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3:00 PM
Good. I was afraid I broke something.
Maybe they were just migrated again, and someone forgot to update the consumers?
Is this serious??
Q: Visual Studio sharepoint list as a database without Sharepoint Server

UdhayI have installed Visual studio. I want to create web tool which should use SharePoint List as a database. I should not install SharePoint Server, it is not approved for my team. To create a project which is related to Sharepoint Visual studio throwing a message to install Sharepoint server. Pleas...

lol, he simply thinks that SharePoint list has its own database or something like that
Actually is even weirder than that.
3:11 PM
"I don't have SharePoint. Can I still use a list on the no-existant SharePoint as a database surrogate"?
@SPArchaeologist it is like asking for a library recommendation...
@SPArchaeologist you need to think as a total newbie, totally oblivious. For those with 0 knowledge in SharePoint, SPList might sound like an alternative to database
It got columns, it got rows, so it must be database. No? :D
then, if it's a database there must be a way to connect to it directly. Right?
Hierarchy, folder...
See the logic?
Skip SPList, use jQuery instead
3:17 PM
@Bart nice :)
@ShadowWizard But if you don't have SharePoint were would the list be?
It is like "I don't have sql server. Can I use a sql server table to store my data?"
3:33 PM
The list would just be...
"some whereeeeee over the rainbowwwwwwwwwwww"
ugh, the web sockets are really acting up
anyone else seeing this too or is this just my ISP playing silly buggers?
@ShadowWizard what's up?
@MartijnPieters I've seen a little bit of it.
I get a connection, just no frames.
@AnnaLear: ^
(unless you can claim no knowledge of websocket tech. :-P)
3:47 PM
46 mins ago, by hichris123
3:59 PM
@MartijnPieters Nothing that I'm personally particularly useful for, but folks are aware and working on that now
@AnnaLear Thanks, Anna.
I'm always afraid it is just a local problem, and that I am bugging the devs unduly.
You should see our exception logs right now. Things are ... a bit ill. ;)
user image
@AnnaLear eeek.
Holy Java!
Just wait, it will roll-over to 0 in a moment...
4:12 PM
@AnnaLear Ick. That's a little green around the nose indeed.
May I abuse this moment to feature-request that the realtime tab reconnects automatically? Refreshing my script causes it to forget everything
2 hours later…
5:46 PM
@AnnaLear with that many exceptions, are they still exceptions? Can't you just rename that to "the norm" and be done with it?
"some of your recent flags have been declined"... It seems like 1% of (correct) VLQs are declined (most are disputed), but 10% of (correct) NAAs are declined (then complained about and deleted).
@AnnaLear hey, two quick questions... first, did you have chance to nudge Jin about the design but in Skeptics? (wait... maybe I asked @TimPost to do it?) and second, did the team reach any conclusions regarding allowing flagging a comment after upvoting it?
@JanDvorak localStorage for the rescue?
Why would you need to flag and up vote?
@ShadowWizard 5MB isn't quite enough
5:57 PM
@ShadowWizard 1) no need to nudge Jin about it; he knows that's a thing that needs to happen (but there are other things ahead of it that are more pressing); 2) barring anything unexpected in today's status call, I'm fixing that this week.
@SPArchaeologist stretching my n00bness radar to max, maybe he thinks that SPList can be stored as text file, or just any file for that matter, then accessed by other programs?
@hichris123 it just means each and every request to the sockets generates a server side error, or generated until they shut it all down...
@AnnaLear 1) cool 2) cooler! So it means it was a bug all along??
@ShadowWizard It was by design, but opinions shift.
s/fixing/changing. whatever. ;)
feature request , make @AnnaLear SE dictator
Are you implying I'm not one already?
@AnnaLear oh, words have power you know. Thanks a bunch in advance!
6:04 PM
@AnnaLear you have a ton of power already, but you need to garner the shog's and others power too, to be the ultimate power
With Shog's power come Shog's responsibilities. noooooo, thank you. ;)
Anna's so powerful, she can fuse all the sites into one if she chooses.
@Jamal that's a great idea, they should do that for april fools next year
everything is on topic 4/1/15
It will clear up all migration problems, too.
Also known as "The Day We Finally Did Burn the Internet Down"
6:07 PM
@ShadowWizard Well, yeah, but still... that's a lot of errors.
Does gaining the power of a Stack Exchange employee require decapitation, Highlander style?
Or you could just do it like they did in the cartoon.
Just hold a sword and watch it disintegrate, no decapitation involved.
@Cupcake No, we need there to be more than one of us.
Maybe it's like joining the Men in Black. If you fuck up, you will no longer remember you were ever an employee.
6:08 PM
@Jamal I can neither confirm nor deny...
But here, look at this shiny object for a second.
We're unusually star-happy today.
refreshing the star wall: [status-complete]
@hichris123 I think Anna has already used the flashy-thing on us.
user image
6:10 PM
Maybe today I'll finally use up all my stars.
I started the starfest by starring chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2190949#2190949 , BTW
Methinks a few people have a bit too much time on their hands. As punishment, go draw 1,000 stars on the chalkboard.
s/chalkboard/animuson's face/
Does anyone knows about a bug that converts Comments to Answers? I remember reading about it at meta.so or meta.se, but can't find the reference. It just happened at Stack Overflow em Português, I've opened a bug report over there.
@Braiam Don't make me get the ninja stars!
6:13 PM
You could flag for a moderator and hope Brad doesn't instantly delete your question... — rene 26 secs ago
@brasofilo that's not a thing... Link me to the post where this happened?
@brasofilo Chances are he typed it into the wrong box.
That ^
The user swears that it typed a comment pt.stackoverflow.com/a/25346/201
it -> he
There is no possible way for a comment to be converted to an answer.
He must've made a mistake.
6:16 PM
thinks we need questions quality bans to be shared between SO and pt.SO
I'm pretty sure I've read about bypassing an answer-ban posting some kind of link as comment...
@animuson Did someone call?
In any case, we have some over in the Python room, if you need any.
@brasofilo Some answers are auto-converted to comments (when they're little more than a link to another question on the same site). The other way around doesn't exist.

