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11:02 AM
oh man, SO isn't littering its footer with five lines of links to other sites right?
I mean, it's great pagerank and all.
Duh, it's the "nothingtoinstall.com meta" site?
11:15 AM
Why does the envelope-page show different content from just clicking on it to picking Today afterwards? Does showing the page with no date range just pick "whatever has happened since your last viewing of this page"?
Ah, there's already a bug report:
Q: Footer link misalignment

SilentGhostNew footer link to nothingtoinstall.com appears in front of the meta link, the coloured squared is floating by itself at the end of the list.

@LasseVKarlsen I think that it shows you things from the last viewing of the page, provided that your last viewing of the default activity page was over five minutes ago...or something.
@Piers: I've just been busy, I've got a few more posts in the works :-)
11:30 AM
WAFFLES IS IN THE HOUSE ... taking away all your enlightened badges
That was odd. I'm pretty sure I clicked on the tavern, but instead I entered programmers.
A clear sign it's too freaking early in the morning.
I thought this was the tavern ...
This is the tavern
That it is. Which is the room I intended to enter.
did you see the new "save draft" feature on the sites?
11:33 AM
But, the first attempt landed me in Programmers, some how. :)
only problem with it is that its a PITA to find the draft
@waffles: not yet, I'll have a look now
and you only get one
start typing an answer.... hit ctrl-s
Ooh, no. That'l be useful, for sure.
shut your browser, go back to the answer... it should be there
still not available for edits... and new questions ... but I may look at adding that
11:35 AM
@waffles: cool :-) Maybe you should add a drafts section to the user profile page or something?
stone soup ... :)
eventually ... I think we will improve this ... the current implementation is really basic
other thing I deployed today was meta.stackoverflow.com/abilities
people will start getting "you gained this ability use it wisely messages"
@waffles Nice
but the wiki needs much help (its editable on meta)
'bout time, too
@waffles: Any thoughts on this badge suggestion?
A: Give an incentive for finding duplicate questions

Andy E's headI'm reviving this thread because I'm surprised there's no badge offered for this. Looking for duplicates requires more effort than other types of close vote and we're always saying that badges should be encouraging positive behaviour on the sites. I propose the following badges: Seeker - Fi...

11:39 AM
You know ... I have kind of changed a lot of my thinking around the duplicate problem ... I would prefer to focus energies on improving old content
a bit of duplication is actually good
@waffles Nice!
@waffles Also nice.
meaning ... if people are trolling through old content, I would prefer it if they have an incentive to correct old content
16 mins ago, by Yi Jiang
Q: Footer link misalignment

SilentGhostNew footer link to nothingtoinstall.com appears in front of the meta link, the coloured squared is floating by itself at the end of the list.

@waffles But, that sounds like effort. ;)
@waffles: I think I suggested a badge for that too
11:40 AM
as opposed to just hunting dupes ... something like 2 rep points for a minor approved edit
the tricky thing is making this some sort of fun game ...
the idea is that anonymous joe blow will find a page from google, and go ... oops its wrong, without logging in he will submit an improvement and then we will have some sort of game to deal with the stuff ...
that involves a bonus of sorts for dealing with the backlog and a bonus for submitting the change
Ah it was a similar idea
A: Additional Badge Ideas

Andy E's head Usurper Posted an answer 6 months after an accepted one, resulting in the question owner switching to yours. Encourages posting better solutions when you come across old accepted answers. Adjust time-scale to suit.

The hard part is getting the OP to accept the new answer.
the big difference here is, I would like us to harness anonymous contributions ... and have the incentives built in to the rep system ... its a major change, which goes beyond badges
@AndyEshead Six month!?
11:44 AM
@YiJiang: anything wrong with that? :-)
@waffles I see what you're saying :-)
Im not against another twist to the necromancer badge ... we should play around with queries on odata
@AndyEshead Seems ridiculously long for this - you're assuming that it takes that long for an answer to "settle down"
at the moment necromancer is the only badge that deals with old stuff
But a consensus should be reached within a day, if not a week from the time a solution is picked
perhaps a recurring ... N accepted answers posted N days after a question first appears ... @Yi the trouble is that consensus can change over the years
and google finds everything ...
11:47 AM
@YiJiang: It's more to do with the fact that as time passes by, information can become incorrect. When coming across an old solution that is out of date because there's a better method, it's important to fix that information ASAP because that old post might have a lot of links to it.
Q: Open Source Ruby Projects

