable through editing, and might need to be removed.
@AnnaLear again, how is a vague "hey X going to help you" actually help me?
VLQ is for things that cannot be answers.
@bjb568 Sometimes. Depends on the question.
@Braiam I'm not saying it's a good answer. But it's neither VLQ nor NAA. This is literally what downvotes are for.
12:55 AM
@bjb568 funny that you should mention that...
Lemme see if I can find it...
@AnnaLear How often is a comment turned into a good answer? I've seen it once, but deletion is good and juicy (and the other LQVQ reviewers seem to agree).
@AnnaLear let me put it bluntly: are "guessing posts" answers that deserves to be preserved?
And how come I was never taught this? It says "Recommend Deletion if you think this answer should be deleted"... well, I do.
12:57 AM
@Braiam Er, what? How is that related to this case?
I'm just saying that "oh noes it's short" is not a valid deletion reason.
@AnnaLear that was never my point
I read the answer as: poke here, poke there, maybe it will solve the problem without exploding in your face
@Cupcake And now there are two other answers with detail, making this answer pretty much useless.
@Cupcake At the best, there is no suitable answer to the question. It's a question where you need to know why it's asked to answer it. And X/Y problem. I just think "no" isn't good enough.
@Jamal then downvote if you don't like it. Still an answer.
12:59 AM
@Cupcake That's exactly what I did.
@Braiam I read it as "use this thing". Not terribly helpful as written, but doesn't read like guesswork to me.
How about "try jQuery"?
@bjb568 We're gonna have to agree to disagree on whether or not this post is an answer or a comment. (Aside from the obvious that it's posted as an answer. :))
Don't waste time arguing over the small things.
Reviewers have bigger fish to fry.
1:00 AM
Actually, this type of answer is very common in the queue.
On that note, I'm heading home. Have a great night, everyone. :)
Nighty night!
y-night-y night -y n ß
Anyway, my army of supporters (i.e. 75% of the LQRQ people) will overvote you. Horrah!
1:04 AM
I'm losing my mind. Why is the stuff I render inside my using(Html.BeginForm()) block winding up outside of the form tags?
@bjb568 yeah, but my votes are binding ;)
@jadarnel27 What technology? What form tags? What block?
@AnnaLear Yeah, but you have a life.
@bjb568 That's kind of you to say.
No it isn't. I was implying your posts are too dumb to be written by any self-respecting robot. :)
Things are much more dire than you imagine. I have no life and my posts are terrible.
@jadarnel27 show your work code?
1:08 AM
^ What happened to x buttons?
@bjb568 Tony the Pony was hungry... so you know
@AnnaLear It's something along these lines:
@foreach (var item in Model)
    using (Html.BeginForm())
        @Html.Partial("_somePartial", item)
Nopenopenope. If the code uses the @ character it must be bad.
I end up with the correct form tag, but it just opens and closes, and is then followed by the contents of the Partial view.
So: <form action="/Controller/Action" method="post"></form> and then the correct html of the partial.
Why not just echo things out in order, like:
respondPage('Users', req, res, function() { //Random node.js code
	collections.users.find().each(function(err, doc) {
		if (err) throw err;
		if (doc) {
			res.write('<td>' + doc.name + '</td>');
			res.write('<td>' + doc.rep + '</td>');
		} else {
(I like node.js)
1:27 AM
@jadarnel27 Well. I can repro it... but I have no idea what is going on there.
If only there was a site where you could ask questions like this... =)
On that note, I'm really heading out.
@bjb568 find().each() function callback has an err?
This was interesting:
Q: Are moderators required to report users younger than 13?

Mad ScientistUsers younger than 13 are deleted immediately once SE is informed about the case. The reason for this is COPPA, the US law intended to protect children online. The guidelines as far as I understand them for me as a moderator are that I should report such users to SE, and they'll use a special de...