First 'pass the shuriken' reference

Feb 17 '13 at 11:11, 9 minutes total – 11 messages, 3 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jan 13 at 16:51 by Martijn Pieters

Second 'pass the shuriken' reference.

Feb 20 '13 at 16:51, 1 hour 57 minutes total – 66 messages, 6 users, 0 stars

Bookmarked Jan 13 at 16:52 by Martijn Pieters

Why am I suspicious that @Martijn legitimately has the phrase "ninja stars" set up to ping him?
6:20 PM
I have to leave, will try to research further later, but taking @AnnaLear word as fact, thanks!
@AnnaLear: how goes the exception counter, did it overflow yet?
misses the sockets big time.
@MartijnPieters we're back to reasonable numbers, but work to fix things continues.
Check. Glad to hear things are shaping up again.
How does the chat update ATM? Polling?
chat doesn't use sockets?
6:29 PM
Normally it does
sending messages is XHR, but receiving them doesn't seem to be
...someone is monitoring incoming connections with wireshark and connect free ports by hand...
in the style of phone operators / connector walls?
@rene That person deserves a cookie. Someone make that happen.
...someone is monitoring incoming set-cookie headers with wireshark and eats them...
@JanDvorak not much has changed...
6:57 PM
This seems like it might be too broad, but it's actually an interesting question:
Q: Platform-specific git configuration files

Robert DaileyI have three git configuration files. One is named .gitconfig and contains 90% of my git settings. Common, platform-agnostic settings go here. The other is named .gitconfig-windows and contains Windows-only settings for Git (Notepad++ as my editor, for example, which won't exist on Linux). I also...