CodingWithoutCommentsI have just recently started to study Ruby, and in lieu of Jeff's advice over the weekend... Stop theorizing. Write lots of software. Learn from your mistakes. ...I was interested in honing my skills while helping out the Open Source Community the process so I thought I'd ask if anyo...

Q: ASP.NET URL Rewriting

GateKillerHow do I rewrite URL's in ASP.NET? I would like users to be able to goto http://www.website.com/users/smith instead of http://www.website.com/?user=smith

out of date ...
@AndyEshead Okay, I might have phrased it wrong, it should be "consensus normally found within a day or so" I'm not implying that the consensus must be found within that time
@AndyEshead But I think if that were the purpose it would fall on the OP, not just the answerer to do the changing
@YiJiang: it's the responsibility of the community to keep improving the content on the site
now I sit back for a few days and wait for my necromancer ...
A: ASP.NET URL Rewriting

Sam SaffronMicrosoft now ships an official URL Rewriting Module for IIS: http://www.iis.net/download/urlrewrite It supports most types of rewriting including setting server variables and wildcards. It also will exist on all Azure web instances out of the box.

The OP is still active, so there's a good chance the answer might be changed
11:58 AM
@YiJiang not really
Q: How do you make an app for the iPhone?
A: You make a web app and make sure it runs properly on Safari for iOS. It's the only way.
12:18 PM
@waffles Sorry for cross posting, but I feel that this problem isn't getting the attention it should be
Q: Account mixup when viewing questions

Yi Jiang Because this is the third time this has happened, I think I should post a question about it. Look at the screenshot above (click on it for the full size version). Basically, O_o. It occurs when I visit a question. It happens incredibly rarely, maybe once every, I dunno, thousand visits to t...

Could someone tell me the rep needed to add a tag?
@mfg According to this, it's 500 on meta: meta.stackoverflow.com/abilities
@mfg It's 1500 on SO: stackoverflow.com/faq
Are you talking about retagging or creating a new tag that doesn't exist?
I believe they have different reputation requirements, but the one for creating a new tag isn't listed
Q: Reputation requirements compared

radpYes, there are questions here! Some you can even answer! Scroll down. Main sites Private Public Golden Critical beta ↓ beta site mass Action (...

