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Whatever, flagged it.
12:31 AM
1:15 AM
A: ACT by sage integration with asp.net

user3731664Act! uses SQL Express by default but you can install Act! and use the full MS SQL Standard Durkin Computing If you are looking for customization to the act interface we have a team of developers which can help. Thanks -- Jim Durkin

@bjb568 ^ does the above bear resemblance to your spam which I can't see anymore?
1:43 AM
The above is gone now anyway.
2:07 AM
I'm not sure how that guy answered the question above ^ .. it looks like he answered in python? but there is no mention of what programming language in the question, not that it matters for an algorithm, but thats why I cv'd as off topic. Thoughts?
@Undo No.
1 hour later…
3:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FIND THE EQUATION OF A CIRCLE on math.stackexchange.com
@animuson and that thread which overturned your decision needed to be locked because..?
Q: Tag name poll: [swift], [apple-swift], or [swift-language]?

Jeremy BanksWe recently had a discussion about the appropriate tag to use for the Swift programming language. Swift is Apple's successor to Objective-C, which is currently the 16th most popular tag on Stack Overflow. The tag it ended up with (due to unilateral moderator action, not community consensus) is sw...

(Not that there's any particular need for the thread to remain active, but locking seems like a peculiar choice.)
Are any questions which question your decisions "not considered good, on-topic questions for this site"?
God, I can't even flag to dispute it.
3:24 AM
@bjb568 Yeah, I hadn't realized that that was a consequence of locking.
Seems like a strange behaviour.
Only some locks do that.
The retagging UI is still showing up. I wonder if it actually works.
Let's test it.
3:29 AM
That warrants a bug report, I think.
@JeremyBanks A poll like that was never a good, on-topic question, but I left it alone so the community could vote. Now that it's taken care of, the question is useless. If someone else has a problem with it, they can start their own question because nothing constructive would come out of anything else being posted on that one.
I guess it does make sense to lock the votes.
But why comments, edits, and flags?
@bjb568 because you don't have more granular locking (yet?)
What comments, edits, or flags would need to be made on that?
@animuson I think we should also hold a poll on that position.
3:34 AM
@JanDvorak …So just record the votes and don't lock?
@animuson Discussion and whatever.
@animuson META!!!
Why would closing be inappropriate?
Comments are not the place for extended discussion.
@animuson META!!!
@animuson I wonder how you have managed to acquire so much meta rep while never observing the most common behaviour on meta sites.
@JeremyBanks that's a loaded question
3:43 AM
@JanDvorak I don't think it's a question.
It's an inner question
I suppose there was an implied rhetorical question, although I'm not sure whether rhetorical questions should be considered questions. I should probably do some reading on linguistic philosophy.
@bjb568 gone
Yeah, but great.
3:53 AM
perhaps, but not an answer
There should be a delete state where the question is gone for everyone except the OP who sees a rude message like that!
@bjb568 you are free to post a feature request ;-)
4:33 AM
5:45 AM
Q: Are poll-style questions ever acceptable on meta sites?

Jeremy BanksOn proper Stack Exchange sites, poll-style "questions" are not considered acceptable. They typically would serve only to measure users' opinions in aggregate, which is not constructive. However, meta sites are a bit different, as determining users' opinions is one of their purposes. The scores o...

@animuson I invite you to express your opinion as an answer to this question.
6:04 AM
6:21 AM
@JanDvorak @DroidDev same too you!
Any extra advice for this OP: stackoverflow.com/questions/24176970/…
@rene An upvote?!
what would be appropriate flag reason, should I go for duplicate?
@DroidDev Whatever. It'll be deleted.
I voted too broad
but close as the dup is also fine
6:34 AM
already removed by author
That is something :-)
It feels so rewarding to have three of my posts at the top of the starboard.
Now for port…
port 80?
star donator :)
@rene That'll work.
6:37 AM
@bjb568 remember the close vote event at 18:30 UTC
Apple makes such great videos: youtube.com/watch?v=0ldZr7FFFFc
@JanDvorak That is still alive....nuke it...
already fixed...