Wait, Laszlo got banned from chat?
That would explain the silence
Oh yeah.
For an entire year.
What for?
7:03 PM
Myeah, just noticed.
I guess violating Shog's warning?
@JanDvorak you really have to ask?
It's only a chat ban.
I know it's entirely fair, but I'm curious if there's a specific transgression, or just general misbehavior.
I'd guess a "final straw" kind of deal
Straw that broke the camel's back. ;)
7:05 PM
Who's Camel?
A camel is an even-toed ungulate within the genus Camelus, bearing distinctive fatty deposits known as "humps" on its back. The two surviving species of camel are the dromedary, or one-humped camel (C. dromedarius), which inhabits the Middle East and the Horn of Africa; and the bactrian, or two-humped camel (C. bactrianus), which inhabits Central Asia. Both species have been domesticated; they provide milk, meat, hair for textiles or goods such as felted pouches, and are working animals with tasks ranging from human transport to bearing loads. The term "camel" is derived via Latin and...
OCaml ( ), originally known as Objective Caml, is the main implementation of the Caml programming language, created by Xavier Leroy, Jérôme Vouillon, Damien Doligez, Didier Rémy and others in 1996. OCaml extends the core Caml language with object-oriented constructs. OCaml's toolset includes an interactive top level interpreter, a bytecode compiler, and an optimizing native code compiler. It has a large standard library that makes it useful for many of the same applications as Python or Perl, as well as robust modular and object-oriented programming constructs that make it applicable for...
That does it
7:07 PM
Can't argue against Objective Caml @rene
He's just testing us. To see if we're worthy.
Breaking news: we're not
Jon Skeet asked a question? gasp
@rene yeah like Jon needs any more rep ;P
He's already rep-capped today...
7:12 PM
I'm not sure if I want to cry of laugh: stackoverflow.com/questions/24742414/…
@hichris123 You go tell him
@ɥʇǝS he wants to get to a million, just so he can start a new question about all the bugs that will pop up when that happens
retracts upvote
@VotetoClose You forgot: Bugs fix themselves when it comes to Jon.
If only he was an SE employee.. He'd put the entire dev team out of business!
You think Jon's getting upvotes just because his name is attached?
7:13 PM
Q: Show 3 significant figures for rep over a million

Jon SkeetWith "reputation to the max" I now have 6,621,210 reputation. Unfortunately, this only shows as 6.6m: Other reputation levels are shown with three or more significant digits - e.g. 508k as Darin's rep shows above, or xx.xk for values in the [10k, 100k), or the exact value for under 10k. Why t...

Oh my. I hope this is status by design.
@Cupcake Well, I'm not sure it matters, since Jon is pretty synonymous with quality anyway.
A: Are rumors of a film true? I hope so by golly!

Yi JiangThey've already opted for a sequel I heard Excuse the poor quality. I'm on Ubuntu right now and GIMP hates me. Or is it the other way round?

7:15 PM
Oh shoot, no picture.
Shog's close reason:
> "This question was asked in regards to the 2014 April Fools feature, "Unicoins". Since it is no longer April 1st, Unicoins are now considered off-topic." – Shog9
@Cupcake Yeah, he added a custom off-topic reason for those questions, then deactivated it.
7:18 PM
@Cupcake If too localized was still a close reason I would have voted for that reason...
Q: Stack Overflow has too many men!

XMLbogWhen I take a look at the Stack Overflow user list I see a certain trend. Jon Marc Greg Alex Andrew Jonathan Tomalak Brian Ólafur Juliet I think you see where I'm going with this. There simply aren't enough spider-men or bat-men or other variations of more-than-men. ...

Have you seen this one, @Cupcake?
Q: The Stack Overflow Conspiracy - don't tell Jeff I'm on to him

XMLbogJudging from the fact that there's been a lot of talk of venture capital being pumped into Stack Overflow lately, something hasn't been sitting well with me at all. Then I got to thinking. Ever think about Jeff's user ID? It's 1. Seems innocuous, right? Like maybe he was the first user or someth...