Spoiler Alert: the answer is Yes.
1:33 AM
@Braiam Everything is node has an error argument.
"if we were to foster an culture of blatant disregard and obfuscation of these issues" Not necessarily an issue. "we lose many of those protections" I doubt the law will change drastically just because of SE. "If you see something (or someone) that doesn't belong on the site" Personally, I find it offensive to make any sort of age cutoff - people's age don't make them not "belong" or "not belong" on the site. "or to multiply until it really is a problem" 12-year-olds multiplying scares me. — bjb568 13 secs ago
1:49 AM
@Cupcake There should be a special "i hz a prblm" button separate from "Ask Question" that goes thru a step by step "What language are you using?" "Paste your code here" "What error did you get?" thing.
Preaching to the choir.
"'Preaching to the choir' (also sometimes spelled quire) is of US origin. It clearly refers to the pointlessness of a preacher attempting to convert those who, by their presence in church, have already demonstrated their faith." Who mipsells choir?
"why this code dose not work?" Whoa, code is a drug now?
I think that sums up all the gimmetehcodez.
...and why there are so many copy-paste coders who have no idea what code is, in the industry (cough cough cough jQuery cough gimmetehcodez cough decline of SO cough).
Lol they poured some new cement in our neighborhood today and some kids started drawing in it. Now my dad is out there talking with the police and their parents...
I dunno why the police need to be involved...
2:25 AM
It's destruction to public property...
$5000 to replace it.
No, it's cute drawings that people will enjoy for 50 years.
@bjb568 you can consider it to be a public health hazard.
If the cement surface is not flat, but has indentations and stuff, people can trip and fall.
Haha, tell that to the trees.
(and people who's job it is to smooth out the tree problems)
@animuson Youch. Poor kids :P
2:35 AM
If any Stack Overflow mods want to look into it, I just flagged the bejeebus out of this one guy's account for posting a ton of copied answers in the past couple of months, as well as a massive 400+ serial upvoting reversal.
A moderator has already taken care of some of the answers, but I found a lot...
@Cupcake Oh, that guy.
Oh you know who I'm talking about?

Proposed Q&A site for players of Outside: The free-to-play MMO

Currently in definition.

2:42 AM
/review is borked... :(
@Braiam oh, so it isn't just me.
@GnomeSlice ...
That's good to know...I guess...
@Cupcake I think so. I flagged some of his answers, I'm pretty sure.
2:43 AM
eats Cupcake out of boredom
@Braiam every bite you take will cost you 500 rep.
And gastrointestinal upset. One or the other.
@Cupcake that I was expecting it, since I shallowed all of it
Q: Review queues do not work

Final ContestI do not seem to be able to get to the review tab right now. I am always getting the error below when clicking on the review button. Does it work for others? What am I doing wrong? We apologize for any inconvenience, but an unexpected error occurred while you were browsing our site. It’s...

Upvote that ish dang nabbit!
2:47 AM
@Cupcake if anyone downvotes Final will com... wait
A: Review queues do not work

UndoYes, they are broken. In the meantime, cheat links! Close votes: http://stackoverflow.com/review/close/ Reopen votes: http://stackoverflow.com/review/reopen/5328063 Suggested Edits: http://stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits Low Quality Posts: http://stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-po...

