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12:10 AM
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 1 hour ago, by Doorknob
@manishearth Methinks ManishBot is dead D:
I'm tryin'!
12:34 AM
@animuson I went to VTC this question and found that you already closed it. Thanks! :P
Crap in the reopen queue. I'm leave-closed and downvoting them all.
A: Whats with all the reopens?

Shog9I'm tweaking the criteria for feeding this queue. I said I would do this months ago but... Lazy. Disgustingly lazy. Please try to review in good faith - many of these should probably stay closed, but not all of them... As always, if you can salvage a given question with an edit, do so!

@bjb658 ^
Read it.
@hichris123 Aye aye, cap'n.
Oy, @Jamal!
12:47 AM
shy Um... hi. This is my first time here.
Don't be shy!
@hichris123 Hey, we're just following orders ;)
Attack of the mods non-blue people!
@hichris123 Are we half-blue, since we're blue elsewhere?
12:49 AM
Meh. Kinda-sorta. :P
Occasionally blue? Oftentimes blue? The artists formerly known as blue?
@animuson It's the signal! ATTACK!
Can I has userscript to make my name always blue? :P
The Wheel of Blame does not seem to be functioning
At least not on my computer right now
All I get is a blank page that says "Result"
Oh nvm it was just slow
@hichris123 So, is there a primary purpose here, or is it mostly chit-chat?
@hichris123 Can't you just change your username?
12:52 AM
And it blames Shog. All is right with the world ;)
The purpose is to be purposeless.
@bjb568 He means to make his name display in the color blue. We're mods on non-meta chat, and mod names are colored blue there. He's having loss-of-power shock ;)
> Where excuses happen, and edge cases get resolved.
Sweet. I can report all teh spamz. :D
@Jamal haha, TL doesn't respond fast enough for ya?
12:53 AM
@Jamal Wherever you post is fine. :P TL will like it too.
@hichris123 We should add "and hichris gets animuson to close things for him"
Oh, it does, but why hide spamz from others? :P
@WendiKidd Changing username is easier.
@animuson ... that too. Also:
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, May 27 at 20:53, by hichris123
Oh, I got animuson in here for a bit. :P
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, May 27 at 20:53, by Undo
You made him delete beloved high-voted questions, right?
@Jamal Well, folks have been posting the ELU spam in here.
@hichris123 I've yet to see any of that; poke me if another pops up, I'm curious
12:55 AM
Any spam is alright with me. CR hardly gets any (which is technically good)...
(Also man, I cannot tell you how often I accidentally hit star when trying to reply to something)
^^ That spam.
@hichris123 @.@
That's not even good spam, it doesn't advertise anything
No, you're not spam, @Wendi. ;)
12:57 AM
... he says in a sarcastic voice
@WendiKidd That's typical SE spam, though. We get used to black magic vashikaran spells from baba ji.
@animuson How about this one?
A: Is it possible to hide content for one specific user group?

Syed Ashik MahmudI have update a plugin for that :) You can use it without registration :)

@WendiKidd Sure it does! It gives you a list of potential countries to visit and spend money in. :-)
OMG, I'm thinking like a spammer. D:
He forgot the link he's advertising...
@animuson Yeah, most ineffectual self-promotion spam ever... Almost feel sorry for them
Oh, I have a MySQL table of SO's comments with a FULLTEXT index, @animuson. :P
(dead) spammer-in-training.
1:01 AM
I have an empty MySQL table that I'm going to fill with all the details for the video games, movies, and music I own.
Finally upgrading from an Excel spreadsheet.
2 hours later…
2:49 AM
@animuson where's that query to find only duplicates of a question?
I dunno. I only wrote a query for finding duplicates pointing to deleted questions.
3:01 AM
Damn Amazon! Stop sending me shattered CD cases!
I think that would work... no?
@animuson What's a CD?
Times are fun.
@bjb568 404
3:16 AM
Q: Eeeek! Imgur is misbehaving!