I'll have to read all of these later...lots of gold on Meta that I missed all these years :P
I'm surprised that the other one hasn't been closed yet though.
Oh well.
7:21 PM
On it.
Tease :P
This is interesting:
A: Why is there a stigma in corporations against revealing hourly rates and salaries? Anyone implement "transparent salaries" policy?

HLGEMI have worked in both types of systems. When I was a government employee, all salaries were a matter of public record. In private industry I have never worked anywhere that is was acceptable to discuss salary (in some places not even my direct boss knew what my salary was). (And yes I am aware th...

7:27 PM
@Cupcake Why?
@rene according to that answer, neither open nor secret salaries are a perfect system.
It's interesting to see that both systems end up producing workplace drama, either way.
I'm used to/favor an open policy but I agree that both systems create noise...
Say @stijn, stop spying on me on my LinkedIn ;)
same here, +1 for open
@Bar, now you've made me spy you on LinkedIn :-)
7:41 PM
I guess that's what a Trained IT Monkey does
ETA of getting websockets back?
6 to ...
hours? weeks?
Just 6-8 ... no unit
7:42 PM
We have this but that should be a dupe of this which was on meta.so but has been migrated. What is the correct close reason for the first question?
Off-topic because Ubuntu?
Pff, every time you step into a slightly different domain you figure out how freaking little you actually know.
I know it is late but try to concentrate for a minute
@rene Really? Two edits to tell me to concentrate? :D
7:44 PM
oh boy, this is not my best day....
Not really duplicates. One is about uploading images, the other about just visiting the main page.
Doesn't really need to be closed it seems @rene
@Bart I don't see the squirrel! YOU'RE LYING TO ME!
Yo mama so off-topic I mistook her for a US Senator.
I don't know where that came from. I'll be quiet now.
7:48 PM
@animuson The sad thing is, that isn't ridiculous.
7:59 PM
@Bart It's a new unit: Stack Exchange SuperSecret TimeIncrements™
Hmm, I thought they were "I can't believe they are not eternities" @animuson.
Experienced users are even more sensitive about covering their tracks when they post something dumb. I don't see why the practice shouldn't be acceptable, seeing as deleted content is by definition not supposed to be seen. — Pekka 웃 52 mins ago
I didn't know that this was a thing.
You didn't know what was a thing? That being wrong is embarassing?
@Bart heh, I was snooping around on your profile :)
9:13 PM
I tried to answer a question on SO the other day and totally flubbed it. Immediately deleted it and didn't look at SO for the rest of the day.
@Pops I can see how being wrong is embarrassing, but I've never been so vain as to redact my answer before deleting it.
Oh, I didn't click through for context.
@Stijn most of my visitors seem to be SO users :)
I thought it stood on its own.
I'm going to go take a look at Bart's LinkedIn now.
9:15 PM
Stalkers +1.
Damn you people. It's not as if that is publicly accessible information ...
@bjb568 I don't see that edit as a problem.
@Cupcake Must... resist... urge to find that answer I deleted... and purge the revision from the database forever....
I might have rejected it as too minor, but now that it went through, I actually think it slightly improves the post.
9:18 PM
@Bart Wait, how do you find it?
Not by going to my profile @hichris123
@Cupcake It's both too minor and incorrect. There are places where it took non-broken grammar and made it broked.
@Pops Well, then you'd have to purge this room's transcript. ;P
@Pops ahahahahaha that's one way to hide embarrasing secrets ;)
@hichris123 I can do that.
9:19 PM
@Bart ... so then how do people find it?
Thanks for pointing it out.
You could also disassociate it from your account, @Pops.
I don't know @hichris123. They must be hackers or something. I would most definitely not urge you to look at my profile. Waste of time really. That's not where you can find it. At all.
@Pops How did 3 people click approve...
@Bart The sarcasm just got to me. ;P
9:21 PM
Or better yet @Pops, associate it to another account.
@Bart Community.
Oh, you have a scraper report @Pops.
@hichris123 Aww, but that's less fun than burning down the Tavern.
@hichris123 took you a while :p
@hichris123 or someone on the edge of a post-ban
@Bart that is genius! Give it to Shog :P
9:22 PM
@Bart lol
@bjb568 It's no secret that the review system is, unfortunately... let's just say "imperfect."
"imperfect" oh kay...
Huh, you actually do wear those glasses, @Bart.
The glasses aren't a lie @hichris123
I heard that they're magic.
9:24 PM
They increase your intelligence points by +10.
I'm still at -5 though
Oh, LinkedIn, don't you give wonderful error messages.
{chat post}
Also that ^.
9:27 PM
@hichris123 Ah, they hired the developer from Grooveshark I see
Jul 10 at 10:18, by Bart
Grooveshark has great recommendations "Because you listened to {artists} and {artist}" ...
@VotetoClose it finally happened!
A: Allow flagging a comment after upvoting it