This question appears to be a known duplicate. Please don't do that. — Jan Dvorak 32 secs ago
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DISARM THE B.O.M.B.! on codegolf.stackexchange.com
7:10 AM
@JanDvorak I'm again struggling with flag type for it, will too-broad go fine? because, I think that duplicate won't work, because other question has no answer.
@bjb568 I didn't know we have standards for these also. :O
@DroidDev Some of them have variants, but that's what I've seen used the most.
@bjb568 like for :)
Oh yeah, that makes more sense.
@DroidDev that would be deletion vote, wouldn't it?
Then there are grannies with
@JanDvorak Deletion = del. Down is shorter, so gets the one-letter.
And used more.
7:14 AM
btw, who starred that question?
@DroidDev OP, maybe?
Somebody who missed the crap button?
I never knew I can star my own question. :O
What would that be for???
7:18 AM
@bjb568 dat comment
@DroidDev Probably by Final Contest to delete it when he gets to it...
@rene he is always busy with site clean-up. Btw, he is not here, I think he might have a bot running for that purpose.
I agree with you @Mustafasabir . But some self claimed technically strong old people will try to act smart.Instead of helping, they overact.(eventhough they don't know answer to the question) — user3732886 2 mins ago
I'm not offended easily....
I am self claimed technically strong but not old(for now) ;)
7:24 AM
@DroidDev Yeah, just wait... ;-)
How much longer? Are we there yet?
@rene lol, I guess that wait would extend to 25 years ;-)
or that depends, how you define old :)
I consider my parents to be old which makes me young...
7:33 AM
7:45 AM
Please not again, stop it!
Oh you absolute jock strap
7:46 AM
You ruined it!
Yep, that is me!
Don't be proud.
7:47 AM
Tempted to spam-flag.
Oh, yes that would enable me to get 30 minutes of quality time
and gone
"Please do not use this feature for anything other than informing moderators of serious issues that require their attention." Does it count as serious?
7:50 AM
@bjb568 Does it heck
gmail is really crappy these days on my end.
@rene yay :D Well played good sir.
Guys, you know the stars will be cleared so what's the point? You just upset the team.
Please give "Oh you absolute jock strap" another star to balance it.
Fun is the enjoyment of pleasure, particularly in leisure activities. Fun is an experience - short-term, often unexpected, informal, not cerebral and generally purposeless. It is an enjoyable distraction, diverting the mind and body from any serious task or contributing an extra dimension to it. Although particularly associated with recreation and play, fun may be encountered during work, social functions, and even seemingly mundane activities of daily living. It may often have little to no logical basis, and opinions on whether or not an activity is fun may differ. The distinction betwe...
A rerun or repeat is a rebroadcast of an episode of a radio or television program. There are two types of reruns – those that occur during a hiatus, and those that occur when a program is syndicated. Reruns can also be, as the case with more popular shows, when a show is aired outside of its timeslot (for example, in the afternoon). In the United Kingdom, the word "repeat" refers only to a single episode; "rerun" or "rerunning" is the preferred term for an entire series/season. "Repeat" is also used to refer to programs shown less than a week after the original broadcast, before the next...
Reruns are so boring...
7:55 AM
More Fun may refer to: *More Fun Comics, one of the earliest American comic-book series *More Fun, a defunct webcomic by Shaenon K. Garrity *More Fun Than an Open Casket Funeral, an album by the band The Accüsed *More Fun in the New World, an album by the band X It may also refer to: *More Fund Comics, a benefit publication by the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
user image
8:01 AM
Q: Just rolled over to 100K and my links to Q's and A's went to zero?

BondedDustIs this a bug or a feature? Perhaps trying to give me a Zen moment? http://meta.stackoverflow.com/users/1855677/bondeddust

@SPArchaeologist Did I seriously just watch that?
> I got 100k rep, look at me
^ More parading, less of… boring comments.