Billy MailmanAs of right now, I don't seem to be able to load my profile picture. Nor a bunch of others. Nor even some images in posts. My profile looks like this when I load it: And here is the MSE users page: Browser developer tools indicate I'm getting to the server, and it's sending back a 404, with...

no fw, no proxy, and wget gets the same response
It's definitely server-side.
Main imgur works…
@bjb568 UTC is already 31
3:32 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Nike Air Max pas cher,Air max 90 Homme on drupal.stackexchange.com
3:54 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: Nike TN Requin 2013 Homme on drupal.stackexchange.com
4:15 AM
4:33 AM
@ManishBot Gone.
2 hours later…
6:16 AM
@ShadowWizzard: around?
I am.
And there's always this great picture.
do you also have good sql query knowledge for getting data about SO stats?
No. I know some mongodb, tho.
I wonder why my NAA flag was disputed on this: stackoverflow.com/questions/20808217/qthread-weird-behaviour/…
the guy is basically writing that "check my other answer written for this issue", which is the misuse of the duplicate handling system, no?
Yeah, I flagged NAA.
(somehow since it's closed and crap and -4)
6:27 AM
@bjb568 it was someone that voted "looks good"
perhaps he had a good party and was not sober. :-)
I only do not downvote it because I ran out of the votes for today.
I am awaiting this coming to existence: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/256537/…
then the gold badge people can make the site a MUCH better place IMHO.
closing the 30-40% crap abruptly without letting others feed them with answers.
@rene: is it possible to query the downvote number for someone without counting the deleted and closed posts in?
@bjb568: wow, you apparently made me earn the pundit badge.
6:55 AM
@LaszloPapp Horray…
@LaszloPapp Oh, yay.
I wish they'd turn on their robo quality filter (from the podcast)
7:11 AM
@bjb568: yes, that is why sane people need more power for closing crap stuff.
in my span, I monitor the questions, and I would be faster than any of those "repwhores".
this duplicate power does not help much...
It only covers a very small portion, i.e. off-topic, primarily opinion based, too broad, etc are much more frequent reasons.
7:42 AM
I was there telling everyone how crappy the whole thing was, I just felt powerless.
A gold badge holder should have more power.
Wow, I've submitted like 20 VLQ flags today.
And running out of downvotes to spray.
Ugh. Link-only.
Why does moderation make you loose rep, while anti-moderation repwhoring make you gain rep?
Crap user, duplicating questions: stackoverflow.com/users/844210/nathan-lee
Well, vox populi.
8:03 AM
@bjb568 based on the latest podcast, the developer focus is to shift the attention of answerers to high-quality questions by giving them more views, not by getting low-quality questions closed ASAP
@LaszloPapp No, voting is anonymous also in the SEDE...
-13 reputation today. I downvoted crap. Moderated. Got serial downvoted from a douch (high rep of course) from chat.
8:07 AM
stupid question: isn't this upcoming trategy of giving fewer views to low-quality contributors essentially equivalent to hellbanning those people?
Yes. And that's great!
Oh, yay. Deletion. Me like. stackoverflow.com/questions/23967784/…
@JanDvorak As far as I understand it's not really that extreme
@Bart is there a plan for a guaranteed number of impressions?
@JanDvorak Does it matter if people get hellbanned? Almost all deserve it.
Not sure @JanDvorak
8:10 AM
@bjb568 I'm just saying that the dev team said they would never hellban anyone
If it does get to the quality level that they're effectively hell-banned they will be way past "read this before your next question" and question ban and user Community ban.
@JanDvorak More moderation. Less niceness, I say.
MS has improved IE11 and it now crashes everytime I ctrl+click to open a link to a new tab...luckily I only do that now and then....
@rene use Chrome
Yeah, I switch now...
@rene IE?!?!?!?!?!?!
You shouldn't use microsoft products at all, let alone windows, let alone IE?!?!?!?!?!?
8:13 AM
cough Visual Studio cough
@bjb568 what's wrong with Win7?
this is chrome...
I see myself return to this room...
Time for coffee...
Good idea
@JanDvorak It's crap?
I'm feeling a bit of… deja vu… — bjb568 13 secs ago
@JanDvorak 64 bit crappi*er*-UI facepalmed onto a 32 bit extension and a graphical shell for a 16 bit patch to an 8 bit operating system originally coded for a 4 bit microprossessor, written by a 2 bit company that can't stand 1 bit of competition.
Well, today was fun. Deal with the dejavu guy (reposting question). Goodnight, my sweet unicorns.
Sleep well @bjb568
9:02 AM
@rene: ok.
9:38 AM
Hmmm, I managed by hitting the back and forward buttons a couple of times to post a previous version of my already given answer stackoverflow.com/a/23968484/578411
For a moment I thought Hey, that looks exactly like my answer...
Need moar coffee...
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: inter caste love marriage ((+91-8295003531)) specialist molvi ji on english.stackexchange.com
@ManishBot welcome back
Upvoter, please speak up — Jan Dvorak 32 secs ago
9:57 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: solution All problem 08295003531 MolVi ji on english.stackexchange.com
@rene any bets if there appears an answer?
OK, I say: no answer will appear. The loser buy's a beer?
@ProgramFOX where's our bot?
10:08 AM
Seems like it missed it :(
The O in the phonenumber
adapted my script
@rene one more vote needed to close. Where do we meet for the beer?
Somewhere halfway?
I'm in Czech Republic but I can't travel far
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: vashi karan specialist baba ji +91-8295003531 on english.stackexchange.com
10:22 AM
@JanDvorak Hmmm, a trainticket to Praha hl.n. will cost me 138 euro and 14 hours+ traveltime...That needs to be a very good beer.... :-)
@rene It'll be cheaper for you if I buy you the beer name ;-)
11:04 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: all problem solution baba in panjab +91 9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword detected: famliy probalm Solution baba ji in Nasik +91 9950211818 on english.stackexchange.com
11:22 AM
A: How to validate a passport?