LauraThis is on the schedule for this week...better late than never, I suppose! It should be a simple fix, will update here when the change is live.

This is picking up a decent number of followers:
Stack Overflow Academy

Proposed Q&A site for programmers who want to learn how to ask good questions on Stack Overflow

Currently in definition.

9:36 PM
Still needs people to ask example questions though.
This is hard.
You have to put yourself in the shoes of a n00b.
Why is it that people simply assume we will just give them our code?
Not in an SO context, but just code we've written at work.
9:40 PM
We got some attention for a body scanner we made at work some time ago. Was featured on Hackaday. Since then we keep getting requests like "I want to make something similar, can I have your code?"
A: Boundary between Stack Overflow Academy and Meta Stack Overflow?

Shog9Meta Stack Overflow could work for this purpose... ...But in practice, it usually does not. The focus of meta is primary focused on the policies and behaviors associated with Stack Overflow; while this includes the nature of the questions asked on the site, it's not particularly obvious that you...

@Bart body scanner like it scans a human body, or like scanning body of emails etc?
Has anyone already made any tools which make it easy to resize retina-resolution images to half-size? I'm talking about fixing up SE posts made by others.
@Szabolcs just add "m" or "l" to the image name
9:41 PM
@Szabolcs people are posting images that are too big?
@ShadowWizard omg I didn't know. So simple!
@Cupcake MSO/MSE works. I see no reason for a new site - it's like creating a site for CSS questions instead of just programming questions.
@Cupcake any screenshot taken in mobile device (maybe not all, I know of iPhone) will be really big, yes
@ShadowWizard hmmmm, I see.
@Cupcake yup, imgur do have some cool tricks in their sleeves
whenever you upload a picture, they make thumbnails ready for use. I know of "s", "m" and "l", think there are even more.
9:43 PM
@ShadowWizard That won't resize it to 50% though. If there's text in the image, it'll either keep it too large or make it unreadably small (if adding s). Nice trick though!
@Szabolcs yeah, guess we can write a script that will detect image size then force half width using <img src="..." width=".." />
@ShadowWizard When specifying width that way, is it possible to use a relative size instead of explicit pixel size? E.g. if the original is 600px wide, is my only option width="300"?
@Szabolcs no, JavaScript must be used
create image object on the fly, assign the source, handle its load event, detect width in there then you can rewrite the markup.
2 hours later…
11:33 PM
@Cupcake it's harder than that. You have to put yourself in the shoes of a n00b who wants to learn to ask good questions.
It's like trying to think like a squirrel who also happens to be a unicorn.
11:51 PM
@Shog9 you mean a unirel?
@AnnaLear My mind auto-corrected that to urinal.
Urinals don't ask good questions, AFAIK.
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