Now I need to add a new column to it for NTI ._.
Morning @radp, @PopularDemand
12:26 PM
@Fosco I just got here 10 seconds ago! Are you stalking me?
@PopularDemand You just flew all the way through our monitors
Kinda hard to ignore your attention whorish entrance!
@radp Doesn't mean you have to say hi right away.
@radp Yeah? Well? Um... your face! Or wait, is it supposed to be "your mom" in this instance? Er... your face's mom!
@YiJiang thanks; i should have specified - what about on the area51 sites? i wanted to add a tag on android and im only at 166
@PopularDemand I think it's funny how you always have a negative comment for whatever I say.
12:29 PM
@Fosco Only the best for you, sir.
I'd think you might be my girlfriend in disguise, if she knew anything about computers...
@Fosco When greetin' across multiple timezones should you use the person's time or your own?
@YiJiang See my earlier proposal -- okay, one-off gripe -- about using time-neutral greetings.
@YiJiang I'd assume use your own.. how are you supposed to know what time zone the other person is in? or why should you care?
depends on the context! if i'm sitting down at the computer now i'd say g'morning as that's my timezone, but if i'd been here and someone from europe joins (and i know that's where they are) i'd say g'afternoon <europe user>*
also, g'morning (;
12:34 PM
@rchern good point.. i usually just say hi after my initial 'good morning'
@rchern Evening from SE Asia here
g'evening @YiJiang!
Ah, it is morning here, too. reply() enabled. Good morning @rchern!
@Fosco by their activity graph
@YiJiang Upvoted, but not for the reason I mentioned in my comment.
12:39 PM
ok, so, who's going to go to work for me today? (:
@rchern The SO army is at your command, m'am
ooooh i like the sound of that!
Hm, someone's going for the [wicket] tag badge.
Has anyone worked on the Project Euler problems? projecteuler.net/index.php?section=problems
i have
I've gotten to problem 6 and got bored
12:51 PM
I am doing them in reverse order of how many people got them right, so #1, #2, #6, #5.. got those 4 (surprised at how large the answer to #5 is)..
I don't like all the 'prime number' crap though that always pops up in programming challenges.
I hate reading EULAs.
90% of the text is dedicated to what you cannot do.
@radp so don't - like the rest of us :)
People who don't read EULAs are part of the problem, if we read that blurb we'd be disgusted by it maybe
and maybe obtain something better than the current one way only deals where the publisher seems almost annoyed to let you use the software
@radp The Creative Commons license is pretty short and sweet
At least the version shown when you click through the icon/links
This EUALA grants you a simple license to use the Software to play the Game. You have no rights to or in the Game or its content.
You expressly acknowledge that all characters created and all virtual objects or attributes acquired and developed during Game play, if any, are an integral part of the Game and strictly remain the property of EA. You further acknowledge that the Software contains, without limitation, the following:
(i) graphics, sound effects, music, visual animations and text (hereafter referred to as "Content") to which you have no property rights and no intellectual prop
1:01 PM
The only problem is that it's not actually short and sweet, it just hides the legalese behind a simplified version
Simplified version of the above: "screw you, all rights are all mine. ALL MINE. Now play and STFU. If there's something we didn't come up with, it's mine too."
Good morning everyone
Hi josh
How are you @Piers?
good thanks
1:05 PM
@radp What game is that?
I guess they all look like that, @YiJ.
People sign those contracts without reading them, so big companies might as well ask to obtain EVERYTHING they can ask for.
@radp I thought user-generated content's kind of rare of a game
Hi @TheUnhandledException, @PiersMyers
@YiJiang I think it's talking about your user name and the way you arranged stickers and the such on your car in this specific case.
"We own your soul" Heee...
> GameStation has today revealed that it legally owns the souls of thousands of customers, thanks to a clause it secretly added to the online terms and conditions for the official GameStation website.
1:08 PM
@YiJiang that is at the end of all Microsoft EULA's
Hey there @Fosco
How are you?
Yeah, many of those EULAs are self updating.
greetings @Fosco
It's all good.. friday!
"Oh, and I may change this legalese at will at any time in any way I fancy and you're totally cool with that. I don't even have to tell you. Oh, and when I do I won't actually tell you what has changed, I hope you kept a copy of the previous EULA."
1:12 PM
sometimes it pays to read the EULA: pcpitstop.com/spycheck/eula.asp
@Fosco Do you seriously intend to play with XMPP at any point in the future? Only reason I ask is because I lowered client security for you, and if you don't really want to mess around I was going to raise it back up
hurries hacking @the up
You can raise the security back up
Darn! :D
1:16 PM
I found the ability to connect with TLS
had you changed something else?
@Fosco No, all I did was removed the requirement that TLS be used
I will probably play with it today.. right after I go get some breakfast.
@radp All I did was force connections to be encrypted so any of my users who don't know how to configure their clients can not connect unless the connections are encrypted. We use Jabber for sending secure info like passwords
My PC is currently taxed trying to find the largest prime factor of 600851475143
1:18 PM
@radp that emoticon doesn't work
@Fosco BOINC? :-)
@Fosco just 387k candidates :)
@Fosco your government sucks for that tax
surely less than that too
1:21 PM