@bjb568 do I need to link you to another full song or will the quote "but lately I've been thinking for a reason I should hide FIM as to mention it was painfull when it feels so good inside" suffice? :P
@SPArchaeologist More song!
8:06 AM
It's dead and deleted, yet still exists.
So it's a zombie :D
and the "Edit tag wiki" button doesn't work either due to this.
Ugh, even I can't edit it, or do anything else to it, as far as I can tell. — Tim Post ♦ 2 mins ago
@TimPost you here maybe? :)
@ShadowWizard The "edit" link you posted just gives me "This post is deleted and cannot be edited."
Anyway, Goodnight, ponies. (commas are confusing)
@Stijn you need 10k (mayby 20k since it's tag wiki) to edit it.
8:13 AM
@bjb568 goodnight pony!
@ShadowWizard Sure?
Looks like a blob of code without any direction where the OP is stuck?
@rene he added the code, he added what he wants... "unclear what you ask" doesn't fit anymore.
@rene yeah, classic.
in Shadow's Den, 8 mins ago, by DroidDev
@ShadowWizard old ;)
@rene ^
8:28 AM
@ShadowWizard if you think you can throw @DroidDev in front of a bus, let me remind you of this chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2082053#2082053
@Bart my saviour :)
@Bart darn, forgot you have perfect memory! :D
user image
@Bart please accept this gift from my side, for your act of valour
great, I'm a teapot now
8:39 AM
@DroidDev yay. Anything coffee is always welcome
418 I'm a teapot
420 I'm a dancing teapot with cake
9:02 AM
yay! outspoken badge in MSE.
General computing / software?
Hmmm, but it is off-topic on SU as well I guess
@rene why close it?
@JanDvorak it is a license discussion and we are not lawers?
9:12 AM
custom reason, then?
What Bart said...
Oh, he deleted the question :( I was going to give some advice
> Have you considered Microsoft BizSpark? It's a program for start-ups that gives you access to a full MSDN account (amongst other things), within a few days you can go through the application process.
BizSpark is great...
Ooh, interesting
10:01 AM
How long does it take for a question to hit the reopen queue?
@TimStone the links to your profile pages on elections.stackexchange.com are dead - "This page was put together by Yi Jiang and Tim Stone."
@Bart Should be within ~15 minutes of the owner editing it
@TimPost Thanks. That might explain it.
@MartinvonWittich Additionally depressing is that clicking on the unicorns link at the bottom does nothing. Well wait, oh no, DOES IT KILL A UNICORN EVERY TIME YOU CLICK IT?
@MartinvonWittich meta.stackoverflow.com -> meta.stackexchange.com
10:13 AM
@TimPost We can repair that in a blink 10 seconds flat. Have the link point to the MPL:FIM Hub page...
@TimPost oh my god you made me click on that unicorn link. Now I feel bad :(
@3ventic I'm confused. Am I in the wrong channel? It says chat.meta.stackexchange.com in my URL bar.
@MartinvonWittich the profile links, replace stackoverflow with stackexchange and it works
@3ventic Ah, I see. I wasn't really that interested in the profile pages, I just noticed the dead links and thought I should report them :D
When something doesn't work, I'm usually interested in why :)
10:18 AM
"This accessory may not be supported" That's great, Apple, except it's your own friggin charger!
@MartinvonWittich If you refresh your browser window you will se that we just renamed the room to "Tavern of the Ponies"
@TimPost It's not Apple only. My Dell does the same lovely thing. And subsequently runs at reduced performance "for safety" ...
seems like I had some corrosion on the lightning connector. That never happened with the old style connector
10:46 AM
I'm already not fond of JavaScript, but JavaScript inside a PDF, generated from C++ is ... argh
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: DISARM THE B.O.M.B.! on codegolf.stackexchange.com
@Bart sounds like jQuery.