user3694038hi i was wondering how much validation is needed on my passport we fly out to spain in august 15th and come back 25th of august and still have a month left on my passport can i still use it and renew when i get back

12:13 PM
1 hour later…
1:41 PM
I changed my profile on SO; let us see how the scores go :-)
Ha, you should really have named it "Final Countdown" then.
@Braiam @Louis I asked a question on the symlink mysql thingy dba.stackexchange.com/questions/66325/…
@LaszloPapp -1 for not reaching the daily rep cap for the last few days ;-)
the recaps do not reach me. :)
I read that today on meta that Jon Skeet has infinite reputation.
I still expect the whole SE imperium to collapse once his rep overflows the 4 bytes available to hold the rep...
1:56 PM
he would have about 2.4 M rep, so 1.8 M lost.
@rene Skeet doesn't adapt to the system, the system adapts to him. It will be fine.
@rene: I registered and gave an upvote!
Q: "How can I bake cake?" A: "Is there a particular reason why you can't eat healthy food like fruits?" — what May 9 at 13:08
I cannot understand why three flags were disputed on this: stackoverflow.com/questions/20808217/qthread-weird-behaviour/…
I also cannot understand why I lost 25 rep on meta without indication.
2:16 PM
@LaszloPapp I guess because of the "Basically ..." section. Though it's borderline.
why does the basically make any difference?
It makes it not link-only. Not NAA. And that the OP should perhaps have gone for a dupe-vote is not enough to warrant deleting the answer.
why not?
Because it's an answer. However minimal.
it is a duplicate answer for a duplicate question in his opinion.
2:19 PM
Yep. I'm not justifying it. I'm saying I can see why flags could be rejected/disputed.
well, if it is accepted, it is an encouragement that I can copy/paste answers of mine for duplicate questions.
but I am not sure this is a good idea overall.
You can try. :)
Would it be rude to edit the 30 most recent posts of a single user? :)
So tempting.
not if it is too minor and does not add any additional values.
Let's see how my flag is handled first. The guy just doesn't listen.
30 scores to go for the c++ gold badge... could do it this weekend, but I am lazy. :p
2:29 PM
@Mat thanks for the help, much appreciated!
@rene: interesting, I thought you would be an exclusively windows guy...
In my professional life yes...at home I know better...
yeah, I am not really a C++ programmer in my professional life either, or even Qt.
2:47 PM
No problem @rene. Didn't find anything on using MySQL on SMB. There might be some magic mount options at least for the permissions, but I don't know if that's safe.
I'll have a go with NFS... tnx!
You'll probably also have permission problems with that, but at least they're better documented :-)
That is a radical proposal... I personally do not agree with it.
I thought you did? Who was calling me a robot for rejecting a code edit?
Today's Listening | EDM/Bass
that is not what the question is about.
3:49 PM
Q: How can I add phonon in Qt creator