@TheUnhandledException Yeah... @radp already knew that.
@PopularDemand He was trying to steal my passwords again huh?
@TheUnhandledException "trying"?
@TheUnhandledException Also, for reasons I don't yet understand, the bug related to your bounty doesn't seem to be occurring anymore.
1:31 PM
@PopularDemand Because I offered a bounty, that's why, LOL
I'll keep looking at it, but right now it's not worth it for me to spend a huge amount of time trying to repro it if it works.
The EULA discussion reminds me of a story I heard about textbooks once, though I am not sure if it's true.
@TheUnhandledException the link you gave me to create an account over the web didn't work, gives me the login for the admin console. can you create an acct for me to connect with? fosco/fosco ?
Some publishing house offered a new car to the first person who mailed a certain PO Box and printed it in one of those front pages with the copyright/ISBN/LoC info; took about 20 years for someone to redeem it.
1:34 PM
@PiersMyers Image Overflow on my 1440px wide monitor!
Not that it's that secure, but w/e :-)
I also re-enabled TLS only
@Fosco If you can't connect let me know.
k.. working out PHP issue, this web host doesn't have mb_string support by default
1:45 PM
Is there a way for me to see the bounties I have offered on others' questions?
@TheUnhandledException I was just going to post a bounty feature request on Meta.
Also, whoa, that "we have drafts now" comment wasn't a joke!
@PopularDemand Where? I looked and could not find them!
@TheUnhandledException I don't know! But I'm getting a "draft saved" message every few seconds on Meta.
Pops up in green text under the question and immediately fades away.
Oh, it doesn't fade if I don't type.
2 hours ago, by waffles
start typing an answer.... hit ctrl-s
Also I imagined that it was green; it's gray.
My mind is primed by chat, I guess.
1:50 PM
HAHA. "We have drafts, but they do you no good because you can't find them anywhere "
Howdy *
They're there when you leave and return. even in a different browser
Hi @spoulson
@spoulson Hey there
It appears that Aarkvard is mostly frequented by people in India
not exactly the best audience ever to ask whether EULAs are copyrighted or not
I'm just afraid to mark their answers as unhelpful, it may trigger further reactions from them
1:55 PM
@radp Yeah, I get the strangest questions from that service sometimes
I'm the one doing the asking here though :)
@radp what is Aarkvard?
@PiersMyers Aardvark: vark.com
@PiersMyers It's a service you can IM questions to, and it answers them
really cool service
I use Stack Exchange sites for objective questions, Aardvark for subjective ones :-)
@TheUnhandledException I'll ask it if I will win the lottery today :)
@The do answerers get notified if I "downvote" their answers?
2:02 PM
@radp Nope
Just trains the system not to send those people those kinds of questions
"My URL is missing so I am not able to even copy and paste a URL" what?!
I think it was @Shog9 who gave me the answer to giev her
@radp LOL, yeah really
Now I remember why I paid for dedicated servers...
I have 2 separate web hosts now instead. One has PHP 4.4.9 which is useless, and the other has the newest version with no extensions and no ability to load extensions.
Need some hosting space @Fosco ? :-)
If you want me to build an XMPP app, it looks like you would need to provide the hosting.
2:06 PM
you don't ask what they support before committing?
@JohntheSeagull nope I just jump in head first
I wonder if that question would be a good fit under Programmers.SE
@Fosco IM me with the account I just created for you, I'll send you details there :-)
Or email me
Hey @Diago, would "Are Terms of Service, End User License Agreement, etc. protected by copyright law?" fit on SuperUser? I guess not.
2:08 PM
Can I get free hosting as well? :P
@radp Nope. Would most likely be closed as subjective if anything
too localized... What copyright law?
@TheUnhandledException email sent.
@JohntheSeagull Italian law I'm afraid :/
that makes it 99.99% harder to get an answer I guess
way too localized.
2:10 PM
@JohntheSeagull nice trap then, anyway :P
@TheUnhandledException email bounced. lol.
Closing as "Too subjective" because it's too broad, you forgot to specify {x}.
I'm sorry, {x} is {y}.
That's too localized then.
@Fosco do you have a DNS name you'd like to use or should I make one up?
@TheUnhandledException whatever you'd like
2:16 PM
What are you guys up to?
@Fosco email with details will follow shortly. No hacking me, now! ;-)
@JohntheSeagull I looking at building a server-based XMPP web chat solution.
I figure our Silver plan is good enough for you @Fosco :-) It's a FastCGI PHP 5.2.11 server
mbstring compiled in?
2:21 PM
@Fosco to what aim? learning/commercial/personal/fun/all?
@TheUnhandledException so why isn't there a link to the site in that conversation? (;
my aim: just for the fun/challenge.. I think for TheUnhandledException it is commercial.
@rchern To this site?
Good point
I should have added that and I normally do refer people to SU
In this case, not only did I solve her issue, I just figured she wasn't exactly a super user
More like a n00b user ;-)
heh q:
@TheUnhandledException So your to blame.
2:25 PM
/blame @TheUnhandledException
@rchern Always
Isn't an unhandled exception the programmer's fault?
nah nah. you and @balpha have to get your share too (;
Oh wow. There is a migrate to Nothing To Install on the close list for SU. I wonder how many questions I can pass on to them now
oh gawd
2:27 PM
Nice @Fosco! Msg received!
@TheUnhandledException cool.. that's a first step then.
@rchern Flood gates are now officially open. Since I have about 12 questions in my close list that are web related.
LOLOLOL check this out
A: Erasing all Tweets from a Twitter Account