@MartinvonWittich also in the footer. That's because MSO became MSE and it does not redirect user pages. Links must be manually changed to meta.stackexchange.com/users/150235/tim-stone and meta.stackexchange.com/users/150097/yi-jiang
@TimPost do you have access to change elections.stackexchange.com? ^
I have access to change it, but I have no idea where to change it, Tim Stone's key is also on that server so he can easily login
@TimPost what do you mean "where"? Isn't it ordinary web page sitting on some server?
10:59 AM
It's a node.js app
Tim will need to make the change, push to github, then we can pull / restart on the VM
@TimPost that might be a problem, I suspect he's stuck in a shower infinite loop
Jun 7 at 15:25, by Tim Stone
And now I'm off to yet another baby shower. So. Many. Children. (but thankfully we just still have one for now :P)
...and we never heard from him since
Well, washing babies takes time.
@TimPost with my baby 80% of the time is consumed on letting him splash and break new records every time. Yesterday he succeeded to wet the whole room, and beyond.
Think I'll have to wear swimsuit soon when bathing him!
11:31 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: FREQUINCY SHIFT KEYING , DIGITAL MODULATION on electronics.stackexchange.com
yet another stuck caps-lock
@JanDvorak it always feels like an icky non-language.
The existence of a bunch of languages that compile to JS is enough proof that there's something wrong with the language.
more than likely my lack of knowledge @JanDvorak. I have to use it on such limited occasions that I'm always merely hacking away at it until it seems to work.
11:38 AM
I've been working with TypeScript for over a year now and I don't want to go back to regular JS.
And to auto-generate it from my C++ code, to be embedded inside a PDF which does not have a really nice development experience in their non-pro acrobat ... sigh
@Stijn or that it's the only language in which you can do X (web development), but you prefer another language
@Bart I agree, that results in unreadable code (but so does any compilation)
ah, with javascript and css that looks a lot better...
@JanDvorak I might just be whining unreasonably, but I will never admit to that. JAVASCRIPT IS AT FAULT!!
@Bart claiming that popularity correlates with quality gives undeserved praise to PHP, ASP, Java, MsAccess... :-)
11:44 AM
(and if we go with negative correlation, we end up claiming Malebolge is da best, closely followed by INTERCAL, Funciton, Brainfuck and others)
The wifi connection is b0rked in this train. I suspect it waits for the next train to arrive...
@rene You have high expectations ;-)
@rene and here I am, happy that some of our trains have a power outlet so you can work offline on the train.
@Stijn I would never trust the power outlets in most of our trains
11:53 AM
I'm redirected now and then to 'make connection with wifi' and then it says 'connection is good'. After that page the connection is gone...
12:13 PM
Er is een fout opgetreden. Neem contact op met uw systeem admionistrator. De melding is: %error%. Alvast bedankt.
@rene gold
@rene make sure to include the % in your report. That will help the developers to narrow down the cause.
@rene לא הבנתי מה אמרת
I can assure you that complete message goes in my rant...
12:17 PM
@ShadowWizard just learn Dutch already so we can switch over
yeah, the Tavern is 50% Dutch speaking
@Bart Ich will nicht, Deutsch zu lernen! :)
Ouch, Deutsch != Dutch.
@ShadowWizard The most important part is between the % characters...
12:20 PM
Yes...that is helful, isn't it? The rest is the instruction to report to the service desk
@rene oh! "contact op met uw systeem admionistrator" - "contact original poster meet your system administrator"! :D
seems a permission issue...
@rene in the train?
Anyone's hungry?
12:41 PM
@bluefeet could you take a look at the comments here and remove some of them? Non-english, "jsfiddle is down", basically anything that isn't a coherent sentence or a fiddle.
@ShadowWizard I'm at location now...
@Stijn let me get out my nonsense interpreter :)
12:57 PM
@bluefeet thanks!
@Stijn all done
@rene so how was it? :)
> Reputation on this per-site meta is derived entirely from the main site; nothing to show.
Yet http://meta.stackoverflow.com/help/badges/41/mortarboard gets awarded to people
@ShadowWizard 'Let me report on that when this meeting is over and I'm on my way back in the train....