Meh DI am looking for a way to add phonon to qt creator and i can't find any useful guidance. Does anyone knows how can I download phonon and add it to qt creator?

is it close-worthy?
what for?
It reads quite terse, but so do very old insanely useful questions.
more precisely, asking for offsite link and extremely minimal understanding with that download link.
I don't know the quality standards expected in the QT tag
3:51 PM
it is basically:
not sure if it's asking for a download site, but if it does, close
Where can I find the source and how to open that up in the IDE.
download link + import button what he needs.
@LaszloPapp oh. Sounds bad
Meh, you mean you want an offsite phonon link and the explanation of the import button in the menu? — Final Contest 54 secs ago
at the very least that would be a multi-question (too broad). Voted.
3:54 PM
Meh is his name before someone finds that rude ^^
@LaszloPapp it reminds me of that song by Europe
I am sure some repwhore will jump on it :)
@LaszloPapp vote as necessary, then
Why is SE moving to the backup data center?
3:59 PM
@jadarnel27 dunno
I thought you knew all, @JanDvorak. I am disappoint.
@jadarnel27 I don't, but normally I keep silent about things I don't know.
Booo, read only mode :(
good that it is not write-only.
4:06 PM
waiting for chat to die
@GnomeSlice Thanks
@Braiam the chat normally survives main site failures
@Bart I'm actually still listening to that same track...
@LaszloPapp just wait until {roll the wheel of shame} leaves a rogue minus sign in the spam filter, and the filter will only let spam in.
4:09 PM
to be honest, the text there might make more sense than most of the SO questions.
@LaszloPapp if that is true, then I haven't seen most of the SO questions yet.
it is very likely you have not seen most of the questions yet. :)
aha, interestingie... the community bulletin is also gone except the podcast thingie.
SO is down. I'm bored...
I guess I'll go do some work then.
I've been working yesterday
time to play Geoguessr.
4:20 PM
@jadarnel27 It has to move to the backup data center because they're cancelling their service with the current NYC data center in response to the whole UPS thing.
@TimStone Oh, gotcha. I suppose that makes sense.
Where'd you here that, @TimStone? Twitter?
It's just my job to know!
Except not my job job of course.
Ha, notifications are borked it seems
Keep getting the same notification at the moment
Ah, SO isn't back yet. But MSO seems to be
@TimStone It would be a cool job, though.
It would, it would.
Probably less stressful than my current job too.
4:31 PM
If NYC is cancelled and all stuff is now in Oregon where and what will be the failover DC?
You might have noticed some extra HD activity recently @rene. That's all I'm saying.
I might keep that NAS online in that case...
@rene They're switching to a new provider, but to move the hardware obviously they have to take that datacenter offline first.
From the sound of Nick's tweets it seems like they're picking up some new gear too.
Ah, that is not a plug-and-play operation...
The Portable Modular Data Center (PMDC) is a portable data center solution built into a standard 20, 40, or 53-foot intermodal container (shipping container) manufactured and marketed by IBM. IBM states that a PMDC cost 30% less to design and build than a traditional data center with cooling equipment. Portability The Portable Modular Data Center loaded with computer equipment can be transported using standard shipping methods. The PMDC is weather resistant and insulated, and can be placed in environments like tundra or the desert. See also *Shipping container architecture References ...
^plug'n'play datacenter
4:47 PM
@TimStone From the sounds of it, most things would be less stressful than your current job =)
@Mat But will it blend?
@jadarnel27 It ain't easy being cheesy.
...wait, I don't think that works here.
Ain't no rest for the wicked? ...Slightly better.