I posted a comment, then realized my brain was borked too... siiigh.
Borking is contagious! Everybody run!
why people downvotes... it won't help the question to be deleted faster
2:51 AM
People like pushing buttons
@Braiam yeah, I know. Maybe people do it out of habit? I think it's counter-productive though. You don't want to shove it off the front page, you want people to see so that they can flag it.
Meh, gone now.
Job done!
Wow, I appear 3 times on the starboard? Slow star day, isn't it...
star all my messages, so @bjb568 can be happy by not being in the star wall... or make him sad for the same motive
3:15 AM
@bjb568 About six hours ago, I was on the star board three times, and now I'm completely gone. "Slow" isn't a word I'd use.
Nah, you're just a janitor.
Why do people leave chat in pairs? Weird.
@bjb568 Nah, he's not a janitor. He's a CM who is not the Lord of the Swag™.
@hichris123 Nice try, but you'll have to do better than reverse psychology to get a shirt from me! I'm so clever it would take, like, quadruple psychologies. Yeah.
3:23 AM
Yo mama's so stupid she only needs 0 psychologies. Yeah.
^ I think that's the Next Big Thing™
@animuson you missed a few on your last pass, I reflagged them, or you can just leave them for someone else to cleanup. Thanks!
3:53 AM
1 hour later…
4:54 AM
@Cupcake Flag was declined. I guess the mods just like to keep highly-upvoted comments around.
@Jamal that makes no sense.
I've had comments like that flagged and removed in the past.
It's clearly just chatter.
The review page works for me... but it's showing misleading info.. like 8 suggest edits to review.. but then when click there is NONE... probably caching...but I never had a caching problem on that page before. — Vote to Close 3 mins ago
5:13 AM
Quora got a redesign today.
The site still makes me want to puke.
@Cupcake ... why do you know that?!
26 secs ago, by Cupcake
never heard of quora before
5:14 AM
I hate the way they display answers to questions.
@VotetoClose you're not missing much.
@Cupcake So you just read their blog every day?
@Doorknob I don't, actually. I occasionally pop-in every now and then to check things out, and right on the front page, they shoved their blog announcement right in my face.
Quora is not a Q&A site.
It's more like Reddit.
5:16 AM
@Cupcake "I occasionally pop-in every now and then to check things out" See, there's the problem
But worse.
I hate it when they're so closed to being deleted, yet so far.
You guys aren't downvoting that too, are you?
Don't downvote it.
5:19 AM
i did
@Cupcake Why not?
Oh wait, I'm thinking questions.
Never mind.
Pew pew away.
Actually, no.
5:20 AM
@Cupcake you must've lost a sprinkle today
Yeah, I don't downvote the questions. Gotta keep them on the front page for full flagging exposure.
You actually shouldn't downvote answers too.
Trolls get satisfaction out of agitating people.
Each extra downvote signals to a troll that he pissed off extra person.
If you really want to mess with a troll, you have to make it look like no one gives a shit.
5:21 AM
So don't pile on downvotes that make it look like more people saw his post.
Then spam/offensive flags also shouldn't carry an automatic downvote.
Just flag.
should i upvote it then?
Just don't vote on it at all.
Just flag.
5:23 AM
lol, just trollin there
it's gone now
That thing lasted 5-6 minutes longer than it should have.
@animuson picture please?
Did I mention that Quora sucks?: qr.ae/CyFYR
6:19 AM
1 hour later…
7:44 AM
I made a self-answer question for people who are wondering what Git commit-ish is, but I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do:
Q: What are commit-ish and tree-ish in Git?

CupcakeThe Question What are specific examples of commit-ish and tree-ish in Git? The Stack Overflow question "What does tree-ish mean in git?" deals with tree-ish specifically, but I want to understand more about both. Background Usages in Documentation The Git documentation makes several referenc...

I tried to make the problem more generic than this question, which asks about Git tree-ish in the context of a specific Git command, git archive:
Q: What does tree-ish mean in Git?

dkinzerI'm very confused about how to use git archive. I have a git repository with folder Foo, Bar and Baz at the top level. I need to export folder Foo in a SVN-ish sort of way for quick test deployment. I learned that I could use git-archive in an SVN-ish export sort of way. But here's the thing...