unhillbillyI found TwitWipe, though I have no direct experience with it. For what it's worth, I found the same question was asked over at (yet another) Stack Exchange site, Web Applications.

@rchern So you can now close as duplicate :P
2:30 PM
not bad enough the original question specifically says twitwipe doesn't work.
@Fosco Welcome to my world. It's an SU standard. First answer to any question about an app that doesn't work, will recommend said app.
i wish the migration notice had a timestamp
@rchern The one you posted? I migrated it about 3 minutes ago
That reply took way too long to compose...
yeah, i gathered, but i didn't notice it was a migrated question until after i pasted the answer here
i thought the user was confused about WebApps.SE = NothingToInstall
2:34 PM
@TheUnhandledException I never needed your permission :)
I just do anyway
@rchern Skimming != reading
@rchern Do you guys handle online backup questions?
@Diago good, because there's another one coming :-)
> (From Tara R./F/ChulaVista,CA) How do i put a password on my computer?
@TheUnhandledException Don't. If you have to ask you don't need it.
@Diago HAHA! I should have used that response!
@TheUnhandledException BTW. I upgraded the HDD in my new toy to a SATAII 7200 Drive.
Nice @Diago. Feel speedier, or no change?
2:38 PM
@TheUnhandledException Well the old drive was SATAI. And only linked at 1.5GB. The new one is 3.0GB
@Diago, is it a web app? (;
hmm, i'm pretty sure that income question was migrated has been asked and closed but i can't find it >_>
You don't have a spare new SSD to exchange for some code, @TheUnhandledException?
@JohntheSeagull ha, I wish!!
2:40 PM
@rchern I think there is a link in the comments. And check the lounge for me please
I want a decent Hybrid
The only one available here is a 4GB/500GB combo which is almost double the price of a normal 500GB
That's the only thing that makes me wish to live in the US. Easy and cheap access to technology.
2:43 PM
@Diago Me too. I want to convert my local RAID5 to a hybrid RAID5 :-D
Well that and the job market
@TheUnhandledException One of my clients converted their RAID10 to SSD a year ago. I. Hate. Them.
@Jeff TODO: buy flashlight app
@rchern Hmm? That migration path doesn't appear in the SO close dialog
@YiJiang To NTI? It's on SU?
2:47 PM
@Diago migrated from superuser.com 6 mins ago
@YiJiang I wonder if I get notified if I do this.
18 messages moved to Chat feedback
@ChrisS I moved the conversation to Chat Feedback where it belongs. FYI.
@Diago Argh!
@PopularDemand Run!!!!
I had just let the number of unread messages build up to over 128, I'm curious if migrating those messages would have bumped that number down.
@Diago Why?
@PopularDemand It was the only thing I could come up with as a reply to your last comment :P
2:58 PM
@Diago I wasn't replying to your latest message.
I was asking about the RAID10.
@PopularDemand Why do I hate them? Cause their database server flies. Literally.
And I want that server in my house.

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