It would be tough to be the Cheetos mascot.
Wait...is that what you do?
Are you Chester the Cheetah?
5:27 PM
@jadarnel27 Yeah but you'd be a cheetah, so still better.
5:40 PM
Heh, I was complaining to Amazon about the excessive number of music CD cases I've been receiving that are damaged and how I've needed to buy two 10-packs of replacement cases in the last month. They were going to just send me the ones that were damaged again at no charge, and I suggested they just give me the $12.99 to pay for the replacement cases...
5:58 PM
@animuson Did they take your suggestion?
@TimStone not 100% accurate, setting up a move takes much longer than just the week :)
Our current data center's lease is being bought out by another occupant of the building, so everyone has to move from it.
This has been planned for at least 5 months at this point
6:18 PM
@Bart @rene Too heavy for you guys?
@jadarnel27 They did.
stackauth is dead?
Good morning in that case!
@rene Good morning.
don't use the share link?
the api is dead
6:44 PM
Yeah, that is it
Ugh, chat is timing out.
I just tried it in the sandbox...same effect
@bjb568 The SE network has switched to Oregon so somethings might not work yet...
@rene Heard about that. Why?
6:46 PM
I cannot log in in chat.SE!
@bjb568 They move to a new hoster...
can anyone check this? stackauth.com/auth/global/read
@Braiam times out...
6:51 PM
What is the ip it resolves to? here
This is my tracert:
5 26 ms 23 ms 26 ms 10ge10-4.core1.ams1.he.net []
6 27 ms 25 ms 25 ms 100ge9-1.core1.lon2.he.net []
7 91 ms 90 ms 96 ms 100ge1-1.core1.nyc4.he.net []
8 114 ms 122 ms 124 ms 100ge7-2.core1.chi1.he.net []
9 128 ms 124 ms 124 ms 100ge13-1.core1.msp1.he.net []
10 154 ms 154 ms 154 ms 100ge9-1.core1.sea1.he.net []
11 157 ms 157 ms 161 ms 10ge1-3.core1.pdx1.he.net []
@rene wut? peakgamers?
SE is like a game… right?
6:53 PM
Yeah...strange.. expect a routing table to be off...
I didn't get that.. sorry..
"traceroute: unknown host stackauth.com/";
the http:// and ending / shouldn't be there
It doesn't work either way.
(but probably user error as I'm a n00b)
Oh, I got it to do something:
1 ( 0.494 ms 0.282 ms 0.244 ms
2 ( 1.543 ms 1.504 ms 1.177 ms
3 * * *
4 * * *
5 ( 23.395 ms ( 23.190 ms ( 24.865 ms
6 ( 43.425 ms 42.899 ms 42.286 ms
7 ( 43.322 ms 43.120 ms 55.493 ms
8 eugnor53cr01.lsnetworks.net ( 51.875 ms 51.428 ms 51.191 ms
9 206-192-226-18.lsnetworks.net ( 53.145 ms 52.708 ms 52.534 ms
You are somewhere in the states?
Your route to peak.org is different but after that it is the same...
I'm in california.
Did you try installing Windows XP?
Just checking @Braiam this is off-topic -> Super User right?
7:32 PM
Sigh… "why are my flags declined" "because the idiots were fine and you could just be nice and cv it"… … …
@bjb568 keep in mind that not everybody has the same point of view as you do...try to keep your tone in comments reasonable...just saying...
Come on… :( me like shift-bwaha…
7:48 PM
8:02 PM
8:23 PM
@bjb568 If you complain on MSE, it'll probably just be because it's not worth bothering to fix it
Off-topic -> Not enough information
@ColeJohnson Complain about what?
Post a regarding showing you the "Close Votes" queue when you have 0 close votes and flags remaining.
Well, I was just posting the pics for you to see that I did a bunch of review.
Nobody is claiming that you don't do your chores...
@bjb568 Congratulations! Have some rep!
Wait. I can't do that
8:47 PM
@rene you cannot stop reviewing close votes while Soner is following you, otherwise you will get out of the top 10.
Yeah, I noticed...but Roman C is on- and off so I hope to pass him soon...
Oh...it is not a game...
hmm, 40+ years experience... that is hefty. :-)
Is that my account?
He started out with punch cards...
8:50 PM
@rene he invented the punch cards :P
meh, I need to do something productive...
starts downloading latest GoT
heh, not again :)
Oh hi @LaszloPapp :) How've you been?
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