I've answered both of them, and my answers are almost identical.
Should one be closed as a duplicate of the other?
7:47 AM
I had my answer on my own question deleted for a while, but I noticed that I started to get upvotes on the question, which meant to me that people were finding it, but not finding an answer, because I wouldn't get upvotes on my answer to the other question.
So I decided to undelete the answer on my own question again.
Yo everypony!
8:04 AM
Did I mention how much Quora sucks?
The Stack Overflow tag is full of SO haters.
Very unconstructive --> very uninteresting.
It gets fun when those posts are brought up on Meta again as evidence for how SO is becoming ever worse.
@ShadowWizard ... because I'm so mature for my age? Or because I sound like an old fart?
1 hour later…
9:48 AM
ooo ooo ooo
@Oded ooOOoooOOoooOOOOooOOOoo
Cleanup to aisle 89, please
Your skill in Spirit Speak has increased by 0.1. It is now 42.0
@SPArchaeologist o. I thought it was just a lingering echo
9:57 AM
Wait ... @Oded has ghost-chat capabilities? That message did not at all show for me
@JanDvorak Have thou ever playeth Ultima Online? :P
@SPArchaeologist no
@Bart you put me on ignore?
@JanDvorak Dead players messages were displayed to living one in that format (a random sequence of O with random casing").
oh. Nice
10:06 AM
@JanDvorak Players with the Spirit Speak skill could use it to see the actual message. Still, it was pretty useless since party message were displayed normally - and most of the time if you needed to talk to a dead player he was in your party.
I would never @Oded. Unless I have a sudden case of the Laszlos of course ....
@Bart Is that Final?
@Oded is this a Contest?
Hmm, weird though. No chat pings for me either. Something is borked.
I got pinged
10:13 AM
Myeah, borked over here I guess.
7 hours ago, by bjb568
Borking is contagious! Everybody run!
I blame @bjb568
sounds reasonable
1 hour later…
11:50 AM
ARGH!!!!! Where is the whining room? I need to throw some curses at Visual Studio right now.
12:04 PM
@SPArchaeologist try Monodevelop and then come back and stop whining. ;)
@SPArchaeologist Visual Studio is just a fancy shell around msbuild fancysolution.sln
:D Thank god for the fancy shell though @rene
@Bart @rene Just discovered that if you put a sharepoint project in a solution folder the deploy link from the project content menu go missing.....
That is a context sensitive menu and isn't needed for SharePoint....it deploys itself with pure magic...
12:44 PM
@rene you need fresh smashed unicorn powder to make it work
What the frick are you doing to Unicorns @Braiam?
@Bart I don't know, but we should banish him to the moon.... just in case -_-
1 hour later…
2:09 PM
I need to say "I love you more" ... got this on twitter
At first I thought it might be a spam or virus, then I thought those would not work with twitter direct message. It got me clicking on sender's info though ... so good way to make people checking out your profile - if that's something you are after @_@
Just accept that you're loved @chmod711telkitty.
wait, still have problem saying "I love you" to regulars here ... feels so weird telling people who have downvoted me I love them ...
@Bart let's be buddies, we will never downvote each other again ...
2:21 PM
I don't make promises I can't keep @chmod711telkitty. Don't write stuff I'll have to downvote and you'll be fine. ;)
If you know the question is going to be closed as being off topic, why answer at all? — cimmanon 19 secs ago
Well, at least it wasn't a "reservation answer." I think I've only seen one of those.
3:20 PM
@chmod711telkitty Maybe it was @bart confessing his love for you that way, since he's too shy to do it on here?
@GnomeSlice - may I ask you a quick question?
@SPArchaeologist Sure.
@VotetoClose you have the impression I'm shy?
@GnomeSlice Do you by any chance know Dwarf Fortress?
@SPArchaeologist I've not played it, but I know of it.
Not really my kind of game.
There's a bunch of players in the gaming chat.

 The Bridge

General Arqade Chat. We tried to leave once, but the door lock...
3:22 PM
@Bart You aren't yellow, your hair aren't pink and you don't have a picture of three butterfly on your flank
@SPArchaeologist I don't even flutter
@GnomeSlice may be worth a check. I wanted to try it, and was wondering if there is some more advanced ui than the ascii based one (some channels mention isometric UIs)
@SPArchaeologist Oh yeah, I know for a fact there are. I might be able to find a couple. I suggest asking in the gaming chat though.
@Bart last test: please repeat after me - "Yai"
@SPArchaeologist If you don't mind dishing out a little cash, there's also gnomoria.com
3:26 PM
@SPArchaeologist "Narf" .... dammit
@SPArchaeologist Try StoneSense
Makes DF look like this:

Whining Room

This room is for whining in. All manner of QQ will be tolerated.
It's frozen. ;(
@GnomeSlice may be worth checking - Thanks Gnome (I want to see how advanced is this world creation thing)
@hichris123 Should I make a new one?
@bjb568 Nah, just poke a grumpy helpful employee.
3:41 PM
Ok, mod-flagged the feeds post.
"Your recent moderator chat flag was inappropriate and declined. Please use moderator flags in chat only in very serious situations." Ha, that worked.
Uhmm.... what the heck?
casts frown upon employee
then pokes with sharp stick
@Pops you should totally unfreeze the Whining Room.
have to go. bye Everypony
4:09 PM
No. Maybe Unix & Linux or Server Fault.
4:26 PM
Is this a new thing where I can't flag upvoted answers as VLQ?
Or has it always been like that?
I believe it's been like that, if the score is above 0.
Well in that case...
Can I get 2 downvotes on this please?
A: .gitignore - ignore any 'bin' directory