1:30 PM
Would it be correct to close this as too broad? Or am I misjudging because a possible solution would be way over my head?
Uhm... how can a question be asked a year after an answer has been posted? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/148644/…
@rene you mean morning train? But you broke it!
@Stijn merged post
@Bart ahh
@Stijn Time travel
> Post Merged (destination) from meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/99994
@Andy not possible :(
1:50 PM
Today's Listening | Electronic/Experimental/Dubstep
2:04 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: INSTALL ORACLE JAVA IN UBUNTU(14.04) on askubuntu.com
not even close
10 am here :P
2:19 PM
16:19 here
@ShadowWizard I'm leaving now for the train now...
@rene go ahead! cya!
@Braiam Morning
2:35 PM
can someone upvote this as a test?
Silly question: who here knows what THAC0 is? (without Googling ;))
@Stijn test for what?
@ShadowWizard I was looking at my network tab in Firebug :)
@Stijn oh. I upvoted then undid the vote. Now read it and it's a fine question so +1 ;)
lol, I have a comment echo :D
2:40 PM
I keep being a few seconds slower than you :)
@Stijn I give you the honor to post it as answer though, if you like. :)
thanks but you can post it :) I'm using Firefox and I can't see socket data frames with Firebug, and not comfortable enough with Chrome
Don't worry @Stijn, one day you'll learn how to use a real browser. But don't worry, you're still miles ahead of rene and his IE. :p
@Bart you sound like my colleagues :P
not a week goes by without a remark on me not using a proper browser
Plot twist: I am your colleagues. Yes, plural.
2:48 PM
@ShadowWizard i know
@Bart don't say that....
user image
One of these days we'll hold an intervention @rene
is this an answer?
3:04 PM
@DroidDev Yes. Perhaps not a good one, but it's an answer (so it can't be flagged as NAA)
@Stijn KTY :)
@Stijn They forgot Tor
English please. — Jan Dvorak 28 secs ago
@DroidDev I think, what it's trying to say is "if you created a class yourself named ArrayList, you need to change its name".
@Stijn I thought it might not be an answer, because, it has if in it, that is first asking for clarification. According to me, the answerer didn't know the validity of answer.
or wasn't sure about it
3:09 PM
You can downvote the answer in that case, just be careful to not repeat a situation like in meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/260320/… :)
just noticed
I am on the first result page of the top monthly user on SharePoint
What's so funny you ask?
that my score is 45.
@Stijn oh! I rarely left my traces in that kind of cases where I am downvoting. I only leave comment in a case I think the OP is sincere user and won't start that kind of war on me.
@SPArchaeologist you're the Skeet of SharePoint
@Bart nope, but that should give an idea of the traffic we get:P
3:16 PM
ahoi room
@Bart I am using that on my cv.
I demand attribution
3:20 PM
"He is the Skeet of SharePoint"
Bart, Tavern Troll
Spot on
starboard is pretty dynamic these days
We star all the important things. And a lot of important things happen here.
Important things start every "Morning!"
3:23 PM
oh hey guys what's up
@Stijn not the morning train, now
8 hours ago, by Fabien
3:25 PM
@Stijn Tavern Meme :P
@SPArchaeologist what meme? :)
@Stijn The train one?
That's no meme. Unless the train is filled with fluffy kittens.
@Bart if you really want, I can see if I can summon Alula and the other so we may start a pony filled train. Would that be good for you ?:P
Finally mostly done with a change request! "oh hey we forgot to tell you that we need feature X for user management" they said, more than a week ago... If I put a euro in a jar every time I sweared these past days, there'd be a lot of coins in there!
3:30 PM
have to go for now.
Could work ...
@Bart See ya around everypony
consider that my answer.
3:45 PM
going home, bye!
@Stijn bye!
4:25 PM
Oh no. Did you feel it? Someone pissed of The Oded. ;-(
There was a disturbance in the force ...
True, glad I'm not the only one sensing it!
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