David Silva SmithI recommend using the gitignore templates here: https://github.com/github/gitignore The Visual Studio gitignore will ignore the bin file but not any tools you add. https://github.com/github/gitignore/blob/master/VisualStudio.gitignore

4:28 PM
Link-only answer.
Speaking of link-only...
This may well be repfarming, community, but it is at least good advice, and I've seen way worse. Downvoting seems a bit harsh... — Parthian Shot 6 mins ago
@Cupcake 0'd.
@Jamal the downvoting on the answer is unnecessary. The question already has a delete vote on it.
4:31 PM
@bjb568 gracias.
@Cupcake Unfortunately, I don't have enough rep to determine that.
@Cupcake Making it clear to answerers that answering such questions is not welcome is good for the community.
@bjb568 you can do that in a comment. I'm not rehashing this.
People don't understand if there aren't red -6s.
4:34 PM
Apparently that guy is a core Python developer, by the way.
4:55 PM
Question gone.
5:16 PM
@hichris123 Ugh. Why don't you go complain about it in the... oh, I see.
And why my flag get declined? >:(
@hichris123 It was my understanding that I would not be poked with any sharp sticks as a Stack Exchange employee. Your request for room unfreezing has been put on indefinite hold until HR completes its investigation.
dammit @hichris123, look at what you have done... now we don't have place to complain!
5:27 PM
@Jamal I'd add my vote to help, but in this case it's your vote that is helping me :)
Technically, I can only flag-to-close. :-/
5:44 PM
@Braiam are you complaining about that? .... I guess you have found your room then.

Whining Room

This room is for whining in. All manner of QQ will be tolerated.
still frozen
Now I have that song stuck in my head again. Thanks...
I haven't ever heard the song so I'm safe.
5:55 PM
@Cupcake obj-get-set... wtf?
@Braiam cuz PHP? :P
@Cupcake Looks closed already, to me ;)
@Andrew'saUnitato ah, thank you...that was sitting at 4 votes for a long time.
6:05 PM
I only needed a tiny hammer for it, as a result.
Tinker toys!
This is still picking up some nice turnout. We need more people to think like n00bs though.
Stack Overflow Academy

Proposed Q&A site for programmers who want to learn how to ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Currently in definition.

6:43 PM
@AnnaLear I'm glad to hear that you were stumped by that problem as well, and it wasn't just my unfamiliarity with MVC that was biting me =)
I'd probably just write the HTML instead of using helpers
Yeah, that's probably a good idea.
It's just for a personal project, so it was more a curiosity thing than a "I need to get this done" thing.
@jadarnel27 to Stack Overflow!
Seriously, that sounds like a fun question to ask.
7:12 PM
I'll probably write it up later =)
Maybe I'll ask it on Monday.
Since things slow down so much on the weekend.
Perfect time for you to post your stellar question and get all the glory @jadarnel27
True. Or I could get all the tumbleweeds.
where's the meta post about people being able to answer questions after they are closed?
7:20 PM
Q: How was this answer posted after this question was closed?

tombull89Question: lot of .exe folders are created on my windows7 Answer: try that... The question was closed at 11:57:57 (according to the hover-over-"x-mins-ago" bar) and the answer was posted at 12:16:35. It's a fairly lengthy answer, so it's possible that it was started to be written before it was c...

found it
7:35 PM
@jadarnel27 you could try have the whole block marked as code like so: @{ \\ all your code here without @ and close with a curly }
7:53 PM
I tried a bunch of stuff last night, @rene. And I think that was one of the things. But I may give that another shot later.
Did you try without the using as well?
You mean manually calling "EndForm"?
Or do you mean actually typing out the form tags?
hold on...
Yeah manually calling EndForm
I did not try that.
"Nominate this proposal for reopening?" after pushing reopen on an example question on area 51
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